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Rotten Dead Pool
James A. Abbott Business CEO of First Union Mortgage, 1980-94 1945 TBD ADD
Richard A. Abdoo Business CEO of Wisconsin Energy, 1991-2004 1943 TBD ADD
John E. Abele Business Co-Founder of Boston Scientific 1937 TBD ADD
David Abercrombie Business Founder of Abercrombie & Fitch 06-Jun-1867 29-Aug-1931 DEAD
Robert E. Abernathy Business Group President, Kimberly-Clark 1954 TBD ADD
Philip J. Ablove Business CFO of W. R. Berkley, 1973-83 1940 TBD ADD
Roman Abramovich Business Russian oligarch 24-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Leonard Abramson Business Founder, US Healthcare 1932 TBD ADD
William F. Achtmeyer Business Partner, The Parthenon Group 1955 TBD ADD
F. Duane Ackerman Business CEO of Bellsouth, 1997-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Joel Ackerman Business Partner, Warburg Pincus 1965 TBD ADD
Roger G. Ackerman Business CEO of Corning, 1996-2000 1938 TBD ADD
Josef Ackermann Business CEO of Deutsche Bank 07-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Duane Acklie Business Crete Carrier Corporation 14-Nov-1931 TBD ADD
William Ackman Business Pershing Square Capital Management 11-May-1966 TBD ADD
A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. Business AMA Investment Counsel 1940 TBD ADD
Charles E. Adair Business Partner, Cordova Ventures 26-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Red Adair Business Extinguished oil well fires 18-Jun-1915 07-Aug-2004 DEAD
Austin A. Adams Business CIO at JP Morgan Chase, 2004-06 1943 TBD ADD
Charles Francis Adams, Jr. Business President of Union Pacific, 1884-90 27-May-1835 20-May-1915 DEAD
Charles Francis Adams IV Business Former president of Raytheon 02-May-1910 05-Jan-1999 DEAD
James R. Adams Business CEO of Southwestern Bell, 1988-92 1939 TBD ADD
John L. Adams Business Vice Chairman of Trinity Industries, 2005-07 1944 TBD ADD
Robin J. Adams Business CFO of BorgWarner 1954 TBD ADD
W. Andrew Adams Business Founder, National HealthCare Corp. 1945 TBD ADD
William H. Adams III Business JABB Associates 1958 TBD ADD
Terence E. Adderley Business Chairman of Kelly Services 01-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Paul T. Addison Business Salomon Smith Barney 1946 TBD ADD
Jay Adelson Business CEO of Digg, 2004-10 07-Sep-1970 TBD ADD
Sheldon Adelson Business Las Vegas billionaire 01-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Richard C. Adkerson Business CEO of Freeport-McMoRan 1947 TBD ADD
Rodney C. Adkins Business Senior VP at IBM 23-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Dean S. Adler Business Lubert-Adler Management 1957 TBD ADD
Lou Adler Business Dunhill and Ode Records 13-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Gerald S. Adolph Business Booz Allen Hamilton 1954 TBD ADD
Harsha V. Agadi Business Chairman of Quiznos 1962 TBD ADD
Shai Agassi Business Former executive, SAP 1968 TBD ADD
Robert M. Agate Business CFO of Colgate-Palmolive, 1987-96 1935 TBD ADD
Gianni Agnelli Business President of Fiat, 1966-96 12-Mar-1921 24-Jan-2003 DEAD
Giovanni Agnelli Business Founder of Fiat 13-Aug-1866 16-Dec-1945 DEAD
Roger Agnelli Business CEO of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, 2001-11 03-May-1959 19-Mar-2016 DEAD
Umberto Agnelli Business Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04 01-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 DEAD
Fernando Aguirre Business President and CEO, Chiquita Brands 1958 TBD ADD
Howard F. Ahmanson Business Home Savings and Loan 01-Jul-1906 17-Jun-1968 DEAD
Carlos Ahumada Business Construction magnate, snared in bribery scheme 1964 TBD ADD
Roger Ailes Business CEO of Fox News, 1996-2016 15-May-1940 18-May-2017 DEAD
Michael L. Ainslie Business CEO of Sotheby's, 1984-94 1944 TBD ADD
John F. Akers Business CEO of IBM, 1986-93 28-Dec-1934 22-Aug-2014 DEAD
Daniel F. Akerson Business CEO of General Motors, 2010-14 21-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
José Maria Alapont Business CEO of Federal-Mogul 1951 TBD ADD
James F. Albaugh Business EVP at Boeing 31-May-1950 TBD ADD
Tom A. Alberg Business Madrona Venture Group 1940 TBD ADD
William O. Albertini Business CFO of Bell Atlantic, 1991-97 29-Jun-1943 28-Jun-2008 DEAD
Joe Albertson Business Founder of Albertson's 17-Oct-1906 20-Jan-1993 DEAD
David R. Albin Business Natural Gas Partners 1960 TBD ADD
Chris Albrecht Business Former HBO Chairman and CEO 1951 TBD ADD
Karl Albrecht Business Founded Aldi, personal worth $23B 28-Mar-1922 16-Jul-2014 DEAD
Theo Albrecht Business World's 20th richest man, 2005 28-Mar-1922 24-Jul-2010 DEAD
John R. Alchin Business CFO of Comcast, 2002-07 1948 TBD ADD
George A. Alcorn Business Alcorn Exploration 1933 TBD ADD
Christopher J. Alden Business CEO of Six Apart 1970 TBD ADD
William F. Aldinger Business CEO of Household International, 1994-2003 1947 TBD ADD
Winthrop W. Aldrich Business Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1934-53 02-Nov-1885 25-Feb-1974 DEAD
Pete Aldridge Business Under Secretary of Defense, 2001-03 18-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Betty C. Alewine Business COMSAT Corporation 1948 TBD ADD
Anthony J. Alexander Business CEO of FirstEnergy 1951 TBD ADD
Barbara T. Alexander Business Former UBS manager 1948 TBD ADD
Sal H. Alfiero Business Founder, Mark IV Industries 1938 TBD ADD
Paul Allaire Business Twice CEO of Xerox 21-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Joe L. Allbritton Business Well-connected Washington billionaire 29-Dec-1924 12-Dec-2012 DEAD
Arnold A. Allemang Business EVP of Dow Chemical, 2000-04 1943 TBD ADD
Barry K. Allen Business EVP at Qwest, 2004-07 1949 TBD ADD
Bill J. Allen Business Founder, VECO Corporation 1937 TBD ADD
Darryl F. Allen Business CEO of Aeroquip-Vickers, 1986-99 1942 TBD ADD
David Allen Business Group Chief of Staff, BP, 2000-08 1955 TBD ADD
Herbert A. Allen, Sr. Business Allen & Company, Inc. 13-Feb-1908 18-Jan-1997 DEAD
Herbert A. Allen, Jr. Business Allen & Company, Inc. 1940 TBD ADD
Jay Allen Business Senior VP at Wal-Mart, 1995-2005 ? TBD ADD
Jeffry R. Allen Business Former VP at Network Appliance 1952 TBD ADD
Paul Allen Business Co-Founder of Microsoft 21-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Robert E. Allen Business CEO of AT&T, 1988-97 25-Jan-1935 10-Sep-2016 DEAD
Ronald W. Allen Business CEO of Delta Airlines, 1987-97 1942 TBD ADD
Samuel R. Allen Business CEO of John Deere 1954 TBD ADD
Herbert M. Allison Business CEO of TIAA-CREF, 2002-08 24-Aug-1943 14-Jul-2013 DEAD
John A. Allison Business CEO of BB&T 14-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Robert J. Allison, Jr. Business CEO of Anadarko Petroleum, 1979-2002 29-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
John R. Alm Business CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises 1945 TBD ADD
Richard J. Almeida Business Heller Financial 1943 TBD ADD
Barry J. Alperin Business Former Vice Chairman of Hasbro 1941 TBD ADD
Robert W. Alspaugh Business CEO of KPMG, 2002-05 1947 TBD ADD
Emily Altman Business Morgan Stanley 1955 TBD ADD
Roger C. Altman Business CEO of Evercore Partners 1945 TBD ADD
Donna M. Alvarado Business Aguila International 08-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Linda G. Alvarado Business Alvarado Construction, Inc. 1952 TBD ADD
Aida M. Alvarez Business SBA Administrator, 1997-2001 1950 TBD ADD
Ralph Alvarez Business President and COO of McDonald's 1955 TBD ADD
Mukesh Ambani Business India's richest man 19-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Kenneth C. Ambrecht Business RBC Capital Markets 1945 TBD ADD
Gil Amelio Business CEO of Apple, 1996-97 01-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
A. Gary Ames Business CEO of MediaOne, 1990-2000 1946 TBD ADD
Bill L. Amick Business Amick Farms 1943 TBD ADD
Douglas K. Ammerman Business Former Partner, KPMG 1952 TBD ADD
John Shelby Amos II Business Alabama Sales Coordinator, Aflac 1953 TBD ADD
Paul S. Amos II Business President of Aflac 1978 TBD ADD
Daniel P. Amos Business CEO of Aflac 1951 TBD ADD
Wally Amos Business Famous Amos 01-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
David R. Andelman Business Director of Viacom, CBS 1940 TBD ADD
G. Chris Andersen Business G. C. Andersen Partners 1938 TBD ADD
J. William Andersen Business Administrator, UW-Oshkosh 1937 TBD ADD
Joseph B. Anderson, Jr. Business TAG Holdings LLC 1943 TBD ADD
Basil L. Anderson Business Vice Chairman of Staples, 2001-06 1945 TBD ADD
Bradbury H. Anderson Business CEO of Best Buy, 2002-09 1949 TBD ADD
Bradley S. Anderson Business Senior VP at CB Richard Ellis 1961 TBD ADD
Brian P. Anderson Business CFO of OfficeMax, 2004-05 1951 TBD ADD
Carol A. Anderson Business New Century Investors 1947 TBD ADD
D. Kent Anderson Business Beacon Management Corporation 1940 TBD ADD
David C. Anderson Business President of Heidrick & Struggles, 2001-03 1942 TBD ADD
David R. Anderson Business CEO of American Family Insurance ? TBD ADD
Fred D. Anderson Business CFO of Apple, 1996-2004 1945 TBD ADD
Gary E. Anderson Business CEO of Dow Corning, 1999-2004 1945 TBD ADD
Lloyd Anderson Business Founder of REI 04-Aug-1902 13-Sep-2000 DEAD
Michael J. Anderson Business CEO of The Andersons, Inc. 1951 TBD ADD
Paul M. Anderson Business CEO of Duke Energy, 2003-07 1945 TBD ADD
Richard H. Anderson Business CEO of Delta Airlines 1956 TBD ADD
Robert Anderson Business Chairman of Rockwell, 1979-88 02-Nov-1920 28-Oct-2006 DEAD
Robert O. Anderson Business CEO of ARCO, 1966-86 13-Apr-1917 02-Dec-2007 DEAD
Steven E. Anderson Business Retired Partner, KPMG 1943 TBD ADD
Tom Anderson Business Co-Founder of MySpace 13-Oct-1975 TBD ADD
Walt Anderson Business Co-Founder of White Castle 26-Nov-1880 13-Dec-1963 DEAD
Momofuku Ando Business Inventor of instant noodle soup 05-Mar-1910 05-Jan-2007 DEAD
Dwayne Andreas Business Archer Daniels Midland CEO, 1970-97 04-Mar-1918 16-Nov-2016 DEAD
G. Allen Andreas Business CEO of Archer Daniels Midland, 1999-2006 22-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
C. E. Andrews Business CEO of Sallie Mae, 2007-08 1953 TBD ADD
David R. Andrews Business General Counsel at Pepsi, 2002-04 1942 TBD ADD
Stephen F. Angel Business CEO of Praxair 1956 TBD ADD
Robert E. Angelica Business CEO of AT&T Investment Mgmt., 1999-2006 1949 TBD ADD
René Angélil Business Husband and manager of Celine Dion 16-Jan-1942 14-Jan-2016 DEAD
Walter Annenberg Business Media mogul, created TV Guide 13-Mar-1908 01-Oct-2002 DEAD
Anousheh Ansari Business Telecom executive, space tourist 12-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Philip Anschutz Business Qwest billionaire 28-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Decker Anstrom Business COO of Landmark Communications 02-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Eddie Antar Business Crazy Eddie 18-Dec-1947 10-Sep-2016 DEAD
Barbara Cox Anthony Business Cox Enterprises billionaire 08-Dec-1922 28-May-2007 DEAD
Arthur F. Anton Business CEO of Swagelok Company 1957 TBD ADD
Marion H. Antonini Business Principal, Kohlberg & Company 1933 TBD ADD
Rocky Aoki Business Benihana founder 09-Oct-1938 10-Jul-2008 DEAD
Teruaki Aoki Business Senior EVP at Sony, 2000-05 1941 TBD ADD
Yoshiro Aoki Business Mizuho Bank 1936 TBD ADD
Leo Apotheker Business CEO of Hewlett-Packard, 2010-11 18-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Paul V. Applegarth Business CEO, Millenium Challenge Corporation, 2004-05 1946 TBD ADD
Steven R. Appleton Business CEO of Micron Technology 11-Mar-1960 03-Feb-2012 DEAD
María Asunción Aramburuzabala Business Grupo Modelo billionaire 02-May-1963 TBD ADD
Rand V. Araskog Business CEO of ITT, 1979-98 30-Oct-1931 TBD ADD
Nolan D. Archibald Business CEO of Black & Decker 1942 TBD ADD
David Arculus Business Chairman of Severn Trent, 1998-2004 1946 TBD ADD
Maximilian Ardelt Business ConDigit Consult GmbH 1939 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Arden Business Founder, Elizabeth Arden Co. 31-Dec-1878 18-Oct-1966 DEAD
George Argyros Business Billionaire 04-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Ted Arison Business Founder of Carnival Cruise Line 1924 01-Oct-1999 DEAD
Peter Arkley Business CEO of Aon Construction Services 1955 TBD ADD
Samuel Armacost Business Chairman of SRI International 00-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
Jose Armario Business President, McDonalds Canada & Latin America 1959 TBD ADD
Philip Danforth Armour Business Founder of Armour & Co. 16-May-1832 06-Jan-1901 DEAD
Alan S. Armstrong Business CEO of Williams Companies 1964 TBD ADD
C. Michael Armstrong Business CEO of Comcast, 2002-04 18-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Greg L. Armstrong Business CEO, Plains All-American Pipeline 1959 TBD ADD
Roland Arnall Business Ameriquest billionaire 29-Mar-1939 17-Mar-2008 DEAD
Bernard Arnault Business World's 17th richest man, 2005 05-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Colleen F. Arnold Business IBM executive 1957 TBD ADD
Gary P. Arnold Business CEO of Analogy, Inc., 1993-2000 1942 TBD ADD
Susan E. Arnold Business Global Business President, Proctor & Gamble 1954 TBD ADD
Morten Arntzen Business CEO of Overseas Shipholding Group 1955 TBD ADD
Adam M. Aron Business CEO of Vail Resorts, 1996-2006 1954 TBD ADD
Jeffrey S. Aronin Business CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals 1967 TBD ADD
Arnold H. Aronson Business CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue, 1979-83 1934 TBD ADD
Bernard W. Aronson Business ACON Investments LLC 16-May-1946 TBD ADD
Gerard Arpey Business CEO of American Airlines 26-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
John Arrillaga Business Silicon Valley real estate developer 1938 TBD ADD
Michael Arrington Business TechCrunch 13-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Mary Kay Ash Business Cosmetics mogul 12-May-1918 22-Nov-2001 DEAD
Roy L. Ash Business Director of the OMB, 1973-75 20-Oct-1918 14-Dec-2011 DEAD
Ian G. H. Ashken Business Vice Chairman of Jarden 1961 TBD ADD
Stephen B. Ashley Business CEO of The Ashley Group 1940 TBD ADD
William Henry Ashley Business Fur trader turned Congressman 1778 26-Mar-1838 DEAD
Malcolm M. Aslin Business CEO of Gold Banc Corporation, 2003-06 1948 TBD ADD
Izzy Asper Business Founder, CanWest Global 11-Aug-1932 07-Oct-2003 DEAD
John Jacob Astor Business Wealthiest man in America 17-Jul-1763 29-Mar-1848 DEAD
Betsy S. Atkins Business Venture capitalist 1955 TBD ADD
Howard I. Atkins Business CFO of Wells Fargo, 2001-11 1950 TBD ADD
Peter Y. Atkinson Business Ex-VP of Hollinger International 1947 TBD ADD
Frank V. AtLee III Business Chairman of Monsanto, 2000-03 1940 TBD ADD
Richard H. Auchinleck Business CEO of Gulf Canada Resources, 1998-2001 1952 TBD ADD
Norman Augustine Business CEO of Martin Marietta, 1987-97 27-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Lee A. Ault III Business Telecredit 1937 TBD ADD
Alfred S. Austin Business Tampa real estate developer 18-Jan-1929 22-May-2014 DEAD
Edward H. Austin, Jr. Business Austin, Calvert & Flavin, Inc. 1941 TBD ADD
Roxanne S. Austin Business President and COO of DirecTV, 2001-03 1960 TBD ADD
Neil R. Austrian Business President of NFL, 1991-98 1940 TBD ADD
Nathan M. Avery Business Galveston-Houston Company 1934 TBD ADD
Paul E. Avery Business President, Outback Steakhouse 1960 TBD ADD
William J. Avery Business CEO of Crown Cork & Seal, 1990-2001 1941 TBD ADD
Warren Avis Business Founder of Avis Rent A Car 04-Aug-1915 24-Apr-2007 DEAD
Ramani Ayer Business CEO of The Hartford, 1997-2009 27-May-1947 TBD ADD
Richard H. Ayers Business CEO of Stanley Works, 1989-96 1943 TBD ADD
Merribel S. Ayres Business Lighthouse Consulting Group 1951 TBD ADD
Irving Azoff Business Rock music mogul and Live Nation CEO 12-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
René-Pierre Azria Business Former Managing Director, Rothschild, Inc. 1957 TBD ADD
