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Rotten Dead Pool
Recently Deceased
Grant Tinker 28-Nov-2016Retired NBC executive Grant Tinker dies aged 90 at his home in Los Angeles.17
Fritz Weaver 26-Nov-2016Actor Fritz Weaver dies aged 90 at his home in Manhattan.5
Erich Bloch 25-Nov-2016Mainframe pioneer and IBM executive Erich Bloch dies from Alzheimer's complications in Washington, DC.3
Fidel Castro 25-Nov-2016Longtime dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro dies.14,765
Ron Glass 25-Nov-2016Actor Ron Glass, Det. Harris on Barney Miller, dies from respiratory failure at his home in Los Angeles.3
Florence Henderson 24-Nov-2016Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson dies from heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.41
Pauline Oliveros 24-Nov-2016Composer and deep listener Pauline Oliveros dies in her sleep at her home in Kingston, New York.11
Andrew Sachs 23-Nov-2016Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs dies from complications of dementia at a care facility in London.4
William Trevor 20-Nov-2016Irish novelist and short story writer William Trevor dies in Somerset, England.10
Denton Cooley 18-Nov-2016Pioneering heart surgeon Denton Cooley dies aged 96 at his home in Houston, Texas.101
Sharon Jones 18-Nov-2016Singer Sharon Jones of the Dap-Kings dies from pancreatic cancer.13
Dwayne Andreas 16-Nov-2016Longtime Archer Daniels Midland CEO Dwayne Andreas dies in Decatur, Illinois.40
Melvin Laird 16-Nov-2016Former US Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird dies from respiratory failure at a hospital in Fort Myers, Florida.21
Mose Allison 15-Nov-2016Singer and blues/jazz pianist Mose Allison dies at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.63
Gwen Ifill 14-Nov-2016PBS anchor Gwen Ifill dies at a Washington, DC hospice following a brief battle with cancer.0
Leon Russell 13-Nov-2016Musician Leon Russell dies in Nashville, Tennessee.11
Lupita Tovar 12-Nov-2016Mexican actress Lupita Tovar, a star of the Spanish version of Dracula, dies aged 106 at her home in Los Angeles.872
Robert Vaughn 11-Nov-2016Actor Robert Vaughn, who starred on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. dies of acute leukemia in Danbury, Connecticut.24
Leonard Cohen 10-Nov-2016Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen dies three days after suffering a fall at his home in Los Angeles.97
Janet Reno 07-Nov-2016First woman US Attorney General Janet Reno dies of complications from Parkinson's disease.58
Kay Starr 04-Nov-2016Hillbilly singer Kay Starr dies at her home in Los Angeles, from the effects of Alzheimer's.16
Tammy Grimes 30-Oct-2016Theater actress Tammy Grimes, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, dies in Englewood, New Jersey.3
Prince Mikasa 27-Oct-2016Eldest member of the Japanese royal family Prince Mikasa dies aged 100 in Tokyo, from pneumonia.209
Susan L. Lindquist 27-Oct-2016Molecular biologist Susan L. Lindquist dies from cancer in Boston, Massachusetts.0
Jorge Batlle Ibáñez 24-Oct-2016Former President of Uruguay Jorge Batlle Ibáńez dies following surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage.6
Bobby Vee 24-Oct-2016Singer Bobby Vee dies at the Wellstead of Rogers & Diamondcrest in Rogers, Minnesota, suffering early onset of Alzheimer's disease.0
Pete Burns 23-Oct-2016Frontman of 1980s band Dead or Alive, Pete Burns dies of a heart attack.93
Jack Chick 23-Oct-2016Religious cartoonist Jack Chick dies in his sleep at his home in Alhambra, CA.99
Tom Hayden 23-Oct-2016Activist, legislator, and ex-husband of Jane Fonda Tom Hayden dies in Santa Monica, California following a lengthy illness.5
Sheri S. Tepper 22-Oct-2016Science fiction author Sheri S. Tepper dies.11
William G. Bowen 20-Oct-2016Former President of Princeton William G. Bowen dies from colon cancer at his home in Princeton, New Jersey.1
Michael Massee 20-Oct-2016Actor Michael Massee dies from stomach cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.0
Cecilia Hart 16-Oct-2016Actress and wife of James Earl Jones Cecilia Hart dies from ovarian cancer.0
Clyde C. Holloway 16-Oct-2016Former US Congressman from Louisiana Clyde C. Holloway dies at his home in Forest Hill, Louisiana.0
Kathryn Adams 14-Oct-2016Actress Kathryn Adams dies in Mankato, Minnesota.95
Lucy Baxley 14-Oct-2016The first female Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, Lucy Baxley dies at her home in Birmingham, Alabama.1
Bhumibol Adulyadej 13-Oct-2016Reigning King of Thailand for 70 years, Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.185
Dario Fo 13-Oct-2016Italian playwright and Nobel laureate Dario Fo dies from pulmonary disease at Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan, Italy.45
Thomas Mikal Ford 12-Oct-2016Actor Thomas Mikal Ford dies from an abdominal aneurysm at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.1
David Antin 11-Oct-2016Arist/poet David Antin dies from complications of a fall, at his home in San Diego, California.15
Patricia Barry 11-Oct-2016Character actress Patricia Barry dies aged 93 at her home in Los Angeles.16
Andrzej Wajda 09-Oct-2016Polish film director Andrzej Wajda dies aged 90 at a hospital in Warsaw, Poland.4
