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Rotten Dead Pool
Robert S. Abbott Publisher Chicago Defender 24-Nov-1868 29-Feb-1940 DEAD
Arunah Shepherdson Abell Publisher The Baltimore Sun 10-Aug-1806 19-Aug-1888 DEAD
William Waldorf Astor Publisher The Observer 31-Mar-1848 18-Oct-1919 DEAD
Ian Ballantine Publisher Paperback magnate 15-Feb-1916 09-Mar-1995 DEAD
Hugh Bancroft Publisher President of Dow Jones, 1928-31 13-Sep-1879 17-Oct-1933 DEAD
Clarence W. Barron Publisher Wall Street Journal proprietor, 1903-28 02-Jul-1855 02-Oct-1928 DEAD
Frank Batten Publisher Founder, The Weather Channel 11-Feb-1927 10-Sep-2009 DEAD
James Gordon Bennett Publisher Founder, The New York Herald 01-Sep-1795 01-Jun-1872 DEAD
William Benton Publisher Publisher, Encyclopedia Britannica, 1943-73 01-Apr-1900 18-Mar-1973 DEAD
Giambattista Bodoni Publisher Italian printer 16-Feb-1740 29-Nov-1813 DEAD
William Bradford Publisher Colonial American printer 20-May-1663 23-May-1752 DEAD
George Bradshaw Publisher Bradshaw's Monthly Railway Guide 29-Jul-1801 06-Sep-1853 DEAD
George Braziller Publisher Founder, George Braziller Inc. 12-Feb-1916 16-Mar-2017 DEAD
Cass Canfield Publisher Harper & Brothers 26-Apr-1897 27-Mar-1986 DEAD
Richard G. Capen Publisher US Ambassador to Spain, 1992-93 1935 TBD ADD
John Cassell Publisher Cassell's Magazine 23-Jan-1817 02-Apr-1865 DEAD
William Caxton Publisher First printer in England 1422 1491 DEAD
Bennett Cerf Publisher Founder of Random House 25-May-1898 27-Aug-1971 DEAD
William Chambers Publisher W. & R. Chambers, Ltd. 16-Apr-1800 20-May-1883 DEAD
Otis Chandler Publisher Publisher of the L.A. Times, 1960-80 23-Nov-1927 27-Feb-2006 DEAD
Susan Clark-Johnson Publisher President, Newspaper Divison, Gannett 1947 TBD ADD
Peter Collier Publisher Encounter Books ? TBD ADD
Richard H. Collins Publisher Dallas newspaper publisher 01-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Charles Cook Publisher Cook Political Report ? TBD ADD
L. Gordon Crovitz Publisher Publisher, Wall Street Journal, 2006-07 1959 TBD ADD
Edmund Curll Publisher Notorious London bookseller 1683 11-Dec-1747 DEAD
Drew Curtis Publisher Fark 07-Feb-1973 TBD ADD
John Henry Cutler Publisher Duxbury Clipper 10-Jun-1910 16-Sep-1998 DEAD
Nader F. Darehshori Publisher CEO of Houghton Mifflin, 1990-2002 1936 TBD ADD
Nick Denton Publisher Gawker Media 24-Aug-1966 TBD ADD
John L. Dotson, Jr. Publisher Akron Beacon Journal publisher, 1992-2001 ? TBD ADD
Orvil Dryfoos Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1961-63 08-Nov-1912 26-May-1963 DEAD
Richard J. Durrell Publisher First publisher, People magazine 1925 07-Mar-2008 DEAD
Oscar Dystel Publisher Bantam Books 31-Oct-1912 28-May-2014 DEAD
Steven Florio Publisher CEO of Condé Nast, 1995-2005 19-Apr-1949 27-Dec-2007 DEAD
Anne Sutherland Fuchs Publisher Former publisher of Woman's Day 1948 TBD ADD
William M. Gaines Publisher Mad Magazine publisher 01-Mar-1922 03-Jun-1992 DEAD
Robert Giroux Publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux 08-Apr-1914 05-Sep-2008 DEAD
James Glassman Publisher Roll Call editor 01-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Michael Golden Publisher Publisher, The International Herald Tribune 1950 TBD ADD
Al Goldstein Publisher Founder of Screw magazine 10-Jan-1936 19-Dec-2013 DEAD
