Artie Shaw 30-Dec-2004Jazz clarinetist Artie Shaw dies at his home in Los Angeles, aged 94.132
Jerry Orbach 29-Dec-2004Actor Jerry Orbach, best known as Det. Brisco from Law & Order, dies from prostate cancer at Sloan-Kettering.11
Susan Sontag 28-Dec-2004Novelist, Activist, Intellectual Susan Sontag dies of leukemia in New York City. She was 71.6
Hank Garland 27-Dec-2004Guitar legend Hank Garland dies of an infection at age 74 in Orange Park, Florida.3
Reggie White 26-Dec-2004Former NFL linebacker Reggie White dies unexpectedly from respiratory failure at his home near Huntersville, North Carolina.0
Johnny Oates 24-Dec-2004Former manager to the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers Johnny Oates dies of a brain tumor in Richmond, Virginia.27
Narasimha Rao 23-Dec-2004Former Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao dies of a heart attack in New Delhi.0
Fernando Poe, Jr. 13-Dec-2004Philippine actor and presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. dies in Manila after suffering a stroke.6
Gary Webb 10-Dec-2004Journalist Gary Webb is found dead in his Sacramento-suburbs home with multiple gunshot wounds to the head. In 1996 he broke the controversial story connecting drug traffickers to the Contras and to the CIA.0
Dimebag Darrell 08-Dec-2004Former Pantera lead guitarist Dimebag Darrell is shot and killed with three others onstage at a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio.0
David Brudnoy 08-Dec-2004Boston talk radio host David Brudnoy dies of cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital, after instructing doctors to remove him from life support.5
Larry Buchanan 02-Dec-2004Film director Larry Buchanan, best known for Mars Needs Women, dies from respiratory failure in Tucson, Arizona.0
Mona Van Duyn 01-Dec-2004Former American Poet Laureate Mona Van Duyn dies from bone cancer at her home in University City, Missouri, aged 83.4
Prince Bernhard 01-Dec-2004Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands dies from cancer, aged 93.215
Pierre Berton 30-Nov-2004Canadian author and TV personality Pierre Berton dies from heart failure and possible complications of diabetes at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.14
John Drew Barrymore 29-Nov-2004Actor John Drew Barrymore dies of unspecified causes in Los Angeles. He is possibly best known as the abusive father of Drew Barrymore.30
Arthur Hailey 24-Nov-2004Novelist Arthur Hailey, famous for thrillers Hotel and Airport, dies from a stroke at his home on Lyford Cay, New Providence Island, Bahamas.0
Joseph Hansen 24-Nov-2004Author Joseph Hansen, creator of the Dave Brandstetter mysteries, dies from heart failure at his home in Laguna Beach, California.0
Trina Schart Hyman 19-Nov-2004Children's illustrator Trina Schart Hyman dies from complications of breast cancer, Lebanon NH.4
Terry Melcher 19-Nov-2004Songwriter and record producer Terry Melcher dies of cancer in his Beverly Hills home. The only child of Doris Day, among his hit records are "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "Kokomo".0
John Balance 13-Nov-2004John Balance, half of the experimental music group Coil, dies after falling and hitting his head in his home.0
Ol' Dirty Bastard 13-Nov-2004Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard collapses in a Manhattan recording studio after complaining about chest pains. He is dead when paramedics arrive. An autopsy determines the cause of death to be an accidental overdose of cocaine and a prescription painkiller.93
Yasser Arafat 10-Nov-2004PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat dies from a brain hemorrhage in a military hospital outside Paris, France.3,326
Iris Chang 09-Nov-2004Iris Chang is found dead in her car of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Los Gatos, California. Among the 36-year-old author's works is the best selling non-fiction The Rape of Nanking.0
Howard Keel 07-Nov-2004Baritone star of MGM musicals and Dallas, actor Howard Keel dies of colon cancer in Los Angeles, California.14
Theo Van Gogh 02-Nov-2004Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh is shot and stabbed to death in Amsterdam. He had received death threats after making the controversial film Submission, about abused Muslim women.0
Mac Dre 01-Nov-2004Vallejo, California rapper Mac Dre is gunned down in a freeway shooting in Kansas City, Missouri.0
Princess Alice 29-Oct-2004HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and the longest-lived British royal in history, dies quietly at Kensington Place less than two months from her 103rd birthday.1,296
