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Rotten Dead Pool
George Abbott Playwright Damn Yankees 25-Jun-1887 31-Jan-1995 DEAD
Aeschylus Playwright Oresteia ? TBD DEAD
Zoë Akins Playwright The Greeks Had a Word For It 30-Oct-1886 29-Oct-1958 DEAD
Edward Albee Playwright Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 12-Mar-1928 16-Sep-2016 DEAD
Maxwell Anderson Playwright What Price Glory? 15-Dec-1888 28-Feb-1959 DEAD
Regina M. Anderson Playwright Climbing Jacob's Ladder 21-May-1901 05-Feb-1993 DEAD
Robert W. Anderson Playwright Tea and Sympathy 28-Apr-1917 09-Feb-2009 DEAD
Jean Anouilh Playwright Le Voyageur sans Bagage 23-Jun-1910 03-Oct-1987 DEAD
John Arden Playwright Serjeant Musgrave's Dance 26-Oct-1930 28-Mar-2012 DEAD
Aristophanes Playwright Lysistrata, The Frogs ? TBD DEAD
Fernando Arrabal Playwright Viva la muerte 11-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Antonin Artaud Playwright Theater of Cruelty 04-Sep-1896 04-Mar-1948 DEAD
Joanna Baillie Playwright Family Legend 11-Sep-1762 23-Feb-1851 DEAD
Pedro Calderón de la Barca Playwright La Vida es Sueño 17-Jan-1600 25-May-1681 DEAD
Philip Barry Playwright The Philadelphia Story 18-Jun-1896 03-Dec-1949 DEAD
Francis Beaumont Playwright Collaborator with John Fletcher 1584 06-Mar-1616 DEAD
Samuel Beckett Playwright Waiting for Godot 13-May-1906 22-Dec-1989 DEAD
Brendan Behan Playwright The Hostage 09-Feb-1923 20-Mar-1964 DEAD
Dominic Behan Playwright The Patriot Game 22-Oct-1928 03-Aug-1989 DEAD
Aphra Behn Playwright Oroonoko, the History of the Royal Slave 10-Jul-1640 16-Apr-1689 DEAD
David Belasco Playwright Madame Butterfly 25-Jul-1853 14-May-1931 DEAD
Jacinto Benavente Playwright The Bonds of Interest 12-Aug-1866 14-Jul-1954 DEAD
Alan Bennett Playwright The Madness of George III 09-May-1934 TBD ADD
Cyrano de Bergerac Playwright Voyage dans la Lune 06-Mar-1619 28-Jul-1655 DEAD
David Berry Playwright The Whales of August 08-Jul-1943 16-Dec-2016 DEAD
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Playwright Synnöve Solbakken 08-Dec-1832 26-Apr-1910 DEAD
Pedro Bloch Playwright The Hands of Eurydice 17-Apr-1914 23-Feb-2004 DEAD
George Henry Boker Playwright Francesca da Rimini 06-Oct-1823 02-Jan-1890 DEAD
Robert Bolt Playwright A Man for All Seasons 15-Aug-1924 20-Feb-1995 DEAD
Edward Bond Playwright Saved 18-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Dion Boucicault Playwright The Corsican Brothers 26-Dec-1820 18-Sep-1890 DEAD
Bertolt Brecht Playwright Mother Courage and Her Children 10-Feb-1898 14-Aug-1956 DEAD
Georg Büchner Playwright Leonce and Lena 17-Oct-1813 19-Feb-1837 DEAD
Ed Bullins Playwright In the Wine Time 02-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Abe Burrows Playwright Co-Author, Guys and Dolls 18-Dec-1910 17-May-1985 DEAD
Paddy Chayefsky Playwright Network 29-Jan-1923 01-Aug-1981 DEAD
Anton Chekhov Playwright Playwright and short story writer 17-Jan-1860 15-Jul-1904 DEAD
Caryl Churchill Playwright Having a Wonderful Time 03-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Colley Cibber Playwright Apology 06-Nov-1671 11-Dec-1757 DEAD
William Congreve Playwright The Way of the World 24-Jan-1670 19-Jan-1729 DEAD
Marc Connelly Playwright The Green Pastures 13-Dec-1890 21-Dec-1980 DEAD
