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Rotten Dead Pool
Robert Allston Agriculturalist Rice planter, Governor 21-Apr-1801 07-Apr-1864 DEAD
Robert Bakewell Agriculturalist English Agricultural reformer 1725 01-Oct-1795 DEAD
Roswell Garst Agriculturalist Hybrid corn farmer, amateur diplomat 14-Jun-1898 05-Nov-1977 DEAD
Jane G. Pepper Agriculturalist Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 1945 TBD ADD
Leonidas LaFayette Polk Agriculturalist Agrarian reformer 24-Apr-1837 11-Jun-1892 DEAD
John Rolfe Agriculturalist First Virginia tobacco baron, husband of Pocahontas 1585 22-Mar-1622 DEAD
Thomas Spalding Agriculturalist Congressman from Georgia, 1805-06 26-Mar-1774 05-Jan-1851 DEAD
Peter G. Ten Eyck II Agriculturalist Indian Ladder Farms 1938 TBD ADD
Michael Toelle Agriculturalist Chairman of CHS ? TBD ADD
Jethro Tull Agriculturalist The Horse-hoeing Husbandry 1674 21-Feb-1741 DEAD
O. Glenn Webb Agriculturalist President of ADM/GROWMARK, 1980-2000 1935 TBD ADD