John Peel 25-Oct-2004Legendary BBC disk jockey John Peel dies of a heart attack while on vacation in Peru, aged 65.3
Veerappan 18-Oct-2004Indian police shoot dead the notorious kidnapper/bandit known as Veerappan in Paparapatti, India.7
Betty Hill 17-Oct-2004UFO abductee Betty Hill dies in her sleep, at home, of lung cancer.0
Pierre Salinger 16-Oct-2004Pierre Salinger, former press secretary for John F. Kennedy, dies from heart failure during an operation.20
Ken Caminiti 10-Oct-2004Ken Caminiti, 1996 National League MVP, dies of a heart attack in The Bronx, NY at 41.5
Christopher Reeve 10-Oct-2004Wheelchair-bound Superman actor Christopher Reeve dies at his New York City home, after suffering a heart attack and slipping into a coma the day before.673
Jacques Derrida 09-Oct-2004The father of deconstructionism, Jacques Derrida dies of pancreatic cancer in a Paris hospital.28
Rodney Dangerfield 05-Oct-2004Comatose comedian Rodney Dangerfield dies at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles following heart valve replacement surgery in August.1,588
Maurice Wilkins 05-Oct-2004DNA pioneer Maurice Wilkins dies in London at age 88.18
Gordon Cooper 04-Oct-2004Mercury 7 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper dies at his home in Ventura, California.0
Janet Leigh 04-Oct-2004Movie star Janet Leigh, best known for her role in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Psycho, dies peacefully at her home in Beverly Hills.29
Max Geldray 04-Oct-2004Harmonica player Max Geldray, better known as "Conks" on The Goon Show, dies of old age in Palm Springs, California.0
Richard Avedon 01-Oct-2004Portrait and fashion photographer Richard Avedon dies after a brain hemorrhage at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.32
Bruce Palmer 01-Oct-2004Bruce Palmer, bass player for Buffalo Springfield, dies of a heart attack at 58.0
E. R. Haggar 29-Sep-2004The Prince of Slacks, E. R. Haggar dies of pancreatic cancer in his Dallas home. He helped launch a family business into an apparel giant.0
Geoffrey Beene 28-Sep-2004Geoffrey Beene dies from complications of pneumonia in his New York home at age 77. The award-winning fashion designer was famous for creating evening wear out of sweatshirt fabric and denim.0
Bill Ballance 23-Sep-2004Retired radio talk-show host (and nude Dr. Laura shutterbug) Bill Ballance dies at his San Diego, California home.0
Brian Clough 20-Sep-2004Legendary British soccer manager Brian Clough, who underwent a liver transplant in 2003, dies at Derby City General Hospital in England after a battle with stomach cancer.22
Skeeter Davis 19-Sep-2004Grand Old Opry star Skeeter Davis dies suffering a recurrence of breast cancer at a hospice in Nashville, TN.13
Russ Meyer 18-Sep-2004Suffering from dementia and pneumonia, world-renowned breast man and film director Russ Meyer dies in his Hollywood Hills home.27
Marvin Mitchelson 18-Sep-2004Celebrity divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson dies at the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills, after battling cancer.12
Johnny Ramone 15-Sep-2004Ramone Johnny Ramone, born John Cummings, dies in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles, after five years battling prostate cancer.192
Fred Ebb 11-Sep-2004Broadway lyricist who wrote words for Cabaret and Chicago, Fred Ebb dies from a heart attack at his home in New York City.0
Brock Adams 10-Sep-2004Former U.S. Senator Brock Adams dies from complications of Parkinson's disease at his home in Stevensville, Maryland.15
Richard G. Butler 08-Sep-2004Richard G. Butler, the white supremacist founder of the Aryan Nations, dies in his home in Hayden, Idaho, age 86.0
Kirk Fordice 07-Sep-2004Former two-term Republican governor of Mississippi Kirk Fordice dies of leukemia at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.0
W. H. Krome George 06-Sep-2004Businessman W. H. Krome George, Chairman and CEO of Alcoa from 1975-83, dies from a stroke and heart attack at St. John's Specialty Care Center in Mars, Pennsylvania.0
Donald James Leslie 02-Sep-2004Inventor Donald James Leslie, who created the Leslie Speaker, dies from natural causes at his home in Altadena, California.0
Fred Whipple 30-Aug-2004The oldest living astronomer Fred Whipple dies at 97 in a hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Whipple was famous for his "dirty snowball" theory of comets, and discovered six comets in his lifetime.0
Laura Branigan 26-Aug-200480's pop songstress Laura Branigan dies unexpectedly of a brain aneurism in her East Quogue, NY home.2
