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Rotten Dead Pool
Welcome to the Rotten Dead Pool! Pick ten people who you think will die in the next year.
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Recently Deceased
Alan C. Greenberg 25-Jul-2014Longtime Bear Stearns CEO Alan C. Greenberg dies from cancer complications in Manhattan.2
Rilwanu Lukman 21-Jul-2014Former OPEC Secretary General Rilwanu Lukman dies from illness in Vienna, Austria.0
Victor G. Atiyeh 20-Jul-2014Two-term Oregon Governor Victor G. Atiyeh dies from complications of an accidental fall suffered earlier, at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.3
Skye McCole Bartusiak 19-Jul-2014Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak is found dead at her home in Houston, Texas, aged 21.0
James Garner 19-Jul-2014Actor James Garner dies at his home in Los Angeles.333
John Fasano 19-Jul-2014Film producer and director John Fasano dies in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles.0
Elaine Stritch 17-Jul-2014Actress Elaine Stritch dies at her home in Birmingham, Michigan.20
Karl Albrecht 16-Jul-2014Billionaire Karl Albrecht, co-founder of Aldi, dies at his home in Essen, Germany.41

Popularity Contest
1 Billy Graham Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 18,759 ADD
2 Fidel Castro Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 14,163 ADD
3 Kirk Douglas Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 12,373 ADD
4 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association 16-Mar-1926 11,401 ADD
5 Abe Vigoda Fish on Barney Miller (not dead yet) 24-Feb-1921 8,509 ADD
6 Zsa Zsa Gabor Cop-slapping Gabor sister 06-Feb-1917 7,226 ADD
7 Courtney Love Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole 09-Jul-1964 5,919 ADD
8 Muhammad Ali Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 4,644 ADD
9 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 12-Dec-1923 4,427 ADD
10 Nancy Reagan Wife of US President Reagan 06-Jul-1921 3,710 ADD

Happy Birthday
John Searle Chinese Room Argument, Philosopher of Language 31-Jul-1932 ADD
William Bennett Former Drug Czar and gambling man 31-Jul-1943 ADD
Evonne Goolagong Aboriginal Australian tennis star 31-Jul-1951 ADD
Michael Biehn Aliens, The Rock, The Abyss 31-Jul-1956 ADD
Mark Cuban Broadcast.com founder bought Dallas Mavericks 31-Jul-1958 ADD
Stanley Jordan Touch-technique guitarist 31-Jul-1959 ADD
Fatboy Slim Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars 31-Jul-1962 ADD
Wesley Snipes New Jack City 31-Jul-1962 ADD
J. K. Rowling Author of Harry Potter series 31-Jul-1965 ADD
Dean Cain Superman 31-Jul-1966 ADD
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Doctor Sputnik's Society Pages
31-Jul-2014 · Ten dead from flesh-eating bacteria in the waters off Florida ... Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is taken over by Downton Abbey ... Half-sister of Drew Barrymore dies ... Minnesota Twins sign unknown pitcher with a heck of a fastball ... Impact of BP's 2010 Gulf gusher "is both deeper and wider than previous data indicated" ... Orlando Bloom tries to slug eminently slugable Justin Bieber, but misses ... Republicans lead US House vote to sue President Obama ... Israel shells another United Nations school, killing at least 15 people ... Brother of Richard Belzer dies ... Arrest warrant issued for Columbus Short ... US National Labor Relations Board ruling could allow unions at fast-food restaurants ... With so many lies and liars, now is the perfect time to revive To Tell the Truth ...
30-Jul-2014 · Port Authority sends cease and desist letter over silhouette of New York City skyline ... Zac Efron explains why he abused drugs ... US National Labor Relations Board finds that McDonald's and franchisees are "joint employers" of local restaurant staff, and thus co-defendants in 43 labor lawsuits ... Top attorney for National Rifle Association was convicted of murder ... 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals overturns Mississippi law intended to ban abortion ... Kelsey Grammer opposes parole for his sister's killer ... Oscar Mayer wants to buy a giant catsup dispenser ... Kiefer Sutherland has his agent respond to Freddie Prinze, Jr's criticisms ... Former Gov. Jesse Ventura (I-Minnesota) wins defamation lawsuit ... Acquitted killer George Zimmerman guards a gun store ... European Union and USA announce new sanctions against Russia ... General Mills worries about climate change ...
29-Jul-2014 · Captain Happy of Delta Airlines is not so happy ... Judge says wife of despised Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling can sell the team ... Fans treated for illness at Keith Urban concert ... Quentin Tarantino plans theatrical release of combined Kill Bill saga ... Dollar Tree is buying Family Dollar Stores for 8,500,000,000 of them ... Freddie Prinze, Jr trash talks Kiefer Sutherland ... Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) promises to remove the "politically correct filter" of mainstream media, for only $9.95 per month ... Obama administration wants to keep files from anti-Iraq lobbying group secret ... Arthur Godfrey has a street named after him, but Miami Beach is trying to take it away ... Nazi Germany's "perfect Aryan child" was Jewish ... Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino requires anger management ... Electronic Frontier Foundation asks court to declare US National Security Agency 's online data dragnet illegal ... Try some of Aleister Crowley's yummy curried rice ... Was this the scariest ever episode of Doctor Who? ...

The Numbers
Players: 96,830
Celebrities: 41,075
Deaths: 3,217

Top 10
1 Captain_Chorizo 02-Oct-2014 6
2 crackityjones 27-Oct-2014 6
3 Thomas_Jeffe... 12-Dec-2014 5
4 KINGTUTUT 14-Dec-2014 5
5 jtrichey 17-Sep-2014 5
6 BryanThePirate 01-Sep-2014 5
7 InfinityGuitar 20-Aug-2014 5
8 thebigsleep 12-Oct-2014 5
9 JimMcmahon 11-Dec-2014 5
10 glanzone 19-Aug-2014 5

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