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Rotten Dead Pool
Cleveland Abbe Physicist America's first weatherman 03-Dec-1838 28-Oct-1916 DEAD
Alexei A. Abrikosov Physicist Particle physicist, explored superconductivity 25-Jun-1928 05-Apr-2017 DEAD
Robert Adler Physicist Invented wireless remote control 04-Dec-1913 15-Feb-2007 DEAD
Howard Aiken Physicist Designer of early computers 08-Mar-1900 14-Mar-1973 DEAD
Hannes Alfvén Physicist Renegade Swedish astrophysicist 30-May-1908 02-Apr-1995 DEAD
Luis W. Alvarez Physicist Particle accelerator, extinction of dinosaurs 13-Jun-1911 01-Sep-1988 DEAD
Guillaume Amontons Physicist Thermometrist 31-Aug-1663 11-Oct-1705 DEAD
André-Marie Ampère Physicist Explored electromagnetism 22-Jan-1775 10-Jun-1836 DEAD
Carl David Anderson Physicist Discovered the positron, mu-meson 03-Sep-1905 11-Jan-1991 DEAD
Philip W. Anderson Physicist Solid state physics 13-Dec-1923 TBD ADD
Anders Jonas Ångström Physicist Founder of spectroscopy 13-Aug-1814 21-Jun-1874 DEAD
Edward Victor Appleton Physicist Ionosphere, shortwave radio 06-Sep-1892 21-Apr-1965 DEAD
François Arago Physicist Investigated earth magnetics 26-Feb-1786 02-Oct-1853 DEAD
Pierre Auger Physicist Auger effect 14-May-1899 25-Dec-1993 DEAD
Amedeo Avogadro Physicist Avogadro's number 09-Aug-1776 09-Jul-1856 DEAD
Hertha Ayrton Physicist Electric arc 28-Apr-1854 26-Aug-1923 DEAD
Alexander Dallas Bache Physicist First President, National Academy of Sciences 19-Jul-1806 17-Feb-1867 DEAD
Kenneth Bainbridge Physicist Director of the Trinity atomic test 27-Jul-1904 14-Jul-1996 DEAD
John Bardeen Physicist Co-Inventor of the transistor 23-May-1908 30-Jan-1991 DEAD
Charles Glover Barkla Physicist X-ray scattering 07-Jun-1877 23-Oct-1944 DEAD
Nikolay G. Basov Physicist Invention of the maser and laser 14-Dec-1922 01-Jul-2001 DEAD
Henri Becquerel Physicist Discoverer of radioactivity 15-Dec-1852 25-Aug-1908 DEAD
J. Georg Bednorz Physicist High-temperature superconductivity 16-May-1950 TBD ADD
John Stewart Bell Physicist Bell's theorem of quantum physics 28-Jun-1928 01-Oct-1990 DEAD
Hans Berger Physicist Electroencephalogram 21-May-1873 01-Jun-1941 DEAD
J. D. Bernal Physicist X-ray crystallography 10-May-1901 15-Sep-1971 DEAD
Hans Bethe Physicist Atomic scientist 02-Jul-1906 06-Mar-2005 DEAD
Gerd Binnig Physicist Co-Inventor, scanning tunneling microscope 20-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Jean-Baptiste Biot Physicist Biot-Savart Law 21-Apr-1774 03-Feb-1862 DEAD
Patrick M. S. Blackett Physicist Cosmic radiation, continental drift 18-Nov-1897 13-Jul-1974 DEAD
Brebis Bleaney Physicist Electron paramagnetic resonance 06-Jun-1915 04-Nov-2006 DEAD
Felix Bloch Physicist Nuclear magnetic resonance 23-Oct-1905 10-Sep-1983 DEAD
Nicolaas Bloembergen Physicist Nonlinear optics 11-Mar-1920 05-Sep-2017 DEAD
David Bohm Physicist Particle physicist 20-Dec-1917 29-Oct-1992 DEAD
Aage N. Bohr Physicist Determined shapes of nuclei 19-Jun-1922 08-Sep-2009 DEAD
Niels Bohr Physicist Father of Quantum Theory 07-Oct-1885 18-Nov-1962 DEAD
Ludwig Boltzmann Physicist Atoms and molecules 20-Feb-1844 05-Sep-1906 DEAD
Max Born Physicist Pioneer of quantum mechanics 11-Dec-1882 05-Jan-1970 DEAD
Satyendra Nath Bose Physicist Bose-Einstein condensates 01-Jan-1894 04-Feb-1974 DEAD
Walther Bothe Physicist Coincidence method 08-Jan-1891 08-Feb-1957 DEAD
Edward Bouchet Physicist First African-American PhD 15-Sep-1852 28-Oct-1918 DEAD
Willard S. Boyle Physicist Digital photography 19-Aug-1924 07-May-2011 DEAD
Lawrence Bragg Physicist Bragg's Law of diffraction 31-Mar-1890 01-Jul-1971 DEAD
William Bragg Physicist Analyzed crystal structures 02-Jul-1862 12-Mar-1942 DEAD
Walter H. Brattain Physicist Co-Inventor of the transistor 10-Feb-1902 13-Oct-1987 DEAD
Ferdinand Braun Physicist Rectifier effect in semiconductors 06-Jun-1850 20-Apr-1918 DEAD
Gregory Breit Physicist Proton-proton dispersion 14-Jul-1899 11-Sep-1981 DEAD