Ralph W. Babb, Jr. Business CEO of Comerica 04-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Business President of Verizon 1944 TBD ADD
Michael J. Babcock Business President of Leslie Fay, 1993-95 1941 TBD ADD
Claire Babrowski Business COO of Toys-R-Us 1957 TBD ADD
John W. Bachmann Business Partner, Edward Jones 16-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
Kenneth J. Bacon Business EVP at Fannie Mae 1954 TBD ADD
J. Carter Bacot Business CEO of the Bank of New York, 1982-98 07-Feb-1933 07-Apr-2005 DEAD
Kathleen M. Bader Business Former Dow Chemical executive 1951 TBD ADD
George Frederick Baer Business Social Darwinist railroad baron 26-Sep-1842 26-Apr-1914 DEAD
Mario L. Baeza Business Baeza & Co. 1951 TBD ADD
Robert L. Bagby Business CEO of A. G. Edwards 1944 TBD ADD
James W. Bagley Business CEO of Lam Research, 1997-2005 1939 TBD ADD
Ralph M. Bahna Business CEO of Cunard Line, 1980-89 23-Aug-1942 24-Feb-2014 DEAD
Irving W. Bailey II Business CEO of Providian Corporation, 1988-97 1941 TBD ADD
Keith E. Bailey Business CEO of Williams Companies, 1994-2002 1942 TBD ADD
Robert L. Bailey Business CEO of PMC-Sierra 1957 TBD ADD
Travis W. Bain II Business Texas Custom Pools, Inc. 1934 TBD ADD
Douglas M. Baker, Jr. Business CEO of Ecolab 1959 TBD ADD
George F. Baker Business "None of the public's business" 27-Mar-1840 02-May-1931 DEAD
Jay H. Baker Business President of Kohl's, 1986-99 1934 TBD ADD
John D. Baker II Business CEO of Florida Rock Industries 07-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Leslie M. Baker, Jr. Business CEO of Wachovia, 1994-2003 22-May-1942 TBD ADD
Ken Bakshi Business Row2 Technologies 1950 TBD ADD
Sari M. Baldauf Business Head of Nokia Networks, 1998-2005 10-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Frank Baldino, Jr. Business Founder of Cephalon 13-May-1953 16-Dec-2010 DEAD
Robert H. Baldwin Business Chief Construction Officer, MGM Mirage 1950 TBD ADD
William C. Ballard, Jr. Business CFO of Humana, 1970-92 10-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Steve Ballmer Business CEO of Microsoft, 2003-14 24-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
Michael Balmuth Business CEO of Ross Stores 1950 TBD ADD
Aristotle Balogh Business CTO of Yahoo! 1964 TBD ADD
Jim Balsillie Business Co-CEO, Research In Motion, 2010-12 03-Feb-1961 TBD ADD
Stephen D. Ban Business Argonne National Laboratory 1940 TBD ADD
Natalie Bancroft Business Board of Directors, News Corporation 1980 TBD ADD
Robert Band Business President of Perini Corporation 1947 TBD ADD
Keith J. Bane Business Former EVP Global Stategy, Motorola 1940 TBD ADD
Sandra N. Bane Business Partner at KPMG, 1985-98 1953 TBD ADD
Ajay Banga Business CEO of Citibank Asia/Pacific 1960 TBD ADD
Edwin M. Banks Business Washington Corner Capital Management 1962 TBD ADD
Stephen Bannon Business White Nationalist, Head of Breitbart News 27-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Juanita P. Baranco Business Baranco Automotive Group 19-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Larry Barcus Business LG Barcus and Sons, Inc. 1938 TBD ADD
John F. Bard Business CFO of Wrigley, 1990-99 1941 TBD ADD
William G. Bares Business CEO of Lubrizol, 1996-2003 1941 TBD ADD
Jon E. Barfield Business Chairman of Bartech Group 1952 TBD ADD
Howard W. Barker, Jr. Business Former Partner, KPMG 1947 TBD ADD
James R. Barker Business Interlake Steamship Co. 1936 TBD ADD
Peter K. Barker Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 1948 TBD ADD
William G. Barker Business CFO of Sun-Times Media Group 1959 TBD ADD
Jim Barksdale Business CEO of Netscape, 1995-99 24-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
James E. Barlett Business Vice Chairman, TeleTech Holdings 1943 23-Apr-2016 DEAD
Leroy T. Barnes, Jr. Business Treasurer of PG&E, 2001-05 1952 TBD ADD
Brenda C. Barnes Business CEO of Sara Lee, 2005-10 11-Nov-1953 17-Jan-2017 DEAD
Charles Montgomery Barnes Business Founder of Barnes & Noble 08-Sep-1833 19-May-1907 DEAD
Peter Barnes Business Former Philip Morris executive 1943 TBD ADD
W. Michael Barnes Business CFO of Rockwell, 1991-2001 1943 TBD ADD
William Barnet III Business CEO of William Barnet & Son, 1976-2000 27-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
Carol Jenkins Barnett Business Publix Super Markets Charities 1957 TBD ADD
F. William Barnett Business Former Partner, McKinsey & Co. 1947 TBD ADD
Hoyt R. Barnett Business Vice Chairman of Publix 1944 TBD ADD
Robert L. Barnett Business EVP at Motorola, 2003-05 1940 TBD ADD
Hank Barnette Business CEO of Bethlehem Steel, 1992-2000 1934 TBD ADD
Percy N. Barnevik Business CEO of ABB, 1988-96 13-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Edward W. Barnholt Business CEO of Agilent Technologies, 1999-2005 1943 TBD ADD
Michael Baroody Business National Association of Manufacturers 1946 TBD ADD
Sarah M. Barpoulis Business Interim Energy Solutions, LLC 1965 TBD ADD
James Barr III Business President of TDS Telecom, 1990-2006 1939 TBD ADD
David A. Barr Business Warburg Pincus 1963 TBD ADD
John D. Barr Business Papa Murphy's International 1949 TBD ADD
Mary Barra Business CEO of General Motors 24-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Sherry S. Barrat Business President Northern Trust FPS 1949 TBD ADD
Craig H. Barratt Business CEO of Atheros Communications 1963 TBD ADD
Colleen C. Barrett Business President of Southwest Airlines 14-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Craig R. Barrett Business Chairman of Intel 29-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
J. Patrick Barrett Business CEO of Avis, 1981-87 1937 TBD ADD
John F. Barrett Business CEO of Western & Southern Financial 1949 TBD ADD
Ray Barrette Business CEO of White Mountains Insurance 1951 TBD ADD
Peter J. Barris Business New Enterprise Associates 1952 TBD ADD
Carter T. Barron Business Washington advocate for the arts 30-Jan-1905 16-Nov-1950 DEAD
Patricia C. Barron Business Former Xerox executive 1943 TBD ADD
Thomas C. Barry Business Zephyr Management 1944 TBD ADD
Stanley F. Barshay Business Schering-Plough executive 1938 TBD ADD
Carin M. Barth Business President of LB Capital, Inc. 1962 TBD ADD
John M. Barth Business CEO of Johnson Controls 1946 TBD ADD
James T. Bartlett Business LS Power Group 1968 TBD ADD
Richard A. Bartlett Business Resource Holdings Ltd. 1958 TBD ADD
Richard C. Bartlett Business Mary Kay Corporation 1935 TBD ADD
Glen A. Barton Business CEO of Caterpillar, 1999-2004 1939 TBD ADD
Richard Barton Business Founder of Expedia and Zillow 02-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Carol Bartz Business CEO of Yahoo, 2009-11 29-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Bernard M. Baruch Business Coined the term Cold War 19-Aug-1870 20-Jun-1965 DEAD
Silvio Barzi Business EVP New Markets, UniCredit 1948 TBD ADD
Zvi Barzilay Business President of Toll Brothers 1947 TBD ADD
Burt Baskin Business Co-Founder of Baskin-Robbins 17-Dec-1913 24-Dec-1967 DEAD
Barbara Bass Business CEO of Emporium-Weinstock, 1989-92 ? TBD ADD
Lee Bass Business Billionaire 1957 TBD ADD
Robert Bass Business Billionaire 1948 TBD ADD
Sid Bass Business Fort Worth Billionaire 1942 TBD ADD
Guillaume Bastiaens Business Vice Chairman of Cargill, 1998-2008 1943 TBD ADD
David H. Batchelder Business Relational Investors LLC 1949 TBD ADD
Ann Torre Bates Business Former VP at US Airways 1958 TBD ADD
James R. Bath Business Bush, bin Laden business partner 1937 TBD ADD
Michael E. Batten Business CEO of Twin Disc 1940 TBD ADD
J. T. Battenberg III Business CEO of Delphi, 1998-2005 25-Apr-1943 TBD ADD
Charles W. Battey Business CEO of Kinder Morgan Energy, 1989-94 1932 TBD ADD
A. George Battle Business CEO of Ask Jeeves, 2000-04 1944 TBD ADD
Lillian Bauder Business Former VP at Masco 1939 TBD ADD
Herbert M. Baum Business CEO of Dial Corporation, 2000-05 06-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Stephen L. Baum Business CEO of Sempra Energy, 2000-05 1941 TBD ADD
Andrew N. Baur Business Southwest Bank of St. Louis 25-Apr-1944 20-Feb-2011 DEAD
Frank E. Baxter Business CEO of Jefferies & Company, 1987-2000 1938 TBD ADD
Jameson A. Baxter Business Baxter Associates, Inc. 06-Sep-1943 TBD ADD
Mogens C. Bay Business CEO of Valmont Industries 1949 TBD ADD
Friedrich Bayer Business Founder of Bayer AG 06-Jun-1825 06-May-1880 DEAD
Robert M. Baylis Business Credit Suisse First Boston 1938 TBD ADD
Robert M. Beall II Business Beall's Department Stores 1944 TBD ADD
Donald R. Beall Business CEO of Rockwell, 1988-98 1939 TBD ADD
Jim Beam Business Bourbon baron 1864 1947 DEAD
L. L. Bean Business Founder of L. L. Bean, Inc. 13-Nov-1872 05-Feb-1967 DEAD
Eugene P. Beard Business CFO of Interpublic Group, 1980-99 1935 TBD ADD
Grant H. Beard Business CEO of TriMas Corporation 1960 TBD ADD
W. Geoffrey Beattie Business President and CEO of Woodbridge Company 1960 TBD ADD
Robert E. Beauchamp Business CEO of BMC Software 1960 TBD ADD
Lord Beaverbrook Business Media mogul, UK cabinet minister 25-May-1879 09-Jun-1964 DEAD
Robert M. Beavers, Jr. Business Best Harvest Bakeries 06-Jan-1944 19-Aug-2015 DEAD
Claude Bébéar Business CEO of AXA, 1985-2000 29-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Hans W. Becherer Business CEO of Deere, 1989-2000 19-Apr-1935 06-Oct-2016 DEAD
Riley P. Bechtel Business CEO of Bechtel 1952 TBD ADD
Stephen D. Bechtel Business Ran Bechtel from 1936-60 24-Sep-1900 14-Mar-1989 DEAD
Warren A. Bechtel Business Founder of Bechtel Corporation 12-Sep-1872 28-Aug-1933 DEAD
Nancy H. Bechtle Business President, San Francisco Symphony 1937 TBD ADD
Teresa Beck Business President of American Stores, 1998-99 1954 TBD ADD
Douglas L. Becker Business CEO of Laureate Education, 1993-2007 1966 TBD ADD
Marc E. Becker Business Apollo Management 1973 TBD ADD
Michael Beckerman Business The Internet Association 1978 TBD ADD
Henry P. Becton, Jr. Business WGBH Educational Foundation 1943 TBD ADD
Charles Bedaux Business Industrial efficiency expert 26-Oct-1887 18-Feb-1944 DEAD
Juan Ernesto de Bedout Business President, Kimberly-Clark Latin America 1945 TBD ADD
Louis Beecherl Business CEO, Texas Oil & Gas 1957-77 10-Feb-1926 05-Jul-2011 DEAD
Charlotte Beers Business CEO, Ogilvy & Mather 1992-97 26-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Angela Beesley Business Co-Founder of Wikia, Inc. 03-Aug-1977 TBD ADD
Christopher B. Begley Business CEO of Hospira 1952 TBD ADD
Howard P. Behar Business Starbucks President North America, 2001-02 1947 TBD ADD
Peter D. Behrendt Business CEO of Exabyte, 1990-97 1939 TBD ADD
Joshua Bekenstein Business Bain Capital 1958 TBD ADD
Frank J. Belatti Business Founder of AFC Enterprises 1948 TBD ADD
Alain J. P. Belda Business CEO of Alcoa 23-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Jordan Belfort Business The Wolf of Wall Street 09-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Jean-Luc Bélingard Business CEO of Ipsen SA 1949 TBD ADD
Charlie Bell Business CEO of McDonalds, 2004 07-Nov-1960 16-Jan-2005 DEAD
David Bell Business CEO of Financial Times Group, 1993-2005 ? TBD ADD
David A. Bell Business CEO of Interpublic Group, 2003-05 1944 TBD ADD
Glen Bell Business Taco Bell founder 03-Sep-1923 17-Jan-2010 DEAD
James A. Bell Business CFO of Boeing, 2003-11 04-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Lawrence Bell Business Founder of Bell Helicopter 05-Apr-1894 20-Oct-1956 DEAD
Michael A. Bell Business Monitor Clipper Partners 1956 TBD ADD
Adrian Bellamy Business CEO of The Body Shop 1942 TBD ADD
Francesco Bellini Business CEO of Neurochem, Inc. 1947 TBD ADD
Richard E. Belluzzo Business CEO of Quantum 1954 TBD ADD
Y. Marc Belton Business Executive at General Mills 1959 TBD ADD
André Belzile Business Jean Coutu Group 1962 TBD ADD
Richard A. Bemis Business CEO of Bemis Manufacturing, 1975-2006 1941 TBD ADD
Gary G. Benanav Business Vice Chairman of New York Life, 1999-2005 1946 TBD ADD
Eric A. Benhamou Business CEO of 3Com, 1990-2000 1956 TBD ADD
Gerald A. Benjamin Business CAO of Henry Schein 1953 TBD ADD
Jeffrey D. Benjamin Business Apollo Management 1961 TBD ADD
Robert H. Benmosche Business CEO of AIG, 2009-14 29-May-1944 27-Feb-2015 DEAD
Frank A. Bennack, Jr. Business CEO of Hearst, 1979-2002 12-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Alan M. Bennett Business CFO of Aetna 1951 TBD ADD
Jalynn H. Bennett Business Jalynn H. Bennett & Associates 12-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
James A. Bennett Business First Citizens Bank of South Carolina 1960 TBD ADD
Marcus C. Bennett Business CFO of Lockheed Martin, 1988-99 1937 TBD ADD
Robert R. Bennett Business CEO of Liberty Media, 1997-2005 19-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Stephen M. Bennett Business CEO of Symantec, 2012-14 1954 TBD ADD
Jan Bennink Business CEO of Numico NV, 2002-07 19-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
David H. Benson Business Kleinwort Benson 1939 TBD ADD
Raymond F. Bentele Business Mallinckrodt, Inc. 1937 TBD ADD
Daniel C. Benton Business Andor Capital Management 1959 TBD ADD
William P. Benton Business Former VP at Ford 04-Nov-1923 19-Feb-2009 DEAD
Barry H. Beracha Business CEO of Earthgrains Company, 1993-2001 1941 TBD ADD
André Bérard Business National Bank of Canada 1940 TBD ADD
Matthew A. Berdon Business Senior Partner, F. B. & Co. 31-Jul-1919 27-Mar-2010 DEAD
David L. Beré Business Interim CEO of Dollar General 1953 TBD ADD
Dennis R. Beresford Business FASB Chairman, 1987-97 23-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
Boris Berezovsky Business Russian oligarch, Putin critic 23-Jan-1946 23-Mar-2013 DEAD
Charles G. Berg Business Chairman, Wellcare Health Plans 1957 TBD ADD
Jeffrey S. Berg Business CEO, International Creative Management 1947 TBD ADD
Laurence M. Berg Business Senior Partner, Apollo Advisors LP 1967 TBD ADD
Stephen Berger Business Chairman of Odyssey Investment Partners 1937 TBD ADD
James G. Berges Business President of Emerson Electric, 1999-2005 1947 TBD ADD
Stanley M. Bergman Business CEO of Henry Schein 1950 TBD ADD
John F. Bergstrom Business CEO of Bergstrom Corporation 1945 TBD ADD
Alfred R. Berkeley III Business President of NASDAQ, 1996-2003 1944 TBD ADD
Neil A. Berkett Business CEO of Virgin Media 1955 TBD ADD
W. Robert Berkley, Jr. Business Son of William R. Berkley 1972 TBD ADD
William R. Berkley Business CEO of W. R. Berkley 1944 TBD ADD
William H. Berkman Business The Associated Group 1964 TBD ADD
Maximilian Berlitz Business Berlitz Language Schools 14-Apr-1852 06-Apr-1921 DEAD
Ann E. Berman Business CFO of Harvard University, 2002-06 1952 TBD ADD
Dennis R. Berman Business Denitech Corporation 1945 TBD ADD
Sheldon M. Berman Business Xtreem Creative 1941 TBD ADD
Dorrit J. Bern Business CEO of Charming Shoppes 1950 TBD ADD
Betsy J. Bernard Business President of AT&T, 2002-03 16-May-1955 TBD ADD
Daniel Bernard Business CEO of Carrefour, 1998-2005 1946 TBD ADD
Oscar De Paula Bernardes Neto Business Senior Partner, LID Group 1946 TBD ADD
Brian A. Bernasek Business Partner, Carlyle Group 1972 TBD ADD
David W. Bernauer Business CEO of Walgreens, 2002-06 1944 TBD ADD
Edward Bernays Business Propaganda 22-Nov-1891 09-Mar-1995 DEAD
Richard O. Berndt Business Partner, Gallagher Evelius & Jones 1942 TBD ADD
James M. Bernhard, Jr. Business CEO of Shaw Group 1954 TBD ADD
G. Alex Bernhardt Business Bernhardt Furniture Company 1943 TBD ADD
Howard B. Bernick Business CEO of Alberto-Culver, 1994-2006 1952 TBD ADD
Alan S. Bernikow Business Deputy CEO, Deloitte & Touche, 1998-2003 1941 TBD ADD
Alan J. Bernon Business Dean Foods 1954 TBD ADD
Robert F. Bernstock Business President of Shipping, USPS 1950 TBD ADD
Carl T. Berquist Business Chief Accounting Officer at Marriott 1952 TBD ADD
John M. Berra Business EVP at Emerson Electric 1948 TBD ADD
Buford P. Berry Business Of Counsel, Thompson & Knight 1936 TBD ADD
Leonard L. Berry Business Professor of Marketing, Texas A&M 1942 TBD ADD
