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Rotten Dead Pool
Joey Adams Comic Borscht Belt comedian 06-Jan-1911 02-Dec-1999 DEAD
Kamal Ahmed Comic Half of The Jerky Boys 07-May-1966 TBD ADD
Dave Allen Comic Dave Allen at Large 06-Jul-1936 10-Mar-2005 DEAD
Fred Allen Comic Town Hall Tonight 31-May-1894 17-Mar-1956 DEAD
Marty Allen Comic Goofy-looking comedian 23-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Jeff Altman Comic Pink Lady and Jeff 13-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Louie Anderson Comic Host of Family Feud, 1999-2002 24-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
Aziz Ansari Comic Parks and Recreation 23-Feb-1983 TBD ADD
Nelson Ascencio Comic MADtv 30-Aug-1964 TBD ADD
Arthur Askey Comic Horn-rimmed British comic 06-Jun-1900 16-Nov-1982 DEAD
Dave Attell Comic Insomniac 18-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
Rick Aviles Comic Ghost 14-Oct-1952 17-Mar-1995 DEAD
Bill Bailey Comic Panelist, Never Mind the Buzzcocks 24-Feb-1964 TBD ADD
Dan Bakkedahl Comic The Daily Show 18-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Maria Bamford Comic Comedians of Comedy 03-Sep-1970 TBD ADD
Ronnie Barker Comic The Two Ronnies 25-Sep-1929 03-Oct-2005 DEAD
Julian Barratt Comic Daaan Aaaashcroooft 04-May-1968 TBD ADD
Dave Barry Comic Borscht Belt comic 26-Aug-1918 16-Aug-2001 DEAD
Todd Barry Comic Worst Guest of the Week 26-Mar-1964 TBD ADD
Samantha Bee Comic The Daily Show 25-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Greg Behrendt Comic He's Just Not That Into You 21-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Bill Bellamy Comic Deaq on Fastlane 07-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Jim Belushi Comic According to Jim 15-Jun-1954 TBD ADD
Richard Belzer Comic Munch on Homicide, Law & Order: SVU 04-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
Doug Benson Comic Super High Me 07-May-1964 TBD ADD
Milton Berle Comic Mr. Television 12-Jul-1908 27-Mar-2002 DEAD
Shelley Berman Comic Inside Shelley Berman 03-Feb-1926 TBD ADD
Sandra Bernhard Comic The King of Comedy 06-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Mike Birbiglia Comic Sleepwalk with Me 20-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Joey Bishop Comic Rat Pack member 03-Feb-1918 17-Oct-2007 DEAD
Tommy Blacha Comic Metalocalypse 1962 TBD ADD
Lewis Black Comic Rants on The Daily Show 30-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Michael Ian Black Comic The State 12-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Elayne Boosler Comic Has had 7 cable comedy specials 18-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
Andy Borowitz Comic The Borowitz Report 04-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Alex Borstein Comic Ms. Swan on MADtv 15-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
David Brenner Comic Guest on Tonight Show 158 times 04-Feb-1936 15-Mar-2014 DEAD
Jim Breuer Comic Half-Baked 21-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Dara Ó Briain Comic Mock the Week 04-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Foster Brooks Comic Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts 11-May-1912 20-Dec-2001 DEAD
A. Whitney Brown Comic SNL, The Daily Show 08-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Lenny Bruce Comic Multiply obscene comic 13-Oct-1925 03-Aug-1966 DEAD
Hannibal Buress Comic Stand-up comic, onetime SNL writer 04-Feb-1983 TBD ADD
George Burns Comic Oh, God! 20-Jan-1896 09-Mar-1996 DEAD
Bill Burr Comic F is for Family 10-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Brett Butler Comic Comedian with southern drawl 20-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
John Byner Comic Voice of The Aardvark cartoon 28-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Sid Caesar Comic Your Show of Shows 08-Sep-1922 12-Feb-2014 DEAD
Frank Caliendo Comic MADtv 19-Jan-1974 TBD ADD
Charlie Callas Comic Malcolm Argos on Switch 20-Dec-1924 27-Jan-2011 DEAD