Pierre Corneille Playwright Le Cid 06-Jun-1606 01-Oct-1684 DEAD
Noel Coward Playwright Design for Living 16-Dec-1899 26-Mar-1973 DEAD
Cratinus Playwright Athenian comic poet ? TBD DEAD
Michael Cristofer Playwright The Shadow Box 22-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Rachel Crothers Playwright When Ladies Meet 12-Dec-1878 05-Jul-1958 DEAD
Russel Crouse Playwright The Sound of Music 20-Feb-1893 03-Apr-1966 DEAD
John Day Playwright The Parliament of Bees 1574 1640 DEAD
Michel de Ghelderode Playwright Surrealistic Belgian playwright 03-Apr-1898 01-Apr-1962 DEAD
Thomas Dekker Playwright The Gentle Craft 1572 1632 DEAD
Jean Desmarets Playwright Les Visionnaires 1595 28-Oct-1676 DEAD
Philippe Destouches Playwright Le Glorieux 09-Apr-1680 04-Jul-1754 DEAD
Elizabeth Dewberry Playwright Break the Heart of Me 1963 TBD ADD
William Dunlap Playwright Fountainville Abbey 19-Feb-1766 28-Sep-1839 DEAD
José Echegaray Playwright Nobel Prizewinning Spanish dramatist 19-Apr-1832 14-Sep-1916 DEAD
Dietrich Eckart Playwright Nazi intellectual, Hitler's best friend 23-Mar-1868 25-Dec-1923 DEAD
Juan del Encina Playwright Founder of Spanish drama 12-Jul-1469 1529 DEAD
Eve Ensler Playwright The Vagina Monologues 25-May-1953 TBD ADD
Epicharmus Playwright Greek comic dramatist ? TBD DEAD
George Etherege Playwright Love in a Tub 1635 10-May-1692 DEAD
Euripides Playwright Medea ? TBD DEAD
George Farquhar Playwright The Beaux Stratagem 1678 29-Apr-1707 DEAD
Alexandre Dumas fils Playwright La dame aux camélias 27-Jul-1824 27-Nov-1895 DEAD
John Fletcher Playwright Collaborator with Francis Beaumont 1579 29-Aug-1625 DEAD
Dario Fo Playwright Italian playwright and Nobel laureate 26-Mar-1926 13-Oct-2016 DEAD
Horton Foote Playwright To Kill a Mockingbird 14-Mar-1916 04-Mar-2009 DEAD
Ugo Foscolo Playwright The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis 06-Feb-1778 10-Sep-1827 DEAD
Bruno Frank Playwright Cervantes 13-Jun-1887 20-Jun-1945 DEAD
Brian Friel Playwright Dancing at Lughnasa 09-Jan-1929 02-Oct-2015 DEAD
Christopher Fry Playwright The Lady's Not for Burning 18-Dec-1907 30-Jun-2005 DEAD
Athol Fugard Playwright The Blood Knot 11-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
Charles Fuller Playwright A Soldier's Play 05-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
George Furth Playwright Company 14-Dec-1932 11-Aug-2008 DEAD
João Batista de Almeida Garrett Playwright Frei Luís da Sousa 04-Feb-1799 09-Dec-1854 DEAD
Frank D. Gilroy Playwright The Subject Was Roses 13-Oct-1925 12-Sep-2015 DEAD
Susan Glaspell Playwright Provincetown Players 01-Jul-1882 27-Jul-1948 DEAD
Carlo Goldoni Playwright Founder of Italian comedy 25-Feb-1707 06-Feb-1793 DEAD
Maxim Gorky Playwright The Lower Depths 28-Mar-1868 17-Jun-1936 DEAD
Robert Greene Playwright Friar Bacon 00-Jul-1558 03-Sep-1592 DEAD
Augusta, Lady Gregory Playwright The Golden Apple 04-Mar-1852 22-May-1932 DEAD
Jacques Grévin Playwright Les Ébahis 1538 05-Nov-1570 DEAD
Franz Grillparzer Playwright Der Traum, ein Leben 15-Jan-1791 21-Jan-1872 DEAD
John Guare Playwright Six Degrees of Separation 05-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
Patrick Hamilton Playwright Gaslight 17-Mar-1904 23-Sep-1962 DEAD