Percy Williams Bridgman Physicist High-pressure physics 21-Apr-1882 20-Aug-1961 DEAD
Bertram N. Brockhouse Physicist Triple-axis crystal spectrometry 15-Jul-1918 13-Oct-2003 DEAD
Louis de Broglie Physicist Discovered the wave nature of electrons 15-Aug-1892 19-Mar-1987 DEAD
Maurice de Broglie Physicist X-ray spectroscopy 27-Apr-1875 14-Jul-1960 DEAD
Edward Bullard Physicist Continental drift, magnetic fields 21-Sep-1907 03-Apr-1980 DEAD
Claude R. Canizares Physicist Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics 1945 TBD ADD
Fritjof Capra Physicist The Tao of Physics 01-Feb-1939 TBD ADD
Sadi Carnot Physicist 2nd Law of Thermodynamics 01-Jun-1796 24-Aug-1832 DEAD
James Chadwick Physicist Discovered the neutron 20-Oct-1891 24-Jul-1974 DEAD
Owen Chamberlain Physicist Co-Discoverer of the antiproton 10-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2006 DEAD
Georges Charpak Physicist Subatomic particle detectors 01-Aug-1924 29-Sep-2010 DEAD
Pavel A. Cherenkov Physicist Cherenkov radiation 15-Jul-1904 06-Jan-1990 DEAD
Steven Chu Physicist US Secretary of Energy, 2009-13 28-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
John Clarke Physicist Superconducting quantum interference 10-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Rudolf Clausius Physicist Second Law of Thermodynamics 02-Jan-1822 24-Aug-1888 DEAD
William Cochran Physicist Crystallography 30-Jul-1922 28-Aug-2003 DEAD
John Cockcroft Physicist Split the atom 27-May-1897 18-Sep-1967 DEAD
Samuel T. Cohen Physicist Neutron bomb 25-Jan-1921 28-Nov-2010 DEAD
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Physicist Trapped atoms with laser light 01-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Cadwallader Colden Physicist Colonial scientist and statesman 07-Feb-1689 20-Sep-1776 DEAD
Arthur H. Compton Physicist Discovered the Compton Effect 10-Sep-1892 15-Mar-1962 DEAD
Karl T. Compton Physicist Bikini Island atomic tests 15-Sep-1887 22-Jun-1954 DEAD
Edward Condon Physicist Quantum Mechanics 02-Mar-1902 26-Mar-1974 DEAD
William D. Coolidge Physicist Tungsten filaments and Coolidge tubes 23-Oct-1873 04-Feb-1975 DEAD
Leon N. Cooper Physicist BCS Theory of Superconductivity 28-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Allan M. Cormack Physicist Computerized axial tomography (CAT scans) 23-Feb-1924 07-May-1998 DEAD
Eric A. Cornell Physicist Atomic physicist, Nobel laureate 19-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Alfred Cornu Physicist Optics and spectroscopy 06-Mar-1841 11-Apr-1902 DEAD
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Physicist Coulomb's Law 14-Jun-1736 23-Aug-1806 DEAD
Clyde Cowan Physicist Co-Discover of the neutrino 06-Dec-1919 24-May-1974 DEAD
George A. Cowan Physicist Founder, Santa Fe Institute 15-Feb-1920 20-Apr-2012 DEAD
James W. Cronin Physicist Time not necessarily reversible 29-Sep-1931 25-Aug-2016 DEAD
Paul J. Crutzen Physicist Ozone depletion 03-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Pierre Curie Physicist Early investigator of radiation 15-May-1859 19-Apr-1906 DEAD
Harry K. Daghlian Physicist Casualty of the Manhattan Project 04-May-1921 15-Sep-1945 DEAD
Richard Dalitz Physicist Dalitz pairs and Dalitz plots 28-Feb-1925 13-Jan-2006 DEAD
Paul Davies Physicist The Mind of God 22-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Clinton Davisson Physicist Diffraction of electrons 22-Oct-1881 01-Feb-1958 DEAD
Peter Debye Physicist Studied molecular structure, dipoles 24-Mar-1884 02-Nov-1966 DEAD
Hans G. Dehmelt Physicist Co-Inventor of the ion trap 09-Sep-1922 07-Mar-2017 DEAD
Martin Deutsch Physicist Discovered positronium 29-Jun-1917 16-Aug-2002 DEAD
James Dewar Physicist Researcher of low temperatures 20-Sep-1842 27-Mar-1923 DEAD
Robert H. Dicke Physicist Dicke radiometer 06-May-1916 04-Mar-1997 DEAD
Paul Dirac Physicist The Principles of Quantum Mechanics 08-Aug-1902 20-Oct-1984 DEAD