Victor Gollancz Publisher Founder of Victor Gollancz, Ltd. 09-Apr-1893 08-Feb-1967 DEAD
Katharine Graham Publisher Washington Post publisher, 1966-79 16-Jun-1917 17-Jul-2001 DEAD
Philip L. Graham Publisher Washington Post publisher, 1947-63 18-Jul-1915 03-Aug-1963 DEAD
Thomas Guinzburg Publisher Former owner, Viking Press 30-Mar-1926 08-Sep-2010 DEAD
Louis-Christophe-François Hachette Publisher French textbook publisher 05-May-1800 31-Jul-1864 DEAD
Jefferson Hack Publisher Editor of Dazed & Confused 20-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Luke Hansard Publisher English printer 05-Jul-1752 28-Oct-1828 DEAD
Robert Harrison Publisher Publisher of tabloid Confidential 14-Apr-1904 17-Feb-1978 DEAD
Hugh Hefner Publisher Founder, Playboy magazine 09-Apr-1926 TBD ADD
Robert Hersant Publisher Le Papivore 30-Jan-1920 21-Apr-1996 DEAD
Hendrik Hertzberg Publisher The New Yorker 1943 TBD ADD
John A. Hill Publisher Co-Founder of the McGraw-Hill Companies 22-Feb-1858 24-Jan-1916 DEAD
David D. Hiller Publisher LA Times publisher, 2006-08 12-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Oveta Culp Hobby Publisher Houston Post President, 1955-83 19-Jan-1905 16-Aug-1995 DEAD
Kenneth C. Hogate Publisher President of Dow Jones, 1931-45 27-Jul-1897 11-Feb-1947 DEAD
David Hunke Publisher Newspaper publisher 1952 TBD ADD
Alberto Ibargüen Publisher President of the Knight Foundation 1944 TBD ADD
Robert M. Johnson Publisher Publisher of Newsday, 1986-94 14-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Boisfeuillet Jones, Jr. Publisher Washington Post publisher, 2000-08 1946 TBD ADD
Jill Kaplan Publisher Publisher of Crain's New York Business 1967 TBD ADD
William J. Keating Publisher Cincinnati Enquirer chairman, 1974-92 30-Mar-1927 TBD ADD
Bernard Kilgore Publisher President of Dow Jones, 1945-66 09-Nov-1908 14-Nov-1967 DEAD
Roger Kimball Publisher The New Criterion 13-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Alfred A. Knopf Publisher American publisher 12-Sep-1892 11-Aug-1984 DEAD
Michael Korda Publisher Editor-in-Chief of Simon & Schuster 08-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Laurence W. Lane, Jr. Publisher US Ambassador to Australia, 1986-89 07-Nov-1919 31-Jul-2010 DEAD
James Laughlin Publisher Founder, New Directions Press 30-Oct-1914 12-Nov-1997 DEAD
David Laventhol Publisher President of Times Mirror, 1987-93 15-Jul-1933 08-Apr-2015 DEAD
Edward Lewis Publisher Founder of Essence magazine 15-May-1940 TBD ADD
Bernard Lintot Publisher 18th century English publisher 01-Dec-1675 03-Feb-1736 DEAD
Horace Liveright Publisher Publisher of the Modern Library series 10-Dec-1886 24-Sep-1933 DEAD
Monica C. Lozano Publisher Publisher of La Opinión 21-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Henry Luce III Publisher Former Time magazine publisher 28-Apr-1925 07-Sep-2005 DEAD
Brown McClatchy Maloney Publisher Olympic View Publishing 1955 TBD ADD
Aldus Manutius Publisher Founder of Aldine Press 1449 06-Feb-1515 DEAD
Robert Maxwell Publisher Mirror Group tycoon 10-Jun-1923 05-Nov-1991 DEAD
James McClatchy Publisher Former Chairman, McClatchy Newspapers 17-Dec-1920 26-May-2006 DEAD
James H. McGraw Publisher Co-Founder of the McGraw-Hill Companies 17-Dec-1860 21-Feb-1948 DEAD
