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Rotten Dead Pool
William Foxwell Albright Archaeologist Biblical archaeologist at Johns Hopkins 24-May-1891 19-Sep-1971 DEAD
Robert Ballard Archaeologist Discovered the wreck of the Titanic 30-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
James Henry Breasted Archaeologist A History of Egypt 27-Aug-1865 02-Dec-1935 DEAD
Charles F. Brush III Archaeologist Explorers Club president 1978-81 03-Apr-1923 01-Jun-2006 DEAD
Howard Carter Archaeologist Uncovered Tutankhamun's Tomb 09-May-1874 02-Mar-1939 DEAD
Gordon Childe Archaeologist The Dawn of European Civilisation 14-Apr-1892 19-Oct-1957 DEAD
David L. Clarke Archaeologist Analytical Archaeology 03-Nov-1937 27-Jun-1976 DEAD
Barry Cunliffe Archaeologist Iron Age Communities in Britain 10-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Barry J. Kemp Archaeologist Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation 1940 TBD ADD
K. A. Kitchen Archaeologist The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt 1932 TBD ADD
Steven Mithen Archaeologist After the Ice 16-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Margaret Murray Archaeologist Egyptologist, mother of Wicca 13-Jul-1863 13-Nov-1963 DEAD
Charles Thomas Newton Archaeologist Discovered Halicarnassus mausoleum 16-Sep-1816 28-Nov-1894 DEAD
Flinders Petrie Archaeologist Pioneering Egyptologist 03-Jun-1853 28-Jul-1942 DEAD
Hormuzd Rassam Archaeologist Discovered Epic of Gilgamesh 1826 16-Sep-1910 DEAD
Heinrich Schliemann Archaeologist Discoverer of ancient Troy 06-Jan-1822 26-Dec-1890 DEAD
Mortimer Wheeler Archaeologist Archaeology from the Earth 10-Sep-1890 22-Jul-1976 DEAD
Johann Winckelmann Archaeologist Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums 09-Dec-1717 08-Jun-1768 DEAD