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Rotten Dead Pool
Philip Agee Spy Inside the Company: CIA Diary 19-Jul-1935 07-Jan-2008 DEAD
Mahmoud Ahmad Spy Pakistani Intelligence chief gave Atta $100k ? TBD ADD
Aldrich Ames Spy CIA agent, divulged names to the Soviets 26-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Robert Baer Spy Sleeping with the Devil 1952 TBD ADD
Naaman Belkind Spy Israeli spy 1889 16-Dec-1917 DEAD
Christopher Boyce Spy The Falcon 12-Feb-1953 TBD ADD
William Casey Spy CIA Director, 1981-87 13-Mar-1913 29-Jan-1987 DEAD
Anna Chapman Spy Russian sleeper, Illegals Program 23-Feb-1982 TBD ADD
Eli Cohen Spy Israel's greatest spy 26-Dec-1924 18-May-1965 DEAD
William Colby Spy CIA Director, 1973-75 04-Jan-1920 27-Apr-1996 DEAD
Cleveland Cram Spy History of the Counterintelligence Staff 21-Dec-1917 09-Jan-1999 DEAD
Meir Dagan Spy Chief of the Israeli Mossad, 2002-11 30-Jan-1945 17-Mar-2016 DEAD
Allen W. Dulles Spy CIA Director, 1953-61 07-Apr-1893 29-Jan-1969 DEAD
Klaus Fuchs Spy Manhattan Project scientist, spy for USSR 29-Dec-1911 28-Jan-1988 DEAD
Erich Gimpel Spy Agent 146 25-Mar-1910 03-Sep-2010 DEAD
David Greenglass Spy Gave atomic secrets to Julius Rosenberg 02-Mar-1922 01-Jul-2014 DEAD
Nathan Hale Spy Had but one life to give for his country 1756 22-Sep-1776 DEAD
Efraim Halevy Spy Head of the Mossad, 1998-2003 1934 TBD ADD
Virginia Hall Spy American spy 06-Apr-1906 14-Jul-1982 DEAD
Robert Hanssen Spy Russian mole inside the FBI 18-Apr-1944 TBD ADD
Isser Harel Spy Head of the Mossad, 1952-63 1912 19-Feb-2003 DEAD
Mata Hari Spy Framed by the Germans 07-Aug-1876 15-Oct-1917 DEAD
Arvid Harnack Spy Hanged by the Nazis for espionage 24-May-1901 22-Dec-1942 DEAD
Mildred Fish Harnack Spy Guillotined by the Gestapo 16-Sep-1902 16-Feb-1943 DEAD
John Scarlett Spy Head of MI6 18-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Noor Inayat Khan Spy British spy, children's author, captured by Nazis 01-Jan-1914 13-Sep-1944 DEAD
David Kimche Spy Israeli spy, masterminded Iran-Contra 1928 08-Mar-2010 DEAD
Fritz Kolbe Spy Allied mole in WWII Berlin 25-Sep-1900 1971 DEAD
Ryszard Kuklinski Spy Polish Cold War era spy who worked with CIA 13-Jun-1930 10-Feb-2004 DEAD
James Armistead Lafayette Spy American spy during the Revolution 10-Dec-1748 09-Aug-1830 DEAD
Richard P. Lawless Spy US Asia Commercial Development Corporation 1946 TBD ADD
Daulton Lee Spy The Snowman 02-Jan-1952 TBD ADD
Guy Liddell Spy British spymaster 08-Nov-1892 02-Dec-1958 DEAD
Andrei Lugovoi Spy KGB agent, charged with Litvinenko murder 1966 TBD ADD
Donald Maclean Spy Spy for Moscow, Cambridge Five 25-May-1913 06-Mar-1983 DEAD
Cord Meyer Spy Facing Reality: From World Federalism to the CIA 10-Nov-1920 13-Mar-2001 DEAD
Kim Philby Spy One of the Cambridge Five in MI6 01-Jan-1912 11-May-1988 DEAD
Valerie Plame Spy CIA operative outed by Bush officials 19-Apr-1963 TBD ADD
Jonathan Pollard Spy Spied for Israel 07-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Sidney Reilly Spy Ace of Spies 24-Mar-1874 05-Nov-1925 DEAD
Bruce Riedel Spy CIA Near East Asia Specialist 1953 TBD ADD
Félix Rodríguez Spy Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra operative 31-May-1941 TBD ADD
Julius Rosenberg Spy Leaked atomic bomb secrets to USSR 12-May-1918 19-Jun-1953 DEAD
Michael Scheuer Spy Imperial Hubris 1952 TBD ADD
Shabtai Shavit Spy Director-General of the Mossad, 1989-96 ? TBD ADD
Morton Sobell Spy Rosenbergs' co-conspirator 11-Apr-1917 TBD ADD
Richard Sorge Spy Warned Stalin of Operation Barbarossa 04-Oct-1895 07-Nov-1944 DEAD
Robert D. Steele Spy Open Source Systems 16-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
John R. Stockwell Spy CIA whistleblower 1937 TBD ADD
Violette Szabo Spy British secret agent, fought with French Resistance 26-Jun-1921 05-Feb-1945 DEAD
John Anthony Walker Spy Naval CWO, spy for the Soviet Union 28-Jul-1937 28-Aug-2014 DEAD
Lawrence K. White Spy Executive Comptroller for DCI's 10-Jun-1912 05-Apr-2006 DEAD
Peter Wright Spy Spycatcher 09-Aug-1916 27-Apr-1995 DEAD