John Dollond Physicist Invented achromatic lenses 10-Jun-1706 30-Nov-1761 DEAD
Christian Doppler Physicist Discovered the Doppler Effect 29-Nov-1803 17-Mar-1853 DEAD
Sidney D. Drell Physicist In the Shadow of the Bomb 13-Sep-1926 21-Dec-2016 DEAD
William Duddell Physicist Electronic music 1872 04-Nov-1917 DEAD
Freeman Dyson Physicist Theoretical physicist at Institute for Advanced Study 15-Dec-1923 TBD ADD
Manfred Eigen Physicist Studied fast chemical reactions 09-May-1927 TBD ADD
Albert Einstein Physicist Theory of relativity 14-Mar-1879 18-Apr-1955 DEAD
Artur Ekert Physicist Quantum cryptography 19-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Leo Esaki Physicist Electron tunneling 12-Mar-1925 TBD ADD
Hugh Everett Physicist Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics 11-Nov-1930 19-Jul-1982 DEAD
Thomas E. Everhart Physicist President of CalTech, 1987-97 15-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Paul Peter Ewald Physicist X-Ray crystallographer 23-Jan-1888 22-Aug-1985 DEAD
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit Physicist Thermometrist 24-May-1686 16-Sep-1736 DEAD
Michael Faraday Physicist Discovered electrical induction 22-Sep-1791 25-Aug-1867 DEAD
Enrico Fermi Physicist First controlled nuclear chain reaction 29-Sep-1901 29-Nov-1954 DEAD
Galileo Ferraris Physicist Invented the induction motor 31-Oct-1847 07-Feb-1897 DEAD
Albert Fert Physicist Giant magnetoresistance 07-Mar-1938 TBD ADD
Richard Feynman Physicist Surely he's joking 11-May-1918 15-Feb-1988 DEAD
Val Fitch Physicist Time not necessarily reversible 10-Mar-1923 05-Feb-2015 DEAD
Léon Foucault Physicist Measured the speed of light 19-Sep-1819 11-Feb-1868 DEAD
Peter Fowler Physicist Cosmic radiation 27-Feb-1923 08-Nov-1996 DEAD
James Franck Physicist Franck-Hertz experiment 26-Aug-1882 21-May-1964 DEAD
Ilya M. Frank Physicist Cherenkov radiation 23-Oct-1908 22-Jun-1990 DEAD
Augustin-Jean Fresnel Physicist Optician, invented Fresnel lens 10-May-1788 14-Jul-1827 DEAD
Jerome I. Friedman Physicist Verified existence of quarks 28-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Edward A. Frieman Physicist Director of Scripps, 1986-96 19-Jan-1926 11-Apr-2013 DEAD
Otto Robert Frisch Physicist Described fission 01-Oct-1904 22-Sep-1979 DEAD
Dennis Gabor Physicist Inventor of holography 05-Jun-1900 08-Feb-1979 DEAD
George Gamow Physicist Proponent of Big Bang Theory 04-Mar-1904 19-Aug-1968 DEAD
Pierre Gassendi Physicist Exercitationes 22-Jan-1592 24-Oct-1655 DEAD
Hans Geiger Physicist Co-Inventor of the Geiger Counter 30-Sep-1882 24-Sep-1945 DEAD
Andre Geim Physicist Super-thin carbon physics 00-Oct-1958 TBD ADD
Murray Gell-Mann Physicist Quarks and strangeness 15-Sep-1929 TBD ADD
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Physicist Molecular structure of polymers 24-Oct-1932 18-May-2007 DEAD
Ivar Giaever Physicist Tunneling through superconductors 05-Apr-1929 TBD ADD
J. Willard Gibbs Physicist Elementary Principles in Statistical Mathematics 11-Feb-1839 28-Apr-1903 DEAD
William Gilbert Physicist De Magnete 24-May-1544 10-Dec-1603 DEAD
Vitaly L. Ginzburg Physicist Type-II superconductors 04-Oct-1916 08-Nov-2009 DEAD
Donald A. Glaser Physicist Inventor of the bubble chamber 21-Sep-1926 28-Feb-2013 DEAD
Sheldon Glashow Physicist Electroweak Theory 05-Dec-1932 TBD ADD
Roy J. Glauber Physicist Quantum optics 01-Sep-1925 TBD ADD
Maria Goeppert-Mayer Physicist Shell nuclear model 28-Jun-1906 20-Feb-1972 DEAD
Maurice Goldhaber Physicist Neutrons 18-Apr-1911 11-May-2011 DEAD
Eugen Goldstein Physicist Cathode rays 05-Sep-1850 25-Dec-1930 DEAD
Samuel Goudsmit Physicist Conceived idea of Quantum Spin 11-Jul-1902 04-Dec-1978 DEAD
Gordon Gould Physicist Invented the laser, arguably 17-Jul-1920 16-Sep-2005 DEAD
Ernest Howard Griffiths Physicist The Thermal Measurement of Energy 15-Jun-1851 03-Mar-1932 DEAD
