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Rotten Dead Pool
Abdu'l-Bahá Religion Baha'i leader 23-May-1844 28-Nov-1921 DEAD
Abraham Religion Father of the Abrahamic religions ? TBD DEAD
Pope Adrian I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 772-95 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Adrian II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 867-72 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Adrian IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1154-59 1100 01-Sep-1159 DEAD
Pope Adrian VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1522-23 02-Mar-1459 14-Sep-1523 DEAD
St. Agatha Religion Patron saint of Catania ? TBD DEAD
Pope Agatho Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 678-81 ? TBD DEAD
Peter Akinola Religion Anglican Primate of Nigeria 1944 TBD ADD
Anwar al-Awlaki Religion Yemeni video cleric, AQAP 22-Apr-1971 30-Sep-2011 DEAD
Tony Alamo Religion Tony Alamo Christian Ministries 20-Sep-1934 02-May-2017 DEAD
Giulio Alberoni Religion Powerful Italo-Spanish cardinal 21-May-1664 16-Jun-1752 DEAD
Erasmus Alberus Religion German humanist, supporter of Luther 1500 1553 DEAD
Pope Alexander II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1061-73 ? 21-Apr-1075 DEAD
Pope Alexander III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1159-81 1105 30-Aug-1181 DEAD
Pope Alexander V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1409-10 1339 04-May-1410 DEAD
Pope Alexander VI Religion Divided the New World for Portugal, Spain 01-Jan-1431 18-Aug-1503 DEAD
Pope Alexander VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1655-67 13-Feb-1599 22-May-1667 DEAD
Pope Alexander VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1689-91 22-Apr-1610 01-Feb-1691 DEAD
Noble Drew Ali Religion Moorish Science Temple of America 08-Jan-1886 20-Jul-1929 DEAD
Richard Allen Religion Founder, African Episcopal Methodist Church 14-Feb-1760 26-Mar-1831 DEAD
Georges d'Amboise Religion Prime Minister under Louis XII 1460 25-May-1510 DEAD
St. Ambrose Religion Church Father, fought Arianism ? TBD DEAD
Nikolaus von Amsdorf Religion German Protestant reformer 03-Dec-1483 14-May-1565 DEAD
Mother Angelica Religion Roman Catholic evangelical nun 20-Apr-1923 27-Mar-2016 DEAD
John Ankerberg Religion The John Ankerberg Show 00-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Johnny Appleseed Religion Itinerant preacher, apple tree distributor 26-Sep-1774 18-Mar-1845 DEAD
Marshall Applewhite Religion Led the Heaven's Gate cult to suicide 17-May-1931 26-Mar-1997 DEAD
Samuel J. Aquila Religion Archbishop of Denver 24-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
St. Thomas Aquinas Religion Catholicism's leading theologian 1225 07-Mar-1274 DEAD
Francis Arinze Religion Congregation of Divine Worship 01-Nov-1932 TBD ADD
Arius Religion Founder of the Christian doctrine of Arianism ? TBD DEAD
Thomas Arundel Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1396-1414 1353 19-Feb-1414 DEAD
Shoko Asahara Religion Leader, Aum Shinrikyo cult 02-Mar-1955 TBD ADD
Francis Asbury Religion Father of American Methodism 20-Aug-1745 31-Mar-1816 DEAD
St. Athanasius Religion Patriarch of Alexandria, 328-373 AD ? TBD DEAD
St. Augustine Religion Confessions ? TBD DEAD
St. Augustine of Canterbury Religion First Archbishop of Canterbury ? TBD DEAD
The Báb Religion Forerunner of Baha'i 20-Oct-1819 09-Jul-1850 DEAD
Marcus Bachmann Religion Husband of Rep. Michele Bachmann 1955 TBD ADD
Isaac Backus Religion An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty 09-Jan-1724 20-Nov-1806 DEAD
Leo Baeck Religion Progressive Jewish Rabbi 23-May-1873 02-Nov-1956 DEAD
Bahá'u'lláh Religion Founder of Baha'i 12-Nov-1817 29-May-1892 DEAD
Michael Baius Religion Belgian theologian 1513 16-Sep-1589 DEAD
Jim Bakker Religion Adulterous bisexual TV evangelist 02-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
Tammy Faye Bakker Religion Wife of Jim Bakker 07-Mar-1942 20-Jul-2007 DEAD
Robert Barnes Religion English reformer and martyr 1495 30-Jul-1540 DEAD
Tommy Barnett Religion Phoenix First Assembly of God 04-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Karl Barth Religion Church Dogmatics 10-May-1886 09-Dec-1968 DEAD
Gregory Baylor Religion Christian Legal Society 1965 TBD ADD
David Beaton Religion Cardinal, Archbishop of St. Andrews 1494 29-May-1546 DEAD
Thomas Becket Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1162-70 1118 29-Dec-1170 DEAD
Venerable Bede Religion Ecclesiastical History ? TBD DEAD
Henry Ward Beecher Religion American Congregationalist preacher 24-Jun-1813 08-Mar-1887 DEAD
Lyman Beecher Religion American Presbyterian preacher 12-Oct-1775 10-Jan-1863 DEAD
Robert Bellarmine Religion Italian Cardinal and theologian 04-Oct-1542 17-Sep-1621 DEAD
Henry Whitney Bellows Religion Unitarian leader, civil reformer 11-Jun-1814 30-Jan-1882 DEAD
Eusebius J. Beltran Religion Catholic Archbishop of Oklahoma City 31-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Pope Benedict IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1033-48 ? 1056 DEAD
Pope Benedict XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1303-04 1240 07-Jul-1304 DEAD
Pope Benedict XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1334-42 ? 25-Apr-1342 DEAD
Pope Benedict XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1724-30 02-Feb-1649 21-Feb-1730 DEAD
Pope Benedict XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1740-58 31-Mar-1675 03-May-1758 DEAD
Pope Benedict XV Religion Sat out World War I 21-Nov-1854 22-Jan-1922 DEAD
Pope Benedict XVI Religion Pope Emeritus 16-Apr-1927 TBD ADD
Ezra Taft Benson Religion President of the Mormon Church, 1985-94 04-Aug-1899 30-May-1994 DEAD
Berengar of Tours Religion Early anti-transubstantiation theologian ? 10-Jan-1088 DEAD
St. Bernard of Clairvaux Religion Reformed the Cistercian Order 1090 20-Aug-1153 DEAD
Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1982-96 02-Apr-1928 14-Nov-1996 DEAD
Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua Religion Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, 1987-2003 17-Jun-1923 31-Jan-2012 DEAD
Theodore Beza Religion Reformation leader, Calvin's successor 24-Jun-1519 13-Oct-1605 DEAD
John Biddle Religion Father of English Unitarianism 1615 22-Sep-1662 DEAD
Thomas Bilney Religion English martyr, influenced Latimer 1495 19-Aug-1531 DEAD
John Birch Religion Missionary to China killed during WW2 28-May-1918 25-Aug-1945 DEAD
Leonard P. Blair Religion Catholic Archbishop of Hartford 12-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Eugene Carson Blake Religion General Secretary, World Council of Churches, 1966-74 07-Nov-1906 31-Jul-1985 DEAD
Jakob Boehme Religion German Protestant mystic 1575 17-Nov-1624 DEAD
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Religion Lutheran theologian, opponent of Hitler 04-Feb-1906 09-Apr-1945 DEAD
Reinhard Bonnke Religion Faith-healing evangelist 19-Apr-1940 TBD ADD
William D. Borders Religion Archbishop of Baltimore, 1974-89 09-Oct-1913 19-Apr-2010 DEAD
Cesare Borgia Religion Cardinal of Valencia 00-Sep-1476 12-Mar-1507 DEAD
St. Francis Borgia Religion The canonized Borgia 28-Oct-1510 30-Sep-1572 DEAD
Jacques Bossuet Religion Discours sur l'Histoire Universelle 25-Sep-1627 12-Apr-1704 DEAD
Shmuley Boteach Religion Shalom in the Home 19-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Malcolm Boyd Religion Are You Running with Me, Jesus? 08-Jun-1923 27-Feb-2015 DEAD
William Bradford Religion Governor of Plymouth Colony 00-Mar-1590 09-May-1657 DEAD
Bill Bright Religion Campus Crusade for Christ 19-Oct-1921 19-Jul-2003 DEAD
Timothy P. Broglio Religion Archbishop of US Military Services 22-Dec-1951 TBD ADD
Alexander J. Brunett Religion Catholic Archbishop of Seattle, 1997-2010 17-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Martin Bucer Religion German Protestant reformer 11-Nov-1491 28-Feb-1551 DEAD
