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Rotten Dead Pool
Gene Amdahl Engineer Parallel computing pioneer 16-Nov-1922 10-Nov-2015 DEAD
Ove Arup Engineer Danish civil engineer 16-Apr-1895 05-Feb-1988 DEAD
Sir Benjamin Baker Engineer Bridged the Firth of Forth 31-Mar-1840 19-May-1907 DEAD
Cecil Balmond Engineer Deputy Chairman, Ove Arup 1943 TBD ADD
Paul Baran Engineer Packet-sharing in computer communications 29-Apr-1926 26-Mar-2011 DEAD
Nils Bohlin Engineer Three-point safety belt 17-Jul-1920 26-Sep-2002 DEAD
Paul Boucherot Engineer Ocean thermal energy conversion 03-Oct-1869 07-Aug-1943 DEAD
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Engineer Chief engineer of the Great Western Railway 09-Apr-1806 15-Sep-1859 DEAD
David Buick Engineer Designed the first Buick motorcars 17-Sep-1854 06-Mar-1929 DEAD
André Citroën Engineer Europe's Henry Ford 05-Feb-1878 03-Jul-1935 DEAD
Wesley A. Clark Engineer Designed LINC, the first PC 10-Apr-1927 22-Feb-2016 DEAD
Sir William Cubitt Engineer British civil engineer 1785 13-Oct-1861 DEAD
Gottlieb Daimler Engineer Invented the motorcycle 17-Mar-1834 06-Mar-1900 DEAD
Mark Dean Engineer Computer architecture 02-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
Dave Ditzel Engineer Founder of Transmeta 1956 TBD ADD
Lloyd H. Donnell Engineer Donnell's thin shell theory 20-May-1895 07-Nov-1997 DEAD
Daniel C. Drucker Engineer Drucker's stability postulate 1918 25-Aug-2001 DEAD
William F. Durand Engineer National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 05-Mar-1859 09-Aug-1958 DEAD
William L. Emmet Engineer All-electric warships 10-Jul-1859 26-Sep-1941 DEAD
George Ferris Engineer Ferris Wheel 14-Feb-1859 22-Nov-1896 DEAD
John Ambrose Fleming Engineer Invented the vacuum tube 29-Nov-1849 19-Apr-1945 DEAD
John R. Freeman Engineer Charles River Dam 27-Jul-1855 06-Oct-1932 DEAD
Richard H. Gallagher Engineer Finite element method 17-Nov-1927 30-Sep-1997 DEAD
Henry Gantt Engineer Management as a science 20-May-1861 23-Nov-1919 DEAD
Robert R. Gilruth Engineer NASA scientist 18-Oct-1913 17-Aug-2000 DEAD
Richard J. Goldstein Engineer Fluid mechanics 1936 TBD ADD
Frederick A. Halsey Engineer Kept America safe from the metric system 12-Jul-1856 20-Oct-1935 DEAD
Oliver Heaviside Engineer Kennelly-Heaviside layer 18-May-1850 03-Feb-1925 DEAD
Mayo D. Hersey Engineer Tribology 30-Aug-1886 05-Sep-1978 DEAD
Nicholas J. Hoff Engineer Aluminum in aircraft design 03-Jan-1906 04-Aug-1997 DEAD
Tomlinson Holman Engineer THX sound system 07-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Gottlob Honold Engineer Invented the spark plug 26-Aug-1876 17-Mar-1923 DEAD
John Hopkinson Engineer English electrical engineer 27-Jul-1849 27-Aug-1898 DEAD
August Horch Engineer Founder of Audi 12-Oct-1868 03-Feb-1951 DEAD
Godfrey N. Hounsfield Engineer Computerized axial tomography (CAT scans) 28-Aug-1919 12-Aug-2004 DEAD
Alec Issigonis Engineer Designer of the Mini Cooper 18-Nov-1906 02-Oct-1988 DEAD
Caldwell Johnson Engineer Designer, early NASA space program 16-Oct-1919 26-May-2013 DEAD
Kelly Johnson Engineer Lockheed Skunk Works plane designer 27-Feb-1910 21-Dec-1990 DEAD
Theodore D. Judah Engineer American Transcontinental Railroad 04-Mar-1826 02-Nov-1863 DEAD