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 24-Aug-2004The author of On Death And Dying and the theorizer of the "five stages of grief", Elisabeth Kubler-Ross dies in her Scottsdale, Arizona home at the age of 78.9
Daniel Petrie 22-Aug-2004Film director Daniel Petrie, known for A Raisin in the Sun and Fort Apache The Bronx, dies in Los Angeles, CA.0
Elmer Bernstein 18-Aug-2004Film composer Elmer Bernstein dies in his sleep at his Ojai, California home after a lengthy illness.22
Susan Mary Alsop 18-Aug-2004Author and Washington socialite Susan Mary Alsop dies from pneumonia at her home in Georgetown, MD.0
J. Irwin Miller 16-Aug-2004Former CEO of Cummins (a Fortune 500 company and the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the world) J. Irwin Miller dies after an illness at his home in Columbus, IN.0
Czeslaw Milosz 14-Aug-2004Polish poet and Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz dies in his home in Krakow, aged 93. He is best known for his 1953 collection of essays The Captive Mind.48
Julia Child 12-Aug-2004Former CIA agent and French Chef Julia Child dies in her sleep at her Santa Barbara home. She was two days away from her 92nd birthday.972
Fay Wray 08-Aug-2004Actress Fay Wray, who squealed when King Kong picked her up, dies at her Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, aged 96.1,533
Red Adair 07-Aug-2004Freelance firefighter Red Adair, who in his lifetime battled over 2,000 oil well fires, dies of natural causes in a Houston hospital.550
Rick James 06-Aug-2004Superfreak Rick James dies of natural causes in Los Angeles, CA.24
Henri Cartier-Bresson 02-Aug-2004Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, renowned as a pioneer of photojournalism, dies in a small town in the south of France. He was 95.114
Nafisa Joseph 29-Jul-2004Former Femina Miss India Universe Nafisa Joseph hangs herself in her home in Mumbai, India. It is believed the 26-year old model was distraught after her engagement was called off.0
Francis Crick 28-Jul-2004The co-discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA, Francis Crick dies at Thornton Hospital in San Diego after a battle with colon cancer.73
Carmine De Sapio 27-Jul-2004Carmine De Sapio, the last boss of Manhattan's notorious Tammany Hall, dies at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan, NY. He was 95. In the 1950's he was said to have handpicked both the mayor and governor of New York.0
Fred LaRue 24-Jul-2004Watergate figure Fred LaRue, who as Nixon's "bag man" delivered hush money to cover up the conspiracy, dies in a hotel room in Biloxi, MS.0
Hume Alexander Horan 22-Jul-2004American diplomat Hume Alexander Horan, the American Ambassador to Saudi Arabia who was forced by the Saudis to be recalled in 1988, dies from prostate cancer at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, VA.0
Illinois Jacquet 22-Jul-2004Squealing, honking, grunting tenor saxophone legend Illinois Jacquet dies of heart failure at his home in Queens, New York. He was 81.0
Serge Reggiani 22-Jul-2004French singer and actor Serge Reggiani dies of a heart attack at age 82.0
Jerry Goldsmith 21-Jul-2004Composer Jerry Goldsmith dies in his sleep at his home in Beverly Hills after an extended struggle with cancer.0
Edward B. Lewis 21-Jul-2004Nobel laureate Edward B. Lewis, who shared the prize in medicine for his studies on drosophila (fruit-fly) genetics, dies from cancer at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA.0
Georgine Darcy 18-Jul-2004Ballerina turned actress Georgine Darcy, credited as Miss Torso in Rear Window, dies of natural causes in Malibu, California.0
Anne Gorsuch 18-Jul-2004Former EPA Administrator Anne Gorsuch, who was forced to resign after she was charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over records (which she was mandated by law to do), dies from cancer at Aurora Medical Center in Aurora, CO. She was a "two pack a day" Marlboro smoker.0
Robert E. Smylie 17-Jul-2004Three-term Governor of Idaho Robert E. Smylie dies of heart failure at his home in Boise, suffering from pneumonia, cancer, and heart congestion.0
George Busbee 16-Jul-2004Former two-term governor of Georgia George Busbee collapses in a Savannah airport and dies from an apparent heart attack.0
Joe Gold 12-Jul-2004Former bodybuilder and founder of Gold's Gym, Joe Gold dies at a Marina Del Rey hospital after a period of ill health.0
Inge Meysel 11-Jul-2004German actress Inge Meysel dies of heart failure in Germany at age 94.35
Laurance Rockefeller 11-Jul-2004Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller dies from pulmonary fibrosis in New York City, aged 94.0