Christopher Hampton Playwright Dangerous Liaisons 26-Jan-1946 TBD ADD
William Hanley Playwright Slow Dance on the Killing Ground 22-Oct-1931 25-May-2012 DEAD
Lorraine Hansberry Playwright A Raisin in the Sun 19-May-1930 12-Jan-1965 DEAD
David Hare Playwright Racing Demon 05-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Moss Hart Playwright You Can't Take It With You 24-Oct-1904 20-Dec-1961 DEAD
Gerhart Hauptmann Playwright Die Weber 15-Nov-1862 06-Jun-1946 DEAD
Friedrich Hebbel Playwright Die Niebelungen Trilogie 18-Mar-1813 13-Dec-1863 DEAD
Lillian Hellman Playwright Little Foxes 20-Jun-1905 30-Jun-1984 DEAD
Beth Henley Playwright Crimes of the Heart 08-May-1952 TBD ADD
James A. Herne Playwright Shore Acres 01-Feb-1839 02-Jun-1901 DEAD
John Heywood Playwright The Play of Love 1497 1580 DEAD
Thomas Heywood Playwright A Woman kilde with kindnesse 1575 16-Aug-1641 DEAD
Aaron Hill Playwright The Progress of Wit 10-Feb-1685 08-Feb-1750 DEAD
Thomas Holcroft Playwright The Road to Ruin 10-Dec-1745 23-Mar-1809 DEAD
John Home Playwright Douglas 21-Sep-1722 05-Sep-1808 DEAD
Avery Hopwood Playwright The Bat 28-May-1882 01-Jul-1928 DEAD
Sir Robert Howard Playwright The Committee 1626 03-Sep-1698 DEAD
Sidney Coe Howard Playwright They Knew What They Wanted 26-Jun-1891 23-Aug-1939 DEAD
Hrosvitha Playwright Female medieval dramatist ? TBD DEAD
Henrik Ibsen Playwright Peer Gynt 20-Mar-1828 23-May-1906 DEAD
William Inge Playwright Come Back, Little Sheba 03-May-1913 10-Jun-1973 DEAD
Eugène Ionesco Playwright The Bald Soprano 26-Nov-1912 28-Mar-1994 DEAD
Alfred Jarry Playwright Ubu roi 08-Sep-1873 01-Nov-1907 DEAD
Ben Jonson Playwright Volpone 11-Jun-1572 06-Aug-1637 DEAD
Georg Kaiser Playwright The Gardener of Toulouse 25-Nov-1878 04-Jun-1945 DEAD
George S. Kaufman Playwright You Can't Take It With You 16-Nov-1889 02-Jun-1961 DEAD
George Kelly Playwright Craig's Wife 16-Jan-1887 18-Jun-1974 DEAD
Thomas Killigrew Playwright The Prisoners 07-Feb-1612 19-Mar-1683 DEAD
Friedrich Maximilian Klinger Playwright Sturm under Drang 17-Feb-1752 09-Mar-1831 DEAD
Arthur Kopit Playwright Mama's Hung You in the Closet 10-May-1937 TBD ADD
Larry Kramer Playwright The Normal Heart 25-Jun-1935 TBD ADD
Norman Krasna Playwright The Devil and Miss Jones 07-Nov-1909 01-Nov-1984 DEAD
Tony Kushner Playwright Angels in America 16-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Thomas Kyd Playwright The Spanish Tragedy 1558 00-Aug-1594 DEAD
Ring Lardner, Jr. Playwright Screenwriter, M*A*S*H 19-Aug-1915 31-Oct-2000 DEAD
Arthur Laurents Playwright West Side Story 14-Jul-1918 05-May-2011 DEAD
Jerome Lawrence Playwright Inherit the Wind and Mame 14-Jul-1915 29-Feb-2004 DEAD
John Howard Lawson Playwright One of the Hollywood Ten 25-Sep-1894 11-Aug-1977 DEAD
Nathaniel Lee Playwright The Rival Queens 1653 06-May-1692 DEAD
Alan Jay Lerner Playwright An American in Paris 31-Aug-1918 14-Jun-1986 DEAD
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Playwright Laokoon 22-Jan-1729 15-Feb-1781 DEAD
Howard Lindsay Playwright The Sound of Music 29-Mar-1889 11-Feb-1968 DEAD
David Lindsay-Abaire Playwright Rabbit Hole 30-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Frederick Lonsdale Playwright The King of Cadonia 05-Feb-1881 04-Apr-1954 DEAD