Buddha Religion Enlightened One ? TBD DEAD
Daniel M. Buechlein Religion Catholic Archbishop of Indianapolis, 1992-2011 20-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
Heinrich Bullinger Religion Swiss Lutheran reformer 18-Jul-1504 17-Sep-1575 DEAD
Raymond Leo Burke Religion Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura 30-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Gilbert Burnet Religion Bishop of Salisbury 18-Sep-1643 17-Mar-1715 DEAD
Thomas Burnet Religion Telluris Tehoria Sacra 1635 27-Sep-1715 DEAD
Hermann Busenbaum Religion Medulla theologiae moralis 1600 31-Jan-1668 DEAD
Horace Bushnell Religion Nature and the Supernatural 14-Apr-1802 17-Feb-1876 DEAD
Addie J. Butler Religion Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1946 TBD ADD
Juanita Bynum Religion Pentecostal televangelist 16-Jan-1959 TBD ADD
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Religion Missionaries of the Sacred Heart 15-Jul-1850 22-Dec-1917 DEAD
Kirbyjon H. Caldwell Religion Windsor Village United Methodist Church 1954 TBD ADD
Pope Callistus III Religion Posthumously vindicated Joan of Arc 31-Dec-1378 06-Aug-1458 DEAD
John Calvin Religion French Protestant Reformation 10-Jul-1509 27-May-1564 DEAD
John Cameron Religion Scottish Protestant theologian 1579 1623 DEAD
Harold Camping Religion Predicted the end of world, three times 19-Jul-1921 15-Dec-2013 DEAD
Edmund Campion Religion Jesuit martyr, hanged at Tyburn 24-Jan-1540 01-Dec-1581 DEAD
Tony Campolo Religion Red-Letter Christian sociologist 25-Feb-1935 TBD ADD
Wolfgang Capito Religion German Protestant reformer 1478 04-Nov-1541 DEAD
George L. Carey Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1991-2002 13-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
William Carey Religion English Baptist Missionary Society 17-Aug-1761 09-Jun-1834 DEAD
Thomas Cartwright Religion English Puritan divine 1535 27-Dec-1603 DEAD
James V. Casey Religion Archbishop of Denver, 1967-86 22-Sep-1914 14-Mar-1986 DEAD
George Cassander Religion Worked towards Christian unity 1513 03-Feb-1566 DEAD
Adriano Castellesi Religion Secretary to Pope Alexander VI 1460 1521 DEAD
St. Catherine of Alexandria Religion Patron saint of virgins and nuns ? TBD DEAD
St. Catherine of Siena Religion Patron saint of Italy 25-Mar-1347 29-Apr-1380 DEAD
St. Cecilia Religion Patron saint of music, the blind ? TBD DEAD
Pope Celestine I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 422-432 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Celestine II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1143-44 ? 08-Mar-1144 DEAD
Pope Celestine III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1191-98 1106 08-Jan-1198 DEAD
Pope Celestine IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1241 ? 10-Nov-1241 DEAD
Pope Celestine V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1294 1215 19-May-1296 DEAD
Celsus Religion Opponent of Christianity ? TBD DEAD
Thomas Chalmers Religion Free Church of Scotland 17-Mar-1780 30-May-1847 DEAD
Charles J. Chaput Religion Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia 26-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Martin Chemnitz Religion Lutheran theologian in Brunswick 09-Nov-1522 08-Apr-1586 DEAD
Sri Chinmoy Religion Meditation guru 27-Aug-1931 11-Oct-2007 DEAD
St. John Chrysostom Religion Church Father, Archbishop of Constantinople ? TBD DEAD
St. Clare Religion Founder of the Franciscan Nuns 16-Jul-1194 11-Aug-1253 DEAD
Clarence 13X Religion Nation of Gods and Earths 21-Feb-1928 13-Jun-1969 DEAD
James Freeman Clarke Religion Ten Great Religions 04-Apr-1810 08-Jun-1888 DEAD
St. Clement I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 88-97 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Clement II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1046-47 ? 09-Oct-1047 DEAD
Pope Clement III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1187-91 ? 20-Mar-1191 DEAD
Pope Clement IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1265-68 ? 29-Nov-1268 DEAD
Pope Clement IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1667-69 28-Jan-1600 09-Dec-1669 DEAD
Clement of Alexandria Religion Early Church Father ? TBD DEAD
Pope Clement V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1305-14 1260 20-Apr-1314 DEAD
Pope Clement VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1342-52 1291 06-Dec-1352 DEAD
Pope Clement VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1523-34 26-May-1478 25-Sep-1534 DEAD
Pope Clement VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1592-1605 24-Feb-1536 05-Mar-1605 DEAD
Pope Clement X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1670-76 13-Jul-1590 22-Jul-1676 DEAD
Pope Clement XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1700-21 22-Jul-1649 19-Mar-1721 DEAD
Pope Clement XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1730-40 07-Apr-1652 06-Feb-1740 DEAD
Pope Clement XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1758-69 07-Mar-1693 02-Feb-1769 DEAD
Pope Clement XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1769-74 31-Oct-1705 22-Sep-1774 DEAD
John Cardinal Cody Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1965-82 24-Dec-1907 25-Apr-1982 DEAD
Doug Coe Religion The Family 20-Oct-1928 21-Feb-2017 DEAD
Henry Sloane Coffin Religion Meaning of the Cross 05-Jan-1877 25-Nov-1954 DEAD
St. Columba Religion Converted the Picts ? TBD DEAD
James H. Cone Religion A Black Theology of Liberation 05-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Confucius Religion Analects ? TBD DEAD
Terence Cardinal Cooke Religion Archbishop of New York, 1968-83 01-Mar-1921 06-Oct-1983 DEAD
Kenneth Copeland Religion Kenneth Copeland Ministries 06-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Salvatore J. Cordileone Religion Archbishop of San Francisco 05-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
Luis Cortes Religion Esperanza USA 1958 TBD ADD
John Cotton Religion First Church of Boston 04-Dec-1585 23-Dec-1652 DEAD
Father Charles Coughlin Religion Radio opponent of FDR 25-Oct-1891 27-Oct-1979 DEAD
William Courtenay Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1381-96 1342 31-Jul-1396 DEAD
William Edward Cousins Religion Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1958-77 20-Aug-1902 14-Sep-1988 DEAD
Thomas Cranmer Religion First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury 02-Jul-1489 21-Mar-1556 DEAD
Paul Crouch Religion Trinity Broadcasting Network 30-Mar-1934 30-Nov-2013 DEAD
Aleister Crowley Religion Wickedest man in the world 12-Oct-1875 01-Dec-1947 DEAD
Samuel Crowther Religion African missionary bishop 1809 31-Dec-1891 DEAD
Alexander Cruden Religion Concordance to the Bible 1699 01-Nov-1770 DEAD
Blase J. Cupich Religion Catholic Archbishop of Chicago 19-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Elden Curtiss Religion Catholic Archbishop of Omaha 16-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
Richard Cardinal Cushing Religion Catholic Archbishop of Boston, 1944-70 24-Aug-1895 02-Nov-1970 DEAD
St. Cuthbert Religion Bishop of Lindesfarne ? TBD DEAD
Dalai Lama Religion 14th incarnation of the Dalai Lama 06-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Pope Damasus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 366-84 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Damasus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1048 ? 09-Aug-1048 DEAD
Pietro Damiani Religion 11th c. Doctor of the Chuch 1007 22-Feb-1072 DEAD
Father Damien Religion Attended to lepers at Molokai 03-Jan-1840 15-Apr-1889 DEAD
Godfried Danneels Religion Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels 04-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
