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Rotten Dead Pool
Georges Cuvier Zoologist Comparative anatomist, paleontologist 23-Aug-1769 13-May-1832 DEAD
Johann Christian Fabricius Zoologist Philosophia Entomologica 07-Jan-1745 03-Mar-1808 DEAD
Karl von Frisch Zoologist Researched bee communications 20-Nov-1886 12-Jun-1982 DEAD
Ernst Haeckel Zoologist Proponent of evolution 16-Feb-1834 09-Aug-1919 DEAD
Ross Granville Harrison Zoologist Embryology and tissue culture techniques 13-Jan-1870 30-Sep-1959 DEAD
E. Newton Harvey Zoologist Light-emitting organisms 25-Nov-1887 21-Jul-1959 DEAD
Ethel Browne Harvey Zoologist Embryology of sea urchins 14-Dec-1885 02-Sep-1965 DEAD
Bert Hölldobler Zoologist Social organizations in insects 25-Jun-1936 TBD ADD
Johannes Holtfreter Zoologist Chemotaxis 09-Jan-1901 13-Nov-1992 DEAD
Konrad Lorenz Zoologist Founder of modern ethology 07-Nov-1903 27-Feb-1989 DEAD
Marlin Perkins Zoologist Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom 28-Mar-1905 14-Jun-1986 DEAD
Nikolaas Tinbergen Zoologist Grand Master of Ethology 15-Apr-1907 21-Dec-1988 DEAD
John Zachary Young Zoologist British zoological neurologist 18-Mar-1907 04-Jul-1997 DEAD