Mario Cantone Comic Laugh Whore 09-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Steve Carell Comic Office manager at Dunder-Mifflin 16-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Drew Carey Comic The Drew Carey Show 23-May-1958 TBD ADD
George Carlin Comic Seven Dirty Words 12-May-1937 22-Jun-2008 DEAD
Jimmy Carr Comic The Naked Jape 15-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
Rodney Carrington Comic Dear Penis 19-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
Carrot Top Comic Prop-comic recycled for commercials 25-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Frank Carson Comic Irish comedian 11-Jun-1926 22-Feb-2012 DEAD
Jack Carter Comic Stand-up comic, actor 24-Jun-1923 28-Jun-2015 DEAD
Tim Carvell Comic Head writer, The Daily Show 1973 TBD ADD
Dana Carvey Comic Saturday Night Live 02-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Kyle Cease Comic One Dimple 19-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Wyatt Cenac Comic The Daily Show 19-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Graham Chapman Comic Monty Python's King Arthur 08-Jan-1941 04-Oct-1989 DEAD
Dave Chappelle Comic Chappelle's Show 24-Aug-1973 TBD ADD
Chevy Chase Comic He is, you're not 08-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Margaret Cho Comic Loud-mouthed standup comic 05-Dec-1968 TBD ADD
Blake Clark Comic Harry on Home Improvement 02-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Andrew Dice Clay Comic Ford Fairlane 29-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
John Cleese Comic Monty Python 27-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
Ellen Cleghorne Comic Saturday Night Live 29-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Myron Cohen Comic Borscht Belt comic 01-Jul-1902 10-Mar-1986 DEAD
Sacha Baron Cohen Comic Boyakasha! Respec 13-Oct-1971 TBD ADD
Michelle Collins Comic Co-Host, The View 09-Jul-1981 TBD ADD
Mo Collins Comic Stewart's mom on MADtv 07-Jul-1965 TBD ADD
Billy Connolly Comic Scottish comedian 24-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Dane Cook Comic Harmful If Swallowed 18-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Peter Cook Comic Bedazzled 19-Nov-1937 09-Jan-1995 DEAD
Pat Cooper Comic Our Hero 31-Jul-1929 TBD ADD
Ronnie Corbett Comic The Two Ronnies 04-Dec-1930 31-Mar-2016 DEAD
Rob Corddry Comic The Daily Show 04-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Irwin Corey Comic World's Foremost Authority 29-Jul-1914 06-Feb-2017 DEAD
Bill Cosby Comic Comedy fixture, accused rapist 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Norm Crosby Comic Stand-up and nightclub comic 15-Sep-1927 TBD ADD
Billy Crystal Comic When Harry Met Sally 14-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
Whitney Cummings Comic Whitney 04-Sep-1982 TBD ADD
Mark Curry Comic Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 01-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Rodney Dangerfield Comic Never did get no respect 22-Nov-1921 05-Oct-2004 DEAD
Jim Davidson Comic Stand Up Jim Davidson 13-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Ellen DeGeneres Comic Ellen 26-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Rob Delaney Comic Rob Norris on Catastrophe 19-Jan-1977 TBD ADD
Lea DeLaria Comic Big Boo on Orange Is the New Black 23-May-1958 TBD ADD
Jessica Delfino Comic Dirty Folk Rock 08-Jun-1976 TBD ADD
Adam DeVine Comic Adam on Workaholics 07-Nov-1983 TBD ADD
Andy Dick Comic Matthew from NewsRadio 21-Dec-1965 TBD ADD
Phyllis Diller Comic The original female stand-up comic 17-Jul-1917 20-Aug-2012 DEAD
Paul Dinello Comic Geoffrey Jellineck on Strangers with Candy 28-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Janine DiTullio Comic Brendon's mom on Home Movies ? TBD ADD
Ken Dodd Comic British comedian, ventriloquist 08-Nov-1927 TBD ADD
Jimmy Dore Comic The Jimmy Dore Show 26-Jul-1965 TBD ADD