John Nelson Darby Religion Father of Dispensationalism 18-Nov-1800 29-Apr-1882 DEAD
Ram Dass Religion Be Here Now 05-Apr-1931 TBD ADD
St. David Religion Patron saint of Wales ? TBD DEAD
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Religion International Ministry Growing in Grace, Inc. 22-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
John Cardinal Dearden Religion Archbishop of Detroit, 1958-80 15-Oct-1907 01-Aug-1988 DEAD
William Dembski Religion Intelligent Design proponent 18-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
St. Denis Religion Patron saint of France ? TBD DEAD
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Religion Archbishop of Galveston-Houston 23-May-1949 TBD ADD
Dionysius Areopagiticus Religion Converted by St. Paul ? TBD DEAD
Dionysius Exiguus Religion 6th century chronologer ? TBD DEAD
Father Divine Religion Founder of the International Peace Mission 1880 1965 DEAD
Timothy M. Dolan Religion Catholic Archbishop of New York 06-Feb-1950 TBD ADD
Creflo Dollar Religion World Changers Church International 28-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
St. Dominic Religion Founder of the Dominican Order 1170 06-Aug-1221 DEAD
Truman B. Douglass Religion United Church of Christ 15-Jul-1901 27-May-1969 DEAD
Wiley Drake Religion Buena Park, California pastor 1944 TBD ADD
Avery Cardinal Dulles Religion Fordham Professor, Roman Catholic Cardinal 24-Aug-1918 12-Dec-2008 DEAD
John Duns Scotus Religion 14th century Scottish scholar 1265 08-Nov-1308 DEAD
John Dury Religion The Reformed Librarie-Keeper 1596 26-Sep-1680 DEAD
Wayne Dyer Religion The father of motivation 10-May-1940 29-Aug-2015 DEAD
John Earle Religion Microcosmographie 1601 17-Nov-1665 DEAD
Johann Eck Religion Martin Luther's Catholic opponent 13-Nov-1486 10-Feb-1543 DEAD
Meister Eckhart Religion German speculative mystic 1260 1327 DEAD
Mary Baker Eddy Religion Founded Christian Science movement 16-Jul-1821 03-Dec-1910 DEAD
Jonathan Edwards Religion American Puritan theologian 05-Oct-1703 22-Mar-1758 DEAD
Edward Cardinal Egan Religion Catholic Archbishop of New York, 2000-09 02-Apr-1932 05-Mar-2015 DEAD
Johann Gottfried Eichhorn Religion Old Testament scholar and critic 16-Oct-1752 27-Jun-1827 DEAD
David Einhorn Religion Jewish reform movement 1809 1879 DEAD
Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin Religion Saint-Simonist, cult leader 08-Feb-1796 01-Sep-1864 DEAD
Engelbert of Admont Religion Abbot of Admont 1250 12-May-1331 DEAD
St. Epiphanius Religion Foe to Origenism ? TBD DEAD
Stuart Epperson Religion Salem Communications 1935 TBD ADD
Thomas Erastus Religion A Treatise of Excommunication 07-Sep-1524 31-Dec-1583 DEAD
Werner Erhard Religion Erhard Seminar Training ("est") 05-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
Jerry Falwell Religion Television evangelist 11-Aug-1933 15-May-2007 DEAD
Guillaume Farel Religion French Reformer, influenced Calvin 1489 13-Sep-1565 DEAD
Louis Farrakhan Religion Leader of Nation of Islam 11-May-1933 TBD ADD
John C. Favalora Religion Catholic Archbishop of Miami 05-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Charles Grandison Finney Religion Second Awakening 29-Aug-1792 16-Aug-1875 DEAD
John Fisher Religion Saint John Fisher, executed by Henry VIII 19-Oct-1469 22-Jun-1535 DEAD
Patrick Fernández Flores Religion Catholic Archbishop of San Antonio, 1979-2004 26-Jul-1929 09-Jan-2017 DEAD
Pope Formosus Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 891-896 ? TBD DEAD
Matthew Fox Religion Creation Spirituality 21-Dec-1940 TBD ADD
John Foxe Religion Foxe's Book of Martyrs 1516 18-Apr-1587 DEAD
St. Francis de Sales Religion Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary 21-Aug-1567 28-Dec-1622 DEAD
St. Francis of Assisi Religion Founder of the Franciscan order 1181 03-Oct-1226 DEAD
Pope Francis Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff 17-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Sebastian Franck Religion German freethinker 1499 1542 DEAD
Charles E. Fuller Religion Co-Founder, Fuller Theological Seminary 25-Apr-1887 18-Mar-1968 DEAD
Gustavo García-Siller Religion Archbishop of San Antonio 21-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Stephen Gardiner Religion English bishop, statesman 1493 12-Nov-1555 DEAD
Gerald Gardner Religion Founder of Modern Wicca 13-Jun-1884 12-Feb-1964 DEAD
St. George Religion Patron saint of England ? TBD DEAD
Francis Cardinal George Religion Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, 1997-2014 16-Jan-1937 17-Apr-2015 DEAD
Peter Leo Gerety Religion Catholic Archbishop of Newark, 1974-86 19-Jul-1912 20-Sep-2016 DEAD
Gilbert de la Porrée Religion De sex principiis 1070 04-Sep-1154 DEAD
St. Giles Religion Patron saint of lepers and cripples ? TBD DEAD
Doug Giles Religion Conservative pastor 1962 TBD ADD
José Horacio Gómez Religion Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles 26-Dec-1951 TBD ADD
Marjoe Gortner Religion Former child preacher 14-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Billy Graham Religion Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 TBD ADD
Franklin Graham Religion Billy Graham's son 14-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
W. V. Grant, Jr. Religion Televangelist, convicted of tax evasion 1946 TBD ADD
Pope Gregory I Religion Gregory the Great ? TBD DEAD
Pope Gregory II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 715-731 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Gregory III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 731-41 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Gregory IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 827-44 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Gregory IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1227-41 1170 22-Aug-1241 DEAD
Pope Gregory V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 996-99 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Gregory VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1045-46 ? 1048 DEAD
Pope Gregory VII Religion Lost power struggle with Henry IV 1020 25-May-1085 DEAD
Pope Gregory VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1187 ? 1187 DEAD
Pope Gregory X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1271-76 1210 10-Jan-1276 DEAD
Pope Gregory XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1370-78 1329 26-Mar-1378 DEAD
Pope Gregory XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1406-15 1326 18-Oct-1417 DEAD
Pope Gregory XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1572-85 07-Jan-1502 10-Apr-1585 DEAD
Pope Gregory XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1590-91 11-Feb-1535 15-Oct-1591 DEAD
Pope Gregory XV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1621-23 09-Jan-1554 08-Jul-1623 DEAD
Pope Gregory XVI Religion Papal spendthrift, hated railroads 18-Sep-1765 01-Jun-1846 DEAD
Wilton D. Gregory Religion Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta 07-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Robert Grosseteste Religion Bishop of Lincoln 1175 09-Oct-1253 DEAD
Romano Guardini Religion Roman Catholic theologian 17-Feb-1885 01-Oct-1968 DEAD
Rabih Haddad Religion Deported imam, purported terrorist 1960 TBD ADD
Ludwig Haetzer Religion Translator of Prophets 1500 04-Feb-1529 DEAD
John Hagee Religion John Hagee Ministries 12-Apr-1940 TBD ADD
Ted Haggard Religion Outed evangelist 27-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
Matt Hale Religion White supremacist 27-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
Patrick Hamilton Religion Scottish Lutheran martyr 1504 29-Feb-1528 DEAD
Jerome Hanus Religion Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque, 1995-2013 25-May-1940 TBD ADD
John Harvard Religion Bequest to Harvard College 26-Nov-1607 14-Sep-1638 DEAD
