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Rotten Dead Pool
Néstor Almendros Cinematographer Mauvaise Conduite 30-Oct-1930 04-Mar-1992 DEAD
John Alton Cinematographer An American in Paris 05-Oct-1901 02-Jun-1996 DEAD
John Bailey Cinematographer China Moon 10-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
Lucien Ballard Cinematographer Top Hollywood cinematographer 06-May-1908 01-Oct-1988 DEAD
G. W. Bitzer Cinematographer The Birth of a Nation 21-Apr-1872 29-Apr-1944 DEAD
Michel Brault Cinematographer Les Ordres 25-Jun-1928 21-Sep-2013 DEAD
Jack Cardiff Cinematographer The Long Ships 18-Sep-1914 22-Apr-2009 DEAD
Floyd Crosby Cinematographer Tabu: A Story of the South Seas 12-Dec-1899 30-Sep-1985 DEAD
Janusz Kaminski Cinematographer Saving Private Ryan 27-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
Rudolph Maté Cinematographer When Worlds Collide 21-Jan-1898 27-Oct-1964 DEAD
Ted Tetzlaff Cinematographer The Window 03-Jun-1903 07-Jan-1995 DEAD
Haskell Wexler Cinematographer Medium Cool 06-Feb-1922 27-Dec-2015 DEAD
Abraham Zapruder Cinematographer Documented JFK's assassination on film 15-May-1905 30-Aug-1970 DEAD
Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematographer Close Encounters of the Third Kind 16-Jun-1930 01-Jan-2016 DEAD