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Rotten Dead Pool
Lee Aaker Actor The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 25-Sep-1943 TBD ADD
Willie Aames Actor Tommy on Eight is Enough 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Caroline Aaron Actor Character actress, 1980s to present 07-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
Diego Abatantuono Actor Mediterraneo 20-May-1955 TBD ADD
Bud Abbott Actor Half of Abbott and Costello 02-Oct-1895 24-Apr-1974 DEAD
John Abbott Actor The Woman in White 05-Jun-1905 24-May-1996 DEAD
Walter Abel Actor The Three Musketeers 06-Jun-1898 26-Mar-1987 DEAD
Ian Abercrombie Actor Alfred Pennyworth on Birds of Prey 11-Sep-1934 26-Jan-2012 DEAD
F. Murray Abraham Actor Mozart's antagonist in Amadeus 24-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
John Abraham Actor Dhoom 17-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Jon Abrahams Actor Scary Movie 29-Oct-1977 TBD ADD
Victoria Abril Actor Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 04-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Candice Accola Actor Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries 13-May-1987 TBD ADD
Kirk Acevedo Actor Oz, Law & Order: Trial by Jury 27-Nov-1974 TBD ADD
Amy Acker Actor Fred on Angel 05-Dec-1976 TBD ADD
Sharon Acker Actor Point Blank 02-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Joss Ackland Actor White Mischief 29-Feb-1928 TBD ADD
Jensen Ackles Actor Supernatural 01-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
Art Acord Actor Cowboy actor 17-Apr-1890 04-Jan-1931 DEAD
Rodolfo Acosta Actor Bandido 29-Jul-1920 07-Nov-1974 DEAD
Eddie Acuff Actor Mr. Beasley in Blondie 03-Jun-1903 17-Dec-1956 DEAD
Jason Acuña Actor Jackass dwarf 16-May-1973 TBD ADD
Deborah Adair Actor The Young and the Restless 23-May-1952 TBD ADD
Alfred Adam Actor Let Joy Reign Supreme 04-Apr-1908 07-May-1982 DEAD
Amy Adams Actor Junebug 20-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
Brooke Adams Actor Invasion of the Body Snatchers 08-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Don Adams Actor Maxwell Smart on Get Smart 13-Apr-1926 25-Sep-2005 DEAD
Edie Adams Actor Lover Come Back 16-Apr-1925 15-Oct-2008 DEAD
Evan Adams Actor Smoke Signals 15-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Jane Adams Actor Dr. Mel Karnofsky on Frasier 01-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Joey Lauren Adams Actor Chasing Amy 06-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Jonathan Adams Actor Henry Walker on American Dreams 16-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Julie Adams Actor Paula Denning on Capitol 17-Oct-1926 TBD ADD
Kathryn Adams Actor Sky Raiders 15-Jul-1920 14-Oct-2016 DEAD
Mason Adams Actor Charlie Hume on Lou Grant 26-Feb-1919 26-Apr-2005 DEAD
Maud Adams Actor Octopussy 12-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Maude Adams Actor Stage actress, Peter Pan 11-Nov-1872 17-Jul-1953 DEAD
Nick Adams Actor Johnny Yuma on The Rebel 10-Jul-1931 07-Feb-1968 DEAD
Patrick J. Adams Actor Mike Ross on Suits 27-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Dawn Addams Actor A King in New York 21-Sep-1930 07-May-1985 DEAD
Mark Addy Actor The Full Monty 14-Jan-1964 TBD ADD
Wesley Addy Actor What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 04-Aug-1913 31-Dec-1996 DEAD
Paul Adelstein Actor Prison Break 29-Apr-1969 TBD ADD
Patrick Adiarte Actor Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I 02-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Isabelle Adjani Actor Camille Claudel 27-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Scott Adkins Actor Undisputed II and III 17-Jun-1976 TBD ADD
Charles Adler Actor Voice of Buster Bunny 02-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Jay Adler Actor The Family Jewels 26-Sep-1896 23-Sep-1978 DEAD
Luther Adler Actor Broadway actor 04-May-1903 08-Dec-1984 DEAD
Max Adler Actor Dave Karofsky on Glee 17-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Stella Adler Actor Theater actress, Group Theater 10-Feb-1901 21-Dec-1992 DEAD
Pamela Adlon Actor Marcy on Californication 09-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Renée Adorée Actor The Big Parade 30-Sep-1898 05-Oct-1933 DEAD
Mario Adorf Actor The Tin Drum 08-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Iris Adrian Actor Disney films 29-May-1912 17-Sep-1994 DEAD
Scott Adsit Actor Pete Hornberger on 30 Rock 26-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Ben Affleck Actor Good Will Hunting 15-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Casey Affleck Actor The Assassination of Jesse James 12-Aug-1975 TBD ADD
John Agar Actor Sands of Iwo Jima 31-Jan-1921 07-Apr-2002 DEAD
Steve Agee Actor The Sarah Silverman Program 26-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Keiko Agena Actor Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls 03-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Shohreh Aghdashloo Actor House of Sand and Fog 11-May-1952 TBD ADD
Dianna Agron Actor Quinn Fabray on Glee 30-Apr-1986 TBD ADD
Jenny Agutter Actor Jessica 6 in Logan's Run 20-Dec-1952 TBD ADD
Brian Aherne Actor I Confess 02-May-1902 10-Feb-1986 DEAD
Riz Ahmed Actor Four Lions 01-Dec-1982 TBD ADD
Philip Ahn Actor Early Korean-American actor 29-Mar-1905 28-Feb-1978 DEAD
Mariella Ahrens Actor Maren Wolf in Sabine (German) 02-Apr-1969 TBD ADD
Charles Aidman Actor Character actor 21-Jan-1925 07-Nov-1993 DEAD
Danny Aiello Actor The Last Don 20-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Liam Aiken Actor A Series of Unfortunate Events 07-Jan-1990 TBD ADD
Anouk Aimée Actor La Dolce Vita 27-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Andrew Airlie Actor Capt. Ballard on Breaker High 18-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Spottiswoode Aitken Actor Silent film actor 16-Apr-1868 26-Feb-1933 DEAD
Malin Akerman Actor The Heartbreak Kid 12-May-1978 TBD ADD
Karen Akers Actor Broadway actress, singer 13-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Actor Adebisi in Oz 22-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Claude Akins Actor Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo 25-May-1926 27-Jan-1994 DEAD
Natasha Alam Actor Shadow Puppets 10-Mar-1983 TBD ADD
Carlos Alazraqui Actor Deputy Garcia on Reno 911! 20-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Jessica Alba Actor Dark Angel 28-Apr-1981 TBD ADD
Joshua Alba Actor Actor, brother of Jessica Alba 08-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Anna Maria Alberghetti Actor Carnival! 15-May-1936 TBD ADD
Luis Alberni Actor Spanish-American character actor 04-Oct-1886 23-Dec-1962 DEAD
Eddie Albert Actor Oliver on Green Acres 22-Apr-1906 26-May-2005 DEAD
Edward Albert Actor Butterflies Are Free 20-Feb-1951 22-Sep-2006 DEAD
Frank Albertson Actor American character actor 02-Feb-1909 29-Feb-1964 DEAD
Jack Albertson Actor The Man on Chico and the Man 16-Jun-1907 25-Nov-1981 DEAD
Mabel Albertson Actor Darrin's mother on Bewitched 24-Jul-1901 28-Sep-1982 DEAD
Hardie Albright Actor Angel on My Shoulder 16-Dec-1903 07-Dec-1975 DEAD
Lola Albright Actor Lord Love a Duck 20-Jul-1925 23-Mar-2017 DEAD
Chris Alcaide Actor Gunslinger 22-Oct-1922 30-Jun-2004 DEAD
Alan Alda Actor Capt. Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H 28-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Robert Alda Actor Cloak and Dagger 26-Nov-1914 03-May-1986 DEAD
Norman Alden Actor Character actor 13-Sep-1924 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Tom Aldredge Actor Into The Woods 28-Feb-1928 22-Jul-2011 DEAD
Kay Aldridge Actor Perils of Nyoka 09-Jul-1917 12-Jan-1995 DEAD
Michael Aldridge Actor Seymour on Last of the Summer Wine 09-Sep-1920 10-Jan-1994 DEAD
Norma Aleandro Actor The Official Story 02-May-1936 TBD ADD
Kevin Alejandro Actor Jesus Velasquez on True Blood 07-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Raquel Alessi Actor Lia Mathers on Standoff ? TBD ADD
Erika Alexander Actor Living Single 19-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Flex Alexander Actor One on One 15-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Jaimie Alexander Actor Jane Doe on Blindspot 12-Mar-1984 TBD ADD
Jane Alexander Actor The Ring 28-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
Jason Alexander Actor George Costanza on Seinfeld 23-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Khandi Alexander Actor NewsRadio, CSI: Miami 04-Sep-1957 TBD ADD
Ross Alexander Actor Captain Blood 27-Jul-1907 02-Jan-1937 DEAD
Sasha Alexander Actor Caitlin Todd on Navy NCIS 17-May-1975 TBD ADD
Terence Alexander Actor Charlie Hungerford in Bergerac 11-Mar-1923 28-May-2009 DEAD
Kristian Alfonso Actor Days of Our Lives 05-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Saif Ali Khan Actor Dil Chahta Hai 16-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Mahershala Ali Actor Remy Danton on House of Cards 16-Feb-1974 TBD ADD
Tatyana Ali Actor The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 24-Jan-1979 TBD ADD
Mary Alice Actor The Matrix Revolutions 03-Dec-1941 TBD ADD
Ana Alicia Actor Melissa Gioberti on Falcon Crest 12-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Dorothy Alison Actor See No Evil 04-Apr-1925 17-Jan-1992 DEAD
Roger Allam Actor Privates on Parade 26-Oct-1953 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Allan Actor A Tale of Two Cities 09-Apr-1908 27-Jul-1990 DEAD
Harris Allan Actor Hunter on Queer as Folk 11-Feb-1985 TBD ADD
Louise Allbritton Actor Son of Dracula 03-Jul-1920 16-Feb-1979 DEAD
Chad Allen Actor Matthew Cooper on Dr. Quinn 05-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Christa B. Allen Actor Charlotte Grayson on Revenge 11-Nov-1991 TBD ADD
Dayton Allen Actor Voice actor 24-Sep-1919 11-Nov-2004 DEAD
Elizabeth Allen Actor The Jackie Gleason Show 25-Jan-1929 19-Sep-2006 DEAD
Gracie Allen Actor Say goodnight Gracie 26-Jul-1895 27-Aug-1964 DEAD
Joan Allen Actor Mother in Pleasantville 20-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Jonelle Allen Actor Grace on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 18-Jul-1944 TBD ADD
Karen Allen Actor Raiders of the Lost Ark 05-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Keith Allen Actor Keith Allen Will Burn In Hell 02-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Krista Allen Actor Jenna on Baywatch 05-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Laura Allen Actor Hannah Britten on Awake 21-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Nancy Allen Actor RoboCop 24-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Rex Allen Actor The Arizona Cowboy 31-Dec-1920 17-Dec-1999 DEAD
Tim Allen Actor Home Improvement 13-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Kirstie Alley Actor Rebecca from Cheers 12-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Sara Allgood Actor How Green Was My Valley 31-Oct-1879 13-Sep-1950 DEAD
Fran Allison Actor Kukla, Fran and Ollie 20-Nov-1907 13-Jun-1989 DEAD
Kevin Allison Actor The State 16-Feb-1970 TBD ADD
Claud Allister Actor The Reluctant Dragon 03-Oct-1888 26-Jul-1970 DEAD
Marshall Allman Actor LJ Burrows on Prison Break 05-Apr-1984 TBD ADD
Corbin Allred Actor Saints and Soldiers 25-May-1979 TBD ADD
Astrid Allwyn Actor Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 27-Nov-1905 31-Mar-1978 DEAD
June Allyson Actor Two Girls and a Sailor 07-Oct-1917 08-Jul-2006 DEAD
Joaquim de Almeida Actor Clear and Present Danger 15-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
Laz Alonso Actor Charlie Duchamp on Breakout Kings 25-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Maria Conchita Alonso Actor Colors 29-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Trini Alvarado Actor Little Women 10-Jan-1967 TBD ADD
John Alvin Actor The Fighting Sullivans 24-Oct-1917 27-Feb-2009 DEAD
Kirk Alyn Actor Superman 08-Oct-1910 14-Mar-1999 DEAD
Mathieu Amalric Actor Late August, Early September 25-Oct-1965 TBD ADD
Tom Amandes Actor Dr. Harold Abbott on Everwood 09-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Lauren Ambrose Actor Six Feet Under 20-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Don Ameche Actor Trading Places 31-May-1904 06-Dec-1993 DEAD
Stephen Amell Actor Oliver Queen on Arrow 08-May-1981 TBD ADD
Claudio Amendola Actor La Scorta 12-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Adrienne Ames Actor You're Telling Me! 03-Aug-1907 31-May-1947 DEAD
Leon Ames Actor Character actor, a SAG founder 20-Jan-1902 12-Oct-1993 DEAD
Mädchen Amick Actor Shelley the waitress from Twin Peaks 12-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Suzy Amis Actor The Ballad of Little Jo 05-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
John Amos Actor James Evans on Good Times 27-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Morey Amsterdam Actor The Dick Van Dyke Show 14-Dec-1908 27-Oct-1996 DEAD
Eva Amurri Actor Actress/daughter of Susan Sarandon 15-Mar-1985 TBD ADD
Elena Anaya Actor In the Land of Women 17-Jul-1975 TBD ADD
Andrea Anders Actor Alex Garrett on Joey 10-May-1975 TBD ADD
David Anders Actor Julian Sark on Alias 11-Mar-1981 TBD ADD
Glenn Anders Actor The Lady from Shanghai 01-Sep-1889 26-Oct-1981 DEAD
Luana Anders Actor The Pit and the Pendulum 12-May-1938 21-Jul-1996 DEAD
Merry Anders Actor Young Fury 22-May-1932 28-Oct-2012 DEAD
Anthony Anderson Actor Kangaroo Jack, Barbershop 15-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Barbara Anderson Actor Eve Whitfield on Ironside 27-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Eddie Anderson Actor Rochester on The Jack Benny Show 18-Sep-1905 28-Feb-1977 DEAD
Gilbert M. Anderson Actor Broncho Billy 21-Mar-1880 20-Jan-1971 DEAD
Gillian Anderson Actor Scully on The X-Files 09-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Harry Anderson Actor Judge Harry Stone on Night Court 14-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Herbert Anderson Actor Henry Mitchell on Dennis the Menace 30-Mar-1917 11-Jun-1994 DEAD
James Anderson Actor To Kill a Mockingbird 13-Jul-1921 14-Sep-1969 DEAD
Jeff Anderson Actor Clerks 21-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Joe Anderson Actor Across the Universe 26-Mar-1982 TBD ADD
John Anderson Actor Harry Jackson on MacGyver 20-Oct-1922 07-Aug-1992 DEAD
Judith Anderson Actor Rebecca 10-Feb-1897 03-Jan-1992 DEAD
Kevin Anderson Actor Sleeping with the Enemy 13-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Leona Anderson Actor House on Haunted Hill 03-Apr-1885 25-Dec-1973 DEAD
Loni Anderson Actor Blonde on WKRP in Cincinnati 05-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Mary Anderson Actor Lifeboat 03-Apr-1920 06-Apr-2014 DEAD
Melissa Sue Anderson Actor Little House on the Prairie 26-Sep-1962 TBD ADD
Pamela Anderson Actor Baywatch 01-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Richard Anderson Actor Oscar Goldman on The 6 Million Dollar Man 08-Aug-1926 31-Aug-2017 DEAD
Richard Dean Anderson Actor MacGyver 23-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Warner Anderson Actor Matthew Swain on Peyton Place 10-Mar-1911 26-Aug-1976 DEAD
Bibi Andersson Actor Persona 11-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
Harriet Andersson Actor Dogville 14-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Keith Andes Actor Clash by Night 12-Jul-1920 11-Nov-2005 DEAD
Ursula Andress Actor Dr. No 19-Mar-1936 TBD ADD
Anthony Andrews Actor Brideshead Revisited 12-Jan-1948 TBD ADD
Dana Andrews Actor The Best Years of Our Lives 01-Jan-1909 17-Dec-1992 DEAD
David Andrews Actor Mann & Machine 1952 TBD ADD
Edward Andrews Actor Sixteen Candles 09-Oct-1914 08-Mar-1985 DEAD
Giuseppe Andrews Actor Detroit Rock City 25-Apr-1979 TBD ADD
Harry Andrews Actor The Agony and the Ecstasy 10-Nov-1911 06-Mar-1989 DEAD
Naveen Andrews Actor Sayid on Lost 17-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Stanley Andrews Actor Death Valley Days 28-Aug-1891 23-Jun-1969 DEAD
Tige Andrews Actor Capt. Greer on The Mod Squad 19-Mar-1920 27-Jan-2007 DEAD
Michael Angarano Actor Lords of Dogtown 03-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Heather Angel Actor Lifeboat 09-Feb-1909 13-Dec-1986 DEAD
Vanessa Angel Actor Weird Science 10-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Pier Angeli Actor Tomorrow Is Too Late 19-Jun-1932 10-Sep-1971 DEAD
Jennifer Aniston Actor Rachel on Friends 11-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
John Aniston Actor Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives 24-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Evelyn Ankers Actor Captive Wild Woman 17-Aug-1918 29-Aug-1985 DEAD
Morris Ankrum Actor Invaders from Mars 27-Aug-1896 02-Sep-1964 DEAD
Ann-Margret Actor Carnal Knowledge 28-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
Annabella Actor Hôtel du Nord 14-Jul-1909 18-Sep-1996 DEAD
Dave Annable Actor Justin Walker on Brothers & Sisters 15-Sep-1979 TBD ADD
Francesca Annis Actor Wives and Daughters 14-May-1944 TBD ADD
Michael Ansara Actor Cochise on Broken Arrow 15-Apr-1922 31-Jul-2013 DEAD
Susan Anspach Actor Five Easy Pieces 23-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Lysette Anthony Actor Husbands and Wives 26-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Steve Antin Actor Without You I'm Nothing 19-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Laura Antonelli Actor The Divine Nymph 28-Nov-1941 22-Jun-2015 DEAD