Philip Merrill Publisher Capital Gazette Communications 28-Apr-1934 10-Jun-2006 DEAD
Eugene Meyer Publisher Washington Post publisher, 1933-47 31-Oct-1875 17-Jul-1959 DEAD
John R. Murphy Publisher Publisher of the Baltimore Sun, 1981-92 07-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Victor Navasky Publisher Publisher of The Nation 05-Jul-1932 TBD ADD
Si Newhouse, Jr. Publisher Chairman of Condé Nast 08-Nov-1927 TBD ADD
S. I. Newhouse, Sr. Publisher Founder of Advance Publications 24-May-1895 29-Aug-1979 DEAD
Donald Newhouse Publisher Advance Newspapers billionaire 1929 TBD ADD
Tim O'Reilly Publisher Publisher, O'Reilly Media 06-Jun-1954 TBD ADD
Adolph Ochs Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1896-1936 12-Mar-1858 08-Apr-1935 DEAD
John Ogilby Publisher Royal Cosmographer, printer 1600 04-Sep-1676 DEAD
Burl Osborne Publisher Dallas Morning News 25-Jun-1937 15-Aug-2012 DEAD
Marty Peretz Publisher Co-Owner, The New Republic 06-Dec-1938 TBD ADD
Thomas L. Phillips Publisher Phillips Publishing International 25-Dec-1941 TBD ADD
Warren H. Phillips Publisher Chairman of Dow Jones, 1975-91 28-Jun-1926 TBD ADD
George Palmer Putnam Publisher Founder, G. P. Putnam's Sons 07-Feb-1814 20-Dec-1872 DEAD
Judith Regan Publisher ReganBooks 1953 TBD ADD
Alfred Regnery Publisher The American Spectator 21-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Henry Regnery Publisher Regnery Publishing 05-Jan-1912 18-Jun-1996 DEAD
Harold W. Ross Publisher Founder of The New Yorker 06-Nov-1892 06-Dec-1951 DEAD
Marjory Ross Publisher Regnery Publishing 1959 TBD ADD
Barney Rosset Publisher Grove Press 28-May-1922 21-Feb-2012 DEAD
Louis Rossetto Publisher Wired co-founder 1949 TBD ADD
Stuart Rothenberg Publisher Rothenberg Political Report 1948 TBD ADD
Jonathan Rothermere Publisher Proprietor of the Daily Mail 03-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Vere Rothermere Publisher Proprietor of the Daily Mail, 1971-98 27-Apr-1925 01-Sep-1998 DEAD
Richard T. Schlosberg III Publisher Publisher of LA Times, 1994-97 1943 TBD ADD
E. W. Scripps Publisher Founder of UPI 18-Jun-1854 12-Mar-1926 DEAD
Richard B. Scudder Publisher Co-Founder, MediaNews Group 13-May-1913 11-Jul-2012 DEAD
Elmo Smith Publisher Governor of Oregon, 1956-57 19-Nov-1909 15-Jul-1968 DEAD
Scott C. Smith Publisher President of Tribune Publishing, 2005-08 13-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
A. G. Sulzberger Publisher Deputy Publisher, New York Times 05-Aug-1980 TBD ADD
Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Publisher New York Times Publisher 22-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Arthur Hays Sulzberger Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1935-61 12-Sep-1891 11-Dec-1968 DEAD
Punch Sulzberger Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1963-91 05-Feb-1926 29-Sep-2012 DEAD
Fausto Vitello Publisher Founding publisher of Thrasher 23-Aug-1946 22-Apr-2006 DEAD
George Weidenfeld Publisher Co-Founder, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 13-Sep-1919 20-Jan-2016 DEAD
Katharine Weymouth Publisher Washington Post publisher 1966 TBD ADD
James Wilson Publisher Founder of The Economist 03-Jun-1805 11-Aug-1860 DEAD
Ben G. Wright Publisher Publisher, Field and Stream 1911 10-Apr-2001 DEAD