Brian Doyle-Murray Comic SNL 31-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Christian Duguay Comic MADtv 03-Jan-1970 TBD ADD
Jeff Dunham Comic Ventriloquist, Arguing with Myself 18-Apr-1962 TBD ADD
Nora Dunn Comic SNL alumna 29-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Jimmy Durante Comic Everybody wants ta get inta da act 10-Feb-1893 20-Jan-1980 DEAD
Adrian Edmondson Comic Vyvyan Basterd on The Young Ones 24-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Billy Eichner Comic Billy on the Street 18-Sep-1978 TBD ADD
Bob Elliott Comic Half of Bob & Ray 26-Mar-1923 02-Feb-2016 DEAD
Chris Elliott Comic The David Letterman Show 31-May-1960 TBD ADD
Ben Elton Comic Writer, Blackadder 03-May-1959 TBD ADD
Bill Engvall Comic Blue Collar Comedy Tour 27-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
John Ennis Comic Mr. Show with Bob and David 06-May-1964 TBD ADD
Cedric the Entertainer Comic The Steve Harvey Show 24-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Susie Essman Comic Susie Greene on Curb Your Enthusiasm 31-May-1955 TBD ADD
Lee Evans Comic British comic 25-Feb-1964 TBD ADD
Jimmy Fallon Comic Saturday Night Live 19-Sep-1974 TBD ADD
Chris Farley Comic Saturday Night Live 15-Feb-1964 17-Dec-1997 DEAD
Marty Feldman Comic Eye-gor in Young Frankenstein 08-Jul-1933 02-Dec-1982 DEAD
Will Ferrell Comic Saturday Night Live 16-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Totie Fields Comic Weight-conscious comedienne 07-May-1930 02-Aug-1978 DEAD
W. C. Fields Comic The Bank Dick 29-Jan-1880 25-Dec-1946 DEAD
Christian Finnegan Comic Two For Flinching 01-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Fannie Flagg Comic Fried Green Tomatoes 21-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Joe Flaherty Comic SCTV 21-Jun-1941 TBD ADD
Jeff Foxworthy Comic Just might be a redneck 06-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Jamie Foxx Comic Ray 13-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Redd Foxx Comic Foul-mouthed comedian, Sanford and Son 09-Dec-1922 11-Oct-1991 DEAD
Stan Freberg Comic Radio's The Stan Freberg Show 07-Aug-1926 07-Apr-2015 DEAD
Dawn French Comic French and Saunders 11-Oct-1957 TBD ADD
Judah Friedlander Comic Baseball-capped comedian, 30 Rock 16-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Budd Friedman Comic First Comedy Club The Improv 06-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
Rikki Fulton Comic Scotland's beloved comedian 15-Apr-1924 28-Jan-2004 DEAD
Jim Gaffigan Comic Beyond the Pale 07-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Gallagher Comic Watermelon's natural enemy 24-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Janeane Garofalo Comic Actor, Comedian, Author, Activist 28-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Greg Giraldo Comic Friday Night Stand-Up 10-Dec-1965 29-Sep-2010 DEAD
Todd Glass Comic Vintage Todd Glass and Other Crap 1964 TBD ADD
Ilana Glazer Comic Broad City 12-Apr-1987 TBD ADD
George Gobel Comic Hollywood Square 20-May-1919 24-Feb-1991 DEAD
Judy Gold Comic 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother 15-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Bobcat Goldthwait Comic Shakes the Clown 26-May-1962 TBD ADD
Gilbert Gottfried Comic Loudmouth Jewish comic 28-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
Ray Goulding Comic Half of Bob & Ray 20-Mar-1922 24-Mar-1990 DEAD
Larry Grayson Comic Ooh, shut that door! 31-Aug-1923 07-Jan-1995 DEAD
Shecky Greene Comic Chicago nightclub comic 08-Apr-1926 TBD ADD
Stacey Grenrock-Woods Comic The Daily Show 22-Nov-1968 TBD ADD
David Alan Grier Comic In Living Color 30-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Eddie Griffin Comic Undercover Brother 15-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Larry The Cable Guy Comic Blue Collar comic 17-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Buddy Hackett Comic Abrasive old school comic 31-Aug-1924 30-Jun-2003 DEAD