Albert V. Casey 10-Jul-2004Businessman Albert V. Casey, the CEO of American Airlines for eleven years and also once U.S. Postmaster General, dies at his home in Dallas, Texas.0
Isabel Sanford 09-Jul-2004Actress Isabel Sanford, best known as Weezie on The Jeffersons, dies of natural causes at age 86.111
Jeff Smith 07-Jul-2004Jeff Smith, a former United Methodist minister and television's Frugal Gourmet whose career was ruined by a pedophilia scandal, dies of natural causes.4
Thomas Klestil 06-Jul-2004The President of Austria, Thomas Klestil dies of heart failure in Vienna, aged 71.16
Andrian Nikolayev 03-Jul-2004Andrian Nikolayev, the third Russian cosmonaut in space, dies of a heart attack while judging a sports event.0
Marlon Brando 01-Jul-2004Marlon Brando, one of the most influential actors of all time, dies at 80 from respiratory failure at UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles CA.2,929
David Harris 30-Jun-2004David Ray Harris, the man whose 1976 murder of Dallas police officer Robert Wood was investigated in the Errol Morris documentary The Thin Blue Line, is executed by lethal injection for the 1985 murder of Beaumont, Texas resident Mark Mays.0
Mattie Stepanek 23-Jun-2004Best-selling boy-poet Mattie Stepanek dies from a rare muscle disorder, dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy (a form of muscular dystrophy), at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, aged 13.0
Thomas Gold 22-Jun-2004Astronomer and physicist Thomas Gold dies of heart disease at 84 in an Ithaca, New York hospital.8
Doris Dowling 18-Jun-20040
Ray Charles 10-Jun-2004Blues legend Ray Charles dies from liver disease at his home in Beverly Hills, CA.62
Ronald Reagan 05-Jun-2004With his family by his side, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan dies from Alzheimer's disease and pneumonia complications at his home in Los Angeles, CA. His wife Nancy had recently observed: "Ronnie's long journey has finally taken him to a distant place where I can no longer reach him."7,003
Marvin Heemeyer 04-Jun-2004After years of enmity with the city council in Granby, CO, Marvin Heemeyer drives an armored bulldozer through the downtown area, pulverizing several buildings before turning a gun on himself.0
William Manchester 01-Jun-2004Bestselling historian William Manchester dies of cancer in his Middletown, Connecticut home.11
Robert Quine 31-May-2004Punk rock guitar hero Robert Quine dies of a heroin overdose in his New York apartment.0
Archibald Cox 29-May-2004Fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox dies peacefully in his Brooksville, Maine home. When asked for the cause of death, his widow replies: "He was 92 years old, and I think he died of old age."51
Sam Dash 29-May-2004Samuel Dash, former chief counsel to the Senate Watergate committee, dies of heart failure at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.0
Richard Biggs 22-May-2004Actor Richard Biggs, who played Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, dies of either a stroke or aneurism at his home in Los Angeles, CA.0
Melvin J. Lasky 19-May-2004Longtime editor of the anti-Communist journal Encounter, Melvin J. Lasky dies from heart failure at his home in Berlin, Germany.0
Arnold Beckman 18-May-2004Arnold Beckman, a philanthropist who invented the pH meter of acidity dies after a long illness in a San Diego hospital at the age of 104.0
Elvin Jones 18-May-2004Elvin Jones, a dynamic and influential drummer with John Coltrane and others, dies of heart failure at the age of 76 in Englewood, New Jersey.0
Joergen Nash 18-May-2004Joergen Nash, the man who beheaded Copenhagen's famous Little Mermaid statue, dies in Copenhagen, Denmark.0
Tony Randall 18-May-2004Tony Randall, best known as Felix Unger in The Odd Couple, dies in his sleep of "complications from a prolonged illness" at NYU Medical Center in New York.139
Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer 17-May-2004Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, the discoverer of the coelacanth, a fish thought to be extinct for 70 million years, dies of pneumonia at St. Dominic's Hospital in East London, South Africa.0
June Taylor 17-May-20040
Col. Robert Morgan 15-May-2004Col. Robert Morgan, the man who flew the B-17 bomber Memphis Belle during WWII, dies from complications after a fall in Asheville, NC.0
Anna Lee 14-May-2004Actress Anna Lee dies from pneumonia at her home in Beverly Hills, CA.7
Syd Hoff 12-May-2004Children's author and cartoonist Syd Hoff dies from pneumonia at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.0
