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Rotten Dead Pool
Welcome to the Rotten Dead Pool! Pick ten people who you think will die in the next year.
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Recently Deceased
John M. Murphy 25-May-2015Former Congressman from New York convicted in the ABSCAM corruption scandal, John M. Murphy, dies at Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island.7
Anne Meara 23-May-2015Comic actress Anne Meara dies in Manhattan.19
John Nash 23-May-2015Mathematician and game theorist John Nash dies in a taxi accident on the New Jersey Turnpike.140
Halldór Ásgrímsson 18-May-2015Former Prime Minister of Iceland Halldór Ásgrímsson dies from a heart attack at a hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland.1
John M. Templeton, Jr. 16-May-2015Conservative philanthropist John M. Templeton, Jr. dies from cancer at his home in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.0
B. B. King 14-May-2015Inimitable bluesman B. B. King dies in his sleep in Las Vegas, Nevada.1,619
Peter Gay 12-May-2015Historian Peter Gay dies at his home in Manhattan.10
Bill Guthridge 12-May-2015Former UNC Head Basketball Coach Bill Guthridge dies at an assisted living facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.0

Popularity Contest
1 Billy Graham Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 19,119 ADD
2 Fidel Castro Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 14,397 ADD
3 Kirk Douglas Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 12,728 ADD
4 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association 16-Mar-1926 11,508 ADD
5 Abe Vigoda Fish on Barney Miller (not dead yet) 24-Feb-1921 8,636 ADD
6 Zsa Zsa Gabor Cop-slapping Gabor sister 06-Feb-1917 7,644 ADD
7 Courtney Love Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole 09-Jul-1964 5,961 ADD
8 Muhammad Ali Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 4,774 ADD
9 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 12-Dec-1923 4,534 ADD
10 Nancy Reagan Wife of US President Reagan 06-Jul-1921 3,903 ADD

