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Rotten Dead Pool
Greg Abbott Government Governor of Texas 13-Nov-1957 TBD ADD
Huma Abedin Government Aide to Hillary Clinton 28-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Kathleen Q. Abernathy Government FCC Commissioner, 2001-05 05-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
Elliott Abrams Government Asst. Secy. of State involved in Iran-Contra 24-Jan-1948 TBD ADD
David W. K. Acheson Government Food Safety Czar ? TBD ADD
Dean Acheson Government US Secretary of State, 1949-53 11-Apr-1893 12-Oct-1971 DEAD
Francisco Javier Ramírez Acuña Government Mexican Minister of the Interior, 2006-08 22-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Charles Francis Adams III Government Secretary of the Navy, 1929-33 02-Aug-1866 11-Jun-1954 DEAD
Sherman Adams Government Eisenhower's Chief of Staff 08-Jan-1899 27-Oct-1986 DEAD
David Addington Government Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff 22-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Jonathan S. Adelstein Government FCC Commissioner 1962 TBD ADD
George Akerson Government First White House Press Secretary 05-Sep-1889 21-Dec-1937 DEAD
Niceto Alcalá-Zamora Government 1st President of the Second Spanish Republic 06-Jul-1877 18-Feb-1949 DEAD
Russell A. Alger Government McKinley's Secretary of War, 1897-99 27-Feb-1836 24-Jan-1907 DEAD
Joe Allbaugh Government FEMA Director, 2001-03 27-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Claude Allen Government Former White House domestic policy advisor 11-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Richard V. Allen Government Reagan National Security Advisor 01-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Dillon Anderson Government National Security Advisor, 1955-56 14-Jul-1906 1974 DEAD
Robert B. Anderson Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1957-61 04-Jun-1910 14-Aug-1989 DEAD
Edmund Andros Government American colonial governor 06-Dec-1637 24-Feb-1714 DEAD
Kofi Annan Government Secretary General of the UN, 1997-2006 08-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
Alí Rodríguez Araque Government Secretary General of OPEC, 2001-02 09-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Armitage Government US Deputy Secretary of State, 2001-05 26-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Anne L. Armstrong Government US Ambassador to the UK, 1976-77 27-Dec-1927 30-Jul-2008 DEAD
Katharine Armstrong Government Texas lobbyist ? TBD ADD
Michael J. Astrue Government Social Security Commissioner 1956 TBD ADD
J. D. Roy Atchison Government Assistant US Attorney 28-Aug-1954 05-Oct-2007 DEAD
Paul S. Atkins Government Securities and Exchange Commission 1958 TBD ADD
J. Brian Atwood Government USAID Administrator, 1993-99 25-Jul-1942 TBD ADD
David Axelrod Government NBC talking head 22-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
Artur Axmann Government Hitler Youth leader 18-Feb-1913 24-Oct-1996 DEAD
Whit Ayres Government North Star Opinion Research 1949 TBD ADD
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Government Saudi Arabia Defense Minister 05-Jan-1928 TBD ADD
Tariq Aziz Government Ex-Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister 28-Apr-1936 05-Jun-2015 DEAD
Robert Bacon Government US Ambassador to France, 1909-12 05-Jul-1860 29-May-1919 DEAD
Sheila C. Bair Government President of Washington College 03-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Zoë Baird Government Atty Gen. nominee, thwarted by Nannygate 20-Jun-1952 TBD ADD
Howard Baker Government Reagan's Chief of Staff, 1987-88 15-Nov-1925 26-Jun-2014 DEAD
James Baker Government US Secretary of State, 1989-92 28-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Robert M. Ball Government Director of Social Security, 1962-73 28-Mar-1914 29-Jan-2008 DEAD
Richard A. Ballinger Government US Interior Secretary, 1909-11 09-Jul-1858 06-Jun-1922 DEAD
Mohamed El Baradei Government UN International Atomic Energy Agency 17-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Klaus Barbie Government The Butcher of Lyon 25-Oct-1913 25-Sep-1991 DEAD
John Barletta Government Reagan-era Secret Service agent ? TBD ADD
Joseph W. Barr Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1968-69 17-Jan-1918 23-Feb-1996 DEAD
William Barr Government US Attorney General, 1991-93 23-May-1950 TBD ADD
David J. Barram Government GSA Administrator, 1996-2001 1943 TBD ADD
Andrew C. Barrett Government FCC Commissioner, 1989-96 14-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Bruce Bartlett Government Conservative pundit 11-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Dan Bartlett Government White House communications director 01-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Jeremy Bash Government DOD Chief of Staff, 2011-13 13-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Michael J. Bates Government Lobbyist ? TBD ADD
Gary Bauer Government Family Research Council 04-May-1946 TBD ADD
Cynthia L. Bauerly Government US FEC Commissioner 1970 TBD ADD
Thomas F. Bayard Government US Secretary of State, 1885-89 29-Oct-1828 28-Sep-1898 DEAD
Margaret Beckett Government UK Foreign Secretary, 2006-07 15-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
Julius W. Becton, Jr. Government FEMA Director, 1985-89 29-Jun-1926 TBD ADD
Rand Beers Government Kerry foreign policy advisor 1942 TBD ADD
Paul Begala Government Helped get Clinton elected 12-May-1961 TBD ADD
William W. Belknap Government US Secretary of War, impeached 22-Sep-1829 13-Oct-1890 DEAD
Charles H. Bell, Jr. Government Republican National Lawyers Association 1946 TBD ADD
Daniel W. Bell Government Undersecretary of the Treasury 23-Jul-1891 TBD DEAD
Griffin Bell Government US Attorney General, 1977-79 31-Oct-1918 05-Jan-2009 DEAD
William Bennett Government Former Drug Czar and gambling man 31-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
Peter B. Bensinger Government DEA Administrator, 1976-81 24-Mar-1936 TBD ADD
Sandy Berger Government National Security Advisor for Bill Clinton 28-Oct-1945 02-Dec-2015 DEAD
Lavrenty Beria Government Chief of the NKVD, 1940-46 29-Mar-1899 23-Dec-1953 DEAD
Mary Frances Berry Government Civil Rights Commissioner, 1980-2004 17-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
Karan K. Bhatia Government Deputy US Trade Representative ? TBD ADD
Francis Biddle Government US Attorney General, 1941-45 09-May-1886 04-Oct-1968 DEAD
A. Bruce Bielaski Government FBI Director 1912-19 1884 00-Feb-1964 DEAD
Leslie Biffle Government Secretary of the Senate 09-Oct-1880 06-Apr-1966 DEAD
Theodore Bilbo Government Archangel of white supremacy 13-Oct-1877 21-Aug-1947 DEAD
Charles Black Government Chairman, BKSH & Associates 1947 TBD ADD
Cofer Black Government Coordinator for Counterterrorism, 2002-04 1950 TBD ADD
Judy A. Black Government Lobbyist 18-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Coit D. Blacker Government Institute for International Studies, Stanford 1950 TBD ADD
Kenneth Blackwell Government Ohio Secretary of State, 1999-2007 28-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Dennis C. Blair Government Director of National Intelligence, 2009-10 04-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Marion C. Blakey Government FAA Administrator, 2002-07 26-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Hans Blix Government Weapons inspector before Iraq War 28-Jun-1928 TBD ADD
Scott Bloch Government Office of Special Counsel, 2004-08 1958 TBD ADD
John R. Block Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1981-86 13-Feb-1935 TBD ADD
Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr. Government Asst. Secy. State Politico-Military, 2001-05 1952 TBD ADD
Richard Blumenthal Government US Senator from Connecticut 13-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Sidney Blumenthal Government Advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton 06-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
W. Michael Blumenthal Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1977-79 03-Jan-1926 TBD ADD
Samuel Bodman Government US Secretary of Energy 26-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
J. Caleb Boggs III Government Republican National Lawyers Association 1962 TBD ADD
Josh Bolten Government White House Chief of Staff, 2006-09 16-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
John Bolton Government US Ambassador to the UN, 2005-06 20-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Charles J. Bonaparte Government US Attorney General, 1906-09 09-Jun-1851 28-Jun-1921 DEAD
Rich Bond Government RNC Chairman, 1992-93 1950 TBD ADD
Pam Bondi Government Attorney General of Florida 17-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Robert C. Bonner Government Commissioner, US Customs Service, 2001-05 29-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Robert Bork Government Fired Archibald Cox, later got himself borked 01-Mar-1927 19-Dec-2012 DEAD
Martin Bormann Government Adolf Hitler's adjutant 17-Jun-1900 02-May-1945 DEAD
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Government Secretary General of the UN, 1992-96 14-Nov-1922 16-Feb-2016 DEAD
Stuart Bowen Government Iraq Inspector General 1958 TBD ADD
Robert R. Bowie Government CIA Deputy Director, 1977-79 24-Aug-1909 02-Nov-2013 DEAD
Erskine Bowles Government White House Chief of Staff, 1996-98 08-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Alan S. Boyd Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1967-69 20-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
François Bozizé Government President, Central African Republic 2003-13 14-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Stephen G. Bradbury Government Acting head, Office of Legal Counsel, 2004-09 1958 TBD ADD
John Bradshaw Government Tried King Charles I 1602 31-Oct-1659 DEAD
James Brady Government White House Press Secy. shot by John Hinckley 29-Aug-1940 04-Aug-2014 DEAD
Nicholas F. Brady Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1988-93 11-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Lakhdar Brahimi Government UN Envoy to Iraq, 2004-05 01-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Richard C. Breeden Government SEC Chairman, 1989-93 06-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
L. Paul Bremer Government Director of the Iraq Provisional Authority 30-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
John O. Brennan Government CIA Director 22-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Peter J. Brennan Government US Secretary of Labor, 1973-75 24-May-1918 02-Oct-1996 DEAD
Benjamin H. Bristow Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1874-76 20-Jun-1832 22-Jun-1896 DEAD
Harold Brown Government US Secretary of Defense, 1977-81 19-Sep-1927 TBD ADD
Jesse Brown Government US Secretary of Veteran's Affairs, 1993-97 27-Mar-1944 15-Aug-2002 DEAD
Michael D. Brown Government FEMA chief operating officer 2003-05 08-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Ron Brown Government US Commerce Secretary, 1993-96 01-Aug-1941 03-Apr-1996 DEAD
Herbert Brownell, Jr. Government US Attorney General, 1953-57 20-Feb-1904 01-May-1996 DEAD