Stephen F. Bollenbach 08-Oct-2016Former CEO of Hilton Hotels Stephen F. Bollenbach dies in Manhattan, following a lengthy illness.0
Hans W. Becherer 06-Oct-2016Former CEO of Deere Hans W. Becherer dies in Denver, Colorado.0
Brock Yates 05-Oct-2016Auto racer, and creator of Cannonball Run, Brock Yates dies in Batavia, New York from complications of Alzheimer's.13
Reginald K. Brack 04-Oct-2016Former CEO of Time, Inc. Reginald K. Brack dies from complications of progressive supranuclear palsy at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut.0
Neville Marriner 02-Oct-2016English conductor Neville Marriner dies at his home in London, aged 96.2
Hanoi Hannah 30-Sep-2016Propagandist Hanoi Hannah dies in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.18
Joseph Verner Reed 29-Sep-2016Former US Ambassador to Morocco Joseph Verner Reed dies at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut.1
Ralph V. Whitworth 29-Sep-2016Business executive Ralph V. Whitworth dies following a lengthy illness.0
Agnes Nixon 28-Sep-2016Soap opera producer Agnes Nixon dies aged 93 from pneumonia in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.12
Malcolm M. Lucas 28-Sep-2016Former California Chief Justice Malcolm M. Lucas dies in Los Angeles.2
Gloria Naylor 28-Sep-2016Novelist Gloria Naylor, author of The Women of Brewster Place, dies at her home near Christiansted, VI.0
Shimon Peres 28-Sep-2016Former President and Prime Minister of Israel Shimon Peres dies at a hospital in Ramat Gan, Israel.65
David Hahn 27-Sep-2016So-called "Radioactive Boy Scout" David Hahn dies in Shelby Township, Michigan.1
Charles L. Schultze 27-Sep-2016Economist Charles L. Schultze dies at his home in Washington, DC.1
Herschell Gordon Lewis 26-Sep-2016Horror film director Herschell Gordon Lewis dies at his home in Pompano Beach, Florida.0
Arnold Palmer 25-Sep-2016Golfer Arnold Palmer dies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.220
Jean Shepard 25-Sep-2016Country music singer Jean Shepard dies from the effects of Parkinson's disease in Nashville, Tennessee.1
Bill Nunn 24-Sep-2016Actor Bill Nunn dies from cancer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.1
William E. Barrett 20-Sep-2016Former US Congressman from Nebraska William E. Barrett dies at Brookdale Assisted Living Facility in Lexington, Nebraska.1
Curtis Hanson 20-Sep-2016Film director Curtis Hanson dies at his home in Los Angeles.1
C. Martin Croker 18-Sep-2016Animator and voice actor C. Martin Croker, voice of Zorak and Moltar, dies at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.1
Edward Albee 16-Sep-2016Playwright Edward Albee dies at his home in Montauk, New York following a brief illness.69
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi 16-Sep-2016Former President of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi dies in Rome aged 95, following a lengthy illness.135
Deborah S. Jin 15-Sep-2016Physicist Deborah S. Jin dies in Boulder, Colorado from cancer.0
Rose Mofford 15-Sep-2016Former Governor of Arizona Rose Mofford dies at a hospice in Phoenix, Arizona.2
Don Buchla 14-Sep-2016Modular synthesizer designer Don Buchla dies from cancer in Berkeley, California.4
Stanley K. Sheinbaum 12-Sep-2016Progressive activist and publisher Stanley K. Sheinbaum dies in Los Angeles.8
Alexis Arquette 11-Sep-2016Actor-turned-transgender activist Alexis Arquette dies after a long battle with an AIDS-related illness.2
Robert E. Allen 10-Sep-2016Former CEO of AT&T Robert E. Allen dies from complications of a stroke suffered earlier.1
Eddie Antar 10-Sep-2016Convicted fraudster and former retail electronics pitchman "Crazy Eddie" Antar dies in Ocean Township, New Jersey.0
James Stacy 09-Sep-2016Actor James Stacy dies from anaphylactic shock, in reaction to antibiotics, in Ventura, California.2
Prince Buster 08-Sep-2016Jamaican ska and reggae singer Prince Buster dies from heart failure at a Miami, Florida hospital.8
Hugh O'Brian 05-Sep-2016Actor Hugh O'Brian dies at his home in Beverly Hills, California.20
Phyllis Schlafly 05-Sep-2016Conservative opponent of women's liberation Phyllis Schlafly dies at her home in Ladue, Missouri.63
Leslie H. Martinson 03-Sep-2016Television and film director Leslie H. Martinson dies aged 101 at his home in Beverly Hills, California.0
Johnny Rebel 03-Sep-2016Segregationist Singer Johnny Rebel dies in Rayne, Louisiana.7
Islam Karimov 02-Sep-2016President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov dies after a stroke, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.7
Jon Polito 01-Sep-2016Actor Jon Polito dies from multiple myeloma at a hospital in Duarte, California.2
Vera Caslavska 30-Aug-2016Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska dies in Prague from pancreatic cancer.7
Gene Wilder 28-Aug-2016Actor Gene Wilder dies from complications of Alzheimer's disease at his home in Stamford, Connecticut.272
E. Parry Thomas 26-Aug-2016Retired Las Vegas banker E. Parry Thomas dies at his ranch in Hailey, Idaho.4
James W. Cronin 25-Aug-2016Nobel physics laureate James W. Cronin dies in St. Paul, Minnesota.1
Warren Hinckle 25-Aug-2016Muckraking journalist Warren Hinckle dies from complications of pneumonia at a hospital in San Francisco, California.1