Charles F. Kettering Engineer Invented the electric starter 29-Aug-1876 25-Nov-1958 DEAD
Albert Kingsbury Engineer Kingsbury thrust bearing 23-Dec-1863 28-Jul-1943 DEAD
Jack A. Kinzler Engineer NASA engineer, saved Skylab 09-Jan-1920 04-Mar-2014 DEAD
Chris Kraft Engineer Long-time voice of NASA's Mission Control 28-Feb-1924 TBD ADD
Karl von Linde Engineer Inventor of refrigeration 11-Jun-1842 16-Nov-1934 DEAD
Glenn L. Martin Engineer Martin Aircraft Co. 17-Jan-1886 05-Dec-1955 DEAD
Wilhelm Maybach Engineer Designed the Mercedes 09-Feb-1846 29-Dec-1929 DEAD
Carver A. Mead Engineer Microelectronics 01-May-1934 TBD ADD
William D. Mensch Engineer Co-Designer, 6502 microprocessor 09-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Willy Messerschmitt Engineer Designer of Nazi fighter planes 26-Jun-1898 17-Sep-1978 DEAD
Raymond D. Mindlin Engineer Mindlin's problem 17-Sep-1906 22-Nov-1987 DEAD
Jay Miner Engineer Father of the Amiga Computer 31-May-1932 20-Jun-1994 DEAD
Samuel S. Montague Engineer American Transcontinental Railroad 06-Jul-1830 24-Sep-1883 DEAD
William Mulholland Engineer Los Angeles Aqueduct 11-Sep-1855 22-Jul-1935 DEAD
Burt Munro Engineer Subject of biopic The World's Fastest Indian 25-Mar-1899 06-Jan-1978 DEAD
Nikolaus Otto Engineer Four-stroke internal-combustion engine 14-Jun-1832 26-Jan-1891 DEAD
Bradford W. Parkinson Engineer Global Positioning System 16-Feb-1935 TBD ADD
Thomas H. Pigford Engineer Nuclear chemical engineer 21-Apr-1922 27-Feb-2010 DEAD
Ferdinand Porsche Engineer Designer of the Volkswagen Beetle 03-Sep-1875 30-Jan-1951 DEAD
Ferry Porsche Engineer Designed the Porsche 356 19-Sep-1909 27-Mar-1998 DEAD
Louis Renault Engineer Founder of Renault 15-Feb-1877 24-Oct-1944 DEAD
John Roebling Engineer Began construction of Brooklyn Bridge 12-Jun-1806 22-Jul-1869 DEAD
Henry Royce Engineer Designed the first Rolls-Royce 27-Mar-1863 22-Apr-1933 DEAD
William R. Sears Engineer Airfoil engineer 01-Mar-1913 12-Oct-2002 DEAD
Isaac Shoenberg Engineer 405-line format television 01-Mar-1880 25-Jan-1963 DEAD
Philip Sporn Engineer American Electric Power Company 25-Nov-1896 23-Jan-1978 DEAD
George Stephenson Engineer Early railroad builder 09-Jun-1781 12-Aug-1848 DEAD
Robert Stephenson Engineer Builder of railroad bridges 16-Oct-1803 12-Oct-1859 DEAD
John Frank Stevens Engineer Chief engineer of the Panama Canal 25-Apr-1853 02-Jun-1943 DEAD
Robert Stevenson Engineer Scottish lighthouse designer 08-Jun-1772 12-Jul-1850 DEAD
Bert Sutherland Engineer Scientist at Sun Microsystems 1936 TBD ADD
Ivan Sutherland Engineer Father of computer graphics 16-May-1938 TBD ADD
Thomas Telford Engineer Scottish canal, bridge, and road builder 09-Aug-1757 02-Sep-1834 DEAD
Stephen Timoshenko Engineer Mechanical engineering professor at Stanford 23-Dec-1878 29-May-1972 DEAD
Sébastien de Vauban Engineer Mastermind of the siege 15-May-1633 30-Mar-1707 DEAD
Fausto Veranzio Engineer Tested Da Vinci's parachute 1551 27-Jan-1617 DEAD
Andrew J. Viterbi Engineer Viterbi Algorithm 09-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Thomas A. Watson Engineer Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell 18-Jan-1854 13-Dec-1934 DEAD
Robert Zubrin Engineer Mars Direct 1952 TBD ADD
Konrad Zuse Engineer Built first Turing-complete computer 22-Jun-1910 18-Dec-1995 DEAD