Carol M. Browner Government Clinton's EPA Administrator 16-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
Zbigniew Brzezinski Government National Security Advisor, 1977-81 28-Mar-1928 26-May-2017 DEAD
Bay Buchanan Government US Treasurer, 1981-83 23-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
Mary Beth Buchanan Government US Attorney, Western Pennsylvania 25-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Philip W. Buchen Government White House Counsel, 1974-77 17-Feb-1916 21-May-2001 DEAD
Vincent Bugliosi Government Prosecuted Manson, wrote Helter Skelter 18-Aug-1934 06-Jun-2015 DEAD
Mac Bundy Government National Security Advisor, 1961-66 30-Mar-1919 16-Sep-1996 DEAD
William Bundy Government Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ 24-Sep-1917 06-Oct-2000 DEAD
Henry Burghersh Government Chancellor of England, 1328-30 1292 04-Dec-1340 DEAD
James H. Burnley IV Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1987-89 30-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
R. Nicholas Burns Government Under Secy of State for Political Affairs, 2005-08 28-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
William J. Burns Government FBI Director, 1921-24 19-Oct-1861 14-Apr-1932 DEAD
H. Ralph Burton Government Red-baiting Senate staffer 1882 05-Aug-1971 DEAD
Sylvia Mathews Burwell Government US Secretary of HHS, 2014-17 23-Jun-1965 TBD ADD
Richard C. Bush III Government Former Chair, American Institute in Taiwan 1947 TBD ADD
Mangosuthu Buthelezi Government Zulu leader, founder of Inkatha Party 27-Aug-1928 TBD ADD
Earl Butz Government Ford's disgraced Secretary of Agriculture 03-Jul-1909 02-Feb-2008 DEAD
Louis Caldera Government US Secretary of the Army, 1998-2001 01-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Joseph Califano Government Carter's HEW Secretary 15-May-1931 TBD ADD
Stephen Cambone Government Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence 22-Jun-1952 TBD ADD
Kurt M. Campbell Government Asst. Secy. of State for East Asian Affairs 1957 TBD ADD
Roel C. Campos Government Securities and Exchange Commission 1949 TBD ADD
Charles John Canning Government Governor-General of India 14-Dec-1812 17-Jun-1862 DEAD
Andrew Card Government White House Chief of Staff, 2001-06 10-May-1947 TBD ADD
Peter Carington Government UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82 06-Jun-1919 TBD ADD
Frank Carlucci Government US Secretary of Defense, 1987-89 18-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Gerald P. Carmen Government Carmen Group International 08-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Jay Carney Government White House Press Secretary, 2011-14 22-May-1965 TBD ADD
Ashton Carter Government US Secretary of Defense 24-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Kathleen L. Casey Government Securities and Exchange Commission 12-Apr-1966 TBD ADD
William E. Casselman II Government White House Counsel, 1974-75 1941 TBD ADD
Gerald Cassidy Government Cassidy & Associates 1940 TBD ADD
Ida L. Castro Government Chairman of the EEOC, 1998-2001 1953 TBD ADD
Richard E. Cavanagh Government CEO of The Conference Board, 1995-2007 1946 TBD ADD
Lauro F. Cavazos Government US Secretary of Education, 1988-90 04-Jan-1927 TBD ADD
William Cecil Government Closest advisor to Elizabeth I 13-Sep-1520 05-Aug-1598 DEAD
Bill Ceverha Government Lobbyist, GOP activist 1936 TBD ADD
Elaine Chao Government US Secretary of Labor, 2001-09 26-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
Roy D. Chapin, Sr. Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1932-33 23-Feb-1880 16-Feb-1936 DEAD
Bruce Chapman Government Founder of the Discovery Institute 01-Dec-1940 TBD ADD
Orlow W. Chapman Government US Solicitor General, 1889-90 07-Jan-1832 19-Jan-1890 DEAD
Oscar L. Chapman Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1949-53 22-Oct-1896 08-Feb-1978 DEAD
Buck Chapoton Government Reagan's tax guy 18-May-1936 TBD ADD
Chemical Ali Government Cousin of Saddam Hussein 1941 25-Jan-2010 DEAD
Michael Chertoff Government US Homeland Security Czar 28-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Russell Chew Government Runs the US Air Traffic Control system 18-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Derek Chollet Government Assistant Secretary of Defense for Security 1971 TBD ADD
Rachelle B. Chong Government FCC Commissioner, 1994-97 1959 TBD ADD
George E. Christian Government LBJ's press secretary 01-Jan-1927 27-Nov-2002 DEAD
Ron Christie Government Former Cheney aide 07-Aug-1969 TBD ADD
Warren Christopher Government US Secretary of State, 1993-97 27-Oct-1925 18-Mar-2011 DEAD
Anatoly Chubais Government Oligarch, heads Russian electric utility 16-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Lord Clarendon Government The Clarendon Code 18-Feb-1609 09-Dec-1674 DEAD
Ramsey Clark Government US Attorney General, 1967-69 18-Dec-1927 TBD ADD
William P. Clark Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1983-85 23-Oct-1931 10-Aug-2013 DEAD
Richard A. Clarke Government Former US counter-terrorism czar 1951 TBD ADD
Torie Clarke Government Pentagon Spokeswoman, 2001-03 00-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Curtis J. Clawson Government CEO of Hayes Lemmerz 28-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Patrick L. Clawson Government Washington Institute For Near East Policy 30-Mar-1951 TBD ADD
Paul Clement Government US Solicitor General, 2005-08 24-Jun-1966 TBD ADD
Harlan Cleveland Government Futurist, diplomat 19-Jan-1918 30-May-2008 DEAD
Clark Clifford Government US Secretary of Defense, 1968-69 25-Dec-1906 10-Oct-1998 DEAD
Eliot A. Cohen Government Prominent neoconservative 03-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Jared Cohen Government Children of Jihad 24-Nov-1981 TBD ADD
Wilbur J. Cohen Government HEW Secretary, 1968-69 10-Jun-1913 17-May-1987 DEAD
William Cohen Government US Secretary of Defense, 1997-01 28-Aug-1940 TBD ADD
Roy Cohn Government Joseph McCarthy's henchman 20-Feb-1927 02-Aug-1986 DEAD
Jean-Baptiste Colbert Government Economic reformer under Louis XIV 29-Aug-1619 06-Sep-1683 DEAD
Bainbridge Colby Government US Secretary of State, 1920-21 22-Dec-1869 11-Apr-1950 DEAD
William T. Coleman, Jr. Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1975-77 07-Jul-1920 31-Mar-2017 DEAD
Norman Jay Colman Government First US Secretary of Agriculture 16-May-1827 03-Nov-1911 DEAD
Chuck Colson Government Minister, former Watergate figure 16-Oct-1931 21-Apr-2012 DEAD
James Comey Government FBI Director, 2013-17 14-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Barbara Comstock Government Republican opposition research expert 1959 TBD ADD
James Connaughton Government Chairman, Council on Environmental Quality ? TBD ADD
Bull Connor Government Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner 11-Jul-1897 10-Mar-1973 DEAD
Prentice Cooper Government Governor of Tennessee, 1939-45 28-Sep-1895 18-May-1969 DEAD
Michael Copps Government FCC Commissioner ? TBD ADD
Anthony H. Cordesman Government The Lessons of Modern War 02-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Richard Cordray Government Acting Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 03-May-1959 TBD ADD
Ted Costa Government Drove the 2003 California recall election 1941 TBD ADD
Tom Cotton Government Senator from Arkansas 13-May-1977 TBD ADD
Archibald Cox Government Target of Watergate Saturday Night Massacre 17-May-1912 29-May-2004 DEAD
Lorne W. Craner Government International Republican Institute ? TBD ADD
Lester Crawford Government FDA Commissioner, 2005 13-Mar-1938 TBD ADD
Chester A. Crocker Government Asst. Secy. State, African Affairs, 1981-89 29-Oct-1941 TBD ADD
Oliver Cromwell Government Lord Protector of England 1653-58 25-Apr-1599 03-Sep-1658 DEAD
Thomas Cromwell Government Advisor to Henry VIII 1485 28-Jul-1540 DEAD
Paul Cronin Government Congressman from Massachusetts, 1973-75 14-Mar-1938 05-Apr-1997 DEAD
Jack Dyer Crouch II Government US Depy. National Security Advisor, 2005-07 01-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
William J. Crowe, Jr. Government US Navy Admiral 02-Jan-1925 18-Oct-2007 DEAD
Donald G. Cruickshank Government Director-General of Oftel, 1993-98 1942 TBD ADD
Henry Crumpton Government Coordinator for Counterterrorism, 2005-07 ? TBD ADD
Javier Pérez de Cuellar Government UN Secretary General, 1982-91 19-Jan-1920 TBD ADD
Arthur Culvahouse Government White House Counsel, 1987-89 04-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Andrew Cuomo Government Governor of New York 06-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
George Nathaniel Curzon Government Created the Kingdom of Jordan 11-Jan-1859 20-Mar-1925 DEAD
Robert Cutler Government 1950s National Security Advisor 12-Jun-1895 08-May-1974 DEAD
Karen Czarnecki Government Conservative commentator ? TBD ADD
William M. Daley Government White House Chief of Staff, 2011-12 08-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
James Ramsay, Marquess of Dalhousie Government Governor-General of India 12-Apr-1812 19-Dec-1860 DEAD
Alexander J. Dallas Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1814-16 21-Jun-1759 16-Jan-1817 DEAD
Kenneth W. Dam Government Deputy Treasury Secretary, 2001-03 10-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Jonathan Daniels Government FDR and Truman's press secretary 26-Apr-1902 06-Nov-1981 DEAD
Josephus Daniels Government Secretary of the Navy, 1913-21 18-May-1862 15-Jan-1948 DEAD
Richard Danzig Government US Secretary of the Navy, 1998-2001 08-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Richard Darman Government Carlyle Group member, former OMB Director 10-May-1943 25-Jan-2008 DEAD
Sam Dash Government Chief counsel, Senate Watergate committee 27-Feb-1925 29-May-2004 DEAD
Harry M. Daugherty Government US Attorney General, 1921-24 26-Jan-1860 12-Oct-1941 DEAD
Edmund Daukoru Government Secretary General of OPEC 13-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
James J. Davis Government US Secretary of Labor, 1921-30 27-Oct-1873 22-Nov-1947 DEAD
Lanny J. Davis Government White House Counsel, 1996-98 1946 TBD ADD
William Davison Government Secretary to Queen Elizabeth I 1541 21-Dec-1608 DEAD
Carol G. Dawson Government Conservative activist 08-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Drew S. Days III Government US Solicitor General, 1993-96 1941 TBD ADD
Jacques de Larosiere Government IMF Director 1978-87 12-Nov-1929 TBD ADD
Ron de Lugo Government Congressman, Virgin Islands 02-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
John Dean Government Nixon's White House Counsel 14-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Michael Deaver Government Reagan Deputy Chief of Staff 11-Apr-1938 18-Aug-2007 DEAD
Rudy F. deLeon Government Deputy Secretary of Defense, 2000-01 28-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
Frederick B. Dent Government US Commerce Secretary, 1973-75 17-Aug-1922 TBD ADD
George H. Dern Government Governor of Utah, 1925-33 08-Sep-1872 27-Aug-1936 DEAD
Kemal Derviş Government Head of the UNDP 10-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