Stephen W. Bershad Business Axsys Technologies 1941 TBD ADD
Andrew S. Berwick, Jr. Business Berwick-Pacific Corporation 1933 TBD ADD
Ann C. Berzin Business CEO of FGIC, 1992-2001 1952 TBD ADD
Afsaneh M. Beschloss Business The Rock Creek Group 1956 TBD ADD
Lawrence C. Best Business CFO of Boston Scientific, 1992-2007 1952 TBD ADD
Robert W. Best Business CEO of Atmos Energy 1947 TBD ADD
Gordon M. Bethune Business CEO of Continental Airlines, 1994-2004 1941 TBD ADD
Roland Betts Business Longtime friend of George W. Bush 25-May-1946 TBD ADD
Jeffrey L. Bewkes Business CEO of Time Warner 25-May-1952 TBD ADD
Robert D. Beyer Business CEO of TCW 1960 TBD ADD
John Beystehner Business COO of UPS, 2004-07 1951 TBD ADD
J. Robert Beyster Business Founder of SAIC 26-Jul-1924 22-Dec-2014 DEAD
Harold Beznos Business Michigan real estate developer ? TBD ADD
Jeff Bezos Business Founder of Amazon 12-Jan-1964 TBD ADD
Bruce Bialosky Business Accountant, GOP activist ? TBD ADD
Bruce P. Bickner Business DEKALB Genetics Corporation 1943 TBD ADD
Nicholas Biddle Business Second Bank of the United States 08-Jan-1786 27-Feb-1844 DEAD
Jim Bidzos Business Vice Chairman of Verisign, 2001-07 1955 TBD ADD
David W. Biegler Business President & COO of TXU, 1997-2001 1946 TBD ADD
Susan S. Bies Business Former EVP, First Tennessee National Corp 05-May-1947 TBD ADD
J. Veronica Biggins Business Partner, HNCL Search 19-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Charles L. Biggs Business Former Partner, Deloitte and Touche 1941 TBD ADD
E. Glenn Biggs Business Biggs & Co. 1933 TBD ADD
John H. Biggs Business CEO of TIAA-CREF, 1993-2002 19-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
Leslie S. Biller Business COO of Wells Fargo, 1998-2002 1948 TBD ADD
William E. Bindley Business Founder of Bindley Western Industries 06-Oct-1940 TBD ADD
Rudolf Bing Business Manager of the NY Metropolitan Opera, 1950-72 09-Jan-1902 02-Sep-1997 DEAD
H. Raymond Bingham Business CEO of Cadence Design Systems, 1999-2004 1947 TBD ADD
Robert Worth Bingham Business Publisher of The Louisville Courier-Journal 08-Nov-1871 18-Dec-1937 DEAD
Benny Binion Business Founder, World Series of Poker 20-Nov-1904 25-Dec-1989 DEAD
Frank Biondi Business Former CEO, Viacom, Universal Studios 09-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Michael J. Birck Business CEO of Tellabs, 1975-2004 25-Jan-1938 06-Jul-2015 DEAD
John H. Birdsall III Business Birdsall, Inc. 1943 TBD ADD
John P. Birkelund Business Chairman of Dillon Read, 1986-98 23-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
James R. Birle Business Former Partner, Blackstone Group 25-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Christopher J. Birosak Business Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity 1957 TBD ADD
Manfred Bischoff Business Chairman of EADS 22-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Winfried Bischoff Business Chairman of Citigroup 1941 TBD ADD
George A. Bitar Business Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity 1965 TBD ADD
Carole F. Bitter Business CEO of Harold Friedman, Inc. 1946 TBD ADD
K. Gunnar Bjorklund Business Sverica International 1960 TBD ADD
Cathleen Black Business New York City Schools Chancellor, 2010-11 26-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Charles L. Black Business VP at NationsBank, 1981-95 1929 TBD ADD
Conrad Black Business Rapacious newspaper mogul 25-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
Eli Black Business Swan dive onto Park Avenue 09-Apr-1921 03-Feb-1975 DEAD
Leon Black Business Billionaire, Apollo Management 1951 TBD ADD
Natalie A. Black Business VP at Kohler Company 1949 TBD ADD
Earl Blackwell Business Celebrity publicist 03-May-1913 01-Mar-1995 DEAD
Jean S. Blackwell Business EVP at Cummins 1954 TBD ADD
Frank Blake Business CEO of Home Depot 1950 TBD ADD
Norman P. Blake, Jr. Business CEO of USF&G Corporation, 1990-97 1942 TBD ADD
J. A. Blanchard III Business CEO of eFunds, 2000-02 1943 TBD ADD
James H. Blanchard Business CEO of Synovus Financial, 1971-2005 22-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Arthur Blank Business Co-Founder of Home Depot 27-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Robert S. Blank Business Whitcom Partners 1941 TBD ADD
Don L. Blankenship Business CEO of Massey Energy, 2000-10 14-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Lloyd C. Blankfein Business CEO of Goldman Sachs 20-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Ronald E. Blaylock Business Blaylock & Company, Inc. 1960 TBD ADD
Edward Bleier Business President, Warner Broadcast/Cable, 1986-2000 16-Oct-1929 TBD ADD
Jeffrey L. Bleustein Business CEO of Harley-Davidson, 1997-2005 1940 TBD ADD
Stewart A. Bliss Business Green Manning & Bunch, Ltd. 1933 TBD ADD
Erich Bloch Business Director of NSF, 1984-90 09-Jan-1925 25-Nov-2016 DEAD
Henry Bloch Business Co-Founder of H&R Bloch 30-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
Richard Bloch Business H&R Block, cancer activist 15-Feb-1926 21-Jul-2004 DEAD
Thomas M. Bloch Business CEO of H&R Block, 1992-95 1954 TBD ADD
Lynn R. Blodgett Business CEO of Affiliated Computer Services 1955 TBD ADD
W. Frank Blount Business CEO of Telstra, 1992-99 1939 TBD ADD
Richard C. Blum Business Husband of Dianne Feinstein 1936 TBD ADD
Jerald A. Blumberg Business Chairman of DuPont Europe, 1995-97 1939 TBD ADD
James Blyth Business Chairman of Diageo, 2000-08 08-May-1940 TBD ADD
William P. Boardman Business CEO of First USA, 1999-2001 1941 TBD ADD
Norman R. Bobins Business CEO of ABN AMRO North America, 2002-07 1942 TBD ADD
Louis V. Bockius III Business Former VP at Diebold 1936 TBD ADD
George W. Bodenheimer Business President of ESPN, 1998-2012 06-May-1958 TBD ADD
Alan L. Boeckmann Business CEO of Fluor 1948 TBD ADD
Edward G. Boehne Business CEO of FRB Philadelphia, 1981-2000 1941 TBD ADD
William Boeing Business Founder of Boeing, United Airlines 01-Oct-1881 28-Sep-1956 DEAD
Ivan Boesky Business Investment banker did insider trades 06-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Keith Boesky Business Founded videogames dept. of ICM ? TBD ADD
Daniel Boggan, Jr. Business NCAA Senior VP, 1996-2003 1946 TBD ADD
Jack Bogle Business Founder, The Vanguard Group 08-May-1929 TBD ADD
Paul J. Bohan Business Former Salomon Smith Barney executive 1946 TBD ADD
Frederick M. Bohen Business COO of Rockefeller University, 2002-05 1937 TBD ADD
Robert G. Bohn Business CEO of Oshkosh Truck 1953 TBD ADD
David Bohnett Business GeoCities cofounder 02-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Geoffrey T. Boisi Business Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, 2000-02 1948 TBD ADD
James C. Boland Business Retired Partner, Ernst & Young 1940 TBD ADD
J. P. Bolduc Business CEO of W. R. Grace, 1993-95 1941 TBD ADD
Marc J. Bolland Business CEO of William Morrison Supermarkets 28-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Stephen F. Bollenbach Business CEO of Hilton Hotels, 1996-2007 14-Jul-1942 08-Oct-2016 DEAD
Irving Bolotin Business Senior VP at Lennar, 1972-98 1933 TBD ADD
J. Armand Bombardier Business Founder of Bombardier 16-Apr-1907 18-Feb-1964 DEAD
Koo Bon-Moo Business Chairman of LG Group 1945 TBD ADD
Phyllis O. Bonanno Business International Trade Solutions, Inc. 1943 TBD ADD
Bruce R. Bond Business CEO of PictureTel Corporation, 1998-99 1947 TBD ADD
John R. H. Bond Business Chairman, HSBC Holdings, 1998-2004 1942 TBD ADD
Richard L. Bond Business CEO of Tyson Foods 1947 TBD ADD
Robert T. Bond Business COO of Rational Software, 1996-98 1943 TBD ADD
David Bonderman Business Billionaire, Texas Pacific Group 27-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Francis S. Y. Bong Business Maunsell Consultants Asia Holding 1942 TBD ADD
Neil R. Bonke Business CEO of Electroglas, 1993-96 1942 TBD ADD
Michael R. Bonsignore Business CEO of Honeywell, 1999-2001 1941 TBD ADD
John F. Bookout III Business Former Partner, McKinsey & Co. 1953 TBD ADD
Richard H. Booth Business CAO of American International Group 1948 TBD ADD
Edwin G. Booz Business Founder of Booz Allen Hamilton 02-Sep-1887 01-Oct-1951 DEAD
Scott Boras Business Baseball agent 02-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Edwin B. Borden Business Borden Manufacturing Co. 1935 TBD ADD
Frank J. Borelli Business CFO of Marsh & McLennan, 1984-2000 1934 TBD ADD
James R. Boris Business CEO of EVEREN Securities, 1990-99 25-Oct-1944 TBD ADD
Rolf Börjesson Business CEO of Rexam plc, 1996-2004 1942 TBD ADD
Steven M. Bornstein Business President of ESPN, 1990-99 ? TBD ADD
Walter G. Borst Business Treasurer of General Motors 1963 TBD ADD
Robert Bosch Business Founder of Bosch GmbH 23-Sep-1861 09-Mar-1942 DEAD
Rudy Boschwitz Business US Senator from Minnesota, 1978-91 07-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Jon A. Boscia Business CEO of Lincoln National, 1998-2007 1951 TBD ADD
Larry Bossidy Business CEO of Honeywell 05-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
James E. Bostic, Jr. Business EVP at Georgia Pacific, 2001-05 1947 TBD ADD
Roy J. Bostock Business Chairman of Yahoo, 2008-12 25-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Gina Boswell Business Senior Alberto-Culver executive 1962 TBD ADD
Dennis C. Bottorff Business CEO of First American, 1991-99 1944 TBD ADD
J. Thomas Bouchard Business VP for HR at IBM, 1994-2000 1941 TBD ADD
Ken Bouldin Business EVP, Corrections Corporation of America ? TBD ADD
J. A. Boultbee Business Ex-CFO of Hollinger International 1944 TBD ADD
Matthew Boulton Business Financed the early steam engine 03-Sep-1728 17-Aug-1809 DEAD
Philippe Bourguignon Business Revolution Resorts 1948 TBD ADD
Ari Bousbib Business President of Otis Elevator 1962 TBD ADD
Daniel Bouton Business CEO of Société Générale 10-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Jack O. Bovender, Jr. Business CEO of HCA, 2002-09 16-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Curtis A. Bower Business Vice Chairman, Parsons Corp. ? TBD ADD
Joseph L. Bower Business Professor, Harvard Business School 21-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Barbara L. Bowles Business The Kenwood Group 1946 TBD ADD
Crandall C. Bowles Business CEO of Springs Global 1947 TBD ADD
Michael R. Bowlin Business CEO of ARCO, 1994-2000 20-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Robert A. Bowman Business President and CEO, MLB Advanced Media 1955 TBD ADD
Jerry W. Box Business President of Oryx Energy, 1998-99 1938 TBD ADD
Clayton Boyce Business American Trucking Associations ? TBD ADD
Gregory H. Boyce Business CEO of Peabody Energy 1954 TBD ADD
Richard W. Boyce Business Texas Pacific Group 1954 TBD ADD
James R. Boyd Business VP of Ashland, 1986-2002 1947 TBD ADD
Jeffery H. Boyd Business CEO of Priceline 1956 TBD ADD
Katherine Boyd Business Interior decorator, GOP activist 11-Feb-1921 10-Feb-2009 DEAD
Edward P. Boykin Business President of Computer Sciences, 2001-03 1942 TBD ADD
Robert P. Bozzone Business CEO of Allegheny Technologies, 2000-01 1934 TBD ADD
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Business CEO of Nestle, 1997-2008 13-Nov-1944 TBD ADD
Reginald K. Brack Business CEO of Time Inc., 1986-94 26-Aug-1937 04-Oct-2016 DEAD
Richard M. Bracken Business CEO of HCA 1952 TBD ADD
Richard S. Braddock Business President of Citicorp, 1990-92 1943 TBD ADD
William E. Bradford Business Chairman of Halliburton, 1998-2000 1936 TBD ADD
Milton Bradley Business Board games 08-Nov-1836 30-May-1911 DEAD
James T. Brady Business Ballantrae International 11-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Larry D. Brady Business CEO of Intermec, 2000-07 1943 TBD ADD
Rodney H. Brady Business Deseret Management Corporation 1933 TBD ADD
Marvin D. Brailsford Business Retired US Army Lt. General 31-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
Angela F. Braly Business CEO of Wellpoint 1962 TBD ADD
Frank P. Bramble, Sr. Business Vice Chairman of MBNA, 2002-05 15-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
Stewart Brand Business Founder, Whole Earth Catalog 14-Dec-1938 TBD ADD
David A. Brandon Business CEO of Domino's Pizza 1952 TBD ADD
Joseph P. Brandon Business Chairman & CEO, General Re 1959 TBD ADD
Juan Carlos Braniff Business Vice Chairman of BBVA Bancomer, 1999-2004 1957 TBD ADD
Richard Branson Business Founder of Virgin chain 18-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Stephen Brauer Business US Ambassador to Belgium, 2001-03 1945 TBD ADD
Lasse Braun Business Pornographer 21-Sep-1936 16-Feb-2015 DEAD
Rose Marie Bravo Business CEO of Burberry, 1997-2006 13-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Donald J. Breeding Business CEO of Continental Micronesia, 1992-97 1935 TBD ADD
Ed Breen Business CEO of Tyco 1956 TBD ADD
John G. Breen Business CEO of Sherwin-Williams, 1979-99 1934 TBD ADD
Maura C. Breen Business Senior VP at Verizon 1955 TBD ADD
Walter W. Bregman Business President, International Playtex 1933 TBD ADD
Fred A. Breidenbach Business President of Gulfstream Aerospace, 1993-97 1946 TBD ADD
John M. Bremer Business COO of Northwestern Mutual 1948 TBD ADD
Donald Bren Business Irvine real estate billionaire 1932 TBD ADD
Leland C. Brendsel Business CEO of Freddie Mac, 1987-2003 1942 TBD ADD
David Brennan Business CEO of AstraZeneca 1953 TBD ADD
Edward A. Brennan Business CEO of Sears Roebuck, 1984-95 16-Jan-1934 27-Dec-2007 DEAD
Gregory D. Brenneman Business CEO of Quiznos 1962 TBD ADD
Ronald A. Brenneman Business CEO of Petro-Canada 1947 TBD ADD
Mario Brescia Business Grupo Breca 25-Sep-1929 16-May-2013 DEAD
James P. Breslawski Business President of Henry Schein 1954 TBD ADD
Marc C. Breslawsky Business President of Pitney Bowes, 1996-2001 1941 TBD ADD
Thierry Breton Business CEO of France Telecom, 2002-05 15-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Rosalind G. Brewer Business Senior VP at Wal-Mart 1962 TBD ADD
Daryl G. Brewster Business CEO of Krispy Kreme, 2006-08 14-Nov-1956 TBD ADD
James W. Breyer Business Venture capitalist, Accel Partners 1962 TBD ADD
Flavio Briatore Business Renault F1 Team, dates models 12-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Peter R. Bridenbaugh Business Former EVP at Alcoa 1940 TBD ADD
Tim Bridgewater Business Venture capitalist 1963 TBD ADD
Ronald M. Brill Business Former EVP, Home Depot 1944 TBD ADD
Sergey Brin Business Co-Founder of Google 21-Aug-1973 TBD ADD
Claude S. Brinegar Business US Secretary of Transportation, 1973-75 16-Dec-1926 13-Mar-2009 DEAD
Norman Brinker Business CEO of Brinker International, 1983-95 03-Jun-1931 09-Jun-2009 DEAD
John S. Brinzo Business CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, 1997-06 1942 TBD ADD
William Brisben Business Brisben Companies ? TBD ADD
Jenne K. Britell Business Structured Ventures, Inc. 1942 TBD ADD
Glenn A. Britt Business CEO of Time Warner Cable, 2001-13 06-Mar-1949 11-Jun-2014 DEAD
Willard W. Brittain, Jr. Business Former Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers 1948 TBD ADD
Eli Broad Business Billionaire 06-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Molly Corbett Broad Business University Chancellor 1941 TBD ADD
James L. Broadhead Business CEO of FPL Group, 1989-2001 1935 TBD ADD
James S. Broadhurst Business CEO of Eat’n Park Hospitality Group 1943 TBD ADD
Robert E. Broatch Business CFO of Guardian Life 1949 TBD ADD
John F. Brock Business CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises 1948 TBD ADD
Mark E. Brockbank Business Brockbank Group plc 1951 TBD ADD
James G. Brocksmith, Jr. Business COO of KPMG, 1990-96 1941 TBD ADD
Julian A. Brodsky Business Vice Chairman of Comcast 1934 TBD ADD
William J. Brodsky Business CEO of Chicago Board Options Exchange 1945 TBD ADD
Christopher W. Brody Business Partner, Warburg Pincus, 1971-98 1944 TBD ADD
David J. Bronczek Business CEO of FedEx Express 22-Jun-1954 TBD ADD
Charles Bronfman Business Fifth richest person in Canada 27-Jun-1931 TBD ADD
