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Rotten Dead Pool
Edward G. Acheson Inventor Discovered silicon carbide 09-Mar-1856 06-Jul-1931 DEAD
Charles Alderton Inventor Invented Dr Pepper 21-Jun-1857 29-May-1941 DEAD
Ernst F. W. Alexanderson Inventor Developed radio and television at GE and RCA 25-Jan-1878 14-May-1975 DEAD
David Alter Inventor Almost discovered spectroscopy 03-Dec-1807 18-Sep-1881 DEAD
Mary Anderson Inventor Inventor of the windshield wiper 19-Feb-1866 27-Jun-1953 DEAD
Nicolas Appert Inventor Food preservation 17-Nov-1749 03-Jun-1841 DEAD
Edwin H. Armstrong Inventor Inventor of FM radio 18-Dec-1890 31-Jan-1954 DEAD
John Atanasoff Inventor Atanasoff-Berry Computer 04-Oct-1903 15-Jun-1995 DEAD
Ralph Baer Inventor Inventor of the home video game console 08-Mar-1922 06-Dec-2014 DEAD
John Logie Baird Inventor Television 13-Aug-1888 14-Jun-1946 DEAD
Emile Baudot Inventor Baudot Code 11-Sep-1845 28-Mar-1903 DEAD
Arnold Beckman Inventor Philanthropist who invented pH meter 10-Apr-1900 18-May-2004 DEAD
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor Inventor of the telephone 03-Mar-1847 02-Aug-1922 DEAD
Vincent Bendix Inventor Founder of Bendix Corporation 12-Aug-1881 27-Mar-1945 DEAD
Karl Benz Inventor Invented the automobile 25-Nov-1844 04-Apr-1929 DEAD
Henry Bessemer Inventor Bessemer process to manufacture steel 19-Jan-1813 15-Mar-1898 DEAD
Forrest Bird Inventor Bird Universal Medical Respirator 09-Jun-1921 02-Aug-2015 DEAD
László Bíró Inventor Ballpoint pen 29-Sep-1899 24-Oct-1985 DEAD
George Blaisdell Inventor Zippo cigarette lighter 05-Jun-1895 03-Oct-1978 DEAD
Samuel Blanc Inventor Founder of Roto-Rooter 13-Feb-1883 20-Dec-1964 DEAD
Alan Blumlein Inventor Stereophonic recording 29-Jun-1903 07-Jun-1942 DEAD
Amar Bose Inventor Inventor of Bose speakers 02-Nov-1929 12-Jul-2013 DEAD
Louis Braille Inventor Reading system for the blind 04-Jan-1809 06-Jan-1852 DEAD
Joseph Bramah Inventor Inventor of the hydraulic press 13-Apr-1748 09-Dec-1814 DEAD
George Brayton Inventor Brayton cycle engine 03-Oct-1830 17-Dec-1892 DEAD
John Browning Inventor Best gun designer of all time 23-Jan-1855 26-Nov-1926 DEAD
Charles F. Brush Inventor Street lights 17-Mar-1849 15-Jun-1929 DEAD
Don Buchla Inventor Modular synthesizer designer 17-Apr-1937 14-Sep-2016 DEAD
Gerald Bull Inventor Supergun builder 08-Mar-1928 22-Mar-1990 DEAD
Chester Carlson Inventor Invented Xerography 08-Feb-1906 19-Sep-1968 DEAD
Willis Carrier Inventor Created the first air conditioning 26-Nov-1876 07-Oct-1950 DEAD
Edmund Cartwright Inventor Invented the power loom 24-Apr-1743 30-Oct-1823 DEAD
George Cayley Inventor Father of aeronautics 27-Dec-1773 08-Dec-1854 DEAD
Josephine Cochrane Inventor Invented the dishwasher 08-Mar-1839 03-Aug-1913 DEAD
Christopher Cockerell Inventor Hovercraft 04-Jun-1910 01-Jun-1999 DEAD
Samuel Colt Inventor Invented the revolver 19-Jul-1814 10-Jan-1862 DEAD
George Henry Corliss Inventor Corliss valve and steam engines 02-Jun-1817 21-Feb-1888 DEAD
Frederick G. Cottrell Inventor Smokestack filters to fight pollution 10-Jan-1877 16-Nov-1948 DEAD
Seymour Cray Inventor Inventor of Cray supercomputers 28-Sep-1925 05-Oct-1996 DEAD