John Deutch Government CIA Director, 1995-96 27-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Donald Devine Government Director, Office of Personnel Management, 1981-85 1937 TBD ADD
Lawrence Di Rita Government Rumsfeld chief of staff 12-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Larry Diamond Government Foreign policy expert 02-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
William M. Diefenderfer III Government Deputy Director of OMB, 1989-91 03-May-1945 TBD ADD
Joseph E. diGenova Government US Attorney, District of Columbia, 1983-88 1945 TBD ADD
C. Douglas Dillon Government US Treasury Secretary, 1961-65 21-Aug-1909 10-Jan-2003 DEAD
Viet Dinh Government USA PATRIOT Act mastermind 22-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Milovan Djilas Government Yugoslavian revolutionary 12-Jun-1911 20-Apr-1995 DEAD
Djoser Government Second Pharaoh, Third Egyptian Dynasty ? TBD DEAD
William N. Doak Government US Secretary of Labor, 1930-33 12-Dec-1882 23-Oct-1933 DEAD
Lurita Alexis Doan Government General Services Administration 04-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Hans von Dohnányi Government German resistance figure 01-Jan-1902 08-Apr-1945 DEAD
Anthony R. Dolan Government President Reagan's chief speechwriter 07-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Cari M. Dominguez Government Chairman of the EEOC, 2001-06 08-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Bill Donaldson Government SEC Chairman, 2003-05 02-Jun-1931 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Donilon Government National Security Advisor, 2010-13 14-May-1955 TBD ADD
Shaun Donovan Government OMB Director, 2014-17 24-Jan-1966 TBD ADD
Wild Bill Donovan Government Founded the OSS 01-Jan-1883 08-Feb-1959 DEAD
Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri Government Saddam Hussein's number 2 01-Jul-1942 17-Apr-2015 DEAD
Alexander Downer Government Foreign Minister of Australia, 1996-2007 09-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Ken Duberstein Government Reagan's Chief of Staff, 1988-89 21-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Ervin S. Duggan Government CEO of PBS, 1994-99 30-Jun-1939 TBD ADD
Elizabeth A. Duke Government Federal Reserve Governor 1952 TBD ADD
John Foster Dulles Government Eisenhower's Secretary of State 25-Feb-1888 24-May-1959 DEAD
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. Government US Secretary of Energy, 1979-81 09-Sep-1926 TBD ADD
Becky Norton Dunlop Government Conservative activist 02-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
John T. Dunlop Government US Secretary of Labor, 1975-76 05-Jul-1914 02-Oct-2003 DEAD
Martin P. Durkin Government US Secretary of Labor, 1953 18-Mar-1894 19-Jan-1955 DEAD
R. Budd Dwyer Government Suicided in front of TV cameras 21-Nov-1939 22-Jan-1987 DEAD
Felix Dzerzhinsky Government The Black Pope of Bolshevism 11-Sep-1877 20-Jul-1926 DEAD
Lawrence Eagleburger Government US Secretary of State, 1992-93 01-Aug-1930 04-Jun-2011 DEAD
Ronnie Earle Government Travis County, TX District Attorney 23-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Stephen T. Early Government Franklin D. Roosevelt's press secretary 27-Aug-1889 11-Aug-1951 DEAD
Morgan Earp Government Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 24-Apr-1851 18-Mar-1882 DEAD
Naomi C. Earp Government Chairman of the EEOC, 2006-08 1950 TBD ADD
Virgil Earp Government Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 08-Jul-1843 19-Oct-1905 DEAD
Wyatt Earp Government Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 19-Mar-1848 13-Jan-1929 DEAD
Michelle Easton Government Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute 12-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Abba Eban Government Foreign Minister of Israel, 1966-74 02-Feb-1915 17-Nov-2002 DEAD
Bulent Ecevit Government Four-time Prime Minister of Turkey 28-May-1925 05-Nov-2006 DEAD
Sibel Edmonds Government Former FBI translator 1969 TBD ADD
Jan Egeland Government UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs 1957 TBD ADD
John Ehrlichman Government Watergate criminal, served time 20-Mar-1925 14-Feb-1999 DEAD
Jessica P. Einhorn Government Dean, School of Advanced International Studies 1945 TBD ADD
Joycelyn Elders Government Highly opinionated Surgeon General 13-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Daniel Ellsberg Government Pentagon Papers source 07-Apr-1931 TBD ADD
Douglas W. Elmendorf Government Director, Congressional Budget Office 1961 TBD ADD
Michael J. Elston Government Assistant US Attorney, 1999-2005 07-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Sir Richard Empson Government Taxman for Henry VII of England ? 17-Aug-1510 DEAD
Gordon R. England Government US Deputy Secretary of Defense 15-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Victoria Espinel Government White House Copyright Czar 1967 TBD ADD
Mike Espy Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1993-94 30-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Alois Estermann Government Swiss Guard, murdered 29-Oct-1954 04-May-1998 DEAD
Donald Evans Government US Secretary of Commerce, 2001-05 26-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Martin C. Faga Government Director of the NRO, 1989-93 11-Jun-1941 TBD ADD
Albert Fall Government US Interior Secy., Teapot Dome Scandal 26-Nov-1861 30-Nov-1944 DEAD
James A. Farley Government US Postmaster General, 1933-40 30-May-1888 09-Jun-1976 DEAD
John Feehery Government Washington lobbyist, pundit 1963 TBD ADD
Bruce Fein Government Former Reagan lawyer 1947 TBD ADD
Kenneth Feinberg Government Pay Czar for TARP and Gulf of Mexico disaster 23-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Douglas Feith Government Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, 2001-05 16-Jul-1953 TBD ADD
Peter Fenn Government Fenn Communications Group 1948 TBD ADD
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. Government CEO of TIAA-CREF 28-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Charles D. Ferris Government FCC Chairman, 1977-81 09-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Robert H. Finch Government HEW Secretary, 1969-70 09-Oct-1925 10-Oct-1995 DEAD
Walter Lowrie Fisher Government US Interior Secretary, 1911-13 04-Jul-1862 09-Nov-1935 DEAD
Patrick J. Fitzgerald Government Special Counsel for Plame case 22-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Marlin Fitzwater Government White House Press Secretary 1987-93 24-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Timothy Flanigan Government Would-be Deputy US Attorney General 16-May-1953 TBD ADD
Ari Fleischer Government White House Press Secretary, 2001-03 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Arthur S. Flemming Government HEW Secretary, 1958-61 12-Jun-1905 07-Sep-1996 DEAD
William J. Flynn Government FBI Director, 1919-21 1867 14-Oct-1928 DEAD
Dusty Foggo Government CIA Executive Director, 2004-06 17-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Matt Fong Government Strategic Advisory Group 20-Nov-1953 01-Jun-2011 DEAD
Henrietta Holsman Fore Government Acting Administrator, USAID 1948 TBD ADD
James V. Forrestal Government US Secretary of Defense, 1947-49 15-Feb-1892 22-May-1949 DEAD
Randall M. Fort Government Asst. Secy. State for Intelligence 04-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Carl Forti Government Black Rock Group 1972 TBD ADD
Pim Fortuyn Government Assassinated Dutch parliamentary candidate 19-Feb-1948 06-May-2002 DEAD
Donald Fowler Government DNC chairman, 1995-97 12-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
Henry H. Fowler Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1965-68 05-Sep-1908 03-Jan-2000 DEAD
Michael G. Franc Government Heritage Foundation 1957 TBD ADD
Barbara Hackman Franklin Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1992-93 19-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Tony Fratto Government Deputy White House Press Secretary 1966 TBD ADD
Louis Freeh Government FBI Director, 1993-2001 06-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Roland Freisler Government Headed the Reich Ministry of Justice 30-Oct-1893 03-Feb-1945 DEAD
Frederick T. Frelinghuysen Government US Secretary of State, 1881-85 04-Aug-1817 20-May-1885 DEAD
Wilhelm Frick Government Authored the Nuremberg Laws 12-Mar-1877 16-Oct-1946 DEAD
Charles Fried Government US Solicitor General, 1985-89 15-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Aaron L. Friedberg Government In the Shadow of the Garrison State 16-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
William L. Frierson Government US Solicitor General, 1920-21 03-Sep-1868 25-May-1953 DEAD
Hans Fritzsche Government Reich minister of radio propaganda 21-Apr-1900 27-Sep-1953 DEAD
Alan S. Frumin Government US Senate Parliamentarian, 2001-12 26-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Craig Fugate Government Director of FEMA 14-May-1959 TBD ADD
Toshihiko Fukui Government Governor of the Bank of Japan 07-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
Craig L. Fuller Government Washington lobbyist 1951 TBD ADD
Walther Funk Government Reich economic minister 18-Aug-1890 31-May-1960 DEAD
Harold W. Furchtgott-Roth Government FCC Commissioner, 1997-2001 1957 TBD ADD
Jason Furman Government Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution 1970 TBD ADD
George Galloway Government MP for Bethnal Green and Bow 16-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Gregory G. Garre Government US Solicitor General, 2008-09 01-Nov-1964 TBD ADD
Pat Garrett Government Killed Billy the Kid 05-Jun-1850 29-Feb-1908 DEAD
Robert M. Gates Government US Secretary of Defense, 2006-11 25-Sep-1943 TBD ADD
Thomas S. Gates Government US Secretary of Defense, 1959-61 10-Apr-1906 25-Mar-1983 DEAD
Mark Gearan Government Peace Corps Director, 1995-99 16-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
Timothy F. Geithner Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 2009-13 18-Aug-1961 TBD ADD
Leslie H. Gelb Government President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1993-2003 04-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Julius Genachowski Government FCC Chairman 19-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Robert A. Gerard Government Assistant Treasury Secretary, 1974-77 1945 TBD ADD
Reuel Marc Gerecht Government PNAC Middle East Initiative ? TBD ADD
Asim Ghafoor Government Controversial Muslim attorney 11-Dec-1969 TBD ADD
Robert Gibbs Government White House Press Secretary, 2009-11 29-Mar-1971 TBD ADD
Philip Giraldi Government Former CIA officer 1946 TBD ADD
Cynthia A. Glassman Government Economic Affairs, US Commerce Dept. ? TBD ADD
James L. Goddard Government FDA Commissioner, 1966-68 24-Apr-1923 18-Dec-2009 DEAD
Joseph Goebbels Government Reich Minister of Propaganda 29-Oct-1897 01-May-1945 DEAD
Fred T. Goldberg, Jr. Government IRS Commissioner, 1989-92 15-Oct-1947 TBD ADD
Harvey J. Goldschmid Government SEC Commissioner, 2002-05 06-May-1940 12-Feb-2015 DEAD
Neil Goldschmidt Government Governor of Oregon, 1987-91 16-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