Rich Hall Comic Creator of Sniglets 1954 TBD ADD
Darrell Hammond Comic Saturday Night Live 08-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Chelsea Handler Comic Chelsea Lately 25-Feb-1975 TBD ADD
Malcolm Hardee Comic I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake 05-Jan-1950 31-Jan-2005 DEAD
Robin Harris Comic Bébé's Kids 30-Aug-1953 18-Mar-1990 DEAD
Kevin Hart Comic Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain 06-Jul-1978 TBD ADD
Steve Harvey Comic The Steve Harvey Show 23-Nov-1956 TBD ADD
Mitch Hedberg Comic Stand-up comedian known for one-liners 24-Feb-1968 30-Mar-2005 DEAD
John Heffron Comic Good Kid, Bad Adult 1970 TBD ADD
Tim Heidecker Comic Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 03-Feb-1976 TBD ADD
Ed Helms Comic The Daily Show 24-Jan-1974 TBD ADD
Tony Hendra Comic National Lampoon 1941 TBD ADD
Buck Henry Comic Frequent SNL host 09-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Lenny Henry Comic The Lenny Henry Show 29-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
John Henton Comic Obie on Living Single 23-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Bill Hicks Comic Visionary comedian, met untimely death 16-Dec-1961 26-Feb-1994 DEAD
Benny Hill Comic The Benny Hill Show 21-Jan-1924 19-Apr-1992 DEAD
Harry Hill Comic The Harry Hill Show 01-Oct-1964 TBD ADD
Joel Hodgson Comic Created Mystery Science Theater 3000 20-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Pete Holmes Comic The Pete Holmes Show 30-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
Matthew Holness Comic Garth Marenghi's Darkplace ? TBD ADD
Jan Hooks Comic Saturday Night Live 23-Apr-1957 09-Oct-2014 DEAD
Bob Hope Comic Centenarian comic 29-May-1903 27-Jul-2003 DEAD
D. L. Hughley Comic The Original Kings of Comedy 06-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Eric Idle Comic Monty Python 29-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
Gabriel Iglesias Comic Fluffy comic 15-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Marty Ingels Comic Comic-husband of Shirley Jones 09-Mar-1936 21-Oct-2015 DEAD
Eddie Izzard Comic Bloke in a dress going on and on 07-Feb-1962 TBD ADD
Victoria Jackson Comic Saturday Night Live 02-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Abbi Jacobson Comic Broad City 01-Feb-1984 TBD ADD
Richard Jeni Comic A Big Steaming Pile of Me 14-Apr-1957 10-Mar-2007 DEAD
Anthony Jeselnik Comic Shakespeare 22-Dec-1978 TBD ADD
Lil' JJ Comic Just Jordan 31-Oct-1990 TBD ADD
Johnny B. Comic Half of The Jerky Boys 08-Aug-1961 TBD ADD
Arte Johnson Comic Veddy interestink 20-Jan-1929 TBD ADD
Jay Johnston Comic Mr. Show with Bob and David 22-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
Jason Jones Comic The Daily Show 03-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Leslie Jones Comic Saturday Night Live 07-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
Terry Jones Comic Monty Python 01-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Louis C. K. Comic Lucky Louie 12-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
Elliott Kalan Comic Daily Show head writer, Flop House podcast 03-Dec-1981 TBD ADD
Moshe Kasher Comic Kasher in the Rye 06-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
Jonathan Katz Comic Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist 01-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Andy Kaufman Comic Brilliant comic, prankster, professional wrestler 17-Jan-1949 16-May-1984 DEAD
Tim Kazurinsky Comic Saturday Night Live, Police Academy 03-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Doug Kenney Comic National Lampoon cofounder 10-Dec-1946 27-Aug-1980 DEAD
Tom Kenny Comic Mr. Show, SpongeBob SquarePants 13-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Laura Kightlinger Comic Comedienne 13-Jun-1969 TBD ADD
Karen Kilgariff Comic Mr. Show with Bob and David 11-May-1970 TBD ADD