Harry Antrim Actor Vaudevillian, Hollywood character actor 27-Aug-1884 18-Jan-1967 DEAD
Gabrielle Anwar Actor Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken 04-Feb-1970 TBD ADD
Shiri Appleby Actor Liz on Roswell 07-Dec-1978 TBD ADD
Christina Applegate Actor Married with Children 25-Nov-1971 TBD ADD
Rachel Appleton Actor Played young Lara Croft 19-May-1992 TBD ADD
John Aprea Actor Nick Katsopolis on Full House 04-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Fatty Arbuckle Actor Keystone Cop 24-Mar-1887 29-Jun-1933 DEAD
Allan Arbus Actor Dr. Sidney on M*A*S*H 15-Feb-1918 19-Apr-2013 DEAD
Anne Archer Actor Fatal Attraction 24-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
Beverly Archer Actor Iola on Mama's Family 19-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
John Archer Actor Destination Moon 08-May-1915 03-Dec-1999 DEAD
Fanny Ardant Actor Confidentially Yours 22-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Eve Arden Actor The Eve Arden Show 30-Apr-1908 12-Nov-1990 DEAD
Pierre Arditi Actor Mélo 01-Dec-1944 TBD ADD
Geoffrey Arend Actor Ethan Gross on Body of Proof 28-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Asia Argento Actor xXx 20-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
Carmen Argenziano Actor Selmak on Stargate: SG-1 27-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Victor Argo Actor Taxi Driver and Mean Streets 05-Nov-1934 06-Apr-2004 DEAD
Moises Arias Actor Rico on Hannah Montana 12-Apr-1994 TBD ADD
Adam Arkin Actor Dr. Aaron Shutt on Chicago Hope 19-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Alan Arkin Actor Catch 22 26-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Richard Arlen Actor Island of Lost Souls 01-Sep-1898 28-Mar-1976 DEAD
Arletty Actor Les Enfants du paradis 15-May-1898 23-Jul-1992 DEAD
George Arliss Actor Disraeli 10-Apr-1868 05-Feb-1946 DEAD
Pedro Armendáriz Actor From Russia with Love 09-May-1912 18-Jun-1963 DEAD
Henry Armetta Actor A Bell For Adano 04-Jul-1888 21-Oct-1945 DEAD
Fred Armisen Actor Saturday Night Live 04-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Alun Armstrong Actor Brian Lane on New Tricks 17-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Bess Armstrong Actor Dr. Klompus in Pecker 11-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Curtis Armstrong Actor Revenge of the Nerds 27-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Dean Armstrong Actor Blake on Queer as Folk 24-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
R. G. Armstrong Actor Pruneface in Dick Tracy 07-Apr-1917 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Robert Armstrong Actor King Kong 20-Nov-1890 20-Apr-1973 DEAD
Samaire Armstrong Actor The O.C. and Entourage 31-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Desi Arnaz, Jr. Actor Son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball 19-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Desi Arnaz Actor Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy 02-Mar-1917 02-Dec-1986 DEAD
Lucie Arnaz Actor Daughter of Lucy and Desi 17-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
James Arness Actor Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke 26-May-1923 03-Jun-2011 DEAD
Will Arnett Actor George Bluth on Arrested Development 05-May-1970 TBD ADD
Jeannetta Arnette Actor Bernadette Meara on Head of the Class 29-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
Alison Arngrim Actor Nellie on Little House on the Prairie 18-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Sig Arno Actor The Palm Beach Story 27-Dec-1895 17-Aug-1975 DEAD
Edward Arnold Actor You Can't Take It With You 18-Feb-1890 26-Apr-1956 DEAD
Tichina Arnold Actor Pam on Martin 28-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Tom Arnold Actor Ex-Husband of Roseanne Barr 06-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Charles Arnt Actor Remember the Night 20-Aug-1906 06-Aug-1990 DEAD
Alexis Arquette Actor Last Exit to Brooklyn 28-Jul-1969 11-Sep-2016 DEAD
Cliff Arquette Actor Charlie Weaver 28-Dec-1905 23-Sep-1974 DEAD
David Arquette Actor Muppets From Space 08-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Lewis Arquette Actor Arquette patriarch 14-Dec-1935 10-Feb-2001 DEAD
Patricia Arquette Actor Allison Dubois on Medium 08-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Rosanna Arquette Actor Desperately Seeking Susan 10-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Gemma Arterton Actor Quantum of Solace 12-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Bea Arthur Actor Maude and The Golden Girls 13-May-1922 25-Apr-2009 DEAD
Jean Arthur Actor Only Angels Have Wings 17-Oct-1900 19-Jun-1991 DEAD
Maureen Arthur Actor How to Succeed in Business 15-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Robert Arthur Actor Ace in the Hole 18-Jun-1925 01-Oct-2008 DEAD
Katie Aselton Actor Jenny on The League 01-Oct-1978 TBD ADD
Dana Ashbrook Actor Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks 22-May-1967 TBD ADD
Linden Ashby Actor Dr. Brett Cooper on Melrose Place 23-May-1960 TBD ADD
Peggy Ashcroft Actor A Passage to India 22-Dec-1907 14-Jun-1991 DEAD
Jane Asher Actor Deep End 05-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Renée Asherson Actor Malta Story 19-May-1915 30-Oct-2014 DEAD
Kate Ashfield Actor Shaun of the Dead 1972 TBD ADD
Edward Ashley Actor British-American character actor 12-Aug-1904 05-May-2000 DEAD
Elizabeth Ashley Actor Take Her, She's Mine 30-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
John Ashley Actor Beach Blanket Bingo 25-Dec-1934 03-Oct-1997 DEAD
Aaron Ashmore Actor Jimmy Olsen on Smallville 07-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Shawn Ashmore Actor Iceman in X-Men and X2 07-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
John Ashton Actor Beverly Hills Cop 22-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Asin Actor Ghajini 26-Oct-1985 TBD ADD
Luke Askew Actor Easy Rider 26-Mar-1932 29-Mar-2012 DEAD
Leon Askin Actor General Burkhalter on Hogan's Heroes 18-Sep-1907 03-Jun-2005 DEAD
Robin Askwith Actor Confessions of a Window Cleaner 12-Oct-1950 TBD ADD
Ed Asner Actor Lou Grant 15-Nov-1929 TBD ADD
Armand Assante Actor Judge Dredd 04-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Nils Asther Actor The Single Standard 17-Jan-1897 13-Oct-1981 DEAD
John Astin Actor Gomez on The Addams Family 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Mackenzie Astin Actor The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human 12-May-1973 TBD ADD
Sean Astin Actor The Goonies' Mikey and the hobbit Sam 25-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Gertrude Astor Actor The Cat and the Canary 09-Nov-1887 09-Nov-1977 DEAD
Mary Astor Actor The Maltese Falcon 03-May-1906 25-Sep-1987 DEAD
Roscoe Ates Actor The Champ 20-Jan-1895 01-Mar-1962 DEAD
William Atherton Actor Ghostbusters 30-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Harvey Atkin Actor Sgt. Coleman on Cagney and Lacey 18-Dec-1942 17-Jul-2017 DEAD
Christopher Atkins Actor The Blue Lagoon 21-Feb-1961 TBD ADD
Eileen Atkins Actor Co-Creator of Upstairs, Downstairs 16-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Essence Atkins Actor Yvette Henderson on Smart Guy 07-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Tom Atkins Actor Sgt. Frank Cole on Harry O 13-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
Jayne Atkinson Actor Erin Strauss on Criminal Minds 18-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Rowan Atkinson Actor Mr. Bean 06-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Malcolm Atterbury Actor Vaudevillian, character actor 20-Feb-1907 16-Aug-1992 DEAD
Barry Atwater Actor The Night Stalker 16-May-1918 24-May-1978 DEAD
Hayley Atwell Actor The Duchess 05-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Lionel Atwill Actor The Ghost of Frankenstein 01-Mar-1885 22-Apr-1946 DEAD
Jensen Atwood Actor Wade on Noah's Arc 25-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
René Auberjonois Actor Changeling on Star Trek: DS9 01-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
James Aubrey Actor Lord of the Flies 28-Aug-1947 06-Apr-2010 DEAD
Eric Audé Actor Dude Where's My Car? 05-Apr-1980 TBD ADD
Eleanor Audley Actor Wicked stepmother in Cinderella 19-Nov-1905 25-Nov-1991 DEAD
Stéphane Audran Actor Les Biches 02-Nov-1932 TBD ADD
Mischa Auer Actor My Man Godfrey 17-Nov-1905 05-Mar-1967 DEAD
Artie Auerbach Actor Mr. Kitzel on The Jack Benny Program 17-May-1903 03-Oct-1957 DEAD
Pernilla August Actor The Best Intentions 13-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Jean-Pierre Aumont Actor La Machine Infernale 05-Jan-1911 30-Jan-2001 DEAD
Alana Austin Actor Abby Logan on Ink 06-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Jake T. Austin Actor Wizards of Waverly Place 03-Dec-1994 TBD ADD
Teri Austin Actor Jill Bennett on Knots Landing 17-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Daniel Auteuil Actor Jean de Florette 24-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Alan Autry Actor In The Heat of the Night 31-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
James Avery Actor Philip Banks on Fresh Prince 27-Nov-1948 31-Dec-2013 DEAD
Margaret Avery Actor The Color Purple 20-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Phyllis Avery Actor Peggy McNulty on Meet Mr. McNulty 14-Nov-1922 19-May-2011 DEAD
Val Avery Actor The Anderson Tapes 14-Jul-1924 12-Dec-2009 DEAD
Mili Avital Actor Stargate 30-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Charlotte Ayanna Actor Stealing Time 25-Sep-1976 TBD ADD
Ann Ayars Actor The Youngest Profession 23-Jul-1918 27-Feb-1995 DEAD
Nicki Aycox Actor Jaimie Allen on Dark Blue 26-Mar-1975 TBD ADD
Dan Aykroyd Actor Saturday Night Live, Dr. Detroit 01-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Reiko Aylesworth Actor Michelle Dessler on 24 09-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Felix Aylmer Actor Henry V 21-Feb-1889 02-Sep-1979 DEAD
Richard Ayoade Actor Dean Learner on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace 12-Jun-1977 TBD ADD
Benjamin Ayres Actor Dr. Zachary Miller on Saving Hope 19-Jan-1977 TBD ADD
Lew Ayres Actor All Quiet on the Western Front 28-Dec-1908 30-Dec-1996 DEAD
Rochelle Aytes Actor White Chicks 17-May-1976 TBD ADD
Hank Azaria Actor Moe and Apu on The Simpsons 25-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Sabine Azéma Actor Same Old Song 20-Sep-1949 TBD ADD
Obba Babatundé Actor Principal Green on Dawson's Creek 01-Dec-1951 TBD ADD
Barbara Babcock Actor Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn 27-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Parveen Babi Actor Sophisticated Seventies Bollywood Babe 04-Apr-1955 20-Jan-2005 DEAD
Lauren Bacall Actor Key Largo 16-Sep-1924 12-Aug-2014 DEAD
Morena Baccarin Actor Inara Serra on Firefly 02-Jun-1979 TBD ADD
Barbara Bach Actor Atook zug zug Lana 27-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
Catherine Bach Actor Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard 01-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Pamela Bach Actor Ex-Wife of David Hasselhoff 16-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Abhishek Bachchan Actor Guru and Dhoom 2 05-Feb-1976 TBD ADD
Amitabh Bachchan Actor Top Hindi megastar, Zanjeer 11-Oct-1942 TBD ADD
Steve Bacic Actor Telemachus Rhade on Andromeda 13-Mar-1965 TBD ADD
Jim Backus Actor Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island 25-Feb-1913 03-Jul-1989 DEAD
Olga Baclanova Actor The Docks of New York 19-Aug-1896 06-Sep-1974 DEAD
Irving Bacon Actor Mr. Beazley 06-Sep-1893 05-Feb-1965 DEAD
Kevin Bacon Actor Everybody cut Footloose 08-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
Michael Badalucco Actor Jimmy Berluti on The Practice 20-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Angela Baddeley Actor Upstairs, Downstairs 04-Jul-1904 22-Feb-1976 DEAD
Hermione Baddeley Actor Brighton Rock 13-Nov-1906 19-Aug-1986 DEAD
Diedrich Bader Actor The Drew Carey Show 24-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Penn Badgley Actor The Bedford Diaries 01-Nov-1986 TBD ADD
Mary Badham Actor To Kill a Mockingbird 07-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Jane Badler Actor Diana on V 31-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Max Baer, Jr. Actor Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies 04-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Parley Baer Actor Chester on Gunsmoke radio 05-Aug-1914 22-Nov-2002 DEAD
Ross Bagley Actor Nicky Banks on Fresh Prince 05-Dec-1988 TBD ADD
Eion Bailey Actor Mindhunters 08-Jun-1976 TBD ADD
G. W. Bailey Actor Harris in Police Academy 27-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Raymond Bailey Actor Milburn on Beverly Hillbillies 06-May-1904 15-Apr-1980 DEAD
Adrienne Bailon Actor The Cheetah Girls 24-Oct-1983 TBD ADD
Barbara Bain Actor Mission: Impossible and Space: 1999 13-Sep-1931 TBD ADD
Conrad Bain Actor Phillip Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes 04-Feb-1923 16-Jan-2013 DEAD
Fay Bainter Actor Jezebel 07-Dec-1891 16-Apr-1968 DEAD
Jimmy Baio Actor Billy Tate on Soap 15-Mar-1962 TBD ADD
Scott Baio Actor Chachi on Happy Days 22-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Scott Bairstow Actor Ned on Party of Five 23-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Nick Bakay Actor Salem Saberhagen on Sabrina 08-Oct-1959 TBD ADD
Brandon Baker Actor Johnny Tsunami 28-Apr-1985 TBD ADD
Carroll Baker Actor Baby Doll 28-May-1931 TBD ADD
Colin Baker Actor 6th Doctor on Doctor Who 08-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Dee Bradley Baker Actor Voice actor 31-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Diane Baker Actor Mirage 25-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
Dylan Baker Actor Murder One 07-Oct-1959 TBD ADD
George Baker Actor Ruth Rendell Mysteries 01-Apr-1931 07-Oct-2011 DEAD
Joe Don Baker Actor Walking Tall 12-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Kathy Baker Actor Dr. Jill Brock on Picket Fences 08-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Kenny Baker Actor The man inside R2-D2 24-Aug-1934 13-Aug-2016 DEAD
Leigh-Allyn Baker Actor Amy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie 03-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Ray Baker Actor Parent Trap III 09-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Simon Baker Actor The Mentalist 30-Jul-1969 TBD ADD
Stanley Baker Actor Knights of the Round Table 08-Feb-1927 28-Jun-1976 DEAD
Tom Baker Actor 4th Doctor on Doctor Who 20-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
William Bakewell Actor All Quiet on the Western Front 02-May-1908 15-Apr-1993 DEAD
Brenda Bakke Actor Devil's concubine on American Gothic 15-May-1963 TBD ADD
Scott Bakula Actor Quantum Leap 09-Oct-1954 TBD ADD
Liane Balaban Actor The Trotsky 24-Jun-1980 TBD ADD
Josiane Balasko Actor French Twist 15-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Rebecca Balding Actor Silent Scream 21-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Justin Baldoni Actor Rafael Solano on Jane the Virgin 24-Jan-1984 TBD ADD
Adam Baldwin Actor Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket 27-Feb-1962 TBD ADD
Alec Baldwin Actor A Baldwin Brother 03-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Daniel Baldwin Actor A Baldwin brother 05-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Stephen Baldwin Actor A Baldwin Brother 12-May-1966 TBD ADD
Walter Baldwin Actor The Best Years of Our Lives 02-Jan-1889 27-Jan-1977 DEAD
William Baldwin Actor A Baldwin Brother 21-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Christian Bale Actor The Dark Knight 30-Jan-1974 TBD ADD
Eric Balfour Actor Claire's boyfriend on Six Feet Under 24-Apr-1977 TBD ADD
Jeanne Balibar Actor Va Savoir 13-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Ina Balin Actor The Patsy 12-Nov-1937 20-Jun-1990 DEAD
Fairuza Balk Actor The Waterboy 21-May-1974 TBD ADD
Lucille Ball Actor I Love Lucy 06-Aug-1911 26-Apr-1989 DEAD
Taylor Ball Actor Brian Miller on Still Standing 28-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Carl Ballantine Actor Lester Gruber on McHale's Navy 27-Sep-1922 03-Nov-2009 DEAD
Alimi Ballard Actor David Sinclair on Numb3rs 17-Oct-1977 TBD ADD
Kaye Ballard Actor The Mothers-in-Law 20-Nov-1926 TBD ADD
Martin Balsam Actor A Thousand Clowns 04-Nov-1919 13-Feb-1996 DEAD
Talia Balsam Actor Crawlspace 05-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Jamie Bamber Actor Battlestar Galactica 03-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Eric Bana Actor Hulk, Chopper 09-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Anne Bancroft Actor Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate 17-Sep-1931 06-Jun-2005 DEAD
Cameron Bancroft Actor Joe Bradley on Beverly Hills 90210 17-May-1967 TBD ADD
George Bancroft Actor Thunderbolt 30-Sep-1882 02-Oct-1956 DEAD
Antonio Banderas Actor Zorro 10-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Joy Bang Actor Play It Again, Sam 15-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Frank Bank Actor Lumpy on Leave It to Beaver 12-Apr-1942 13-Apr-2013 DEAD
Tallulah Bankhead Actor Lifeboat 31-Jan-1902 12-Dec-1968 DEAD