Lemuel Haynes Religion Abolitionist preacher 18-Jul-1753 18-Sep-1833 DEAD
Kirby J. Hensley Religion Founder, Universal Life Church 23-Jul-1911 19-Mar-1999 DEAD
George Hickes Religion Provoked the Bangorian controversy 20-Jun-1642 15-Dec-1715 DEAD
Elias Hicks Religion Quaker abolitionist 19-Mar-1748 27-Feb-1830 DEAD
Miguel Hidalgo Religion Father of Mexican independence 08-May-1753 30-Jul-1811 DEAD
Hildegard von Bingen Religion Scivias seu Visiones 16-Sep-1098 17-Sep-1179 DEAD
Gordon Hinckley Religion President of the Mormon Church, 1995-2008 23-Jun-1910 27-Jan-2008 DEAD
Hincmar Religion Archbishop of Reims ? TBD DEAD
Benny Hinn Religion Faith healing televangelist 03-Dec-1952 TBD ADD
Arthur Cardinal Hinsley Religion Archbishop of Westminster, 1935-43 25-Aug-1865 17-Mar-1943 DEAD
Hippolytus Religion Writer of the early church ? TBD DEAD
Benjamin Hoadly Religion Anglican Bishop and controversialist 14-Nov-1676 17-Apr-1761 DEAD
Melchior Hofmann Religion German Anabaptist mystic 1495 1543 DEAD
Peter Hollingworth Religion Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane 10-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Li Hongzhi Religion Founder of Falun Gong 13-May-1951 TBD ADD
Pope Honorius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 625-638 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Honorius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1124-30 ? 13-Feb-1130 DEAD
Pope Honorius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1216-27 ? 18-Mar-1227 DEAD
Pope Honorius IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1285-87 1210 03-Apr-1287 DEAD
Richard Hooker Religion Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity 1553 02-Nov-1600 DEAD
Thomas Hooker Religion American colonial Puritan leader 07-Jul-1586 07-Jul-1647 DEAD
John Hooper Religion Zwinglian bishop of Gloucester 1495 09-Feb-1555 DEAD
Samuel Hopkins Religion Hopkinsian, opponent of slavery 17-Sep-1721 20-Dec-1803 DEAD
Pope Hormisdas Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 514-23 ? TBD DEAD
Fenton J. A. Hort Religion Translator of the New Testament 23-Apr-1828 30-Nov-1892 DEAD
Kent Hovind Religion Creation Science evangelist 15-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
John Howe Religion The Living Temple 17-May-1630 02-Apr-1706 DEAD
L. Ron Hubbard Religion Perpetrated Dianetics, Scientology 13-Mar-1911 24-Jan-1986 DEAD
Trevor Huddleston Religion Anti-Apartheid activist 15-Jun-1913 20-Apr-1998 DEAD
Deal Hudson Religion Karl Rove's favorite Catholic 30-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Pierre-Daniel Huet Religion Bishop of Avranches 08-Feb-1630 26-Jan-1721 DEAD
Alfred C. Hughes Religion Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans 02-Dec-1932 TBD ADD
Rex Humbard Religion Televangelist 13-Aug-1919 21-Sep-2007 DEAD
Basil Cardinal Hume Religion Archbishop of Westminster, 1976-99 02-Mar-1923 17-Jun-1999 DEAD
Cláudio Hummes Religion Archbishop of São Paulo 08-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Jan Hus Religion Czech reformer and martyr 1373 06-Jul-1415 DEAD
Bill Hybels Religion Willow Creek Community Church 1952 TBD ADD
Ignatius of Antioch Religion Early Church Father ? TBD DEAD
Pope Innocent I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 402-17 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Innocent II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1130-43 ? 22-Sep-1143 DEAD
Pope Innocent III Religion Pope, launched two Crusades 1160 16-Jun-1216 DEAD
Pope Innocent IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1591 20-Jul-1519 30-Dec-1591 DEAD
Pope Innocent V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1276 1225 22-Jun-1276 DEAD
Pope Innocent VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1352-62 ? 12-Sep-1362 DEAD
Pope Innocent VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1404-06 1336 06-Nov-1406 DEAD
Pope Innocent VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1484-92 1432 25-Jul-1492 DEAD
Pope Innocent X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1644-55 06-May-1574 07-Jan-1655 DEAD
Pope Innocent XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1676-89 16-May-1611 12-Aug-1689 DEAD
Pope Innocent XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1691-1700 13-Mar-1615 27-Sep-1700 DEAD
Pope Innocent XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1721-24 13-May-1655 07-Mar-1724 DEAD
Pope Innocent IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1243-54 ? 07-Dec-1254 DEAD
John Ireland Religion Catholic Archbishop of St. Paul, 1888-1918 11-Sep-1838 25-Sep-1918 DEAD
Irenaeus Religion Ante-Nicene theologian ? TBD DEAD
Edward Irving Religion Holy Catholic Apostolic Church 04-Aug-1792 07-Dec-1834 DEAD
Menasseh ben Israel Religion Vindiciae Judaeorum 1604 20-Nov-1657 DEAD
Daniel Ernst Jablonski Religion Worked to unite protestantism 20-Nov-1660 25-May-1741 DEAD
Michael Jackels Religion Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque 13-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Jacob Religion Father of the twelve tribes ? TBD DEAD
Cindy Jacobs Religion Prophet, faith healer 00-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
T. D. Jakes Religion Televangelist 09-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Cornelius Jansen Religion Father of Jansenism 28-Oct-1585 06-May-1638 DEAD
St. Januarius Religion Patron saint of Naples ? TBD DEAD
Warren Jeffs Religion Head of FLDS polygamist clan 03-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
St. Jerome Religion Church Father, translated Vulgate ? TBD DEAD
Jesus Christ Religion Carpenter, evangelist ? TBD DEAD
John Jewel Religion Defender of Anglicanism 24-May-1522 23-Sep-1571 DEAD
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros Religion Ascetic Spanish Cardinal and statesman 1436 08-Nov-1517 DEAD
St. John Religion Author of the fourth Gospel ? TBD DEAD
Pope John I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 523-26 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 533-35 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 561-74 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 640-42 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 898-900 ? TBD DEAD
St. John of Beverley Religion Medieval English saint ? TBD DEAD
John of Damascus Religion Early scholastic church father ? TBD DEAD
St. John of Nepomuk Religion Patron saint of Bohemia 1345 20-Mar-1393 DEAD
St. John of the Cross Religion Spanish mystic, Doctor of the Church 24-Jun-1542 14-Dec-1591 DEAD
Pope John Paul I Religion Pope for 33 days, in summer 1978 17-Oct-1912 28-Sep-1978 DEAD
Pope John Paul II Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1978-2005 18-May-1920 02-Apr-2005 DEAD
John the Baptist Religion Precursor to Jesus Christ ? TBD DEAD
Pope John V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 685-86 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 701-05 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 705-07 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 872-882 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 914-28 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 931-936 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 955-964 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 965-72 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 983-84 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XIX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1024-32 ? 1032 DEAD
Pope John XV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 985-96 ? TBD DEAD
Pope John XXI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1276-77 1215 20-May-1277 DEAD
Pope John XXII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1316-34 1249 04-Dec-1334 DEAD
Pope John XXIII Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1958-63 25-Nov-1881 03-Jun-1963 DEAD
