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Rotten Dead Pool
Eugen Bleuler Psychiatrist Coined term schizophrenia 30-Apr-1857 15-Jul-1939 DEAD
Robert Coles Psychiatrist Children of Crisis 12-Oct-1929 TBD ADD
Frantz Fanon Psychiatrist Black Skin, White Masks 20-Jul-1925 06-Dec-1961 DEAD
Sigmund Freud Psychiatrist Die Traumdeutung 06-May-1856 23-Sep-1939 DEAD
David Healy Psychiatrist The Antidepressant Era 27-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Carl Jung Psychiatrist Inventor of the collective unconscious 26-Jul-1875 06-Jun-1961 DEAD
Emil Kraepelin Psychiatrist Manic depression and schizophrenia 15-Feb-1856 07-Oct-1926 DEAD
Richard von Krafft-Ebing Psychiatrist Psychopathia Sexualis 14-Aug-1840 22-Dec-1902 DEAD
Jacques Lacan Psychiatrist The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I 13-Apr-1901 09-Sep-1981 DEAD
Robert Jay Lifton Psychiatrist The Nazi Doctors 16-May-1926 TBD ADD
John Mack Psychiatrist A Prince of Our Disorder 04-Oct-1929 27-Sep-2004 DEAD
Karl Menninger Psychiatrist The Human Mind 22-Jul-1893 18-Jul-1990 DEAD
Adolf Meyer Psychiatrist Commonsense Psychiatry 13-Sep-1866 17-Mar-1950 DEAD
Philippe Pinel Psychiatrist Unchained the insane 20-Apr-1745 25-Oct-1826 DEAD
Jean G. Spaulding Psychiatrist Psychiatrist at Duke University 1947 TBD ADD
Thomas Szasz Psychiatrist Libertarian psychiatrist 15-Apr-1920 08-Sep-2012 DEAD
Julius Wagner-Jauregg Psychiatrist Cured syphilis with malaria, pioneered shock therapy 07-Mar-1857 27-Sep-1940 DEAD