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Lee Aaker Actor The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 25-Sep-1943 TBD ADD
Aaliyah Singer R&B singer, died in plane crash 16-Jan-1979 25-Aug-2001 DEAD
Alvar Aalto Architect Finnish modernist architect, furniture designer 03-Feb-1898 11-May-1976 DEAD
Willie Aames Actor Tommy on Eight is Enough 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Kjetil André Aamodt Skier Alpine skier, 8 Olympic medals 02-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Fred G. Aandahl Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1945-50 09-Apr-1897 07-Apr-1966 DEAD
Caroline Aaron Actor Character actress, 1980s to present 07-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
Hank Aaron Baseball Hit 755 home runs over his career 05-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Tommy Aaron Golf Winner, 1973 Masters Tournament 22-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Sani Abacha Head of State Dictator of Nigeria, 1993-98 20-Sep-1943 08-Jun-1998 DEAD
Frank Abagnale Criminal Catch Me If You Can 27-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Diego Abatantuono Actor Mediterraneo 20-May-1955 TBD ADD
Claudio Abbado Conductor Conductor of La Scala, 1968-86 26-Jun-1933 20-Jan-2014 DEAD
Nicola Abbagnano Philosopher Italian existentialist 15-Jul-1901 09-Sep-1990 DEAD
Abu Abbas Terrorist Masterminded the Achille Lauro hijacking 10-Dec-1948 09-Mar-2004 DEAD
Ahmad Abbas Novelist The Last Page 07-Jun-1914 01-Jun-1987 DEAD
Ferhat Abbas Head of State President of Algeria, 1962-63 24-Oct-1899 23-Dec-1985 DEAD
Cleveland Abbe Physicist America's first weatherman 03-Dec-1838 28-Oct-1916 DEAD
Leon Abbett Politician Twice Governor of New Jersey 08-Oct-1836 04-Dec-1894 DEAD
Edward Abbey Author Desert Solitaire 29-Jan-1927 14-Mar-1989 DEAD
Edwin Abbey Painter American artist in London 01-Apr-1852 01-Aug-1911 DEAD
Lynn Abbey Author Thieves World 1948 TBD ADD
Watkins M. Abbitt Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1948-73 21-May-1908 13-Jul-1998 DEAD
Charles Greeley Abbot Astronomer Solar energy 31-May-1872 17-Dec-1973 DEAD
Bud Abbott Actor Half of Abbott and Costello 02-Oct-1895 24-Apr-1974 DEAD
Edwin A. Abbott Author Flatland 20-Dec-1838 12-Oct-1926 DEAD
George Abbott Playwright Damn Yankees 25-Jun-1887 31-Jan-1995 DEAD
Grace Abbott Activist Advocate against child labor 17-Nov-1878 19-Jun-1939 DEAD
Greg Abbott Government Governor of Texas 13-Nov-1957 TBD ADD
Jacob Abbott Author Franconia Stories 14-Nov-1803 31-Oct-1879 DEAD
James A. Abbott Business CEO of First Union Mortgage, 1980-94 1945 TBD ADD
Jim Abbott Baseball One-handed MLB pitcher 19-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
John Abbott Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1891-93 12-Mar-1821 30-Oct-1893 DEAD
John Abbott Actor The Woman in White 05-Jun-1905 24-May-1996 DEAD
Robert S. Abbott Publisher Chicago Defender 24-Nov-1868 29-Feb-1940 DEAD
Tony Abbott Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 2013-15 04-Nov-1957 TBD ADD
Wallace Calvin Abbott Doctor Founder of Abbott Laboratories 12-Oct-1857 04-Jul-1921 DEAD
Dave Abbruzzese Drummer Former drummer, Pearl Jam 17-May-1968 TBD ADD
Omar Abdel-Rahman Criminal The Blind Sheikh 03-May-1938 18-Feb-2017 DEAD
James Abdnor Politician US Senator from South Dakota, 1981-87 13-Feb-1923 16-May-2012 DEAD