John Whitehead 11-May-2004R&B musician John Whitehead, best known for his 1979 hit Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, is shot in the neck and killed while working on a SUV near his home in Philadelphia, PA. An associate, Ohmed Johnson, was shot in the buttock.0
Brenda Fassie 09-May-2004South African pop diva Brenda Fassie dies in a coma in South Africa after suffering brain damage during asthma attacks and cardiac arrest.0
Akhmad Kadyrov 09-May-2004Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov is killed when a bomb below the VIP stands explodes during a WWII Victory Day celebration in a stadium in Grozny. At least four other people died in the blast and scores others were wounded, including a top Russian general.0
Alan King 09-May-2004Jewish comic and Friar's Club fixture Alan King dies from lung cancer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.1
Barney Kessel 06-May-2004Retired be-bop guitarist Barney Kessel dies from complications resultant from a brain tumor, at his home in San Diego, CA.16
Robert F. Seedlock 05-May-2004Retired U.S. Army General Robert F. Seedlock, responsible for much of the construction of the Burma Road during WWII, dies from heart disease at his home in Arlington, VA.0
David Reimer 04-May-2004David Reimer born as Bruce, raised as Brenda, suicides in Winnipeg, aged 38.0
Andrew Cavendish 03-May-2004The 11th Duke of Devonshire, Andrew Cavendish, dies at his ancestral estate of Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, aged eighty-four.0
Darrell Johnson 03-May-2004Former Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners manager Darell Johnson dies from leukemia at his home in Fairfield, CA.0
Zulu 03-May-2004Actor Zulu, best known for playing Kono on Hawaii 5-O, dies of diabetes complications while awaiting a kidney transplant, Hilo, Hawaii.0
Marvin Runyon 03-May-2004Former U.S. Postmaster General Marvin Runyon dies from pulmonary fibrosis at his home in Nashville, TN.0
Nick Berg 00-May-2004American communications contractor Nick Berg is beheaded on videotape at an unknown location in Iraq by Islamic militants.0
Joseph F. Cullman III 30-Apr-2004Tobacco executive Joseph F. Cullman III, CEO of Philip Morris from 1957 until 1978, dies in a Manhattan hospital, aged 92.0
Gaetano Badalamenti 29-Apr-2004Mafia Boss of Bosses and "Pizza Connection" figure Gaetano Badalamenti dies from heart failure at Devens Federal Medical Center in Ayer, MA, aged eighty.0
Aleksander Bovin 29-Apr-2004Former Izvestia journalist and the only Soviet Ambassador to Israel, Aleksander Bovin dies in Moscow, Russia.0
Hubert Selby 26-Apr-2004American author Hubert Selby, author of Requiem for a Dream and Last Exit to Brooklyn, dies from lung disease at his home in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.4
Thom Gunn 25-Apr-2004British-American poet Thom Gunn, author of many collections of poetry including The Man with Night Sweats, dies of a likely heart attack in his adopted San Francisco.0
Estée Lauder 24-Apr-2004Estée Lauder, the founder of the cosmetics empire that bears her name, dies of cardiopulmonary arrest in her home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She was 97.117
Pat Tillman 22-Apr-2004Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinal who walked away from his multi-million-dollar football contract to become an Army Ranger, is killed in action in eastern Afghanistan.0
Mary McGrory 21-Apr-2004Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and leading liberal voice Mary McGrory dies in a Washington DC hospital after a year-long illness following a stroke-like event.4
Jim Cantalupo 19-Apr-2004McDonald's CEO Jim Cantalupo dies of a heart attack at a global franchisee meeting in Orlando, FL.0
John Maynard Smith 19-Apr-2004Evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith dies from lung cancer at his home in Lewes, East Sussex, England.0
Norris McWhirter 19-Apr-2004Co-founder of the Guinness Book of World Records, Norris McWhirter dies of a heart attack following a friendly tennis match at his home in Wiltshire, London, England.0
Frank B. Morrison 19-Apr-2004Former Nebraska Governor Frank B. Morrison dies after a battle with cancer, at McCook Community Hospital, McCook, NE.0
Soundarya 17-Apr-2004Indian superstar actress Soundarya dies along with her manager-brother, his child, and their pilot when their helicopter crashes at Jakkur airport, India. Their bodies were burned beyond recognition.0
Abdel Aziz Rantisi 17-Apr-2004Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi is killed by an Israeli missile strike as he rode in his car in Gaza City. His son and his bodyguard were also killed in the car, along with several pedestrians.22