Edgar Bronfman, Sr. Business CEO of Seagram's until 1994 20-Jun-1929 21-Dec-2013 DEAD
Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Business CEO of Seagram, Warner Music, etc 16-May-1955 TBD ADD
Beth L. Bronner Business Mistral Equity Partners 1950 TBD ADD
Emanuel Bronner Business Soap label philosopher 01-Feb-1908 07-Mar-1997 DEAD
Paul Brons Business Akzo Nobel 1941 TBD ADD
Joseph R. Bronson Business President and COO of Sanmina-SCI 1948 TBD ADD
Robert S. Brookings Business Brookings Institution 22-Jan-1850 15-Nov-1932 DEAD
Douglas H. Brooks Business CEO of Brinker International 12-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
E. Richard Brooks Business Central and South West Corporation 1938 TBD ADD
Martha Finn Brooks Business President and COO of Novelis 05-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
Rhonda L. Brooks Business R. Brooks Advisors, Inc. 1952 TBD ADD
Robert H. Brooks Business Hooters chairman 06-Feb-1937 16-Jul-2006 DEAD
William R. Brooks Business CFO of Speedway Motorsports 1949 TBD ADD
K. Dane Brooksher Business Chairman of ProLogis, 1993-2007 1939 TBD ADD
Stephen M. Brophy Business Page Land & Cattle Co. ? TBD ADD
Jeffrey H. Brotman Business Co-Founder of Costco 27-Sep-1942 01-Aug-2017 DEAD
Martin Broughton Business Chairman of British Airways 15-Apr-1947 TBD ADD
Jack Brouillard Business CFO of H.E. Butt Grocery Co., 1991-2005 1948 TBD ADD
Bill Browder Business Hermitage Capital Management 23-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
David A. B. Brown Business The Windsor Group 1944 TBD ADD
David T. Brown Business CEO of Owens Corning, 2002-07 1948 TBD ADD
Gregory Q. Brown Business CEO of Motorola 1960 TBD ADD
J. Hyatt Brown Business Brown & Brown 1937 TBD ADD
John Seely Brown Business Director of Xerox PARC, 1990-2000 1940 TBD ADD
John W. Brown Business Chairman of Stryker 1934 TBD ADD
Joseph W. Brown Business CEO of MBIA 1948 TBD ADD
Keith A. Brown Business Chimera Corporation 1952 TBD ADD
Michael A. Brown Business CEO of Quantum, 1995-2002 1958 TBD ADD
Michael W. Brown Business CFO of Microsoft, 1994-97 1946 TBD ADD
Peter C. Brown Business CEO of AMC Entertainment 1959 TBD ADD
Richard H. Brown Business CEO of EDS, 1999-2003 1947 TBD ADD
Robert J. Brown Business Founder of B&C Associates, Inc. 26-Feb-1935 TBD ADD
Stephen L. Brown Business President of John Hancock, 1987-2000 1938 TBD ADD
John Browne Business CEO of British Petroleum, 1995-2007 20-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Keith D. Browning Business CFO of Carmax 1953 TBD ADD
Michael G. Browning Business Browning Investments Inc. 1946 TBD ADD
Peter C. Browning Business CEO of Sonoco Products, 1998-2000 02-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Abelardo E. Bru Business CEO of Frito-Lay, 1999-2004 1948 TBD ADD
Ruth E. Bruch Business CIO, Kellogg Company 27-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Bruce C. Bruckmann Business Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. 1953 TBD ADD
Leslie A. Brun Business Co-Founder, Hamilton Lane Advisors 1952 TBD ADD
Paul A. Brunner Business Spring Capital, Inc. 1935 TBD ADD
Frank W. Bruno Business Cerberus Global Investments 1965 TBD ADD
Paul L. Brunswick Business General Management Advisory 1940 TBD ADD
Robert H. Brust Business CFO of Kodak, 2000-06 1944 TBD ADD
George W. Bryan Business Old Waverly Investments 1946 TBD ADD
James L. Bryan Business Former EVP at Newpark Drilling Fluids 1937 TBD ADD
John H. Bryan Business CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000 05-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Warren F. Bryant Business CEO of Longs Drugs 1946 TBD ADD
John E. Bryson Business US Secretary of Commerce, 2011-12 24-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
Louise H. Bryson Business Chairman of Getty Trust 1944 TBD ADD
Vaughn D. Bryson Business CEO of Eli Lilly, 1991-93 1938 TBD ADD
Michael R. Buchanan Business Former Bank of America executive 1947 TBD ADD
Robert C. Buchanan Business CEO of Fox River Paper, 1980-2005 13-May-1940 TBD ADD
G. Clyde Buck Business Davis/Chambers & Company 1937 TBD ADD
George W. Buckley Business CEO of 3M, 2005-12 23-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Albert J. Budney, Jr. Business Niagara Mohawk Holdings 1947 TBD ADD
William F. Buehler Business Vice Chairman of Xerox, 1999-2001 1949 TBD ADD
Howard Homan Buffett Business Congressman, father of Warren Buffett 13-Aug-1903 30-Apr-1964 DEAD
Warren Buffett Business Billionaire in Omaha 30-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Paul Bulcke Business CEO of Nestle 1954 TBD ADD
Jonathan B. Bulkeley Business Chairman of QXL Ricardo, 1998-2004 1960 TBD ADD
Larry J. Bump Business Willbros Group 1939 TBD ADD
Charles E. Bunch Business CEO of PPG Industries 1949 TBD ADD
Steve Burd Business CEO of Safeway 1949 TBD ADD
John W. Burden III Business CEO of Federated Departmen Stores, 1988-90 1936 TBD ADD
C. Coney Burgess Business Burgess-Herring Ranch Company 1938 TBD ADD
Robert K. Burgess Business CEO of Macromedia, 1996-2005 1957 TBD ADD
Robert K. Burgess Business CEO of Pulte Homes, 1993-2001 1944 TBD ADD
Antony Burgmans Business Chairman of Unilever, 1999-2007 13-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Philip J. Burguieres Business CEO of Weatherford International, 1991-97 1943 TBD ADD
Kevin Burke Business CEO of Consolidated Edison 1951 TBD ADD
Richard T. Burke Business Founder of UnitedHealth Group 1944 TBD ADD
Stephen B. Burke Business COO of Comcast 1958 TBD ADD
Ronald W. Burkle Business Supermarket Billionaire 1953 TBD ADD
William R. Burleigh Business CEO of EW Scripps, 1996-2000 06-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
David L. Burner Business CEO of Goodrich, 1996-2003 1940 TBD ADD
Kennett F. Burnes Business CEO of Cabot, 2001-08 1943 TBD ADD
Leo Burnett Business American advertising pioneer 21-Oct-1891 07-Jun-1971 DEAD
Daniel P. Burnham Business CEO of Raytheon, 1998-2003 1946 TBD ADD
Duane L. Burnham Business CEO of Abbott Laboratories, 1989-98 1943 TBD ADD
Gary D. Burnison Business CEO of Korn/Ferry International 1961 TBD ADD
M. Anthony Burns Business CEO of Ryder System, 1983-2000 01-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
M. Michele Burns Business CFO of Marsh & McLennan 1958 TBD ADD
Michael J. Burns Business CEO of Dana, 2004-08 1953 TBD ADD
Stephanie A. Burns Business CEO of Dow Corning 1955 TBD ADD
Terence Burns Business Chairman of Marks & Spencer 13-Mar-1944 TBD ADD
Ursula M. Burns Business CEO of Xerox 20-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
William M. Burns Business Executive at Roche ? TBD ADD
Robert N. Burt Business CEO of FMC, 1992-2001 1937 TBD ADD
Mary Elizabeth Burton Business CEO of Zale 1952 TBD ADD
August Busch IV Business CEO of Anheuser-Busch 1965 TBD ADD
Adolphus Busch Business Made Anheuser's brewery profitable 10-Jul-1839 10-Oct-1913 DEAD
August Busch III Business Anheuser-Busch CEO, 1975-2002 06-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Mary K. Bush Business Bush International 1949 TBD ADD
Michael J. Bush Business 3 Day Blinds, Inc. 1960 TBD ADD
Nolan Bushnell Business Co-founder of Atari, started Chuck E. Cheese 05-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Anne M. Busquet Business Former EVP at American Express 1951 TBD ADD
Jerry Buss Business Owner, Los Angeles Lakers 15-Jun-1934 18-Feb-2013 DEAD
C. Preston Butcher Business Legacy Partners 1938 TBD ADD
Willard C. Butcher Business CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1980-91 25-Oct-1926 25-Aug-2012 DEAD
Gary C. Butler Business CEO of ADP, 2006-11 1946 TBD ADD
Harold Butler Business Founder of Denny's 16-Jun-1921 09-Jul-1998 DEAD
John R. Butler, Jr. Business JR Butler and Company 1939 TBD ADD
Robert C. Butler Business CFO of International Paper, 1988-95 1931 TBD ADD
Stephen G. Butler Business CEO of KPMG, 1996-2002 1948 TBD ADD
Stewart Butterfield Business Co-Founder of Flickr 1973 TBD ADD
Joseph J. Buttigieg III Business Vice Chairman of Comerica 1945 TBD ADD
Brook Byers Business Co-Founder, Kleiner-Perkins 02-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Mariann Byerwalter Business JDN Corporate Advisory 1960 TBD ADD
Gaylen J. Byker Business President of Calvin College 10-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Linda Walker Bynoe Business CEO of Telemat Limited 1953 TBD ADD
Caroline H. Byrd Business GlobalTech Financial 1949 TBD ADD
Dennis M. Byrd Business Treasurer of Sun-Times Media Group 1955 TBD ADD
Arthur P. Byrne Business Partner, J. W. Childs Associates 1946 TBD ADD
Bill W. Byrne Business Warren Petroleum Company 1930 TBD ADD
Bruce L. Byrnes Business Vice Chairman of Procter & Gamble, 2004-08 29-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
William J. Cabaniss Business US Ambassador to Czechia, 2004-06 11-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Mathis Cabiallavetta Business Chairman of UBS, 1998-99 1945 TBD ADD
Godfrey Lowell Cabot Business Founder of Cabot Corporation 26-Feb-1861 02-Nov-1962 DEAD
Thomas Dudley Cabot Business CEO of Cabot, 1922-60 01-May-1897 08-Jun-1995 DEAD
Cesar B. Cabrera Business US Ambassador to Mauritius ? TBD ADD
John Cadbury Business Chocolatier 12-Aug-1801 11-May-1889 DEAD
Debra A. Cafaro Business CEO of Ventas 15-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
John T. Cahill Business CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group, 2001-06 1957 TBD ADD
Frank V. Cahouet Business CEO of Mellon Financial, 1987-98 25-May-1932 TBD ADD
Herman Cain Business Godfather's Pizza 13-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Jason Calacanis Business Weblogs Inc., Mahalo.com 28-Nov-1970 TBD ADD
Vincent A. Calarco Business CEO of Crompton Corporation, 1985-2004 1942 TBD ADD
Michael M. Calbert Business Kohlberg Kravis Roberts 1963 TBD ADD
Robert M. Calderoni Business CEO of Ariba, Inc. 1959 TBD ADD
John E. Caldwell Business CEO of SMTC Corporation 1950 TBD ADD
Ronald K. Calgaard Business President of Trinity University, 1979-99 1937 TBD ADD
David L. Calhoun Business CEO of The Nielsen Company 1957 TBD ADD
Michael J. Callahan Business CEO of Material Sciences, 2003-04 1938 TBD ADD
Robert F. Callahan Business CEO of Ziff-Davis Media 1954 TBD ADD
Michael A. Callen Business Avalon Argus Associates 1941 TBD ADD
Donald W. Callender Business Marie Callender's restaurateur 27-Sep-1927 07-Jan-2009 DEAD
Roberto Calvi Business Vatican banker who died mysteriously 13-Apr-1920 17-Jun-1982 DEAD
James L. Camaren Business CEO of Utilities Inc., 1996-2006 1955 TBD ADD
Carl T. Camden Business CEO of Kelly Services 1954 TBD ADD
Louis C. Camilleri Business CEO of Altria 1955 TBD ADD
Bernard Cammarata Business Founder of TJX 1940 TBD ADD
William H. Camp Business EVP at Archer Daniels Midland, 2003-07 1948 TBD ADD
Gaspare Campari Business Founder of Gruppo Campari 1828 1882 DEAD
Bill Campbell Business CEO of Intuit, 1994-98 and 1999-2000 31-Aug-1940 18-Apr-2016 DEAD
Donald R. Campbell Business CEO of TEI, Inc., 1994-2000 1940 TBD ADD
Edward P. Campbell Business CEO of Nordson Corporation 1949 TBD ADD
Edward R. Campbell Business Hibernia National Bank 1941 TBD ADD
J. Kermit Campbell Business CEO of Herman Miller, 1992-95 1939 TBD ADD
Joseph Campbell Business Founder of Campbell Soups 15-May-1817 19-Jan-1900 DEAD
Lewis B. Campbell Business CEO of Textron 1946 TBD ADD
Lloyd E. Campbell Business Managing Director, Rothschild, Inc. 1958 TBD ADD
Michael E. Campbell Business CEO of Arch Chemicals 1946 TBD ADD
Phyllis J. Campbell Business CEO of Seattle Foundation 1951 TBD ADD
Robert H. Campbell Business CEO of Sunoco, 1991-2000 1937 TBD ADD
Philippe Camus Business Partner, Groupe Lagardere 28-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
William W. Canfield Business TALX Corporation 1938 TBD ADD
Joseph Canizaro Business Real estate mogul 1937 TBD ADD
John A. Canning, Jr. Business Madison Dearborn Partners ? TBD ADD
Michael R. Cannon Business Dell President of Global Operations 1953 TBD ADD
Jim Cantalupo Business CEO of McDonald's, 2002-04 14-Nov-1943 19-Apr-2004 DEAD
Michael D. Capellas Business CEO of First Data 19-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Mitchell Caplan Business CEO of E-Trade, 2003-07 1957 TBD ADD
Mortimer M. Caplin Business Caplin & Drysdale 11-Jul-1916 TBD ADD
David N. Capobianco Business Vulcan Capital 1970 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Capps Business CEO of Dominion Resources, 1990-2005 31-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Lisa M. Caputo Business EVP at The Travelers 1964 TBD ADD
Bruce A. Carbonari Business CEO of Fortune Brands 1955 TBD ADD
Anthony J. Carbone Business Vice Chairman of Dow Chemical, 2000-05 1941 TBD ADD
Wesley R. Card Business CEO of Jones Apparel Group 1948 TBD ADD
Richard W. Cardin Business Retired Partner, Arthur Andersen 1935 TBD ADD
John T. Cardis Business Former Partner, Deloitte and Touche 1941 TBD ADD
Carlos M. Cardoso Business CEO of Kennametal 1958 TBD ADD
Albert P. Carey Business CEO of Frito-Lay North America 1951 TBD ADD
Chase Carey Business President and COO of News Corporation 1954 TBD ADD
Stephen Carley Business CEO, El Pollo Loco 1952 TBD ADD
LeRoy T. Carlson, Jr. Business CEO of Telephone and Data Systems 1946 TBD ADD
Jan Carlson Business CEO of Autoliv 1960 TBD ADD
LeRoy T. Carlson Business Founder of Telephone and Data Systems 15-May-1916 23-May-2016 DEAD
Sune Carlsson Business CEO of SKF AB, 1998-2003 1941 TBD ADD
Doug Carlston Business Co-Founder, Br0derbund Software 1947 TBD ADD
Donald M. Carlton Business President of Radian Corporation, 1969-95 1936 TBD ADD
David R. Carlucci Business CEO of IMS Health 1955 TBD ADD
Ellen Carnahan Business Seyen Capital Management 1956 TBD ADD
Andrew Carnegie Business Robber baron turned philanthropist 25-Nov-1835 11-Aug-1919 DEAD
Alison J. Carnwath Business British investment banker 1953 TBD ADD
Daniel A. Carp Business CEO of Kodak, 2001-05 04-May-1948 TBD ADD
Edmund M. Carpenter Business CEO of Barnes Group 1942 TBD ADD
Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Business President of DuPont, 1940-48 08-Jan-1888 02-Feb-1976 DEAD
Cassandra C. Carr Business Public Strategies, Inc. 1945 TBD ADD
Joseph A. Carrabba Business CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs 1953 TBD ADD
Dominique Carrel-Billiard Business CEO, AXA Investment Managers 1967 TBD ADD
John A. Carrig Business CFO of Conoco-Phillips 14-Jan-1952 TBD ADD
Richard Carrión Business CEO of Popular, Inc. 26-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Cynthia Carroll Business CEO of Anglo American 1956 TBD ADD
Loren K. Carroll Business CEO of M-I SWACO, 1994-2006 1943 TBD ADD
Milton Carroll Business Instrument Products, Inc. 1950 TBD ADD
Russell L. Carson Business Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe 1943 TBD ADD
Larry Carter Business CFO of Cisco, 1995-2003 1952 TBD ADD
Mollie H. Carter Business CEO of Sunflower Bank 1962 TBD ADD
Pamela L. Carter Business EVP at Cummins 1948 TBD ADD
Paul R. Carter Business CFO of Wal-Mart, 1988-95 1940 TBD ADD
Susan K. Carter Business CFO of Lennox International 1959 TBD ADD
William H. Carter Business CFO of Hexion Specialty Chemicals 1954 TBD ADD
Jocelyn Carter-Miller Business President of TechEdVentures 1957 TBD ADD
Peter Cartwright Business CEO of Calpine, 1984-2005 06-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Donald J. Carty Business CEO of American Airlines, 1998-2003 23-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Joseph A. Caruso Business Secretary of Guardian Life 1946 TBD ADD
Tom Carvel Business Fudgie The Whale, Cookie Puss 14-Jul-1906 21-Oct-1990 DEAD
Howard L. Carver Business Former Partner, Ernst & Young 1944 TBD ADD
Daniel H. Case III Business Hambrecht & Quist 27-Jul-1957 27-Jun-2002 DEAD
Gregory C. Case Business CEO of Aon 1963 TBD ADD
Steve Case Business CEO of AOL, 1991-2001 21-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Albert V. Casey Business CEO of American Airlines, 1974-85 28-Feb-1920 10-Jul-2004 DEAD