Andy Kindler Comic Bob's Burgers 16-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Alan King Comic Jewish comic and Friars Club fixture 26-Dec-1927 09-May-2004 DEAD
Sam Kinison Comic Caustic stand-up comic 08-Dec-1953 10-Apr-1992 DEAD
Jen Kirkman Comic Chelsea Lately 28-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
Robert Klein Comic Unable to stop his leg 08-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Harvey Korman Comic The Carol Burnett Show 15-Feb-1927 29-May-2008 DEAD
Ernie Kovacs Comic Nairobi Trio 23-Jan-1919 13-Jan-1962 DEAD
Lisa Lampanelli Comic Insult Comic 19-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
Artie Lange Comic MADtv, Howard Stern 11-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Martin Lawrence Comic Martin 16-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Vicki Lawrence Comic Mama's Family 26-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Denis Leary Comic Loud, smoking comic 18-Aug-1957 TBD ADD
Bobby Lee Comic MADtv 17-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
John Leguizamo Comic House of Buggin' 22-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Tom Lehrer Comic Comedic songwriter 09-Apr-1928 TBD ADD
Carol Leifer Comic Comic inspired Seinfeld's Elaine 27-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Eugene Levy Comic Earl Camembert from SCTV 17-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Jerry Lewis Comic Muscular Dystrophy Association 16-Mar-1926 TBD ADD
Joe E. Lewis Comic It's post time! 12-Jan-1902 04-Jun-1971 DEAD
Richard Lewis Comic Such a nice young man 29-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Rich Little Comic Comic and voice impressionist 26-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
Beth Littleford Comic Daily Show correspondent 17-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
George Lopez Comic Stand-up comic, George Lopez Show 23-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Comic Elaine on Seinfeld 13-Jan-1961 TBD ADD
Jon Lovitz Comic Yeaaaah, that's the ticket! 21-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Les Lye Comic You Can't Do That On Television 18-Nov-1924 21-Jul-2009 DEAD
Paul Lynde Comic Hollywood Square 13-Jun-1926 10-Jan-1982 DEAD
Moms Mabley Comic Pioneering black comedienne 19-Mar-1894 23-May-1975 DEAD
Bernie Mac Comic The Bernie Mac Show 05-Oct-1957 09-Aug-2008 DEAD
Norm MacDonald Comic Former Weekend Update host on SNL 17-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Kathleen Madigan Comic Shallow Happy Thoughts for the Soul 30-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Howie Mandel Comic Host of Deal Or No Deal 29-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Merrill Markoe Comic Late Night with David Letterman 1951 TBD ADD
Guy Marks Comic Nightclub comic 31-Oct-1922 28-Nov-1987 DEAD
Marc Maron Comic What the F*ck? 27-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Andrea Martin Comic SCTV cast member, 1976-81 15-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Demetri Martin Comic Daily Show trend spotter 25-May-1973 TBD ADD
Dick Martin Comic Laugh-In 30-Jan-1922 24-May-2008 DEAD
Steve Martin Comic The Jerk 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jackie Martling Comic Writer for Howard Stern 14-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Groucho Marx Comic You Bet Your Life 02-Oct-1890 19-Aug-1977 DEAD
Jackie Mason Comic The World According to Me! 09-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Elaine May Comic Wrote and directed Ishtar 21-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Ralphie May Comic Obese comic 17-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Pat McCormick Comic Smokey and the Bandit 30-Jun-1927 29-Jul-2005 DEAD
Dan McCoy Comic Daily Show writer, Flop House podcast 19-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Michael McDonald Comic MADtv 31-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Vaughn Meader Comic Comedian, JFK mimic 20-Mar-1936 29-Oct-2004 DEAD