Samuel Crompton Inventor Invented the spinning mule 03-Dec-1753 26-Jun-1827 DEAD
Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Inventor Steam-powered automobile 26-Sep-1725 02-Oct-1804 DEAD
Louis Daguerre Inventor Invented Daguerreotype photography 18-Nov-1787 10-Jul-1851 DEAD
Gustaf Dalén Inventor Automatic sun valve 30-Nov-1869 09-Dec-1937 DEAD
Charles J. Van Depoele Inventor Trolley car pioneer 27-Apr-1846 18-Mar-1892 DEAD
William K. L. Dickson Inventor Motion picture camera 03-Aug-1860 28-Sep-1935 DEAD
Rudolf Diesel Inventor Inventor of the diesel engine 18-Mar-1858 30-Sep-1913 DEAD
Ray Milton Dolby Inventor Inventor of Dolby stereo 18-Jan-1933 12-Sep-2013 DEAD
Henry Dreyfuss Inventor Product designer, human factors engineer 02-Mar-1904 05-Oct-1972 DEAD
Allen B. DuMont Inventor TV picture tube and TV network 29-Jan-1901 14-Nov-1965 DEAD
August Dvorak Inventor Dvorak Simplified Keyboard 05-May-1894 10-Oct-1975 DEAD
James Dyson Inventor Dyson vacuum cleaner 02-May-1947 TBD ADD
George Eastman Inventor Inventor of the Kodak camera 12-Jul-1854 14-Mar-1932 DEAD
Roger Easton Inventor Global Positioning System 30-Apr-1921 08-May-2014 DEAD
Thomas Edison Inventor Invented the light bulb 11-Feb-1847 18-Oct-1931 DEAD
John Ericsson Inventor Built the ironclad USS Monitor 31-Jul-1803 08-Mar-1889 DEAD
Moses Farmer Inventor Invented the fire alarm, electric trolley 09-Feb-1820 25-May-1893 DEAD
Philo Farnsworth Inventor Inventor of electronic television 19-Aug-1906 11-Mar-1971 DEAD
Leo Fender Inventor Electric guitarmaker 10-Aug-1909 21-Mar-1991 DEAD
Lee De Forest Inventor Inventor of the Audion vacuum tube 26-Aug-1873 30-Jun-1961 DEAD
Robert Fulton Inventor Inventor of the submarine and steamboat 14-Nov-1765 24-Feb-1815 DEAD
John C. Garand Inventor M-1 semiautomatic rifle 01-Jan-1888 16-Feb-1974 DEAD
Richard Jordan Gatling Inventor Inventor of the Gatling Gun 12-Sep-1818 26-Feb-1903 DEAD
Heinrich Geissler Inventor Geissler tube 26-May-1815 24-Jan-1879 DEAD
Ivan Getting Inventor Global Positioning System 18-Jan-1912 11-Oct-2003 DEAD
King Gillette Inventor Safety razor 05-Jan-1855 09-Jul-1932 DEAD
Charles Goodyear Inventor Invented rubber vulcanization process 29-Dec-1800 01-Jul-1860 DEAD
John Gorrie Inventor Invented air conditioning 03-Oct-1803 29-Jun-1855 DEAD
Robert Gottschalk Inventor Wide-screen motion picture technology 12-Mar-1918 03-Jun-1982 DEAD
Bette Nesmith Graham Inventor Correction fluid 23-Mar-1924 12-May-1980 DEAD
Wilson Greatbatch Inventor Implantable pacemaker 06-Sep-1919 27-Sep-2011 DEAD
Johannes Gutenberg Inventor Inventor of movable type 1398 03-Feb-1468 DEAD
Gary Gygax Inventor Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons 27-Jul-1938 04-Mar-2008 DEAD
David Hahn Inventor Do-it-yourself nuclear reactor 30-Oct-1976 27-Sep-2016 DEAD
Andrew Smith Hallidie Inventor Designed the first cable car system 16-Mar-1836 24-Apr-1900 DEAD
Laurens Hammond Inventor Hammond Organ 11-Jan-1895 03-Jul-1973 DEAD
John Harrison Inventor Inventor of a marine clock 00-Mar-1693 24-Mar-1776 DEAD
Jeff Hawkins Inventor Inventor of the Palm Pilot and Treo 01-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Morton Heilig Inventor Early virtual reality pioneer 22-Dec-1926 14-May-1997 DEAD