Marvin Kaplan 25-Aug-2016Actor Marvin Kaplan, Henry on Alice, dies in his sleep at his home in Burbank, California.0
Michel Butor 24-Aug-2016Experimental French novelist Michel Butor dies aged 89 in Contamine-sur-Arve, Haute-Savoie, France.1
Walter Scheel 24-Aug-2016West German President in the 1970s Walter Scheel dies aged 97 in Bad Krozingen, Germany.74
Roger Y. Tsien 24-Aug-2016Molecular engineer and Nobel chemistry laureate Roger Y. Tsien dies in Eugene, Oregon.0
Steven Hill 23-Aug-2016Actor Steven Hill, Adam Schiff on Law & Order, dies aged 94 in Manhattan.36
Reinhard Selten 23-Aug-2016Game theorist and Nobel economics laureate Reinhard Selten dies in Poznan, Poland.3
S. R. Nathan 22-Aug-2016Sixth President of Singapore S. R. Nathan dies at a hospital in Singapore.16
Toots Thielemans 22-Aug-2016Jazz/blues harmonica musician Toots Thielemans dies in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium.26
George E. Curry 20-Aug-2016Journalist George E. Curry dies at a hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland.0
Jay S. Fishman 19-Aug-2016Executive Jay S. Fishman, Chairman and until last year CEO of Travelers, dies at his home in Englewood, New Jersey following a battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease.0
Lou Pearlman 19-Aug-2016Music producer and financial conman Lou Pearlman dies at the Federal Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida.2
Jack Riley 19-Aug-2016Actor Jack Riley, Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show, dies from pneumonia in Los Angeles.0
John Vessey 18-Aug-2016Reagan-era Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Vessey dies aged 94 at his home in North Oaks, Minnesota.7
Arthur Hiller 17-Aug-2016Film director Arthur Hiller dies in Los Angeles.37
João Havelange 16-Aug-2016Former President of FIFA Joăo Havelange dies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.63
John McLaughlin 16-Aug-2016Political talk show host and pundit John McLaughlin dies at his home in Washington, DC.41
Fyvush Finkel 14-Aug-2016Yiddish theater actor Fyvush Finkel dies at his home in Manhattan.57
Kenny Baker 13-Aug-2016English actor Kenny Baker, inside R2-D2 in Star Wars, dies in Manchester, England following a lengthy illness.58
Glenn Yarbrough 11-Aug-2016The Limelighters' lead singer Glenn Yarbrough dies from complications of dementia at his daughter's home in Nashville, Tennessee.7
Helen Delich Bentley 06-Aug-2016Former Congresswoman from Maryland Helen Delich Bentley dies from brain cancer in Timonium, Maryland.9
Steven LaTourette 03-Aug-2016Former US Congressman from Ohio Steven LaTourette dies from pancreatic cancer at his home in McLean, Virginia.22
David Huddleston 02-Aug-2016Actor David Huddleston, title character of The Big Lebowski, dies from advanced heart and kidney disease in Santa Fe, New Mexico.9
Ahmed H. Zewail 02-Aug-2016Femtochemistry pioneer and Nobel laureate Ahmed H. Zewail dies in Pasadena, California.0
Seymour Papert 31-Jul-2016Co-creator of the programming language LOGO Seymour Papert dies in Blue Hill, Maine.17
Gloria DeHaven 30-Jul-2016Actress Gloria DeHaven dies in Las Vegas, Nevada.22
Piet de Jong 27-Jul-2016Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Piet de Jong dies in The Hague, aged 101.139
Jerry Doyle 27-Jul-2016Actor Jerry Doyle, Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, is found unresponsive at his home in Las Vegas.1
James Alan McPherson 27-Jul-2016Pulitzer-prizewinning author James Alan McPherson dies from complications of pneumonia in Iowa City, Iowa.0
Miss Cleo 26-Jul-2016Late-night television commercial psychic Miss Cleo dies from cancer at a hospice in Palm Beach, Florida.38
Tim LaHaye 25-Jul-2016Christian fundamentalist minister and author of the Left Behind novels Tim LaHaye dies following a stroke at a San Diego, California hospice.32
Marni Nixon 24-Jul-2016Hollywood singer Marni Nixon dies from breast cancer in Manhattan.8
Thorbjörn Fälldin 23-Jul-2016Two-time Prime Minister of Sweden Thorbjörn Fälldin dies at his farm in Ramvik, Sweden.9
Dennis Green 21-Jul-2016NFL and NCAA football coach Dennis Green dies from cardiac arrest in San Diego, California.1
Garry Marshall 19-Jul-2016Film director and creator of Happy Days Garry Marshall dies in Burbank, California.16
Wendell R. Anderson 17-Jul-2016Former Governor of Minnesota Wendell R. Anderson dies from complicationsof pneumonia in St. Paul, Minnesota.2
Alan Vega 16-Jul-2016Suicide frontman Alan Vega dies in his sleep, aged 78.5
Robert B. Morgan 16-Jul-2016Former US Senator from North Carolina Robert B. Morgan dies aged 90 surrounded by family in Buies Creek, North Carolina.2
Nate Thurmond 16-Jul-2016NBA Hall-of-Famer Nate Thurmond dies in San Francisco from leukemia.0
Péter Esterházy 14-Jul-2016Hungarian author Péter Esterházy dies from pancreatic cancer.31
Lisa Gaye 14-Jul-2016Actress Lisa Gaye dies in Houston, Texas.0
Hector Babenco 13-Jul-2016Brazilian film director Hector Babenco dies from a heart attack in Săo Paulo, Brazil.1
John Brademas 11-Jul-2016Former U.S. Congressman from Indiana John Brademas dies in Manhattan.7