Russell Johnson Religion Ohio Restoration Project ? TBD ADD
Archibald Johnston Religion Scottish presbyterian patriot 1611 22-Jul-1663 DEAD
Jim Jones Religion Led mass People's Temple suicide 13-May-1931 18-Nov-1978 DEAD
Joseph Religion Possessed multicolored dreamcoat ? TBD DEAD
Joseph of Arimathea Religion Prepared Jesus Christ's cadaver ? TBD DEAD
Father Joseph Religion Confidant of Cardinal Richelieu 04-Nov-1577 18-Dec-1638 DEAD
St. Joseph Religion Husband of Mary ? TBD DEAD
Judas Iscariot Religion Betrayer of Jesus Christ ? TBD DEAD
Pope Julius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 337-52 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Julius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1503-13 05-Dec-1443 21-Feb-1513 DEAD
Pope Julius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1550-55 10-Sep-1487 23-Mar-1555 DEAD
Justin Martyr Religion Apology ? TBD DEAD
William Cardinal Keeler Religion Archbishop of Baltimore, 1989-2007 04-Mar-1931 23-Mar-2017 DEAD
Timothy Keller Religion The Reason for God 23-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
D. James Kennedy Religion Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church 03-Nov-1930 05-Sep-2007 DEAD
Inayat Khan Religion Founder of Universal Sufism 05-Jul-1882 05-Feb-1927 DEAD
Ayatollah Khomeini Religion Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran 24-Sep-1902 03-Jun-1989 DEAD
Kibo Religion Titular head of Kibology 13-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Moses E. Kiley Religion Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1940-53 13-Nov-1876 15-Apr-1953 DEAD
Thomas Starr King Religion Saved California to the Union 17-Dec-1824 04-Mar-1864 DEAD
Eusebio Kino Religion Jesuit missionary to Mexico 10-Aug-1645 15-Mar-1711 DEAD
Diane Knippers Religion Conservative religious strategist 06-Jan-1952 18-Apr-2005 DEAD
John Knox Religion Scottish Reformation 1514 24-Nov-1572 DEAD
David Koresh Religion Branch Davidian cult leader 17-Aug-1959 19-Apr-1993 DEAD
J. Krishnamurti Religion Theosophist guru 12-May-1895 18-Feb-1986 DEAD
Kathryn Kuhlman Religion Faith healer, I Believe In Miracles 09-May-1907 20-Feb-1976 DEAD
Joseph E. Kurtz Religion Catholic Archbishop of Louisville 18-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Lactantius Religion Institutions ? TBD DEAD
Tim LaHaye Religion Left Behind series 27-Apr-1926 25-Jul-2016 DEAD
Richard Land Religion Southern Baptist Convention 1947 TBD ADD
Hugh Latimer Religion English Reformation 1490 16-Oct-1555 DEAD
William Laud Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1633-45 07-Oct-1573 10-Jan-1645 DEAD
Greg Laurie Religion Harvest Christian Fellowship 10-Dec-1952 TBD ADD
Henry of Lausanne Religion 12th century French heretic ? TBD DEAD
Anton LaVey Religion Founder, Church of Satan 11-Apr-1930 29-Oct-1997 DEAD
Bernard Cardinal Law Religion Archbishop of Boston, 1984-2002 04-Nov-1931 TBD ADD
William Law Religion Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life 1686 09-Apr-1761 DEAD
Larry Lea Religion Disgraced televangelist 1951 TBD ADD
Ann Lee Religion Mother Ann, Founder of the Shakers 29-Feb-1736 08-Sep-1784 DEAD
Robert Leighton Religion Archbishop of Glasgow 1611 25-Jun-1684 DEAD
Pope Leo I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 440-61 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Leo II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 682-83 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Leo III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 795-816 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Leo IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 847-55 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Leo IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1049-54 21-Jun-1002 19-Apr-1054 DEAD
Pope Leo VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 963-65 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Leo X Religion Excommunicated Martin Luther 11-Dec-1475 01-Dec-1521 DEAD
Pope Leo XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1605 02-Jun-1535 27-Apr-1605 DEAD
Pope Leo XII Religion Persecuted Jewry, Freemasonry 22-Aug-1760 10-Feb-1829 DEAD
Pope Leo XIII Religion Condemned Freemasonry 02-Mar-1810 20-Jul-1903 DEAD
Moses de Leon Religion Zohar ? 1305 DEAD
William J. Levada Religion Head Inquisitor 15-Jun-1936 TBD ADD
Hal Lindsey Religion The Late, Great Planet Earth 23-Nov-1929 TBD ADD
Jerome Edward Listecki Religion Catholic Archbishop of Milwaukee 12-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Eddie Long Religion Georgia Baptist minister 12-May-1953 15-Jan-2017 DEAD
William E. Lori Religion Archbishop of Baltimore 06-May-1951 TBD ADD
St. Ignatius of Loyola Religion Founder of the Jesuit order 1491 31-Jul-1556 DEAD
Cyril Lucaris Religion Greek church reformer 13-Nov-1572 27-Jun-1638 DEAD
Pope Lucius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 253-54 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Lucius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1144-45 ? 15-Feb-1145 DEAD
Pope Lucius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1181-85 1097 25-Nov-1185 DEAD
St. Luke Religion Author of the third Gospel ? TBD DEAD
Raymond Lull Religion Catalan mystic 1232 29-Jun-1315 DEAD
Isaac ben Solomon Luria Religion Jewish mystic 1534 05-Aug-1572 DEAD
Herbert H. Lusk II Religion Pro-Bush preacher 19-Feb-1953 TBD ADD
Jean-Marie Lustiger Religion Archbishop of Paris, 1981-2005 17-Sep-1926 05-Aug-2007 DEAD
Martin Luther Religion Created Protestant movement 10-Nov-1483 18-Feb-1546 DEAD
John MacArthur Religion Grace Community Church 19-Jun-1939 TBD ADD
Mary Magdalene Religion Early follower of Jesus Christ ? TBD DEAD
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Religion Transcendental meditation guru 12-Jan-1917 05-Feb-2008 DEAD
Roger Cardinal Mahony Religion Cardinal, Archbishop of Los Angeles 27-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Adam Cardinal Maida Religion Catholic Archbishop of Detroit, 1990-2009 18-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Moses Maimonides Religion Codified Jewish law 30-Mar-1135 13-Dec-1204 DEAD
Timothy Cardinal Manning Religion Archbishop of Los Angeles, 1970-85 15-Nov-1909 23-Jun-1989 DEAD
Henry J. Mansell Religion Catholic Archbishop of Hartford, 2003-13 10-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Michael Marcavage Religion Founder of Repent America 1979 TBD ADD
Pope Marcellinus Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 296-304 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Marcellus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 309 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Marcellus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1555 06-May-1501 30-Apr-1555 DEAD
Pope Marinus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 882-84 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Marinus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 942-46 ? TBD DEAD
St. Mark Religion Author of the second Gospel ? TBD DEAD
Virgin Mary Religion Virgin mother of Jesus Christ ? TBD DEAD
Abu Hamza al-Masri Religion Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque 15-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Cotton Mather Religion Pastor at Boston North Church 12-Feb-1663 13-Feb-1728 DEAD
Increase Mather Religion Massachusetts Puritan leader 21-Jun-1639 23-Aug-1723 DEAD
St. Matthew Religion Author of the first Gospel ? TBD DEAD
Frederick Denison Maurice Religion 19th c. Anglican theologian 29-Aug-1805 01-Apr-1872 DEAD
Jonathan Mayhew Religion Congregationalist minister, anti-Royalist 08-Oct-1720 09-Jul-1766 DEAD
Jules Mazarin Religion French Cardinal and Statesman 14-Jul-1602 09-Mar-1661 DEAD