Otto Ludwig Playwright Der Erbförster 11-Feb-1813 25-Feb-1865 DEAD
John Lyly Playwright Euphues 1554 18-Nov-1606 DEAD
Charles MacArthur Playwright The Front Page 05-Nov-1895 21-Apr-1956 DEAD
Percy MacKaye Playwright The Canterbury Pilgrims 16-Mar-1875 31-Aug-1956 DEAD
Steele MacKaye Playwright Founder of New York's Lyceum Theatre 06-Jun-1842 25-Feb-1894 DEAD
Georgius Macropedius Playwright Neo-Latin playwright 1487 00-Jul-1558 DEAD
Maurice Maeterlinck Playwright Pelléas et Mélisande 29-Aug-1862 06-May-1949 DEAD
Albert Maltz Playwright One of the Hollywood Ten 28-Oct-1908 26-Apr-1985 DEAD
Patrick Marber Playwright Closer 19-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Christopher Marlowe Playwright Doctor Faustus 06-Feb-1564 30-May-1593 DEAD
René Marqués Playwright La Carreta 04-Oct-1919 22-Mar-1979 DEAD
John Marston Playwright The Malcontent 07-Oct-1576 25-Jun-1634 DEAD
Philip Massinger Playwright The Virgin Martyr 1583 1639 DEAD
Terrence McNally Playwright Frankie and Johnny 03-Nov-1939 TBD ADD
Menander Playwright Early Greek comic dramatist ? TBD DEAD
Thomas Middleton Playwright A Game at Chess 18-Apr-1580 04-Jul-1627 DEAD
Arthur Miller Playwright Death of a Salesman 17-Oct-1915 10-Feb-2005 DEAD
May Miller Playwright The Bog Guide 26-Jan-1899 08-Feb-1995 DEAD
Lin-Manuel Miranda Playwright Creator of Hamilton 16-Jan-1980 TBD ADD
Molière Playwright Tartuffe, Le Misanthrope 15-Jan-1622 17-Feb-1673 DEAD
Ferenc Molnár Playwright The Paul Street Boys 12-Jan-1878 01-Apr-1952 DEAD
William Vaughn Moody Playwright The Great Divide 08-Jul-1869 17-Oct-1910 DEAD
John Mortimer Playwright Rumpole of the Bailey 21-Apr-1923 16-Jan-2009 DEAD
Anthony Munday Playwright Sir Thomas More 1560 10-Aug-1633 DEAD
Sean O'Casey Playwright Juno and the Paycock 30-Mar-1880 18-Sep-1964 DEAD
Eugene O'Neill Playwright Long Day's Journey Into Night 16-Oct-1888 27-Nov-1953 DEAD
Clifford Odets Playwright Sweet Smell of Success 18-Jul-1906 14-Aug-1963 DEAD
Joe Orton Playwright Prick Up Your Ears 01-Jan-1933 09-Aug-1967 DEAD
John Osborne Playwright Look Back in Anger 12-Dec-1929 24-Dec-1994 DEAD
Thomas Otway Playwright Venice Preserved 03-Mar-1652 14-Apr-1685 DEAD
George Peele Playwright The Old Wives Tale 1558 09-Nov-1596 DEAD
Silvio Pellico Playwright Le Mie Prigioni 25-Jun-1789 31-Jan-1854 DEAD
Pherecrates Playwright The Wild Men ? TBD DEAD
Arthur Wing Pinero Playwright The Second Mrs. Tanqueray 24-May-1855 23-Nov-1934 DEAD
David Pinski Playwright Yiddish playwright, Der Oitzer 05-Apr-1872 11-Aug-1959 DEAD
Harold Pinter Playwright The Birthday Party 10-Oct-1930 24-Dec-2008 DEAD
Luigi Pirandello Playwright Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore 28-Jun-1867 10-Dec-1936 DEAD
Plautus Playwright Earliest extant Roman playwright ? TBD DEAD
David Rabe Playwright Sticks and Bones 10-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Jean Racine Playwright Phèdre 20-Dec-1639 21-Apr-1699 DEAD
Terence Rattigan Playwright Separate Tables 10-Jun-1911 30-Nov-1977 DEAD
Elmer Rice Playwright Street Scene 28-Sep-1892 08-May-1967 DEAD
Edmond Rostand Playwright Cyrano de Bergerac 01-Apr-1868 02-Dec-1918 DEAD
Nicholas Rowe Playwright Editor of William Shakespeare 20-Jun-1674 06-Dec-1718 DEAD
