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Rotten Dead Pool
Allison Adler Relative Partner of Sara Gilbert 30-May-1967 TBD ADD
Roberta Green Ahmanson Relative Wife of Howard Ahmanson 1949 TBD ADD
Cydney Bernard Relative Former partner of Jodie Foster 1953 TBD ADD
Liliane Bettencourt Relative World's 16th richest person, 2005 21-Oct-1922 TBD ADD
Jill Jacobs Biden Relative Wife of Joe Biden 05-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Larry Birkhead Relative Impregnated Anna Nicole Smith 22-Jan-1973 TBD ADD
Chaz Bono Relative Transgender offspring of Sonny and Cher 04-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Pauline Borghese Relative Sister of Napoleon Bonaparte 20-Oct-1780 09-Jun-1825 DEAD
Camilla Parker Bowles Relative Prince Charles's wife, former mistress 17-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Christian Brando Relative Son of Marlon Brando 11-May-1958 26-Jan-2008 DEAD
Elsa Prince Broekhuizen Relative Conservative financier, mother of Erik Prince 1932 TBD ADD
Bobbi Kristina Brown Relative Daughter of Whitney Houston 04-Mar-1993 26-Jul-2015 DEAD
Howard G. Buffett Relative Son of Warren Buffett 16-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
William S. Burroughs, Jr. Relative Son of William S. Burroughs 21-Jul-1947 03-Mar-1981 DEAD
Barbara Bush Relative Twin daughter of George W. Bush 25-Nov-1981 TBD ADD
Columba Bush Relative Wife of Florida governor Jeb Bush 1953 TBD ADD
Doro Bush Relative George W. Bush's sister 18-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Jebby Bush Relative Son of Jeb Bush 13-Dec-1983 TBD ADD
Jenna Bush Relative Twin daughter of George W. Bush 25-Nov-1981 TBD ADD
Jonathan J. Bush Relative Brother of George H.W. Bush 06-May-1931 TBD ADD
Marvin Bush Relative Brother of Jeb, Dubya, and Neil 22-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Neil Bush Relative Silverado Savings & Loan 22-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Noelle Bush Relative Niece of George W. Bush 26-Jul-1977 TBD ADD
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. Relative Brother of George H.W. Bush 10-Aug-1922 23-Jun-2010 DEAD
Robin Bush Relative George W. Bush sister, died at age four 20-Dec-1949 11-Oct-1953 DEAD
Samuel P. Bush Relative Father of Senator Prescott Bush 04-Oct-1863 08-Feb-1948 DEAD
William Trotter Bush Relative Brother of George H.W. Bush 14-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Letitia G. Carlson Relative George Washington University Medical Center 1960 TBD ADD
Prudence E. Carlson Relative Daughter of LeRoy T. Carlson 1951 TBD ADD
Amy Carter Relative Daughter of President Jimmy Carter 19-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Billy Carter Relative Brother of Jimmy Carter 29-Mar-1937 25-Sep-1988 DEAD
Jack Carter Relative Jimmy Carter's eldest son 03-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Oona Chaplin Relative Wife of Charlie Chaplin 13-May-1926 27-Sep-1991 DEAD
Liz Cheney Relative Dick Cheney's daughter 28-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Mary Cheney Relative Lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney 14-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Chelsea Clinton Relative Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton 27-Feb-1980 TBD ADD
Roger Clinton Relative Black sheep in Clinton family 25-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Frances Bean Cobain Relative Kurt and Courtney's daughter 18-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Pete Coors Relative Coors scion 20-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Suri Cruise Relative Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 18-Apr-2006 TBD ADD
Patti Davis Relative Reagan's prodigal daughter 21-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Julie Doolittle Relative Wife of Congressman John Doolittle ? TBD ADD