Theodore Cardinal McCarrick Religion Archbishop of Washington, 2000-06 07-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Josh McDowell Religion Evidence That Demands A Verdict 17-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Carl McIntire Religion Radio Free America 17-May-1906 19-Mar-2002 DEAD
David O. McKay Religion President of the Mormon Church, 1951-70 08-Sep-1873 18-Jan-1970 DEAD
Brian McLaren Religion Cedar Ridge Community Church 1956 TBD ADD
Aimee Semple McPherson Religion Evangelist, faith healer 09-Oct-1890 27-Sep-1944 DEAD
Charles Meade Religion Meade Ministries, Inc. 24-Dec-1916 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Humberto Cardinal Medeiros Religion Archbishop of Boston, 1970-83 06-Oct-1915 17-Sep-1983 DEAD
Philipp Melanchthon Religion Confession of Augsburg 15-Feb-1497 19-Apr-1560 DEAD
Andrew Melville Religion Scottish Reform Church 01-Aug-1545 1622 DEAD
Justus Menius Religion Lutheran theologian in Thuringinia 13-Dec-1499 11-Aug-1558 DEAD
Menno Simons Religion Dutch Protestant reformer 1492 31-Jan-1561 DEAD
Symeon Metaphrastes Religion Byzantine hagiographer ? TBD DEAD
Albert Cardinal Meyer Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1958-65 09-Mar-1903 09-Apr-1965 DEAD
Joyce Meyer Religion Televangelist 04-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
David Miscavige Religion Leader of the Church of Scientology 30-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Leon of Modena Religion Riti Ebraici 23-Apr-1571 24-Mar-1648 DEAD
Thomas S. Monson Religion President of the Mormon Church 21-Aug-1927 TBD ADD
Dwight L. Moody Religion Revivalist, founder Northfield Mt. Hermon 05-Feb-1837 22-Dec-1899 DEAD
Sun Myung Moon Religion Head Moonie 06-Jan-1920 03-Sep-2012 DEAD
Edward Cardinal Mooney Religion Archbishop of Detroit, 1937-58 09-May-1882 25-Oct-1958 DEAD
Moses Religion Ten Commandments ? TBD DEAD
Elijah Muhammad Religion Nation of Islam 07-Oct-1897 25-Feb-1975 DEAD
Prophet Muhammad Religion Muslim prophet ? TBD DEAD
George Cardinal Mundelein Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1915-39 02-Jul-1872 02-Oct-1939 DEAD
Thomas Münzer Religion German Protestant religious fanatic 1490 27-May-1525 DEAD
Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor Religion Archbishop of Westminster 24-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Friedrich Myconius Religion German Lutheran theologian 26-Dec-1490 07-Apr-1546 DEAD
Oswald Myconius Religion Zwinglian theologian 1488 14-Oct-1552 DEAD
John J. Myers Religion Catholic Archbishop of Newark, 2001-16 26-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
Joseph F. Naumann Religion Catholic Archbishop of Kansas City 04-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
James Nayler Religion The Quaker Jesus 1618 1660 DEAD
Gregory S. Neal Religion Possible heir to Dr. Gene Scott's ministry 1967 TBD ADD
Paul Nelson Religion Leading Intelligent Design advocate 1952 TBD ADD
Philip Neri Religion Congregation of the Oratory 21-Jul-1515 26-May-1595 DEAD
Richard John Neuhaus Religion Catholic priest 14-May-1936 08-Jan-2009 DEAD
John Henry Newman Religion Oxford Movement 21-Feb-1801 11-Aug-1890 DEAD
John Newton Religion Amazing Grace 04-Aug-1725 31-Dec-1807 DEAD
Nicephorus Patriarcha Religion Patriarch of Constantinople ? TBD DEAD
St. Nicholas Religion Patron saint of Russia ? TBD DEAD
Pope Nicholas I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 858-67 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Nicholas III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1277-80 1225 22-Aug-1280 DEAD
Pope Nicholas II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1058-61 ? 27-Aug-1061 DEAD
Reinhold Niebuhr Religion Prominent historical/political theologian 21-Jun-1892 01-Jun-1971 DEAD
George Hugh Niederauer Religion Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, 2006-12 14-Jun-1936 02-May-2017 DEAD
John C. Nienstedt Religion Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis 18-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
Nikon Religion Reformer Patriarch of Moscow 07-May-1605 17-Aug-1681 DEAD
J. Frank Norris Religion Fundamentalist Baptist preacher 18-Sep-1877 20-Aug-1952 DEAD
Gary North Religion Reconstructionist Y2K Doomsayer 1942 TBD ADD
Michael Novak Religion The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism 09-Sep-1933 17-Feb-2017 DEAD
John Humphrey Noyes Religion Oneida Community founder 03-Sep-1811 13-Apr-1886 DEAD
Edwin Frederick O'Brien Religion Archbishop of Baltimore, 2007-11 08-Apr-1939 TBD ADD
John Cardinal O'Connor Religion Archbishop of New York, 1984-2000 15-Jan-1920 03-May-2000 DEAD
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Religion Atheist spokeswoman 13-Apr-1919 00-Sep-1995 DEAD
Seán Cardinal O'Malley Religion Catholic Archbishop of Boston 29-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Samson Occom Religion American Indian hymn writer 1723 14-Jul-1792 DEAD
John Oecolampadius Religion German-Swiss Protestant reformer 1482 23-Nov-1531 DEAD
Origen Religion Early Church Father ? TBD DEAD
Andreas Osiander Religion German Lutheran theologian 19-Dec-1498 17-Oct-1552 DEAD
Joel Osteen Religion Pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston 05-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Boyd K. Packer Religion Quorum of the Twelve Apostles 10-Sep-1924 03-Jul-2015 DEAD
J. I. Packer Religion Biblical scholar 22-Jul-1926 TBD ADD
William Paley Religion Moral and Political Philosophy 1743 25-May-1805 DEAD
Pandulph Religion Papal legate to England ? 16-Sep-1226 DEAD
Papias Religion Early Church Father ? TBD DEAD
Matthew Parker Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1559-75 06-Aug-1504 15-May-1575 DEAD
Rod Parsley Religion Pastor, Christian Right activist 13-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Pope Paschal I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 817-24 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Paschal II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1099-1118 ? 21-Jan-1118 DEAD
Carlo Passaglia Religion Advocate of Italian unity 02-May-1812 12-Mar-1887 DEAD
St. Patrick Religion Patron saint of Ireland ? TBD DEAD
Pope Paul I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 757-67 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Paul II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1464-71 23-Feb-1417 26-Jul-1471 DEAD
Pope Paul III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1534-49 29-Feb-1468 10-Nov-1549 DEAD
Pope Paul IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1555-59 28-Jun-1476 18-Aug-1559 DEAD
Pope Paul V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1605-21 17-Sep-1552 28-Jan-1621 DEAD
Pope Paul VI Religion The pilgrim pope 26-Sep-1897 06-Aug-1978 DEAD
K. A. Paul Religion Evangelist 1947 TBD ADD
St. Paul Religion First Christian evangelist ? TBD DEAD
Earl Paulk Religion Chapel Hill Harvester Church 30-May-1927 29-Mar-2009 DEAD
Norman Vincent Peale Religion The Power of Positive Thinking 31-May-1898 24-Dec-1993 DEAD
Pelagius Religion British theologian, Pelagianism ? TBD DEAD
Pope Pelagius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 555-61 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Pelagius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 579-90 ? TBD DEAD
Conrad Pellicanus Religion Zwinglian theologian 08-Jan-1478 06-Apr-1556 DEAD
Dionysius Petavius Religion De Theologicis Dogmatibus 21-Aug-1583 11-Dec-1652 DEAD
St. Peter Religion First Bishop of Rome ? TBD DEAD
Peter Lombard Religion Sententiarum Libri Quatuor 1100 21-Aug-1160 DEAD
Peter the Hermit Religion Pauper on the First Crusade 1050 08-Jul-1115 DEAD
Jesse Lee Peterson Religion Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny 22-May-1949 TBD ADD
St. Philip Religion Apostle of Jesus ? TBD DEAD
James Pike Religion 5th Episcopal Bishop of California 14-Feb-1913 00-Sep-1969 DEAD
