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Rotten Dead Pool
Welcome to the Rotten Dead Pool! Pick ten people who you think will die in the next year.
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Recently Deceased
Robert B. Oakley 10-Dec-2014American diplomat Robert B. Oakley dies from a disease related to Parkinson's at a nursing home in McLean, Virginia.0
Mary Ann Mobley 09-Dec-2014Miss America 1959 Mary Ann Mobley dies in Beverly Hills, California.21
Ken Weatherwax 07-Dec-2014Former child actor Ken Weatherwax dies of a heart attack at his home in Box Canyon, California.1
Ralph Baer 06-Dec-2014Ralph Baer, inventor of the first video game console, dies at his home in Manchester, NH.73
Queen Fabiola 05-Dec-2014Queen Fabiola, consort of Baudouin I of Belgium, dies at Stuyvenbergh Castle in Laeken, Belgium.0
Jeremy Thorpe 04-Dec-2014English politician Jeremy Thorpe, Leader of the Liberal Party from 1967-76, dies from Parkinson's disease in London.2
Herman Badillo 03-Dec-2014Herman Badillo, the first Puerto Rican-born U.S. Congressman, dies from congestive heart failure in Manhattan.0
Ian McLagan 03-Dec-2014Small Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan dies from a stroke in Austin, Texas.3

Popularity Contest
1 Billy Graham Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 18,895 ADD
2 Fidel Castro Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 14,229 ADD
3 Kirk Douglas Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 12,493 ADD
4 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association 16-Mar-1926 11,441 ADD
5 Abe Vigoda Fish on Barney Miller (not dead yet) 24-Feb-1921 8,553 ADD
6 Zsa Zsa Gabor Cop-slapping Gabor sister 06-Feb-1917 7,363 ADD
7 Courtney Love Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole 09-Jul-1964 5,939 ADD
8 Muhammad Ali Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 4,673 ADD
9 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 12-Dec-1923 4,470 ADD
10 Nancy Reagan Wife of US President Reagan 06-Jul-1921 3,775 ADD