Elizabeth Banks Actor The Baxter 10-Feb-1974 TBD ADD
Joan Banks Actor Radio actress, Gangbusters 30-Oct-1918 18-Jan-1998 DEAD
Jonathan Banks Actor Frank McPike on Wiseguy 31-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Leslie Banks Actor The Most Dangerous Game 09-Jun-1890 21-Apr-1952 DEAD
Vilma Bánky Actor The Hungarian Rhapsody 09-Jan-1898 18-Mar-1991 DEAD
Ian Bannen Actor Waking Ned 28-Jun-1928 03-Nov-1999 DEAD
John Banner Actor Sgt. Schultz on Hogan's Heroes 28-Jan-1910 28-Jan-1973 DEAD
Trevor Bannister Actor Are You Being Served? 14-Aug-1936 14-Apr-2011 DEAD
Jack Bannon Actor Art Donovan on Lou Grant 14-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
Jim Bannon Actor Cowboy actor, played Red Ryder 09-Apr-1911 28-Jul-1984 DEAD
Theda Bara Actor A Fool There Was 29-Jul-1885 07-Apr-1955 DEAD
Christine Baranski Actor Mary Sunshine in Chicago 02-May-1952 TBD ADD
Adrienne Barbeau Actor Swamp Thing 11-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Andrea Barber Actor Kimmy Gibler on Full House 03-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Glynis Barber Actor Dempsey & Makepeace 25-Oct-1955 TBD ADD
George Barbier Actor Life Begins at Forty 19-Nov-1864 19-Jul-1945 DEAD
Javier Bardem Actor Before Night Falls 01-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Brigitte Bardot Actor Voulez-vous danser avec moi? 28-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Arija Bareikis Actor The Myth of Fingerprints 21-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Sara Bareilles Actor Kaleidoscope Heart 07-Dec-1979 TBD ADD
Lynn Bari Actor Shock 18-Dec-1913 20-Nov-1989 DEAD
Ike Barinholtz Actor MADtv 18-Feb-1977 TBD ADD
Lex Barker Actor The tenth to play Tarzan 08-May-1919 11-May-1973 DEAD
Ellen Barkin Actor Siesta 16-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Ben Barnes Actor Prince Caspian 20-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Binnie Barnes Actor The Private Life of Henry VIII 25-May-1903 27-Jul-1998 DEAD
Christopher Daniel Barnes Actor Shut Up and Kiss Me! 07-Nov-1972 TBD ADD
Joanna Barnes Actor Goodbye Charlie 15-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Priscilla Barnes Actor Terri on Three's Company 07-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
Jean-Marc Barr Actor Europa 27-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Julia Barr Actor Brooke English in All My Children 08-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Matt Barr Actor Dan Patch on Hellcats 14-Feb-1984 TBD ADD
Roseanne Barr Actor Roseanne 03-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Robert Barrat Actor The Kennel Murder Case 10-Jul-1889 07-Jan-1970 DEAD
Jean-Louis Barrault Actor Les Enfants du Paradis 08-Sep-1910 22-Jan-1994 DEAD
Marie-Christine Barrault Actor Cousin, cousine 21-Mar-1944 TBD ADD
Adriana Barraza Actor Babel 05-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
Jacinda Barrett Actor The Last Kiss 02-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Majel Barrett Actor Widow of Gene Roddenberry 23-Feb-1932 18-Dec-2008 DEAD
Ray Barrett Actor Peter Thornton on The Troubleshooters 02-May-1927 08-Sep-2009 DEAD
Barbara Barrie Actor Mrs. Barney Miller 23-May-1931 TBD ADD
Chris Barrie Actor Arnold Rimmer on Red Dwarf 28-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Wendy Barrie Actor The Private Life of Henry VIII 18-Apr-1912 02-Feb-1978 DEAD
Edgar Barrier Actor Macbeth 04-Mar-1907 20-Jun-1964 DEAD
Dana Barron Actor National Lampoon's Vacation 22-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Keith Barron Actor David Pearce on Duty Free 08-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
John Barrowman Actor Capt. Jack Harkness 11-Mar-1967 TBD ADD
Gene Barry Actor The War of the Worlds 14-Jun-1919 09-Dec-2009 DEAD
Patricia Barry Actor Character actress 16-Nov-1921 11-Oct-2016 DEAD
Raymond J. Barry Actor Arlo Givens on Justified 14-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
Thom Barry Actor Will Jeffries on Cold Case 06-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Drew Barrymore Actor E.T., The Wedding Singer 22-Feb-1975 TBD ADD
Ethel Barrymore Actor None But the Lonely Heart 15-Aug-1879 18-Jun-1959 DEAD
John Barrymore Actor Romeo and Juliet 15-Feb-1882 29-May-1942 DEAD
John Drew Barrymore Actor High School Confidential! 04-Jun-1932 29-Nov-2004 DEAD
Lionel Barrymore Actor Young Dr. Kildare 28-Apr-1878 15-Nov-1954 DEAD
Judith Barsi Actor Murdered child actress 06-Jun-1978 25-Jul-1988 DEAD
Roger Bart Actor Stepford Wives remake 29-Sep-1962 TBD ADD
Paul Bartel Actor Eating Raoul 06-Aug-1938 13-May-2000 DEAD
Justin Bartha Actor National Treasure 21-Jul-1978 TBD ADD
Richard Barthelmess Actor Tol'able David 09-May-1895 17-Aug-1963 DEAD
Freddie Bartholomew Actor Little Lord Fauntleroy 28-Mar-1924 23-Jan-1992 DEAD
Logan Bartholomew Actor Love's series on Hallmark 09-Feb-1984 TBD ADD
Lynsey Bartilson Actor Lily Finnerty on Grounded for Life 01-Jul-1983 TBD ADD
Bonnie Bartlett Actor Ellen Craig on St. Elsewhere 20-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Erinn Bartlett Actor Buying the Cow 26-Feb-1973 TBD ADD
Eva Bartok Actor The Crimson Pirate 18-Jun-1927 01-Aug-1998 DEAD
Mischa Barton Actor Marissa Cooper on The O.C. 24-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Peter Barton Actor The Powers of Matthew Star 19-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Skye McCole Bartusiak Actor Firestarter 2: Rekindled 28-Sep-1992 19-Jul-2014 DEAD
Billy Barty Actor High-profile little person 25-Oct-1924 23-Dec-2000 DEAD
Jay Baruchel Actor She's Out of My League 09-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Dante Basco Actor American Dragon: Jake Long 29-Aug-1975 TBD ADD
Richard Basehart Actor La Strada 31-Aug-1914 17-Sep-1984 DEAD
Kim Basinger Actor L.A. Confidential 08-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Lina Basquette Actor The Godless Girl 19-Apr-1907 30-Sep-1994 DEAD
Alfie Bass Actor Bootsie and Snudge 08-Apr-1921 15-Jul-1987 DEAD
Albert Bassermann Actor German actor 07-Sep-1867 15-May-1952 DEAD
Angela Bassett Actor Got her groove back 16-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Bipasha Basu Actor Apaharan 07-Jan-1979 TBD ADD
Jason Bateman Actor Arrested Development 14-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Justine Bateman Actor Mallory Keaton on Family Ties 19-Feb-1966 TBD ADD
Alan Bates Actor Basil in Zorba the Greek 17-Feb-1934 27-Dec-2003 DEAD
Barbara Bates Actor Phoebe in All About Eve 06-Aug-1925 18-Mar-1969 DEAD
Florence Bates Actor The Moon and Sixpence 15-Apr-1888 31-Jan-1954 DEAD
Kathy Bates Actor Misery 28-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Michael Bates Actor A Clockwork Orange 04-Dec-1920 11-Jan-1978 DEAD
Randall Batinkoff Actor For Keeps 16-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
Matt Battaglia Actor Universal Soldier II 25-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Patrick Bauchau Actor Sydney on The Pretender 06-Dec-1938 TBD ADD
Belinda Bauer Actor Timerider 13-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Chris Bauer Actor Andy Bellefleur on True Blood 28-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Jaime Lyn Bauer Actor Days of Our Lives 09-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Kristin Bauer Actor Pam De Beaufort on True Blood 26-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Steven Bauer Actor Scarface 02-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Harry Baur Actor Un carnet de bal 12-Apr-1880 08-Apr-1943 DEAD
Frances Bavier Actor Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith Show 14-Dec-1902 06-Dec-1989 DEAD
Barbara Baxley Actor Period of Adjustment 01-Jan-1923 07-Jun-1990 DEAD
Alan Baxter Actor Saboteur 19-Nov-1908 07-May-1976 DEAD
Anne Baxter Actor The Razor's Edge 07-May-1923 12-Dec-1985 DEAD
Meredith Baxter Actor The mother on Family Ties 21-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Warner Baxter Actor In Old Arizona 29-Mar-1889 07-May-1951 DEAD
Frances Bay Actor Happy Gilmore 23-Jan-1919 15-Sep-2011 DEAD
Nathalie Baye Actor Day for Night 06-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Adam Beach Actor Smoke Signals 11-Nov-1972 TBD ADD
Gary Beach Actor Broadway actor 10-Oct-1947 TBD ADD
Michael Beach Actor Doc Parker on Third Watch 30-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Stephanie Beacham Actor Sable Colby on Dynasty 28-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
John Beal Actor The Little Minister 13-Aug-1909 26-Apr-1997 DEAD
Jennifer Beals Actor Flashdance 19-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Orson Bean Actor Anatomy of a Murder 22-Jul-1928 TBD ADD
Sean Bean Actor Boromir in Lord of the Rings 17-Apr-1959 TBD ADD
Matthew "Stymie" Beard Actor Stymie in Our Gang 01-Jan-1925 08-Jan-1981 DEAD
Amanda Bearse Actor Marcy on Married with Children 09-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Emmanuelle Béart Actor La Belle Noiseuse 14-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Allyce Beasley Actor Agnes DiPesto on Moonlighting 06-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
Ned Beatty Actor Deliverance 06-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Beatty Actor 2001: A Space Odyssey 19-Oct-1909 03-Mar-1992 DEAD
Warren Beatty Actor Dick Tracy 30-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Hugh Beaumont Actor Ward Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver 16-Feb-1909 14-May-1982 DEAD
Garcelle Beauvais Actor ADA Heywood on NYPD Blue 26-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Jim Beaver Actor Ellsworth on Deadwood 12-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Louise Beavers Actor She Done Him Wrong 08-Mar-1902 26-Oct-1962 DEAD
John Beck Actor Mark Graison on Dallas 28-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
Julian Beck Actor Rev. Kane in Poltergeist II 31-May-1925 14-Sep-1985 DEAD
Michael Beck Actor The Warriors 04-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Graham Beckel Actor Steve Sullivan on Cafe Americain 22-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
Ben Becker Actor The Harmonists 19-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Kuno Becker Actor Goal! 14-Jan-1978 TBD ADD
Scotty Beckett Actor Child star train wreck 04-Oct-1929 10-May-1968 DEAD
Kate Beckinsale Actor Pearl Harbor 26-Jul-1973 TBD ADD
Richard Beckinsale Actor Porridge 06-Jul-1947 19-Mar-1979 DEAD
Henry Beckman Actor Capt. Clancey on Here Come the Brides 26-Nov-1921 17-Jun-2008 DEAD
Reginald Beckwith Actor The Million Pound Note 02-Nov-1908 26-Jun-1965 DEAD
Irene Bedard Actor Pocahontas 22-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Don Beddoe Actor The Night of the Hunter 01-Jul-1903 19-Jan-1991 DEAD
Bonnie Bedelia Actor Die Hard 25-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Brian Bedford Actor The School for Wives 16-Feb-1935 13-Jan-2016 DEAD
Kabir Bedi Actor Octopussy 16-Jan-1946 TBD ADD
Alfonso Bedoya Actor Doesn't need no stinking badges 16-Apr-1904 15-Dec-1957 DEAD
Janet Beecher Actor The Mighty Barnum 21-Oct-1884 06-Aug-1955 DEAD
Brandon Beemer Actor Days of Our Lives 27-Feb-1980 TBD ADD
Christopher Beeny Actor Edward on Upstairs, Downstairs 07-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
Noah Beery, Sr. Actor The Mark of Zorro 17-Jan-1882 01-Apr-1946 DEAD
Noah Beery, Jr. Actor Rocky on The Rockford Files 10-Aug-1913 01-Nov-1994 DEAD
Wallace Beery Actor Grand Hotel 01-Apr-1885 15-Apr-1949 DEAD
Max Beesley Actor Glitter 15-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Jason Beghe Actor Sean McGrail on To Have and to Hold 12-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Ed Begley, Sr. Actor Juror #10 in 12 Angry Men 25-Mar-1901 28-Apr-1970 DEAD
Ed Begley, Jr. Actor Meet the Applegates 16-Sep-1949 TBD ADD
Jason Behr Actor Max Evans on Roswell 30-Dec-1973 TBD ADD
Beth Behrs Actor Caroline Channing on 2 Broke Girls 26-Dec-1985 TBD ADD
Bérénice Bejo Actor The Artist 07-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Barbara Bel Geddes Actor Miss Ellie on Dallas 31-Oct-1922 08-Aug-2005 DEAD
Shari Belafonte Actor Harry's daughter 22-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Christine Belford Actor Character actress 14-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Anna Belknap Actor Det. Monroe on CSI: NY 22-May-1972 TBD ADD
Catherine Bell Actor Sarah MacKenzie on JAG 14-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Coby Bell Actor Tyrone Davis on Third Watch 11-May-1975 TBD ADD
Darryl M. Bell Actor Ron Johnson on A Different World 10-May-1963 TBD ADD
Drake Bell Actor Drake and Josh 27-Jun-1986 TBD ADD
Jamie Bell Actor Billy Elliot 14-Mar-1986 TBD ADD
Kristen Bell Actor Veronica Mars 18-Jul-1980 TBD ADD
Lake Bell Actor Surface 24-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
Rex Bell Actor Cowboy actor, Nevada politician 16-Oct-1903 05-Jul-1962 DEAD
Tobin Bell Actor Saw 07-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
Tom Bell Actor Prime Suspect 02-Aug-1933 04-Oct-2006 DEAD
Ralph Bellamy Actor Trading Places 17-Jun-1904 29-Nov-1991 DEAD
Camilla Belle Actor When a Stranger Calls 02-Oct-1986 TBD ADD
Kathleen Beller Actor The Bronx Zoo 19-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
Troian Bellisario Actor Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars 28-Oct-1985 TBD ADD
Gina Bellman Actor Sophie Devereaux on Leverage 10-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Maria Bello Actor Dr. Anna Del Amico on ER 18-Apr-1967 TBD ADD
Gil Bellows Actor Billy Thomas on Ally McBeal 28-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Monica Bellucci Actor L'Appartement 30-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Pamela Bellwood Actor Claudia Blaisdel on Dynasty 26-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Jean-Paul Belmondo Actor Itineraire d'un Enfant Gate 09-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Beltran Actor Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager 19-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
John Belushi Actor Animal House 24-Jan-1949 05-Mar-1982 DEAD
Lucas Belvaux Actor Cavale 14-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Paul Ben-Victor Actor The Wire 24-Jul-1965 TBD ADD
Bea Benaderet Actor Voice of Betty Rubble 04-Apr-1906 13-Oct-1968 DEAD
Maurice Benard Actor General Hospital 01-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Brian Benben Actor Radioland Murders 18-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
William Bendix Actor The Life of Riley 14-Jan-1906 14-Dec-1964 DEAD
Billy Benedict Actor Whitey in The Bowery Boys films 16-Apr-1917 25-Nov-1999 DEAD
Dirk Benedict Actor Lt. Templeton Peck on the A-Team 01-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Paul Benedict Actor Harry Bentley on The Jeffersons 17-Dec-1938 01-Dec-2008 DEAD
Brenda Benet Actor Days of Our Lives 14-Aug-1945 07-Apr-1982 DEAD
Roberto Benigni Actor Life Is Beautiful 27-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Annette Bening Actor The American President 29-May-1958 TBD ADD
H. Jon Benjamin Actor Coach McGuirk, Sterling Archer, Bob Belcher 23-May-1966 TBD ADD
Richard Benjamin Actor Westworld 22-May-1938 TBD ADD
Bruce Bennett Actor Played Tarzan in 1930s movie serials 19-May-1906 24-Feb-2007 DEAD
Constance Bennett Actor The Affairs of Cellini 22-Oct-1904 24-Jul-1965 DEAD
Haley Bennett Actor Music and Lyrics 07-Jan-1988 TBD ADD
Hywel Bennett Actor James Shelley on Shelley 08-Apr-1944 25-Jul-2017 DEAD
Jeff Bennett Actor Voice of Johnny Bravo 02-Oct-1962 TBD ADD
Jill Bennett Actor The Sheltering Sky 24-Dec-1931 04-Oct-1990 DEAD
Joan Bennett Actor Little Women 27-Feb-1910 07-Dec-1990 DEAD
Jonathan Bennett Actor Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning 10-Jun-1981 TBD ADD
Manu Bennett Actor Crixus on Spartacus 10-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Nigel Bennett Actor Lacroix on Forever Knight 19-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Jack Benny Actor The Jack Benny Show 14-Feb-1894 26-Dec-1974 DEAD
Melissa Benoist Actor Supergirl 04-Oct-1988 TBD ADD
Abraham Benrubi Actor Jerry Markovic on ER 04-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Amber Benson Actor Tara Maclay on Buffy 08-Jan-1977 TBD ADD
Ashley Benson Actor Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars 18-Dec-1989 TBD ADD
George Benson Actor The Creeping Flesh 11-Jan-1911 17-Jun-1983 DEAD
Jodi Benson Actor The Little Mermaid 10-Oct-1961 TBD ADD
Robby Benson Actor 1970s teen idol 21-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Lamont Bentley Actor Hakeem Campbell on Moesha 25-Oct-1973 18-Jan-2005 DEAD
Wes Bentley Actor American Beauty 04-Sep-1978 TBD ADD
Luke Benward Actor How to Eat Fried Worms 12-May-1995 TBD ADD
Julie Benz Actor Jawbreaker 01-May-1972 TBD ADD
Daniel Benzali Actor Ted Hoffman on Murder One 20-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Anita Berber Actor Scarlet whore of Berlin 10-Jun-1899 10-Nov-1928 DEAD
Tom Berenger Actor Platoon 31-May-1949 TBD ADD
Marisa Berenson Actor Barry Lyndon 15-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Justin Berfield Actor Malcolm in the Middle 25-Feb-1986 TBD ADD
Peter Berg Actor Dr. Billy Kronk on Chicago Hope 11-Mar-1964 TBD ADD
Candice Bergen Actor Murphy Brown 09-May-1946 TBD ADD
Edgar Bergen Actor Radio's greatest ventriloquist 16-Feb-1903 30-Sep-1978 DEAD