Daniel Edward Pilarczyk Religion Catholic Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1982-2009 12-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Georges Pire Religion Activist monk, Nobel Prize recipient 10-Feb-1910 30-Jan-1969 DEAD
Pope Pius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1458-64 18-Oct-1405 14-Aug-1464 DEAD
Pope Pius IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope 1560-65 31-Mar-1499 09-Dec-1565 DEAD
Pope Pius IX Religion Declared himself infallible 13-May-1792 07-Feb-1878 DEAD
Pope Pius V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1566-72 17-Jan-1504 01-May-1572 DEAD
Pope Pius VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1775-99 27-Dec-1717 29-Aug-1799 DEAD
Pope Pius VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope 1800-23 14-Aug-1740 20-Aug-1823 DEAD
Pope Pius VIII Religion Pope for 20 months, maybe poisoned 20-Nov-1761 30-Nov-1830 DEAD
Pope Pius X Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1903-14 02-Jun-1835 20-Aug-1914 DEAD
Pope Pius XI Religion Signed Lateran Treaties with Mussolini 31-May-1857 10-Feb-1939 DEAD
Pope Pius XII Religion Signed treaty with Hitler 02-Mar-1876 09-Oct-1958 DEAD
Pope Pius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1503 09-May-1439 18-Oct-1503 DEAD
Reginald Pole Religion Opponent of King Henry VIII 03-Mar-1500 17-Nov-1558 DEAD
Peter Popoff Religion Fraud exposed on the Tonight Show 02-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Porphyry of Gaza Religion Bishop of Gaza ? TBD DEAD
Frederick K. C. Price Religion Televangelist 03-Jan-1932 TBD ADD
Joseph Prince Religion Pastor, New Creation Church 15-May-1963 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Clare Prophet Religion Church Universal and Triumphant 08-Apr-1939 15-Oct-2009 DEAD
Karl Rahner Religion Leading Roman Catholic theologian 05-Mar-1904 30-Mar-1984 DEAD
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Religion Holy man, owned 93 Rolls-Royces 11-Dec-1931 19-Jan-1990 DEAD
Armand de Rancé Religion Trappist Movement 09-Jan-1626 27-Oct-1700 DEAD
Rasputin Religion Russia's Greatest Love Machine 23-Jan-1871 30-Dec-1916 DEAD
Sri Sri Ravishankar Religion The Art of Living 13-May-1956 TBD ADD
Prem Rawat Religion Guru Maharaj Ji 10-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Theodor Reuss Religion Founded the Ordo Templi Orientis 28-Jun-1855 28-Oct-1923 DEAD
Matteo Ricci Religion Jesuit missionary to China 06-Oct-1552 11-May-1610 DEAD
Cardinal Richelieu Religion King of France's chief advisor, 1624-42 09-Sep-1585 04-Dec-1642 DEAD
Nicholas Ridley Religion Anglican Bishop and martyr 1500 16-Oct-1555 DEAD
Justin Cardinal Rigali Religion Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia 19-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
William E. Riker Religion Holy City cult leader 1873 03-Dec-1969 DEAD
Bruce Ritter Religion Disgraced priest 25-Feb-1927 07-Oct-1999 DEAD
Oral Roberts Religion Televangelist, faith healer 24-Jan-1918 15-Dec-2009 DEAD
Richard Roberts Religion President of Oral Roberts University 12-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Pat Robertson Religion The 700 Club 22-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Gene Robinson Religion Openly gay Episcopalian bishop 29-May-1947 TBD ADD
James Robison Religion Televangelist 09-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Rodi Religion Catholic Archbishop of Mobile 27-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Moishe Rosen Religion Jews for Jesus founder 12-Apr-1932 19-May-2010 DEAD
Robert Runcie Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1980-91 02-Oct-1921 11-Jul-2000 DEAD
R. J. Rushdoony Religion Institutes of Biblical Law 25-Apr-1916 08-Feb-2001 DEAD
Sai Baba Religion Sex-crazed avatar 23-Nov-1926 24-Apr-2011 DEAD
Robert Fortune Sanchez Religion Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe, 1974-93 20-Mar-1934 20-Jan-2012 DEAD
J. Peter Sartain Religion Catholic Archbishop of Seattle 06-Jun-1952 TBD ADD
Girolamo Savonarola Religion Italian monk and martyr 21-Sep-1452 23-May-1498 DEAD
Rick Scarborough Religion Conservative Christian activist 1949 TBD ADD
Herschel Schacter Religion Orthodox rabbi, attended to Buchenwald 10-Oct-1917 21-Mar-2013 DEAD
Francis Schaeffer Religion Founder, L'Abri Community 30-Jan-1912 15-May-1984 DEAD
Edward Schillebeeckx Religion Catholic theologian 12-Nov-1914 23-Dec-2009 DEAD
Dennis M. Schnurr Religion Catholic Archbishop of Cincinnati 21-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Katharine Jefferts Schori Religion Presiding Episcopal Bishop 26-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Robert Schuller Religion World's most upbeat televangelist 16-Sep-1926 02-Apr-2015 DEAD
Kaspar Schwenkfeld Religion Vergötterung 1489 10-Dec-1561 DEAD
Roger L. Schwietz Religion Catholic Archbishop of Anchorage 03-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Dr. Gene Scott Religion Eccentric televangelist 14-Aug-1929 21-Feb-2005 DEAD
Pope Sergius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 687-701 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Sergius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 844-47 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Sergius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 904-911 ? TBD DEAD
Michael Servetus Religion De Trinitatis Erroribus 1511 27-Oct-1553 DEAD
Paul Shanley Religion Molesting priest 25-Jan-1931 TBD ADD
Michael J. Sheehan Religion Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe 09-Jul-1939 TBD ADD
Fulton J. Sheen Religion America's first televangelist 08-May-1895 09-Dec-1979 DEAD
Lawrence Cardinal Shehan Religion Archbishop of Baltimore, 1961-74 18-Mar-1898 26-Aug-1984 DEAD
Gilbert Sheldon Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1663-77 1598 1677 DEAD
Simon ben Yohai Religion Galilean Rabbi, Sifre ? TBD DEAD
Simon Magus Religion Founder of the Simonians ? TBD DEAD
Simon of Sudbury Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1375-81 1317 14-Jun-1381 DEAD
Jaime Cardinal Sin Religion Former Archbishop of Manila 31-Aug-1928 21-Jun-2005 DEAD
Ayatollah al-Sistani Religion Highest ranking Shia cleric in Iraq 04-Aug-1929 TBD ADD
Pope Sixtus III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 432-40 ? TBD DEAD
Pope Sixtus IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1471-84 21-Jul-1414 12-Aug-1484 DEAD
Pope Sixtus V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1585-90 13-Dec-1521 27-Aug-1590 DEAD
Joseph Smith Religion Founded the Mormon faith 23-Dec-1805 27-Jun-1844 DEAD
Sydney Smith Religion Instigated the Edinburgh Review 03-Jun-1771 22-Feb-1845 DEAD
Nathan Söderblom Religion Archbishop of Sweden 15-Jan-1866 12-Jul-1931 DEAD
Edward Sorin Religion Founder, University of Notre Dame 06-Feb-1814 31-Oct-1893 DEAD
Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-Hwan Religion Catholic Archbishop of Seoul, 1968-98 08-May-1922 16-Feb-2009 DEAD
Robert Southwell Religion Catholic martyr, hanged at Tyburn 1561 21-Feb-1595 DEAD
Francis Cardinal Spellman Religion Archbishop of New York, 1939-67 04-May-1889 02-Dec-1967 DEAD
John Shelby Spong Religion Retired bishop of Newark, NJ 16-Jun-1931 TBD ADD
James Cardinal Stafford Religion Archbishop of Denver, 1986-96 26-Jul-1932 TBD ADD
Ivan Stang Religion Church of the SubGenius 21-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Charles Stanley Religion In Touch Ministries 25-Sep-1932 TBD ADD
Stephen I Religion First King of Hungary ? 15-Aug-1038 DEAD
Pope Stephen II Religion Forged the Donation of Constantine ? TBD DEAD
Pope Stephen III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 768-72 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Stephen IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 816-17 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Stephen IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1057-58 1000 29-Mar-1058 DEAD