Richard A. Abdoo Business CEO of Wisconsin Energy, 1991-2004 1943 TBD ADD
Abdu'l-Bahá Religion Baha'i leader 23-May-1844 28-Nov-1921 DEAD
Paula Abdul Singer Singer, later American Idol judge 19-Jun-1962 TBD ADD
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball NBA records for most minutes, most points 16-Apr-1947 TBD ADD
King Abdullah Royalty King of Saudi Arabia, 2005-15 01-Aug-1924 23-Jan-2015 DEAD
King Abdullah II Royalty King of Jordan 30-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab Terrorist Nigerian underwear bomber 22-Dec-1986 TBD ADD
Shinzo Abe Head of State Prime Minister of Japan 21-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
Huma Abedin Government Aide to Hillary Clinton 28-Jul-1976 TBD ADD
Niels Henrik Abel Mathematician Studied elliptics and hyperelliptics 05-Aug-1802 06-Apr-1829 DEAD
Sid Abel Hockey Detroit Red Wings, NHL Hall of Famer 22-Feb-1918 07-Feb-2000 DEAD
Walter Abel Actor The Three Musketeers 06-Jun-1898 26-Mar-1987 DEAD
Peter Abelard Philosopher French scholastic philosopher 1079 21-Apr-1142 DEAD
John E. Abele Business Co-Founder of Boston Scientific 1937 TBD ADD
Arunah Shepherdson Abell Publisher The Baltimore Sun 10-Aug-1806 19-Aug-1888 DEAD
Alex Abella Author Soldiers of Reason: The RAND Corporation 08-Nov-1950 TBD ADD
Mark Abene Hacker Hacker Phiber Optik 1972 TBD ADD
David Abercrombie Business Founder of Abercrombie & Fitch 06-Jun-1867 29-Aug-1931 DEAD
Ian Abercrombie Actor Alfred Pennyworth on Birds of Prey 11-Sep-1934 26-Jan-2012 DEAD
Neil Abercrombie Politician Governor of Hawaii, 2010-14 26-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Ralph Abercromby Military British general 07-Oct-1734 28-Mar-1801 DEAD
Kathleen Q. Abernathy Government FCC Commissioner, 2001-05 05-Jun-1956 TBD ADD
Ralph Abernathy Activist Prominent civil rights activist 21-Mar-1926 17-Apr-1990 DEAD
Robert E. Abernathy Business Group President, Kimberly-Clark 1954 TBD ADD
Bob Abernethy Journalist Former NBC News correspondent 05-Nov-1927 TBD ADD
Walter Abish Author Alphabetical Africa 24-Dec-1931 TBD ADD
John Abizaid Military C-in-C, US Central Command, 2003-07 01-Apr-1951 TBD ADD
Paul Ableman Novelist I Hear Voices 13-Jun-1927 25-Oct-2006 DEAD
Philip J. Ablove Business CFO of W. R. Berkley, 1973-83 1940 TBD ADD
James G. Abourezk Politician US Senator from South Dakota, 1973-79 24-Feb-1931 TBD ADD
Abraham Religion Father of the Abrahamic religions c. 1813 BC c. 1638 BC DEAD
Edward P. Abraham Chemist Cephalosporins 10-Jun-1913 08-May-1999 DEAD
F. Murray Abraham Actor Mozart's antagonist in Amadeus 24-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
John Abraham Actor Dhoom 17-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Spencer Abraham Politician US Secretary of Energy, 2001-05 12-Jun-1952 TBD ADD
Jim Abrahams Film Director Airplane! 10-May-1944 TBD ADD
Jon Abrahams Actor Scary Movie 29-Oct-1977 TBD ADD
Peter Abrahams Novelist Mine Boy 03-Mar-1919 18-Jan-2017 DEAD
Shirley S. Abrahamson Judge Wisconsin Chief Justice 17-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Norm Abram TV Personality Master carpenter, This Old House 1950 TBD ADD
Jack Abramoff Lobbyist Casino Jack 28-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Roman Abramovich Business Russian oligarch 24-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Max Abramovitz Architect Designed UN Headquarters 23-May-1908 12-Sep-2004 DEAD