David J. Gross Physicist Deep structure of matter 19-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Peter Grünberg Physicist Giant magnetoresistance 18-May-1939 TBD ADD
Charles Édouard Guillaume Physicist Invented alloys Invar and Elinvar 15-Feb-1861 13-Jun-1938 DEAD
Alan Guth Physicist Inflationary theory of cosmology 27-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Edwin Hall Physicist Discovered the Hall Effect 07-Nov-1855 20-Nov-1938 DEAD
John L. Hall Physicist Quantum optics 21-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Theodor W. Hänsch Physicist Quantum optics 30-Oct-1941 TBD ADD
William Snow Harris Physicist Invented a lightning rod for ships 01-Apr-1791 22-Jan-1867 DEAD
George Russell Harrison Physicist Echelle spectrograph 14-Jul-1898 27-Jul-1979 DEAD
Stephen Hawking Physicist Wheelchair-bound physicist 08-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Alan J. Heeger Physicist Metallic polymers 22-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Werner Heisenberg Physicist Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 05-Dec-1901 01-Feb-1976 DEAD
Joseph Henry Physicist Discovered electromagnetic induction 17-Dec-1797 13-May-1878 DEAD
Gustav Hertz Physicist Franck-Hertz experiment 22-Jul-1887 30-Oct-1975 DEAD
Heinrich Hertz Physicist Discoverer of electromagnetic radiation 22-Feb-1857 01-Jan-1894 DEAD
Gerhard Herzberg Physicist Molecular spectroscopy 25-Dec-1904 03-Mar-1999 DEAD
Victor Francis Hess Physicist Proved cosmic origin of radiation 24-Jun-1883 17-Dec-1964 DEAD
Raymond Hide Physicist Earth's rotation 17-May-1929 TBD ADD
Peter Higgs Physicist Higgs boson and Higgs field 29-May-1929 TBD ADD
William A. Higinbotham Physicist Physicist, Tennis for Two 25-Oct-1910 10-Nov-1994 DEAD
James Hillier Physicist Electron microscope 22-Aug-1915 15-Jan-2007 DEAD
Johann Hittorf Physicist Fluorescence in vacuum tubes 27-Mar-1824 28-Nov-1914 DEAD
Robert Hofstadter Physicist Size, shape, and structure of neutrons and protons 05-Feb-1915 17-Nov-1990 DEAD
Nick Holonyak Physicist Light-emitting diodes 03-Nov-1928 TBD ADD
Gerardus 't Hooft Physicist Quantum physicist 05-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Evelyn Hu Physicist Nanoscale device fabrication 1947 TBD ADD
Vernon W. Hughes Physicist Muons 28-May-1921 25-Mar-2003 DEAD
Albert Wallace Hull Physicist Inventor of the magnetron tube 19-Apr-1880 22-Jan-1966 DEAD
Russell A. Hulse Physicist Co-Discovered first binary pulsar 28-Nov-1950 TBD ADD
Friedrich Hund Physicist Quantum tunneling 04-Feb-1896 31-Mar-1997 DEAD
Christiaan Huygens Physicist Wave theory of light 14-Apr-1629 08-Jul-1695 DEAD
Herbert E. Ives Physicist Facsimile machine 21-Jul-1882 13-Nov-1953 DEAD
Shirley A. Jackson Physicist NRC Chairman, 1995-99 05-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
J. Hans D. Jensen Physicist Shell nuclear model 25-Jun-1907 11-Feb-1973 DEAD
Deborah S. Jin Physicist Created a fermionic condensate 15-Nov-1968 15-Sep-2016 DEAD
Frédéric Joliot Physicist Artificial radioactivity 19-Mar-1900 14-Aug-1958 DEAD
Irène Joliot-Curie Physicist Artificial radioactivity 12-Sep-1897 17-Mar-1956 DEAD
Pascual Jordan Physicist Founder of Quantum Mechanics 18-Oct-1902 31-Jul-1980 DEAD
Brian D. Josephson Physicist Discovered the Josephson Effect 04-Jan-1940 TBD ADD
James Prescott Joule Physicist English physicist, Joule's Law 24-Dec-1818 11-Oct-1889 DEAD
Leo P. Kadanoff Physicist Second-order phase transitions 14-Jan-1937 26-Oct-2015 DEAD
David Kaiser Physicist How the Hippies Saved Physics 14-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Michio Kaku Physicist String Theory 24-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Physicist Liquefied helium and discovered superconductivity 21-Sep-1853 21-Feb-1926 DEAD
Pyotr Kapitsa Physicist Discovered superfluidity 08-Jul-1894 08-Apr-1984 DEAD
Alfred Kastler Physicist Optical pumping 03-May-1902 07-Jan-1984 DEAD
Lord Kelvin Physicist Illustrated 2nd Law of Thermodynamics 26-Jun-1824 17-Dec-1907 DEAD