Stanley Ann Dunham Relative Mother of President Barack Obama 29-Nov-1942 07-Nov-1995 DEAD
Margaret O'Neill Eaton Relative War Secy.'s wife caused cabinet shakeup 1796 08-Nov-1879 DEAD
Elizabeth Edwards Relative Wife of ex-Senator John Edwards 03-Jul-1949 07-Dec-2010 DEAD
Julie Nixon Eisenhower Relative Richard M. Nixon's daughter 05-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Ronan Farrow Relative Son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow 19-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Kevin Federline Relative Briefly Mr. Britney Spears 21-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
Leticia Finley Relative Wife of Billy Ray Cyrus 01-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Gennifer Flowers Relative Former mistress of Bill Clinton 24-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Althea Flynt Relative Larry Flynt's dead wife 06-Nov-1953 27-Jun-1987 DEAD
Steven Ford Relative Son of Gerald Ford 19-May-1956 TBD ADD
Larry Fortensky Relative Elizabeth Taylor's latest husband 17-Jan-1952 TBD ADD
Otto Frank Relative Father of Anne Frank 12-May-1889 19-Aug-1980 DEAD
Jessie Fremont Relative Wife of John C. Fremont 31-May-1824 27-Dec-1902 DEAD
Anna Freud Relative Daughter of Sigmund Freud 03-Dec-1895 09-Oct-1982 DEAD
Amber Frey Relative Ex-Mistress of Scott Peterson 10-Feb-1975 TBD ADD
Erle Chennault Galbraith Relative Widow of Al Jolson 01-Dec-1922 11-Jan-2004 DEAD
Hutton Gibson Relative Father of Mel Gibson 26-Aug-1918 TBD ADD
Judith Giuliani Relative Wife of Rudy Giuliani 16-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Magda Goebbels Relative Wife of Joseph Goebbels 11-Nov-1901 01-May-1945 DEAD
Al Gore III Relative Al Gore's son 19-Oct-1982 TBD ADD
Kristin Gore Relative Futurama, SNL writer 05-Jun-1977 TBD ADD
Victoria Gotti Relative Growing Up Gotti 27-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Bob Guccione, Jr. Relative Spin magazine's ex-publisher 1956 TBD ADD
Emma Hamilton Relative Mistress of Lord Nelson 1765 15-Jan-1815 DEAD
Domino Harvey Relative Laurence Harvey's daughter 07-Aug-1969 27-Jun-2005 DEAD
Teresa Heinz Relative Wife of John Kerry 05-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Helena Relative Mother of Constantine the Great ? TBD DEAD
Sally Hemings Relative Thomas Jefferson's slave mistress 1773 1835 DEAD
James Hewitt Relative Princess Diana's adulterous lover 1958 TBD ADD
Francesca Hilton Relative Daughter of Conrad Hilton and Zsa Zsa 10-Mar-1947 05-Jan-2015 DEAD
Alois Hitler Relative Father of Adolf Hitler 07-Jun-1837 03-Jan-1903 DEAD
Brooke Hogan Relative Daughter of Hulk Hogan 05-May-1988 TBD ADD
Nick Hogan Relative Son of Hulk Hogan 27-Jul-1990 TBD ADD
Rielle Hunter Relative Mistress of John Edwards 20-Mar-1964 TBD ADD
Joe Jackson Relative Patriarch of the Jackson family 26-Jul-1929 TBD ADD
Katherine Jackson Relative Matriarch of the Jackson family 04-May-1930 TBD ADD
Prince Michael II Relative Dangled over a fourth-floor hotel balcony 21-Feb-2002 TBD ADD
Paris Jackson Relative Daughter of Michael Jackson 03-Apr-1998 TBD ADD
Jade Jagger Relative Daughter of Mick and Bianca 21-Oct-1971 TBD ADD
Brody Jenner Relative Son of Bruce Jenner 21-Aug-1983 TBD ADD
Kris Jenner Relative Ex-wife of Bruce Jenner 05-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Rita Jenrette Relative My Capitol Secrets 25-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Luci Baines Johnson Relative Daughter of LBJ 02-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Lynda Bird Johnson Relative Daughter of LBJ 19-Mar-1944 TBD ADD
Caroline Kennedy Relative Daughter of John F. Kennedy 27-Nov-1957 TBD ADD
Ethel Kennedy Relative Robert F. Kennedy's widow 11-Apr-1928 TBD ADD
Joan Kennedy Relative First wife of Ted Kennedy 02-Sep-1936 TBD ADD
John F. Kennedy, Jr. Relative Son of John F. Kennedy 25-Nov-1960 16-Jul-1999 DEAD
Kathleen Kennedy Relative Sister of John F. Kennedy 20-Feb-1920 13-May-1948 DEAD