Happy Birthday
Peter Higgs Higgs boson and Higgs field 29-May-1929 ADD
Fay Vincent Commissioner of Baseball, 1989-92 29-May-1938 ADD
Al Unser, Sr. Four-time Indy 500 winner 29-May-1939 ADD
Gary Brooker Procol Harum 29-May-1945 ADD
Gene Robinson Openly gay Episcopalian bishop 29-May-1947 ADD
Danny Elfman Oingo Boingo, movie composer 29-May-1953 ADD
John Hinckley Shot President Reagan 29-May-1955 ADD
La Toya Jackson Sister of Michael Jackson 29-May-1956 ADD
Annette Bening The American President 29-May-1958 ADD
Rupert Everett My Best Friend's Wedding 29-May-1959 ADD
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Doctor Sputnik's Society Pages
29-May-2015 · U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) slams The Lego Movie as anti-business "propaganda" ... Chicago cops deleted footage from Burger King security camera, says manager … Police shoot and kill Florida man to prevent his suicide … Video shows California police wrestle pregnant black woman to ground ... Pennsylvania newspaper sure is sorry for publishing letter to the editor that called for President Obama's "execution by guillotine, firing squad, public hanging" ... Mariah Carey says her time judging on American Idol "was so boring and so fake" ... Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) is indicted for allegedly hiding payments to blackmailer ... Jeb Bush probably wasn't a socialist at Phillips Academy AndoverHillary Clinton isn't ready to disclose who's funding her campaign … In college, Bernie Sanders made national headlines with "free love" campaign to end to University of Chicago restrictions on students having sex … Scott Walker will sign 20-week abortion bill that includes no exemption for rape or incestTed Cruz claims he's reached the 217th level of Candy Crush ... Rihanna farts in the bathtub ... Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he always liked Steve Jobs, and still likes Apple ... Washington DC transit system blocks issue ads after anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller submits ads with cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad ... David Letterman's theater marquee comes down to make way for Stephen Colbert ... Russian President Vladimir Putin is not impressed with the FIFA indictments ... Bill Nye explains how to take a selfie ... Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery stops beer production to churn out drinking water for Texas flood victims instead ...
28-May-2015 · Tracy Morgan settles lawsuit with Wal-Mart over wreck that killed friend ... J. K. Rowling delivers fabulous smackdown to wingnuts and haters ... Physicist Leon M. Lederman wants to sell his Nobel Prize, and the bids start at $325,000 ... Meet the key players in soccer's staggering corruption scandal ... Rand Paul says ISIS exists because of Republican hawks … Lindsey Graham knows Iran is lying because he learned how to spot a liar in his parents' pool room … Chris Christie questions whether the PATRIOT Act has led to a single civil liberties violationScott Walker says forcing transvaginal ultrasounds on women is "a cool thing" ... South Carolina policeman is indicted in shooting death of unarmed black man … Michigan cop gets probation for offering leniency in exchange for sex … Judge had to work really, really hard to acquit Cleveland cop who fired 49 rounds at an unarmed couple in their car … Chicago cop is fired over photo "appearing to treat an African-American man not as a human being but as a hunted animal" … Florida policeman is fired for videotaped beating of handcuffed suspect ... Climate change is making heavy downpours — like this week's deadly flooding in Texas — more frequent than in previous decades ... Suge Knight is a no-show in court ... U.S. military accidentally sent live anthrax to private labs ... 102-year-old Holocaust survivor earns her PhD ... Vatican official says Irish vote for same-sex marriage is "a defeat for humanity" ... U.S. and Chinese researchers have developed semiconductor chips that are nearly entirely made out of wood-derived material ... U.S. Air Force certifies SpaceX to launch military and spy satellites ... To stop monthly bad news headlines, McDonald's will stop reporting monthly sales results ... Rupert Grint tries drag ... Nebraska lawmakers override veto, eliminate death penalty ...
27-May-2015 · High-level FIFA (soccer) officials are indicted for racketeering, bribery, money laundering, and fraud ... Texas wingnuts are ready for U.S. Pentagon's looming move to seize the state ... Chinese gaming company builds its new headquarters in the shape of Star Trek's USS Enterprise ... Clinton Foundation donors got weapons deals from Hillary Clinton's State Department … During Clinton's time as U.S. Secretary of State, her husband was paid for "consulting" through a secret shell company … Marco Rubio says Christianity will soon be considered "hate speech" … Scott Walker thinks Obama administration shouldn't have negotiated with Iran … Former Gov. George Pataki (R-New York) announces that he'll announce tomorrow that he's running for President … Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) is running too ... Robert Rodriguez will write and direct a live-action reboot of Jonny Quest ... 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocks Obama administration on immigration ... Pizza Hut and Taco Bell say they're getting rid of artificial ingredients ... Estate of Arthur Conan Doyle sues over upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie ... U.S. Internal Revenue Service is hit by low-level hackers; 100,000 tax accounts compromised ... Infamous troll is booted from Twitter ... Cleveland Police Dept promises to tone down the brutality ... 19 Kids and Counting patriarch ran for U.S. Senate saying people should be executed for incest ... Led Zeppelin responds to lawsuit over "Stairway to Heaven"; denies copyright claims, admits being "one of the greatest bands in history" ... Amazing Kreskin launches a "supernatural" dating service ... Henry Ford's attempt to bring "white man's magic to the jungle" didn't work out ... NASA is still stumped by the mystery of Apollo 10's floating feces ... Jony Ive gets a promotion at Apple ... Omar Sharif has Alzheimer's disease ...

The Numbers
Players: 97,972
Celebrities: 41,145
Deaths: 3,475

Top 10
1 TravoltasTwinkLover 24-Feb-2016 7
2 ThomasJeffer... 12-Dec-2015 7
3 KyleTheGrannyFucker 09-Jun-2015 6
4 OneLessProbl... 05-Jul-2015 6
5 PrincePretty 10-Jun-2015 6
6 FinalCountdown 07-Jun-2015 5
7 InfinityGuitar 30-Aug-2015 5
8 TheDeadestOfTheDead 01-Jan-2016 5
9 JQW 04-Jun-2015 5
10 Kingwolf 21-Sep-2015 5

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