Nicholas Kemmer Physicist Nuclear weapons and reactors 07-Dec-1911 21-Oct-1998 DEAD
Henry W. Kendall Physicist Verified existence of quarks 09-Dec-1926 15-Feb-1999 DEAD
Arthur E. Kennelly Physicist Kennelly-Heaviside layer 17-Dec-1861 18-Jun-1939 DEAD
Wolfgang Ketterle Physicist Bose-Einstein condensates 21-Oct-1957 TBD ADD
Jay Keyworth Physicist Science advisor to Reagan 1939 TBD ADD
Abdul Qadeer Khan Physicist Father of Pakistani nuclear bomb 1935 TBD ADD
Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Physicist Theory of spectrum analysis 12-Mar-1824 17-Oct-1887 DEAD
Klaus von Klitzing Physicist Quantization of resistance 28-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Makoto Kobayashi Physicist Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix 07-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Masatoshi Koshiba Physicist Detected cosmic neutrinos 19-Sep-1926 TBD ADD
Hendrik Kramers Physicist Kramers dispersion theory 17-Feb-1894 24-Apr-1952 DEAD
Herbert Kroemer Physicist Pioneer in laser technology 25-Aug-1928 TBD ADD
Nicholas Kurti Physicist Molecular gastronomy 14-May-1908 24-Nov-1998 DEAD
Polykarp Kusch Physicist Magnetic moment of the electron 26-Jan-1911 20-Mar-1993 DEAD
Willis Lamb Physicist Detailed the hydrogen spectrum 12-Jul-1913 15-May-2008 DEAD
Lev Landau Physicist Superfluidity of helium 22-Jan-1908 01-Apr-1968 DEAD
Paul Langevin Physicist Studied piezoelectricity 23-Jan-1872 19-Dec-1946 DEAD
Max von Laue Physicist X-ray crystallography 09-Oct-1879 23-Apr-1960 DEAD
Robert B. Laughlin Physicist Fractional quantum Hall effect 01-Nov-1950 TBD ADD
Ernest Lawrence Physicist Inventor of the cyclotron 08-Aug-1901 27-Aug-1958 DEAD
Leon M. Lederman Physicist Researcher of neutrinos 15-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
David M. Lee Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 20-Jan-1931 TBD ADD
Tsung-Dao Lee Physicist Violations of parity law 25-Nov-1926 TBD ADD
Anthony J. Leggett Physicist Particle physicist, explored superfluidity 26-Mar-1938 TBD ADD
Philipp Lenard Physicist Investigations of cathode rays 07-Jun-1862 20-May-1947 DEAD
Gabriel Lippmann Physicist Photographic color plate 16-Aug-1845 13-Jul-1921 DEAD
Alfred Lee Loomis Physicist Millionaire scientist 04-Nov-1887 01-Aug-1975 DEAD
Hendrik Lorentz Physicist Electrons 18-Jul-1853 04-Feb-1928 DEAD
Ernst Mach Physicist Optical and sensory perceptualist 18-Feb-1838 19-Feb-1916 DEAD
Theodore Maiman Physicist Built the first working laser 11-Jul-1927 05-May-2007 DEAD
Étienne Louis Malus Physicist Polarization of light by reflection 23-Jun-1775 23-Feb-1812 DEAD
Michael E. Mann Physicist Climate change scientist 28-Dec-1965 TBD ADD
Peter Mansfield Physicist Magnetic resonance imaging 09-Oct-1933 08-Feb-2017 DEAD
Hans Mark Physicist US Air Force Secretary, 1979-81 17-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Toshihide Maskawa Physicist Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix 07-Feb-1940 TBD ADD
John C. Mather Physicist Big Bang 07-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
John William Mauchly Physicist ENIAC, BINAC, and UNIVAC I computers 30-Aug-1907 08-Jan-1980 DEAD
James Clerk Maxwell Physicist Maxwell's equations 13-Jun-1831 05-Nov-1879 DEAD
Julius Robert Mayer Physicist Studied thermodynamics 25-Nov-1814 20-Mar-1878 DEAD
Edwin M. McMillan Physicist Discovered neptunium and plutonium 18-Sep-1907 07-Sep-1991 DEAD
Lise Meitner Physicist Discovered nuclear fission 07-Nov-1878 27-Oct-1968 DEAD
Macedonio Melloni Physicist Diathermancy 11-Apr-1798 11-Aug-1854 DEAD
Albert A. Michelson Physicist Measured the speed of light 19-Dec-1852 09-May-1931 DEAD
Robert A. Millikan Physicist Determined the charge of an electron 22-Mar-1868 19-Dec-1953 DEAD
Robert L. Mills Physicist Subatomic particles 15-Apr-1927 27-Oct-1999 DEAD
Philip Moon Physicist Gamma ray fluorescence 17-May-1907 09-Oct-1994 DEAD
Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley Physicist Confirmed importance of atomic number 23-Nov-1887 10-Aug-1915 DEAD
Rudolf Mössbauer Physicist Discovered Mössbauer effect 31-Jan-1929 14-Sep-2011 DEAD
Nevill F. Mott Physicist Properties of semiconductors 30-Sep-1905 08-Aug-1996 DEAD
Ben R. Mottelson Physicist Determined shapes of nuclei 09-Jul-1926 TBD ADD
Alexander Muirhead Physicist Submarine cable telegraphy 26-May-1848 13-Dec-1920 DEAD
K. Alex Müller Physicist High-temperature superconductivity 20-Apr-1927 TBD ADD
Yoichiro Nambu Physicist Spontaneous broken symmetry 18-Jan-1921 05-Jul-2015 DEAD
Homer A. Neal Physicist Director of the ATLAS Project 13-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Louis Néel Physicist Magnetic properties of solids 22-Nov-1904 17-Nov-2000 DEAD
Isaac Newton Physicist Father of the clockwork universe 04-Jan-1643 31-Mar-1727 DEAD
Ernest Fox Nichols Physicist Infrared radiation 01-Jun-1869 29-Apr-1924 DEAD
Konstantin Novoselov Physicist Super-thin carbon physics 00-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
Hans Christian Oersted Physicist Discovered electromagnetics 14-Aug-1777 09-Mar-1851 DEAD
Georg Simon Ohm Physicist Ohm's Law 16-Mar-1789 06-Jul-1854 DEAD
Mark Oliphant Physicist Deuterium reactions 08-Oct-1901 14-Jul-2000 DEAD
Frank Oppenheimer Physicist Founder of the Exploratorium 14-Aug-1912 03-Feb-1985 DEAD
Robert Oppenheimer Physicist Physicist, headed the Manhattan Project 22-Apr-1904 18-Feb-1967 DEAD
Douglas D. Osheroff Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 01-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
John M. Palms Physicist President, University of South Carolina, 1991-2002 06-Jun-1935 TBD ADD
Pief Panofsky Physicist Stanford Linear Accelerator 24-Apr-1919 24-Sep-2007 DEAD
Wolfgang Paul Physicist Co-Inventor of the ion trap 10-Aug-1913 06-Dec-1993 DEAD
Wolfgang Pauli Physicist Pauli Exclusion Principle 25-Apr-1900 15-Dec-1958 DEAD
Rudolf Peierls Physicist Frisch-Peierls Memorandum 05-Jun-1907 19-Sep-1995 DEAD
Jean-Charles-Athanase Peltier Physicist Peltier Effect 22-Feb-1785 27-Oct-1845 DEAD
Martin L. Perl Physicist Discovered the tau lepton 24-Jun-1927 30-Sep-2014 DEAD
Jean Perrin Physicist Verified atomic nature of matter 30-Sep-1870 17-Apr-1942 DEAD
John Pethica Physicist Atomic force microscopy 1953 TBD ADD
William D. Phillips Physicist Trapped atoms with laser light 05-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Auguste Piccard Physicist First man in the stratosphere 28-Jan-1884 24-Mar-1962 DEAD
Max Planck Physicist Originator of quantum theory 23-Apr-1858 04-Oct-1947 DEAD
E. Gail de Planque Physicist Nuclear physicist 1944 TBD ADD
Gilbert Plass Physicist Climate change scientist 22-Mar-1922 01-Mar-2004 DEAD
Johann Christian Poggendorff Physicist Annalen der Physik und Chemie 29-Dec-1796 24-Jan-1877 DEAD
Martyn Poliakoff Physicist The Periodic Table of Videos 16-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
H. David Politzer Physicist Deep structure of matter 31-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Stanley Pons Physicist Cold fusion crank 08-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Cecil Powell Physicist Discovered the pi-meson 05-Dec-1903 09-Aug-1969 DEAD
Ludwig Prandtl Physicist Father of Aerodynamics 04-Feb-1875 15-Aug-1953 DEAD
Aleksandr M. Prokhorov Physicist Invention of the maser and laser 11-Jul-1916 08-Jan-2002 DEAD
E. M. Purcell Physicist Nuclear magnetic resonance 30-Aug-1912 07-Mar-1997 DEAD
Isidor Isaac Rabi Physicist Magnetic beam resonances 29-Jul-1898 11-Jan-1988 DEAD
James Rainwater Physicist Determined shapes of nuclei 09-Dec-1917 31-May-1986 DEAD
Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Physicist Discovered the Raman Effect 07-Nov-1888 21-Nov-1970 DEAD
Norman F. Ramsey Physicist Energy levels of atoms 27-Aug-1915 04-Nov-2011 DEAD
Lord Rayleigh Physicist Why the sky is blue 12-Nov-1842 30-Jun-1919 DEAD