Polly Bergen Actor Cape Fear 14-Jul-1930 20-Sep-2014 DEAD
Helmut Berger Actor Ludwig 29-May-1944 TBD ADD
Senta Berger Actor Cast a Giant Shadow 13-May-1941 TBD ADD
Michael Bergin Actor J.D. on Baywatch 19-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Patrick Bergin Actor Sleeping with the Enemy 04-Feb-1951 TBD ADD
Emily Bergl Actor Annie O'Donnell on Men in Trees 25-Apr-1975 TBD ADD
Ingrid Bergman Actor Murder on the Orient Express 29-Aug-1915 29-Aug-1982 DEAD
Mary Kay Bergman Actor South Park 05-Jun-1961 11-Nov-1999 DEAD
Peter Bergman Actor The Young and the Restless 11-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Sandahl Bergman Actor Conan the Barbarian 14-Nov-1951 TBD ADD
Elisabeth Bergner Actor Escape Me Never 22-Aug-1897 12-May-1986 DEAD
Xander Berkeley Actor Air Force One 06-Dec-1958 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Berkley Actor Showgirls 28-Jul-1972 TBD ADD
Steven Berkoff Actor London Theatre Group 03-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Jeannie Berlin Actor The Heartbreak Kid 01-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Charles Berling Actor Ridicule 30-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Warren Berlinger Actor American character actor 31-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Gael García Bernal Actor The Motorcycle Diaries 30-Nov-1978 TBD ADD
Carlos Bernard Actor Tony Almeida on 24 12-Oct-1962 TBD ADD
Crystal Bernard Actor Helen Hackett on Wings 30-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Herschel Bernardi Actor Voiced Charlie the Tuna, Jolly Green Giant 20-Oct-1923 09-May-1986 DEAD
Sarah Bernhardt Actor French theatre actress 22-Oct-1844 26-Mar-1923 DEAD
Corbin Bernsen Actor Arnie Becker on L.A. Law 07-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Jon Bernthal Actor Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead 20-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Berridge Actor Amadeus 02-May-1962 TBD ADD
Fred Berry Actor Rerun on What's Happening!! 13-Mar-1951 21-Oct-2003 DEAD
Halle Berry Actor Monster's Ball 14-Aug-1966 TBD ADD
Jules Berry Actor Le Jour se lève 09-Feb-1883 23-Apr-1951 DEAD
Ken Berry Actor Capt. Parmenter on F Troop 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Matt Berry Actor Sanchez on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace 02-May-1974 TBD ADD
Michael Berryman Actor Lacks sweat glands 04-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Anders W. Berthelsen Actor Italian for Beginners 28-Sep-1969 TBD ADD
Marina Berti Actor La califfa 29-Sep-1924 29-Oct-2002 DEAD
Valerie Bertinelli Actor One Day at a Time 23-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Bibi Besch Actor Who's That Girl? 01-Feb-1942 07-Sep-1996 DEAD
Ted Bessell Actor That Guy in That Girl 20-Mar-1935 06-Oct-1996 DEAD
Joe Besser Actor The Three Stooges 12-Aug-1907 01-Mar-1988 DEAD
Matt Besser Actor Upright Citizens Brigade 22-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
Ahmed Best Actor Jamaican hip-hop artist, voice of Jar-Jar Binks 07-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Edna Best Actor The Man Who Knew Too Much 03-Mar-1900 18-Sep-1974 DEAD
Eve Best Actor Dr. Eleanor O'Hara on Nurse Jackie 31-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
James Best Actor Roscoe P. Coltrane on Dukes 26-Jul-1926 06-Apr-2015 DEAD
Willie Best Actor Sleep 'n' Eat 27-May-1913 27-Feb-1962 DEAD
Martine Beswick Actor One Million Years B.C. 26-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Zina Bethune Actor Gail Lucas on The Nurses 17-Feb-1945 11-Feb-2012 DEAD
Paul Bettany Actor A Knight's Tale 27-May-1971 TBD ADD
Lyle Bettger Actor The Greatest Show on Earth 13-Feb-1915 24-Sep-2003 DEAD
Angela Bettis Actor May 09-Jan-1973 TBD ADD
Carl Betz Actor The Donna Reed Show 09-Mar-1921 18-Jan-1978 DEAD
Clem Bevans Actor Saboteur 16-Oct-1879 11-Aug-1963 DEAD
Rodney Bewes Actor The Likely Lads 27-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
Turhan Bey Actor Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 30-Mar-1922 30-Sep-2012 DEAD
Troy Beyer Actor Love Don't Cost a Thing 07-Nov-1964 TBD ADD
Richard Beymer Actor Tony in West Side Story 20-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
Didier Bezace Actor The Little Thief 10-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Jaya Bhaduri Actor Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... 09-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Mayim Bialik Actor Blossom Russo on Blossom 12-Dec-1975 TBD ADD
Viva Bianca Actor Ilithyia on Spartacus 15-Jun-1983 TBD ADD
Yuen Biao Actor Once Upon a Time in China 26-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Leslie Bibb Actor Crossing Jordan 17-Nov-1974 TBD ADD
Abner Biberman Actor Knock on Wood 01-Apr-1909 20-Jun-1977 DEAD
Demián Bichir Actor A Better Life 01-Aug-1963 TBD ADD
Charles Bickford Actor The Song of Bernadette 01-Jan-1891 09-Nov-1967 DEAD
Michael Biehn Actor Aliens, The Rock, The Abyss 31-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Jessica Biel Actor The Rules of Attraction 03-Mar-1982 TBD ADD
Craig Bierko Actor Cinderella Man 18-Aug-1964 TBD ADD
Sean Biggerstaff Actor Oliver Wood in Harry Potter series 15-Mar-1983 TBD ADD
Christopher Biggins Actor Lukewarm 16-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
Jason Biggs Actor American Pie 12-May-1978 TBD ADD
Richard Biggs Actor Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5 18-Mar-1961 22-May-2004 DEAD
Samuel Le Bihan Actor Brotherhood of the Wolf 02-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Theodore Bikel Actor The Defiant Ones 02-May-1924 21-Jul-2015 DEAD
Barbara Billingsley Actor June Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver 22-Dec-1915 16-Oct-2010 DEAD
John Billingsley Actor Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise 20-May-1960 TBD ADD
Peter Billingsley Actor A Christmas Story 16-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Michael Billington Actor Col. Paul Foster on UFO 24-Dec-1941 03-Jun-2005 DEAD
Jean-Luc Bilodeau Actor Ben Wheeler on Baby Daddy 04-Nov-1990 TBD ADD
Rachel Bilson Actor Summer Roberts on The O.C. 25-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Mike Binder Actor The Upside of Anger 02-Jun-1958 TBD ADD
Herman Bing Actor 1930s character actor 30-Mar-1889 09-Jan-1947 DEAD
Traci Bingham Actor Baywatch, Surreal Life 13-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Edward Binns Actor 12 Angry Men 12-Sep-1916 04-Dec-1990 DEAD
Juliette Binoche Actor Chocolat and The English Patient 09-Mar-1964 TBD ADD
Thora Birch Actor Enid from Ghost World 11-Mar-1982 TBD ADD
Billie Bird Actor The Odd Couple 28-Feb-1908 27-Nov-2002 DEAD
Jesse Birdsall Actor Nicholas Beckett on Bugs 13-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Jane Birkin Actor Sang on Je t'aime ... moi non plus 14-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
David Birney Actor Nightfall 23-Apr-1939 TBD ADD
Ed Bishop Actor Cmdr. Straker on UFO 11-Jun-1932 08-Jun-2005 DEAD
Julie Bishop Actor Northern Pursuit 30-Aug-1914 30-Aug-2001 DEAD
Kelly Bishop Actor Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls 28-Feb-1944 TBD ADD
Kevin Bishop Actor Muppet Treasure Island 18-Jun-1980 TBD ADD
Nicholas Bishop Actor Peter Dunlop on Body of Proof 19-Sep-1973 TBD ADD
William Bishop Actor The Killer That Stalked New York 16-Jul-1918 03-Oct-1959 DEAD
Val Bisoglio Actor Danny Tovo on Quincy 07-May-1926 TBD ADD
Whit Bissell Actor The Time Tunnel 25-Oct-1909 05-Mar-1996 DEAD
Jacqueline Bisset Actor The Deep 13-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Josie Bissett Actor Jane Andrews Mancini on Melrose Place 05-Oct-1970 TBD ADD
Yannick Bisson Actor Det. Murdoch on Murdoch Mysteries 16-May-1969 TBD ADD
Bill Bixby Actor David Banner on The Incredible Hulk 22-Jan-1934 21-Nov-1993 DEAD
Anita Björk Actor Miss Julie 25-Apr-1923 24-Oct-2012 DEAD
Nadia Bjorlin Actor Days of Our Lives 02-Aug-1980 TBD ADD
Claudia Black Actor Aeryn Sun on Farscape 11-Oct-1972 TBD ADD
Denise Black Actor Hazel Tyler in Queer as Folk UK 16-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Karen Black Actor Five Easy Pieces 01-Jul-1939 07-Aug-2013 DEAD
Lucas Black Actor The kid from Sling Blade 29-Nov-1982 TBD ADD
Honor Blackman Actor Cathy Gale on The Avengers 12-Dec-1926 TBD ADD
Joan Blackman Actor Blue Hawaii 18-May-1938 TBD ADD
Sidney Blackmer Actor Played Theodore Roosevelt 12 times 13-Jul-1895 05-Oct-1973 DEAD
Paul Blackthorne Actor Quentin Lance on Arrow 05-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Taurean Blacque Actor Det. Neal Washington on Hill Street Blues 10-May-1941 TBD ADD
Ruben Blades Actor Panamanian superstar of salsa and screen 16-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Vivian Blaine Actor Guys and Dolls 21-Nov-1921 09-Dec-1995 DEAD
Betsy Blair Actor Marty 11-Dec-1923 13-Mar-2009 DEAD
Isla Blair Actor Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 29-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Janet Blair Actor Night of the Eagle 23-Apr-1921 19-Feb-2007 DEAD
Linda Blair Actor Head spins in Exorcist 22-Jan-1959 TBD ADD
Patricia Blair Actor Rebecca on Daniel Boone 15-Jan-1931 09-Sep-2013 DEAD
Selma Blair Actor A Dirty Shame 23-Jun-1972 TBD ADD
Amanda Blake Actor Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke 20-Feb-1929 16-Aug-1989 DEAD
Kayla Blake Actor Kim on Sports Night 04-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Marie Blake Actor Grandmama on The Addams Family 21-Aug-1895 14-Jan-1978 DEAD
Noah Blake Actor Brett Douglas on Harry and the Hendersons 01-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Pamela Blake Actor No Greater Sin 06-Aug-1915 06-Oct-2009 DEAD
Robert Blake Actor Baretta 18-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Whitney Blake Actor Mrs. B on Hazel 20-Feb-1925 28-Sep-2002 DEAD
Colin Blakely Actor The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 23-Sep-1930 07-May-1987 DEAD
Susan Blakely Actor A Cry For Love 07-Sep-1952 TBD ADD
Caroline Blakiston Actor Lady Patience Hardacre on Brass 13-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Ronee Blakley Actor Nashville 24-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jolene Blalock Actor T'Pol on Enterprise 05-Mar-1975 TBD ADD
Mel Blanc Actor Man of 1,000 Voices 30-May-1908 10-Jul-1989 DEAD
Michel Blanc Actor Monsieur Hire 16-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Mari Blanchard Actor She-Devil 13-Apr-1927 10-May-1970 DEAD
Rachel Blanchard Actor Cher Horowitz on Clueless 19-Mar-1976 TBD ADD
Tammy Blanchard Actor Played Gypsy Rose Lee 14-Dec-1976 TBD ADD
Cate Blanchett Actor Galadriel in LOTR 14-May-1969 TBD ADD
Eduardo Blanco Actor Avellaneda's Moon 28-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Clara Blandick Actor Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz 04-Jun-1880 15-Apr-1962 DEAD
Sally Blane Actor The Star Witness 11-Jul-1910 27-Aug-1997 DEAD
Rosa Blasi Actor Lu on Strong Medicine 19-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Jonah Blechman Actor Another Gay Movie 08-Feb-1975 TBD ADD
Alexis Bledel Actor Rory on Gilmore Girls 16-Sep-1981 TBD ADD
Tempestt Bledsoe Actor Vanessa Huxtable on The Cosby Show 01-Aug-1973 TBD ADD
Yasmine Bleeth Actor Baywatch 14-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Moritz Bleibtreu Actor Run Lola Run 13-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Brian Blessed Actor Prince Vultan of the Hawk Men 09-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Jack Blessing Actor Mr. Donner on The Naked Truth 29-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Brenda Blethyn Actor Secrets & Lies 20-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Corbin Bleu Actor Jump In! 21-Feb-1989 TBD ADD
Bernard Blier Actor The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe 11-Jan-1916 29-Mar-1989 DEAD
Caroline Bliss Actor Twice played Miss Moneypenny 1961 TBD ADD
Dan Blocker Actor Hoss on Bonanza 10-Dec-1928 13-May-1972 DEAD
Dirk Blocker Actor Baa Baa, Black Sheep 31-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Joan Blondell Actor A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 30-Aug-1906 25-Dec-1979 DEAD
Nikki Blonsky Actor Tracy Turnbald in Hairspray 09-Nov-1988 TBD ADD
Moon Bloodgood Actor Eight Below 20-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
Brian Bloom Actor As the World Turns 30-Jun-1970 TBD ADD
Claire Bloom Actor Crimes and Misdemeanors 15-Feb-1931 TBD ADD
Orlando Bloom Actor Lord of the Rings 13-Jan-1977 TBD ADD
Verna Bloom Actor Where Have All the People Gone? 07-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Eric Blore Actor Sullivan's Travels 23-Dec-1887 02-Mar-1959 DEAD
Roberts Blossom Actor Deranged 25-Mar-1924 08-Jul-2011 DEAD
Lisa Blount Actor Box of Moon Light 01-Jul-1957 27-Oct-2010 DEAD
Marc Blucas Actor Riley Finn on Buffy 11-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Ben Blue Actor The Big Broadcast of 1938 12-Sep-1901 07-Mar-1975 DEAD
Callum Blue Actor Mason on Dead Like Me 19-Aug-1977 TBD ADD
Monte Blue Actor Orphans of the Storm 11-Jan-1887 18-Feb-1963 DEAD
Trevor Blumas Actor Stranger in Town 16-Oct-1984 TBD ADD
Emily Blunt Actor The Devil Wears Prada 23-Feb-1983 TBD ADD
Lothaire Bluteau Actor Jesus of Montreal 14-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Ann Blyth Actor Mildred Pierce 16-Aug-1928 TBD ADD
Michael Boatman Actor Carter Heywood on Spin City 25-Oct-1964 TBD ADD
Hart Bochner Actor Breaking Away 03-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Lloyd Bochner Actor It's a cookbook 29-Jul-1924 29-Oct-2005 DEAD
Earl Boen Actor In three Terminator movies 07-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Nicole de Boer Actor Lt. Dax on Star Trek: DS9 20-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Dirk Bogarde Actor A Bridge Too Far 28-Mar-1921 08-May-1999 DEAD
Humphrey Bogart Actor Casablanca 25-Dec-1899 14-Jan-1957 DEAD
Eric Bogosian Actor Talk Radio 24-Apr-1953 TBD ADD
Heidi Bohay Actor Megan Kendall on Hotel 15-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Karlheinz Böhm Actor Peeping Tom 16-Mar-1928 29-May-2014 DEAD
Roman Bohnen Actor Of Mice and Men 24-Nov-1894 24-Feb-1949 DEAD
Corinne Bohrer Actor Free Spirit 18-Oct-1958 TBD ADD
Curt Bois Actor Pickpocket in Casablanca 05-Apr-1901 25-Dec-1991 DEAD
James Bolam Actor The Likely Lads 16-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Mary Boland Actor Ruggles of Red Gap 28-Jan-1880 23-Jun-1965 DEAD
John Boles Actor Victor Moritz in Frankenstein 28-Oct-1895 27-Feb-1969 DEAD
Ray Bolger Actor The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow 10-Jan-1904 15-Jan-1987 DEAD
Joseph Bologna Actor Blame it on Rio 30-Dec-1934 13-Aug-2017 DEAD
Matthew Bomer Actor Neal Caffrey on White Collar 11-Oct-1977 TBD ADD
Danny Bonaduce Actor The Partridge Family 13-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Derek Bond Actor The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 26-Jan-1919 15-Oct-2006 DEAD
Gary Bond Actor English theatre actor 07-Feb-1940 12-Oct-1995 DEAD
Rudy Bond Actor A Streetcar Named Desire 01-Oct-1912 29-Mar-1982 DEAD
Samantha Bond Actor Miss Moneypenny 27-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Sudie Bond Actor Silkwood 13-Jul-1928 10-Nov-1984 DEAD
Tommy Bond Actor Butch on The Little Rascals 16-Sep-1926 24-Sep-2005 DEAD
Ward Bond Actor Wagon Train 09-Apr-1903 05-Nov-1960 DEAD
Beulah Bondi Actor Make Way for Tomorrow 03-May-1888 01-Jan-1981 DEAD
Lisa Bonet Actor Denise on The Cosby Show 16-Nov-1967 TBD ADD
Sandrine Bonnaire Actor Mademoiselle 31-May-1967 TBD ADD
Frank Bonner Actor Herb Tarlek on WKRP 28-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Hugh Bonneville Actor Downton Abbey 10-Nov-1963 TBD ADD
Céline Bonnier Actor The Assignment 31-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Brian Bonsall Actor Andy Keaton on Family Ties 03-Dec-1981 TBD ADD
Sorrell Booke Actor Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazzard 04-Jan-1930 11-Feb-1994 DEAD
Lesley Boone Actor Molly Hudson on Ed 25-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Megan Boone Actor Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist 29-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
Richard Boone Actor Have Gun, Will Travel 18-Jun-1917 10-Jan-1981 DEAD
Mika Boorem Actor The Education of Little Tree 18-Aug-1987 TBD ADD
Connie Booth Actor Polly Shearman on Fawlty Towers 1944 TBD ADD
Edwin Booth Actor Renowned 19th century American actor 13-Nov-1833 07-Jun-1893 DEAD
James Booth Actor Zulu 19-Dec-1927 11-Aug-2005 DEAD
Karin Booth Actor My Foolish Heart 19-Jun-1916 27-Jul-2003 DEAD
Lindy Booth Actor Claudia on Relic Hunter 02-Apr-1979 TBD ADD
Shirley Booth Actor Come Back, Little Sheba 30-Aug-1898 16-Oct-1992 DEAD
Powers Boothe Actor Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones 01-Jun-1948 14-May-2017 DEAD
Olive Borden Actor The Joy Girl 14-Jul-1906 01-Oct-1947 DEAD
David Boreanaz Actor Bones 16-May-1969 TBD ADD
Veda Ann Borg Actor The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer 11-Jan-1915 16-Aug-1973 DEAD
Ernest Borgnine Actor Marty 24-Jan-1917 08-Jul-2012 DEAD
Christian Borle Actor Tom Levitt on Smash 01-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Jesse Borrego Actor Gael Ortega on 24 01-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Philip Bosco Actor American character actor 26-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Tom Bosley Actor Dad on Happy Days 01-Oct-1927 19-Oct-2010 DEAD