Martin Hellman Inventor Public key cryptographer 02-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Rowland Hill Inventor Invented the postage stamp 03-Dec-1795 27-Aug-1879 DEAD
Stanley Hiller, Jr. Inventor Helicopter designer 15-Nov-1924 20-Apr-2006 DEAD
Chuck Hoberman Inventor Creator of unfolding structures 1956 TBD ADD
Herman Hollerith Inventor Invented the punchcard 29-Feb-1860 17-Nov-1929 DEAD
Edwin J. Houston Inventor Thomson-Houston Electric Company 09-Jul-1847 01-Mar-1914 DEAD
Elias Howe Inventor Inventor of the sewing machine 09-Jul-1819 03-Oct-1867 DEAD
David Hughes Inventor Inventor of the microphone 16-May-1831 22-Jan-1900 DEAD
Frederic Eugene Ives Inventor Halftone process 17-Feb-1856 27-May-1937 DEAD
Joseph-Marie Jacquard Inventor Jacquard loom 07-Jul-1752 07-Aug-1834 DEAD
Lonnie Johnson Inventor Revolutionized the squirt gun industry 06-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Martin L. Kaiser Inventor Electronic surveillance consultant 1935 TBD ADD
Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov Inventor Inventor of Kalashnikov rifle 10-Nov-1919 23-Dec-2013 DEAD
Dean Kamen Inventor Segway pedestrian vehicle 05-Apr-1951 TBD ADD
Theophilus Van Kannel Inventor Revolving door 1841 24-Dec-1919 DEAD
Cresson H. Kearny Inventor Patriot, inventor, survivalist idol 07-Jan-1914 18-Dec-2003 DEAD
Dick Kelty Inventor Invented the modern backpack 13-Sep-1919 12-Jan-2004 DEAD
Jack S. Kilby Inventor Electrical engineering pioneer 08-Nov-1923 20-Jun-2005 DEAD
Paul Kollsman Inventor Barometric altimeter 22-Feb-1900 17-Mar-1982 DEAD
Ray Kurzweil Inventor Age of Spiritual Machines 12-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Ken Kutaragi Inventor Father of the PlayStation 08-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Edwin H. Land Inventor Polaroid Land Camera 07-May-1909 01-Mar-1991 DEAD
Norm Larsen Inventor WD-40 1923 00-Dec-1970 DEAD
William P. Lear Inventor Lear Jet, Inc. 26-Jun-1902 14-May-1978 DEAD
Jerome H. Lemelson Inventor Inventor with a very good lawyer 18-Jul-1923 01-Oct-1997 DEAD
Étienne Lenoir Inventor Internal-combustion engine 12-Jan-1822 04-Aug-1900 DEAD
Donald James Leslie Inventor Invented the Leslie Speaker 13-Apr-1911 02-Sep-2004 DEAD
Fred Leuchter, Jr. Inventor Execution technologist, hero to neo-Nazis 1943 TBD ADD
Georg Luger Inventor Invented the Luger pistol 06-Mar-1849 22-Dec-1923 DEAD
Auguste Lumière Inventor Co-Inventor of motion pictures 19-Oct-1862 10-Apr-1954 DEAD
Louis Lumière Inventor Inventor of motion pictures 05-Oct-1864 06-Jun-1948 DEAD
George William Manby Inventor Invented the fire extinguisher 28-Nov-1765 18-Nov-1854 DEAD
Robert W. Mann Inventor Prosthetic devices 1924 16-Jun-2006 DEAD
Steve Mann Inventor Wearable computing guru 1962 TBD ADD
William Moulton Marston Inventor Invented polygraph, Wonder Woman 09-May-1893 02-May-1947 DEAD
John L. Mason Inventor Invented the screw-neck jar 1832 26-Feb-1902 DEAD
Sir Hiram Maxim Inventor Maxim machine gun 05-Feb-1840 24-Nov-1916 DEAD
Brian Maxwell Inventor Inventor of the PowerBar 14-Mar-1953 19-Mar-2004 DEAD
John Loudon McAdam Inventor Macadam method of roads 21-Sep-1756 26-Nov-1836 DEAD
Cyrus McCormick Inventor Invented grain harvester 15-Feb-1809 13-May-1884 DEAD