Happy Birthday
Cicely Tyson Sounder 19-Dec-1933 ADD
Al Kaline Detroit Tigers hitter 19-Dec-1934 ADD
Richard Leakey Excavated Koobi Fora 19-Dec-1944 ADD
Tim Reid Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati 19-Dec-1944 ADD
Masami Akita Merzbow, Destroyer of Worlds 19-Dec-1956 ADD
Limahl Lead singer for Kajagoogoo 19-Dec-1958 ADD
Mike Lookinland Bobby on The Brady Bunch 19-Dec-1960 ADD
Jennifer Beals Flashdance 19-Dec-1963 ADD
Kristy Swanson Original Buffy the Vampire Slayer 19-Dec-1969 ADD
Alyssa Milano Charmed 19-Dec-1972 ADD
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Doctor Sputnik's Society Pages
19-Dec-2014 · Rosie O'Donnell is a white lady telling Whoopi Goldberg what is racist, which Whoopi says is fine ... Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization ... Stephen Colbert signs off from The Colbert Report ... Blackwater lobbyist will manage the US House Intelligence Committee ... In the wake of Sony's cowardly cancellation of a movie mocking wingnut North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, now Paramount won't allow screenings of Team America, which mocked now-dead wingnut North Korean dictator Kim Jong IlUS Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) says he'll screen The Interview as a fundraiser ... J.K. Rowling says there were gay & Jewish students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but we never knew ... Martha Stewart makes Downton Abbey's estate into a gingerbread mansion ... Sarah Silverman scores a pilot at HBO ... How The Simpsons has influenced the English language ... Snickers are yummy, sure, but would you trust a candy bar to cut your hair? ... Carrie Underwood won't go into hiding because she's pregnant ... Scouting the ruins of Jay Gould's indoor pool ... Neil Gaiman wants Tom Hiddleston to play Sandman ... Opposition grows against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to ban carriage horses ... Bob Hope planted the seeds of modern comedy ... Michigan cops allegedly find a Breaking Bad-style motorhome meth lab ... Amazon tests one-hour delivery ... School of Rock, with songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is coming to Broadway ... California marijuana farmer is sued for allegedly breaking environmental, fish and game and zoning regulations ... Boston Celtics trade Rajon Rondo to Dallas Mavericks ...
18-Dec-2014 · Corruption in soccer's governing body goes on, as chief investigator into FIFA's misconduct resigns in protest ... Sony lets the terrorists win — movie mocking North Korean President Kim Jong Un won't be released in theaters … Surprising no-one, yeah, it's North Korea that's behind the Sony hacks … Jay Thomas says that if North Koreans killed James Franco and Seth Rogen, it would be "a great end to their careers" … Different studio cancels plans for a Steve Carell thriller set in North Korea … And in non-hack news, Sony challenges Google Glass with clip-on smart glasses ... Stephen Collins sure is sorry about molesting those young girls ... Obama administration announces that USA will establish diplomatic relations with Cuba ... Drew Barrymore doesn't want to be a lifestyle brand ... Colombia's FARC rebels declare a cease-fire ... Sanctions over Ukraine invasion are crippling Russia's economy ... Researchers try using quantum physics to bolster security for credit cards and ID cards ... Mythbusters investigates The Simpsons ... President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama speak out about some of the racism they've endured ... Creed frontman Scott Stapp alleges that the heart of ISIS is in his own family ... Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) announces a state-wide ban on fracking ... Before starting his new job at Youngstown State University, coach Bo Pelini offers sexist insults for Nebraska's athletic director ... US Justice Department secretly helped kill Freedom of Information Act transparency reform that was based on its own public policy ... It's taken a while, but former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has decided she's against torture ... Hollywood's "franchise" thinking has made cinema kind of craptastic ... Banks sue K-Mart over data breach ...
17-Dec-2014 · Mom calls C-SPAN to scold her pundit sons for arguing ... Disney wants to make another lousy Indiana Jones sequel ... Making Wham!'s "Last Christmas" eight times as long yields a minor ambient masterpiece ... US Congress ends ban on medical marijuana ... Sony hackers turn to terrorism with threat to theaters showing The InterviewSony will let frightened theater-owners cancel engagements for The InterviewNew York Daily News blasts Howard Stern for saying Sony hack is "no different than a 9/11-type attack" … James Franco and Seth Rogen cancel TV interviews promoting The Interview … Human rights activists plan to bomb North Korea with DVDs of The Interview … Former employees sue Sony over ginormous hack ... US Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) says Senate will approve Keystone pipeline ... New York Yankees plan to convert steroid-dripping superstar Alex Rodriguez into a designated hitter ... Form letters from "shadowy" anti-net neutrality group comprised 56.5% of comments to US Federal Communications Commission ... California cop who had several pounds of marijuana in his home won't be prosecuted ... Bill Cosby's daughter defends her father, wants "false accusers" prosecuted … Child molestation case against Cosby won't come to court, as it's past the statute of limitations ... Chris Pratt sings "5,000 Candles in the Wind" at Parks and Recreation's final wrap party ... Why isn't the media interviewing torture victims? ... Roman Polanski wants 37-year-old statutory rape charges dropped ... Coca-Cola will end its annoying product-placement deal with American Idol ... US Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) is sued for alleged sexual harassment ... Sharon Osbourne's tooth falls out on live TV ... Instead of (or in addition to) continuing J. J. Abrams' big-screen Star Trek, it's time to reboot Star Trek on television ... After Ohio cops killed a man inside a Wal-Mart, they tried to force his girlfriend to say something that would justify the killing ... American Apparel fires founder and lech Dov Charney ... Youngstown State University hires Bo Pelini as football coach ...

The Numbers
Players: 97,278
Celebrities: 41,102
Deaths: 3,324

Top 10
1 raddad 18-Feb-2015 6
2 MitchellStirling 04-Jan-2015 5
3 WetFarts 02-Mar-2015 5
4 RobHollowell20 02-Jan-2015 5
5 GnarlieSheen 13-Apr-2015 5
6 Mazzini 26-Feb-2015 5
7 Brad2014 02-Jan-2015 4
8 jshecket 23-Feb-2015 4
9 veen 03-Jan-2015 4
10 GChang38 15-Jan-2015 4

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