Morton I. Abramowitz Diplomat US Ambassador to Turkey, 1989-91 20-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Dan Abrams Journalist NBC legal reporter 20-May-1966 TBD ADD
Elliott Abrams Government Asst. Secy. of State involved in Iran-Contra 24-Jan-1948 TBD ADD
Floyd Abrams Attorney First Amendment lawyer 09-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
George S. Abrams Attorney Partner, Winer & Abrams 21-Mar-1932 TBD ADD
J. J. Abrams Film/TV Producer Alias and Lost 27-Jun-1966 TBD ADD
M. H. Abrams Author The Mirror and the Lamp 23-Jul-1912 21-Apr-2015 DEAD
Muhal Richard Abrams Pianist Levels and Degrees of Light 19-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Rachel Abrams Activist Conservative activist 02-Jan-1951 07-Jun-2013 DEAD
Jerry Abramson Politician Mayor of Louisville 12-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Jill Abramson Journalist New York Times managing editor 19-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Leonard Abramson Business Founder, US Healthcare 1932 TBD ADD
Michael Abrash Computer Programmer Graphics Programming Black Book ? TBD ADD
Alexei A. Abrikosov Physicist Particle physicist, explored superconductivity 25-Jun-1928 05-Apr-2017 DEAD
Victoria Abril Actor Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 04-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Dannie Abse Poet Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve 22-Sep-1923 28-Sep-2014 DEAD
Leo Abse Politician Labour MP for Torfaen, 1983-87 22-Apr-1917 19-Aug-2008 DEAD
David Abshire Diplomat US Ambassador to NATO, 1983-87 11-Apr-1926 31-Oct-2014 DEAD
Mumia Abu-Jamal Criminal Black Panther, sentenced to death 23-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
Bella Abzug Politician Feminist and former Congresswoman 24-Jul-1920 31-Mar-1998 DEAD
Candice Accola Actor Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries 13-May-1987 TBD ADD
Johnny Ace Singer/Songwriter R&B star, shot himself 09-Jun-1929 25-Dec-1954 DEAD
Kirk Acevedo Actor Oz, Law & Order: Trial by Jury 27-Nov-1974 TBD ADD
Aníbal Acevedo-Vilá Politician Governor of Puerto Rico, 2005-09 13-Feb-1962 TBD ADD
Chinua Achebe Novelist Things Fall Apart 16-Nov-1930 22-Mar-2013 DEAD
David W. K. Acheson Government Food Safety Czar ? TBD ADD
Dean Acheson Government US Secretary of State, 1949-53 11-Apr-1893 12-Oct-1971 DEAD
Edward G. Acheson Inventor Discovered silicon carbide 09-Mar-1856 06-Jul-1931 DEAD
William F. Achtmeyer Business Partner, The Parthenon Group 1955 TBD ADD
André Aciman Author Out of Egypt 02-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Amy Acker Actor Fred on Angel 05-Dec-1976 TBD ADD
Kathy Acker Author Blood and Guts in High School 18-Apr-1947 01-Dec-1997 DEAD
Sharon Acker Actor Point Blank 02-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Arlene Ackerman Educator School superintendent of San Francisco 10-Jan-1947 02-Feb-2013 DEAD
Bruce Ackerman Legal Scholar We the People 19-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Diane Ackerman Author A Natural History of the Senses 07-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
F. Duane Ackerman Business CEO of Bellsouth, 1997-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Forrest J. Ackerman Author Mr. Science Fiction 24-Nov-1916 04-Dec-2008 DEAD
