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Rotten Dead Pool
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Second man on the Moon 20-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Neil Armstrong Astronaut First man on the Moon 05-Aug-1930 25-Aug-2012 DEAD
Alan Bean Astronaut Apollo 12, Skylab Mission II astronaut 15-Mar-1932 TBD ADD
Charles F. Bolden, Jr. Astronaut Four-time shuttle astronaut 19-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Frank Borman Astronaut First to circumnavigate moon 14-Mar-1928 TBD ADD
Scott Carpenter Astronaut Mercury astronaut 01-May-1925 10-Oct-2013 DEAD
Gene Cernan Astronaut Last man on the moon (Apollo 17) 14-Mar-1934 16-Jan-2017 DEAD
Michael Collins Astronaut Apollo 11 command module pilot 31-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Pete Conrad Astronaut Apollo 12 mission commander, 3rd on moon 02-Jun-1930 08-Jul-1999 DEAD
Gordon Cooper Astronaut Mercury 7 and Gemini 5 astronaut 06-Mar-1927 04-Oct-2004 DEAD
Dick Covey Astronaut Shuttle astronaut 01-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Robert Crippen Astronaut Pilot of first shuttle mission, STS-1 11-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Charles Duke Astronaut 10th to walk on the Moon 03-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Yuri Gagarin Astronaut First person to orbit earth 09-Mar-1934 27-Mar-1968 DEAD
Marc Garneau Astronaut First Canadian in space 23-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Owen K. Garriott Astronaut Skylab, Spacelab astronaut 22-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
John Glenn Astronaut First American to orbit earth 18-Jul-1921 08-Dec-2016 DEAD
Gus Grissom Astronaut Second American in space 03-Apr-1926 27-Jan-1967 DEAD
Chris Hadfield Astronaut First Canadian to walk in space 29-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Fred Haise Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 13 14-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Bernard A. Harris, Jr. Astronaut First black astronaut to spacewalk 26-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
James Irwin Astronaut 8th to walk on the Moon 17-Mar-1930 08-Aug-1991 DEAD
Mae C. Jemison Astronaut First African-American woman in space 17-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Vladimir Komarov Astronaut Pilot of Soyuz 1 plunged to his death 16-Mar-1927 24-Apr-1967 DEAD
Alexei Leonov Astronaut First man to walk in space 30-May-1934 TBD ADD
Yang Liwei Astronaut First manned Chinese spaceflight 21-Jun-1965 TBD ADD
Jim Lovell Astronaut Apollo 13 25-Mar-1928 TBD ADD
Shannon Lucid Astronaut Five space shuttle flights 14-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
Christa McAuliffe Astronaut First teacher in space 02-Sep-1948 28-Jan-1986 DEAD
James A. McDivitt Astronaut Commander, Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 10-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Michael Melvill Astronaut First private astronaut in space 11-Nov-1941 TBD ADD
Edgar Mitchell Astronaut 6th to walk on the Moon 17-Sep-1930 04-Feb-2016 DEAD
Story Musgrave Astronaut Spent 1281 hours in space 19-Aug-1935 TBD ADD
Andrian Nikolayev Astronaut Third Russian cosmonaut in space 05-Sep-1929 03-Jul-2004 DEAD
Lisa Nowak Astronaut According to lawyer, no diaper 10-May-1963 TBD ADD
Ellen Ochoa Astronaut First hispanic female astronaut 10-May-1958 TBD ADD
Scott E. Parazynski Astronaut Shuttle astronaut, summited Everest 28-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
Judith Resnik Astronaut Challenger astronaut 05-Apr-1949 28-Jan-1986 DEAD
Sally Ride Astronaut First American woman in space 26-May-1951 23-Jul-2012 DEAD
Wally Schirra Astronaut Commander of Apollo 7 12-Mar-1923 03-May-2007 DEAD
Jack Schmitt Astronaut 12th Man on the Moon 03-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Rusty Schweickart Astronaut Apollo 9 Lunar Module pilot 25-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
David Scott Astronaut Commander, Apollo 15 06-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
Alan Shepard Astronaut First American in space 18-Nov-1923 21-Jul-1998 DEAD
Deke Slayton Astronaut Original Mercury 7 astronaut 01-Mar-1924 13-Jun-1993 DEAD
Thomas P. Stafford Astronaut Gemini 6 & 9, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz 17-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Kathryn D. Sullivan Astronaut Columbus Center for Science and Industry 03-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Jack Swigert Astronaut Command Module Pilot on Apollo 13 30-Aug-1931 27-Dec-1982 DEAD
Norman Thagard Astronaut Shuttle astronaut 03-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
Richard H. Truly Astronaut NASA Administrator, 1989-92 12-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Ed White Astronaut First American to walk in space 14-Nov-1930 27-Jan-1967 DEAD
John Young Astronaut 9th to walk on the Moon 24-Sep-1930 TBD ADD