Mary Richardson Kennedy Relative Estranged wife of RFK, Jr. 04-Oct-1959 16-May-2012 DEAD
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Relative Son of Robert F. Kennedy 17-Jan-1954 TBD ADD
Rose Kennedy Relative Kennedy Matriarch 22-Jul-1890 22-Jan-1995 DEAD
Rosemary Kennedy Relative Kennedy sibling, institutionalized 13-Sep-1918 07-Jan-2005 DEAD
Cameron Kerry Relative John Kerry's younger brother 06-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
Mohammed Jamal Khalifa Relative Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law 01-Feb-1957 31-Jan-2007 DEAD
Salem bin Laden Relative Osama's brother 1946 29-May-1988 DEAD
Judy Lewis Relative Daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young 06-Nov-1935 25-Nov-2011 DEAD
Hadassah Lieberman Relative Wife of Joseph Lieberman 00-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Winnie Mandela Relative Former wife of Nelson Mandela 26-Sep-1936 TBD ADD
Marla Maples Relative One of Donald Trump's ex-wives 27-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Phil Margera Relative Bam Margera's father 13-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Vincent Margera Relative Don Vito, Bam Margera's uncle 03-Jul-1956 15-Nov-2015 DEAD
Dean-Paul Martin Relative Son of Dean Martin 17-Nov-1951 21-Mar-1987 DEAD
Kim Mathers Relative Eminem's two-time ex-wife 09-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Cindy Hensley McCain Relative Wife of John McCain 20-May-1954 TBD ADD
Timothy McSweeney Relative Namesake of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern 1943 24-Jan-2010 DEAD
Kate Middleton Relative Wife of Prince William 09-Jan-1982 TBD ADD
Debbie Nelson Relative Eminem's mother 1955 TBD ADD
F. Donald Nixon Relative Nixon's brother, got $205K from Hughes 23-Nov-1914 27-Jun-1987 DEAD
Tricia Nixon Relative Daughter of President Nixon 21-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
John J. O'Connor III Relative Sandra Day O'Connor's husband 10-Jan-1930 11-Nov-2009 DEAD
Barack Obama, Sr. Relative Father of President Barack Obama 18-Jun-1936 24-Nov-1982 DEAD
Christina Onassis Relative Daughter of Aristotle Onassis 11-Dec-1950 19-Nov-1988 DEAD
Jack Osbourne Relative Son of Ozzy Osbourne 08-Nov-1985 TBD ADD
Kelly Osbourne Relative Ozzy's daughter 27-Oct-1984 TBD ADD
Marina Oswald Relative Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald 17-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
Bristol Palin Relative Ironic abstinence advocate 18-Oct-1990 TBD ADD
Todd Palin Relative Husband of Sarah Palin 06-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Jo Allen Patton Relative Sister of Paul Allen 1959 TBD ADD
Clara Petacci Relative Mussolini's mistress 28-Feb-1912 28-Apr-1945 DEAD
Kim Porter Relative P Diddy's former girlfriend 1971 TBD ADD
Lisa Marie Presley Relative Daughter of Elvis Presley 01-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Soon-Yi Previn Relative Woody Allen's scandalously young wife 08-Oct-1970 TBD ADD
Lee Radziwill Relative Jackie O's sister married a Polish prince 03-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
John Ramsey Relative JonBenét's father 07-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Patsy Ramsey Relative JonBenét's mother 29-Dec-1956 24-Jun-2006 DEAD
Geli Raubal Relative Hitler's niece 04-Jun-1908 18-Sep-1931 DEAD
Maureen Reagan Relative Daughter of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman 04-Jan-1941 08-Aug-2001 DEAD
Ron Reagan Relative Son of Ronald Reagan 28-May-1958 TBD ADD
Al Reynolds Relative Husband of Star Jones 1968 TBD ADD
Edward G. Robinson, Jr. Relative Edward G. Robinson's troubled son 19-Mar-1933 26-Feb-1974 DEAD
Jeanne-Marie Roland Relative French woman of intrigue 17-Mar-1754 08-Nov-1793 DEAD
Archie Roosevelt Relative Conservative leader against New Deal 09-Apr-1894 13-Oct-1979 DEAD
Kermit Roosevelt Relative Theodore Roosevelt's son 10-Oct-1889 04-Jun-1943 DEAD
