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Rotten Dead Pool
Charles Greeley Abbot Astronomer Solar energy 31-May-1872 17-Dec-1973 DEAD
John Couch Adams Astronomer Discovered planet Neptune 05-Jun-1819 21-Jan-1892 DEAD
Walter S. Adams Astronomer Long-time director of Mt. Wilson Observatory 20-Dec-1876 11-May-1956 DEAD
George Biddell Airy Astronomer British Astronomer Royal 27-Jul-1801 02-Jan-1892 DEAD
Giovanni Battista Amici Astronomer Italian astronomer, microscopist 25-Mar-1786 10-Apr-1863 DEAD
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander Astronomer Durchmusterung 22-Mar-1799 17-Feb-1875 DEAD
Aristarchus of Samos Astronomer First heliocentrist ? TBD DEAD
Walter Baade Astronomer German-American observational astronomer 24-Mar-1893 25-Jun-1960 DEAD
Harold D. Babcock Astronomer Solar radiation 24-Jan-1882 08-Apr-1968 DEAD
Horace W. Babcock Astronomer Adaptive optics and the Babcock Model 13-Sep-1912 29-Aug-2003 DEAD
Jean-Sylvain Bailly Astronomer Histoire de l'Astronomie 15-Sep-1736 12-Nov-1793 DEAD
Francis Baily Astronomer First to observe Baily's Beads 28-Apr-1774 30-Aug-1844 DEAD
John Bainbridge Astronomer Description of the late Comet 1582 03-Nov-1643 DEAD
Benjamin Banneker Astronomer First African-American astronomer 09-Nov-1731 25-Oct-1806 DEAD
Edward Barnard Astronomer Self-taught scientist 16-Dec-1857 16-Feb-1923 DEAD
David Bates Astronomer Atmospheric and interstellar physics 18-Nov-1916 05-Jan-1994 DEAD
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Astronomer Pioneer in precision astronomy 22-Jul-1784 17-Mar-1846 DEAD
Ludwig Biermann Astronomer Solar winds 13-Mar-1907 12-Jan-1986 DEAD
Adriaan Blaauw Astronomer Evolving galaxies 12-Apr-1914 01-Dec-2010 DEAD
Bart Jan Bok Astronomer Bok globules 28-Apr-1906 05-Aug-1983 DEAD
Alec Boksenberg Astronomer Image Photon Counting System 18-Mar-1936 TBD ADD
John G. Bolton Astronomer First Director of Parkes Observatory 05-Jun-1922 06-Jul-1993 DEAD
George Phillips Bond Astronomer Father of astrophotography 20-May-1825 17-Feb-1865 DEAD
Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich Astronomer Theoria philosophiae naturalis 18-May-1711 13-Feb-1787 DEAD
Nathaniel Bowditch Astronomer American Practical Navigator 26-Mar-1773 17-Mar-1838 DEAD
Ira S. Bowen Astronomer Debunked nebulium 21-Dec-1898 06-Feb-1973 DEAD
James Bradley Astronomer Aberration of Light 1693 13-Jul-1762 DEAD
Tycho Brahe Astronomer Copper-nosed Danish astronomer 14-Dec-1546 24-Oct-1601 DEAD
Dirk Brouwer Astronomer Celestial mechanics 01-Sep-1902 31-Jan-1966 DEAD
Ernest W. Brown Astronomer Tables of the Motion of the Moon 29-Nov-1866 22-Jul-1938 DEAD
Michael E. Brown Astronomer Explorer of trans-Neptunian space 1965 TBD ADD
R. Hanbury Brown Astronomer Optical intensity interferometer 31-Aug-1916 16-Jan-2002 DEAD
E. Margaret Burbidge Astronomer Synthesis of the elements in stars 12-Aug-1919 TBD ADD
Geoffrey Burbidge Astronomer Quasi-steady state cosmology 24-Sep-1925 26-Jan-2010 DEAD
Jocelyn Bell Burnell Astronomer Co-Discoverer of pulsars 15-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
William W. Campbell Astronomer Stellar Motions 11-Apr-1862 14-Jun-1938 DEAD
Annie Jump Cannon Astronomer Census-taker of the sky 11-Dec-1863 13-Apr-1941 DEAD