Caron Keating 13-Apr-2004BBC television presenter Caron Keating who hosted children's show Blue Peter in the 1980's, dies from breast cancer at her home in Sevenoaks, Kent, England.0
Norman Campbell 12-Apr-2004Award-winning television director Norman Campbell dies after a stroke.4
Ben Pimlott 10-Apr-2004Historian and author of several noteworthy biographies, Ben Pimlott dies from leukemia at his home in London, England.0
Harry Babbitt 09-Apr-2004Big Band singer Harry Babbitt, best known as the voice of Woody Woodpecker, dies in a nursing home at the age of 90, Newport Beach, CA.0
Fred Olivi 08-Apr-2004The co-pilot of the B-29 Bock's Car which dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Fred Olivi dies at Lemont Center, a managed care facility in Lemont, IL. Olivi was in good health until a recent stroke.0
Maureen Potter 07-Apr-2004Beloved Irish stage actress and comic Maureen Potter dies at the age of 79 at her home in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland.0
Victor Argo 06-Apr-2004Actor Victor Argo, who was often cast as heavies in Scorsese films, dies from lung cancer at St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan.0
Niki Sullivan 06-Apr-2004Former guitarist for Buddy Holly and the Crickets Niki Sullivan dies in his sleep at his home in Sugar Creek, TX.0
Richard Gelb 04-Apr-2004Former CEO of Bristol-Meyers Squibb Richard Gelb dies of cancer at 79.0
Janet Steiger 03-Apr-2004Former FTC and Postal Rate Commission chairman Janet Steiger dies after a brief illness at her sister's home in Fort Meyers, FL. Steiger was the widow of Wisconsin Congressman William A. Steiger.0
Paul Atkinson 02-Apr-2004Zombies guitarist and later record executive, Paul Atkinson dies from kidney failure at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA.0
Carrie Snodgress 01-Apr-2004Actress Caroline Snodgress, best known for Diary of a Mad Housewife, dies from heart failure while awaiting a liver transplant at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.0
Alistair Cooke 29-Mar-2004English broadcaster Alistair Cooke dies at the age of 95.75
Emily Morison Beck 28-Mar-2004Emily Morison Beck, longtime editor of Bartlett's Quotations, dies from kidney failure at her home in Canton, MA.0
Art James 28-Mar-2004Game show announcer Art James, best known for Concentration, dies from natural causes while on a trip to Palm Springs, CA.0
Peter Ustinov 28-Mar-2004Actor Peter Ustinov dies from heart failure at a clinic in Genolier, Switzerland, near his home by Lake Geneva.50
Edward J. Piszek 27-Mar-2004The co-founder of Mrs. Paul's frozen fish empire, Edward J. Piszek, dies from bone cancer at his home in Fort Washington, PA.0
Jan Sterling 26-Mar-2004Actress Sterling Hayden dies after a series of strokes, at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA.0
Jan Berry 26-Mar-2004Musician Jan Berry, of Jan and Dean, dies at his home from lingering effects of the brain damage suffered in a 1966 Corvette accident.0
Fred Karlin 26-Mar-2004Oscar-winning composer and author Fred Karlin dies from cancer at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, CA.0
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 21-Mar-2004Israeli gunships assassinate Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin during a daybreak attack in Gaza City.31
Princess Juliana 20-Mar-2004Dutch Queen Mother Juliana dies from pneumonia at her home, the Palace at Soestdijk, Netherlands.90
Edward G. Zubler 20-Mar-2004The inventor of the halogen lamp, Edward G. Zubler, dies from a heart attack while recovering from surgery for a herniated disc, at University Hospitals in Cleveland OH.0
Brian Maxwell 19-Mar-2004The creator of the PowerBar, Brian Maxwell, collapses at a San Anelmo, CA post office from a heart attack.0
J. J. Jackson 17-Mar-2004One of the five original MTV VJ's, J. J. Jackson dies from a heart attack in Los Angeles, CA.0
Genevieve 14-Mar-2004French singer and restauranteur Genevieve, best known for her English language difficulties on The Jack Paar Show, dies from complications of a stroke in Los Angeles, CA.0
John W. Seybold 14-Mar-2004Computer typesetting pioneer John W. Seybold dies of heart failure at a hospice in Haverford, PA.0
Cid Corman 12-Mar-2004Poet and Origin magazine editor Cid Corman dies following a heart attack while he was comatose, Kyoto, Japan.0
Dave Blood 10-Mar-2004Former bassist for the Dead Milkmen Dave Blood commits suicide at a friend's house in North Salem, NY.0
