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Rotten Dead Pool
Welcome to the Rotten Dead Pool! Pick ten people who you think will die in the next year.
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Recently Deceased
Jack Bruce 25-Oct-2014Cream bassist and vocalist Jack Bruce dies from liver failure at his home in Suffolk, England.16
Marcia Strassman 24-Oct-2014Welcome Back, Kotter actress Marcia Strassman dies in Sherman Oaks, California.69
Joan Quigley 23-Oct-2014Ronald Reagan's astrologer Joan Quigley dies.3
Ben Bradlee 21-Oct-2014Famed former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee dies at his home in Washington DC.64
Nelson Bunker Hunt 21-Oct-2014Billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt dies at an assisted living facility in Dallas, Texas.7
Gough Whitlam 21-Oct-2014Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam dies in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.260
Oscar de la Renta 20-Oct-2014Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies from cancer complications at his home in Kent, Connecticut.37
John Spencer-Churchill 16-Oct-2014John Spencer-Churchill, the 11th Duke of Marlborough, dies.10

Popularity Contest
1 Billy Graham Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 18,856 ADD
2 Fidel Castro Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 14,212 ADD
3 Kirk Douglas Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 12,464 ADD
4 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association 16-Mar-1926 11,429 ADD
5 Abe Vigoda Fish on Barney Miller (not dead yet) 24-Feb-1921 8,545 ADD
6 Zsa Zsa Gabor Cop-slapping Gabor sister 06-Feb-1917 7,331 ADD
7 Courtney Love Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole 09-Jul-1964 5,934 ADD
8 Muhammad Ali Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 4,666 ADD
9 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 12-Dec-1923 4,460 ADD
10 Nancy Reagan Wife of US President Reagan 06-Jul-1921 3,758 ADD

Happy Birthday
Francis Arinze Congregation of Divine Worship 01-Nov-1932 ADD
Gary Player Winner of 9 Major tournaments 01-Nov-1935 ADD
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Former pro wrestler, manager 01-Nov-1940 ADD
Larry Flynt Publisher of HUSTLER 01-Nov-1942 ADD
Mitch Kapor Founder of Lotus, Co-founder EFF 01-Nov-1950 ADD
Lee Ritenour Jazz-fusion guitarist 01-Nov-1952 ADD
Darrell Issa Congressman, California 49th 01-Nov-1953 ADD
Lyle Lovett The Road to Ensenada 01-Nov-1957 ADD
Fernando Valenzuela Winner of 1981 NL Cy Young Award 01-Nov-1960 ADD
Anthony Kiedis Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman 01-Nov-1962 ADD
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Doctor Sputnik's Society Pages
1-Nov-2014 · Virgin Glactic test flight ends in death ... Chicago Cubs hire Joe Maddon as manager ... New York City worker is suspended for talking like a robot ... Amanda Bynes is released from psychiatric hospital ... UPS loses package and lies about it ... Starbucks plans to deliver coffee ...
31-Oct-2014 · Nurse defies quarantine order from Gov. Paul LePage (R-Maine) ... Amitabh Bachchan is sued for alleged incitation to genocide ... Democratic Party partisans like Michael Kinsley, George Packer, and Sean Wilentz spent the Bush-Cheney years condemning the tactics they now defend under President Obama — apart from sheer intellectual dishonesty, how can this be explained? ... Sandra Bullock comes to the rescue after another actress collapses on set ... National Rifle Association reminds gun-loving voters to be afraid of everything, including ISIS, Mexicans, and President Obama ... Stephen Merchant's brilliant but cancelled Hello Ladies will be back as a movie on HBO ... Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook is gay, in case you didn't already know ... Both Comcast and Verizon agree to pay millions of dollars to settle overbilling claims ... Virginia man sues President Obama for airstrikes against ISIS ... Does the First Amendment protect your right to see stolen nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence? ... White men who are in male-only clubs will do great when US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is elected President ... Nicole Kidman is quite fond of Keith Urban ... Four dead, five missing after plane crash in Wichita, KS ... FBI cut off internet to hotel room at Caesars Palace, posed as repair guys to record video without warrant ... US Federal Trade Commission sues Gerber over false claims that its baby formula can prevent allergies ... Parliament in Burkina Faso is torched ... World Wrestling Entertainment is sued for allegedly deceiving wrestlers over brain injury dangers ... Motion Picture Association of America and National Association of Theatre Owners call for banning Google Glass and other wearable tech from movie theaters ... NBC thinks Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is ready for prime time ...
30-Oct-2014 · Pope Francis says he's not a pinko ... San Francisco Giants win the World Series ... Suge Knight and Katt Williams are arrested for alleged robbery ... Six Flags won't let disabled kids sit on their parents' laps to watch live show ... US Transportation Security Administration confiscates air passenger's ray gun ... Wreckage is identified from Amelia Earhart's plane ... Hackers breach some White House computers ... Katie Holmes would like to be thought of as more than Tom Cruise's ex-wife ... Judge green-lights racketeering lawsuit against Donald Trump ... Ashton Kutcher says he hears Charlie Brown's teacher whenever Charlie Sheen says anything ... Nurse who worked with Ebola patients says she won't comply with quarantine orders from Gov. Paul LePage (R-Maine) ... Minority voting rights are threatened by Republicans' electoral purge ...

The Numbers
Players: 97,164
Celebrities: 41,098
Deaths: 3,289

Top 10
1 JimMcmahon 11-Dec-2014 5
2 KINGTUTUT 14-Dec-2014 5
3 WetFarts 02-Mar-2015 5
4 MitchellStirling 04-Jan-2015 5
5 Thomas_Jeffe... 12-Dec-2014 5
6 RobHollowell20 02-Jan-2015 5
7 veen 03-Jan-2015 4
8 raddad 18-Feb-2015 4
9 MACHINE_TAKE... 01-Jan-2015 4
10 ClintMcPants7 31-Dec-2014 4

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