Sydney Schanberg 09-Jul-2016Journalist Sydney Schanberg dies from a heart attack at a hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York.7
William H. McNeill 08-Jul-2016Historian William H. McNeill dies at his home in Torrington, Connecticut.7
William L. Armstrong 05-Jul-2016Former US Senator from Colorado William L. Armstrong dies.0
Abbas Kiarostami 04-Jul-2016Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami dies from the effects of gastrointestinal cancer, in Paris.5
Abner J. Mikva 04-Jul-2016Influential liberal Congressman Abner J. Mikva dies in Chicago, Illinois.0
Noel Neill 03-Jul-2016Actress Noel Neill, first to play Lois Lane on the screen, dies aged 95 at her home in Tucson, Arizona.99
Michael Cimino 02-Jul-2016Film director Michael Cimino, among whose films is The Deer Hunter, dies at his home in Los Angeles.2
Elie Wiesel 02-Jul-2016Human-rights activist Elie Wiesel dies aged 87 at his home in Manhattan.55
Yves Bonnefoy 01-Jul-2016French poet Yves Bonnefoy dies in Paris.3
Scotty Moore 28-Jun-2016Elvis Presley's first guitarist Scotty Moore dies at his home in Nashville, Tennessee.34
Buddy Ryan 28-Jun-2016NFL coach Buddy Ryan dies in Shelbyville, Kentucky.44
Bud Spencer 27-Jun-2016Italian actor Bud Spencer dies in Rome.33
Alvin Toffler 27-Jun-2016Futurist Alvin Toffler dies in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles.8
Bill Cunningham 25-Jun-2016New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham dies in a Mahhattan hospital of a stroke suffered earlier.0
Patrick Mayhew 25-Jun-2016English politician Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland during most of the 1990s, dies from the effects of cancer and Parkinson's.0
Bernie Worrell 24-Jun-2016Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell dies at his home in Everson, Washington following a battle with lung cancer.50
Dr. Ralph Stanley 23-Jun-2016Legendary bluegrass musician Dr. Ralph Stanley dies from the effects of skin cancer at his home in Sandy Ridge, Virginia.27
Anton Yelchin 19-Jun-2016Actor Anton Yelchin is found pinned underneath his car at his Los Angeles home.2
Paul Cox 18-Jun-2016Australian film director Paul Cox dies in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.3
Jo Cox 16-Jun-2016British MP for Batley and Spen Jo Cox dies from her injuries suffered from an assassin, at Leeds General Infirmary in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.0
Lois Duncan 15-Jun-2016Juvenile author Lois Duncan dies at her home in South Sarasota, Florida.5
Ann Morgan Guilbert 14-Jun-2016Actress Ann Morgan Guilbert, Yetta Rosenberg on The Nanny, dies in Los Angeles following a battle with cancer.4
Henry McCullough 14-Jun-2016Guitarist Henry McCullough, who played for Wings and for Joe Cocker, dies.1
Omar Mateen 12-Jun-2016Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen dies in a shootout with police in Orlando, Florida after killing 49 patrons of a gay nightclub.0
George Voinovich 12-Jun-2016Former Governor and U.S. Senator from Ohio George Voinovich dies in Cleveland, Ohio.0
Gordie Howe 10-Jun-2016Hockey legend Gordie Howe dies at his son's house in Toledo, Ohio.273
Tom Perkins 07-Jun-2016Venture capitalist Tom Perkins dies at his home in Tiburon, California, following a lengthy illness.0
Theresa Saldana 06-Jun-2016Actress Theresa Saldana dies at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.0
Peter Shaffer 06-Jun-2016Playwright Peter Shaffer dies in County Cork, Ireland.12
Muhammad Ali 03-Jun-2016Boxer Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, dies from respiratory failure in Scottsdale, Arizona.4,935
Walter J. P. Curley 02-Jun-2016Venture capitalist and former US Ambassador to France Walter J. P. Curley dies in New York City.1
Tom Kibble 02-Jun-2016Mathematician and physicist Tom Kibble dies.1
Burt Kwouk 24-May-2016Actor Burt Kwouk, Cato in the Pink Panther films, dies.2
LeRoy T. Carlson 23-May-2016Founder of Telephone and Data Systems LeRoy T. Carlson dies aged 100 in Evanston, Illinois.21
Brandon Grove 20-May-2016Diplomat Brandon Grove, US Ambassador to Zaire in 1984-87, dies from cancer at his home in Washington, DC.1
Alexandre Astruc 19-May-2016French film director Alexandre Astruc dies in Paris, France, following a lengthy illness.6
Morley Safer 19-May-2016Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer dies from pneumonia at his home in Manhattan.75
Alan Young 19-May-2016Actor Alan Young, Wilbur Post on Mister Ed, dies at the Motion Picture & Television Home in Woodland Hills, California.277
Susan J. Tolchin 18-May-2016Political scientist Susan J. Tolchin dies from the effects of ovarian cancer at her home in Washington, DC.0
Fritz Stern 18-May-2016Historian Fritz Stern dies at his home in Manhattan.0
Guy Clark 17-May-2016Texas Troubador Guy Clark dies at his home in Nashville, Tennessee following a ten-year struggle with lymphoma.1
Monteagle Stearns 14-May-2016Former US Ambassador to Greece Monteagle Stearns dies in Cambridge, Massachusetts.1
Delbert L. Latta 12-May-2016Former Congressman from Ohio Delbert L. Latta dies aged 96 at a nursing home in Bowling Green, Ohio.6
William Schallert 08-May-2016Actor William Schallert, Martin Lane on The Patty Duke Show, dies in Pacific Palisades, California.20