Alberto Gonzales Government US Attorney General, 2005-07 04-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Earl A. Goode Government Indiana Governor's Chief of Staff 1940 TBD ADD
Monica Goodling Government DoJ spokeswoman 06-Jul-1973 TBD ADD
Melvin A. Goodman Government National Insecurity 1938 TBD ADD
David F. Gordon Government State Dept. Dir. Policy Planning, 2007-08 ? TBD ADD
Sebastian Gorka Government Counterterrorism enthusiast, Trump aide 22-Oct-1970 TBD ADD
Anne Gorsuch Government Reagan's EPA administrator forced to resign 21-Apr-1942 18-Jul-2004 DEAD
C. Boyden Gray Government Conservative activist, lobbyist 06-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Gordon Gray Government Secretary of the Army, 1949-50 30-May-1909 26-Nov-1982 DEAD
L. Patrick Gray Government Acting FBI Director, 1972-73 18-Jul-1916 06-Jul-2005 DEAD
Vince Gray Government Mayor of Washington DC 08-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Kenneth P. Green Government Environmental analyst, AEI 1961 TBD ADD
Donald P. Gregg Government National Security Adviser to VP Bush 12-Dec-1927 TBD ADD
Thomas Watt Gregory Government US Attorney General, 1914-19 06-Nov-1861 26-Feb-1933 DEAD
Walter Q. Gresham Government US Secretary of State, 1893-95 17-Mar-1832 28-May-1895 DEAD
Michael D. Griffin Government NASA Administrator 01-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Patrick J. Griffin Government Lobbyist 1948 TBD ADD
Richard J. Griffin Government Bureau of Diplomatic Security, 2005-07 1949 TBD ADD
J. Steven Griles Government Deputy Interior Secretary 13-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Stanislav Gross Government Prime Minister of Czechia, 2004-05 30-Oct-1969 16-Apr-2015 DEAD
Martin J. Gruenberg Government FDIC Vice Chairman ? TBD ADD
Franz Guertner Government Reich Minister of Justice 26-Aug-1881 29-Jan-1941 DEAD
Carlos Gutierrez Government US Secretary of Commerce, 2005-09 04-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Richard Haass Government President, Council on Foreign Relations 28-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Stephen Hadley Government National Security Advisor, 2005-09 13-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
James C. Hagerty Government Eisenhower's press secretary 09-May-1909 11-Apr-1981 DEAD
Joe Hagin Government White House Deputy Chief of Staff, 2001-08 06-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Alexander Haig Government US Secretary of State, 1981-82 02-Dec-1924 20-Feb-2010 DEAD
Richard Burdon Haldane Government Lord Chancellor, 1912-15 and 1924 30-Jul-1856 19-Aug-1928 DEAD
H. R. Haldeman Government Nixon's Chief of Staff 27-Oct-1926 12-Nov-1993 DEAD
Fawn Hall Government Shredded Ollie North's documents 1959 TBD ADD
Cheryl F. Halpern Government Corporation for Public Broadcasting ? TBD ADD
Margaret A. Hamburg Government FDA Commissioner 1955 TBD ADD
Alexander Hamilton Government Primary author of The Federalist Papers 11-Jan-1757 12-Jul-1804 DEAD
John J. Hamre Government Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1997-1999 03-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Clifford M. Hardin Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1969-71 09-Oct-1915 04-Apr-2010 DEAD
Marie Harf Government Former US State Department Spokesman 15-Jun-1981 TBD ADD
Patricia Roberts Harris Government Cabinet Secretary under Jimmy Carter 31-May-1924 23-Mar-1985 DEAD
Peter D. Hart Government Democratic pollster 1942 TBD ADD
Nelson T. Hartson Government Solicitor of the IRS 26-Nov-1887 TBD DEAD
Warren Hastings Government First Governor-General of India 06-Dec-1732 22-Aug-1818 DEAD
Sir Christopher Hatton Government Lord Chancellor of England, 1587-91 1540 1591 DEAD
John Hay Government US Secretary of State, 1898-1905 08-Oct-1838 01-Jul-1905 DEAD
Michael V. Hayden Government Former Director of the CIA 17-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
William J. Haynes II Government DOD General Counsel, 2001-08 30-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Gordon S. Heddell Government US DOL Inspector General 1949 TBD ADD
John L. Helgerson Government CIA Inspector General 1944 TBD ADD
Richard Helms Government CIA Director, 1966-73 30-Mar-1913 22-Oct-2002 DEAD
Alexis Herman Government US Secretary of Labor, 1997-2001 16-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
John S. Herrington Government US Secretary of Energy, 1985-89 31-May-1939 TBD ADD
Christian Herter, Jr. Government First Chairman, New York Urban Coalition 29-Jan-1919 16-Sep-2007 DEAD
Rudolf Hess Government Deputy Fuhrer flew unauthorized to Scotland 26-Apr-1894 17-Aug-1987 DEAD
Doug Heye Government RNC Communications Director 1972 TBD ADD
Philip Heymann Government US Deputy Attorney General, 1993-94 30-Oct-1932 TBD ADD
Robert Hill Government Australian Minister for Defence, 2001-06 25-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Heinrich Himmler Government Leader of the SS 07-Oct-1900 23-May-1945 DEAD
Alger Hiss Government Accused spy for the Soviet Union 11-Nov-1904 15-Nov-1996 DEAD
Frederick P. Hitz Government CIA Inspector General, 1990-98 14-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
Donald Hodel Government Reagan's Secretary of Energy & Interior 23-May-1935 TBD ADD
James D. Hodgson Government US Secretary of Labor, 1970-73 03-Dec-1915 28-Nov-2012 DEAD
Eric H. Holder, Jr. Government US Attorney General, 2009-15 21-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Glenda Hood Government Florida Secretary of State 2003-05 10-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
J. Edgar Hoover Government Director of the FBI, 1924-72 01-Jan-1895 02-May-1972 DEAD
Harry Lloyd Hopkins Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1938-40 17-Aug-1890 29-Jan-1946 DEAD
Constance J. Horner Government Former Civil Rights Commissioner 24-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
David F. Houston Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1913-20 17-Feb-1866 02-Sep-1940 DEAD
Andrew C. Hove, Jr. Government Vice Chairman of FDIC, 1990-2001 1934 TBD ADD
Joseph Howe Government Premier of Nova Scotia, 1860-63 13-Dec-1804 01-Jun-1873 DEAD
Louis McHenry Howe Government Close advisor to FDR 14-Jan-1871 18-Apr-1936 DEAD
Michael Huffington Government Congressman from California, 1993-95 03-Sep-1947 TBD ADD
Charles Evans Hughes, Jr. Government US Solicitor General, 1929-30 30-Nov-1889 21-Jan-1950 DEAD
Karen Hughes Government Counselor to George W. Bush 27-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Thomas L. Hughes Government Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace ? TBD ADD
Cordell Hull Government US Secretary of State, 1933-44 02-Oct-1871 23-Jul-1955 DEAD
William R. Hull, Jr. Government Congressman from Missouri, 1955-73 17-Apr-1906 15-Aug-1977 DEAD
James C. Humes Government Speechwriter to five Presidents 31-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
George M. Humphrey Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1953-57 08-Mar-1890 20-Jan-1970 DEAD
Caroline C. Hunter Government US FEC Commissioner 1976 TBD ADD
Thomas Hutchinson Government Last Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony 09-Sep-1711 03-Jun-1780 DEAD
William G. Hyland Government Editor of Foreign Affairs, 1984-93 18-Jan-1929 25-Mar-2008 DEAD
Harold Ickes Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1933-46 15-Mar-1874 03-Feb-1952 DEAD
David Iglesias Government US Attorney, New Mexico, 2001-06 1962 TBD ADD
Joanne O. Isham Government Career CIA, now at HPTi 27-Oct-1955 TBD ADD
Ito Hirobumi Government Began the modernization of Japan 14-Oct-1841 26-Oct-1909 DEAD
Igor Ivanov Government Russia Minister of Foreign Affairs 23-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Alphonso Jackson Government US Secretary of HUD, 2004-08 09-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Bruce Jackson Government Project on Transitional Democracies ? TBD ADD
Lisa P. Jackson Government EPA Administrator, 2009-13 08-Feb-1962 TBD ADD
Kay Coles James Government Director of OPM, 2001-05 01-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
Leon Jaworski Government Watergate special prosecutor 19-Sep-1905 09-Dec-1982 DEAD
Walter W. Jenkins Government LBJ assistant, outed in gay sex scandal 23-Mar-1918 23-Nov-1985 DEAD
Michael Johns Government Conservative activist, healthcare exec 08-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Clay Johnson Government OMB Deputy Director 1946 TBD ADD
Louis A. Johnson Government US Secretary of Defense, 1949-50 10-Jan-1891 24-Apr-1966 DEAD
Robert B. Johnson Government One America Foundation 1945 TBD ADD
Stephen L. Johnson Government EPA Administrator 21-Mar-1951 TBD ADD
Jesse H. Jones Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1940-45 05-Apr-1874 01-Jun-1956 DEAD
Hamilton Jordan Government White House Chief of Staff, 1979-80 21-Sep-1944 20-May-2008 DEAD
Chief Joseph Government "I will fight no more forever" 1840 21-Sep-1904 DEAD
Robert Kagan Government Influential neocon, cofounded PNAC 26-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Tina S. Kaidanow Government US Chief of Mission in Kosovo ? TBD ADD
Arnold Kanter Government Under Secy. of State for Political Affairs, 1991-93 27-Feb-1945 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Mickey Kantor Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1996-97 07-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Joel D. Kaplan Government White House policy advisor 1969 TBD ADD
Nicholas Katzenbach Government US Attorney General, 1965-66 17-Jan-1922 08-May-2012 DEAD
Ted Kaufman Government TARP oversight panel 15-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
David Kay Government Chief Weapons Inspector 1941 TBD ADD
Juliette Kayyem Government Counterterrorism wonk 16-Aug-1969 TBD ADD
Peter D. Keisler Government Co-Founder, Federalist Society 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Dennis M. Kelleher Government President and CEO, Better Markets 1962 TBD ADD
Clarence M. Kelley Government FBI Director, 1973-78 24-Oct-1911 05-Aug-1997 DEAD
William D. Kelley Government Powerful 19th century Congressman 12-Apr-1814 09-Jan-1890 DEAD
Frank B. Kellogg Government US Secretary of State, 1925-29 22-Dec-1856 21-Dec-1937 DEAD
Amos Kendall Government Key advisor to Andrew Jackson 16-Aug-1789 12-Nov-1869 DEAD
William E. Kennard Government FCC Chairman, 1997-2001 19-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
David M. Kennedy Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1969-71 21-Jul-1905 01-May-1996 DEAD
Patrick F. Kennedy Government Under Secy. State, Management ? TBD ADD
Alexander Kerensky Government Head of pre-Bolshevik Russian government 22-Apr-1881 11-Jun-1970 DEAD
Donald M. Kerr Government Deputy Director, US National Intelligence 1941 TBD ADD
Richard J. Kerr Government CIA Deputy Director, 1989-92 04-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Jack Ketch Government Notoriously incompetent executioner ? 00-Nov-1686 DEAD
John Key Government Prime Minister of New Zealand 09-Aug-1961 TBD ADD