Barbara Bosson Actor Fay Furillo on Hill Street Blues 01-Nov-1939 TBD ADD
Devon Bostick Actor Adoration 13-Nov-1991 TBD ADD
Rachel Boston Actor Beth Mason on American Dreams 09-May-1982 TBD ADD
Barry Bostwick Actor Brad in Rocky Horror Picture Show 24-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Kate Bosworth Actor Wonderland 02-Jan-1983 TBD ADD
Joseph Bottoms Actor The Dove 22-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Sam Bottoms Actor Apocalypse Now 17-Oct-1955 16-Dec-2008 DEAD
Timothy Bottoms Actor That's My Bush! 30-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Willis Bouchey Actor The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 24-May-1907 27-Sep-1977 DEAD
Élodie Bouchez Actor The Dreamlife of Angels 05-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Michel Boujenah Actor Les Misérables 02-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Carole Bouquet Actor For Your Eyes Only 18-Aug-1957 TBD ADD
Michel Bouquet Actor Totò the Hero 06-Nov-1925 TBD ADD
Bourvil Actor La Grande Vadrouille 27-Jul-1917 23-Sep-1970 DEAD
Dennis Boutsikaris Actor Jerry Harper on The Jackie Thomas Show 21-Dec-1952 TBD ADD
Raoul Bova Actor Alien vs. Predator 14-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Julie Bovasso Actor Saturday Night Fever 01-Aug-1930 14-Sep-1991 DEAD
Clara Bow Actor Schizophrenic actress, Wings 29-Jul-1905 26-Sep-1965 DEAD
Katrina Bowden Actor Cerie on 30 Rock 19-Sep-1988 TBD ADD
Andrea Bowen Actor Desperate Housewives 04-Mar-1990 TBD ADD
Julie Bowen Actor Modern Family 03-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Michael Bowen Actor The Last House on the Left 21-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Roger Bowen Actor Hamilton Majors, Jr. on Arnie 25-May-1932 16-Feb-1996 DEAD
Antoinette Bower Actor Fox Devlin on Neon Rider 30-Sep-1932 TBD ADD
Tom Bower Actor Dr. Curtis Willard on The Waltons 1938 TBD ADD
John Ross Bowie Actor Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory 30-May-1971 TBD ADD
Judi Bowker Actor Brother Sun, Sister Moon 06-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
April Bowlby Actor Stacy Barrett on Drop Dead Diva 30-Jul-1980 TBD ADD
Peter Bowles Actor British comic actor 16-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Joshua Bowman Actor Daniel Grayson on Revenge 04-Mar-1988 TBD ADD
Lee Bowman Actor Smash-Up 28-Dec-1914 25-Dec-1979 DEAD
Bruce Boxleitner Actor Babylon 5 12-May-1950 TBD ADD
Billy Boyd Actor Pippin in The Lord of the Rings 28-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Lynda Boyd Actor Rose Miller on Republic of Doyle 28-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
Stephen Boyd Actor Ben-Hur 04-Jul-1931 02-Jun-1977 DEAD
William Boyd Actor Hopalong Cassidy 05-Jun-1895 12-Sep-1972 DEAD
Charles Boyer Actor Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 28-Aug-1899 26-Aug-1978 DEAD
Lara Flynn Boyle Actor Wayne's World 24-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Peter Boyle Actor Young Frankenstein 18-Oct-1935 12-Dec-2006 DEAD
Lorraine Bracco Actor Goodfellas, The Sopranos 02-Oct-1954 TBD ADD
Anne Bracegirdle Actor Actress in Congreve's plays 1663 1748 DEAD
Eddie Bracken Actor Hail the Conquering Hero 07-Feb-1915 14-Nov-2002 DEAD
Lane Bradbury Actor Character actress 1940 TBD ADD
Jesse Bradford Actor Clockstoppers 28-May-1979 TBD ADD
Richard Bradford Actor Man in a Suitcase 10-Nov-1934 22-Mar-2016 DEAD
David Bradley Actor Argus Filch in Harry Potter films 17-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Doug Bradley Actor Pinhead in Hellraiser films 07-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Alice Brady Actor In Old Chicago 02-Nov-1892 28-Oct-1939 DEAD
Pat Brady Actor The Roy Rogers Show 31-Dec-1914 27-Feb-1972 DEAD
Scott Brady Actor Dancin' Kid in Johnny Guitar 13-Sep-1924 16-Apr-1985 DEAD
Eric Braeden Actor The Young and the Restless 03-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
Zach Braff Actor Scrubs 06-Apr-1975 TBD ADD
Alice Braga Actor City of God 15-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
Sonia Braga Actor Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands 08-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Kenneth Branagh Actor British thespian 10-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Lillo Brancato Actor A Bronx Tale, acquitted of murder 30-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Neville Brand Actor Birdman of Alcatraz 13-Aug-1920 16-Apr-1992 DEAD
Russell Brand Actor Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know 04-Jun-1975 TBD ADD
Klaus Maria Brandauer Actor Never Say Never Again 22-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Jonathan Brandis Actor Lucas Wolenczak on SeaQuest 13-Apr-1976 12-Nov-2003 DEAD
Marlon Brando Actor A Streetcar Named Desire 03-Apr-1924 01-Jul-2004 DEAD
Michael Brandon Actor Dempsey & Makepeace 20-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Betsy Brantley Actor Shock Treatment 20-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Keefe Brasselle Actor A Place in the Sun 07-Feb-1923 07-Jul-1981 DEAD
Claude Brasseur Actor Chouchou 15-Jun-1936 TBD ADD
Pierre Brasseur Actor Les Enfants du Paradis 22-Dec-1905 16-Aug-1972 DEAD
Benjamin Bratt Actor Hunk from Law & Order 16-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Creed Bratton Actor Creed Bratton on The Office 08-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Andre Braugher Actor Det. Pembleton on Homicide 01-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Bart Braverman Actor Binzer on Vega$ 01-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Robert Bray Actor Corey Stuart on Lassie 13-Oct-1917 07-Mar-1983 DEAD
Rossano Brazzi Actor South Pacific 18-Sep-1916 24-Dec-1994 DEAD
Egon Brecher Actor So Dark the Night 16-Feb-1880 12-Aug-1946 DEAD
Peter Breck Actor Shock Corridor 13-Mar-1929 06-Feb-2012 DEAD
Patrick Breen Actor Stark Raving Mad 26-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Edmund Breese Actor Duck Soup 18-Jun-1871 06-Apr-1936 DEAD
Ewen Bremner Actor Julien Donkey-Boy 23-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
El Brendel Actor Former vaudevillian, Wings 25-Mar-1890 09-Apr-1964 DEAD
Nicholas Brendon Actor Xander Harris on Buffy 12-Apr-1971 TBD ADD
Eileen Brennan Actor Capt. Lewis in Private Benjamin 03-Sep-1932 28-Jul-2013 DEAD
Walter Brennan Actor Three Oscars for Best Supporting Actor 25-Jul-1894 21-Sep-1974 DEAD
Amy Brenneman Actor Judging Amy 22-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Evelyn Brent Actor Underworld 20-Oct-1899 04-Jun-1975 DEAD
George Brent Actor The Great Lie 15-Mar-1899 26-May-1979 DEAD
Abigail Breslin Actor Little Miss Sunshine 14-Apr-1996 TBD ADD
Patricia Breslin Actor The People's Choice 17-Mar-1931 12-Oct-2011 DEAD
Spencer Breslin Actor The Kid 18-May-1992 TBD ADD
Felix Bressart Actor To Be or Not to Be 02-Mar-1892 17-Mar-1949 DEAD
Jeremy Brett Actor The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 03-Nov-1933 12-Sep-1995 DEAD
Diane Brewster Actor Miss Canfield on Leave It to Beaver 11-Mar-1931 12-Nov-1991 DEAD
Jordana Brewster Actor The Faculty 26-Apr-1980 TBD ADD
Paget Brewster Actor Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds 10-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Jean-Claude Brialy Actor Une femme est une femme 30-Mar-1933 30-May-2007 DEAD
David Brian Actor Mr. District Attorney 05-Aug-1914 15-Jul-1993 DEAD
Pierre Brice Actor Winnetou 06-Feb-1929 06-Jun-2015 DEAD
Beau Bridges Actor The Fabulous Baker Boys 09-Dec-1941 TBD ADD
Jeff Bridges Actor The Dude abides 04-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
Jordan Bridges Actor Frankie on Rizzoli & Isles 13-Nov-1973 TBD ADD
Lloyd Bridges Actor Airplane! 15-Jan-1913 10-Mar-1998 DEAD
Todd Bridges Actor Diff'rent Strokes 27-May-1965 TBD ADD
Alison Brie Actor Annie Edison on Community 29-Dec-1982 TBD ADD
Richard Briers Actor Tom Good on The Good Life 14-Jan-1934 17-Feb-2013 DEAD
Cameron Bright Actor Ultraviolet 26-Jan-1993 TBD ADD
Charlie Brill Actor Capt. Lipschitz on Silk Stalkings 13-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
Wilford Brimley Actor Grandfatherly actor, shill for Oatmeal Industry 27-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Paul Brinegar Actor Wishbone on Rawhide 19-Dec-1917 27-Mar-1995 DEAD
Lorenzo Brino Actor Sam Camden on 7th Heaven 21-Sep-1998 TBD ADD
Nikolas Brino Actor David Camden on 7th Heaven 21-Sep-1998 TBD ADD
Brent Briscoe Actor A Simple Plan 21-May-1961 TBD ADD
Danielle Brisebois Actor Stephanie Mills on Archie Bunker's Place 28-Jun-1969 TBD ADD
Patrick Bristow Actor Peter Barnes on Ellen 26-Sep-1962 TBD ADD
May Britt Actor The Young Lions 22-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Morgan Brittany Actor Katherine Wentworth on Dallas 05-Dec-1951 TBD ADD
Barbara Britton Actor Mr. and Mrs. North 26-Sep-1919 17-Jan-1980 DEAD
Connie Britton Actor Nikki Faber on Spin City 06-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
Pamela Britton Actor Mrs. Brown on My Favorite Martian 19-Mar-1923 17-Jun-1974 DEAD
Jim Broadbent Actor Oscar-winning oddball English actor 24-May-1949 TBD ADD
Bill Brochtrup Actor NYPD Blue 07-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Beth Broderick Actor Aunt Zelda on Sabrina 24-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Helen Broderick Actor Top Hat 11-Aug-1891 25-Sep-1959 DEAD
James Broderick Actor Doug Lawrence on Family 07-Mar-1927 01-Nov-1982 DEAD
Matthew Broderick Actor Ferris Bueller's Day Off 21-Mar-1962 TBD ADD
Steve Brodie Actor The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 21-Nov-1919 09-Jan-1992 DEAD
Adam Brody Actor Seth Cohen on The O.C. 15-Dec-1979 TBD ADD
Adrien Brody Actor The Pianist 14-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
James Brolin Actor Brubaker in Capricorn One 18-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Josh Brolin Actor No Country for Old Men 12-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
J. Edward Bromberg Actor The Mark of Zorro 25-Dec-1903 06-Dec-1951 DEAD
John Bromfield Actor U.S. Marshal 11-Jun-1922 18-Sep-2005 DEAD
Eleanor Bron Actor A Touch of Love 14-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Charles Bronson Actor Death Wish 03-Nov-1921 30-Aug-2003 DEAD
Clive Brook Actor Shanghai Express 01-Jun-1887 17-Nov-1974 DEAD
Jayne Brook Actor Chicago Hope 16-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Lyndon Brook Actor Reach for the Sky 10-Apr-1926 09-Jan-2004 DEAD
Hillary Brooke Actor The Woman in Green 08-Sep-1914 25-May-1999 DEAD
Albert Brooks Actor Broadcast News 22-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Avery Brooks Actor Sisko on Star Trek: DS9 02-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Geraldine Brooks Actor The Reckless Moment 29-Oct-1925 19-Jun-1977 DEAD
Golden Brooks Actor Maya Wilkes on Girlfriends 01-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Joel Brooks Actor J. D. Lucas on My Sister Sam 17-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
Louise Brooks Actor Pandora's Box 14-Nov-1906 08-Aug-1985 DEAD
Mehcad Brooks Actor Terrence King on Necessary Roughness 25-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Phyllis Brooks Actor The Shanghai Gesture 18-Jul-1915 01-Aug-1995 DEAD
Rand Brooks Actor Gone With the Wind 21-Sep-1918 01-Sep-2003 DEAD
Edward Brophy Actor The Last Hurrah 27-Feb-1895 27-May-1960 DEAD
Pierce Brosnan Actor Remington Steele, James Bond 16-May-1951 TBD ADD
John Brougham Actor Irish-American dramatist and actor 09-May-1814 07-Jun-1880 DEAD
Ben Browder Actor John Crichton on Farscape 11-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
Blair Brown Actor The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd 23-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Bryan Brown Actor Cocktail 23-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Clancy Brown Actor Kurgan in Highlander 05-Jan-1959 TBD ADD
Georg Stanford Brown Actor Officer Webster on The Rookies 24-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Georgia Brown Actor The Raging Moon 21-Oct-1933 05-Jul-1992 DEAD
Joe E. Brown Actor Some Like It Hot 28-Jul-1892 06-Jul-1973 DEAD
Johnny Mack Brown Actor College All-American turned film star 01-Sep-1904 14-Nov-1974 DEAD
Julie Brown Actor West Coast Julie Brown 31-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Kimberly J. Brown Actor Halloweentown 16-Nov-1984 TBD ADD
Orlando Brown Actor That's So Raven 04-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Pamela Brown Actor Lust for Life 08-Jul-1917 18-Sep-1975 DEAD
Peter Brown Actor Deputy Johnny McKay in Lawman 05-Oct-1935 21-Mar-2016 DEAD
Phil Brown Actor Uncle Owen in Star Wars 30-Apr-1916 09-Feb-2006 DEAD
Reb Brown Actor Space Mutiny 29-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Rob Brown Actor Finding Forrester 01-Mar-1984 TBD ADD
Robert Brown Actor Licence to Kill 23-Jul-1921 11-Nov-2003 DEAD
Robert Brown Actor Jason Bolt on Here Come the Brides 17-Nov-1926 TBD ADD
Vanessa Brown Actor The Late George Apley 24-Mar-1928 21-May-1999 DEAD
W. Earl Brown Actor The Alamo, Deadwood 07-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Wally Brown Actor Zombies on Broadway 09-Oct-1904 13-Nov-1961 DEAD
Yvette Nicole Brown Actor Shirley Bennett on Community 12-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Coral Browne Actor The Killing of Sister George 23-Jul-1913 29-May-1991 DEAD
Roscoe Lee Browne Actor Character actor, 1960s to 2000s 02-May-1925 11-Apr-2007 DEAD
Emily Browning Actor A Series of Unfortunate Events 07-Dec-1988 TBD ADD
Logan Browning Actor Brianna on Meet the Browns 09-Jun-1989 TBD ADD
Nigel Bruce Actor Played Rathbone's Dr. Watson 14-Feb-1895 08-Oct-1953 DEAD
Virginia Bruce Actor The Invisible Woman 29-Sep-1910 24-Feb-1982 DEAD
Agnes Bruckner Actor Soap star, movie star 16-Aug-1985 TBD ADD
Amy Bruckner Actor Pim Diffy on Phil of the Future 28-Mar-1991 TBD ADD
Daniel Brühl Actor Inglourious Basterds 16-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Heidi Brühl Actor The Eiger Sanction 30-Jan-1941 08-Jun-1991 DEAD
Dylan Bruno Actor Colby Granger on Numb3rs 06-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
Phil Bruns Actor George Shumway on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 02-May-1931 08-Feb-2012 DEAD
Zachery Ty Bryan Actor Brad on Home Improvement 09-Oct-1981 TBD ADD
Joy Bryant Actor Get Rich or Die Tryin' 19-Oct-1976 TBD ADD
Rob Brydon Actor Keith Barret on Marion and Geoff 03-May-1965 TBD ADD
Larry Bryggman Actor As the World Turns 21-Dec-1938 TBD ADD
Greg Bryk Actor Weston Field on ReGenesis 1972 TBD ADD
Yul Brynner Actor The King and I 11-Jul-1920 10-Oct-1985 DEAD
Edgar Buchanan Actor Uncle Joe Carson on Petticoat Junction 20-Mar-1903 04-Apr-1979 DEAD
Ian Buchanan Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 16-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Jack Buchanan Actor The Band Wagon 02-Apr-1891 20-Oct-1957 DEAD
Horst Buchholz Actor The Magnificent Seven 04-Dec-1933 03-Mar-2003 DEAD
A. J. Buckley Actor Adam Ross on CSI: NY 09-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Betty Buckley Actor Abby Bradford on Eight Is Enough 03-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Robert Buckley Actor Clay Evans on One Tree Hill 02-May-1981 TBD ADD
Rebecca Budig Actor All My Children 26-Jun-1973 TBD ADD
Jack Buetel Actor Deputy Taggert on Judge Roy Bean 05-Sep-1915 27-Jun-1989 DEAD
Geneviève Bujold Actor Coma 01-Jul-1942 TBD ADD
Joyce Bulifant Actor Match Game panelist 16-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Bull Actor Nels on Little House on the Prairie 26-Jun-1924 03-Feb-2014 DEAD
Jeremy Bulloch Actor Boba Fett in the Star Wars series 16-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Jim J. Bullock Actor Monroe on Too Close for Comfort 09-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
Sandra Bullock Actor The Net 26-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Joseph Buloff Actor Yiddish stage actor 20-Jan-1899 27-Feb-1985 DEAD
Rodger Bumpass Actor Voice of Squidward Tentacles 01-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Brooke Bundy Actor A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 08-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
John Bunny Actor Comic starred in over 200 short films 21-Sep-1863 26-Apr-1915 DEAD
Herbert Bunston Actor Dr. Seward in Dracula 21-Oct-1870 27-Feb-1935 DEAD
Victor Buono Actor King Tut on Batman 03-Feb-1938 01-Jan-1982 DEAD
Hugh Burden Actor Funeral in Berlin 03-Apr-1913 17-May-1985 DEAD
Dorothy Burgess Actor Hold Your Man 04-Mar-1907 20-Aug-1961 DEAD
Tituss Burgess Actor Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 21-Feb-1979 TBD ADD
Gary Burghoff Actor Radar O'Reilly on M*A*S*H 24-May-1943 TBD ADD
Richard Burgi Actor Det. Ellison on The Sentinel 30-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
Billie Burke Actor Glinda, the Good Witch of the North 07-Aug-1885 14-May-1970 DEAD
Billy Burke Actor Miles Matheson on Revolution 25-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Chris Burke Actor Corky on Life Goes On 26-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
David Burke Actor The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 25-May-1934 TBD ADD