Frederick Reines Physicist Co-Discover of the neutrino 16-Mar-1918 26-Aug-1998 DEAD
Owen Willans Richardson Physicist Electron emissions of metals 26-Apr-1879 15-Feb-1959 DEAD
Robert C. Richardson Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 26-Jun-1937 19-Feb-2013 DEAD
Burton Richter Physicist Co-Discoverer of J/psi meson 22-Mar-1931 TBD ADD
Augusto Righi Physicist Electromagnetic waves 27-Aug-1850 08-Jun-1920 DEAD
Auguste-Arthur de La Rive Physicist Traité d'électricité théorique et appliquée 09-Oct-1801 27-Nov-1873 DEAD
Heinrich Rohrer Physicist Co-Inventor, scanning tunneling microscope 06-Jun-1933 16-May-2013 DEAD
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Physicist Discovered X-Rays 27-Mar-1845 10-Feb-1923 DEAD
Joseph Rotblat Physicist Nuclear physicist, anti-nuke activist 04-Nov-1908 31-Aug-2005 DEAD
Henry Augustus Rowland Physicist Studied optics, magnetism, etc. 27-Nov-1848 16-Apr-1901 DEAD
Carlo Rubbia Physicist Co-Discovered W and Z particles 31-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Ernst Ruska Physicist Inventor of the electron microscope 25-Dec-1906 27-May-1988 DEAD
Ernest Rutherford Physicist Father of nuclear physics 30-Aug-1871 19-Oct-1937 DEAD
Johannes Rydberg Physicist Rydberg constant 08-Nov-1854 28-Dec-1919 DEAD
Andrei Sakharov Physicist Developed the Soviet hydrogen bomb 21-May-1921 14-Dec-1989 DEAD
Abdus Salam Physicist Electroweak Theory 29-Jan-1926 21-Nov-1996 DEAD
Arthur L. Schawlow Physicist Laser spectroscopy 05-May-1921 28-Apr-1999 DEAD
Walter Schottky Physicist Solid-state physics and electronics 23-Jul-1886 04-Mar-1976 DEAD
Robert Schrieffer Physicist BCS Theory of Superconductivity 31-May-1931 TBD ADD
Erwin Schrödinger Physicist Schrödinger's wave equation 12-Aug-1887 04-Jan-1961 DEAD
Melvin Schwartz Physicist Researcher of neutrinos 02-Nov-1932 28-Aug-2006 DEAD
Julian Schwinger Physicist Quantum electrodynamics 12-Feb-1918 16-Jul-1994 DEAD
Glenn Seaborg Physicist Co-Discoverer of Plutonium 19-Apr-1912 25-Feb-1999 DEAD
Emilio Segrè Physicist Co-Discoverer of the antiproton 30-Jan-1905 22-Apr-1989 DEAD
Nathan Seiberg Physicist String theorist at Princeton 22-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
Maurice M. Shapiro Physicist Composition and origin of cosmic rays 13-Nov-1915 27-Feb-2008 DEAD
Tsutomu Shimomura Physicist Helped catch Kevin Mitnick 23-Oct-1964 TBD ADD
William Shockley Physicist Co-Inventor of the transistor 13-Feb-1910 12-Aug-1989 DEAD
David Shoenberg Physicist Physicist at Cambridge 04-Jan-1911 10-Mar-2004 DEAD
Clifford G. Shull Physicist Neutron scattering 23-Sep-1915 31-Mar-2001 DEAD
William Shurcliff Physicist Manhattan Project physicist 27-Mar-1909 20-Jun-2006 DEAD
Kai M. Siegbahn Physicist Electron spectroscopy 20-Apr-1918 20-Jul-2007 DEAD
Manne Siegbahn Physicist X-Ray spectroscopy 03-Dec-1886 26-Sep-1978 DEAD
Louis Slotin Physicist Died tickling the dragon's tail 01-Dec-1910 30-May-1946 DEAD
Lee Smolin Physicist The Trouble with Physics 1955 TBD ADD
George F. Smoot Physicist Big bang 20-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Arnold Sommerfeld Physicist Fine-structure constant 05-Dec-1868 26-Apr-1951 DEAD
Johannes Stark Physicist Discovered the Stark Effect 15-Apr-1874 21-Jun-1957 DEAD
Chauncey Starr Physicist Electric Power Research Institute 14-Apr-1912 17-Apr-2007 DEAD
Jack Steinberger Physicist Researcher of neutrinos 25-May-1921 TBD ADD
Otto Stern Physicist Molecular beam experiment 17-Feb-1888 17-Aug-1969 DEAD
Balfour Stewart Physicist Studied magnetism, radiant heat 01-Nov-1828 19-Dec-1887 DEAD
George Gabriel Stokes Physicist Fluid dynamicist, optic waves 13-Aug-1819 01-Feb-1903 DEAD
Horst L. Störmer Physicist Fractional quantum Hall effect 06-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Sir Joseph Wilson Swan Physicist Light bulb, photographic printing 31-Oct-1828 27-May-1914 DEAD
Leo Szilard Physicist Nuclear chain reaction 11-Feb-1898 30-May-1964 DEAD