Quentin Roosevelt Relative Theodore Roosevelt's son 19-Nov-1897 14-Jul-1918 DEAD
Ethel Rosenberg Relative Executed for being married to Julius Rosenberg 28-Sep-1915 19-Jun-1953 DEAD
Athina Onassis Roussel Relative Daughter of Christina Onassis 00-Jan-1985 TBD ADD
Debbie Rowe Relative Michael Jackson's ex-wife 06-Dec-1958 TBD ADD
Michael Schiavo Relative Terri Schiavo's husband 03-Apr-1963 TBD ADD
Jessica Seinfeld Relative Wife of Jerry Seinfeld 12-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Nerine Shatner Relative William Shatner's drowned wife 1959 09-Aug-1999 DEAD
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Relative Founder of the Special Olympics 10-Jul-1921 11-Aug-2009 DEAD
Jennifer Siebel Relative Wife of Gavin Newsom 19-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Nick Simmons Relative Son of Gene Simmons 22-Jan-1989 TBD ADD
Sophie Simmons Relative Daughter of Gene Simmons 07-Jul-1992 TBD ADD
Tina Sinatra Relative Daughter of Frank Sinatra 20-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Daniel Smith Relative Son of Anna Nicole Smith 22-Jan-1986 10-Sep-2006 DEAD
David Hyrum Smith Relative Son of Joseph Smith 17-Nov-1844 29-Aug-1904 DEAD
William Kennedy Smith Relative Lesser Kennedy, not guilty of rape 04-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Barbara Sobel Relative Wife of US Ambassador to Brazil 1949 TBD ADD
Meredith R. Spangler Relative Civic leader, wife of C. D. Spangler, Jr. ? TBD ADD
Jackie Stallone Relative Astrologer-Mother of Sylvester Stallone 29-Nov-1921 TBD ADD
Dorothy Walker Stapleton Relative Cousin of George W. Bush ? TBD ADD
John M. Templeton, Jr. Relative Conservative philanthropist 19-Feb-1940 16-May-2015 DEAD
Mark Thatcher Relative Margaret Thatcher's ne'er-do-well son 15-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Jeri Thompson Relative Wife of Fred Thompson 30-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Scott Thorson Relative Liberace's young male lover 23-Jan-1959 TBD ADD
Alice B. Toklas Relative Gertrude Stein's lover 30-Apr-1877 07-Mar-1967 DEAD
Royd Tolkien Relative Great grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien 1969 TBD ADD
Michelle Triola Relative Palimony 13-Nov-1933 30-Oct-2009 DEAD
Margaret Truman Relative Harry S. Truman's mystery novelist daughter 17-Feb-1924 29-Jan-2008 DEAD
Ivana Trump Relative Donald Trump's first wife 20-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Ivanka Trump Relative Daughter of Donald Trump 30-Oct-1981 TBD ADD
Mary Anne Trump Relative Mother of Donald Trump 10-May-1912 07-Aug-2000 DEAD
Barbara A. Tyson Relative Former VP at Tyson Foods 1949 TBD ADD
Virginia M. Ueberroth Relative Wife of Peter Ueberroth 1940 TBD ADD
Lida Urbanek Relative Widow of Karel Urbanek 1943 TBD ADD
Janet Ventura-Arvizo Relative Gavin Arvizo's mother 16-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Allegra Versace Relative Waify Versace heiress 30-Jun-1986 TBD ADD
Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt Relative Zsa Zsa's husband 18-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Lucy Walter Relative Mistress of English king Charles II 1630 1658 DEAD
Alice Walton Relative World's 13th richest person, 2005 07-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Helen Robson Walton Relative World's 13th richest person, 2005 03-Dec-1919 19-Apr-2007 DEAD
Jim Walton Relative World's 11th richest man, 2005 1948 TBD ADD
John T. Walton Relative World's 11th richest man, 2005 08-Oct-1946 27-Jun-2005 DEAD
Essie Mae Washington-Williams Relative Strom Thurmond's half-black daughter 12-Oct-1925 03-Feb-2013 DEAD
Abigail S. Wexner Relative Wife of Leslie H. Wexner 1962 TBD ADD
Sarah Winchester Relative Winchester Mystery House 00-Sep-1839 05-Sep-1922 DEAD
Sheree Zampino Relative Ex-Wife of Will Smith 16-Nov-1967 TBD ADD
Diva Muffin Zappa Relative Daughter of Frank Zappa 30-Jul-1979 TBD ADD