Delta Burke Actor Designing Women 30-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Kathy Burke Actor Nil by Mouth 13-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Paul Burke Actor Det. Adam Flint on Naked City 21-Jul-1926 13-Sep-2009 DEAD
Robert John Burke Actor Fr. Mickey on Rescue Me 12-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Tom Burlinson Actor The Man from Snowy River 14-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
Carol Burnett Actor The Carol Burnett Show 26-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Bob Burns Actor The Arkansas Traveler 02-Aug-1890 02-Feb-1956 DEAD
Brooke Burns Actor Jessie Owens on Baywatch 16-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
Catherine Burns Actor Last Summer 24-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Edward Burns Actor Saving Private Ryan 29-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Jere Burns Actor Breughel on Max Headroom 15-Oct-1954 TBD ADD
Acquanetta Actor Captive Wild Woman 17-Jul-1921 16-Aug-2004 DEAD
Raymond Burr Actor Perry Mason 21-May-1917 12-Sep-1993 DEAD
Ty Burrell Actor Phil Dunphy on Modern Family 22-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Hedy Burress Actor Wyleen Pritchett on Boston Common 03-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Darren E. Burrows Actor Ed Chigliak on Northern Exposure 12-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Saffron Burrows Actor Deep Blue Sea 22-Oct-1972 TBD ADD
Ellen Burstyn Actor Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 07-Dec-1932 TBD ADD
David Burtka Actor American theater actor 29-May-1975 TBD ADD
Amanda Burton Actor Sam Ryan on Silent Witness 10-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Hilarie Burton Actor Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill 01-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Kate Burton Actor Actress/daughter of Richard Burton 10-Sep-1957 TBD ADD
LeVar Burton Actor La Forge on Star Trek: TNG 16-Feb-1957 TBD ADD
Richard Burton Actor Nineteen Eighty Four 10-Nov-1925 05-Aug-1984 DEAD
Steve Burton Actor General Hospital 28-Jun-1970 TBD ADD
Tony Burton Actor Rocky 23-Mar-1937 25-Feb-2016 DEAD
William Evans Burton Actor Popular comic actor 1804 09-Feb-1860 DEAD
Steve Buscemi Actor Reservoir Dogs 13-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Mae Busch Actor The Ever-Popular Mae Busch 18-Jun-1891 19-Apr-1946 DEAD
Gary Busey Actor The Buddy Holly Story 29-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Jake Busey Actor Identity 15-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Timothy Busfield Actor thirtysomething 12-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Sophia Bush Actor One Tree Hill 08-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Francis X. Bushman Actor Ben-Hur 10-Jan-1883 23-Aug-1966 DEAD
Pascale Bussières Actor When Night Is Falling 27-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Austin Butler Actor Zippy Brewster on Ned's Declassified 17-Aug-1991 TBD ADD
Dan Butler Actor Bob "Bulldog" Brisco on Frasier 02-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Dean Butler Actor Little House on the Prairie 20-May-1956 TBD ADD
Gerard Butler Actor Dracula 2000 13-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Yancy Butler Actor Witchblade 02-Jul-1970 TBD ADD
Merritt Butrick Actor Johnny Slash on Square Pegs 03-Sep-1959 17-Mar-1989 DEAD
Asa Butterfield Actor Ender's Game 01-Apr-1997 TBD ADD
Charles Butterworth Actor This is the Army 26-Jul-1896 14-Jun-1946 DEAD
Red Buttons Actor They Shoot Horses Don't They? 05-Feb-1919 13-Jul-2006 DEAD
Pat Buttram Actor Mr. Haney on Green Acres 19-Jun-1915 08-Jan-1994 DEAD
Sarah Buxton Actor Annie Douglas on Sunset Beach 23-Mar-1965 TBD ADD
Margherita Buy Actor Not of This World 15-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Ruth Buzzi Actor Batty woman on Laugh-In 24-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
Spring Byington Actor You Can't Take it With You 17-Oct-1886 07-Sep-1971 DEAD
Amanda Bynes Actor All That 03-Apr-1986 TBD ADD
Dan Byrd Actor Travis Cobb on Cougar Town 20-Nov-1985 TBD ADD
Ralph Byrd Actor Dick Tracy 22-Apr-1909 18-Aug-1952 DEAD
Eddie Byrne Actor The Mummy 31-Jan-1911 21-Aug-1981 DEAD
Gabriel Byrne Actor The Usual Suspects 12-May-1950 TBD ADD
Rose Byrne Actor The Goddess of 1967 24-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
Edd Byrnes Actor Kookie on 77 Sunset Strip 30-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Jim Byrnes Actor Lifeguard on Wiseguy 22-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Kathleen Byron Actor Black Narcissus 11-Jan-1921 18-Jan-2009 DEAD
James Caan Actor Vegas 26-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Scott Caan Actor Hawaii Five-O 23-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Bruce Cabot Actor Saved Fay Wray from King Kong 20-Apr-1904 03-May-1972 DEAD
Sebastian Cabot Actor The Family Jewels 06-Jul-1918 22-Aug-1977 DEAD
Susan Cabot Actor The Wasp Woman 09-Jul-1927 10-Dec-1986 DEAD
Santiago Cabrera Actor Isaac Mendez on Heroes 05-May-1978 TBD ADD
Frank Cady Actor Sam Drucker on Green Acres 08-Sep-1915 08-Jun-2012 DEAD
Adolph Caesar Actor A Soldier's Story 05-Dec-1933 06-Mar-1986 DEAD
Nicolas Cage Actor Leaving Las Vegas 07-Jan-1964 TBD ADD
James Cagney Actor New York tough guy 17-Jul-1899 30-Mar-1986 DEAD
Eddie Cahill Actor Det. Don Flack on CSI: NY 15-Jan-1978 TBD ADD
Dean Cain Actor Superman 31-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Georgia Caine Actor Broadway musical actress 30-Oct-1876 04-Apr-1964 DEAD
Howard Caine Actor Maj. Hochstetter on Hogan's Heroes 02-Jan-1928 28-Dec-1993 DEAD
Michael Caine Actor Get Carter 14-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Jonathan Cake Actor The One and Only 31-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Thomas Calabro Actor Dr. Michael Mancini on Melrose Place 03-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Zoe Caldwell Actor The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 14-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Louis Calhern Actor Duck Soup 19-Feb-1895 12-May-1956 DEAD
Monica Calhoun Actor Bagdad Café 29-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
Rory Calhoun Actor Auto thief turned actor 08-Aug-1922 28-Apr-1999 DEAD
Brandon Call Actor J.T. Lambert on Step by Step 17-Nov-1976 TBD ADD
K Callan Actor Martha Kent on Lois & Clark 09-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Michael Callan Actor Husband on Occasional Wife 22-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
Joseph Calleia Actor Touch of Evil 04-Aug-1897 31-Oct-1975 DEAD
Sarah Wayne Callies Actor Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break 01-Jun-1977 TBD ADD
Simon Callow Actor British theatre actor 13-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
Vanessa Bell Calloway Actor Coming to America 20-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
Phyllis Calvert Actor Madonna of the Seven Moons 18-Feb-1915 08-Oct-2002 DEAD
Corinne Calvet Actor Sailor Beware 30-Apr-1925 23-Jun-2001 DEAD
Corinne Camacho Actor Dr. Jeanne Bartlett on Medical Center 02-Mar-1942 15-Sep-2010 DEAD
Godfrey Cambridge Actor Cotton Comes to Harlem 26-Feb-1933 29-Nov-1976 DEAD
Candace Cameron Actor DJ Tanner on Full House 06-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Dean Cameron Actor Spicoli on Fast Times TV 25-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
Dove Cameron Actor Disney actress, Liv and Maddie 15-Jan-1996 TBD ADD
Kirk Cameron Actor Mike Seaver on Growing Pains 12-Oct-1970 TBD ADD
Rod Cameron Actor The Bounty Killer 07-Dec-1910 21-Dec-1983 DEAD
Colleen Camp Actor Police Academy 2 07-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Hamilton Camp Actor Voice of GizmoDuck 30-Oct-1934 02-Oct-2005 DEAD
Frank Campanella Actor Character actor 12-Mar-1919 30-Dec-2006 DEAD
Joseph Campanella Actor The Colbys 21-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Archie Campbell Actor Hee Haw 07-Nov-1914 29-Aug-1987 DEAD
Beatrice Campbell Actor Last Holiday 31-Jul-1922 10-May-1979 DEAD
Billy Campbell Actor The Rocketeer 07-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Bruce Campbell Actor Evil Dead 22-Jun-1958 TBD ADD
Christian Campbell Actor All My Children 12-May-1972 TBD ADD
Julia Campbell Actor The Tillamook Treasure 12-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Ken Campbell Actor British experimental theatre 10-Dec-1941 31-Aug-2008 DEAD
Larry Joe Campbell Actor Andy on According to Jim 29-Nov-1970 TBD ADD
Louise Campbell Actor Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 30-May-1911 05-Nov-1997 DEAD
Maia Campbell Actor In the House 26-Nov-1976 TBD ADD
Neve Campbell Actor Phantom of the Opera 03-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Mrs. Patrick Campbell Actor Pygmalion 09-Feb-1865 10-Apr-1940 DEAD
Paul Campbell Actor Beckett Ryan on Spun Out 22-Jun-1979 TBD ADD
Scott Michael Campbell Actor Radioland Murders 14-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Tisha Campbell Actor Gina on Martin 13-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
William Campbell Actor Dementia 13 30-Oct-1923 28-Apr-2011 DEAD
Bruno Campos Actor Dr. Quentin Costa on Nip/Tuck 03-Dec-1973 TBD ADD
Gianna Maria Canale Actor I Vampiri 12-Sep-1927 TBD ADD
David Canary Actor Stuart Chandler on All My Children 25-Aug-1938 16-Nov-2015 DEAD
John Candy Actor Uncle Buck 31-Oct-1950 04-Mar-1994 DEAD
Guillaume Canet Actor Love Me If You Dare 10-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Bobby Cannavale Actor Vince D'Angelo on Will & Grace 03-May-1971 TBD ADD
Dyan Cannon Actor Heaven Can Wait 04-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Katherine Cannon Actor Mae Woodward on Father Murphy 06-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Nick Cannon Actor Drumline 08-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Diana Canova Actor Corinne Tate on Soap 01-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Judy Canova Actor Comic actress, vaudevillian 20-Nov-1913 05-Aug-1983 DEAD
Cantinflas Actor Around the World in Eighty Days 12-Aug-1911 20-Apr-1993 DEAD
Yakima Canutt Actor Legendary stuntman 29-Nov-1895 24-May-1986 DEAD
Peter Capaldi Actor 12th Doctor on Doctor Who 14-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Lizzy Caplan Actor Kat Warbler on The Class 30-Jun-1982 TBD ADD
Twink Caplan Actor Look Who's Talking 25-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Francis Capra Actor Weevil on Veronica Mars 22-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
Ahna Capri Actor Enter the Dragon 06-Jul-1944 19-Aug-2010 DEAD
Jessica Capshaw Actor Dr. Robbins on Grey's Anatomy 09-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Kate Capshaw Actor Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 03-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Capucine Actor The Pink Panther 06-Jan-1928 17-Mar-1990 DEAD
Éric Caravaca Actor C'est quoi la vie? 21-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Nestor Carbonell Actor Luis Rivera on Suddenly Susan 01-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Linda Cardellini Actor Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 25-Jun-1975 TBD ADD
Claudia Cardinale Actor Once Upon a Time in the West 15-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
Julien Carette Actor The Grand Illusion 23-Dec-1897 20-Jul-1966 DEAD
Harry Carey, Sr. Actor VP in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 16-Jan-1878 21-Sep-1947 DEAD
Harry Carey, Jr. Actor The Whales of August 16-May-1921 27-Dec-2012 DEAD
Macdonald Carey Actor Tom Horton on Days of Our Lives 15-Mar-1913 21-Mar-1994 DEAD
Michele Carey Actor Live a Little, Love a Little 26-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Olive Carey Actor Billy the Kid versus Dracula 31-Jan-1896 13-Mar-1988 DEAD
Philip Carey Actor One Life to Live 15-Jul-1925 06-Feb-2009 DEAD
Ron Carey Actor Officer Levitt on Barney Miller 11-Dec-1935 16-Jan-2007 DEAD
Timothy Carhart Actor Pink Cadillac 24-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Gia Carides Actor My Big Fat Greek Wedding 07-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Len Cariou Actor Sweeney Todd 30-Sep-1939 TBD ADD
Mary Carlisle Actor Dead Men Walk 03-Feb-1912 TBD ADD
Amy Carlson Actor Alex Taylor on Third Watch 07-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Carlson Actor Broadway actor, transgender soap star 23-Jun-1975 TBD ADD
Kelly Carlson Actor Kimber Henry on Nip/Tuck 17-Feb-1976 TBD ADD
Richard Carlson Actor The Creature from the Black Lagoon 29-Apr-1912 24-Nov-1977 DEAD
Robert Carlyle Actor The Full Monty 14-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Chris Carmack Actor Luke Ward on The O.C. 22-Dec-1980 TBD ADD
Roger C. Carmel Actor Harcourt Fenton Mudd 27-Sep-1932 11-Nov-1986 DEAD
Julie Carmen Actor Gloria 04-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Ian Carmichael Actor Bertie Wooster 18-Jun-1920 05-Feb-2010 DEAD
Judy Carne Actor Sock-it-to-me girl on Laugh-In 27-Apr-1939 03-Sep-2015 DEAD
Ryan Carnes Actor Justin on Desperate Housewives 06-Dec-1982 TBD ADD
Alan Carney Actor Comedy duo, Brown & Carney 22-Dec-1909 02-May-1973 DEAD
Art Carney Actor Ed Norton on The Honeymooners 04-Nov-1918 09-Nov-2003 DEAD
Morris Carnovsky Actor Dead Reckoning 05-Sep-1897 01-Sep-1992 DEAD
Martine Carol Actor Lola Montès 16-May-1920 06-Feb-1967 DEAD
Rachael Carpani Actor Jodi Fountain on McLeod's Daughters 24-Aug-1980 TBD ADD
Carleton Carpenter Actor Two Weeks: With Love 10-Jul-1926 TBD ADD
Charisma Carpenter Actor Cordelia on Buffy 23-Jul-1970 TBD ADD
Jennifer Carpenter Actor The Exorcism of Emily Rose 07-Dec-1979 TBD ADD
Darleen Carr Actor The Streets of San Francisco 12-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Gus Carr Actor Bring It On: All or Nothing 16-Nov-1983 TBD ADD
Paul Carr Actor The Bat People 01-Feb-1934 17-Feb-2006 DEAD
David Carradine Actor Grasshopper 08-Dec-1936 03-Jun-2009 DEAD
John Carradine Actor In over 200 B movies 05-Feb-1906 27-Nov-1988 DEAD
Keith Carradine Actor Thieves Like Us 08-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Robert Carradine Actor Revenge of the Nerds 24-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Barbara Carrera Actor Bond girl, Never Say Never Again 31-Dec-1951 TBD ADD
Tia Carrere Actor Wayne's World 02-Jan-1967 TBD ADD
Jim Carrey Actor Rubber-faced fartsmith 17-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Leo Carrillo Actor Pancho on The Cisco Kid 06-Aug-1881 10-Sep-1961 DEAD
Janet Carroll Actor Risky Business 24-Dec-1940 22-May-2012 DEAD
John Carroll Actor Flying Tigers 17-Jul-1906 24-Apr-1979 DEAD
Leo G. Carroll Actor Waverly on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 25-Oct-1892 16-Oct-1972 DEAD
Madeleine Carroll Actor The 39 Steps 26-Feb-1906 02-Oct-1987 DEAD
Nancy Carroll Actor The Devil's Holiday 19-Nov-1903 06-Aug-1965 DEAD
Pat Carroll Actor Make Room for Daddy 05-May-1927 TBD ADD
Rocky Carroll Actor Leon Vance on NCIS 08-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Jack Carson Actor Two Guys From Milwaukee 27-Oct-1910 02-Jan-1963 DEAD
Jean Carson Actor Fun girl Daphne 28-Feb-1923 02-Nov-2005 DEAD
Lisa Nicole Carson Actor Renee on Ally McBeal 12-Jul-1969 TBD ADD
Sunset Carson Actor B-Movie cowboy 12-Nov-1920 01-May-1990 DEAD
T. C. Carson Actor Kyle Barker on Living Single 19-Nov-1958 TBD ADD
Peter Carsten Actor Dark of the Sun 30-Apr-1928 20-Apr-2012 DEAD
Conlan Carter Actor Doc on Combat! 03-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Dixie Carter Actor Designing Women 25-May-1939 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Helena Carter Actor Invaders from Mars 24-Aug-1923 11-Jan-2000 DEAD
Helena Bonham Carter Actor Marla in Fight Club 26-May-1966 TBD ADD
Janis Carter Actor B-Movie actress 10-Oct-1913 30-Jul-1994 DEAD
Jason Carter Actor Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 23-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Jim Carter Actor Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey 19-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
John Carter Actor Lt. John Biddle on Barnaby Jones 26-Nov-1927 23-May-2016 DEAD
Lynda Carter Actor Wonder Woman 24-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Nell Carter Actor Housekeeper on Gimme A Break 13-Sep-1948 23-Jan-2003 DEAD
Ralph Carter Actor Michael Evans on Good Times 30-May-1961 TBD ADD
Sarah Carter Actor DOA: Dead or Alive 30-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Gabrielle Carteris Actor Beverly Hills 90210 02-Jan-1961 TBD ADD
Katrin Cartlidge Actor Claire Dolan 15-May-1961 07-Sep-2002 DEAD
Angela Cartwright Actor Lost in Space 09-Sep-1952 TBD ADD
Bec Cartwright Actor Home and Away 23-Jul-1983 TBD ADD
Nancy Cartwright Actor Voice of Bart Simpson 25-Oct-1959 TBD ADD
Veronica Cartwright Actor Alien 20-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Anthony Caruso Actor American character actor 07-Apr-1916 04-Apr-2003 DEAD
David Caruso Actor Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami 17-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Lynne Carver Actor American character actress 13-Sep-1909 12-Aug-1955 DEAD
Deanna Casaluce Actor Alex Nuñez on Degrassi 07-Feb-1986 TBD ADD
Amira Casar Actor Anatomy of Hell 01-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