Peter Guthrie Tait Physicist Treatise on Quaternions 28-Apr-1831 04-Jul-1901 DEAD
Igor Y. Tamm Physicist Cherenkov radiation 08-Jul-1895 12-Apr-1971 DEAD
Richard E. Taylor Physicist Verified existence of quarks 02-Nov-1929 TBD ADD
Edward Teller Physicist Father of the Hydrogen Bomb 15-Jan-1908 09-Sep-2003 DEAD
George Paget Thomson Physicist Diffraction of electrons 03-May-1892 10-Sep-1975 DEAD
J. J. Thomson Physicist Discovered the electron 18-Dec-1856 30-Aug-1940 DEAD
Samuel C. C. Ting Physicist Co-Discoverer of J/psi meson 27-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Sin-Itiro Tomonaga Physicist Quantum electrodynamics 31-Mar-1906 08-Jul-1979 DEAD
Charles H. Townes Physicist Invention of the maser and laser 28-Jul-1915 27-Jan-2015 DEAD
Daniel C. Tsui Physicist Fractional quantum Hall effect 28-Feb-1939 TBD ADD
Merle Tuve Physicist Proximity fuse 27-Jun-1901 20-May-1982 DEAD
Petr Ufimtsev Physicist Physical Theory of Diffraction 08-Jul-1931 TBD ADD
George Uhlenbeck Physicist Conceived idea of Quantum Spin 06-Dec-1900 31-Oct-1988 DEAD
Simon van der Meer Physicist Co-Discovered W and Z particles 24-Nov-1925 04-Mar-2011 DEAD
John H. van Vleck Physicist Quantum theory of paramagnetism 13-Mar-1899 27-Oct-1980 DEAD
Martinus J.G. Veltman Physicist Quantum physicist 27-Jun-1931 TBD ADD
Gabriele Veneziano Physicist Father of string theory 20-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Erik Verlinde Physicist String theorist, Verlinde Formula 21-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Alessandro Volta Physicist Invented electric battery 18-Feb-1745 05-Mar-1827 DEAD
Hermann von Helmholtz Physicist Law of Conservation of Energy 31-Aug-1821 08-Sep-1894 DEAD
Johannes Diderik van der Waals Physicist Investigated states of matter 23-Nov-1837 09-Mar-1923 DEAD
Ernest T. S. Walton Physicist Split the atom 06-Oct-1903 25-Jun-1995 DEAD
Robert Watson-Watt Physicist Radar 13-Apr-1892 05-Dec-1973 DEAD
Wilhelm Weber Physicist Student of electromagnetism 24-Oct-1804 23-Jun-1891 DEAD
Alvin M. Weinberg Physicist Nuclear scientist 20-Apr-1915 18-Oct-2006 DEAD
Steven Weinberg Physicist Electroweak Theory 03-May-1933 TBD ADD
Victor Weisskopf Physicist Head of CERN, 1961-65 19-Sep-1908 21-Apr-2002 DEAD
Charles Wheatstone Physicist Inventor of the telegraph 06-Feb-1802 19-Oct-1875 DEAD
John Archibald Wheeler Physicist The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission 09-Jul-1911 13-Apr-2008 DEAD
Carl E. Wieman Physicist Bose-Einstein Condensates 26-Mar-1951 TBD ADD
Wilhelm Wien Physicist Blackbody radiation 13-Jan-1864 30-Aug-1928 DEAD
Eugene Wigner Physicist Law of conservation of parity 17-Nov-1902 01-Jan-1995 DEAD
Frank Wilczek Physicist Deep structure of matter 15-May-1951 TBD ADD
C. T. R. Wilson Physicist Cloud chamber 14-Feb-1869 15-Nov-1959 DEAD
Kenneth G. Wilson Physicist Second-order phase transitions 08-Jun-1936 15-Jun-2013 DEAD
Edward Witten Physicist String theorist at Princeton 26-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Peter Woit Physicist String Theorist 1957 TBD ADD
Robert W. Wood Physicist Physical Optics 02-May-1868 11-Aug-1955 DEAD
Leona Woods Physicist Physicist at University of Chicago 09-Aug-1919 10-Nov-1986 DEAD
Basilis Xanthopoulos Physicist Gravitational physics 1951 27-Nov-1990 DEAD
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow Physicist Developed radioimmunoassay technique 19-Jul-1921 30-May-2011 DEAD
Chen Ning Yang Physicist Particle physicist 01-Oct-1922 TBD ADD
Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky Physicist Yarkovsky effect 24-May-1844 22-Jan-1902 DEAD
Thomas Young Physicist Wave Theory of Light 13-Jun-1773 10-May-1829 DEAD
Hideki Yukawa Physicist Predicted existence of mesons 23-Jan-1907 08-Sep-1981 DEAD
Pieter Zeeman Physicist Discovered Zeeman Effect 25-May-1865 09-Oct-1943 DEAD
Frits Zernike Physicist Phase-contrast microscope 16-Jul-1888 10-Mar-1966 DEAD