Gary Ackerman Politician Congressman, New York 5th 19-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
Joel Ackerman Business Partner, Warburg Pincus 1965 TBD ADD
Robert Allan Ackerman Film Director Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows 1945 TBD ADD
Roger G. Ackerman Business CEO of Corning, 1996-2000 1938 TBD ADD
Josef Ackermann Business CEO of Deutsche Bank 07-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Joss Ackland Actor White Mischief 29-Feb-1928 TBD ADD
Jensen Ackles Actor Supernatural 01-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
H. Gardner Ackley Economist US Ambassador to Italy, 1968-69 30-Jun-1915 12-Feb-1998 DEAD
Duane Acklie Business Crete Carrier Corporation 14-Nov-1931 TBD ADD
William Ackman Business Pershing Square Capital Management 11-May-1966 TBD ADD
Peter Ackroyd Author The Great Fire of London 05-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Art Acord Actor Cowboy actor 17-Apr-1890 04-Jan-1931 DEAD
Jim Acosta Journalist CNN Senior White House Correspondent 17-Apr-1971 TBD ADD
Rodolfo Acosta Actor Bandido 29-Jul-1920 07-Nov-1974 DEAD
Manny Acta Baseball Manager, Cleveland Indians 11-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Lord Acton Historian British historian 10-Jan-1834 19-Jun-1902 DEAD
A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. Business AMA Investment Counsel 1940 TBD ADD
Eddie Acuff Actor Mr. Beasley in Blondie 03-Jun-1903 17-Dec-1956 DEAD
Roy Acuff Country Musician Country music pioneer 15-Sep-1903 23-Nov-1992 DEAD
Francisco Javier Ramírez Acuña Government Mexican Minister of the Interior, 2006-08 22-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Jason Acuña Actor Jackass dwarf 16-May-1973 TBD ADD
King Ad-Rock Rapper Beastie Boys 31-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Charles E. Adair Business Partner, Cordova Ventures 26-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Deborah Adair Actor The Young and the Restless 23-May-1952 TBD ADD
E. Ross Adair Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1951-71 14-Dec-1907 05-May-1983 DEAD
Red Adair Business Extinguished oil well fires 18-Jun-1915 07-Aug-2004 DEAD
Alfred Adam Actor Let Joy Reign Supreme 04-Apr-1908 07-May-1982 DEAD
Robert Adam Architect Scottish Neoclassical architect 03-Jul-1728 03-Mar-1792 DEAD
Louis Adamic Author Laughing in the Jungle 23-Mar-1899 04-Sep-1951 DEAD
Valdas Adamkus Head of State President of Lithuania, 2004-09 03-Nov-1926 TBD ADD
Abigail Adams First Lady Wife of US President John Adams 11-Nov-1744 28-Oct-1818 DEAD
Alice Adams Novelist Superior Women 14-Aug-1926 27-May-1999 DEAD
Amy Adams Actor Junebug 20-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
Ansel Adams Photographer Yosemite photographer 20-Feb-1902 22-Apr-1984 DEAD
Austin A. Adams Business CIO at JP Morgan Chase, 2004-06 1943 TBD ADD
Babe Adams Baseball Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates 18-May-1882 27-Jul-1968 DEAD
Brian "Crush" Adams Wrestling WWE wrestler 04-Apr-1964 13-Aug-2007 DEAD
Brock Adams Politician US Senator from Washington, 1987-93 13-Jan-1927 10-Sep-2004 DEAD
Brooke Adams Actor Invasion of the Body Snatchers 08-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Brooks Adams Historian The Law of Civilization and Decay 24-Jun-1848 13-Feb-1927 DEAD
Bryan Adams Musician Canadian Rocker 05-Nov-1959 TBD ADD
Cecil Adams Columnist The Straight Dope ? TBD ADD