Giovanni Domenico Cassini Astronomer Italo-French astronomer 08-Jun-1625 14-Sep-1712 DEAD
Jacques Dominique Cassini Astronomer Director, Observatoire de Paris 30-Jun-1748 18-Oct-1845 DEAD
Anders Celsius Astronomer Astronomer, invented centigrade scale 27-Nov-1701 25-Apr-1744 DEAD
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Astronomer Evolutionary stages of stars 19-Oct-1910 21-Aug-1995 DEAD
Carl Charlier Astronomer Motion and the Distribution of the Stars 01-Apr-1862 05-Nov-1934 DEAD
Charles Chree Astronomer Geomagnetic phenomena 05-May-1860 12-Aug-1928 DEAD
Alvan Clark Astronomer Telescope maker 08-Mar-1804 19-Aug-1887 DEAD
William W. Coblentz Astronomer Infrared spectroscopy 20-Nov-1873 15-Sep-1962 DEAD
Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer Heliocentrist, De revolutionibus 19-Feb-1473 24-May-1543 DEAD
George Darwin Astronomer Evolution of the Sun-Earth-Moon system 09-Jul-1845 07-Dec-1912 DEAD
Willem de Sitter Astronomer Expanding space 06-May-1872 19-Nov-1934 DEAD
Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre Astronomer Histoire de l'Astronomie 19-Sep-1749 19-Aug-1822 DEAD
Joseph-Nicolas Delisle Astronomer Founded St. Petersburg observatory 04-Apr-1688 11-Sep-1768 DEAD
Henri Alexandre Deslandres Astronomer Spectroheliograph 24-Jul-1853 15-Jan-1948 DEAD
Jeremiah Dixon Astronomer Mason-Dixon Line 07-Aug-1733 22-Jan-1777 DEAD
Henry Draper Astronomer Early astrophotographer 07-Mar-1837 20-Nov-1882 DEAD
Frank W. Dyson Astronomer Six pips on the BBC 08-Jan-1868 25-May-1939 DEAD
Wallace J. Eckert Astronomer First scientist hired by IBM 19-Jun-1902 24-Aug-1971 DEAD
Arthur Eddington Astronomer Eddington luminosity 28-Dec-1882 22-Nov-1944 DEAD
Johann Franz Encke Astronomer Investigated comets and asteroids 23-Sep-1791 26-Aug-1865 DEAD
John Flamsteed Astronomer Founder of Greenwich Observatory 19-Aug-1646 31-Dec-1719 DEAD
Alfred Fowler Astronomer Celestial spectroscopy 22-Mar-1868 24-Jun-1940 DEAD
William A. Fowler Astronomer Element generation within stars 09-Aug-1911 14-Mar-1995 DEAD
Galileo Galilei Astronomer Copernican observational astronomer 15-Feb-1564 08-Jan-1642 DEAD
Riccardo Giacconi Astronomer Discovered cosmic X-ray sources 06-Oct-1931 TBD ADD
James M. Gilliss Astronomer Founder, US Naval Observatory 06-Sep-1811 09-Feb-1865 DEAD
Bill Gordon Astronomer Designed Arecibo radio telescope 08-Jan-1918 16-Feb-2010 DEAD
Benjamin Apthorp Gould Astronomer American astronomer and star-catalogist 27-Sep-1824 26-Nov-1896 DEAD
Jesse L. Greenstein Astronomer Co-Discoverer of quasars 15-Oct-1909 21-Oct-2002 DEAD
Stephen Groombridge Astronomer A Catalogue of Circumpolar Stars 07-Jan-1755 30-Mar-1832 DEAD
George Ellery Hale Astronomer Palomar Observatory founder, astronomer 29-Jun-1868 21-Feb-1938 DEAD
Asaph Hall Astronomer Discovered the moons of Mars 15-Oct-1829 22-Nov-1907 DEAD
Edmund Halley Astronomer Predicted return of Halley's Comet 08-Nov-1656 14-Jan-1742 DEAD
Peter Andreas Hansen Astronomer Fundamenta nova investigationis 08-Dec-1795 28-Mar-1874 DEAD
Christopher Hansteen Astronomer Studied terrestrial magnetism 26-Sep-1784 15-Apr-1873 DEAD
Guillermo Haro Astronomer Herbig-Haro objects 21-Mar-1913 26-Apr-1988 DEAD
Martin Harwit Astronomer Helium-cooled rockets and infrared spectroscopy 09-Mar-1931 TBD ADD