Abu Abbas 09-Mar-2004The mastermind behind the October 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking, notorious Palestinian terrorist Abu Abbas dies of "natural causes" while in U.S. custody in Iraq.0
Marshall Frady 09-Mar-2004Author and Emmy award winning ABC News reporter Marshall Frady dies from cancer at his home in Greenville, SC.0
Robert Pastorelli 08-Mar-2004Actor Robert Pastorelli dies of an accidental drug overdose, heroin syringe in his arm, Hollywood Hills, CA.0
Paul Winfield 07-Mar-2004Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actor Paul Winfield dies from a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles, CA.0
Frances Dee 06-Mar-2004Actress Frances Dee dies of a stroke at her home in Norwalk, CT.0
George Pake 04-Mar-2004Scientist and first Director of Xerox PARC, George Pake dies from heart failure at his home in Tucson, AZ.0
Mercedes McCambridge 02-Mar-2004Actress Mercedes McCambridge, winner of the 1950 best-supporting actress Oscar for All the King's Men, dies from natural causes in La Jolla, California.0
Marge Schott 02-Mar-2004Former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott dies from emphysema at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH.25
Toni Onley 29-Feb-2004British Columbia's "Flying Artist" Toni Onley dies when the amphibious plane he is piloting lands briefly on the Fraser River near Vancouver, Canada and sinks rapidly.0
Jerome Lawrence 29-Feb-2004Playwright Jerome Lawrence dies from complications of a stroke he suffered a year and a half ago, at his home in Malibu, CA.0
Gene Allison 28-Feb-2004Blues musician Gene Allison dies from liver and kidney failure at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN.0
Daniel Boorstin 28-Feb-2004Pulitzer-prize winning historian Daniel Boorstin dies from pneumonia at Sibley Hospital in Washington, DC.0
Boris Trajkovski 26-Feb-2004Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski dies in a plane crash on Hrgut mountain, near Stolac, Bosnia.0
Russell Hunter 25-Feb-2004Scottish actor Russell Hunter dies in an Edinburgh hospital after suffering from lung cancer.2
Pedro Bloch 23-Feb-2004Brazilian playwright Pedro Bloch dies of a lung ailment, Rio de Janiero.0
Don Cornell 23-Feb-2004One of the last of the big band singers, Don Cornell dies from emphysema and complications of diabetes, at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, Aventura, FL.0
Sergei Averintsev 21-Feb-2004Russian scholar Sergei Averintsev dies at his home in Vienna, Austria, after being in a coma since a heart attack last spring.0
Jan Miner 15-Feb-2004Longtime Palmolive dishwashing liquid spokeslady Jan Miner dies in the hospital in Bethel, Connecticut after a long illness. For 27 years, Miner played Madge the manicurist who revealed to clients that they were "soaking in it."0
Yang Zhiya 14-Feb-2004Chinese serial killer Yang Zhiya, who killed as many as 65 people, is executed with a bullet to the back of the head, under orders of the Government of China, Henan Province.18
Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev 13-Feb-2004Former Chechen president Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev is killed by a car bomb in Doha, Qatari.0
Ryszard Kuklinski 11-Feb-2004Polish Cold War era spy Ryszard Kuklinski dies of complications from a stroke at a hospital in Tampa, FL.0
Jozef Lenart 11-Feb-2004Former Czechoslovakian Prime Minister Jozef Lenart dies after a heart operation at the age of eighty, Prague, Czechia.0
Julius Schwartz 08-Feb-20040
Humphry Osmond 06-Feb-2004Psychiatrist Humphry Osmond, who coined the term psychedelic and introduced Aldous Huxley to LSD, dies of cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 86 in his Appleton, Wisconsin home.0
John Hench 05-Feb-2004Disney Imagineer and Mickey Mouse's official portrait artist John Hench dies of heart failure at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California.0
Alan Bullock 02-Feb-2004Historian Alan Bullock dies in an Oxfordshire, England nursing home at 89.0
Carlie Brucia 01-Feb-2004Carlie Brucia, a little girl from Florida, is found dead in a parking lot.0
Suraiya 31-Jan-2004Legendary Bollywood superstar of the '40s and '50s Suraiya dies after two weeks at Harkishandas Hospital in Mumbai, India.0
Malachi Favors 30-Jan-20040
Mary-Ellis Bunim 29-Jan-2004Co-creator of reality TV hits The Real World and Road Rules for MTV, Mary-Ellis Bunim dies of breast cancer in Burbank, California.0
Janet Frame 29-Jan-2004New Zealand writer Janet Frame dies at 79 after suffering from acute myeloid leukemia at the Dunedin Hospital.4