David Hall 06-May-2016Former Governor of Oklahoma David Hall dies from complications of a stroke, at a hospital in San Diego, California.1
Robert Bennett 04-May-2016Former US Senator from Utah Robert Bennett dies from complications of a stroke, in Arlington, Virginia.14
Daniel Berrigan 30-Apr-2016Jesuit priest and author Daniel Berrigan dies in New York City.19
Sir Harold Kroto 30-Apr-2016Co-discoverer of fullerines and Nobel laureate Sir Harold Kroto dies.0
Conrad Burns 28-Apr-2016Former U.S. Senator from Montana Conrad Burns dies from natural causes at his home in Billings, Montana.3
Charles Gatewood 28-Apr-2016Extreme photographer Charles Gatewood dies in San Francisco, from complications of an earlier suicide attempt by jumping off his apartment balcony.0
Harry Wu 26-Apr-2016Human rights activist Harry Wu dies on holiday in Honduras.2
Tommy Kono 24-Apr-2016Weightlifter and two-time Mr. Universe winner Tommy Kono dies from hepatic encephalopathy related to cirrhosis of his liver, in Honolulu, Hawaii.12
Papa Wemba 24-Apr-2016Rhumba musician Papa Wemba dies from heart failure following a collapse onstage in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.1
James E. Barlett 23-Apr-2016Business executive James E. Barlett dies.1
Guy Hamilton 21-Apr-2016Film director Guy Hamilton, director of four James Bond films including Goldfinger, dies in Majorca.20
Prince 21-Apr-2016Musician, singer and actor Prince is found dead of an accidental fentanyl overdose at his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota.29
Chyna 20-Apr-2016Former pro wrestler Chyna dies from an accidental drug overdose at her home in Redondo Beach, California.253
Walter Kohn 19-Apr-2016Nobel Chemistry Laureate Walter Kohn dies.4
Bill Campbell 18-Apr-2016Silicon Valley figure Bill Campbell dies from cancer in Palo Alto, California.0
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. 18-Apr-2016Former CEO of Goodyear Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. dies aged 97 in Akron, Ohio.10
Doris Roberts 17-Apr-2016Actress Doris Roberts, Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond, dies in Los Angeles.49
Ray Thornton 13-Apr-2016Former US Congressman and State Supreme Court Justice from Arkansas Ray Thornton dies from lung cancer in Little Rock, Arkansas.0
David Gest 12-Apr-2016Producer David Gest, most noted for having been married to Liza Minnelli, dies at the Four Seasons Hotel in London.11
Anne Jackson 12-Apr-2016Actress Anne Jackson dies at her home in Manhattan, aged 90.11
Bryce Jordan 12-Apr-2016Music professor and President of Pennsylvania State University from 1983 to 1990, Bryce Jordan dies at his home in Austin, Texas.0
Arnold Wesker 12-Apr-2016English playwright Arnold Wesker dies in Brighton, England.0
Tony Conrad 09-Apr-2016Composer, violinist, and video artist Tony Conrad dies from prostate cancer at a hospice in Cheektowaga, New York.4
Merle Haggard 06-Apr-2016Country music singer Merle Haggard dies from double pneumonia on his birthday, at his ranch in Palo Cedro, California.225
Roman S. Gribbs 05-Apr-2016Former Mayor of Detroit Roman S. Gribbs dies from cancer in Northville, Michigan.1
Don Francks 03-Apr-2016Canadian actor Don Francks dies from lung cancer in Toronto.1
Ronnie Corbett 31-Mar-2016Scottish comic Ronnie Corbett, one of the Two Ronnies, dies in London.62
Hans-Dietrich Genscher 31-Mar-2016German politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher, twice Foreign Minister and an architect of reunification, dies from heart failure in Wachtberg, Germany.4
Imre Kertész 31-Mar-2016Hunagarian author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Imre Kertész dies at his home in Budapest.7
Douglas Wilmer 31-Mar-2016English actor Douglas Wilmer, noted for playing Sherlock Holmes, dies from pneumonia at a hospital in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.36
Shirley Hufstedler 30-Mar-2016Retired Appeals Court judge and former US Secretary of Education Shirley Hufstedler dies from cerebrovascular disease at her home in Glendale, California.2
Patty Duke 29-Mar-2016Actress Patty Duke dies from sepsis after suffering a ruptured intestine, at a hospital near her home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.12
William L. O'Neill 29-Mar-2016Historian William L. O'Neill dies from a septic shock and pneumonia at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.0
Steven B. Sample 29-Mar-2016Long time President of the University of Southern California Steven B. Sample dies.0
James Noble 28-Mar-2016Actor James Noble dies at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut from complications of a stroke.0
Mother Angelica 27-Mar-2016Evangelical nun Mother Angelica dies from complications of a stroke, at a monastery she established in Hanceville, Alabama.262
Jim Harrison 26-Mar-2016Novelist Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the Fall, dies at his home in Patagonia, Arizona.2
Lester Thurow 25-Mar-2016Economist Lester Thurow dies at his home in Westport, Massachusetts.0
Johan Cruijff 24-Mar-2016Dutch soccer great Johan Cruijff dies from cancer at his home in Barcelona, Spain.13