James J. Casey Business COO of Starbucks, 1985-87 1932 TBD ADD
W. Larry Cash Business CFO of Community Health Systems 1948 TBD ADD
Kimberly A. Casiano Business President of Casiano Communications, 1994-2009 21-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Stefano Casiraghi Business Second husband of Princess Caroline 09-Aug-1960 03-Oct-1990 DEAD
Thomas W. Cason Business CFO of Baker Hughes, 1989-90 1942 TBD ADD
John M. Cassaday Business CEO of Corus Entertainment 1954 TBD ADD
Scott L. Cassels Business EVP at Peter Kiewit Sons 1959 TBD ADD
Frank Cassidy Business Public Service Enterprise Group 1947 TBD ADD
John L. Cassis Business Cross Atlantic Partners 1948 TBD ADD
François J. Castaing Business Former EVP at Chrysler 1945 TBD ADD
William Castell Business CEO of GE Healthcare 10-Apr-1947 TBD ADD
Lawrence P. Castellani Business CEO of Advance Auto Parts, 2000-05 1945 TBD ADD
Henri de Castries Business CEO of AXA 1954 TBD ADD
Antonio Monteiro de Castro Business COO of British American Tobacco, 2002-07 1946 TBD ADD
Eduardo Castro-Wright Business Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart 1953 TBD ADD
John B. Caswell Business Omnia Group 1939 TBD ADD
Anna C. Catalano Business Former executive at BP-Amoco 1959 TBD ADD
Robert B. Catell Business CEO of KeySpan, 1998-2007 01-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Dan T. Cathy Business President and COO, Chick-fil-A 01-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
S. Truett Cathy Business Founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A 14-Mar-1921 08-Sep-2014 DEAD
Ed Catmull Business Pixar Co-Founder, Disney Animation president 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
William Caton Business CFO of Navistar International 31-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
John Catsimatidis Business Supermarket billionaire 07-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Safra A. Catz Business President & CFO of Oracle 00-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Lee Caudill Business Former Avon/Liz Claiborne executive 1950 TBD ADD
Frank J. Caufield Business Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers 1940 TBD ADD
E. Michael Caulfield Business Former EVP, Prudential 1947 TBD ADD
Robert F. Cavanaugh Business DLJ Capital Partners 1959 TBD ADD
Red Cavaney Business CEO, American Petroleum Institute, 1997-2008 26-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Charles Cawley Business Cofounder, MBNA Corporation 15-Aug-1940 18-Nov-2015 DEAD
James E. Cayne Business CEO of Bear Stearns, 1992-2008 1934 TBD ADD
Paul L. Cejas Business US Ambassador to Belgium, 1998-2001 1943 TBD ADD
Juan N. Cento Business FedEx executive 1951 TBD ADD
Raul E. Cesan Business President of Schering-Plough, 1998-2001 1948 TBD ADD
Patrick Cescau Business Group Chief Executive of Unilever 1948 TBD ADD
Nicholas D. Chabraja Business CEO of General Dynamics, 1997-2009 06-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Malcolm Chace Business Chairman, Bancorp Rhode Island 1934 TBD ADD
Lee A. Chaden Business Chairman of Hanesbrands, 2006-08 1941 TBD ADD
Lord Chadlington Business CEO of Huntsworth ? TBD ADD
Jon F. Chait Business CEO of Hudson Highland Group 1950 TBD ADD
John S. Chalsty Business CEO, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, 1986-96 1933 TBD ADD
Anne Cox Chambers Business Billionaire, former US Ambassador to Belgium 01-Dec-1919 TBD ADD
John T. Chambers Business CEO of Cisco 23-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Albert Champion Business ACDelco and Champion spark plugs 02-Apr-1878 26-Oct-1927 DEAD
Vanessa C. L. Chang Business Former partner, KPMG 1953 TBD ADD
Roy D. Chapin, Jr. Business Former CEO of American Motors 1916 05-Aug-2001 DEAD
Don L. Chapman Business ChapCo Investments LLC 1939 TBD ADD
Thomas F. Chapman Business CEO of Equifax, 1998-2005 1943 TBD ADD
John Chapple Business CEO of Nextel Partners, 1998-2006 1954 TBD ADD
Jean-Marc Chapus Business Trust Company of the West 1959 TBD ADD
Dov Charney Business Founder of American Apparel 31-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Paul R. Charron Business CEO of Liz Claiborne, 1996-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Rodney F. Chase Business Former BP executive 1943 TBD ADD
J. David Chatham Business Chatham Holdings Corporation 1951 TBD ADD
Martha Chayet Business Oxbridge Group ? TBD ADD
Stephen I. Chazen Business President and CFO, Occidental Petroleum 1946 TBD ADD
Bruce S. Chelberg Business CEO of Whitman Corporation, 1992-2000 1935 TBD ADD
Paul W. Chellgren Business CEO of Ashland, 1996-2002 1942 TBD ADD
John S. Chen Business CEO of Sybase 01-Jul-1955 TBD ADD
Steve Chen Business Co-Founder of YouTube 1978 TBD ADD
Tianqiao Chen Business Billionaire, CEO of Shanda 1973 TBD ADD
Timothy Y. Chen Business Microsoft CEO Greater China Region 1956 TBD ADD
WenChi Chen Business President and CEO, VIA Technologies ? TBD ADD
Kenneth Chenault Business CEO of American Express 02-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Louis Chênevert Business President and COO of United Technologies 1958 TBD ADD
William L. Chenevich Business Vice Chairman of Technology, US Bancorp 1944 TBD ADD
Benjamin D. Chereskin Business Madison Dearborn Partners 1959 TBD ADD
Michael G. Cherkasky Business CEO of Marsh & McLennan, 2004-08 02-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Peter Chernin Business President of News Corporation 29-May-1951 TBD ADD
Brian Chesky Business Co-Founder of Airbnb 29-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Pei-Yuan Chia Business Vice Chairman of Citicorp, 1994-96 1939 TBD ADD
John W. Chidsey Business CEO of Burger King 1963 TBD ADD
John Chisholm Business Chairman of QinetiQ 1946 TBD ADD
Bruce Chizen Business CEO of Adobe, 2000-07 1956 TBD ADD
John F. Chlebowski, Jr. Business Lakeshore Operating Partners 1945 TBD ADD
Jerry D. Choate Business CEO of Allstate, 1994-99 1938 TBD ADD
Mary C. Choksi Business Strategic Investment Group 1950 TBD ADD
Paula H. J. Cholmondeley Business VP at Sappi Fine Paper, 2000-04 1948 TBD ADD
Bikram Choudhury Business The Bad Boy of Yoga 1946 TBD ADD
Yvon Chouinard Business Founder, Patagonia 09-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
David A. Christensen Business CEO of Raven Industries, 1971-2000 1935 TBD ADD
Glenn C. Christenson Business CFO of Station Casinos, 1989-2007 1949 TBD ADD
Tony J. Christianson Business Cherry Tree Companies 1952 TBD ADD
H. Frederick Christie Business Southern California Edison 1933 TBD ADD
Walter P. Chrysler Business Founder of Chrysler Corporation 02-Apr-1875 18-Aug-1940 DEAD
Chinh E. Chu Business Managing Director, Blackstone Group 1966 TBD ADD
Michael Chu Business Pegasus Capital 06-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Anshe Chung Business Second Life land tycoon 1973 TBD ADD
Peter Cianchette Business US Ambassador to Costa Rica 1961 TBD ADD
Gustavo Cisneros Business Billionaire Venezuelan media mogul 1945 TBD ADD
Anthony M. Civale Business Apollo Management 1975 TBD ADD
Bruce L. Claflin Business CEO of 3Com, 2001-06 1951 TBD ADD
David C. Clapp Business Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs 1938 TBD ADD
Frank M. Clark Business CEO of Commonwealth Edison 1946 TBD ADD
Jim Clark Business Co-Founder of SGI and Netscape 1944 TBD ADD
Kim B. Clark Business President of BYU-Idaho 20-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Maxine K. Clark Business CEO of Build-a-Bear Workshop, 1997-13 06-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Paul N. Clark Business CEO of ICOS Corporation 1947 TBD ADD
R. Kerry Clark Business CEO of Cardinal Health 1952 TBD ADD
Ralph W. Clark Business Former VP at IBM 1941 TBD ADD
Richard T. Clark Business CEO of Merck 1946 TBD ADD
Stuart J. Clark Business CEO of Interactive Data 1947 TBD ADD
W. Edmund Clark Business CEO of Toronto Dominion Bank 1947 TBD ADD
Janet M. Clarke Business Clarke Littlefield LLC 1952 TBD ADD
Kay Knight Clarke Business Templeton, Ltd. 1938 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Clarke Business President and COO of Nike, 1994-2000 1951 TBD ADD
John S. Clarkeson Business CEO of Boston Consulting Group, 1986-97 1943 TBD ADD
Lawrence W. Clarkson Business Former Boeing Executive 1938 TBD ADD
Robert N. Clay Business Three Chimneys Farm 17-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Frank Clegg Business President of Microsoft Canada, 2000-05 1955 TBD ADD
Jackie M. Clegg Business Wife of Chris Dodd 1965 TBD ADD
John E. Cleghorn Business CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, 1995-2001 07-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
Dennis E. Clements Business Group VP at Toyota, 2000-05 1944 TBD ADD
Robert M. Clements Business Everbank Financial Corporation 1963 TBD ADD
Richard L. Clemmer Business CEO of Agere Systems ? TBD ADD
John L. Clendenin Business CEO of Bellsouth, 1984-96 1933 TBD ADD
John A. Clerico Business CFO of Praxair, 1992-2000 1941 TBD ADD
Cotton M. Cleveland Business Mather Associates 1953 TBD ADD
Joseph R. Cleveland Business CIO of Lockheed Martin 1944 TBD ADD
Jim Click Business Tucson car dealer ? TBD ADD
James K. Clifton Business CEO of The Gallup Organization ? TBD ADD
Matthew P. Clifton Business CEO of Holly Corporation 1951 TBD ADD
Richard G. Cline Business CEO of Nicor, 1986-95 1935 TBD ADD
Robert Cline Business CEO of Airborne, Inc., 1984-2002 1937 TBD ADD
James F. Clingman, Jr. Business H.E. Butt Grocery Company 1937 TBD ADD
Kriss Cloninger III Business CFO of Aflac 1947 TBD ADD
Sanford Cloud, Jr. Business President of NCCJ, 1994-2004 27-Nov-1944 TBD ADD
Charles I. Clough, Jr. Business Merrill Lynch Investment Strategist, 1987-2000 1942 TBD ADD
Lawrence S. Coben Business Tremisis Energy 1957 TBD ADD
Hugh K. Coble Business Vice Chairman of Fluor, 1994-97 1935 TBD ADD
Phyllis E. Cochran Business Senior VP at Navistar 1951 TBD ADD
Lawrence R. Codey Business President of PSE&G, 1991-2000 1944 TBD ADD
Armando M. Codina Business Founder of Codina Group 1946 TBD ADD
Sarah R. Coffin Business Hexion Specialty Chemicals 1952 TBD ADD
Vance D. Coffman Business CEO of Lockheed Martin, 1998-2004 03-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Andrew B. Cogan Business CEO of Knoll 1963 TBD ADD
Richard A. Cogdill Business CFO of Pilgrim's Pride 1960 TBD ADD
Ben Cohen Business Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. 18-Mar-1951 TBD ADD
Betsy Z. Cohen Business CEO of RAIT Investment Trust, 1997-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Daniel H. Cohen Business NYT VP Advertising, 1995-99 1952 TBD ADD
Irwin Cohen Business Former Retail Partner, Deloitte & Touche 1941 TBD ADD
Marshall A. Cohen Business CEO of Molson, 1988-96 1935 TBD ADD
Peter A. Cohen Business CEO of Shearson Lehman, 1983-90 1946 TBD ADD
Ronald Cohen Business British venture capitalist, Apax 1945 TBD ADD
Steve Cohen Business Hedge fund billionaire 11-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
Gary D. Cohn Business Director, US National Economic Council 27-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Charles W. Coker Business CEO of Sonoco Products, 1990-98 10-May-1933 TBD ADD
S. Key Coker Business EVP at Compass Bank 1957 TBD ADD
Virgis W. Colbert Business EVP at Miller Brewing, 1997-2005 1939 TBD ADD
James D. Cole Business CEO of Newpark Resources, 1977-2006 1941 TBD ADD
Deborah A. Coleman Business SmartForest Ventures 1952 TBD ADD
Deborah S. Coleman Business International Business Solutions 1953 TBD ADD
Lewis W. Coleman Business President, Dreamworks Animation SKG 1943 TBD ADD
William T. Coleman III Business CEO of BEA Systems, 1995-2001 1948 TBD ADD
Nicholas Coleridge Business Managing Director, Condé Nast 1957 TBD ADD
William A. Coley Business CEO of British Energy 1944 TBD ADD
Richard W. Colf Business EVP at Peter Kiewit Sons 1944 TBD ADD
William Colgate Business Toothpaste empirebuilder 25-Jan-1783 25-Jan-1857 DEAD
Richard A. Collato Business President and CEO, San Diego YMCA 1944 TBD ADD
Bud Colligan Business CEO of Macromedia, 1992-97 14-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Colligan Business Vice Chairman of PWC, 2001-04 1945 TBD ADD
Ted Collins, Jr. Business President of Enron, 1982-87 1938 TBD ADD
Arthur D. Collins, Jr. Business CEO of Medtronic, 2001-07 10-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Duane E. Collins Business CEO of Parker Hannifin, 1993-2001 1939 TBD ADD
J. Barclay Collins II Business General Counsel for Hess Corporation 21-Oct-1944 TBD ADD
John T. Collins Business CEO of The Collins Group 1947 TBD ADD
Joseph J. Collins Business CEO of Time Warner Cable, 1989-2003 1944 TBD ADD
Timothy C. Collins Business Private equity, Ripplewood Holdings 1956 TBD ADD
Bertrand P. Collomb Business CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003 1943 TBD ADD
Gary F. Colter Business President of CRS, Inc. 1946 TBD ADD
William W. Colville Business General Counsel at Owens Corning, 1984-94 1935 TBD ADD
Joe F. Colvin Business Nuclear Energy Institute 1942 TBD ADD
F. Anthony Comper Business President of Bank of Montreal, 1990-2007 24-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
John C. Compton Business CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods 1961 TBD ADD
Douglas R. Conant Business CEO of Campbell Soup 1951 TBD ADD
Edward Conard Business The Upside of Inequality 1956 TBD ADD
Cristóbal I. Conde Business CEO of SunGard 1959 TBD ADD
Philip M. Condit Business CEO of Boeing, 1996-2003 02-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Christopher M. Condron Business CEO, AXA Financial ? TBD ADD
Peter Coneway Business US Ambassador to Switzerland 1944 TBD ADD
Iain Conn Business CEO Refining & Marketing, BP 1963 TBD ADD
W. Lance Conn Business Vulcan, Inc. 1969 TBD ADD
John Connaughton Business Bain Capital 1967 TBD ADD
Deirdre P. Connelly Business President of US Operations, Eli Lilly 1961 TBD ADD
Jeffrey A. Connelly Business Former EVP, Coastal Corporation 1943 TBD ADD
Christopher M. Connor Business CEO of Sherwin-Williams 1956 TBD ADD
John T. Connor Business CEO of Allied Chemical, 1967-79 03-Nov-1914 06-Oct-2000 DEAD
Robert C. Connor Business Dallas investor 1941 TBD ADD
John G. Connors Business CFO of Microsoft, 1999-2005 1959 TBD ADD
Michael P. Connors Business Information Services Group, Inc. 1955 TBD ADD
George Conrades Business CEO of Akamai, 1999-2005 1939 TBD ADD
Andrew Conru Business Creator of Friendfinder 03-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Jill M. Considine Business Chairman of Depository Trust Company, 1998-2006 1944 TBD ADD
John R. Considine Business Vice Chairman of Becton Dickinson 1950 TBD ADD
David E. Constable Business Group President at Fluor 1960 TBD ADD
Fulvio Conti Business CEO of Enel 28-Oct-1947 TBD ADD
Gary L. Convis Business Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky 22-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Craig Conway Business CEO of PeopleSoft, 1999-2004 1955 TBD ADD
John W. Conway Business CEO of Crown Holdings 1945 TBD ADD
Ron Conway Business Angel Investors LP 09-Mar-1951 TBD ADD
Dan W. Cook III Business Conservative fundraiser 1941 TBD ADD
E. Gary Cook Business CEO of Witco Corporation, 1996-99 1944 TBD ADD
Errol M. Cook Business Former Partner, Warburg Pincus 1940 TBD ADD
Ian M. Cook Business CEO of Colgate-Palmolive 1952 TBD ADD
J. Michael Cook Business CEO of Deloitte & Touche, 1989-99 16-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Linda Z. Cook Business Shell Oil executive 04-Jun-1958 TBD ADD
Scott Cook Business Co-Founder of Intuit 1952 TBD ADD
Timothy D. Cook Business CEO of Apple 01-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
David J. Cooper Business Cooper/T. Smith Corporation 1945 TBD ADD
J. Gary Cooper Business US Ambassador to Jamaica, 1994-97 02-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Janet K. Cooper Business Senior VP and Treasurer of Qwest 1953 TBD ADD