Charles Follen Adams Poet Leedle Yawcob Strauss 21-Apr-1842 08-Mar-1918 DEAD
Charles Francis Adams Diplomat US Ambassador to the UK, 1861-68 18-Aug-1807 21-Nov-1886 DEAD
Charles Francis Adams, Jr. Business President of Union Pacific, 1884-90 27-May-1835 20-May-1915 DEAD
Charles Francis Adams IV Business Former president of Raytheon 02-May-1910 05-Jan-1999 DEAD
Charles Francis Adams III Government Secretary of the Navy, 1929-33 02-Aug-1866 11-Jun-1954 DEAD
Don Adams Actor Maxwell Smart on Get Smart 13-Apr-1926 25-Sep-2005 DEAD
Douglas Adams Author Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 11-Mar-1952 11-May-2001 DEAD
Edie Adams Actor Lover Come Back 16-Apr-1925 15-Oct-2008 DEAD
Ephraim Douglass Adams Historian The Power of Ideals in American History 18-Dec-1865 01-Sep-1930 DEAD
Evan Adams Actor Smoke Signals 15-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Franklin Pierce Adams Columnist New York columnist, The Conning Tower 15-Nov-1881 23-Mar-1960 DEAD
Gerry Adams Politician President of Sinn Fein 06-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Harold L. Adams Architect CEO of RTKL Associates, 1971-2002 1939 TBD ADD
Henry Adams Historian The Education of Henry Adams 16-Feb-1838 28-Mar-1918 DEAD
Henry Carter Adams Economist Public Debts 31-Dec-1851 11-Aug-1921 DEAD
Henry Cullen Adams Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1903-06 28-Nov-1850 09-Jul-1906 DEAD
Herbert Baxter Adams Historian Coined term political science 16-Apr-1850 30-Jul-1901 DEAD
James R. Adams Business CEO of Southwestern Bell, 1988-92 1939 TBD ADD
James Truslow Adams Author The Epic of America 18-Oct-1878 18-May-1949 DEAD
Jane Adams Actor Dr. Mel Karnofsky on Frasier 01-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Joan Vollmer Adams Victim Common-law wife of William S. Burroughs 1924 06-Sep-1951 DEAD
Joey Adams Comic Borscht Belt comedian 06-Jan-1911 02-Dec-1999 DEAD
Joey Lauren Adams Actor Chasing Amy 06-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
John Adams Head of State 2nd President of the U.S. 30-Oct-1735 04-Jul-1826 DEAD
John Adams Composer Nixon in China 15-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
John Couch Adams Astronomer Discovered planet Neptune 05-Jun-1819 21-Jan-1892 DEAD
John L. Adams Business Vice Chairman of Trinity Industries, 2005-07 1944 TBD ADD
John Quincy Adams Head of State 6th US President, 1825-29 11-Jul-1767 23-Feb-1848 DEAD
Jonathan Adams Actor Henry Walker on American Dreams 16-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Julie Adams Actor Paula Denning on Capitol 17-Oct-1926 TBD ADD
Kathryn Adams Actor Sky Raiders 15-Jul-1920 14-Oct-2016 DEAD
Lee Adams Songwriter Bye Bye Birdie 14-Aug-1924 TBD ADD
Léonie Adams Poet Those Not Elect 09-Dec-1899 27-Jun-1988 DEAD
Louisa Adams First Lady Wife of US President John Quincy Adams 12-Feb-1775 15-May-1852 DEAD
Mason Adams Actor Charlie Hume on Lou Grant 26-Feb-1919 26-Apr-2005 DEAD
Maud Adams Actor Octopussy 12-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Maude Adams Actor Stage actress, Peter Pan 11-Nov-1872 17-Jul-1953 DEAD
Michael F. Adams Educator President, University of Georgia 1948 TBD ADD
Nick Adams Actor Johnny Yuma on The Rebel 10-Jul-1931 07-Feb-1968 DEAD
Noah Adams Radio Personality NPR senior correspondent ? TBD ADD
Oleta Adams Singer Get Here (If You Can) 04-May-1962 TBD ADD