Earl Hamner, Jr. 24-Mar-2016Television producer and creator of The Waltons, Earl Hamner, Jr. dies from bladder cancer in Los Angeles.15
Joseph Carlton Petrone 24-Mar-2016Former US Ambassador Joseph Carlton Petrone dies in Naples, Florida.1
Garry Shandling 24-Mar-2016Comic Garry Shandling dies in Los Angeles from a heart attack.6
Joe Garagiola 23-Mar-2016Catcher, sportscaster, and Baseball Hall-of-Famer Joe Garagiola dies in Scottsdale, Arizona.52
Ken Howard 23-Mar-2016The White Shadow actor Ken Howard dies in Los Angeles.1
Richard Bradford 22-Mar-2016Actor Richard Bradford, star of Man in a Suitcase, dies.0
Rob Ford 22-Mar-2016Crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto from 2010-14, Rob Ford dies in Toronto from cancer.62
Rita Gam 22-Mar-2016Actress Rita Gam dies from respiratory failure in Los Angeles, aged 88.1
Peter Brown 21-Mar-2016Actor Peter Brown, Deputy Johnny McKay in Lawman, dies in Phoenix, Arizona.0
Andy Grove 21-Mar-2016Longtime Intel CEO Andy Grove dies at his home in Los Altos, California.4
Anker Jřrgensen 20-Mar-2016Twice Prime Minister of Denmark Anker Jřrgensen dies in Copenhagen.15
Roger Agnelli 19-Mar-2016Brazilian executive Roger Agnelli dies along with his wife and two children, in an airplane crash in northern Săo Paulo, Brazil.0
Joe Santos 18-Mar-2016Actor Joe Santos, Det. Becker on The Rockford Files, dies in Santa Monica, California.5
Paul Daniels 17-Mar-2016English magician Paul Daniels dies from brain cancer at his home in Berkshire.79
Larry Drake 17-Mar-2016LA Law actor Larry Drake dies at his home in Los Angeles.0
Meir Dagan 17-Mar-2016Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan dies from liver cancer in Tel Aviv, Israel.1
Steve Young 17-Mar-2016Outlaw country music singer/songwriter Steve Young dies in Nashville.2
Frank Sinatra, Jr. 16-Mar-2016Singer Frank Sinatra, Jr. dies from cardiac arrest while on tour, at Daytona Beach, Florida.14
Nana Vasconcelos 16-Mar-2016Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos dies from lung cancer in Recife, Brazil.4
Geoffrey H. Hartman 14-Mar-2016Critic and scholar Geoffrey H. Hartman dies aged 86 at his home in Hamden, Connecticut.1
Hilary Putnam 13-Mar-2016Philosopher/mathematician Hilary Putnam dies from mesothelioma in Boston, Massachusetts.30
Adrienne Corri 13-Mar-2016Actress Adrienne Corri dies from a heart attack at her home in London.2
Martin Sabo 13-Mar-2016Former US Congressman from Minnesota Martin Sabo dies in Minneapolis, Minnesota.4
Lloyd S. Shapley 12-Mar-2016Nobel Economics laureate Lloyd S. Shapley dies in Tucson, Arizona.0
Keith Emerson 11-Mar-2016ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson dies from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head at his home in Santa Monica, California.4
Ruth Terry 11-Mar-2016Cowgirl actress Ruth Terry dies in Rancho Mirage, California.5
Gogi Grant 10-Mar-2016Singer Gogi Grant dies at her home in Los Angeles, aged 91.20
Anita Brookner 10-Mar-2016English novelist Anita Brookner dies in London.7
John Gutfreund 09-Mar-2016Wall Street banker John Gutfreund dies from pneumonia at New York Presbyterian-Cornell Hospital in Manhattan.0
Robert Horton 09-Mar-2016Wagon Train actor Robert Horton dies at a hospice in Los Angeles, from complications of injuries suffered in an accidental fall.1
Ralph S. Larsen 09-Mar-2016Former CEO of Johnson & Johnson Ralph S. Larsen dies from a heart attack at his home in Naples, Florida.0
George Martin 08-Mar-2016Fifth Beatle George Martin dies at his home in London.125
Nancy Reagan 06-Mar-2016First Lady Nancy Reagan dies from congestive heart failure at her home in Los Angeles.4,076
Hal Saunders 06-Mar-2016Diplomat Hal Saunders dies from prostate cancer in McLean, Virginia.0
Pat Conroy 04-Mar-2016Novelist Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides, dies from pancreatic cancer in Beaufort, South Carolina.9
Aubrey K. McClendon 02-Mar-2016Former CEO of Chesapeake Energy Aubrey K. McClendon dies in a high-speed automobile accident in Oklahoma City, a possible suicide one day after indictment on conspiracy charges.0
James Kimsey 01-Mar-2016Co-Founder of AOL James Kimsey dies from cancer at his home in McLean, Virginia.3
George Kennedy 28-Feb-2016Actor George Kennedy dies at a hospice in Boise, Idaho.128
Frank Kelly 28-Feb-2016Irish actor Frank Kelly, known for his role as Father Jack Hackett on Father Ted, dies.0
Andy Bathgate 26-Feb-2016NHL Hall-of-Famer Andy Bathgate dies in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.3
Tony Burton 25-Feb-2016Actor Tony Burton, boxing trainer in six Rocky films, dies from pneumonia at a hospital in Menifee, California.0
Wesley A. Clark 22-Feb-2016Designer of the first personal computer Wesley A. Clark dies at his home in Brooklyn.0
Sonny James 22-Feb-2016Country music singer Sonny James dies in Nashville, Tennessee.0
Umberto Eco 19-Feb-2016Scholar, philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco dies at his home in Milan, Italy.29
Harper Lee 19-Feb-2016Novelist Harper Lee dies in her sleep at an assisted living facility in Monroeville, Alabama.163
John Reinhardt 18-Feb-2016Former US Ambassador to Nigeria John Reinhardt dies from a stroke in Silver Spring, Maryland.8