Thomas P. Cooper Business Founder of Vericare, Inc. 1944 TBD ADD
Leon G. Cooperman Business Omega Advisors, Inc. 1943 TBD ADD
Adolph Coors Business Founder of Coors Brewery 04-Feb-1847 05-Jun-1929 DEAD
Joseph Coors, Sr. Business Ultraconservative beer baron 12-Nov-1917 15-Mar-2003 DEAD
George A. Cope Business CEO of Bell Canada 1962 TBD ADD
James E. Copeland, Jr. Business CEO of Deloitte & Touche, 1999-2003 1945 TBD ADD
Miles Copeland Business Founder of IRS Records 02-May-1944 TBD ADD
S. James Coppersmith Business Former President, WCVB-TV Boston 1933 TBD ADD
Kathleen A. Corbet Business President of Standard & Poor's, 2004-07 1960 TBD ADD
Luke R. Corbett Business CEO of Kerr-McGee, 1997-2006 1947 TBD ADD
Roger C. Corbett Business CEO of Woolworths Limited, 1999-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Drue Corbusier Business Dillard's executive 1946 TBD ADD
Thomas A. Corcoran Business Senior Advisor, Carlyle Group 1945 TBD ADD
James F. Cordes Business Former EVP, Coastal Corporation 1940 TBD ADD
Michael J. Corliss Business Investco Financial Corporation 1960 TBD ADD
James M. Cornelius Business CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb 1943 TBD ADD
Brian C. Cornell Business CEO of Michaels Stores 1960 TBD ADD
Ezra Cornell Business Founder of Cornell University 11-Jan-1807 09-Dec-1874 DEAD
Erastus Corning Business Railroad baron, Ironmonger, Congressman 14-Dec-1794 09-Apr-1872 DEAD
Robert A. Cornog Business CEO of Snap-on, 1991-2001 1939 TBD ADD
W. Don Cornwell Business CEO of Granite Broadcasting 1948 TBD ADD
Alston D. Correll Business CEO of Georgia-Pacific, 1993-2005 28-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
John D. Correnti Business CEO of Birmingham Steel, 1999-2002 1947 TBD ADD
Fredric W. Corrigan Business CEO of The Mosaic Company, 2004-07 1942 TBD ADD
Howard E. Cosgrove Business CEO of Conectiv, 1998-2002 1944 TBD ADD
Jonathan J. Coslet Business Texas Pacific Group 1965 TBD ADD
Gary E. Costley Business CEO of International Multifoods, 2001-04 1943 TBD ADD
David M. Cote Business CEO of Honeywell 1952 TBD ADD
Kathleen A. Cote Business CEO of Worldport Communications, 2001-03 1949 TBD ADD
Charles H. Cotros Business CEO of Sysco, 2000-04 1938 TBD ADD
James C. Cotting Business CEO of Navistar International, 1987-95 1933 TBD ADD
William T. Cottle Business STP Nuclear Operating Company 1945 TBD ADD
Pierre de Coubertin Business Founder of the modern Olympic Games 01-Jan-1863 02-Sep-1937 DEAD
Alain A. Couder Business CEO of Bookham, Inc. 1946 TBD ADD
Gary P. Coughlan Business CFO of Abbott Laboratories, 1990-2001 1944 TBD ADD
Joe Coulombe Business Cofounder of Trader Joe's Market 03-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
David A. Coulter Business Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, 2001-05 1949 TBD ADD
James G. Coulter Business Billionaire, Texas Pacific Group 1959 TBD ADD
Gary L. Countryman Business CEO of Liberty Mutual, 1986-98 1939 TBD ADD
Richard W. Courts II Business Chairman of Atlantic Investment Co. 1936 TBD ADD
Robert B. Coutts Business EVP at Lockheed Martin 1950 TBD ADD
François J. Coutu Business President, Jean Coutu Canada 1955 TBD ADD
Michel Coutu Business CEO, Jean Coutu Group USA 1954 TBD ADD
Alec C. Covington Business CEO of Nash Finch 1956 TBD ADD
Michael T. Cowhig Business Senior Gillette executive 23-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Kenneth E. Cowley Business News Corporation executive 1936 TBD ADD
Howard E. Cox, Jr. Business Greylock Partners 1944 TBD ADD
C. Lee Cox Business Ex-Vice Chairman of AirTouch 1942 TBD ADD
Carrie S. Cox Business EVP at Schering-Plough 1958 TBD ADD
Glenn A. Cox Business President of Phillips Petroleum, 1985-1991 06-Aug-1929 TBD ADD
Phillip R. Cox Business Cox Financial Corporation 1947 TBD ADD
Molly J. Coye Business Founder, Health Technology Center 1946 TBD ADD
Peter Coym Business Lehman Brothers Germany 1942 TBD ADD
John F. Coyne Business CEO of Western Digital 1949 TBD ADD
James M. Cracchiolo Business CEO of Ameriprise Financial 1958 TBD ADD
Jenny Craig Business Diet plan purveyor 07-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Charles W. Cramb Business CFO of Avon 1947 TBD ADD
L. Dale Crandall Business President and COO of Kaiser Health, 2000-02 1941 TBD ADD
Richard L. Crandall Business Founder of Comshare, Inc. 1942 TBD ADD
Robert L. Crandall Business CEO of American Airlines, 1985-98 1935 TBD ADD
David W. Crane Business CEO of NRG Energy 1958 TBD ADD
Theodore F. Craver, Jr. Business President of Edison International 1951 TBD ADD
Bruce Crawford Business CEO of Omnicom Group, 1989-96 16-Mar-1929 TBD ADD
Carol T. Crawford Business US Intl. Trade Commission, 1991-2000 25-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Curtis J. Crawford Business President of XCEO 1947 TBD ADD
Edwin M. Crawford Business CEO of Caremark Rx, 1998-2007 1949 TBD ADD
Purdy Crawford Business CEO of Imasco Limited, 1985-95 07-Nov-1931 TBD ADD
Glenn M. Creamer Business Providence Equity Partners 1962 TBD ADD
Diane C. Creel Business CEO of Ecovation 1948 TBD ADD
Michael A. Creel Business CEO of Enterprise Products 1954 TBD ADD
Roger A. Cregg Business CFO of Pulte Homes 1956 TBD ADD
Robert W. Cremin Business CEO of Esterline Technologies 1941 TBD ADD
William E. Crenshaw Business CEO of Publix 1951 TBD ADD
Terrell K. Crews Business CFO of Monsanto 1955 TBD ADD
Alberto Cribiore Business Brera Capital Partners 1946 TBD ADD
Charles R. Crisp Business CEO of Coral Energy, 1999-2000 1948 TBD ADD
Michael J. Critelli Business CEO of Pitney Bowes, 1997-2007 1948 TBD ADD
Charles Crocker Business Crocker Capital 1939 TBD ADD
Michael J. Cronin Business CEO of Cognition Corporation 1939 TBD ADD
Edward A. Crooke Business COO of Baltimore Gas and Electric, 1992-99 1938 TBD ADD
Stephen L. Cropper Business Retired Williams executive 1950 TBD ADD
Ralph D. Crosby, Jr. Business CEO of EADS North America 23-Sep-1947 TBD ADD
O. Holcombe Crosswell Business Griggs Corporation 1940 TBD ADD
Gerald C. Crotty Business Weichert Enterprise LLC 1951 TBD ADD
John T. Crotty Business CroBern Management Partnership 1938 TBD ADD
Charles K. Crovitz Business EVP at Gap, 1998-2003 1953 TBD ADD
Harlan Crow Business Chairman and CEO, Crow Holdings 1950 TBD ADD
Richard T. Crowder Business Chief Agriculture Negotiator, USTR, 2006-07 03-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
James Q. Crowe Business CEO of Level 3 Communications 1950 TBD ADD
Jeffrey C. Crowe Business Chairman of Landstar System 1947 TBD ADD
William C. Crowley Business CFO of Sears Roebuck 1957 TBD ADD
James S. Crown Business Henry Crown and Company 25-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Lester Crown Business CEO of Henry Crown & Co. 07-Jun-1925 TBD ADD
Susan Crown Business VP at Henry Crown and Company 1958 TBD ADD
Timothy A. Crown Business Chairman of Insight Enterprises 1964 TBD ADD
James W. Crownover Business Retired Partner, McKinsey 1943 TBD ADD
John D. Cruickshank Business Chicago Sun-Times publisher, 2003-08 1953 TBD ADD
Thomas H. Cruikshank Business CEO of Halliburton, 1983-95 1931 TBD ADD
Lynn Crump-Caine Business Former McDonald's executive 1957 TBD ADD
Lawrence M. Crutcher Business Veronis Suhler Stevenson 1943 TBD ADD
Edward E. Crutchfield Business CEO of First Union Corporation, 1984-2000 1941 TBD ADD
James W. Crystal Business Frank Crystal & Company 09-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Hugh Cudlipp Business British news magnate 28-Aug-1913 17-May-1998 DEAD
Eddy Cue Business Apple Senior VP 1963 TBD ADD
James B. Culbertson Business Financial Computing, Inc. 1938 TBD ADD
James G. Cullen Business President and COO of Bell Atlantic, 1998-2000 1942 TBD ADD
Joseph F. Cullman III Business CEO of Philip Morris, 1957-78 09-Apr-1912 30-Apr-2004 DEAD
H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. Business CEO of Danaher 1964 TBD ADD
Craig C. Culver Business Culver's Frozen Custard Restaurants 15-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Peter D. Cummings Business Ram Realty Services 1947 TBD ADD
Robert F. Cummings, Jr. Business Senior Managing Director, GSC Group 1950 TBD ADD
Sir Samuel Cunard Business Founder, Cunard Lines 21-Nov-1787 28-Apr-1865 DEAD
Dennis C. Cuneo Business Counsel, Arent Fox 1949 TBD ADD
C. Baker Cunningham Business CEO of Belden, 1993-2005 1942 TBD ADD
Jeffrey M. Cunningham Business Publisher of Forbes, 1993-98 1952 TBD ADD
Ralph S. Cunningham Business CEO of CITGO, 1995-97 1941 TBD ADD
Paul J. Curlander Business CEO of Lexmark 1952 TBD ADD
Walter J. P. Curley Business US Ambassador to France, 1989-93 17-Sep-1922 02-Jun-2016 DEAD
Malcolm R. Currie Business CEO of Hughes Aircraft, 1988-92 13-Mar-1927 TBD ADD
Peter L. S. Currie Business CFO of Netscape, 1995-99 1956 TBD ADD
Richard Currie Business Loblaws, George Weston Ltd. 1937 TBD ADD
William G. Currie Business CEO of Universal Forest Products, 1989-2006 1948 TBD ADD
Harlow Curtice Business President of General Motors, 1952-58 15-Aug-1893 03-Nov-1962 DEAD
Jeffrey E. Curtiss Business CFO of Service Corporation Int'l., 2000-06 1948 TBD ADD
Alexander M. Cutler Business CEO of Eaton 28-May-1951 TBD ADD
Gerald M. Czarnecki Business Deltennium Group 1941 TBD ADD
David F. D'Alessandro Business CEO of John Hancock, 1996-2004 06-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Dominic D'Alessandro Business CEO of Manulife Financial 18-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
M. Walter D'Alessio Business Legg Mason Real Estate Services 1933 TBD ADD
G. Peter D'Aloia Business CFO of Trane 1944 TBD ADD
Louis J. D'Ambrosio Business CEO of Avaya 1964 TBD ADD
Frank A. D'Amelio Business CFO of Pfizer 1958 TBD ADD
David A. Daberko Business CEO of National City, 1995-2007 1945 TBD ADD
Douglas N. Daft Business CEO of Coca Cola, 2000-04 1943 TBD ADD
Claes Dahlbäck Business CEO of Investor AB, 1978-99 1948 TBD ADD
A. William Dahlberg Business CEO of Southern Company, 1995-2001 1940 TBD ADD
Kenneth C. Dahlberg Business CEO of SAIC 1945 TBD ADD
Gary J. Daichendt Business EVP at Cisco, 1998-2000 1951 TBD ADD
Robert D. Daleo Business CFO of Thomson Reuters 1950 TBD ADD
Clayton C. Daley, Jr. Business Vice Chairman of Procter & Gamble 1951 TBD ADD
James E. Daley Business CFO of EDS, 1999-2003 1941 TBD ADD
H. James Dallas Business CIO of Medtronic 1958 TBD ADD
Terry G. Dallas Business CFO of Unocal, 2000-05 1950 TBD ADD
Ronald E. Daly Business CEO of Oce USA Holding 1947 TBD ADD
Dennis D. Dammerman Business CFO of GE, 1998-2005 04-Nov-1945 23-Jul-2013 DEAD
Michael T. Dan Business CEO of Brink's 1950 TBD ADD
Frank E. Dangeard Business CEO of Thomson SA 1958 TBD ADD
John G. Danhakl Business Leonard Green & Partners 1956 TBD ADD
Jack Daniel Business Moonshine magnate 05-Sep-1846 10-Oct-1911 DEAD
Karen L. Daniel Business CFO of Black & Veatch 1959 TBD ADD
Patrice M. Daniels Business Blue Sky Advisors 1961 TBD ADD
Laurence Danon Business CEO of France Printemps, 2001-06 1956 TBD ADD
Peter A. Darbee Business CEO of PG&E, 2005-11 ? TBD ADD
Christopher A. R. Darby Business CEO of In-Q-Tel 1959 TBD ADD
Calvin Darden Business VP at UPS, 1998-2005 05-Feb-1950 TBD ADD
Paul J. Darling Business CEO of Corey Steel 1938 TBD ADD
Robert J. Darnall Business CEO of Inland Steel, 1992-98 1938 TBD ADD
Justin Dart Business Drug store magnate 17-Aug-1907 26-Jan-1984 DEAD
John H. Dasburg Business CEO of ASTAR Air Cargo 1943 TBD ADD
Damon Dash Business Co-Founder, Roc-A-Fella Records 03-May-1971 TBD ADD
Murray H. Dashe Business CEO of Cost Plus, 1998-2005 1943 TBD ADD
Adi Dassler Business Founder of Adidas 03-Nov-1900 06-Sep-1978 DEAD
Thomas A. Dattilo Business CEO of Cooper Tire & Rubber, 2000-06 1951 TBD ADD
Richard L. Daugherty Business Former IBM executive 18-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Philippe P. Dauman Business CEO of Viacom 1952 TBD ADD
Kent P. Dauten Business President of Keystone Capital 1955 TBD ADD
Ronald R. Davenport Business Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation 1936 TBD ADD
George David Business CEO of United Technologies 07-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
George A. Davidson, Jr. Business CEO of Consolidated Natural Gas, 1987-2000 1939 TBD ADD
James A. Davidson Business Silver Lake Partners 1959 TBD ADD
Michael C. Davidson Business Chief Marketing Officer of State Farm ? TBD ADD
Richard K. Davidson Business CEO of Union Pacific, 1991-2006 09-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Robert C. Davidson, Jr. Business Surface Protection Industries 1945 TBD ADD
Gavyn Davies Business Ex-BBC Chairman 27-Nov-1950 TBD ADD
Howard J. Davies Business Director, London School of Economics 1951 TBD ADD
Charles A. Davis Business Vice Chairman of Marsh & McLennan, 1999-2004 1949 TBD ADD
Chris A. Davis Business Partner at Forstman Little & Co. 1950 TBD ADD
Christopher C. Davis Business Davis Selected Advisers 1965 TBD ADD
Clive Davis Business Founder of Arista Records 04-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Crispin Davis Business CEO of Reed Elsevier 1949 TBD ADD
D. Scott Davis Business CEO of UPS 1952 TBD ADD
Don H. Davis, Jr. Business CEO of Rockwell, 1997-2005 1939 TBD ADD
Erroll B. Davis, Jr. Business Chancellor, University System of Georgia 1943 TBD ADD
Eugene I. Davis Business Pirinate Consulting Group 1953 TBD ADD
Fred Davis Business Strategic Perception Inc. 1953 TBD ADD
Ian Davis Business Managing Partner of McKinsey & Co. 1951 TBD ADD
Jerome L. Davis Business Jerome L. Davis & Associates, LLC 1955 TBD ADD
Kelvin Davis Business Texas Pacific Group 1965 TBD ADD
Marvin Davis Business Oil magnate, former owner of 20th Century Fox 31-Aug-1925 25-Sep-2004 DEAD
Nathaniel A. Davis Business President of XM Radio 1954 TBD ADD
Ray C. Davis Business Co-CEO of Energy Tranfer Partners, 2004-07 1943 TBD ADD
Richard K. Davis Business CEO of US Bancorp ? TBD ADD
Steven A. Davis Business CEO of Bob Evans Farms 1959 TBD ADD
Tom C. Davis Business Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette 1949 TBD ADD
William L. Davis Business CEO of RR Donnelley, 1997-2004 1943 TBD ADD
James C. Day Business CEO of Noble Corporation, 1984-2007 1946 TBD ADD
Julian C. Day Business CEO of Radio Shack 14-May-1952 TBD ADD
Robert A. Day Business Billionaire, Founder of TCW 1943 TBD ADD
George Draper Dayton Business Founder of what is now Target Stores 06-Mar-1857 18-Feb-1938 DEAD
Sky Dayton Business Earthlink, Boingo Wireless 08-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Yves C. de Balmann Business Former Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust 1947 TBD ADD
Frans G. De Cock Business President-Unilin, Mohawk Industries 1942 TBD ADD
Aart J. de Geus Business CEO of Synopsys 1954 TBD ADD
Domenico De Sole Business CEO of Gucci, 1994-2004 1944 TBD ADD
Nicholas L. Deak Business Deak-Perera 08-Oct-1905 18-Nov-1985 DEAD
Howard M. Dean Business CEO of Dean Foods, 1987-2001 27-Jun-1937 25-Mar-2012 DEAD
Lloyd H. Dean Business CEO of Catholic Healthcare West 1951 TBD ADD
Darwin Deason Business Founder of Affiliated Computer Systems 1940 TBD ADD
Chad C. Deaton Business CEO of Baker Hughes 1952 TBD ADD
Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Business CEO of Eastman Chemical, 1994-2001 1938 TBD ADD
E. Allen Deaver Business Former EVP, Armstrong World Industries 1935 TBD ADD
Nicholas DeBenedictis Business Aqua America 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Simon D. deBree Business CEO of Royal DSM NV, 1993-99 1937 TBD ADD
Robert W. Decherd Business CEO of Belo, 1987-2007 1951 TBD ADD
Sharon Allred Decker Business Former VP, Duke Power 1958 TBD ADD
Susan Decker Business President of Yahoo 1963 TBD ADD
Roxanne J. Decyk Business Executive at Shell Oil 1951 TBD ADD
Gail Deegan Business CFO of Houghton Mifflin, 1996-2001 1946 TBD ADD
John Deere Business Invented the self-scouring plow 07-Feb-1804 17-May-1886 DEAD
Ronald M. DeFeo Business CEO of Terex 1952 TBD ADD
Donald DeFosset Business CEO of Walter Industries, 2000-05 1948 TBD ADD