Chakib Khelil Government Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines 08-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Ban Ki-Moon Government UN Secretary General, 2007-16 13-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Gwendolyn S. King Government Commissioner of Social Security, 1989-92 23-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Saionji Kinmochi Government Twice Prime Minister of Japan 23-Oct-1849 24-Nov-1940 DEAD
John Kiriakou Government CIA torture whistleblower 09-Aug-1964 TBD ADD
Jeane Kirkpatrick Government Reagan's UN Ambassador 19-Nov-1926 07-Dec-2006 DEAD
Henry Kissinger Government US Secretary of State, 1973-77 27-May-1923 TBD ADD
Dale Klein Government Chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1948 TBD ADD
Richard G. Kleindienst Government US Attorney General, 1972-73 05-Aug-1923 03-Feb-2000 DEAD
Kevin Klose Government CEO of National Public Radio 1940 TBD ADD
Philip M. Klutznick Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1980-81 09-Jul-1907 14-Aug-1999 DEAD
Steve Knight Government Congressman, California 25th 17-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Henry Knox Government US Secretary of War, 1785-94 25-Jul-1750 25-Oct-1806 DEAD
Philander Knox Government US Secretary of State, 1909-13 06-May-1853 12-Oct-1921 DEAD
C. Everett Koop Government US Surgeon General, 1982-89 14-Oct-1916 25-Feb-2013 DEAD
Juanita M. Kreps Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1977-79 11-Jan-1921 05-Jul-2010 DEAD
Neelie Kroes Government EU Commissioner of Competition 19-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
Bud Krogh Government Nixon's plumbers 03-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Howard J. Krongard Government US State Dept Inspector General 12-Dec-1940 TBD ADD
Julius Albert Krug Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1946-49 23-Nov-1907 26-Mar-1970 DEAD
Nikolai Krylenko Government Soviet prosecutor executed during the Great Purge 02-May-1885 29-Jul-1938 DEAD
David Kuo Government Tempting Faith 26-Jun-1968 05-Apr-2013 DEAD
Philip Lader Government US Ambassador to the UK, 1997-2001 1946 TBD ADD
Jim Lafferty Government Republican press flak ? TBD ADD
Anthony Lake Government Clinton's National Security Advisor 02-Apr-1939 TBD ADD
Celinda Lake Government Lake Research Partners ? TBD ADD
Hans Heinrich Lammers Government Chief of the Reich Chancellery 27-May-1879 04-Jan-1962 DEAD
Bert Lance Government OMB Director, 1977 03-Jun-1931 15-Aug-2013 DEAD
Franklin K. Lane Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1913-20 15-Jul-1864 18-May-1921 DEAD
Robert Lansing Government US Secretary of State, 1915-20 17-Oct-1864 30-Oct-1928 DEAD
Anthony A. Lapham Government CIA General Counsel, 1976-79 22-Aug-1936 11-Nov-2006 DEAD
Harley Lappin Government Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons 1956 TBD ADD
Fred LaRue Government Nixon's bag man 11-Oct-1928 24-Jul-2004 DEAD
Rita Lavelle Government EPA official 08-Sep-1947 TBD ADD
Steven J. Law Government American Crossroads 1961 TBD ADD
Michael O. Leavitt Government US Secretary, Health and Human Services 11-Feb-1951 TBD ADD
Michael Ledeen Government Neoconservative activist 01-Aug-1941 TBD ADD
Edwin M. Lee Government Mayor of San Francisco 05-May-1952 TBD ADD
Pierre Lellouche Government President of the NATO Assembly, 2004-06 03-May-1951 TBD ADD
Leslie Lenkowsky Government Philanthropic Studies 30-Mar-1946 TBD ADD
Richard C. Leone Government President of the Century Foundation, 1989-2011 30-Apr-1940 TBD ADD
Michele M. Leonhart Government DEA Administrator 1957 TBD ADD
Theresa LePore Government Butterfly ballot mastermind 1955 TBD ADD
Flynt Leverett Government Former National Security Council staffer 06-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Edward H. Levi Government US Attorney General, 1975-77 26-Jun-1911 07-Mar-2000 DEAD
Daniel B. Levin Government Justice Department attorney 04-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
Jacob J. Lew Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 2013-17 29-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Monica Lewinsky Government Engaged in Presidential cigar play 23-Jul-1973 TBD ADD
Drew Lewis Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1981-83 03-Nov-1931 10-Feb-2016 DEAD
Lewis Libby Government Cheney's former Chief of Staff 22-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
G. Gordon Liddy Government Watergate criminal, talk-show-host 30-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
David E. Lilienthal Government TVA Chairman, 1941-46 08-Jul-1899 15-Jan-1981 DEAD
Frederick Lindemann Government Churchill's scientific and war advisor 05-Apr-1886 03-Jul-1957 DEAD
Anna Lindh Government Swedish Foreign Minister 19-Jun-1957 11-Sep-2003 DEAD
Kathleen M. Linehan Government Tobacco lobbyist 1950 TBD ADD
Robert Lipshutz Government White House Counsel, 1977-79 27-Dec-1921 06-Nov-2010 DEAD
Maxim Litvinov Government Soviet foreign minister, ousted in nod to Hitler 17-Jul-1876 31-Dec-1951 DEAD
Brad Livingston Government Executive Director, Texas Criminal Justice Dept. 1962 TBD ADD
Joe Lockhart Government White House Press Secretary under Bill Clinton 13-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Robert A. Lovett Government US Secretary of Defense, 1951-53 14-Sep-1895 07-May-1986 DEAD
Rilwanu Lukman Government Secretary General of OPEC, 1995-2000 26-Aug-1938 21-Jul-2014 DEAD
Loretta E. Lynch Government U.S. Attorney General 21-May-1959 TBD ADD
James Thomas Lynn Government US HUD Secretary, 1973-75 27-Feb-1927 06-Dec-2010 DEAD
Peter MacKay Government Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister 27-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Franklin MacVeagh Government US Treasury Secretary, 1909-13 22-Nov-1837 06-Jul-1934 DEAD
Wayne MacVeagh Government US Attorney General, 1881 19-Apr-1833 11-Jan-1917 DEAD
John Magaw Government BATF Director, 1993-99 1935 TBD ADD
Ira Magaziner Government Internet advisor under Bill Clinton 08-Nov-1947 TBD ADD
Jeb Magruder Government Nixon's deputy campaign director 05-Nov-1934 11-May-2014 DEAD
Kishore Mahbubani Government The New Asian Hemisphere 1948 TBD ADD
Tim Mahoney Government Congressman from Florida, 2007-09 16-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Deborah Platt Majoras Government FTC chairwoman 1963 TBD ADD
Dayton S. Mak Government US Ambassador to Kuwait, 1962-63 10-Jul-1917 TBD ADD
Robert Malley Government Ex-National Security Council 1963 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Mann Government Brookings Institution 10-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Daniel Manning Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1885-87 16-May-1831 24-Dec-1887 DEAD
Ray Marshall Government US Secretary of Labor 1977-81 22-Aug-1928 TBD ADD
Edwin M. Martin Government US Ambassador to Argentina, 1964-68 21-May-1908 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
Kevin J. Martin Government FCC Chairman, 2005-09 14-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Mel Martinez Government US Senator from Florida, 2005-09 23-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Jan Masaryk Government Czech Foreign Minister 14-Sep-1886 10-Mar-1948 DEAD
David M. Mason Government Chairman, Federal Election Commission 1957 TBD ADD
Vincent Massey Government Governor-General of Canada, 1952-59 20-Feb-1887 30-Dec-1967 DEAD
Bat Masterson Government Frontier peace officer 26-Nov-1853 25-Oct-1921 DEAD
F. David Mathews Government HEW Secretary under Ford 06-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Jessica Tuchman Mathews Government Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 1946 TBD ADD
Lea Anne McBride Government Cheney spokewoman ? TBD ADD
Barry McCaffrey Government White House Drug Czar, 1996-2001 17-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Mark McClellan Government Medicare Chief 26-Jun-1963 TBD ADD
Scott McClellan Government White House Press Secretary, 2003-06 14-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
John McCone Government CIA Director, 1961-65 04-Jan-1902 14-Feb-1991 DEAD
John M. McConnell Government Director of National Intelligence, 2007-09 26-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
James W. McCord, Jr. Government Led the Watergate burglary 26-Jan-1924 TBD ADD
Sean McCormack Government State Department Spokesman, 2005-09 1964 TBD ADD
Hugh McCulloch Government Twice US Treasury Secretary 07-Dec-1808 24-May-1895 DEAD
Mike McCurry Government White House Press Secretary, 1994-98 21-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Denis McDonough Government White House Chief of Staff, 2013-17 02-Dec-1969 TBD ADD
Neil H. McElroy Government US Secretary of Defense, 1957-59 30-Oct-1904 30-Nov-1972 DEAD
K. T. McFarland Government Deputy National Security Advisor 22-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Bud McFarlane Government Iran-Contra figure 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Edward McGaffigan Government NRC Commissioner, 1996-2007 08-Dec-1948 02-Sep-2007 DEAD
Carola McGiffert Government Center for Strategic & International Studies ? TBD ADD
James P. McGranery Government US Attorney General, 1952-53 08-Jul-1895 23-Dec-1962 DEAD
J. Howard McGrath Government US Attorney General, 1949-52 28-Nov-1903 02-Sep-1966 DEAD
William McGurn Government Chief speechwriter for Bush, 2005-08 04-Dec-1958 TBD ADD
Mack McLarty Government White House Chief of Staff, 1993-94 14-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Ann Dore McLaughlin Government US Secretary of Labor, 1987-89 16-Nov-1941 TBD ADD
John E. McLaughlin Government Deputy Director CIA, 2000-04 15-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
John N. McMahon Government Deputy Director CIA, 1982-86 03-Jul-1929 TBD ADD
Robert McNamara Government US Secretary of Defense, 1961-68 09-Jun-1916 06-Jul-2009 DEAD
Paul McNulty Government US Deputy Attorney General, 2005-07 31-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Cosimo de Medici Government Uncrowned king of Florence 27-Sep-1389 01-Aug-1464 DEAD
Lorenzo de Medici Government Ruler of Florence, art patron 01-Jan-1449 08-Apr-1492 DEAD
Ed Meese Government US Attorney General, 1985-88 02-Dec-1931 TBD ADD
Sergio de Mello Government UN Representative to Iraq killed by carbomb 15-Mar-1948 19-Aug-2003 DEAD
Edwin T. Meredith Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1920-21 23-Dec-1876 17-Jun-1928 DEAD
William M. Meredith Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1849-50 08-Jun-1799 17-Aug-1873 DEAD
Carlos Mesa Government President of Bolivia, 2003-05 12-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Victor H. Metcalf Government US Secretary of the Navy, 1906-08 10-Oct-1853 20-Feb-1936 DEAD
Harriet Miers Government White House Counsel, 2005-07 10-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Charles E. F. Millard Government Director, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 2007-09 1957 TBD ADD
Franklin C. Miller Government National Security Council, 2001-05 00-Oct-1950 TBD ADD
G. William Miller Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1979-81 09-Mar-1925 17-Mar-2006 DEAD
Ogden L. Mills Government US Treasury Secretary, 1932-33 23-Aug-1884 11-Oct-1937 DEAD