Pope Stephen V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 885-91 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Stephen VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 896-7 ? TBD DEAD
Stigand Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1052-70 ? 22-Feb-1072 DEAD
Stephen Strang Religion Charisma magazine 1950 TBD ADD
John de Stratford Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1333-48 ? 23-Aug-1348 DEAD
David Friedrich Strauss Religion Leben Jesu 27-Jan-1808 08-Feb-1874 DEAD
Samuel Cardinal Stritch Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1939-58 17-Aug-1887 27-May-1958 DEAD
Suger Religion Counsellor to Louis VI and VII 1081 13-Jan-1151 DEAD
Billy Sunday Religion Baseball evangelist 19-Nov-1862 06-Nov-1935 DEAD
Heinrich Suso Religion German mystic 21-Mar-1295 25-Jan-1366 DEAD
Jimmy Swaggart Religion Televangelist with a whore problem 15-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Chuck Swindoll Religion Insight for Living 18-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
St. Swithun Religion Bishop of Winchester ? TBD DEAD
Pope Sylvester I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 314-35 AD ? TBD DEAD
Pope Symmachus Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 498-514 ? TBD DEAD
Edmund Cardinal Szoka Religion Archbishop of Detroit, 1981-90 14-Sep-1927 20-Aug-2014 DEAD
Mahmoud Muhammad Taha Religion Progressive Islamic theologian 1909 18-Jan-1985 DEAD
Archibald Campbell Tait Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1868-82 21-Dec-1811 03-Dec-1882 DEAD
Tarquinius Priscus Religion Fifth king of Rome ? TBD DEAD
Tatian Religion Christian apologist, heretic ? TBD DEAD
Johann Tauler Religion German mystic 1300 16-Jun-1361 DEAD
Hans Tausen Religion Danish Protestant reformer 1494 11-Nov-1561 DEAD
Jeremy Taylor Religion Holy Living and Holy Dying 15-Aug-1613 13-Aug-1667 DEAD
Frederick Temple Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1896-1902 30-Nov-1821 23-Dec-1902 DEAD
William Temple Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1942-44 15-Oct-1881 26-Oct-1944 DEAD
Teresa of Avila Religion Mystic, Carmelite nun 28-Mar-1515 04-Oct-1582 DEAD
Mother Teresa Religion Missionaries of Charity 26-Aug-1910 05-Sep-1997 DEAD
Tertullian Religion Early church father ? TBD DEAD
Johann Tetzel Religion Seller of indulgences 1460 04-Jul-1519 DEAD
St. Thomas de Cantelupe Religion 13th century English saint 1218 25-Aug-1282 DEAD
Thomas à Kempis Religion Imitation of Christ 1380 08-Aug-1471 DEAD
Paul Tillich Religion Systematic Theology 20-Aug-1886 22-Oct-1965 DEAD
Robert Tilton Religion Yet another televangelist 07-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Joseph W. Tobin Religion Catholic Archbishop of Newark 03-May-1952 TBD ADD
Eckhart Tolle Religion The Power of Now 16-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Torquemada Religion Grand Inquisitor 1420 16-Sep-1498 DEAD
Trithemius Religion Polygraphia 01-Feb-1462 13-Dec-1516 DEAD
Desmond Tutu Religion Archbishop of Cape Town 07-Oct-1931 TBD ADD
William Tyndale Religion Bible translator, burnt at the stake 1492 06-Oct-1536 DEAD
Pope Urban II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1088-99 1035 29-Jul-1099 DEAD
Pope Urban III Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1185-87 ? 19-Oct-1187 DEAD
Pope Urban IV Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1261-64 1200 02-Oct-1264 DEAD
Pope Urban V Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1362-70 1309 19-Dec-1370 DEAD
Pope Urban VI Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1378-89 1318 15-Oct-1389 DEAD
Pope Urban VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1590 04-Aug-1521 27-Sep-1590 DEAD
Pope Urban VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1623-44 05-Apr-1568 29-Jul-1644 DEAD
James Ussher Religion Old Testament chronologist 04-Jan-1581 20-Mar-1656 DEAD
Jack Van Impe Religion Televangelist 09-Feb-1931 TBD ADD
Urban J. Vehr Religion Archbishop of Denver, 1941-67 30-May-1891 19-Sep-1973 DEAD
Krishna Venta Religion W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World 29-Mar-1911 10-Dec-1958 DEAD
Pope Victor I Religion First Roman Catholic Pope from Africa ? TBD DEAD
Pope Victor II Religion Bishop of Eichstädt, Pope from 1055-57 1018 28-Jul-1057 DEAD
Pope Victor III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1086-87 1027 16-Sep-1087 DEAD
Allen H. Vigneron Religion Catholic Archbishop of Detroit 21-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
St. Vincent de Paul Religion Filles de la Charité 24-Apr-1576 27-Sep-1660 DEAD
John G. Vlazny Religion Catholic Archbishop of Portland 22-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Walafrid Strabo Religion Glosa ordinaria ? TBD DEAD
St. Walpurgis Religion English missionary to Germany ? TBD DEAD
William Warburton Religion Divine Legation 24-Dec-1698 07-Jun-1779 DEAD
Nathaniel Ward Religion Wrote Massachusetts' Body of Liberties 1578 00-Oct-1652 DEAD
William Warham Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1504-32 1450 22-Aug-1532 DEAD
Rick Warren Religion The Purpose-Driven Life 28-Jan-1954 TBD ADD
Rembert Weakland Religion Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1977-2002 02-Apr-1927 TBD ADD
Jonathan Wells Religion Moonie for Intelligent Design 1956 TBD ADD
John Wesley Religion Founder of Methodism 17-Jun-1703 02-Mar-1791 DEAD
William Whiston Religion Apostolical Constitutions 09-Dec-1667 22-Aug-1752 DEAD
Ellen G. White Religion Adventist seer of visions 26-Nov-1827 16-Jul-1915 DEAD
Paula White Religion Without Walls International Church 20-Apr-1966 TBD ADD
George Whitefield Religion Evangelist, early Methodist 27-Dec-1714 30-Sep-1770 DEAD
Jemima Wilkinson Religion The Universal Friend 29-Nov-1752 01-Jul-1819 DEAD
William of Auvergne Religion Bishop of Paris, 1228-49 1180 1249 DEAD
William of Auxerre Religion Summa Aurea 1150 03-Nov-1231 DEAD
Rev. Cecil Williams Religion Glide Memorial Church 22-Sep-1929 TBD ADD
Roger Williams Religion Founder of Rhode Island Colony 1604 1684 DEAD
Rowan Williams Religion Archbishop of Canterbury 14-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Sherwin T. Wine Religion Humanistic Judaism 25-Jan-1928 21-Jul-2007 DEAD
Ralph D. Winter Religion US Center for World Mission ? TBD ADD
John Wise Religion A Vindication of New England Churches 1652 08-Apr-1725 DEAD
George Wishart Religion Scottish religious reformer and martyr 1513 01-Mar-1546 DEAD
Thomas Wolsey Religion Powerful English cardinal 1475 29-Nov-1530 DEAD
John Woolman Religion American Quaker preacher 19-Oct-1720 07-Oct-1772 DEAD
Gridley Wright Religion Shiva Lila cult founder 19-Jan-1934 22-Dec-1979 DEAD
Jeremiah Wright Religion Trinity United Church of Christ 22-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Donald W. Wuerl Religion Archbishop of Washington DC 12-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
John Wycliffe Religion Translated the bible into English 1330 31-Dec-1384 DEAD
St. Francis Xavier Religion Jesuit missionary 07-Apr-1506 03-Dec-1552 DEAD
Yahweh ben Yahweh Religion Nation of Yahweh 27-Oct-1935 07-May-2007 DEAD
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Religion Hamas spiritual leader 18-Dec-1936 21-Mar-2004 DEAD
Father Yod Religion Founder and Deity of The Source Family 04-Jul-1922 25-Aug-1975 DEAD
Paramahansa Yogananda Religion Self-Realization Fellowship 05-Jan-1893 07-Mar-1952 DEAD
Malachi York-El Religion E.T. leader of United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors 26-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Brigham Young Religion Second LDS prophet 01-Jun-1801 29-Aug-1877 DEAD
Zarathustra Religion Founder of Zoroastrianism ? TBD DEAD
Huldrych Zwingli Religion Swiss-Protestant Reformation 01-Jan-1484 11-Oct-1531 DEAD