James DeFranco Business Co-Founder of Echostar 1952 TBD ADD
Edward F. Degraan Business Vice Chairman of Gillette, 2003-06 1944 TBD ADD
James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr. Business CEO of WGL Holdings 08-May-1953 TBD ADD
Linnet F. Deily Business Deputy US Trade Representative, 2001-05 1945 TBD ADD
Marijn E. Dekkers Business CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific 1957 TBD ADD
Michael J. Del Giudice Business Former Partner, Lazard Freres & Co. 1942 TBD ADD
Lawrence A. Del Santo Business CEO of Vons, 1994-97 1935 TBD ADD
Michael Dell Business Founder of Dell Computer 23-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Gayla J. Delly Business President of Benchmark Electronics 1960 TBD ADD
Harris E. DeLoach, Jr. Business CEO of Sonoco Products 1944 TBD ADD
Thomas C. DeLoach, Jr. Business EVP at Mobil, 1998-2000 1947 TBD ADD
John DeLorean Business Automobile designer and entepreneur 06-Jan-1925 19-Mar-2005 DEAD
Daniel A. DeMatteo Business Vice Chairman and COO of Gamestop 1948 TBD ADD
William S. Demchak Business CFO of PNC Financial 1963 TBD ADD
Stephen R. Demeritt Business Vice Chairman of General Mills, 1999-2005 1943 TBD ADD
Steven J. Demetriou Business CEO of Aleris International 1959 TBD ADD
Claiborne P. Deming Business CEO of Murphy Oil 1955 TBD ADD
Wolfgang H. Demisch Business Demisch Associates LLC 1945 TBD ADD
Wolfgang Deml Business CEO of BayWa Corporation 31-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Henry T. DeNero Business CEO of HomeSpace, Inc., 1999-2000 1946 TBD ADD
Robyn M. Denholm Business CFO of Juniper Networks 1965 TBD ADD
T. Kevin DeNicola Business CFO of Lyondell Chemical, 2002-08 1954 TBD ADD
Susan S. Denison Business Partner, Cook Associates 1946 TBD ADD
Thomas G. Denomme Business Vice Chairman of Chrysler, 1994-97 1940 TBD ADD
Herbert A. Denton Business Providence Capital 1947 TBD ADD
Ralph D. DeNunzio Business CEO of Kidder Peabody, 1980-87 17-Nov-1931 TBD ADD
Nancy-Ann DeParle Business Health care administrator 17-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Joseph M. DePinto Business President and CEO of 7-Eleven 1963 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Derosa Business Former CFO, The Rouse Company 1958 TBD ADD
Peter A. Derow Business Institutional Investor, Inc. 1940 TBD ADD
Kenneth T. Derr Business CEO of Chevron, 1989-99 04-Aug-1936 TBD ADD
John P. DesBarres Business Transco Energy Company 1939 TBD ADD
André Desmarais Business Co-CEO, Power Corporation of Canada 26-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Paul G. Desmarais Business CEO, Power Corporation of Canada, 1968-96 04-Jan-1927 08-Oct-2013 DEAD
Paul G. Desmarais, Jr. Business Co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada 03-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
C. Maury Devine Business Former Exxon Mobil executive 1950 TBD ADD
John M. Devine Business Vice Chairman of GM, 2001-06 13-May-1944 TBD ADD
Dinyar S. Devitre Business CFO of Altria, 2002-08 1946 TBD ADD
Blake E. Devitt Business Retired Partner, Ernst & Young 1946 TBD ADD
Robert M. Devlin Business CEO of American General, 1996-2001 1941 TBD ADD
David F. DeVoe Business CFO of News Corporation 1947 TBD ADD
David W. Devonshire Business CFO of Motorola, 2002-07 1945 TBD ADD
Daniel DeVos Business Amway scion 1958 TBD ADD
Dick DeVos Business Amway scion 21-Oct-1955 TBD ADD
Doug DeVos Business CEO of Alticor 1964 TBD ADD
Richard DeVos Business Co-Founder of Amway 04-Mar-1926 TBD ADD
Londa J. Dewey Business Private Client Group, US Bank 1960 TBD ADD
William O. DeWitt, Jr. Business Reynolds DeWitt & Co. 31-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Chris DeWolfe Business Co-Founder of MySpace 1966 TBD ADD
Bob Diamond Business Group CEO at Barclays, 2011-12 27-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Paul J. Diaz Business CEO of Kindred Healthcare 1961 TBD ADD
Gary T. DiCamillo Business CEO of Polaroid, 1995-2002 1951 TBD ADD
Richard D. DiCerchio Business COO of Costco 1944 TBD ADD
John W. Dick Business Chairman of Hooper Industries, 1984-2007 09-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
George A. Dickerman Business President of Spalding, 1976-2000 1939 TBD ADD
Daniel A. Dickinson Business Thayer Capital Partners 1961 TBD ADD
John T. Dickson Business CEO of Agere Systems, 2000-05 1946 TBD ADD
Reginald D. Dickson Business Buford, Dickson, Harper & Sparrow 1947 TBD ADD
Charles Diebold Business Founder of Diebold 24-Oct-1824 05-Mar-1894 DEAD
Walter Diemer Business Invented bubble gum 08-Jan-1905 08-Jan-1998 DEAD
Bo Dietl Business Ex-NYPD homicide detective 1950 TBD ADD
Cortland S. Dietler Business CEO of TransMontaigne, 1995-99 19-Sep-1921 10-Jul-2008 DEAD
W. Ronald Dietz Business Former Citicorp VP 1943 TBD ADD
Wim Dik Business PTT Telecom 1939 TBD ADD
Charles M. Diker Business Diker Management LLC 1934 TBD ADD
Alex Dillard Business President of Dillard's 1949 TBD ADD
Mike Dillard Business Dillard's executive 1951 TBD ADD
William Dillard II Business CEO of Dillard's 16-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
William T. Dillard Business Founder of Dillard's 02-Sep-1914 08-Feb-2002 DEAD
Barry Diller Business CEO of USA Interactive Corp. 02-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
James V. Diller Business CEO of PMC-Sierra, 1983-97 1936 TBD ADD
David B. Dillon Business CEO of Kroger 1951 TBD ADD
Donald F. Dillon Business Information Technology, Inc. 1940 TBD ADD
John T. Dillon Business CEO of International Paper, 1996-2003 07-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Evelyn S. Dilsaver Business Former Schwab executive 1956 TBD ADD
Daniel R. DiMicco Business CEO of Nucor 1950 TBD ADD
James Dimon Business CEO of JP Morgan Chase 13-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
John M. Dionisio Business CEO of AECOM Technology 1949 TBD ADD
Nicholas DiPaolo Business CEO of Salant, 1991-97 1942 TBD ADD
Samuel A. DiPiazza, Jr. Business Vice Chairman, Pricewaterhouse Coopers 1951 TBD ADD
Dirk Dirksen Business Godfather of San Francisco punk 25-Aug-1937 20-Nov-2006 DEAD
Gerald V. Dirvin Business EVP at Procter & Gamble, 1989-94 1937 TBD ADD
Roy E. Disney Business Walt Disney's nephew 10-Jan-1930 16-Dec-2009 DEAD
Roy O. Disney Business Walt Disney's brother 24-Jun-1893 20-Dec-1971 DEAD
Walt Disney Business Founder of Disney empire 05-Dec-1901 15-Dec-1966 DEAD
Raymond V. Dittamore Business Former Partner, Ernst & Young 1942 TBD ADD
Geoffrey J. Dixon Business CEO of Qantas, 2001-08 1939 TBD ADD
Herbert D. Doan Business CEO of Dow Chemical, 1962-71 05-Sep-1922 16-May-2006 DEAD
Julie A. Dobson Business Former Bell Atlantic executive 1956 TBD ADD
Tom Dobson Business CEO of Whataburger ? TBD ADD
Jan L. Docter Business CFO of Getronics NV, 1998-2003 1950 TBD ADD
Cleveland H. Dodge Business Woodrow Wilson's financier and advisor 1860 1926 DEAD
Ronald J. Doerfler Business CFO of Hearst 1942 TBD ADD
John Doerr Business Silicon Valley venture capitalist 29-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Charles F. Dolan Business CEO of Cablevision, 1985-95 16-Oct-1926 TBD ADD
James L. Dolan Business CEO of Cablevision 11-May-1955 TBD ADD
Janet M. Dolan Business Tennant Company 1950 TBD ADD
Michael J. Dolan Business Senior VP at Exxon Mobil 1953 TBD ADD
Michael J. Dolan Business CEO of Young & Rubicam, 2001-03 1947 TBD ADD
Patrick F. Dolan Business President, News 12 Networks 1952 TBD ADD
Peter R. Dolan Business CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb, 2001-06 06-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Thomas C. Dolan Business EVP at Cablevision 1953 TBD ADD
Edward C. Dolby Business Former Carolinas President, Bank of America 1945 TBD ADD
Burton A. Dole, Jr. Business CEO of Puritan Bennett, 1980-95 1938 TBD ADD
Dixon R. Doll Business Doll Capital Management 1942 TBD ADD
Robert C. Doll Business Vice Chairman of Blackrock 1955 TBD ADD
Robert Dollar Business Grand Old Man of the Pacific 20-Mar-1844 16-May-1932 DEAD
Michael J. Dominguez Business Providence Equity Partners 1970 TBD ADD
John Donahoe Business CEO of eBay 1960 TBD ADD
Douglas A. Donahue, Jr. Business Managing Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman 1951 TBD ADD
Michael J. Donahue Business COO of Bearingpoint, 2000-05 1958 TBD ADD
Timothy M. Donahue Business CEO of Nextel, 1999-2005 1949 TBD ADD
Arnold W. Donald Business CEO of Merisant, 2000-03 1955 TBD ADD
Jim Donald Business President and CEO of Starbucks ? TBD ADD
Odie C. Donald Business President of DirecTV, 2000-01 1949 TBD ADD
Robert J. Donato Business Former UBS, PaineWebber executive 1940 TBD ADD
Mark Donegan Business CEO of Precision Castparts 1956 TBD ADD
Patrick F. Donelan Business Dresdner Kleinwort 1942 TBD ADD
Richard M. Donnelly Business Former President, GM Europe 1942 TBD ADD
Nicholas M. Donofrio Business EVP at IBM 07-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Craig S. Donohue Business CEO of Chicago Mercantile Exchange 1961 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Donohue Business US Chamber of Commerce 1938 TBD ADD
Victor H. Doolan Business CEO of Volvo North America, 2002-05 07-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Dooley Business CFO of Viacom 1957 TBD ADD
Mathias Döpfner Business CEO of Axel Springer AG 15-Jan-1963 TBD ADD
Ahmet C. Dorduncu Business CEO of Sabanci Holding, 2005-10 1953 TBD ADD
Georges Doriot Business Father of Venture Capitalism 24-Sep-1899 02-Jun-1987 DEAD
David W. Dorman Business CEO of AT&T, 2002-06 1954 TBD ADD
Jürgen Dormann Business Chairman of ABB 12-Jan-1940 TBD ADD
K. Terry Dornbush Business US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1994-98 1933 TBD ADD
Bennett Dorrance Business Campbell Soup scion 1947 TBD ADD
John T. Dorrance Business Invented condensed soup 11-Nov-1873 21-Sep-1930 DEAD
Caroline Dorsa Business CFO of Gilead Sciences 1959 TBD ADD
T. Michael Dossey Business Former Shell Oil executive 1942 TBD ADD
Mary C. Doswell Business Senior VP at Dominion Resources 1958 TBD ADD
Frank Doubleday Business Publisher 08-Jan-1862 30-Jan-1934 DEAD
David F. Dougherty Business CEO of Convergys 1956 TBD ADD
Donald W. Douglas Business Founder of Douglas Aircraft Co. 06-Apr-1892 01-Feb-1981 DEAD
Lewis W. Douglas, Jr. Business Christiana Oil Corporation 13-Jun-1924 04-Oct-2014 DEAD
Paul W. Douglas Business CEO of Freeport Minerals, 1975-81 12-Sep-1926 18-Sep-2011 DEAD
Richard W. Douglas Business The Staubach Company 1947 TBD ADD
Jean Douville Business Chairman of UAP, Inc. 1943 TBD ADD
Herbert Dow Business Founder of Dow Chemical 26-Feb-1866 15-Oct-1930 DEAD
Francis A. Doyle Business Connell Limited Partnership 1948 TBD ADD
Joseph T. Doyle Business CFO of Foster Wheeler, 2002-03 1947 TBD ADD
Noreen Doyle Business European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1949 TBD ADD
Mario Draghi Business President, European Central Bank 03-Sep-1947 TBD ADD
E. Linn Draper, Jr. Business CEO, American Electric Power, 1993-2003 06-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
R. Chad Dreier Business CEO of Ryland Homes 1948 TBD ADD
Frank M. Drendel Business CEO of CommScope 1948 TBD ADD
Ernest H. Drew Business Former Hoechst executive 1936 TBD ADD
Millard Drexler Business CEO of J. Crew 1944 TBD ADD
John G. Drosdick Business CEO of Sunoco, 2000-08 09-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Myra R. Drucker Business Former Chief Investment Officer, GM Trust Bank 1948 TBD ADD
Peter Drucker Business Management guru 19-Nov-1909 11-Nov-2005 DEAD
Jere A. Drummond Business Vice Chairman of Bellsouth, 2000-01 23-Jul-1939 TBD ADD
David J. Drury Business Poblocki & Sons 1948 TBD ADD
Robert A. Druskin Business CFO of Shearson Lehman Brothers, 1984-91 1947 TBD ADD
Dina Dublon Business CFO of JP Morgan Chase, 1998-2004 1953 TBD ADD
Craig A. Dubow Business CEO of Gannett 26-Oct-1954 TBD ADD
Leatrice Ducat Business National Disease Research Interchange 1932 TBD ADD
Connie K. Duckworth Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 03-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Robert Dudley Business CEO of BP 14-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Philip N. Duff Business Front Point Partners 1958 TBD ADD
Richard J. Dugas, Jr. Business CEO of Pulte Homes 1964 TBD ADD
Thomas K. Duggan Business Durham Asset Management 1952 TBD ADD
Wim Duisenberg Business President, European Central Bank, 1998-2003 09-Jul-1935 31-Jul-2005 DEAD
James Buchanan Duke Business American Tobacco Company 23-Dec-1856 10-Oct-1925 DEAD
Michael T. Duke Business President and CEO of Wal-Mart 07-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
Cambria W. Dunaway Business EVP at Nintendo of America 1962 TBD ADD
W. Roy Dunbar Business CEO of Network Solutions 1961 TBD ADD
Bruce W. Duncan Business CEO of Equity Residential, 2002-05 1951 TBD ADD
Dan L. Duncan Business Billionaire, Enterprise Products 02-Jan-1933 28-Mar-2010 DEAD
Deborah L. Duncan Business Fremont Investment Advisers ? TBD ADD
Sam K. Duncan Business CEO of OfficeMax 1951 TBD ADD
Archie W. Dunham Business CEO of Conoco, 1996-2002 1938 TBD ADD
John L. Dunham Business CEO of May Department Stores, 2004-05 ? TBD ADD
James L. Dunlap Business President and COO of Ocean Energy, 1996-99 1938 TBD ADD
Brian J. Dunn Business CEO of Best Buy, 2009-12 1962 TBD ADD
Jack B. Dunn IV Business CEO of FTI Consulting 1951 TBD ADD
Jeffrey D. Dunn Business Group COO, Nickelodeon Networks 1955 TBD ADD
Kenneth B. Dunn Business Dean, Tepper School of Business, CMU 02-Nov-1951 TBD ADD
Patricia Dunn Business Hewlett Packard chair, 2005-06 27-Mar-1953 04-Dec-2011 DEAD
T. Kevin Dunnigan Business CEO of Thomas & Betts, 2000-04 1938 TBD ADD
Dermot Dunphy Business CEO of Sealed Air, 1971-99 15-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Gary C. Dunton Business CEO of MBIA, 2004-08 1956 TBD ADD
Brian Duperreault Business CEO of Marsh & McLennan 1947 TBD ADD
Thère du Pont Business CFO of Drugstore.com 1966 TBD ADD
Henry C. Duques Business CEO of First Data 1943 TBD ADD
William C. Durant Business Founder of General Motors 08-Dec-1861 18-Mar-1947 DEAD
Michael J. Durham Business Former CFO, American Airlines 1951 TBD ADD
Patrick Durkin Business Credit Suisse First Boston 1957 TBD ADD
Seymour Durst Business New York real estate mogul 1913 19-May-1995 DEAD
Stanley H. Durwood Business Father of the multi-screen movie theater 05-Aug-1920 15-Jul-1999 DEAD
Robert Dutkowsky Business CEO of Tech Data 02-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Rajiv Dutta Business President of PayPal, 2006-08 05-May-1960 31-Jan-2011 DEAD
Daniel W. Duval Business CEO of Robbins & Myers, 1986-98 1937 TBD ADD
Denis Duverne Business CFO of AXA 31-Oct-1953 TBD ADD
David F. Dyer Business CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, 2003-06 1949 TBD ADD
Ronald M. Dykes Business CFO of BellSouth, 1995-2005 1946 TBD ADD
Esther Dyson Business EDventure Holdings, former ICANN director 14-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Richard S. Dziadzio Business CFO of AXA Financial 1964 TBD ADD
Alan L. Earhart Business Former Partner, PWC 1944 TBD ADD
Anthony F. Earley, Jr. Business CEO of DTE Energy 29-Jul-1949 TBD ADD
Robert J. Eaton Business CEO of Chrysler, 1993-98 13-Feb-1940 TBD ADD
Bernard Ebbers Business CEO of WorldCom, 1985-2002 27-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Gregory L. Ebel Business CEO of Spectra Energy 1964 TBD ADD
José Eber Business Hair stylist to the stars 1948 TBD ADD
H. Paulett Eberhart Business CEO of Invensys Process Systems 1954 TBD ADD
Walter A. Eberstadt Business Lazard Freres ? TBD ADD
Douglas C. Eby Business TimePartners LLC 1959 TBD ADD
Leldon E. Echols Business CFO of Centex, 2000-06 1955 TBD ADD
Keith W. Eckel Business Eckel Farms, Inc. 1946 TBD ADD