Boutros Boutros-Ghali 16-Feb-2016Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali dies in Cairo, Egypt.91
George Gaynes 15-Feb-2016Actor George Gaynes, Henry Warnimont on Punky Brewster, dies at his daughter's home in North Bend, Washington.180
Vanity 15-Feb-2016Lingerie-clad Prince protégé Vanity dies from kidney failure in Fremont, California.9
Eric Lubbock 14-Feb-2016English politician Eric Lubbock, 4th Baron Avebury, dies from leukemia in London.0
John J. Riccardo 13-Feb-2016Former CEO of Chrysler John J. Riccardo dies following a college basketball game in Ann Arbor, Michigan.0
Antonin Scalia 13-Feb-2016US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia dies in his sleep from apparent natural causes at Cibolo Creek Ranch near Marfa, Texas.42
Johnny Lattner 12-Feb-2016Winner of the 1953 Heisman Trophy Johnny Lattner dies from cancer in Chicago.0
Drew Lewis 10-Feb-2016US Secretary of Transportation under Reagan Drew Lewis dies from complications of pneumonia in Prescott, Arizona.1
Robin Chandler Duke 06-Feb-2016Reproductive rights activist Robin Chandler Duke dies in Charleston, South Carolina.9
John L. Tishman 06-Feb-2016Builder John L. Tishman dies from respiratory failure at his home in Bedford, New York.0
Marlow W. Cook 04-Feb-2016Former U.S. Senator from Kentucky Marlow W. Cook dies.2
Edgar Mitchell 04-Feb-2016Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the Moon, dies in West Palm Beach, Florida.5
Edgar Whitcomb 04-Feb-2016Former Indiana Governor Edgar Whitcomb dies at his home in Rome, Indiana.10
John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan 03-Feb-2016John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, murderer, is declared dead.2
Maurice White 03-Feb-2016Earth Wind & Fire founder Maurice White dies from the effects of Parkinson's at his home in Los Angeles.0
Bob Elliott 02-Feb-2016Comic Bob Elliott, half of Bob & Ray, dies from throat cancer at his home in Cundy’s Harbor, Maine.42
Elizabeth L. Eisenstein 31-Jan-2016Historian of printing Elizabeth L. Eisenstein dies at her home in Washington, DC.2
Terry Wogan 31-Jan-2016British radio and TV broadcaster Terry Wogan dies following a short bout with cancer.28
Frank Finlay 30-Jan-2016English stage, screen, and television actor Frank Finlay dies.3
Kenny Sailors 30-Jan-2016Basketball jump shot pioneer Kenny Sailors dies from complications of an earlier heart attack, in Laramie, Wyoming.0
Jacques Rivette 29-Jan-2016French filmmaker Jacques Rivette dies from the effects of Alzheimer's disease at his home in Paris.1
Buddy Cianci 28-Jan-2016Two-time Mayor of Providence Buddy Cianci, who spent five years in Federal prison for corruption, dies from colon cancer at Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.0
Paul Kantner 28-Jan-2016Musician Paul Kantner dies from multiple organ failure in San Francisco.13
Alice Denham 27-Jan-2016Former Playboy model and author Alice Denham dies from the effects of ovarian cancer at her Manhattan home.0
Tommy Kelly 26-Jan-2016Actor Tommy Kelly dies from congestive heart failure in Greensboro, North Carolina.0
Abe Vigoda 26-Jan-2016Actor Abe Vigoda dies aged 94 in Woodland Park, New Jersey. Long live Abe Vigoda.8,734
Mike Minor 25-Jan-2016Actor Mike Minor, Steve Elliott on Petticoat Junction, dies from cancer.0
Marvin Minsky 24-Jan-2016Artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky dies from a cerebral hemorrhage in Boston, aged 88.34
Bobby Wanzer 23-Jan-2016Rochester Royal and NBA Hall-of-Famer Bobby Wanzer dies at his home in Pittsford, New York.0
Cecil Parkinson 22-Jan-2016Thatcherite MP and former minister, now Baron Parkinson of Carnforth, Cecil Parkinson dies from cancer.1
Bill Johnson 21-Jan-2016Downhill skiing champion Bill Johnson dies at an assisted living facility in Gresham, Oregon.1
George Weidenfeld 20-Jan-2016Book publisher George Weidenfeld, Co-Founder of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, dies in London.0
Forrest McDonald 19-Jan-2016Conservative historian Forrest McDonald dies from heart failure in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.0
Ettore Scola 19-Jan-2016Italian screenwriter and film director Ettore Scola dies at a clinic in Rome, following cardiac surgery.1
Glenn Frey 18-Jan-2016Eagles frontman Glenn Frey dies from pneumonia and other ailments, in New York City.7
Michel Tournier 18-Jan-2016French novelist Michel Tournier dies aged 91 in Choisel, France.1
Blowfly 17-Jan-2016Legendary rapper Blowfly dies from liver cancer at a hospice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.21
Ted Marchibroda 16-Jan-2016Retired NFL Head Coach Ted Marchibroda dies aged 84.0
Noreen Corcoran 15-Jan-2016Actress Noreen Corcoran dies from cadiopulmonary disease at Valley Presbyterian in Van Nuys, California.0
Dan Haggerty 15-Jan-2016Actor Dan Haggerty, who played Grizzly Adams, dies from spinal cancer in Burbank, California.13
René Angélil 14-Jan-2016Husband and manager of Celine Dion René Angélil dies from a recurrence of throat cancer in Henderson, Nevada.0
Alan Rickman 14-Jan-2016English actor Alan Rickman dies from pancreatic cancer in London.10
Brian Bedford 13-Jan-2016British-American theater and film actor Brian Bedford dies following a two-year battle with cancer, in Santa Barbara, California.1