Chushiro Hayashi Astronomer Big Bang astrophysicist 25-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2010 DEAD
Otto Heckmann Astronomer Investigated cosmic expansion 23-Jun-1901 13-May-1983 DEAD
Louis Henyey Astronomer Henyey method 03-Feb-1910 18-Feb-1970 DEAD
George Herbig Astronomer Herbig-Haro objects 02-Jan-1920 12-Oct-2013 DEAD
Caroline Herschel Astronomer Astronomer, sister of William 16-Mar-1750 09-Jan-1848 DEAD
John Herschel Astronomer Discovered many moons of Saturn 07-Mar-1792 11-May-1871 DEAD
William Herschel Astronomer Mapped heavens, discovered Uranus 15-Nov-1738 25-Aug-1822 DEAD
Ejnar Hertzsprung Astronomer Hertzsprung-Russell diagram 08-Oct-1873 21-Oct-1967 DEAD
Johannes Hevelius Astronomer Selenographia 28-Jan-1611 28-Jan-1687 DEAD
Antony Hewish Astronomer Co-Discoverer of pulsars 11-May-1924 TBD ADD
George W. Hill Astronomer A New Theorie of Jupiter and Saturn 03-Mar-1838 16-Apr-1914 DEAD
Hipparchus Astronomer Cataloguer of stars, trigonometrist ? TBD DEAD
Jack Horkheimer Astronomer Naked-eye astronomer 11-Jun-1938 20-Aug-2010 DEAD
Jeremiah Horrocks Astronomer Observed transit of Venus 1619 03-Jan-1641 DEAD
Fred Hoyle Astronomer Opposed the Big Bang but named it 24-Jun-1915 20-Aug-2001 DEAD
Edwin Hubble Astronomer Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble's Law 20-Nov-1889 28-Sep-1953 DEAD
William Huggins Astronomer Spectrographic astronomy pioneer 07-Feb-1824 12-May-1910 DEAD
George Isaak Astronomer Resonant scattering spectroscopy 07-Mar-1933 05-Jun-2005 DEAD
Karl Jansky Astronomer Radio waves from outer space 22-Oct-1905 14-Feb-1950 DEAD
Pierre Janssen Astronomer Solar observer 22-Feb-1824 23-Dec-1907 DEAD
Robert Jastrow Astronomer Red Giants and White Dwarfs 07-Sep-1925 08-Feb-2008 DEAD
James H. Jeans Astronomer Continuous creation theory 11-Sep-1877 16-Sep-1946 DEAD
Jacobus C. Kapteyn Astronomer Star streaming 19-Jan-1851 18-Jun-1922 DEAD
James E. Keeler Astronomer Composition of Saturn's rings 10-Sep-1857 12-Aug-1900 DEAD
Johannes Kepler Astronomer Laws of Planetary Motion 27-Dec-1571 15-Nov-1630 DEAD
Robert P. Kraft Astronomer Lick Observatory 16-Jun-1927 26-May-2015 DEAD
Nicolas Louis de Lacaille Astronomer Coelum Australe Stelliferum 15-May-1713 21-Mar-1762 DEAD
Jonathan Homer Lane Astronomer Gravitational equilibrium of the Sun 09-Aug-1819 03-May-1880 DEAD
Andrew E. Lange Astronomer Cosmologist, astrophysicist at Caltech 23-Jul-1957 22-Jan-2010 DEAD
Samuel P. Langley Astronomer Heavier-than-air flying machine 22-Aug-1834 02-Feb-1906 DEAD
Henrietta Swan Leavitt Astronomer Cepheid variable 04-Jul-1868 12-Dec-1921 DEAD
Robert B. Leighton Astronomer Leighton dishes 10-Sep-1919 09-Mar-1997 DEAD
Armin O. Leuschner Astronomer Astronomer at Berkeley 16-Jan-1868 22-Apr-1953 DEAD
Bertil Lindblad Astronomer Spiral structure of the galaxy 26-Nov-1895 25-Jun-1965 DEAD
Bernard Lovell Astronomer Radio astronomer at Jodrell Bank 31-Aug-1913 06-Aug-2012 DEAD
Frank J. Low Astronomer Infrared astronomy 23-Nov-1933 11-Jun-2009 DEAD
Percival Lowell Astronomer Predicted existence of planet Pluto 13-Mar-1855 12-Nov-1916 DEAD
Willem J. Luyten Astronomer Stellar mortician 07-Mar-1899 21-Nov-1994 DEAD