Ottmar Mergenthaler Inventor Automated typesetting 11-May-1854 28-Oct-1899 DEAD
Paul Moller Inventor The Skycar 1937 TBD ADD
Robert Moog Inventor Invented the synthesizer 23-May-1934 21-Aug-2005 DEAD
William Moon Inventor Moon Code (similar to Braille) 18-Dec-1818 09-Oct-1894 DEAD
Samuel F. B. Morse Inventor Telegraph inventor and publicist 27-Apr-1791 02-Apr-1872 DEAD
Thomas Newcomen Inventor Atmospheric steam engine 28-Feb-1663 05-Aug-1729 DEAD
Alfred Nobel Inventor Dynamite inventor, established Nobel Prize 21-Oct-1833 10-Dec-1896 DEAD
Robert Noyce Inventor Co-Inventor, integrated circuit 12-Dec-1927 03-Jun-1990 DEAD
Elisha Otis Inventor Invented the safety elevator 03-Aug-1811 08-Apr-1861 DEAD
Denis Papin Inventor Steam engine innovator 22-Aug-1647 1712 DEAD
John S. Pemberton Inventor Creator of Coca-Cola 08-Jul-1831 16-Aug-1888 DEAD
Sir Isaac Pitman Inventor Stenographic Soundhand 04-Jan-1813 12-Jan-1897 DEAD
James Plimpton Inventor Four-wheeled roller skates 14-Apr-1828 1911 DEAD
Samuel J. Popeil Inventor Veg-O-Matic 22-Jan-1915 17-Jul-1984 DEAD
Jesse W. Reno Inventor Invented the escalator 04-Aug-1861 02-Jun-1947 DEAD
Ed Roberts Inventor Inventor of the Altair computer 13-Sep-1941 01-Apr-2010 DEAD
Erno Rubik Inventor Rubik's Cube 13-Jul-1944 TBD ADD
Jacob Schick Inventor Electric razor 16-Sep-1877 03-Jul-1937 DEAD
Alois Senefelder Inventor Inventor of lithography 06-Nov-1771 26-Feb-1834 DEAD
Christopher Sholes Inventor Typewriter inventor, QWERTY keyboard 14-Feb-1819 17-Feb-1890 DEAD
Henry Shrapnel Inventor Explosive artillery shell 03-Jun-1761 13-Mar-1842 DEAD
Alan Shugart Inventor SCSI interface 27-Sep-1930 12-Dec-2006 DEAD
Luther Simjian Inventor Invented automated teller machine 28-Jan-1905 23-Oct-1997 DEAD
James Murray Spangler Inventor Invented the upright vacuum cleaner 20-Nov-1848 22-Jan-1915 DEAD
Elmer Sperry Inventor Gyroscopic compass 12-Oct-1860 10-Jun-1930 DEAD
Lawrence B. Sperry Inventor Invented the autopilot 22-Dec-1892 13-Dec-1923 DEAD
Frank J. Sprague Inventor Streetcars and express elevators 25-Jul-1857 25-Oct-1934 DEAD
William Henry Fox Talbot Inventor Calotype method of photography 11-Feb-1800 17-Sep-1877 DEAD
Nikola Tesla Inventor Invented alternating current 10-Jul-1856 07-Jan-1943 DEAD
Elihu Thomson Inventor Electric welding and A/C motors 29-Mar-1853 13-Mar-1937 DEAD
Sakichi Toyoda Inventor Founder of Toyota Industries Corp. 14-Feb-1867 30-Oct-1930 DEAD
Edward Troughton Inventor Early scientific instruments 00-Oct-1753 12-Jun-1835 DEAD
Robert J. Van de Graaff Inventor Van de Graaff generator 20-Dec-1901 16-Jan-1967 DEAD
Lewis Waterman Inventor Fountain pen 20-Nov-1836 01-May-1901 DEAD
James Watt Inventor Invented modern steam engine 19-Jan-1736 19-Aug-1819 DEAD
George Westinghouse Inventor Air brake and AC power 06-Oct-1846 12-Mar-1914 DEAD
Eli Whitney Inventor Inventor of the cotton gin 08-Dec-1765 08-Jan-1825 DEAD
Jerry M. Woodall Inventor Inventor of the red LED 1938 TBD ADD
Linus Yale, Jr. Inventor Pin tumbler locks 14-Apr-1821 24-Dec-1868 DEAD
Edward G. Zubler Inventor Inventor of the halogen lamp 12-Mar-1925 20-Mar-2004 DEAD
Vladimir Zworykin Inventor Patented color televison 30-Jul-1889 29-Jul-1982 DEAD