Lawrence Phillips 13-Jan-2016Embattled ex-football player Lawrence Phillips is found dead of an apparent suicide in his cell at the Kern Valley State Prison in Delano, California.4
Monte Irvin 11-Jan-2016Negro Leagues player and MLB Hall-of-Famer Monte Irvin dies in Houston, Texas.98
David Margulies 11-Jan-2016Actor David Margulies dies from cancer at his home in Manhattan.0
George Jonas 10-Jan-2016Author George Jonas dies in Toronto, suffering from Parkinson's disease.0
David Bowie 10-Jan-2016Pop music legend David Bowie dies in Manhattan following an 18-month battle with liver cancer, two days after releasing his 25th album, Blackstar.151
Angus Scrimm 09-Jan-2016Actor Angus Scrimm, the Tall Man in Phantasm, dies aged 89 in Los Angeles.7
André Courrèges 07-Jan-2016Influential French fashion designer André Courrčges dies at his home in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.0
Bill Foster 07-Jan-2016College basketball coach Bill Foster (Duke Foster) dies aged 86 in Chicago, Illinois.0
Kitty Kallen 07-Jan-2016Big Band era singer Kitty Kallen dies in Cuernavaca, Mexico.0
Richard Libertini 07-Jan-2016Character actor Richard Libertini dies from cancer at his home in Venice, California.0
Judith S. Kaye 07-Jan-2016Former Chief Judge for the State of New York Judith S. Kaye dies from cancer at her home in Manhattan.0
Pat Harrington 06-Jan-2016Soap opera actor Pat Harrington, Duane Schneider on One Day at a Time, dies in Los Angeles from complications of Alzheimer's, combined with injuries suffered during a fall.43
Pierre Boulez 05-Jan-2016French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez dies aged 90 at his home in Baden-Baden, Germany.27
George MacIntyre 05-Jan-2016Former Vanderbilt Head Football Coach George MacIntyre dies at his home in Nashville, Tennessee.0
Stephen W. Bosworth 04-Jan-2016Former US Ambassador to South Korea, the Philippines, and Tunisia Stephen W. Bosworth dies from pancreatic cancer at his home in Boston.0
Michel Galabru 04-Jan-2016French actor Michel Galabru dies in Paris.7
Dale Bumpers 01-Jan-2016Former Senator and Governor of Arkansas Dale Bumpers dies at his home in Little Rock, Arkansas.17
Michael Oxley 01-Jan-2016Former US Congressman from Ohio Michael Oxley, best known for Sarbanes-Oxley, dies from lung cancer in his sleep, at his home in McLean, Virginia.0
Vilmos Zsigmond 01-Jan-2016Hungarian-American cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond dies in Big Sur, California.0
Natalie Cole 31-Dec-2015Singer Natalie Cole dies from heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.26
Beth Howland 31-Dec-2015Actress Beth Howland, Vera Louise Gorman on Alice, dies from lung cancer in Santa Monica, California.1
Wayne Rogers 31-Dec-2015Actor Wayne Rogers, Trapper John on M*A*S*H, dies from pneumonia in Los Angeles.13
Doug Atkins 30-Dec-2015NFL Hall of Famer Doug Atkins, for a decade defensive end with the Chicago Bears, dies at his home in Knoxville, Tennessee.33
Robert O. Blake 28-Dec-2015Former career diplomat and US Ambassador to Mali Robert O. Blake dies from prostate cancer at his home in Washington, DC.8
Lemmy 28-Dec-2015Mutton-chopped bassist for Motörhead Lemmy dies from prostate cancer in Los Angeles.106
Stein Eriksen 27-Dec-2015Norwegian Alpine skier Stein Eriksen dies at his home in Park City, Utah.6
Ellsworth Kelly 27-Dec-2015Abstract painter Ellsworth Kelly dies at his home in Spencertown, New York.5
Meadowlark Lemon 27-Dec-2015Harlem Globetrotter legend Meadowlark Lemon dies aged 83 in Scottsdale, Arizona.43
Haskell Wexler 27-Dec-2015Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler dies in his sleep at Providence St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.13
Alfred G. Gilman 23-Dec-2015Pharmacologist and Nobel medicine laureate Alfred G. Gilman dies from pancreatic cancer.0
Douglas Dick 19-Dec-2015Actor Douglas Dick, Carl Herrick on Waterfront, dies in his sleep aged 95 in Los Angeles.21
Kurt Masur 19-Dec-2015Former New York Philharmonic Conductor Kurt Masur dies from complications of Parkinson's, in Greenwich, Connecticut.0
Dickie Moore 19-Dec-2015Hockey Hall-of-Famer Dickie Moore dies from prostate cancer in Montreal.0
Lillian Vernon 14-Dec-2015Mail-order business tycoon Lillian Vernon dies in Manhattan.2
Donald Weinstein 13-Dec-2015Historian of the Renaissance Donald Weinstein dies following a stroke, at Peppi’s House hospice in Tucson, Arizona.0
Dolph Schayes 10-Dec-2015NBA Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes dies following a short battle with cancer in Syracuse, New York.10
Holly Woodlawn 06-Dec-2015Transgender entertainer Holly Woodlawn dies in Los Angeles, California.0
Robert Loggia 04-Dec-2015Actor Robert Loggia dies at his home in Los Angeles, California.29
Scott Weiland 03-Dec-2015Frontman for the Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland dies from an accidental overdose of cocaine, alcohol, and MDMA, while on tour in Bloomington, Minnesota.1,288
Sandy Berger 02-Dec-2015National Security Advisor for Bill Clinton Sandy Berger dies from cancer in Washington, DC.5

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