Donald Lynden-Bell Astronomer Astrophysicist at Cambridge 05-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Bernard Lyot Astronomer Sandstorms on Mars 27-Feb-1897 02-Apr-1952 DEAD
Geoffrey W. Marcy Astronomer Discoverer of exoplanets 29-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Charles Mason Astronomer Mason-Dixon Line 00-Apr-1728 25-Oct-1786 DEAD
Harrie Massey Astronomer British National Committee for Space Research 16-May-1908 27-Nov-1983 DEAD
Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis Astronomer Sur la figure de la terre 28-Sep-1698 27-Jul-1759 DEAD
Antonia Maury Astronomer Stellar classification 21-Mar-1866 08-Jan-1952 DEAD
Johann Tobias Mayer Astronomer Kosmographische Nachrichten 17-Feb-1723 20-Feb-1762 DEAD
Paul W. Merrill Astronomer S-process of nucleosynthesis 15-Aug-1887 19-Jul-1961 DEAD
Charles Messier Astronomer Cataloguer of M objects 26-Jun-1730 12-Apr-1817 DEAD
Rudolph Minkowski Astronomer Galaxies in collision 28-May-1895 04-Jan-1976 DEAD
Marcel Minnaert Astronomer Solar spectrophotometry 12-Feb-1893 26-Oct-1970 DEAD
Maria Mitchell Astronomer First American female astronomer 01-Aug-1818 28-Jun-1889 DEAD
August Möbius Astronomer Möbius strip 17-Nov-1790 26-Sep-1868 DEAD
Charlotte E. Moore Astronomer Technetium in the Sun 24-Sep-1898 03-Mar-1990 DEAD
William W. Morgan Astronomer Spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy 03-Jan-1906 21-Jun-1994 DEAD
Gerry Neugebauer Astronomer Infrared astronomy 03-Sep-1932 TBD ADD
Simon Newcomb Astronomer Nautical Almanac 12-Mar-1835 11-Jul-1909 DEAD
Seth Barnes Nicholson Astronomer Four satellites of Jupiter 12-Nov-1891 02-Jul-1963 DEAD
Wilhelm Olbers Astronomer Studied asteroids, comets 11-Oct-1758 02-Mar-1840 DEAD
Barney Oliver Astronomer SETI researcher 27-May-1916 23-Nov-1995 DEAD
Jan Hendrik Oort Astronomer Theory of the origin of comets 28-Apr-1900 05-Nov-1992 DEAD
Ernst J. Öpik Astronomer Andromeda Nebula 23-Oct-1893 10-Sep-1985 DEAD
Donald E. Osterbrock Astronomer Director of Lick Observatory, 1973-81 13-Jul-1924 11-Jan-2007 DEAD
Bohdan Paczynski Astronomer Gravitational microlensing 08-Feb-1940 19-Apr-2007 DEAD
Eugene Parker Astronomer Solar winds 10-Jun-1927 TBD ADD
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Astronomer Hydrogen in the Sun 10-May-1900 07-Dec-1979 DEAD
P. James E. Peebles Astronomer Galaxy formation 25-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc Astronomer Discovered Orion Nebula 01-Dec-1580 24-Jun-1637 DEAD
Arno Penzias Astronomer Detected primordial radiation 26-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Saul Perlmutter Astronomer Accelerating expansion of the universe 22-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Edward Charles Pickering Astronomer Photometer inventor and surveyor 19-Jul-1846 03-Feb-1919 DEAD
John S. Plaskett Astronomer Plaskett's star 17-Nov-1865 17-Oct-1941 DEAD
Ptolemy Astronomer Egyptian geographer and astronomer ? TBD DEAD
Grote Reber Astronomer First radio astronomer 22-Dec-1911 20-Dec-2002 DEAD
Martin Rees Astronomer President of the Royal Society 23-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Adam G. Riess Astronomer Accelerating expansion of the universe 1969 TBD ADD
David Rittenhouse Astronomer Early Pennsylvania scientist and statesman 08-Apr-1732 26-Jun-1796 DEAD