Alfred Milner Government Architect of the Balfour Declaration 23-Mar-1854 13-May-1925 DEAD
Kenneth A. Minihan Government NSA Director, 1996-99 31-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Newton N. Minow Government FCC Chairman, 1961-63 17-Jan-1926 TBD ADD
Steven A. Minter Government Cleveland Foundation, 1984-2003 1939 TBD ADD
Jami Miscik Government Global Head of Sovereign Risk, Lehman Bros. 1958 TBD ADD
James P. Mitchell Government US Secretary of Labor, 1953-61 12-Nov-1900 19-Oct-1964 DEAD
John Mitchell Government US Attorney General, Watergate figure 15-Sep-1913 09-Nov-1988 DEAD
William D. Mitchell Government US Attorney General, 1929-33 09-Sep-1874 24-Aug-1955 DEAD
Vyacheslav Molotov Government Stalin's right-hand-man 09-Mar-1890 08-Nov-1986 DEAD
Michael Morell Government CIA Deputy Director, 2010-13 04-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1934-45 11-May-1891 06-Feb-1967 DEAD
Dick Morris Government Fox News lapdog, former Clinton advisor 28-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Sandra Mortham Government Florida Secretary of State, 1995-99 04-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
J. Sterling Morton Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1893-97 22-Apr-1832 27-Apr-1902 DEAD
Rogers C.B. Morton Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1971-75 19-Sep-1914 19-Apr-1979 DEAD
Robert Mosbacher Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1989-92 11-Mar-1927 24-Jan-2010 DEAD
Robert Moses Government New York City planner 18-Dec-1888 29-Jul-1981 DEAD
Jean Moulin Government Martyr of the French Resistance 20-Jun-1899 08-Jul-1943 DEAD
Frederick H. Mueller Government US Commerce Secretary, 1959-61 22-Nov-1893 31-Aug-1976 DEAD
Robert Mueller Government DoJ Special Counsel, Former FBI Director 07-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
Michael E. Murphy Government Founding partner, D.C. Navigators 1962 TBD ADD
Amr Mussa Government Secretary General of the Arab League 03-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Dee Dee Myers Government Bill Clinton's press secretary 01-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Charles Nagel Government US Secy. of Commerce & Labor, 1909-13 09-Aug-1849 05-Jan-1940 DEAD
Ali Naimi Government Saudi Minister of Oil 02-Aug-1935 TBD ADD
James C. Napier Government Founder of Nashville One-Cent Savings Bank 09-Jun-1845 21-Apr-1940 DEAD
Nicole R. Nason Government NHTSA Administrator 12-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Kamal Nath Government Indian Minister of Commerce 18-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Annette L. Nazareth Government Securities and Exchange Commission 1956 TBD ADD
Jacques Necker Government Minister of Finance under Louis XVI 30-Sep-1732 09-Apr-1804 DEAD
Roy Neel Government Al Gore's Chief of Staff, 1993-94 1948 TBD ADD
Francine I. Neff Government US Treasurer, 1974-77 06-Dec-1925 09-Feb-2010 DEAD
Eliot Ness Government Treasury Agent, The Untouchables 19-Apr-1903 16-May-1957 DEAD
Susan Ness Government FCC Commissioner, 1994-2001 ? TBD ADD
Ron Nessen Government Gerald Ford's press secretary 25-May-1934 TBD ADD
Constance Berry Newman Government US Asst. Secy. of State for Africa, 2004-05 08-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Jim Nicholson Government US Secretary of Veterans Affairs 04-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
John W. Noble Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1889-93 26-Oct-1831 22-Mar-1912 DEAD
Ronald K. Noble Government Head of Interpol 1957 TBD ADD
Charles Norris Government New York's first Chief Medical Examiner 04-Dec-1867 11-Sep-1935 DEAD
Gale A. Norton Government US Secretary of the Interior 11-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Joseph S. Nye Government Chairman, National Intelligence Council, 1993-94 19-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
John Lord O'Brian Government Prominent antitrust lawyer 14-Oct-1874 1974 DEAD
Hazel O'Leary Government US Secretary of Energy 1993-97 17-May-1937 TBD ADD
Paul O'Neill Government US Treasury Secretary, 2001-02 04-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Phyllis E. Oakley Government Assistant Secy. of State for Intelligence, 1997-99 1934 TBD ADD
James Edward Oglethorpe Government Founder of Georgia colony 22-Dec-1696 01-Jul-1785 DEAD
Richard Olney Government US Secretary of State, 1895-97 15-Sep-1835 08-Apr-1917 DEAD
Ted Olson Government US Solicitor General, 2001-04 11-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Peter R. Orszag Government Beltway economist 16-Dec-1968 TBD ADD
Katherine D. Ortega Government Treasurer of the US, 1983-89 16-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
James Otis Government Massachusetts patriot and pamphleteer 05-Feb-1725 23-May-1783 DEAD
David Owen Government UNDP Administrator, 1966-69 26-Nov-1904 29-Jun-1970 DEAD
Vayl S. Oxford Government Director, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office 1952 TBD ADD
Rod Paige Government US Secretary of Education, 2000-04 17-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
A. Mitchell Palmer Government US Attorney General, Palmer Raids 04-May-1872 11-May-1936 DEAD
Leon Panetta Government US Secretary of Defense, 2011-13 28-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Landon Parvin Government Speechwriter for Reagan, Bush, Schwarzenegger 03-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Enver Pasha Government Young Turk leader, persecuted ethnic minorities 22-Nov-1881 04-Aug-1922 DEAD
Solomon Passy Government Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs 22-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
R. David Paulison Government FEMA Director, 2005-09 27-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
John Barton Payne Government Red Cross Chairman, 1921-35 26-Jan-1855 24-Jan-1935 DEAD
James B. Peake Government US Secretary of Veterans Affairs 18-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Federico Peña Government Ex-Secy of Energy, Transportation 15-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
William Penn Government Founder of Pennsylvania 14-Oct-1644 30-Jul-1718 DEAD
Dana Perino Government White House Press Secretary, 2007-09 09-May-1972 TBD ADD
Frances Perkins Government First female US cabinet member 10-Apr-1882 14-May-1965 DEAD
Richard Perle Government Prince of Darkness 16-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Philip Perry Government DHS General Counsel 1964 TBD ADD
William J. Perry Government US Secretary of Defense, 1994-97 11-Oct-1927 TBD ADD
Wilton B. Persons Government Eisenhower's Chief of Staff 19-Jan-1896 05-Sep-1977 DEAD
Mary Peters Government US Secretary of Transportation, 2006-09 04-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
St. John Philby Government Sheikh Abdullah, Arabist 03-Apr-1885 30-Sep-1960 DEAD
Thomas J. Pickard Government Acting FBI Director, 2001 1950 TBD ADD
P. B. S. Pinchback Government First African-American US Governor 10-May-1837 21-Dec-1921 DEAD
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Government Not one cent for tribute 25-Feb-1746 16-Aug-1825 DEAD
Daniel Pipes Government Influential neocon 09-Sep-1949 TBD ADD
Jeanine Pirro Government Westchester County DA 02-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Harvey Pitt Government SEC Chairman, 2001-03 28-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
David Plouffe Government Uber Executive, Advisor to Obama 27-May-1967 TBD ADD
John Podesta Government White House Chief of Staff for Pres. Clinton 08-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Steve Poizner Government California Insurance Commissioner 04-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Johannes Popitz Government Prussian finance minister 1933-44 02-Dec-1884 02-Feb-1945 DEAD
John E. Potter Government US Postmaster General 1956 TBD ADD
Colin Powell Government US Secretary of State, 2001-05 05-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Donald Powell Government FDIC Chairman, Gulf Coast Rebuilding Czar 02-May-1941 TBD ADD
Jody Powell Government Jimmy Carter's Press Secretary 30-Sep-1943 14-Sep-2009 DEAD
Michael Powell Government FCC Chairman 2001-05, Colin Powell's son 23-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Steven C. Preston Government US Secretary of HUD, 2008-09 04-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Anthony J. Principi Government US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 2001-05 16-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Jaime Serra Puche Government Mexican Secretary of Trade, 1988-94 11-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
James Quello Government FCC Commissioner, 1974-97 21-Apr-1914 24-Jan-2010 DEAD
William F. Raborn Government CIA Director 1965-66 08-Jun-1905 06-Mar-1990 DEAD
Sir Stamford Raffles Government Founder of Singapore 06-Jul-1781 05-Jul-1826 DEAD
Franklin Raines Government CEO of Fannie Mae, 1999-2004 14-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Susan Ralston Government Former Abramoff, Rove aide 15-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Rafael Ramirez Government President and CEO of PDVSA ? TBD ADD
J. Lee Rankin Government US Solicitor General, 1956-61 07-Jul-1907 28-Jun-1996 DEAD
Rodrigo Rato Government IMF managing director 18-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Alan Charles Raul Government Sidley & Austin 09-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Diane Ravitch Government Education reformer 01-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Francis Rawdon-Hastings Government Governor-General of India 09-Dec-1754 28-Nov-1826 DEAD
George Read Government Signed the US Constitution 18-Sep-1733 21-Sep-1798 DEAD
Joseph Verner Reed Government US Ambassador to Morocco, 1981-85 17-Dec-1937 29-Sep-2016 DEAD
Scott W. Reed Government Lobbyist, Dole-Kemp '96 campaign manager 1960 TBD ADD
George E. Reedy Government LBJ's press secretary 05-Aug-1917 21-Mar-1999 DEAD
Donald Regan Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1981-85 21-Dec-1918 10-Jun-2003 DEAD
Robert Reich Government US Secretary of Labor, 1993-97 24-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
J. Leonard Reinsch Government Truman's press secretary 28-Jun-1908 09-May-1991 DEAD
Mitchell B. Reiss Government Director of Policy Planning, 2003-05 ? TBD ADD
Louis Renault Government International arbitrator, Nobel recipient 21-May-1843 08-Feb-1918 DEAD
Janet Reno Government US Attorney General, 1993-2001 21-Jul-1938 07-Nov-2016 DEAD
Stanley R. Resor Government Secretary of the Army, 1965-71 05-Dec-1917 17-Apr-2012 DEAD
Nicolas P. Retsinas Government Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard ? TBD ADD
William Bradford Reynolds Government Reagan administration 21-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Condoleezza Rice Government US Secretary of State, 2005-09 14-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Sir Robert Rich Government 2nd Earl of Warwick 1587 19-Apr-1658 DEAD
Elliot Richardson Government Refused to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor 20-Jul-1920 31-Dec-1999 DEAD
