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Rotten Dead Pool
George Anderson Paranormal Contact: Talking to the Dead ? TBD ADD
Sylvia Browne Paranormal Afraid to accept Randi's $1 million challenge 19-Oct-1936 20-Nov-2013 DEAD
Edgar Cayce Paranormal Performed "paranormal" readings 18-Mar-1877 03-Jan-1945 DEAD
Alex Chiu Paranormal Inventor of magnetic immortality rings 08-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Miss Cleo Paranormal Psychic fraud takes VISA, M/C 12-Aug-1962 26-Jul-2016 DEAD
George Combe Paranormal Scottish phrenologist 21-Oct-1788 14-Aug-1858 DEAD
Jeane Dixon Paranormal High profile astrologer 05-Jan-1918 25-Jan-1997 DEAD
John Edward Paranormal Crossing Over With John Edward 19-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Uri Geller Paranormal Thinks he has us snowed 20-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Manly P. Hall Paranormal The Secret Teachings of All Ages 18-Mar-1901 29-Aug-1990 DEAD
Edward Kelley Paranormal Notorious forger and alchemist 01-Aug-1555 01-Nov-1597 DEAD
J. Z. Knight Paranormal Claims to channel Ramtha 16-Mar-1946 TBD ADD
Johann Kaspar Lavater Paranormal Essays on Physiognomy 11-Nov-1741 02-Jan-1801 DEAD
Walter Mercado Paranormal Flamboyant Puerto Rican Astrologer 09-Mar-1932 TBD ADD
Franz Anton Mesmer Paranormal Proponent of Animal Magnetism 23-May-1734 05-Mar-1815 DEAD
Nostradamus Paranormal Notoriously ambiguous prophet 14-Dec-1503 01-Jul-1566 DEAD
Joan Quigley Paranormal Reagan's astrologer 10-Apr-1927 23-Oct-2014 DEAD
Joseph Banks Rhine Paranormal Father of modern parapsychology 29-Sep-1885 20-Feb-1980 DEAD
Mother Shipton Paranormal British prophetess ? 1561 DEAD
James Van Praagh Paranormal Spiritualist faker 23-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
La Voisin Paranormal French sorceress, affaire des poisons ? 20-Feb-1680 DEAD
Arthur Edward Waite Paranormal Created the Rider-Waite Tarot deck 02-Oct-1857 19-May-1942 DEAD
Lisa Williams Paranormal Life Among the Dead ? TBD ADD