Bruno Rossi Astronomer Rossi curve and magnetopause 13-Apr-1905 21-Nov-1993 DEAD
Vera Rubin Astronomer Structure of galaxies 23-Jul-1928 25-Dec-2016 DEAD
Henry Norris Russell Astronomer Giant stars and dwarfs 25-Oct-1877 18-Feb-1957 DEAD
Martin Ryle Astronomer Radio astronomer 27-Sep-1918 14-Oct-1984 DEAD
Carl Sagan Astronomer Popular astronomer, host of Cosmos 09-Nov-1934 20-Dec-1996 DEAD
Edwin E. Salpeter Astronomer Quantitative electron microscopic autoradiography 03-Dec-1924 26-Nov-2008 DEAD
Allan R. Sandage Astronomer Quasars and Hubble-Sandage variable stars 18-Jun-1926 13-Nov-2010 DEAD
Wallace Sargent Astronomer Astrophysicist at CalTech 15-Feb-1935 29-Oct-2012 DEAD
Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli Astronomer Discovered canals on Mars 14-Mar-1835 04-Jul-1910 DEAD
Frank Schlesinger Astronomer Stellar parallaxes 11-May-1871 10-Jul-1943 DEAD
Brian P. Schmidt Astronomer Accelerating universe 24-Feb-1967 TBD ADD
Maarten Schmidt Astronomer Co-Discoverer of quasars 28-Dec-1929 TBD ADD
Karl Schwarzschild Astronomer Black holes, Schwarzschild radius 09-Oct-1873 11-May-1916 DEAD
Martin Schwarzschild Astronomer Structure and Evolution of the Stars 31-May-1912 10-Apr-1997 DEAD
Frederick Hanley Seares Astronomer Astronomer at Mt. Wilson Observatory 17-May-1873 20-Jul-1964 DEAD
Michael Seaton Astronomer Opacity Project 16-Jun-1923 29-May-2007 DEAD
Harlow Shapley Astronomer Organizer of Heaven 02-Nov-1885 20-Oct-1972 DEAD
Iosif S. Shklovskii Astronomer Synchrotron radiation of the Crab Nebula 01-Jul-1916 03-Mar-1985 DEAD
V. M. Slipher Astronomer Interstellar dust 11-Nov-1875 08-Nov-1969 DEAD
Gerald A. Soffen Astronomer Viking I mission to mars 07-Feb-1926 22-Nov-2000 DEAD
Harold Spencer Jones Astronomer 10th Royal Astronomer of England 29-Mar-1890 03-Nov-1960 DEAD
Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Astronomer Father of space telescopes 26-Jun-1914 31-Mar-1997 DEAD
Joel Stebbins Astronomer Photoelectric photometry 30-Jul-1878 16-Mar-1966 DEAD
Bengt Strömgren Astronomer Hydrogen stars 21-Jan-1908 04-Jul-1987 DEAD
Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve Astronomer Studied double stars 15-Apr-1793 23-Nov-1864 DEAD
Otto Struve Astronomer Hydrogen in the interstellar medium 12-Aug-1897 06-Apr-1963 DEAD
Otto Wilhelm Struve Astronomer Studied double stars 07-May-1819 14-Apr-1905 DEAD
Rashid Sunyaev Astronomer Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect 01-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. Astronomer Co-Discovered first binary pulsar 24-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Clyde W. Tombaugh Astronomer Discovered Pluto 04-Feb-1906 17-Jan-1997 DEAD
Herbert Hall Turner Astronomer Stellar positions 13-Aug-1861 20-Aug-1930 DEAD
Neil deGrasse Tyson Astronomer Astrophysicist 05-Oct-1958 TBD ADD
James Van Allen Astronomer Discovered the Van Allen Belt 07-Sep-1914 09-Aug-2006 DEAD
James Craig Watson Astronomer Claimed to discover the planet Vulcan 28-Jan-1838 23-Nov-1880 DEAD
Fred Whipple Astronomer Comet Guy 05-Nov-1906 30-Aug-2004 DEAD
Robert Woodrow Wilson Astronomer Detected primordial radiation 10-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Fritz Zwicky Astronomer Astrophysicist at CalTech 14-Feb-1898 08-Feb-1974 DEAD