Robert A. Eckert Business CEO of Mattel 14-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Rod Eddington Business CEO of British Airways, 2000-05 02-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Harriet Edelman Business Senior VP at Avon, 2000-08 1955 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Edelman Business Chairman, BioFuel Energy Corporation 1951 TBD ADD
Dave Edgerton Business Co-Founder of Burger King 26-May-1927 TBD ADD
Scott A. Edmonds Business CEO of Chico's FAS 1957 TBD ADD
Tracey Edmonds Business CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group 18-Feb-1967 TBD ADD
Gary W. Edwards Business EVP at Conoco, 1991-2001 1942 TBD ADD
Julie H. Edwards Business CFO of Frontier Oil, 1994-2005 1958 TBD ADD
Murray Edwards Business Canadian Natural Resources 1959 TBD ADD
John A. Edwardson Business CEO of CDW 1949 TBD ADD
Kevin Efrusy Business Accel Partners 1972 TBD ADD
John R. Egan Business Egan-Managed Capital 1957 TBD ADD
Richard J. Egan Business Co-Founder, EMC Corporation 28-Feb-1936 28-Aug-2009 DEAD
P. Michael Ehlerman Business Chairman of Sovereign Bancorp 1938 TBD ADD
Donald J. Ehrlich Business Wabash National Corporation 1938 TBD ADD
David Einhorn Business Hedge fund manager, Greenlight Capital 20-Nov-1968 TBD ADD
Carol B. Einiger Business Post Rock Advisors LLC 1948 TBD ADD
Glenn A. Eisenberg Business EVP Finance at Timken 1962 TBD ADD
Warren Eisenberg Business Co-Founder, Bed Bath and Beyond 1930 TBD ADD
Michael R. Eisenson Business Charlesbank Capital Partners 1955 TBD ADD
Michael Eisner Business CEO of Disney, 1984-2005 07-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Maria S. Eitel Business President of the Nike Foundation 1963 TBD ADD
Juan L. Elek Business Elek, Moreno Valle y Asociados 1944 TBD ADD
Timothy R. Eller Business CEO of Centex ? TBD ADD
Steven G. Elliot Business Senior Vice Chairman, Bank of New York Mellon ? TBD ADD
Dale F. Elliott Business CEO of Snap-on, 2001-04 1957 TBD ADD
J. Raymond Elliott Business CEO of Zimmer Holdings, 2001-07 1950 TBD ADD
Susan S. Elliott Business Systems Service Enterprises 1937 TBD ADD
Charles D. Ellis Business Founder, Greenwich Associates 22-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Larry R. Ellis Business US Army Forces Command, 2001-04 1946 TBD ADD
William B. Ellis Business CEO of Northeast Utilities, 1983-93 1940 TBD ADD
Larry Ellison Business Founder of Oracle 17-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
Megan Ellison Business Annapurna Pictures 31-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Stephen Elop Business CEO of Nokia 31-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Lynn Laverty Elsenhans Business President and CEO of Sunoco 06-May-1956 TBD ADD
Charles M. Elson Business Economist, University of Delaware 1960 TBD ADD
Michael J. Embler Business Franklin Mutual Advisers 1965 TBD ADD
Theodore H. Emmerich Business Ernst & Whinney Cincinnati 16-Jun-1926 15-Feb-2015 DEAD
Red Emmerson Business Sierra Pacific Industries 10-Apr-1929 TBD ADD
Robert F. End Business Co-Head, Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity 1957 TBD ADD
Thomas Enders Business CEO of EADS 21-Dec-1958 TBD ADD
Susan E. Engel Business CEO of Lenox Group, 1996-2007 1946 TBD ADD
Irl F. Engelhardt Business CEO of Peabody Energy, 1990-2005 1946 TBD ADD
Travis Engen Business CEO of Alcan, 2001-06 1944 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Engibous Business CEO of Texas Instruments, 1996-2004 31-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
John D. Englar Business Former VP at Burlington Industries 1947 TBD ADD
Gregg L. Engles Business CEO of Dean Foods 16-Aug-1957 TBD ADD
Edmond J. English Business CEO of TJX, 2000-05 1954 TBD ADD
R. Ted Enloe III Business Liberte Investors 1939 TBD ADD
Brian Epstein Business Manager of The Beatles 19-Sep-1934 27-Aug-1967 DEAD
Jeffery E. Epstein Business CFO of Oracle, 2008-11 1958 TBD ADD
Jeffrey E. Epstein Business Reclusive money manager 20-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Jean-Pierre M. Ergas Business Chairman of Bway Corporation 1940 TBD ADD
Cantey M. Ergen Business Co-Founder of Echostar 1955 TBD ADD
Charles W. Ergen Business Co-Founder of Echostar 01-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
Charles H. Erhart, Jr. Business President of W.R. Grace & Co., 1989-90 31-Jul-1925 16-Jan-2009 DEAD
Tamara J. Erickson Business Management Consultant 1954 TBD ADD
James D. Ericson Business CEO of Northwestern Mutual, 1993-2001 1936 TBD ADD
Sheldon R. Erikson Business Chairman of Cameron International 1941 TBD ADD
Stefan Eriksson Business Gizmondo exec, crashed Ferrari 14-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Ahmet Ertegün Business Atlantic Records co-founder 21-Jul-1923 14-Dec-2006 DEAD
Vicki B. Escarra Business America's Second Harvest 1955 TBD ADD
Ruben M. Escobedo Business Ruben Escobedo & Co. 1938 TBD ADD
Michael L. Eskew Business CEO of United Parcel Service, 2002-07 28-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
Matthew J. Espe Business CEO of Ikon Office Solutions 14-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Ruben E. Esquivel Business VP at UT Southwestern Medical Center 1943 TBD ADD
William T. Esrey Business CEO of Sprint, 1988-2003 1940 TBD ADD
Robert A. Essner Business CEO of Wyeth, 2002-07 26-Oct-1947 TBD ADD
Judith L. Estrin Business Packet Design LLC 1954 TBD ADD
Mel Estrin Business University Research Company 1941 TBD ADD
William A. Etherington Business Senior VP at IBM, 1998-2001 1941 TBD ADD
William T. Ethridge Business CEO, Pearson's Educational Publishing 1952 TBD ADD
Jeffrey M. Ettinger Business CEO of Hormel 1958 TBD ADD
Peter Etzenbach Business Senior VP, AXA Equitable 1967 TBD ADD
Dana Evan Business CFO of VeriSign 1960 TBD ADD
Molly Maloney Evangelisti Business McClatchy Company 1952 TBD ADD
Daniel E. Evans Business CEO of Bob Evans Farms, 1971-2001 1937 TBD ADD
Ivor J. Evans Business Vice Chairman of Union Pacific, 2004-05 1943 TBD ADD
Richard B. Evans Business CEO of Rio Tinto Alcan 1947 TBD ADD
Robert B. Evans Business CEO of Duke Energy Americas, 2004-06 1948 TBD ADD
Robert H. Ewald Business CEO of Silicon Graphics 1948 TBD ADD
John H. Eyler, Jr. Business CEO of Toys R Us, 2000-06 1948 TBD ADD
Robert Ezrilov Business Cogel Management Company 1944 TBD ADD
William C. Van Faasen Business Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts 1949 TBD ADD
Mitchell E. Fadel Business President and COO of Rent-a-Center 1958 TBD ADD
John Fahey Business CEO of National Geographic Society 1953 TBD ADD
Frank Fahrenkopf Business CEO, American Gaming Association 28-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Ursula O. Fairbairn Business Former EVP, American Express 1943 TBD ADD
Richard D. Fairbank Business CEO of Capital One 1950 TBD ADD
Rona Fairhead Business CEO of Financial Times Group 1962 TBD ADD
Randy Falco Business CEO of Univision 26-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Philip Falcone Business Billionaire, Harbinger Capital 1962 TBD ADD
Robert S. Falcone Business CFO of Nike, 1990-98 1947 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Falk Business CEO of Kimberly-Clark 1958 TBD ADD
Oscar Fanjul Business Founder of Repsol SA 20-May-1949 TBD ADD
John V. Faraci Business CEO of International Paper 16-Feb-1950 TBD ADD
Roger N. Farah Business President of Polo Ralph Lauren 1952 TBD ADD
Michael R. Farese Business CEO of WJ Communications, 2002-05 1946 TBD ADD
William Fargo Business Co-Founder, American Express & Wells Fargo 20-May-1818 03-Aug-1881 DEAD
Todd S. Farha Business President and CEO of WellCare Health Plans 1968 TBD ADD
George L. Farinsky Business CFO of Ashton-Tate, 1987-91 1936 TBD ADD
William S. Farish Business W.S. Farish & Co. 17-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
Forest J. Farmer Business Trillium Teamologies 15-Jan-1941 TBD ADD
Richard T. Farmer Business CEO of Cintas, 1968-95 1934 TBD ADD
Scott D. Farmer Business CEO of Cintas 1959 TBD ADD
Thomas C. Farnsworth, Jr. Business Farnsworth Investment Co. 1938 TBD ADD
David N. Farr Business CEO of Emerson Electric 1955 TBD ADD
Kevin M. Farr Business CFO of Mattel 1958 TBD ADD
John F. Farrell, Jr. Business North American Mortgage Company 1938 TBD ADD
Charles F. Farrell, Jr. Business Crystal Creek Associates 1930 TBD ADD
David C. Farrell Business CEO of May Department Stores, 1979-98 1934 TBD ADD
Mary C. Farrell Business UBS Wealth Management USA 1949 TBD ADD
Thomas F. Farrell II Business CEO of Dominion Resources 1954 TBD ADD
W. James Farrell Business CEO of Illinois Tool Works, 1995-2005 1943 TBD ADD
G. Steven Farris Business CEO of Apache Corporation 1948 TBD ADD
Michael D. Fascitelli Business Vornado Realty Trust 1957 TBD ADD
Eric C. Fast Business CEO of Crane 1949 TBD ADD
Andrew Fastow Business Disgraced CFO of Enron 22-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Amelia C. Fawcett Business COO of Morgan Stanley Intl., 2002-06 1956 TBD ADD
Gary P. Fayard Business CFO of Coca Cola 1952 TBD ADD
Dodi al-Fayed Business Princess Diana's last boyfriend 15-Apr-1955 31-Aug-1997 DEAD
Mohamed al-Fayed Business Owner of Harrod's, father of Dodi al-Fayed 27-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Salvatore D. Fazzolari Business CEO of Harsco 1955 TBD ADD
Richard L. Federico Business Chairman and CEO, P.F. Chang's 1954 TBD ADD
Robert Fee Business Hunter Roberts Construction ? TBD ADD
Daniel R. Feehan Business Cash America International 1950 TBD ADD
Chuck Feeney Business Duty Free Shoppers 23-Apr-1931 TBD ADD
Curtis F. Feeny Business Former EVP, Stanford Management Co. 1957 TBD ADD
John A. Fees Business CEO, Babcock & Wilcox Companies 1957 TBD ADD
John E. Feick Business Matrix Solutions 1944 TBD ADD
Mark L. Feidler Business COO of Bellsouth, 2005-07 1955 TBD ADD
Barbara S. Feigin Business Grey Advertising Inc. 1937 TBD ADD
Stephen L. Feinberg Business Dorsar Investment Co. 1944 TBD ADD
Steve Feinberg Business Cerberus Capital Management 29-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Leonard Feinstein Business Co-Founder, Bed Bath and Beyond 1937 TBD ADD
Martin D. Feinstein Business Farmers Group 1948 TBD ADD
George Feldenkreis Business CEO of Perry Ellis International 14-Aug-1935 TBD ADD
Alan Feldman Business CEO of Midas 1952 TBD ADD
Moses Feldman Business President of AeroMed, Inc. 1940 TBD ADD
Cynthia L. Feldmann Business Jetty Lane Associates 1953 TBD ADD
Anthony S. Fell Business Chairman, RBC Capital Markets 1941 TBD ADD
George Fellows Business CEO of Callaway Golf Company 1942 TBD ADD
Donald E. Felsinger Business CEO of Sempra Energy 1948 TBD ADD
Richard A. Fennessy Business CEO of Insight Enterprises 1964 TBD ADD
Jody H. Feragen Business CFO of Hormel 1956 TBD ADD
Norman A. Ferber Business Chairman of Ross Stores 1949 TBD ADD
J. Brian Ferguson Business CEO of Eastman Chemical 1955 TBD ADD
John D. Ferguson Business CEO of Corrections Corp of America 1945 TBD ADD
Thomas F. Ferguson Business United Gulf Management, Ltd. 1936 TBD ADD
E. James Ferland Business CEO of PSEG, 1986-2007 19-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Anthony G. Fernandes Business CEO of Phillip Services, 1999-2002 1945 TBD ADD
Gary J. Fernandes Business Former EDS executive 1944 TBD ADD
Manuel A. Fernandez Business CEO of Gartner, 1991-98 1948 TBD ADD
Raul J. Fernandez Business Founder of Proxicom 1967 TBD ADD
Massimo Ferragamo Business Chairman of Ferragamo USA 1958 TBD ADD
Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Business England's electrical grid 09-Apr-1864 13-Jan-1930 DEAD
Enzo Ferrari Business Legendary automobile maker 18-Feb-1898 14-Aug-1988 DEAD
Dominique Ferrero Business CEO of Crédit Lyonnais, 1999-2003 1947 TBD ADD
Michael Ferro Business Founder of Click Commerce 24-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Ruth Fertel Business Founder, Ruth's Chris Steak House 05-Feb-1927 16-Apr-2002 DEAD
Lorenzo Fertitta Business Station Casinos, Gordon Biersch, UFC billionaire 03-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Trevor Fetter Business CEO of Tenet Healthcare 1960 TBD ADD
Jeff M. Fettig Business CEO of Whirlpool ? TBD ADD
Mark R. Fetting Business CEO of Legg Mason 1954 TBD ADD
Hanno C. Fiedler Business CEO of Ball Packaging Europe, 2002-05 24-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
John F. Fiedler Business CEO of BorgWarner, 1995-2003 1938 TBD ADD
Eugene C. Fiedorek Business EnCap Investments 1931 TBD ADD
Cyrus W. Field Business First Transatlantic cable 30-Nov-1819 12-Jul-1892 DEAD
Marshall Field III Business Founder of the Chicago Sun-Times 28-Sep-1893 08-Nov-1956 DEAD
Marshall Field IV Business Owner of the Chicago Sun-Times, 1956-65 15-Jun-1916 18-Sep-1965 DEAD
Marshall Field Business Founder of Marshall Field's 18-Aug-1834 16-Jan-1906 DEAD
Debbi Fields Business Founder of Mrs. Field's Cookies, Inc. 18-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
Mark Fields Business CEO of Ford Motor, 2014-17 24-Jan-1961 TBD ADD
William R. Fields Business CEO of Hudson's Bay Company, 1997-99 1949 TBD ADD
Eugene V. Fife Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 1940 TBD ADD
William H. Fike Business Vice Chairman, Magna International, 1994-99 1936 TBD ADD
David Filo Business Co-Founder of Yahoo 20-Apr-1966 TBD ADD
Irial Finan Business EVP at Coca Cola 1957 TBD ADD
Lawrence D. Fink Business CEO of BlackRock 1953 TBD ADD
G. Stephen Finley Business CFO of Baker Hughes, 1999-2006 1951 TBD ADD
John F. Finn Business CEO of Gardner, Inc. 1948 TBD ADD
John D. Finnegan Business CEO of Chubb 31-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Wilfred A. Finnegan Business GoldenTree Asset Management 1959 TBD ADD
Robert J. Finocchio, Jr. Business CEO of Informix, 1997-99 1951 TBD ADD
Carly Fiorina Business CEO of Hewlett Packard, 1999-2005 06-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Harvey Firestone Business Rubber tire baron 20-Dec-1868 07-Feb-1938 DEAD
Leonard K. Firestone Business US Ambassador to Belgium, 1974-77 10-Jun-1907 24-Dec-1996 DEAD
Lawrence K. Fish Business CEO of Citizens Financial Group 1944 TBD ADD
J. Dudley Fishburn Business British MP, Kensington, 1988-97 08-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Donald Fisher Business Co-Founder of The Gap 03-Sep-1928 27-Sep-2009 DEAD
Donne F. Fisher Business Former EVP at TCI 24-May-1938 TBD ADD
Doris F. Fisher Business Co-Founder of The Gap 1932 TBD ADD
George M. C. Fisher Business CEO of Kodak, 1993-2000 1940 TBD ADD
Herman G. Fisher Business Co-Founder of Fisher-Price Toys 02-Nov-1898 26-Sep-1975 DEAD
James R. Fisher Business CEO of Bristol West Holdings, 2000-06 1955 TBD ADD
John W. Fisher Business CEO of Ball Corporation, 1970-81 1916 28-Jun-2009 DEAD
Max M. Fisher Business Gas station tycoon 15-Jul-1908 03-Mar-2005 DEAD
Michael M. Fisher Business Power Quality Engineering 1945 TBD ADD
Richard T. Fisher Business Oppenheimer & Co. 1939 TBD ADD
Richard W. Fisher Business President and CEO, Dallas Fed 18-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Robert J. Fisher Business Interim CEO of The Gap 1954 TBD ADD
Robert W. Fisher Business President of Dole Food, 1986-90 1937 TBD ADD
Alan H. Fishman Business Meridian Capital Group 1946 TBD ADD
Jay S. Fishman Business CEO of Travelers, 2007-15 04-Nov-1952 19-Aug-2016 DEAD
Steven S. Fishman Business CEO of Big Lots 1950 TBD ADD
Jim Fisk Business Business partner of Jay Gould 01-Apr-1834 06-Jan-1872 DEAD
Ezra Fitch Business Abercrombie & Fitch 21-Sep-1865 16-Jun-1930 DEAD
Donald V. Fites Business CEO of Caterpillar, 1990-99 20-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Gale S. Fitzgerald Business Partner, TranSpend, Inc. 1951 TBD ADD
Niall FitzGerald Business Chairman of Reuters 13-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
W. Paul Fitzgerald Business CFO of EMC, 1988-95 1942 TBD ADD
J. Michael Fitzpatrick Business President of Rohm and Haas, 1999-2005 1946 TBD ADD
Dennis J. FitzSimons Business CEO of Tribune Co., 2003-07 26-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Roger L. Fix Business CEO of Standex 1953 TBD ADD
Russell M. Flaum Business EVP at Illinois Tool Works 1950 TBD ADD