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Rotten Dead Pool
Brian "Crush" Adams Wrestling WWE wrestler 04-Apr-1964 13-Aug-2007 DEAD
Captain Lou Albano Wrestling Pro wrestling manager 29-Jul-1933 14-Oct-2009 DEAD
André the Giant Wrestling Professional wrestler with Giantism 19-May-1946 27-Jan-1993 DEAD
Kurt Angle Wrestling Olympic medalist, WWE wrestler 09-Dec-1968 TBD ADD
Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestling Pro wrestler 18-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Dave Batista Wrestling Deacon Batista, WWE star 18-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Chris Benoit Wrestling WWE wrestler, murder/suicide 21-May-1967 25-Jun-2007 DEAD
Nancy Benoit Wrestling Wife, murder victim of Chris Benoit 21-May-1964 22-Jun-2007 DEAD
Big Daddy V Wrestling World's Largest Love Machine 14-Feb-1968 18-Feb-2014 DEAD
John Cena Wrestling WWE Champion 23-Apr-1977 TBD ADD
Chyna Wrestling Former pro wrestler 27-Dec-1969 20-Apr-2016 DEAD
Randy Couture Wrestling The Natural 22-Jun-1963 TBD ADD
Amy Dumas Wrestling WWE diva, ex of Matt Hardy 14-Apr-1975 TBD ADD
Edge Wrestling WWE wrestler 30-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Ric Flair Wrestling Pro wrestler 25-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Mick Foley Wrestling Cactus Jack 07-Jun-1965 TBD ADD
Robert Fuller Wrestling Former WCW wrestler, manager 14-May-1951 TBD ADD
Bill Goldberg Wrestling Pro wrestler 27-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
The Great Khali Wrestling WWE wrestler 27-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Eddie Guerrero Wrestling Latino Heat 09-Oct-1967 13-Nov-2005 DEAD
Jeff Hardy Wrestling The Hardy Boyz 31-Aug-1977 TBD ADD
Matt Hardy Wrestling The Hardy Boyz 23-Sep-1974 TBD ADD
Bret Hart Wrestling The Hitman 02-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Jimmy Hart Wrestling The Mouth of the South 01-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Owen Hart Wrestling Wrestler fell to his death 07-May-1965 23-May-1999 DEAD
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Wrestling Former pro wrestler, manager 01-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
Mark Henry Wrestling WWE wrestler 12-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Hulk Hogan Wrestling Hogan Knows Best 11-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Glen Jacobs Wrestling Kane, WWE wrestler 26-Apr-1967 TBD ADD
Mickie James Wrestling WWE wrestler 31-Aug-1979 TBD ADD
Chris Jericho Wrestling WWE wrestler 09-Nov-1970 TBD ADD
Tor Johnson Wrestling Plan 9 from Outer Space 19-Oct-1903 12-May-1971 DEAD
Maria Kanellis Wrestling WWE diva, ditzy interviewer 25-Feb-1982 TBD ADD
Stacy Keibler Wrestling WWE and WCW wrestler 14-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Kelly Kelly Wrestling Youngest WWE Diva 15-Jan-1987 TBD ADD
Killer Kowalski Wrestling Professional wrestler, 1947-76 13-Oct-1926 30-Aug-2008 DEAD
Bobby Lashley Wrestling WWE wrestler 16-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Jerry Lawler Wrestling Bitchslapped Andy Kaufman on Letterman 29-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Gene LeBell Wrestling Stuntman, wrestler 09-Oct-1932 TBD ADD
Brock Lesnar Wrestling WWE Champion at age 25 12-Jul-1977 TBD ADD
Tyler Mane Wrestling Michael Myers in Halloween remake 23-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Ashley Massaro Wrestling WWE wrestler 26-May-1979 TBD ADD
Linda McMahon Wrestling Former CEO of WWE 04-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Shane McMahon Wrestling EVP Global Media of WWE 15-Jan-1970 TBD ADD
Stephanie McMahon Wrestling VP Creative Writing of WWE 24-Sep-1976 TBD ADD
Vince McMahon, Sr. Wrestling World Wrestling Entertainment founder 06-Jul-1914 24-May-1984 DEAD
Vince McMahon Wrestling World Wrestling Entertainment impresario 24-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Shawn Michaels Wrestling The Heartbreak Kid 22-Jul-1965 TBD ADD
Candice Michelle Wrestling WWE wrestler 30-Sep-1978 TBD ADD
Rey Mysterio Wrestling WWE wrestler 11-Dec-1974 TBD ADD
Kevin Nash Wrestling WCW wrestler, turned actor 09-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Johnny Nitro Wrestling WWE wrestler 03-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Randy Orton Wrestling The Legend Killer 01-Apr-1980 TBD ADD
Melina Perez Wrestling WWE wrestler/manager 09-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
Roddy Piper Wrestling Here to kick ass, chew bubble gum 17-Apr-1954 30-Jul-2015 DEAD
CM Punk Wrestling WWE and ECW wrestler 26-Oct-1978 TBD ADD
Dusty Rhodes Wrestling The American Dream 12-Oct-1945 11-Jun-2015 DEAD
Jake "The Snake" Roberts Wrestling Former crack addict, pro wrestler 30-May-1955 TBD ADD
Santo Wrestling The Silver-Masked Man 23-Sep-1917 05-Feb-1984 DEAD
Randy Savage Wrestling WWF and WCW heavyweight champion 15-Nov-1952 20-May-2011 DEAD
Frank Shamrock Wrestling Ultimate Fighting Champion 08-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Big Show Wrestling WCW and WWE wrestler 08-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Trish Stratus Wrestling 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed 18-Dec-1975 TBD ADD
Kevin Sullivan Wrestling Former NWA and WCW wrestler 26-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Triple H Wrestling Multiple WWE Champion 27-Jul-1969 TBD ADD
Ultimate Warrior Wrestling WWF wrestler, conservative activist 16-Jun-1959 08-Apr-2014 DEAD
The Undertaker Wrestling Undefeated at WrestleMania 24-Mar-1965 TBD ADD
Rob Van Dam Wrestling WWE and ECW wrestler 18-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Jesse Ventura Wrestling Wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota 15-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Torrie Wilson Wrestling Diva WWE wrestler, manager 24-Jul-1975 TBD ADD