María Casares Actor Orpheus 21-Nov-1922 22-Nov-1996 DEAD
Sharon Case Actor The Young and the Restless 09-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Max Casella Actor Benny Fazio on The Sopranos 06-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Dillon Casey Actor Trevor Lemonde on M.V.P. 29-Oct-1983 TBD ADD
Rosalind Cash Actor The Omega Man 31-Dec-1938 31-Oct-1995 DEAD
Philip Casnoff Actor Dr. Robert Jackson on Strong Medicine 03-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Peggy Cass Actor Auntie Mame 21-May-1924 08-Mar-1999 DEAD
John Cassavetes Actor Rosemary's Baby 09-Dec-1929 03-Feb-1989 DEAD
Nick Cassavetes Actor Assault of the Killer Bimbos 21-May-1959 TBD ADD
Jean-Pierre Cassel Actor The Crimson Rivers 27-Oct-1932 19-Apr-2007 DEAD
Seymour Cassel Actor Faces 22-Jan-1935 TBD ADD
Vincent Cassel Actor Irréversible 23-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Jack Cassidy Actor The Eiger Sanction 05-Mar-1927 12-Dec-1976 DEAD
Joanna Cassidy Actor Snake-charmer in Blade Runner 02-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Patrick Cassidy Actor Son of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones 04-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Ted Cassidy Actor Lurch on The Addams Family 31-Jul-1932 16-Jan-1979 DEAD
Dan Castellaneta Actor Voice of Homer Simpson 29-Oct-1957 TBD ADD
Richard S. Castellano Actor The Godfather 04-Sep-1933 10-Dec-1988 DEAD
Federico Castelluccio Actor Furio on The Sopranos 29-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Nino Castelnuovo Actor The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 28-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Peggie Castle Actor Lily Merrill on Lawman 22-Dec-1927 11-Aug-1973 DEAD
Keisha Castle-Hughes Actor Whale Rider 24-Mar-1990 TBD ADD
Darlene Cates Actor Bulbous mother, What's Eating Gilbert Grape 13-Dec-1947 26-Mar-2017 DEAD
Georgina Cates Actor Clay Pigeons 14-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Phoebe Cates Actor Fast Times at Ridgemont High 16-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Walter Catlett Actor Bringing Up Baby 04-Feb-1889 14-Nov-1960 DEAD
Kim Cattrall Actor Samantha on Sex and the City 21-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Emma Caulfield Actor Anya on Buffy 08-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Joan Caulfield Actor Dear Ruth 01-Jun-1922 18-Jun-1991 DEAD
Maxwell Caulfield Actor The Real Blonde 23-Nov-1959 TBD ADD
Paul Cavanagh Actor The Scarlet Claw 08-Dec-1888 15-Mar-1964 DEAD
Thomas Cavanagh Actor Ed Stevens on Ed 26-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Hobart Cavanaugh Actor A Midsummer Night's Dream 22-Sep-1886 27-Apr-1950 DEAD
Ingrid Caven Actor In a Year of 13 Moons 03-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
James Caviezel Actor Passion 26-Sep-1968 TBD ADD
Henry Cavill Actor The Tudors 05-May-1983 TBD ADD
Joseph Cawthorn Actor White Zombie 29-Mar-1868 21-Jan-1949 DEAD
John Cazale Actor Fredo in The Godfather 12-Aug-1935 12-Mar-1978 DEAD
Christopher Cazenove Actor English character actor 17-Dec-1945 07-Apr-2010 DEAD
Derek Cecil Actor Seth Grayson on House of Cards 05-Jan-1973 TBD ADD
Adolfo Celi Actor And Then There Were None 27-Jul-1922 19-Feb-1986 DEAD
Michael Cera Actor George-Michael Bluth on Arrested Development 07-Jun-1988 TBD ADD
Alain Chabat Actor Night at the Museum 24-Nov-1958 TBD ADD
Lacey Chabert Actor Claudia Salinger on Party of Five 30-Sep-1982 TBD ADD
George Chakiris Actor West Side Story 16-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Garry Chalk Actor Michael Oakes on The Killing 17-Feb-1952 TBD ADD
Sarah Chalke Actor Dr. Reid on Scrubs 27-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Richard Chamberlain Actor Dr. Kildare and Shogun 31-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Kevin Chamberlin Actor Bertram on Jessie 25-Nov-1963 TBD ADD
Lee Chamberlin Actor The Electric Company 14-Feb-1938 30-May-2014 DEAD
Justin Chambers Actor Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy 11-Jul-1970 TBD ADD
Munro Chambers Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 29-Jul-1990 TBD ADD
Nanci Chambers Actor Lt. Loren Singer on JAG 01-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Jackie Chan Actor Martial arts star, did his own stunts 07-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Michael Paul Chan Actor Robbery: Homicide Division 26-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Anna Chancellor Actor Juliet Shaw on Spooks 27-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Hosea Chanchez Actor Malik Wright on The Game 12-Sep-1981 TBD ADD
George Chandler Actor Uncle Petrie on Lassie 30-Jun-1898 10-Jun-1985 DEAD
Jeff Chandler Actor Broken Arrow 15-Dec-1918 17-Jun-1961 DEAD
Kyle Chandler Actor Friday Night Lights 17-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Lane Chandler Actor The Legion of the Condemned 04-Jun-1899 14-Sep-1972 DEAD
Lon Chaney Actor The Phantom of the Opera 01-Apr-1883 26-Aug-1930 DEAD
Lon Chaney, Jr. Actor The Wolf Man 10-Feb-1906 12-Jul-1973 DEAD
Ruth Channing Actor The Merry Widow 02-Jan-1908 08-Dec-1992 ADD
Stockard Channing Actor The First Lady on The West Wing 13-Feb-1944 TBD ADD
Rosalind Chao Actor Keiko on Star Trek: DS9 23-Sep-1957 TBD ADD
Damian Chapa Actor Street Fighter 29-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Lauren Chapin Actor Father Knows Best 23-May-1945 TBD ADD
Ben Chaplin Actor The Truth About Cats & Dogs 31-Jul-1970 TBD ADD
Charlie Chaplin Actor Silent film comedian 16-Apr-1889 25-Dec-1977 DEAD
Geraldine Chaplin Actor Doctor Zhivago 31-Jul-1944 TBD ADD
Sydney Chaplin Actor Actor/brother of Charlie Chaplin 16-Mar-1885 16-Apr-1965 DEAD
Kevin Chapman Actor Det. Fusco on Person of Interest ? TBD ADD
Lonny Chapman Actor American character actor 01-Oct-1920 12-Oct-2007 DEAD
Marguerite Chapman Actor Coroner Creek 09-Mar-1918 31-Aug-1999 DEAD
Patricia Charbonneau Actor Desert Hearts 19-Apr-1959 TBD ADD
Craig Charles Actor Dave Lister on Red Dwarf 11-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Josh Charles Actor Dan Rydell on Sports Night 15-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Ian Charleson Actor Chariots of Fire 11-Aug-1949 06-Jan-1990 DEAD
Spencer Charters Actor Character actor 25-Mar-1875 25-Jan-1943 DEAD
Melanie Chartoff Actor Parker Lewis Can't Lose 15-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
David Charvet Actor Matt Brody on Baywatch 15-May-1972 TBD ADD
Daveigh Chase Actor Lilo & Stitch 24-Jul-1990 TBD ADD
Ilka Chase Actor Now, Voyager 08-Apr-1900 15-Feb-1978 DEAD
Jonathan Chase Actor Cash on One on One 26-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Jessica Chastain Actor The Tree of Life 29-Mar-1981 TBD ADD
Ruth Chatterton Actor Madame X 24-Dec-1893 24-Nov-1961 DEAD
Justin Chatwin Actor War of the Worlds remake 31-Oct-1982 TBD ADD
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Actor Infernal Affairs 02-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Ricardo Chavira Actor Desperate Housewives 01-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Juhi Chawla Actor Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke 13-Nov-1967 TBD ADD
Maury Chaykin Actor A Nero Wolfe Mystery 27-Jul-1949 27-Jul-2010 DEAD
Don Cheadle Actor Boogie Nights 29-Nov-1964 TBD ADD
Molly Cheek Actor Nancy Henderson on Harry and the Hendersons 02-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Edison Chen Actor Infernal Affairs II 07-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Joan Chen Actor The Last Emperor 26-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Kristin Chenoweth Actor Annabeth Schott on The West Wing 24-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Nikolai Cherkasov Actor Aleksandr Nevsky 27-Jul-1903 14-Sep-1966 DEAD
Patrick Chesnais Actor Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé 18-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
Craig Chester Actor Adam & Steve 08-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Morris Chestnut Actor Two Can Play That Game 01-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Maggie Cheung Actor In the Mood for Love 20-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Maurice Chevalier Actor Love Me Tonight 12-Sep-1888 01-Jan-1972 DEAD
Dominic Chianese Actor Uncle Junior on The Sopranos 02-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Walter Chiari Actor Bellissima 02-Mar-1924 20-Dec-1991 DEAD
Sonny Chiba Actor Martial arts movie icon 23-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
Michael Chiklis Actor The Shield 30-Aug-1963 TBD ADD
Lois Chiles Actor Moonraker 15-Apr-1947 TBD ADD
Nick Chinlund Actor A Brother's Kiss 18-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Anna Chlumsky Actor My Girl 03-Dec-1980 TBD ADD
John Cho Actor Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 16-Jun-1972 TBD ADD
Min-sik Choi Actor Oldboy 27-Apr-1962 TBD ADD
David Chokachi Actor Cody Madison on Baywatch 16-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Rae Dawn Chong Actor Quest for Fire 28-Feb-1961 TBD ADD
Tommy Chong Actor The stoned half of Cheech and Chong 24-May-1938 TBD ADD
Priyanka Chopra Actor Krrish 18-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Sarita Choudhury Actor Mississippi Masala 18-Aug-1966 TBD ADD
Stephen Chow Actor Shaolin Soccer 22-Jun-1962 TBD ADD
Emmanuelle Chriqui Actor Sloan on Entourage 10-Dec-1977 TBD ADD
Erika Christensen Actor Caroline in Traffic 19-Aug-1982 TBD ADD
Hayden Christensen Actor Lead in Star Wars: Episode II 19-Apr-1981 TBD ADD
Claudia Christian Actor Ivanova on Babylon 5 10-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Gabrielle Christian Actor Spencer Carlin on South of Nowhere 30-Jul-1984 TBD ADD
Linda Christian Actor Ex-Wife of Tyrone Power 13-Nov-1923 22-Jul-2011 DEAD
Audrey Christie Actor Broadway and TV actress 27-Jun-1912 19-Dec-1989 DEAD
Julie Christie Actor Darling 14-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
Warren Christie Actor Cameron Hicks on Alphas 04-Nov-1975 TBD ADD
Virginia Christine Actor Folger Coffee's Mrs. Olson 05-Mar-1920 24-Jul-1996 DEAD
Dennis Christopher Actor It 02-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
Tyler Christopher Actor General Hospital 11-Nov-1972 TBD ADD
William Christopher Actor Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H 20-Oct-1932 31-Dec-2016 DEAD
Thomas Haden Church Actor Lowell Mather on Wings 17-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Berton Churchill Actor Heroes for Sale 09-Dec-1876 10-Oct-1940 DEAD
Marguerite Churchill Actor The Big Trail 25-Dec-1910 09-Jan-2000 DEAD
Eduardo Ciannelli Actor Strange Cargo 30-Aug-1889 08-Oct-1969 DEAD
Eddie Cibrian Actor Jimmy Doherty on Third Watch 18-Jun-1973 TBD ADD
Diane Cilento Actor The Agony and the Ecstasy 05-Oct-1933 06-Oct-2011 DEAD
Leonardo Cimino Actor Dune 04-Mar-1917 03-Mar-2012 DEAD
Ina Claire Actor Ninotchka 15-Oct-1893 21-Feb-1985 DEAD
Gordon Clapp Actor Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue 24-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Dustin Clare Actor Riley Ward on McLeod's Daughters 02-Jan-1982 TBD ADD
Anthony Clark Actor Greg Warner on Yes, Dear 04-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Candy Clark Actor American Graffiti 20-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Dane Clark Actor Moonrise 26-Feb-1912 11-Sep-1998 DEAD
Daniel Clark Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 14-Oct-1985 TBD ADD
Ernest Clark Actor Sir Geoffrey Loftus 12-Feb-1912 11-Nov-1994 DEAD
Fred Clark Actor A Place in the Sun 19-Mar-1914 05-Dec-1968 DEAD
Robert Clark Actor The Zack Files 20-Aug-1986 TBD ADD
Spencer Treat Clark Actor Unbreakable 24-Sep-1987 TBD ADD
Susan Clark Actor Katherine Papadapolis on Webster 08-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Emilia Clarke Actor Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones 26-Oct-1986 TBD ADD
Jason Clarke Actor Zero Dark Thirty 17-Jul-1969 TBD ADD
Lenny Clarke Actor Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me 16-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Mae Clarke Actor Waterloo Bridge 16-Aug-1910 29-Apr-1992 DEAD
Melinda Clarke Actor Julie Cooper-Nichol on The O.C. 24-Apr-1969 TBD ADD
Noel Clarke Actor Mickey Smith on Doctor Who 06-Dec-1975 TBD ADD
Sarah Clarke Actor Nina Myers on 24 16-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Lana Clarkson Actor Barbarian Queen 05-Apr-1962 03-Feb-2003 DEAD
Patricia Clarkson Actor Pieces of April 29-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Robert Clary Actor LeBeau on Hogan's Heroes 01-Mar-1926 TBD ADD
Christian Clavier Actor Les Visiteurs 06-May-1952 TBD ADD
Jill Clayburgh Actor Starting Over 30-Apr-1944 05-Nov-2010 DEAD
Jan Clayton Actor Ellen Miller on Lassie 26-Aug-1917 28-Aug-1983 DEAD
June Clayworth Actor At Sword's Point 09-Jun-1912 01-Jan-1993 DEAD
Christian Clemenson Actor Dr. Tom Loman on CSI: Miami 17-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
David Clennon Actor Joshua Nankin on The Agency 10-May-1943 TBD ADD
Carol Cleveland Actor Monty Python's Flying Circus 13-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
George Cleveland Actor Gramps on Lassie 17-Sep-1885 15-Jul-1957 DEAD
Montgomery Clift Actor From Here to Eternity 17-Oct-1920 23-Jul-1966 DEAD
Colin Clive Actor Frankenstein 20-Jan-1900 25-Jun-1937 DEAD
E. E. Clive Actor Tenney in Bulldog Drummond 28-Aug-1879 06-Jun-1940 DEAD
George Clooney Actor E.R. 06-May-1961 TBD ADD
Del Close Actor The Funniest One in the Room 09-Mar-1934 04-Mar-1999 DEAD
Eric Close Actor Without a Trace 24-May-1967 TBD ADD
Glenn Close Actor Fatal Attraction 19-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
Suzanne Cloutier Actor Othello 10-Jul-1923 02-Dec-2003 DEAD
Alec Clunes Actor Classical theatre actor, stage manager 17-May-1912 13-Mar-1970 DEAD
Martin Clunes Actor Dr. Martin Ellingham on Doc Martin 28-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Michelle Clunie Actor Mel on Queer as Folk 07-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
François Cluzet Actor 'Round Midnight 21-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Andy Clyde Actor Cully Wilson on Lassie 25-Mar-1892 18-May-1967 DEAD
Kim Coates Actor Alex Trager on Sons of Anarchy 1959 TBD ADD
Keith Hamilton Cobb Actor Tyr Anasazi on Andromeda 28-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Lee J. Cobb Actor The Left Hand of God 08-Dec-1911 11-Feb-1976 DEAD
Bill Cobbs Actor Tony on The Drew Carey Show 16-Jun-1935 TBD ADD
Charles Coburn Actor The More the Merrier 17-Jun-1877 30-Aug-1961 DEAD
James Coburn Actor Our Man Flint 31-Aug-1928 18-Nov-2002 DEAD
Imogene Coca Actor Your Show of Shows 18-Nov-1908 02-Jun-2001 DEAD
Steve Cochran Actor The Damned Don't Cry 25-May-1917 15-Jun-1965 DEAD
Rory Cochrane Actor Tim Speedle on CSI: Miami 28-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
James Coco Actor Only When I Laugh 21-Mar-1928 25-Feb-1987 DEAD
Iron Eyes Cody Actor Keep America Beautiful 03-Apr-1904 04-Jan-1999 DEAD
Barry Coe Actor Ben Gregory on Follow the Sun 26-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
George Coe Actor Woodhouse on Archer 10-May-1929 18-Jul-2015 DEAD
Frederick Coffin Actor Character actor 16-Jan-1943 31-Jul-2003 DEAD
Lauren Cohan Actor Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead 30-Nov-1982 TBD ADD
Scott Cohen Actor The 10th Kingdom 19-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Mindy Cohn Actor Natalie on The Facts of Life 20-May-1966 TBD ADD
Enrico Colantoni Actor Elliot DiMauro on Just Shoot Me! 14-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Claudette Colbert Actor It Happened One Night 13-Sep-1903 30-Jul-1996 DEAD
Dennis Cole Actor Beefcake model turned actor 19-Jul-1940 15-Nov-2009 DEAD
Gary Cole Actor Bill in Office Space 20-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
George Cole Actor Arthur Daley on Minder 22-Apr-1925 05-Aug-2015 DEAD
Michael Cole Actor Pete Cochran on The Mod Squad 03-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Taylor Cole Actor Erika Spalding on Summerland 29-Apr-1984 TBD ADD
Tina Cole Actor Katie on My Three Sons 04-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Dabney Coleman Actor Moustache from 9 To 5 03-Jan-1932 TBD ADD
Gary Coleman Actor Arnold Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes 08-Feb-1968 28-May-2010 DEAD
Jack Coleman Actor Steven Carrington on Dynasty 21-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Monique Coleman Actor High School Musical 13-Nov-1980 TBD ADD
Nancy Coleman Actor Desperate Journey 30-Dec-1912 18-Jan-2000 DEAD
Kim Coles Actor Synclaire James on Living Single 11-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Chris Colfer Actor Kurt Hummel on Glee 27-May-1990 TBD ADD
John Colicos Actor Anne of the Thousand Days 10-Dec-1928 06-Mar-2000 DEAD
Margaret Colin Actor As the World Turns 26-May-1957 TBD ADD
Toni Collette Actor United States of Tara 01-Nov-1972 TBD ADD
Stephen Colletti Actor Laguna Beach 07-Feb-1986 TBD ADD
Constance Collier Actor Stage Door 22-Jan-1878 25-Apr-1955 DEAD
Lois Collier Actor Mary Wesley on Boston Blackie 21-Mar-1919 27-Oct-1999 DEAD
Clifton Collins, Jr. Actor One Eight Seven 16-Jun-1970 TBD ADD
Gary Collins Actor Host of The Home Show 30-Apr-1938 13-Oct-2012 DEAD
Joan Collins Actor Alexis on Dynasty 23-May-1933 TBD ADD