Margaret Milner Richardson Government IRS Commissioner, 1993-97 14-May-1943 TBD ADD
Julius B. Richmond Government US Surgeon General, 1977-81 26-Sep-1916 27-Jul-2008 DEAD
Scott Ritter Government UNSCOM weapons inspector 1991-98 15-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
David B. Rivkin Government Former Reagan, Bush 41 lawyer 1958 TBD ADD
John A. Rizzo Government CIA Acting General Counsel 1949 TBD ADD
Mark A. Robbins Government Office of Personnel Management 1964 TBD ADD
Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr. Government CIA National Clandestine Service ? TBD ADD
Ernst Roehm Government Organizer of Hitler's Brownshirts, the SA 28-Nov-1887 01-Jul-1934 DEAD
William P. Rogers Government US Secretary of State, 1969-73 23-Jun-1913 02-Jan-2001 DEAD
Jean-Marie Roland Government French Interior Minister, 1792-93 18-Feb-1734 15-Nov-1793 DEAD
James Rolph, Jr. Government Mayor of San Francisco, 1912-31 23-Aug-1869 02-Jun-1934 DEAD
Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. Government 1953 Iran coup 16-Feb-1916 08-Jun-2000 DEAD
Elihu Root Government Senator, Secretary of War, State 15-Feb-1845 07-Feb-1937 DEAD
Daniel C. Roper Government US Commerce Secretary, 1933-38 01-Apr-1867 11-Apr-1943 DEAD
William L. Roper Government Director, Centers for Disease Control, 1990-93 1948 TBD ADD
Samuel I. Rosenman Government White House Counsel, 1943-46 13-Feb-1896 24-Jun-1973 DEAD
Charles G. Ross Government White House Press Secretary for Truman 09-Nov-1885 05-Dec-1950 DEAD
Walt Rostow Government National Security Advisor, 1966-69 07-Oct-1916 13-Feb-2003 DEAD
James P. Rubin Government State Department Spokesman, 1997-2000 1960 TBD ADD
Robert E. Rubin Government US Treasury Secretary, 1995-99 29-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
William Ruckelshaus Government Twice EPA administrator 24-Jul-1932 TBD ADD
David S. Ruder Government SEC Chairman, 1987-89 25-May-1929 TBD ADD
H. Onno Ruding Government Dutch Finance Minister, 1982-89 15-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Ibrahim Rugova Government President of Kosovo, 1992-2006 02-Dec-1944 21-Jan-2006 DEAD
Donald Rumsfeld Government US Secretary of Defense, 1975-77 and 2001-06 09-Jul-1932 TBD ADD
Marvin Runyon Government US Postmaster General, 1992-98 16-Sep-1924 03-May-2004 DEAD
Dean Rusk Government US Secretary of State, 1961-69 09-Feb-1909 21-Dec-1994 DEAD
David Safavian Government Former OMB administrator 1967 TBD ADD
Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf Government Iraqi Information Minister 1940 TBD ADD
Gary Samore Government White House WMD Czar, 2009-13 31-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
U Aung San Government Secured independence from Britain for Burma 13-Feb-1915 19-Jul-1947 DEAD
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Government White House Press Secretary 13-Aug-1982 TBD ADD
Carmine De Sapio Government The Last Boss of Tammany Hall 10-Dec-1908 27-Jul-2004 DEAD
John G. Sargent Government US Attorney General, 1925-29 13-Oct-1860 05-Mar-1939 DEAD
David Satcher Government US Surgeon General, 1998-2002 02-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Andrea Saul Government Romney press secretary 1981 TBD ADD
Charles Sawyer Government US Commerce Secretary, 1948-53 10-Feb-1887 07-Apr-1979 DEAD
Kathleen Hawk Sawyer Government Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons, 1992-2003 1950 TBD ADD
Hjalmar Schacht Government Reich Minister of Economics 22-Jan-1877 03-Jun-1970 DEAD
Mary L. Schapiro Government Financial Industry Regulatory Authority 19-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Randy Scheunemann Government Committee for the Liberation of Iraq ? TBD ADD
James R. Schlesinger Government Served Nixon, Ford, Carter 15-Feb-1929 27-Mar-2014 DEAD
Bradley Schlozman Government DoJ Civil Rights Division 06-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Howard A. Schmidt Government White House cybersecurity chief 05-Oct-1949 02-Mar-2017 DEAD
Stephen E. Schmidt Government John McCain's 2008 campaign manager 1970 TBD ADD
Joseph E. Schmitz Government Pentagon Inspector General, 2002-05 1956 TBD ADD
Eric Schneiderman Government Attorney General of New York 31-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Gabriel Schoenfeld Government Hudson Institute scholar, Necessary Secrets 1955 TBD ADD
Gregory L. Schulte Government US Ambassador to the IAEA, 2005-09 1958 TBD ADD
Susan Schwab Government US Trade Representative 23-Mar-1955 TBD ADD
Lewis B. Schwellenbach Government US Secretary of Labor, 1945-48 20-Sep-1894 10-Jun-1948 DEAD
Brent Scowcroft Government National Security Advisor to Ford and GHWB 19-Mar-1925 TBD ADD
Martha R. Seger Government Federal Reserve Governor, 1984-91 17-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Jackie Selebi Government Interpol President, 2004-08 07-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Troy Senik Government Speechwriter for George W. Bush 1983 TBD ADD
Dan Senor Government Senor Strategies LLC 06-Nov-1971 TBD ADD
Anatoliy Serdyukov Government Russian Defense Minister 08-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
William Sessions Government Director of FBI, 1987-93 27-May-1930 TBD ADD
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Government Reich Commissar of Austria, Netherlands 22-Jul-1892 16-Oct-1946 DEAD
Ted Shackley Government The CIA's Blond Ghost 16-Jul-1927 09-Dec-2002 DEAD
John Shad Government SEC Chairman, 1981-87 27-Jun-1923 00-Jul-1994 DEAD
Hussain al-Shahristani Government Iraqi Minister of Oil 1942 TBD ADD
Donna Shalala Government Secretary of HHS, 1993-2001 14-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Andrew J. Shapiro Government Asst. Secy. for Politico-Military Affairs, 2009-13 1967 TBD ADD
Leslie M. Shaw Government US Treasury Secretary, 1902-07 02-Nov-1848 28-Mar-1932 DEAD
Josette Sheeran Government UN World Food Programme 1954 TBD ADD
Kevin Shelley Government California Secretary of State, 2003-05 16-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Craig Shirley Government Conservative PR man 24-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
William Shirley Government Colonial Governor of Massachusetts 02-Dec-1694 24-Mar-1771 DEAD
Joseph H. Short Government Harry S. Truman's press secretary 11-Feb-1904 18-Sep-1952 DEAD
George Shultz Government US Secretary of State, 1982-89 13-Dec-1920 TBD ADD
Sir Henry Sidney Government Lord Deputy of Ireland 20-Jul-1529 05-May-1586 DEAD
Alfred C. Sikes Government FCC Chairman, 1989-93 16-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Alvaro Silva-Calderón Government Secretary General of OPEC, 2002-03 1931 TBD ADD
Dimitri K. Simes Government Nixon Center ? TBD ADD
William E. Simon Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1974-77 27-Nov-1927 03-Jun-2000 DEAD
Samuel K. Skinner Government Bush 41's Chief of Staff 10-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Rodney Slater Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1997-2001 23-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
Walter B. Slocombe Government Defense analyst 23-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Lawrence M. Small Government Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, 2000-07 14-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Shawn H. Smeallie Government Lobbyist, American Continental Group 1959 TBD ADD
Alfred E. Smith Government Twice Governor of New York 30-Dec-1873 04-Oct-1944 DEAD
Robert Smith Government US Secretary of the Navy, 1801-09 03-Nov-1757 26-Nov-1842 DEAD
Robert B. Smith, Jr. Government Former Congressional staffer 1939 TBD ADD
Walter Bedell Smith Government CIA Director, 1950-53 05-Oct-1895 09-Aug-1961 DEAD
William French Smith Government US Attorney General, 1981-85 26-Aug-1917 29-Oct-1990 DEAD
John Snow Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 2003-06 02-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Tony Snow Government Fox News pundit, White House press secretary 01-Jun-1955 12-Jul-2008 DEAD
John W. Snyder Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1946-53 21-Jun-1895 08-Oct-1985 DEAD
DeForest Soaries Government US Election Assistance Commission 20-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Helmut Sonnenfeldt Government Former NSC staffer 1938 TBD ADD
Sidney Souers Government CIA Director, 1946 30-Mar-1892 14-Jan-1973 DEAD
Erroll Southers Government 2009 TSA Director nominee 1957 TBD ADD
Larry Speakes Government White House Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan 13-Sep-1939 10-Jan-2014 DEAD
Sean Spicer Government White House Communications Director 23-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Eliot Spitzer Government Governor of New York, 2007-08 10-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
Frederick Arthur Stanley Government Hockey's Stanley Cup 15-Jan-1841 14-Jun-1908 DEAD
Maurice H. Stans Government US Commerce Secretary, 1969-72 22-Mar-1908 14-Apr-1998 DEAD
Scott Stanzel Government Deputy White House Press Secretary 15-Jan-1973 TBD ADD
Ken Starr Government Special Prosecutor, Clinton's impeachment 21-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
John R. Steelman Government Truman's Chief of Staff 23-Jun-1900 14-Jul-1999 DEAD
Janet Steiger Government FTC chairman, 1989-95 10-Jun-1939 03-Apr-2004 DEAD
William R. Steiger Government HHS Office of Global Health Affairs 1969 TBD ADD
James B. Steinberg Government Deputy Secretary of State 07-May-1953 TBD ADD
Nancy H. Steorts Government CPSC Chairwoman, 1981-85 28-Nov-1936 TBD ADD
Paula Stern Government Chairman, Int'l. Trade Commission, 1984-86 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Edward Stettinius, Jr. Government US Secretary of State, 1944-45 22-Oct-1900 31-Oct-1949 DEAD
Cully Stimson Government Pentagon point man on detainees 13-Jun-1963 TBD ADD
Henry L. Stimson Government US Secretary of War 1911-13, 1940-45 21-Sep-1867 20-Oct-1950 DEAD
David Stockman Government Ronald Reagan's chief economist 10-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
Roger Stone Government Campaign consultant, GOP dirty trickster 27-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
Hal Stratton Government CPSC chairman, 2002-06 06-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Peter Struck Government German Defense Minister, 2002-05 24-Jan-1943 19-Dec-2012 DEAD
Johann Friedrich Struensee Government Puppetmaster of Christian VII 05-Aug-1737 28-Apr-1772 DEAD
Sten Sture the Elder Government Regent of Sweden, 1470-97 1440 14-Dec-1503 DEAD
Sten Sture the Younger Government Regent of Sweden, 1530-20 1492 03-Feb-1520 DEAD
Rob Stutzman Government Press flak for Gov. Schwarzenegger 04-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Peter Stuyvesant Government Dutch colonial governor 1592 00-Feb-1672 DEAD
Subroto Government Secretary General of OPEC, 1988-94 19-Sep-1928 TBD ADD
Louis Wade Sullivan Government US Secretary of HHS, 1989-93 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Mark Sullivan Government Director, US Secret Service 1955 TBD ADD
John H. Sununu Government George H.W. Bush's Chief of Staff 02-Jul-1939 TBD ADD