William Rowley Playwright Collaborator with Thomas Middleton 1585 1642 DEAD
Victorien Sardou Playwright Les Pattes de Mouche 05-Sep-1831 08-Nov-1908 DEAD
Friedrich von Schiller Playwright Wallenstein 10-Nov-1759 09-May-1805 DEAD
Arthur Schnitzler Playwright Reigen 15-May-1862 21-Oct-1931 DEAD
Thomas Shadwell Playwright Epsom Wells 1642 19-Nov-1692 DEAD
Peter Shaffer Playwright Amadeus, Equus 15-May-1926 06-Jun-2016 DEAD
William Shakespeare Playwright Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth 23-Apr-1564 23-Apr-1616 DEAD
George Bernard Shaw Playwright Irish dramatist and pamphleteer 26-Jul-1856 02-Nov-1950 DEAD
Irwin Shaw Playwright Rich Man, Poor Man 27-Feb-1913 16-May-1984 DEAD
Sam Shepard Playwright Buried Child 05-Nov-1943 27-Jul-2017 DEAD
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Playwright The School for Scandal 30-Oct-1751 07-Jul-1816 DEAD
Robert E. Sherwood Playwright Abe Lincoln in Illinois 04-Apr-1896 14-Nov-1955 DEAD
James Shirley Playwright Love Tricks 1596 29-Oct-1666 DEAD
Neil Simon Playwright The Odd Couple 04-Jul-1927 TBD ADD
Sophocles Playwright Oedipus the King ? TBD DEAD
Thomas Southerne Playwright The Persian Prince 1660 26-May-1746 DEAD
Wole Soyinka Playwright Politically-charged Nigerian author 13-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Joseph Stein Playwright Fiddler on the Roof librettist 30-May-1912 24-Oct-2010 DEAD
Douglas Stewart Playwright Fire in the Snow 06-May-1913 14-Feb-1985 DEAD
Tom Stoppard Playwright Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead 03-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
August Strindberg Playwright Röda Rummet 22-Jan-1849 14-May-1912 DEAD
Aleksandr Sumarokov Playwright Founder of Russian classical drama 14-Nov-1717 12-Oct-1777 DEAD
John Millington Synge Playwright The Playboy of the Western World 16-Apr-1871 24-Mar-1909 DEAD
Ede Szigligeti Playwright Leading Hungarian dramatist 08-Mar-1814 19-Jan-1878 DEAD
Manuel Tamayo y Baus Playwright Lances de Honor 15-Sep-1829 20-Jun-1898 DEAD
Terence Playwright Comic playwright of Ancient Rome ? TBD DEAD
Ernst Toller Playwright Transformation 01-Dec-1893 22-May-1939 DEAD
Royall Tyler Playwright The Contrast 18-Jul-1757 26-Aug-1826 DEAD
John Vanbrugh Playwright The Provok'd Wife 24-Jan-1664 26-Mar-1726 DEAD
Lope de Vega Playwright Reformed Spanish comedy 25-Nov-1562 27-Aug-1635 DEAD
Henri Verneuil Playwright I as in Icarus 15-Oct-1920 11-Jan-2002 DEAD
Wendy Wasserstein Playwright The Heidi Chronicles 18-Oct-1950 30-Jan-2006 DEAD
John Webster Playwright The Duchess of Malfy 1580 1634 DEAD
Frank Wedekind Playwright Playwright born before his time 24-Jul-1864 09-Mar-1918 DEAD
Arnold Wesker Playwright The Kitchen 24-May-1932 12-Apr-2016 DEAD
Oscar Wilde Playwright The Picture of Dorian Gray 16-Oct-1854 30-Nov-1900 DEAD
Emlyn Williams Playwright Night Must Fall 26-Nov-1905 25-Sep-1987 DEAD
Tennessee Williams Playwright The Glass Menagerie 26-Mar-1911 25-Feb-1983 DEAD
August Wilson Playwright The Piano Lesson 27-Apr-1945 02-Oct-2005 DEAD
Lanford Wilson Playwright The Hot L Baltimore 13-Apr-1937 24-Mar-2011 DEAD
William Wycherley Playwright The Plain Dealer 1640 01-Jan-1716 DEAD
Israel Zangwill Playwright Children of the Ghetto 14-Feb-1864 01-Aug-1926 DEAD