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Rotten Dead Pool
Daniel Bell Sociologist The End of Ideology 10-May-1919 25-Jan-2011 DEAD
Leo Bogart Sociologist Preserving the Press 23-Sep-1921 15-Oct-2005 DEAD
Charles Booth Sociologist Studied poverty in London 30-Mar-1840 23-Nov-1916 DEAD
Ernest Burgess Sociologist Introduction to the Science of Sociology 16-May-1886 27-Dec-1966 DEAD
James S. Coleman Sociologist Foundations of Social Theory 12-May-1926 25-Mar-1995 DEAD
Auguste Comte Sociologist Positivist founder of Sociology 19-Jan-1798 05-Sep-1857 DEAD
Diane E. Davis Sociologist Urban Leviathan 30-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Sara Diamond Sociologist Spiritual Warfare 28-Nov-1958 TBD ADD
W. E. B. Du Bois Sociologist Civil rights activist 23-Feb-1868 27-Aug-1963 DEAD
Émile Durkheim Sociologist Rules of the Sociological Method 15-Apr-1858 15-Nov-1917 DEAD
Peter B. Evans Sociologist Embedded Autonomy 02-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Joseph Fletcher Sociologist Situation ethics 10-Apr-1905 28-Oct-1991 DEAD
E. Franklin Frazier Sociologist Black Bourgeoisie 24-Sep-1894 17-May-1962 DEAD
Anthony Giddens Sociologist New Rules of Sociological Method 18-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
Erving Goffman Sociologist The Presentation of Self 11-Jun-1922 19-Nov-1982 DEAD
Starr Roxanne Hiltz Sociologist Mother of on-line education 1943 TBD ADD
bell hooks Sociologist Ain't I A Woman 09-Sep-1952 TBD ADD
Jonathan B. Imber Sociologist Trusting Doctors 18-Feb-1952 TBD ADD
Oscár Jászi Sociologist The Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy 02-Mar-1875 13-Feb-1957 DEAD
Charles S. Johnson Sociologist The Negro in Chicago 24-Jul-1893 27-Oct-1956 DEAD
Benjamin Kidd Sociologist Social Evolution 09-Sep-1858 02-Oct-1916 DEAD
Lester A. Kirkendall Sociologist Premarital Intercourse and Interpersonal Relationships 15-Nov-1903 31-May-1991 DEAD
Wolf Lepenies Sociologist Melancholy and Society 11-Jan-1941 TBD ADD
Max Lerner Sociologist Ideas Are Weapons 20-Dec-1902 05-Jun-1992 DEAD
Seymour M. Lipset Sociologist American Exceptionalism 18-Mar-1922 31-Dec-2006 DEAD
Leo Lowenthal Sociologist Literature and the Image of Man 03-Nov-1900 21-Jan-1993 DEAD
Robert Morrison MacIver Sociologist The Web of Government 17-Apr-1882 15-Jun-1970 DEAD
Karl Mannheim Sociologist Ideology and Utopia 27-Mar-1893 09-Jan-1947 DEAD
Marcel Mauss Sociologist The Gift 10-May-1872 10-Feb-1950 DEAD
Robert K. Merton Sociologist On the Shoulders of Giants 04-Jul-1910 23-Feb-2003 DEAD
Kelly Miller Sociologist Out of the House of Bondage 23-Jul-1863 29-Dec-1939 DEAD
Toby Miller Sociologist Cultural Citizenship 09-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
C. Wright Mills Sociologist The Power Elite 28-Aug-1916 20-Mar-1962 DEAD
Otto Neurath Sociologist Vienna Circle positivist 10-Dec-1882 22-Dec-1945 DEAD
Robert A. Nisbet Sociologist The Sociological Tradition 30-Sep-1913 09-Sep-1996 DEAD
Elinor Ostrom Sociologist Common-pool resources 07-Aug-1933 12-Jun-2012 DEAD
Vance Packard Sociologist The Hidden Persuaders 22-May-1914 12-Dec-1996 DEAD
Robert E. Park Sociologist Race and Culture 14-Feb-1864 07-Feb-1944 DEAD
Talcott Parsons Sociologist The Structure of Social Action 13-Dec-1902 08-May-1979 DEAD
Arthur F. Raper Sociologist The Tragedy of Lynching 08-Nov-1899 10-Aug-1979 DEAD
Michael Schudson Sociologist Discovering the News 03-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
Georg Simmel Sociologist Philosophy of Money 01-Mar-1858 26-Sep-1918 DEAD
Gabriel Tarde Sociologist Group mind, Theory of Imitation 12-Mar-1843 13-May-1904 DEAD
Immanuel Wallerstein Sociologist The Modern World System 28-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Lester Frank Ward Sociologist Dynamic Sociology 18-Jun-1841 18-Apr-1913 DEAD
Max Weber Sociologist The Protestant Ethic 21-Apr-1864 14-Jun-1920 DEAD
William Julius Wilson Sociologist Poverty in America's inner cities 20-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Carroll D. Wright Sociologist The Industrial Evolution of the United States 25-Jul-1840 20-Feb-1909 DEAD