Peter Sutherland Government First Director General of the WTO 25-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Mona Sutphen Government White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy 1967 TBD ADD
Hans Svane Government Danish statesman, absolutist 27-Mar-1606 26-Jul-1668 DEAD
Phillip Swagel Government Bush economist 1965 TBD ADD
Orson Swindle Government Federal Trade Commissioner, 1997-2005 08-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Eugene O. Sykes Government First Chairman of the FCC, 1934-35 16-Jul-1876 21-Jun-1941 DEAD
Alphonso Taft Government Attorney General under Grant 05-Nov-1810 21-May-1891 DEAD
Taharqa Government Nubian Dynasty in Egypt ? TBD DEAD
Strobe Talbott Government Time journalist, Deputy Secy. of State 25-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Oliver Tambo Government ANC President, 1969-91 27-Oct-1917 24-Apr-1993 DEAD
Donna A. Tanoue Government FDIC Chairman, 1998-2001 05-May-1954 TBD ADD
Peter Tarnoff Government President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1986-93 1937 TBD ADD
Deborah Taylor Tate Government FCC Commissioner 1956 TBD ADD
Francis X. Taylor Government Counterterrorism envoy, 2001-02 ? TBD ADD
George Tenet Government CIA Director, 1997-2004 05-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Jerald F. ter Horst Government Gerald Ford's short-term press secretary 11-Jul-1922 31-Mar-2010 DEAD
Hugo Teufel III Government DHS Chief Privacy Officer 1961 TBD ADD
Shashi Tharoor Government UN Under Secretary General, 2002-07 09-Mar-1956 TBD ADD
J. Parnell Thomas Government HUAC chairman, took the Fifth 16-Jan-1895 19-Nov-1970 DEAD
Lee M. Thomas Government CEO of Rayonier 13-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Tommy Thompson Government Governor of Wisconsin, 1987-2001 19-Nov-1941 TBD ADD
James E. Tilton Government Secretary, California Department of Corrections 1949 TBD ADD
William E. Timmons, Sr. Government Washington lobbyist 27-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Randall L. Tobias Government AIDS Czar, USAID Administrator 20-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Fritz Todt Government Nazi engineer, finished the Autobahn 04-Sep-1891 08-Feb-1942 DEAD
Clyde Tolson Government J. Edgar Hoover's 40-year companion 22-May-1900 14-Apr-1975 DEAD
James Towey Government Faith-Based Initiatives Czar, 2002-06 1955 TBD ADD
Frances Fragos Townsend Government White House Homeland Security Advisor 2004-08 28-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Mischelle Townsend Government Inveterate e-voting protagonist 1947 TBD ADD
Linda Tripp Government Monica Lewinsky's confidant 24-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Gloria Tristani Government FCC Commissioner, 1997-2001 20-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Morgan Tsvangirai Government Prime Minister of Zimbabwe 10-Mar-1952 TBD ADD
Roger Tubby Government Truman's press secretary 30-Dec-1910 14-Jan-1991 DEAD
John F. Turner Government Asst. Secy. of State for Oceans, 2001-05 03-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Stansfield Turner Government CIA Director, 1977-81 01-Dec-1923 TBD ADD
Laura S. Unger Government SEC Commissioner, 1997-2001 1961 TBD ADD
W. J. Usery Government US Secretary of Labor, 1976-77 21-Dec-1923 10-Dec-2016 DEAD
Cyrus Vance Government US Secretary of State, 1977-80 27-Mar-1917 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
Hoyt Vandenberg Government CIA Director, 1946-47 24-Jan-1899 02-Apr-1954 DEAD
James K. Vardaman Government The Great White Chief 26-Jul-1861 25-Jun-1930 DEAD
Regina Vargo Government Asst. US Trade Representative, 2001-06 1949 TBD ADD
Charles Varnadore Government Oak Ridge National Laboratory whistleblower 24-Mar-1941 07-Mar-2013 DEAD
Therese M. Vaughan Government Iowa Insurance Commissioner, 1994-2004 1957 TBD ADD
Ann Veneman Government Executive Director of UNICEF 29-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
C. William Verity Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1987-89 26-Jan-1917 03-Jan-2007 DEAD
John K. Veroneau Government Deputy US Trade Representative 1961 TBD ADD
Eugène François Vidocq Government Criminal-turned-criminologist 23-Jul-1775 11-May-1857 DEAD
Antonio Villaraigosa Government Mayor of Los Angeles 23-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Helene von Damm Government Reagan's personal secretary 04-May-1938 TBD ADD
Andrew von Eschenbach Government FDA Commissioner, 2005-09 30-Oct-1941 TBD ADD
Baldur von Schirach Government Hitler-Jugend, Gauleiter of Vienna 09-Mar-1907 08-Aug-1974 DEAD
Hans von Spakovsky Government FEC Commissioner 11-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Andrei Vyshinsky Government Soviet Prosecutor General during the Great Purge 10-Dec-1883 22-Nov-1954 DEAD
Edward Gibbon Wakefield Government Colonizer of Australia, New Zealand 20-Mar-1796 16-May-1862 DEAD
Kurt Waldheim Government UN Secretary General, 1972-82 21-Dec-1918 14-Jun-2007 DEAD
David M. Walker Government US Comptroller General 02-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Henry C. Wallace Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1921-24 11-May-1866 25-Oct-1924 DEAD
Peter J. Wallison Government White House Counsel, 1986-87 06-Jun-1941 TBD ADD
Lawrence E. Walsh Government Independent Prosecutor for Iran-Contra 08-Jan-1912 19-Mar-2014 DEAD
Sir Francis Walsingham Government Secretary to Elizabeth I 1532 06-Apr-1590 DEAD
John Walters Government American Drug Czar, 2001-2009 1951 TBD ADD
Vernon Walters Government US Ambassador to the UN, 1985-89 03-Jan-1917 10-Feb-2002 DEAD
Steven T. Walther Government US FEC Commissioner 1943 TBD ADD
Joseph Warren Government American patriot killed at Bunker Hill 11-Jun-1741 17-Jun-1775 DEAD
James Watkins Government US Secretary of Energy, 1989-93 07-Mar-1927 26-Jul-2012 DEAD
Jack Watson Government Carter's Chief of Staff ? TBD ADD
Peter S. Watson Government CEO of OPIC, 2001-05 1953 TBD ADD
James Watt Government Reagan's Secretary of the Interior 31-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
Seth P. Waxman Government US Solicitor General, 1997-2001 28-Nov-1951 TBD ADD
Robert C. Weaver Government US HUD Secretary, 1966-68 29-Dec-1907 17-Jul-1997 DEAD
Frederick L. Webber Government Washington trade rep 1939 TBD ADD
William Webster Government FBI Director 1978-87, CIA Director 1987-91 06-Mar-1924 TBD ADD
Sinclair Weeks Government US Commerce Secretary, 1953-58 15-Jun-1893 07-Feb-1972 DEAD
Peter H. Wehner Government Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives 1961 TBD ADD
Caspar Weinberger Government Iran-Contra figure pardoned by Bush 18-Aug-1917 28-Mar-2006 DEAD
Ellen L. Weintraub Government US FEC Commissioner ? TBD ADD
W. C. Wentworth Government Australian patriot 1790 20-Mar-1872 DEAD
Michael R. Wessel Government Longtime aide to Dick Gephardt 1959 TBD ADD
Togo West Government US Secretary of the Army, Veterans Affairs 21-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Olin L. Wethington Government Chairman of AIG China 17-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
John P. White Government US Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1995-97 27-Feb-1937 03-Sep-2017 DEAD
Margita E. White Government FCC Commissioner, 1976-79 27-Jun-1937 20-Nov-2002 DEAD
Christine Todd Whitman Government GWB's first head of EPA 26-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Charles Z. Wick Government Director of the USIA, 1981-89 12-Oct-1917 20-Jul-2008 DEAD
Claude R. Wickard Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1940-45 28-Feb-1893 29-Apr-1967 DEAD
George W. Wickersham Government US Attorney General, 1909-13 19-Sep-1858 26-Jan-1936 DEAD
Richard B. Wigglesworth Government Congressman from Massachusetts, 1928-58 25-Apr-1891 22-Oct-1960 DEAD
Larry Wilkerson Government Former aide to Colin Powell 15-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Pamela Willeford Government US Ambassador to Switzerland 2003-06 00-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Maggie Williams Government Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff 25-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Charles E. Wilson Government US Secretary of Defense, 1953-57 18-Jul-1890 26-Sep-1961 DEAD
James Wilson Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1897-1913 16-Aug-1835 26-Aug-1920 DEAD
William B. Wilson Government US Secretary of Labor, 1913-21 02-Apr-1862 25-May-1934 DEAD
Edward Winslow Government American pilgrim leader 18-Oct-1595 08-May-1655 DEAD
Donald C. Winter Government US Secretary of the Navy, 2006-09 1947 TBD ADD
Willard Wirtz Government US Secretary of Labor, 1962-69 14-Mar-1912 24-Apr-2010 DEAD
Frederick The Wise Government Elector of Saxony 17-Jan-1463 05-May-1525 DEAD
James Lee Witt Government FEMA Director, 1993-2001 06-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Paul Wolfowitz Government President of the World Bank, 2005-07 22-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Howard Wolfson Government Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman 1967 TBD ADD
Howard Wolpe Government Congressman from Michigan, 1979-83 02-Nov-1939 25-Oct-2011 DEAD
Rose Mary Woods Government Blamed for 18.5 minute Watergate tape erasure 26-Dec-1917 22-Jan-2005 DEAD
James Woolsey Government CIA Director, 1993-95 21-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Hubert Work Government US Interior Secretary, 1923-28 03-Jul-1860 14-Dec-1942 DEAD
Larry M. Wortzel Government China specialist, military analyst 1949 TBD ADD
Michael W. Wynne Government US Secretary of the Air Force, 2005-08 04-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Ahmed Zaki Yamani Government Former Saudi Minister of Oil 30-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Viktor Yanukovych Government President of Ukraine, 2010-14 09-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Sally Yates Government Deputy US Attorney General, fired by Trump 20-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Clayton K. Yeutter Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1989-91 10-Dec-1930 04-Mar-2017 DEAD
Wu Yi Government Vice Premier and Heath Minister of China 00-Nov-1938 TBD ADD
John Yoo Government Thinks Geneva Conventions are obsolete 10-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Purnomo Yusgiantoro Government Indonesian Minister of Energy 16-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Mark Zachares Government Abramoff confederate 01-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Dov S. Zakheim Government A Vulcan's Tale 18-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
Albert C. Zapanta Government US Mexico Chamber of Commerce 1941 TBD ADD
Philip Zelikow Government 9-11 Commission executive director 21-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Ron Ziegler Government Press Secretary for Nixon 12-May-1939 10-Feb-2003 DEAD
Arthur Zimmermann Government Zimmerman Telegram 05-Oct-1864 06-Jun-1940 DEAD
Grigory Zinoviev Government Old Bolshevik executed during the Great Purge 23-Sep-1883 25-Aug-1936 DEAD
Karl Zinsmeister Government Bush domestic policy advisor 1959 TBD ADD
Robert Zoellick Government World Bank president, 2007-12 25-Jul-1953 TBD ADD