Joe Viterelli 29-Jan-2004Film mobster Joe Viterelli dies from complications after heart surgery at Valley Hospital in Las Vegas.0
Lloyd Bucher 28-Jan-2004Captain of the ill-fated American surveillance ship USS Pueblo, Former Navy Commander Lloyd Bucher dies at a nursing home in Poway, California.3
Rikki Fulton 28-Jan-2004Rikki Fulton, one of Scotland's favorite comics, dies at 79 of Alzheimer's disease in a Glasgow nursing home.0
Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch 28-Jan-2004Former Los Angeles Rams halfback Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch dies at an assisted-living facility in Madison, WI, at the age of eighty.0
Meatball 27-Jan-2004Adam Sandler's English bulldog, Meatball, dies of heart failure at age 4.0
Jack Paar 27-Jan-2004Talk show host Jack Paar dies after a long illness at his home in Greenwich, CT. He suffered a stroke in 2003.64
Tim Prusmack 26-Jan-2004Known for his uncanny ability to recreate currency notes by hand, artist Tim Prusmack dies unexpectedly at the age of 41 in Ft. Pierce, Florida.0
Reva Brooks 24-Jan-2004Renowned Canadian photographer Reva Brooks dies in Mexico at the age of 90.0
Captain Kangaroo 23-Jan-2004Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan, dies in Quechee, VT, after a long illness.27
Helmut Newton 23-Jan-2004Photographer Helmut Newton is killed after his car sped out of control from the driveway of the famed Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood, CA.0
Ann Miller 22-Jan-2004Legendary tapdancer and actress Ann Miller dies of lung cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Consequently, SNL's Molly Shannon loses a recurring character.0
Yordan Radichkov 21-Jan-2004Legendary Bulgarian author and playwright Yordan Radichkov dies at home in Sofia, Bulgaria.0
David Hookes 19-Jan-2004Former Australian cricket player David Hookes dies after being assaulted outside a Melbourne hotel.0
Jerry Nachman 19-Jan-2004Former New York Post editor, Politically Incorrect executive producer, and MSNBC vice president Jerry Nachman dies of cancer at his Hoboken, New Jersey home.0
Alex Barris 15-Jan-2004Canadian TV star and newspaper columnist Alex Barris dies in a Toronto nursing home from complications following a stroke.0
Olivia Goldsmith 15-Jan-2004Author of The First Wives Club, Olivia Goldsmith dies of complications from the administration of anaesthesia before an operation to remove loose skin from under her chin, at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, NY.0
Uta Hagen 14-Jan-2004Renowned thespian and acting teacher Uta Hagen dies in her Manhattan home.0
Ron O'Neal 14-Jan-2004Blaxploitation actor Ron O'Neal, star of Superfly, dies of pancreatic cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.0
Philip Crosby 13-Jan-2004Bing Crosby's last remaining twin son, Phillip Crosby, dies in Woodland Hills, CA of natural causes at 69.0
Harold Shipman 13-Jan-2004The British "Dr. Death", Harold Shipman found hanging in his cell at Wakefield Prison.2
Dick Kelty 12-Jan-2004Hiking enthusiast and inventor of the aluminum-frame backpack Dick Kelty dies of heart failure in his Glendale, California home.0
Randy Warmer 12-Jan-2004Singer/songwriter Randy Warmer dies in Seattle, WA. after a year-long battle with Leukemia.0
Spalding Gray 11-Jan-2004The body of troubled monologuist Spalding Gray goes missing, and it is not recovered from the East River until 8 March 2004. The likely verdict is suicide.208
Billy Klüver 11-Jan-2004Scientist Billy Klüver dies from melanoma in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Kluver was a Bell Telephone Laboratories researcher who became involved in art and technology experiments with Andy Warhol, John Cage, and David Tudor among others.0
Alexandra Ripley 10-Jan-2004The novelist who wrote Scarlett (the official sequel to Gone with the Wind), Alexandra Ripley, dies of natural causes at her home in Richmond, Virginia.0
Philip Geyelin 09-Jan-2004Washington Post journalist Philip Geyelin dies of a heart attack at his home in Washington, DC at the age of eighty.0
Ingrid Thulin 07-Jan-2004Swedish film tsar Ingrid Thulin, a favorite of Ingmar Bergman, dies in Sweden at 77.0
Norman G. Heatley 05-Jan-2004Biochemist who developed the technique during World War II for mass-producing penicillin, Dr. Norman G. Heatley, dies at his Oxford, England home.0
Tug McGraw 05-Jan-2004Baseball pitcher Tug McGraw dies after a battle with brain cancer in Nashville, TN.0
John Toland 04-Jan-2004Pulitzer-prize winning historian and author John Toland dies of pneumonia at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, CT.0

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