Lauren Collins Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 29-Aug-1986 TBD ADD
Lewis Collins Actor Bodie on The Professionals 27-May-1946 27-Nov-2013 DEAD
Lily Collins Actor Mirror Mirror 18-Mar-1989 TBD ADD
Lynn Collins Actor X-Men Origins: Wolverine 16-May-1977 TBD ADD
Misha Collins Actor Castiel on Supernatural 20-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
Pauline Collins Actor Shirley Valentine 03-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Ray Collins Actor Lt. Tragg on Perry Mason 10-Dec-1889 11-Jul-1965 DEAD
Stephen Collins Actor Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven 01-Oct-1947 TBD ADD
June Collyer Actor The Stu Erwin Show 19-Aug-1906 16-Mar-1968 DEAD
Olivia Colman Actor Sophie Chapman on Peep Show 30-Jan-1974 TBD ADD
Ronald Colman Actor A Double Life 09-Feb-1891 19-May-1958 DEAD
Scott Colomby Actor Caddyshack 19-Sep-1952 TBD ADD
Ellar Coltrane Actor Boyhood 27-Aug-1994 TBD ADD
Robbie Coltrane Actor Hagrid in the Harry Potter films 30-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Coluche Actor Le maître d'école 28-Oct-1944 19-Jun-1986 DEAD
Jack Colvin Actor Jack McGee on The Incredible Hulk 13-Oct-1934 01-Dec-2005 DEAD
Holly Marie Combs Actor Piper Halliwell on Charmed 03-Dec-1973 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Combs Actor Herbert West in Re-Animator 09-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Anjanette Comer Actor The Appaloosa 07-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Forrest Compton Actor Col. Edward Gray on Gomer Pyle, USMC 15-Sep-1925 TBD ADD
Joyce Compton Actor Blonde character actress 27-Jan-1907 13-Oct-1997 DEAD
Jeff Conaway Actor Grease 05-Oct-1950 27-May-2011 DEAD
Peggy Conklin Actor Broadway actress, The Petrified Forest 02-Nov-1906 18-Mar-2003 DEAD
Darlene Conley Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 18-Jul-1934 14-Jan-2007 DEAD
Michaela Conlin Actor Angela Montenegro on Bones 09-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Didi Conn Actor Denise on Benson 13-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Christopher Connelly Actor Norman Harrington on Peyton Place 08-Sep-1941 07-Dec-1988 DEAD
Jennifer Connelly Actor Betty Ross in The Hulk 12-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Jason Connery Actor Merlin 11-Jan-1963 TBD ADD
Sean Connery Actor James Bond 25-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Kevin Connolly Actor Eric Murphy on Entourage 05-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Walter Connolly Actor It Happened One Night 08-Apr-1887 28-May-1940 DEAD
Chuck Connors Actor The Rifleman 10-Apr-1921 10-Nov-1992 DEAD
Mike Connors Actor Mannix 15-Aug-1925 26-Jan-2017 DEAD
David Conrad Actor Jim Clancy on Ghost Whisperer 17-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Michael Conrad Actor Sgt. Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues 16-Oct-1925 22-Nov-1983 DEAD
Robert Conrad Actor Wild Wild West 01-Mar-1929 TBD ADD
William Conrad Actor Jake and the Fatman 27-Sep-1920 11-Feb-1994 DEAD
Hans Conried Actor Character actor, 1930s to 1970s 15-Apr-1917 05-Jan-1982 DEAD
Frances Conroy Actor Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under 13-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Frank Conroy Actor The Ox-Bow Incident 14-Oct-1890 24-Feb-1964 DEAD
Paddy Considine Actor Dead Man's Shoes 05-Sep-1974 TBD ADD
Tim Considine Actor My Three Sons 31-Dec-1940 TBD ADD
Michael Constantine Actor My Big Fat Greek Wedding 22-May-1927 TBD ADD
Mark Consuelos Actor 1-800-Missing 30-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Richard Conte Actor The Blue Gardenia 24-Mar-1910 15-Apr-1975 DEAD
Albert Conti Actor American character actor 29-Jan-1887 18-Jan-1967 DEAD
Tom Conti Actor American Dreamer 22-Nov-1941 TBD ADD
Frank Converse Actor Will Chandler on Movin' On 22-May-1938 TBD ADD
Gary Conway Actor Det. Tilson on Burke's Law 04-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Morgan Conway Actor Dick Tracy 16-Mar-1903 16-Nov-1981 DEAD
Pat Conway Actor Tombstone Territory 09-Jan-1931 24-Apr-1981 DEAD
Shirl Conway Actor Liz Thorpe on The Nurses 13-Jun-1916 07-May-2007 DEAD
Tim Conway Actor The Carol Burnett Show 15-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Tom Conway Actor I Walked with a Zombie 15-Sep-1904 22-Apr-1967 DEAD
Jackie Coogan Actor Uncle Fester in The Addams Family 26-Oct-1914 01-Mar-1984 DEAD
Keith Coogan Actor Cheetah 13-Jan-1970 TBD ADD
Steve Coogan Actor I'm Alan Partridge 14-Oct-1965 TBD ADD
A. J. Cook Actor Jennifer Jareau on Criminal Minds 22-Jul-1978 TBD ADD
Carole Cook Actor The Incredible Mr. Limpet 1928 TBD ADD
Donald Cook Actor Viva Villa! 26-Sep-1901 01-Oct-1961 DEAD
Elisha Cook, Jr. Actor The Maltese Falcon 26-Dec-1903 18-May-1995 DEAD
Jason Cook Actor Days of Our Lives 13-Sep-1980 TBD ADD
Nathan Cook Actor Billy Griffin on Hotel 09-Apr-1950 11-Jun-1988 DEAD
Rachael Leigh Cook Actor She's All That 04-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Ryan Cooley Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 18-May-1988 TBD ADD
Jennifer Coolidge Actor Legally Blonde 28-Aug-1961 TBD ADD
Pat Coombs Actor British character actress 27-Aug-1926 25-May-2002 DEAD
Torrance Coombs Actor Sebastian on Reign 14-Jun-1983 TBD ADD
Ben Cooper Actor The Last Command 30-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Bradley Cooper Actor Will Tippin on Alias 05-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Chris Cooper Actor American Beauty 09-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Dominic Cooper Actor The Duchess 02-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Gary Cooper Actor High Noon 07-May-1901 14-May-1961 DEAD
Gladys Cooper Actor My Fair Lady 18-Dec-1888 17-Nov-1971 DEAD
Jackie Cooper Actor Jackie in Our Gang 15-Sep-1922 03-May-2011 DEAD
Jeanne Cooper Actor The Young and the Restless 25-Oct-1928 08-May-2013 DEAD
Melville Cooper Actor The Adventures of Robin Hood 15-Oct-1896 31-Mar-1973 DEAD
Ralph Cooper Actor The Dark Gable 16-Jan-1908 04-Apr-1992 DEAD
Violet Kemble Cooper Actor Our Betters 12-Dec-1886 17-Aug-1961 DEAD
Robert Coote Actor My Fair Lady 04-Feb-1909 26-Nov-1982 DEAD
Teri Copley Actor We Got It Made 10-May-1961 TBD ADD
Alicia Coppola Actor Mimi Clark on Jericho 12-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Brady Corbet Actor Thunderbirds 17-Aug-1988 TBD ADD
Glenn Corbett Actor Lincoln Case on Route 66 17-Aug-1930 16-Jan-1993 DEAD
Gretchen Corbett Actor Beth Davenport on The Rockford Files 13-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
John Corbett Actor Chris the DJ on Northern Exposure 09-May-1961 TBD ADD
Barry Corbin Actor Maurice Minnifield on Northern Exposure 16-Oct-1940 TBD ADD
Ellen Corby Actor Grandma on The Waltons 03-Jun-1911 14-Apr-1999 DEAD
Donna Corcoran Actor Child actress of the 1950s 29-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Kevin Corcoran Actor Disney child actor 10-Jun-1949 06-Oct-2015 DEAD
Noreen Corcoran Actor Kelly Gregg on Bachelor Father 20-Oct-1943 15-Jan-2016 DEAD
Alex Cord Actor Michael Archangel on Airwolf 03-May-1933 TBD ADD
Mara Corday Actor Playboy Playmate and bit actress 03-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Nathan Corddry Actor Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 08-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Henry Corden Actor Hanna-Barbara voice actor 06-Jan-1920 19-May-2005 DEAD
Pedro de Cordoba Actor The Ghost Breakers 28-Sep-1881 16-Sep-1950 DEAD
Arturo de Córdova Actor El 08-May-1907 03-Nov-1973 DEAD
Jeff Corey Actor Little Big Man 10-Aug-1914 16-Aug-2002 DEAD
Wendell Corey Actor Desert Fury 20-Mar-1914 08-Nov-1968 DEAD
Katharine Cornell Actor The Barretts of Wimpole Street 16-Feb-1898 09-Jun-1974 DEAD
Abbie Cornish Actor Somersault 07-Aug-1982 TBD ADD
Charles J. Correll Actor Andy of Amos & Andy 02-Feb-1890 26-Sep-1972 DEAD
Adrienne Corri Actor A Clockwork Orange 13-Nov-1931 13-Mar-2016 DEAD
Crash Corrigan Actor Undersea Kingdom 14-Feb-1902 10-Aug-1976 DEAD
Kevin Corrigan Actor Eddie Finnerty on Grounded for Life 27-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Lloyd Corrigan Actor Arthur Manleder in Boston Blackie films 16-Oct-1900 05-Nov-1969 DEAD
Aneta Corsaut Actor The Andy Griffith Show 03-Nov-1933 06-Nov-1995 DEAD
Ted de Corsia Actor The Enforcer 29-Sep-1905 11-Apr-1973 DEAD
Bud Cort Actor Harold in Harold and Maude 29-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Genevieve Cortese Actor Kris Furillo on Wildfire 08-Jan-1981 TBD ADD
Valentina Cortese Actor La Nuit Américaine 01-Jan-1925 TBD ADD
Ricardo Cortez Actor The Torrent 19-Sep-1899 28-Apr-1977 DEAD
Daniel Cosgrove Actor Matt Durning on Beverly Hills 90210 16-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Miranda Cosgrove Actor Megan Parker on Drake & Josh 14-May-1993 TBD ADD
Paulo Costanzo Actor Road Trip 21-Sep-1978 TBD ADD
Lou Costello Actor Half of Abbott and Costello 06-Mar-1906 03-Mar-1959 DEAD
Mariclare Costello Actor Let's Scare Jessica to Death 03-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Kevin Costner Actor Dances with Wolves 18-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Marion Cotillard Actor Taxi 30-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
Kami Cotler Actor Elizabeth Walton on The Waltons 17-Jun-1965 TBD ADD
Joseph Cotten Actor Jedidiah Leland in Citizen Kane 15-May-1905 06-Feb-1994 DEAD
Antony Cotton Actor Sean Tully on Coronation Street 05-Aug-1975 TBD ADD
Marisa Coughlan Actor Side Order of Life 17-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Dave Coulier Actor Joey Gladstone on Full House 21-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
George Coulouris Actor Watch on the Rhine 01-Oct-1903 25-Apr-1989 DEAD
Christian Coulson Actor Tom Riddle in Harry Potter 03-Oct-1978 TBD ADD
Bridgid Coulter Actor Actress/girlfriend of Don Cheadle 02-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Counsell Actor Veronica Bainbridge on Brush Strokes 07-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Eliza Coupe Actor Jane Kerkovich-Williams on Happy Endings 06-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
Hazel Court Actor Horror Queen 10-Feb-1926 15-Apr-2008 DEAD
Tom Courtenay Actor The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 25-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Cicely Courtneidge Actor The Ghost Train 01-Apr-1893 26-Apr-1980 DEAD
Jai Courtney Actor A Good Day to Die Hard 15-Mar-1986 TBD ADD
Stephanie Courtney Actor Tom Goes to the Mayor 08-Feb-1970 TBD ADD
Franklin Cover Actor Tom Willis on The Jeffersons 20-Nov-1928 05-Feb-2006 DEAD
Allen Covert Actor Grandma's Boy 13-Oct-1964 TBD ADD
Jerome Cowan Actor Miracle on 34th Street 06-Oct-1897 24-Jan-1972 DEAD
Brian Cox Actor The original Hannibal Lecter 01-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Charlie Cox Actor Stardust 21-Dec-1982 TBD ADD
Christina Cox Actor Vicki Nelson on Blood Ties 31-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
Courteney Cox Actor Monica on Friends 15-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Joshua Cox Actor Peter Riggs on Strong Medicine 09-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Laverne Cox Actor Orange is the New Black 29-May-1984 TBD ADD
Nikki Cox Actor MAC and Me 02-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Richard Cox Actor Cruising 06-May-1948 TBD ADD
Ronny Cox Actor Lt. Bogomil in Beverly Hills Cop 23-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Tony Cox Actor Marcus in Bad Santa 31-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Wally Cox Actor Mr. Peepers 06-Dec-1924 15-Feb-1973 DEAD
Brendan Coyle Actor John Bates on Downton Abbey 02-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Peter Coyote Actor Dennis Ryland on The 4400 10-Oct-1942 TBD ADD
Buster Crabbe Actor Flash Gordon 17-Feb-1907 23-Apr-1983 DEAD
Carolyn Craig Actor House on Haunted Hill 27-Oct-1934 12-Dec-1970 DEAD
Daniel Craig Actor The current James Bond 02-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
James Craig Actor Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 04-Feb-1912 28-Jun-1985 DEAD
Michael Craig Actor Capt. John Anderson on Triangle 27-Jan-1928 TBD ADD
Wendy Craig Actor Matron on The Royal 20-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Yvonne Craig Actor Batgirl on Batman 16-May-1937 17-Aug-2015 DEAD
Jeanne Crain Actor 20th Century Fox studio actress 25-May-1925 14-Dec-2003 DEAD
Barbara Crampton Actor The Young and the Restless 27-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
Bob Crane Actor Hogan on Hogan's Heroes 13-Jul-1928 29-Jun-1978 DEAD
Norma Crane Actor Fiddler on the Roof 10-Nov-1928 28-Sep-1973 DEAD
Kenneth Cranham Actor Shine on Harvey Moon 12-Dec-1944 TBD ADD
Bryan Cranston Actor Walter White on Breaking Bad 07-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
Nick Cravat Actor The Crimson Pirate 11-Jan-1912 29-Jan-1994 DEAD
Matt Craven Actor Jacob's Ladder 10-Nov-1956 TBD ADD
Broderick Crawford Actor All the King's Men 09-Dec-1911 26-Apr-1986 DEAD
Chace Crawford Actor The Covenant 18-Jul-1985 TBD ADD
Clayne Crawford Actor Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon 20-Apr-1978 TBD ADD
Joan Crawford Actor What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 23-Mar-1905 10-May-1977 DEAD
Johnny Crawford Actor Mark McCain on The Rifleman 26-Mar-1946 TBD ADD
Dani Crayne Actor Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend 25-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Laird Cregar Actor The Lodger 28-Jul-1916 09-Dec-1944 DEAD
Jack Creley Actor Dr. Strangelove, Videodrome 06-Mar-1926 10-Mar-2004 DEAD
Richard Crenna Actor Our Miss Brooks 30-Nov-1927 18-Jan-2003 DEAD
Amanda Crew Actor Carrie Miller on Whistler 05-Jun-1986 TBD ADD
Terry Crews Actor Everybody Hates Chris 30-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Wendy Crewson Actor Night Heat 09-May-1956 TBD ADD
Bernard Cribbins Actor The Mouse on the Moon 29-Dec-1928 TBD ADD
Missy Crider Actor Gigli 13-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Donald Crisp Actor Silent film actor, survived into talkies 27-Jul-1880 25-May-1974 DEAD
Quentin Crisp Actor The Naked Civil Servant 25-Dec-1908 21-Nov-1999 DEAD
Darren Criss Actor Blaine Anderson on Glee 05-Feb-1987 TBD ADD
Linda Cristal Actor Victoria Cannon on The High Chaparral 23-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Mary Jane Croft Actor Mary Jane on The Lucy Show 15-Feb-1916 24-Aug-1999 DEAD
C. Martin Croker Actor Zorak & Moltar on Space Ghost 10-Jan-1962 18-Sep-2016 DEAD
Jonathan Crombie Actor Green Gables 12-Oct-1966 15-Apr-2015 DEAD
James Cromwell Actor Babe, L.A. Confidential 27-Jan-1940 TBD ADD
Richard Cromwell Actor The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 08-Jan-1920 11-Oct-1960 DEAD
Hume Cronyn Actor Cocoon 18-Jul-1911 15-Jun-2003 DEAD
Mackenzie Crook Actor Gareth Keenan on The Office 29-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Cathy Lee Crosby Actor That's Incredible! 02-Dec-1944 TBD ADD
Denise Crosby Actor Tasha Yar on Star Trek 24-Nov-1957 TBD ADD
Gary Crosby Actor Son of Bing Crosby 27-Jun-1933 24-Aug-1995 DEAD
Kathryn Crosby Actor Widow of Bing Crosby 25-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Lindsay Crosby Actor Son of Bing Crosby, suicide with rifle 05-Jan-1938 11-Dec-1989 DEAD
Mary Crosby Actor Dallas 14-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Ben Cross Actor Chariots of Fire 16-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
David Cross Actor Mr. Show with Bob and David 04-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Joseph Cross Actor Running with Scissors 28-May-1986 TBD ADD
Marcia Cross Actor Desperate Housewives 25-Mar-1962 TBD ADD
Roger R. Cross Actor Curtis Manning on 24 19-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Suzanne Crough Actor Tracy on The Partridge Family 06-Mar-1963 27-Apr-2015 DEAD
Lindsay Crouse Actor House of Games 12-May-1948 TBD ADD
Russell Crowe Actor A Beautiful Mind 07-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Patricia Crowley Actor Please Don't Eat the Daisies 17-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Billy Crudup Actor Almost Famous and Stage Beauty 08-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Tom Cruise Actor Flamboyant Scientologist 03-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Alexis Cruz Actor Stargate SG-1 29-Sep-1974 TBD ADD
Brandon Cruz Actor The Courtship of Eddie's Father 28-May-1962 TBD ADD
Penelope Cruz Actor Woman On Top 28-Apr-1974 TBD ADD
Raymond Cruz Actor Det. Julio Sanchez on The Closer 09-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
Valerie Cruz Actor Dr. Grace Santiago, Nip/Tuck 18-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Wilson Cruz Actor Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life 27-Dec-1973 TBD ADD
Jon Cryer Actor Duckie Dale in Pretty in Pink 16-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Marton Csokas Actor Borias on Xena, Warrior Princess 30-Jun-1966 TBD ADD
David Cubitt Actor Det. Lee Scanlon on Medium 18-Mar-1965 TBD ADD
Michael Cudlitz Actor John Cooper on Southland 29-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Kieran Culkin Actor Brother of Macaulay Culkin 30-Sep-1982 TBD ADD
Macaulay Culkin Actor Home Alone 26-Aug-1980 TBD ADD
Rory Culkin Actor Kid in Signs 21-Jul-1989 TBD