Tim Meadows Comic Saturday Night Live 05-Feb-1961 TBD ADD
Anne Meara Comic Stiller and Meara 20-Sep-1929 23-May-2015 DEAD
Carlos Mencia Comic Mind of Mencia 22-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Rick Mercer Comic This Hour Has 22 Minutes 17-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Dennis Miller Comic SNL news anchor, born-again Republican 03-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Larry Miller Comic Michael Dobson on Law & Order 15-Oct-1953 TBD ADD
Sarah Millican Comic Thoroughly Modern Millican 29-May-1975 TBD ADD
Spike Milligan Comic The Goon Show 16-Apr-1918 27-Feb-2002 DEAD
Tim Minchin Comic Ready for This? 07-Oct-1975 TBD ADD
Hasan Minhaj Comic The Daily Show 23-Sep-1985 TBD ADD
David Mitchell Comic Peep Show 14-Jul-1974 TBD ADD
Jay Mohr Comic Gary Unmarried 23-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Paul Mooney Comic Negrodamus 04-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Dudley Moore Comic Arthur 19-Apr-1935 27-Mar-2002 DEAD
Dylan Moran Comic David in Shaun of the Dead 03-Nov-1971 TBD ADD
Eric Morecambe Comic Morecambe and Wise 14-May-1926 28-May-1984 DEAD
Chris Morris Comic Brass Eye 05-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Garrett Morris Comic Saturday Night Live 25-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Martin Mull Comic Fernwood Tonight 18-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Eddie Murphy Comic Beverly Hills Cop 03-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Al Murray Comic The Pub Landlord 10-May-1968 TBD ADD
Jan Murray Comic Borscht belt comedian, host of Treasure Hunt 04-Oct-1916 02-Jul-2006 DEAD
Mike Myers Comic Austin Powers 25-May-1963 TBD ADD
Kevin Nealon Comic Saturday Night Live 18-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Michael J. Nelson Comic Second host of MST3K 11-Oct-1964 TBD ADD
Bob Newhart Comic The Bob Newhart Show 05-Sep-1929 TBD ADD
Laraine Newman Comic Original member of Saturday Night Live 02-Mar-1952 TBD ADD
Trevor Noah Comic Anchor of The Daily Show 20-Feb-1984 TBD ADD
Jim Norton Comic Bald white guy on Tough Crowd 19-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Tig Notaro Comic Boyish Girl Interrupted 24-Mar-1971 TBD ADD
Don Novello Comic Comic priest Father Guido Sarducci 01-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
Paul O'Grady Comic British drag queen 14-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Catherine O'Hara Comic Delia in Beetlejuice 04-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Patrice O'Neal Comic Mr. P 07-Dec-1969 29-Nov-2011 DEAD
Bob Odenkirk Comic Mr. Show 22-Oct-1962 TBD ADD
John Oliver Comic Last Week Tonight 23-Apr-1977 TBD ADD
Patton Oswalt Comic King of Queens 27-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Rick Overton Comic Earth Girls Are Easy 10-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Michael Palin Comic Monty Python 05-May-1943 TBD ADD
Jimmy Pardo Comic Sprezzatura 28-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Pat Paulsen Comic Perpetual presidential candidate 06-Jul-1927 24-Apr-1997 DEAD
Chelsea Peretti Comic Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine 20-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Emo Philips Comic Excruciating comic 07-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
John Pinette Comic You go now! You been here four owa! 23-Mar-1964 05-Apr-2014 DEAD
Joe Piscopo Comic Saturday Night Live 17-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Aubrey Plaza Comic Parks and Recreation 26-Jun-1984 TBD ADD
Kevin Pollak Comic Host of Celebrity Poker 30-Oct-1957 TBD ADD
Brian Posehn Comic Mr. Show with Bob and David 06-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Paula Poundstone Comic Asexual comic 29-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Greg Proops Comic Stand-up comic and TV show host 03-Oct-1959 TBD ADD
