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Rotten Dead Pool
Mikhail Bakunin Anarchist Pioneer of the Anarchist movement 30-May-1814 01-Jul-1876 DEAD
Alexander Berkman Anarchist A.B.C. of Anarchism 21-Nov-1870 28-Jun-1936 DEAD
Voltairine de Cleyre Anarchist Anarchist without an adjective 17-Nov-1866 20-Jun-1912 DEAD
Buenaventura Durruti Anarchist Spanish anarchist, killed in Civil War 14-Jul-1896 20-Nov-1936 DEAD
Emma Goldman Anarchist Anarchist and feminist libertarian 27-Jun-1869 14-May-1940 DEAD
Paul Goodman Anarchist Growing Up Absurd 09-Sep-1911 02-Aug-1972 DEAD
Peter Kropotkin Anarchist Libertarian anarchist revolutionary 21-Dec-1842 08-Feb-1921 DEAD
Ricardo Flores Magón Anarchist Agitator behind Mexican revolution 16-Sep-1873 21-Nov-1922 DEAD
Lucy Parsons Anarchist Anarchist labor organizer 1853 07-Mar-1942 DEAD
Emelian Pugachev Anarchist Bloody insurrectionist in southern Russia, 1773-74 1740 10-Jan-1775 DEAD
Nicola Sacco Anarchist Sacco and Vanzetti 22-Apr-1891 27-Aug-1927 DEAD
Bartolomeo Vanzetti Anarchist Sacco and Vanzetti 11-Jun-1888 27-Aug-1927 DEAD