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Rotten Dead Pool
Ansel Adams Photographer Yosemite photographer 20-Feb-1902 22-Apr-1984 DEAD
Cris Alexander Photographer Portrait photographer, Broadway actor 14-Jan-1920 07-Mar-2012 DEAD
Nobuyoshi Araki Photographer Tokyo Lucky Hole 25-May-1940 TBD ADD
Diane Arbus Photographer Influential photographer 14-Mar-1923 26-Jul-1971 DEAD
Richard Avedon Photographer Photographer of the human predicament 13-May-1923 01-Oct-2004 DEAD
Nigel Barker Photographer Judge, America's Next Top Model 27-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Mathew Brady Photographer Civil War photographer 15-Jan-1823 15-Jan-1896 DEAD
Reva Brooks Photographer Photographer 00-May-1913 24-Jan-2004 DEAD
Robert Capa Photographer War photographer 22-Oct-1913 25-May-1954 DEAD
Kevin Carter Photographer Wanting A Meal 13-Sep-1960 27-Jul-1994 DEAD
Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer Renowned photographer, photojournalist 22-Aug-1908 02-Aug-2004 DEAD
Bill Cunningham Photographer Fashion photographer, The New York Times 13-Mar-1929 25-Jun-2016 DEAD
Bruce Davidson Photographer East 100th Street 05-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
William Eggleston Photographer Pioneer of color art photography 27-Jul-1939 TBD ADD
Alfred Eisenstaedt Photographer Life magazine photographer 06-Dec-1898 23-Aug-1995 DEAD
Walker Evans Photographer Depression-era Photographer 03-Nov-1903 10-Apr-1975 DEAD
Jack Fletcher Photographer National Geographic photographer 1917 31-Dec-2003 DEAD
Charles Gatewood Photographer Photographer of the unusual 08-Nov-1942 28-Apr-2016 DEAD
Andreas Gursky Photographer 99 Cent II Diptychon 15-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Michael Hawley Photographer Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey 18-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Christine Jorgensen Photographer First successful surgical transsexual 30-May-1926 03-May-1989 DEAD
Yousuf Karsh Photographer Portrait photographer 23-Dec-1908 13-Jul-2002 DEAD
Dorothea Lange Photographer Depression-era photographer 26-May-1895 11-Oct-1965 DEAD
Annie Leibovitz Photographer Celebrity photographer 02-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Patrick Lichfield Photographer Prominent British photographer 25-Apr-1939 11-Nov-2005 DEAD
Robert Mapplethorpe Photographer Erotic photographer 04-Nov-1946 09-Mar-1989 DEAD
Eadweard Muybridge Photographer Animal Locomotion 09-Apr-1830 08-May-1904 DEAD
James Nachtwey Photographer War photographer 14-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Arnold Newman Photographer Environmental portraitist 03-Mar-1918 06-Jun-2006 DEAD
Helmut Newton Photographer Celebrity photographer 31-Oct-1920 23-Jan-2004 DEAD
Irving Penn Photographer Fashion photographer, Vogue 16-Jun-1917 07-Oct-2009 DEAD
Hy Peskin Photographer Sports photojournalist 05-Nov-1915 02-Jun-2005 DEAD
Holly Randall Photographer Porn photographer/director 05-Sep-1978 TBD ADD
Suze Randall Photographer Fetish/porn photographer 18-May-1946 TBD ADD
Man Ray Photographer Dadaist photographer 27-Aug-1890 18-Nov-1976 DEAD
Terry Richardson Photographer Fashion photographer 14-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Peter Schlesinger Photographer Photographer and painter 02-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Tyler Shields Photographer Unsubtle photographer 29-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Edward Steichen Photographer Photo-Secessionist 27-Mar-1879 25-Mar-1973 DEAD
Louis Stettner Photographer Photographed streets of New York and Paris 07-Nov-1922 13-Oct-2016 DEAD
Alfred Stieglitz Photographer Photo-Secessionist 01-Jan-1864 13-Jul-1946 DEAD
Jock Sturges Photographer Art photographer charged with obscenity 1947 TBD ADD
Wolfgang Tillmans Photographer If One Thing Matters, Everything Matters 16-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Spencer Tunick Photographer Nude landscape photographer 1967 TBD ADD
Weegee Photographer Crime photographer 12-Jun-1899 26-Dec-1968 DEAD
Joel-Peter Witkin Photographer Photographer of the macabre 13-Sep-1939 TBD ADD