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Rotten Dead Pool
Louis Blériot Aviator First to fly across English Channel 01-Jul-1872 02-Aug-1936 DEAD
Jackie Cochran Aviator First woman to break the sound barrier 11-May-1906 09-Aug-1980 DEAD
Frank Corder Aviator Crashed a Cessna into White House lawn 26-May-1956 12-Sep-1994 DEAD
Wrong Way Corrigan Aviator Flew transatlantic route "by accident" 22-Jan-1907 09-Dec-1995 DEAD
Glenn Curtiss Aviator American aviation pioneer 21-May-1878 23-Jul-1930 DEAD
James Doolittle Aviator Doolittle Raid against Tokyo in 1942 14-Dec-1896 27-Sep-1993 DEAD
Amelia Earhart Aviator Misplaced aviatrix 24-Jul-1897 02-Jul-1937 DEAD
Steve Fossett Aviator First to cross Pacific in a balloon 22-Apr-1944 03-Sep-2007 DEAD
Laura Ingalls Aviator Aviatrix and Nazi sympathizer 14-Dec-1893 10-Jan-1967 DEAD
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Aviator Wife of Charles Lindbergh 22-Jun-1906 07-Feb-2001 DEAD
Charles Lindbergh Aviator Transatlantic soloist 04-Feb-1902 26-Aug-1974 DEAD
Beryl Markham Aviator West with the Night 26-Oct-1902 03-Aug-1986 DEAD
Jean Piccard Aviator Extreme balloonist 28-Jan-1884 28-Jan-1963 DEAD
Wiley Post Aviator First pilot to fly solo round the world 22-Nov-1898 15-Aug-1935 DEAD
Bessica Raiche Aviator Aviatrix and gynecologist 00-Apr-1875 11-Apr-1932 DEAD
Eddie Rickenbacker Aviator Flying ace shot down 22 planes in WWI 08-Oct-1890 23-Jul-1973 DEAD
Mathias Rust Aviator Flew Cessna to Red Square 1968 TBD ADD
Blanche Stuart Scott Aviator Auto and air daredevil 08-Apr-1885 12-Jan-1970 DEAD
Chesley Sullenberger Aviator Landed Flight 1549 on the Hudson River 23-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Albert Ueltschi Aviator Founder, FlightSafety International 15-May-1917 18-Oct-2012 DEAD
Vicki Van Meter Aviator Child cross-country aviator 13-Mar-1982 15-Mar-2008 DEAD
Orville Wright Aviator Co-Inventor of the airplane 19-Aug-1871 30-Jan-1948 DEAD
Wilbur Wright Aviator Co-Inventor of the airplane 16-Apr-1867 30-May-1912 DEAD
Chuck Yeager Aviator Test pilot, first to break speed of sound 13-Feb-1923 TBD ADD