Richard Pryor Comic Stand-up comic, Stir Crazy 01-Dec-1940 10-Dec-2005 DEAD
Colin Quinn Comic Tough Crowd, SNL 06-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
Gilda Radner Comic Saturday Night Live 28-Jun-1946 20-May-1989 DEAD
Harold Ramis Comic Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters 21-Nov-1944 24-Feb-2014 DEAD
Retta Comic Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation 12-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Thomas D. Rice Comic Played "Jim Crow" 20-May-1808 19-Sep-1860 DEAD
Don Rickles Comic Mr. Warmth 08-May-1926 06-Apr-2017 DEAD
Rob Riggle Comic The Daily Show 21-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Joan Rivers Comic Can we talk? 08-Jun-1933 04-Sep-2014 DEAD
Mo Rocca Comic Senior correspondent, The Daily Show 28-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Chris Rock Comic Everybody Hates Chris 07-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Will Rogers Comic American Cowboy, Entertainer, Humorist 04-Nov-1879 15-Aug-1935 DEAD
Ray Romano Comic Everybody Loves Raymond 21-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Tony Rosato Comic Second City 26-Dec-1954 10-Jan-2017 DEAD
Jeffrey Ross Comic Roastmaster General 13-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Dan Rowan Comic Laugh-In 22-Jul-1922 22-Sep-1987 DEAD
Rita Rudner Comic Naked Beneath My Clothes 17-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Mark Russell Comic Political musician and satirist 23-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Nipsey Russell Comic Tinman in The Wiz 13-Oct-1924 02-Oct-2005 DEAD
Bob Saget Comic America's Funniest Home Videos 17-May-1956 TBD ADD
Mort Sahl Comic Early influential stand-up comic 11-May-1927 TBD ADD
Soupy Sales Comic Inveterate pie thrower 08-Jan-1926 22-Oct-2009 DEAD
Adam Sandler Comic The Wedding Singer, SNL alumnus 09-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Horatio Sanz Comic Yet another SNL fat guy 04-Jun-1969 TBD ADD
Will Sasso Comic Formerly fat guy on MADtv 24-May-1975 TBD ADD
Jennifer Saunders Comic Absolutely Fabulous 06-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
Kristen Schaal Comic Flight of the Conchords 24-Jan-1978 TBD ADD
Rob Schneider Comic Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 31-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Avery Schreiber Comic Burns and Schreiber 09-Apr-1935 07-Jan-2002 DEAD
Amy Schumer Comic Inside Amy Schumer 01-Jun-1981 TBD ADD
Jerry Seinfeld Comic A show about nothing 29-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Peter Serafinowicz Comic Look Around You 10-Jul-1972 TBD ADD
Garry Shandling Comic Larry Sanders 29-Nov-1949 24-Mar-2016 DEAD
Molly Shannon Comic Saturday Night Live 16-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Harry Shearer Comic Almost half the voices on The Simpsons 23-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Pauly Shore Comic Encino Man 01-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Martin Short Comic SNL and Primetime Glick 26-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Michael Showalter Comic The State 17-Jun-1970 TBD ADD
Sarah Silverman Comic The Sarah Silverman Program 01-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Sinbad Comic Sinbad sitcom 10-Nov-1956 TBD ADD
Red Skelton Comic The Red Skelton Show 18-Jul-1913 17-Sep-1997 DEAD
Brendon Small Comic Home Movies, Metalocalypse 15-Feb-1975 TBD ADD
Yakov Smirnoff Comic What a country 24-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Madeleine Smithberg Comic Daily Show co-creator 1959 TBD ADD
Dick Smothers Comic A Smothers Brother 20-Nov-1939 TBD ADD
Tommy Smothers Comic A Smothers Brother 02-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
David Spade Comic Rules of Engagement 22-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Aries Spears Comic MADtv 03-Apr-1975 TBD ADD
Dino Stamatopoulos Comic Moral Orel, Mr. Show, TV Funhouse 11-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Doug Stanhope Comic The Man Show 25-Mar-1967 TBD ADD
