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Rotten Dead Pool
Albert C. Barnes Curator Barnes Foundation 02-Jan-1872 24-Jul-1951 DEAD
Henry E. Bliss Curator Bliss Classification System 29-Jan-1870 09-Aug-1955 DEAD
Sir Simonds D'Ewes Curator Journals of all the Parliaments 18-Dec-1602 18-Apr-1650 DEAD
Melvil Dewey Curator Dewey Decimal System 10-Dec-1851 26-Dec-1931 DEAD
Michael S. Hart Curator Founder of Project Gutenberg 08-Mar-1947 06-Sep-2011 DEAD
Hypatia of Alexandria Curator Librarian of Alexandria ? TBD DEAD
Walter Liedtke Curator Curator of European Paintings at the Met, 1980-2015 28-Aug-1945 03-Feb-2015 DEAD
Thomas M. Messer Curator Director of the Guggenheim, 1961-88 09-Feb-1920 15-May-2013 DEAD
Philippe de Montebello Curator Director of the Metropolitan Museum, 1977-2008 16-May-1936 TBD ADD
Sir Anthony Panizzi Curator Librarian of the British Museum 16-Sep-1797 08-Apr-1879 DEAD
David F. Powers Curator Special Assistant at the JFK White House 25-Apr-1912 27-Mar-1998 DEAD
Robert L. Ripley Curator Believe It or Not! 25-Dec-1890 27-May-1949 DEAD
Sir Hans Sloane Curator Milk chocolate and the British Museum 16-Apr-1660 11-Jan-1753 DEAD
Kirk Varnedoe Curator Curator at MOMA, 1988-2001 19-Jan-1946 15-Aug-2003 DEAD
Justin Winsor Curator Librarian of Harvard University 02-Jan-1831 22-Oct-1897 DEAD