David Steinberg Comic Second City alumnus 09-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
Skip Stephenson Comic Real People 18-Apr-1940 18-May-1992 DEAD
Jon Stewart Comic Anchor, The Daily Show, 1999-2015 28-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Julia Sweeney Comic Androgyne Pat on Saturday Night Live 10-Oct-1959 TBD ADD
Wanda Sykes Comic Wanda at Large 07-Mar-1964 TBD ADD
Jorma Taccone Comic The Lonely Island 19-Mar-1977 TBD ADD
Jill Talley Comic Mr. Show 19-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
Jimmy Tarbuck Comic Winner Takes All 06-Feb-1940 TBD ADD
Rip Taylor Comic Walking confetti fountain 13-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Judy Tenuta Comic The Love Goddess 07-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Brother Theodore Comic Stand-up Tragedist 11-Nov-1906 05-Apr-2001 DEAD
Dave Thomas Comic SCTV 20-May-1949 TBD ADD
Kenan Thompson Comic Kenan & Kel 10-May-1978 TBD ADD
Baratunde Thurston Comic How to Be Black 11-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Paul F. Tompkins Comic Mr. Show 12-Sep-1968 TBD ADD
Daniel Tosh Comic Tosh.0 29-May-1975 TBD ADD
Fred Travalena Comic The Man of a Thousand Faces 06-Oct-1942 28-Jun-2009 DEAD
Calvin Trillin Comic Humorist 05-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Chris Tucker Comic Rush Hour 31-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Gregg Turkington Comic Neil Hamburger 25-Nov-1967 TBD ADD
Tracey Ullman Comic The Tracey Ullman Show 30-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Sheryl Underwood Comic The Talk 28-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Jimmie Walker Comic Dyn-o-Mite 25-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
George Wallace Comic Vegas standup comic 21-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
David Walliams Comic Little Britain 20-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Nancy Walls Comic SNL, The Daily Show 19-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Eric Wareheim Comic Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 07-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Damon Wayans Comic My Wife and Kids 04-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Keenen Ivory Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 08-Jun-1958 TBD ADD
Marlon Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 23-Jul-1972 TBD ADD
Shawn Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 19-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Robert Webb Comic Peep Show 29-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
Lauren Weedman Comic The Daily Show correspondent 1969 TBD ADD
Ron White Comic Tater Salad 18-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Slappy White Comic The First Black Vice President 20-Sep-1921 07-Nov-1995 DEAD
Jack Whitehall Comic Jack Whitehall Gets Around 07-Jul-1988 TBD ADD
Katt Williams Comic The Pimp Chronicles 02-Sep-1973 TBD ADD
Robin Williams Comic Mork from Ork 21-Jul-1951 11-Aug-2014 DEAD
Larry Wilmore Comic The Nightly Show 30-Oct-1961 TBD ADD
Debra Wilson Comic MADtv 26-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Flip Wilson Comic The Flip Wilson Show 08-Dec-1933 25-Nov-1998 DEAD
Lizz Winstead Comic Daily Show co-creator 05-Aug-1961 TBD ADD
Jonathan Winters Comic Mearth, son of Mork 11-Nov-1925 11-Apr-2013 DEAD
Ernie Wise Comic Morecambe and Wise 27-Nov-1925 21-Mar-1999 DEAD
John Witherspoon Comic Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! 27-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Jo Anne Worley Comic Laugh-In 06-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Steven Wright Comic King of Wry 06-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
Charlyne Yi Comic Dr. Park on House 04-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Henny Youngman Comic Take my wife, please 16-Mar-1906 24-Feb-1998 DEAD