Patch Adams Doctor Gesundheit! Institute 28-May-1945 TBD ADD
Patrick J. Adams Actor Mike Ross on Suits 27-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Randall Adams Victim Innocent man in The Thin Blue Line 17-Dec-1948 30-Oct-2010 DEAD
Richard Adams Novelist Watership Down 09-May-1920 24-Dec-2016 DEAD
Robert Adams, Jr. Politician Congressman, committed suicide 26-Feb-1849 01-Jun-1906 DEAD
Robin J. Adams Business CFO of BorgWarner 1954 TBD ADD
Roger Adams Chemist Organic chemist at Illinois 02-Jan-1889 06-Jul-1971 DEAD
Ryan Adams Singer/Songwriter Heartbreaker 05-Nov-1974 TBD ADD
Sam Adams Politician Mayor of Portland, 2009-12 03-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Samuel Adams Politician Brewer led the Boston Tea Party 27-Sep-1722 02-Oct-1803 DEAD
Samuel Hopkins Adams Journalist The Great American Fraud 26-Jan-1871 15-Nov-1958 DEAD
Sandy Adams Politician Congresswoman, Florida 24th 14-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Scott Adams Cartoonist Creator, Dilbert 08-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Scott Adams Computer Programmer Adventureland 1954 TBD ADD
Sherman Adams Government Eisenhower's Chief of Staff 08-Jan-1899 27-Oct-1986 DEAD
W. Andrew Adams Business Founder, National HealthCare Corp. 1945 TBD ADD
Walter S. Adams Astronomer Long-time director of Mt. Wilson Observatory 20-Dec-1876 11-May-1956 DEAD
William H. Adams III Business JABB Associates 1958 TBD ADD
William Taylor Adams Author Oliver Optic's Magazine 30-Jul-1822 27-Mar-1897 DEAD
Yolanda Adams Singer Gospel singer, Open My Heart 27-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
Harold Adamson Songwriter Time on My Hands 10-Dec-1906 17-Aug-1980 DEAD
Joy Adamson Naturalist Born Free 20-Jan-1910 03-Jan-1980 DEAD
Stuart Adamson Musician Guitarist for The Skids and Big Country 11-Apr-1958 16-Dec-2001 DEAD
Joe Adcock Baseball Milwaukee Braves First Baseman 30-Oct-1927 03-May-1999 DEAD
Joseph P. Addabbo Politician Congressman from New York, 1961-86 17-Mar-1925 10-Apr-1986 DEAD
Charles Addams Cartoonist The Addams Family 07-Jan-1912 29-Sep-1988 DEAD
Dawn Addams Actor A King in New York 21-Sep-1930 07-May-1985 DEAD
Jane Addams Activist Founder of Hull House 06-Sep-1860 21-May-1935 DEAD
Cannonball Adderley Jazz Musician Alto sax blower 15-Sep-1928 08-Aug-1975 DEAD
Herb Adderley Football NFL Hall of Famer 08-Jun-1939 TBD ADD
Terence E. Adderley Business Chairman of Kelly Services 01-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
David Addington Government Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff 22-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Henry Addington Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1801-04 30-May-1757 15-Feb-1844 DEAD
Joseph Addison Author The Spectator 01-May-1672 17-Jun-1719 DEAD
Paul T. Addison Business Salomon Smith Barney 1946 TBD ADD
Hugh J. Addonizio Politician Mayor of Newark, 1962-70 31-Jan-1914 02-Feb-1981 DEAD
Mark Addy Actor The Full Monty 14-Jan-1964 TBD ADD
Wesley Addy Actor What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 04-Aug-1913 31-Dec-1996 DEAD
George Ade Author Fables in Slang 09-Feb-1866 16-May-1944 DEAD
King Sunny Ade Musician King of juju 22-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Saif al-Adel Terrorist Al Qaeda embassy bomber 11-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Adele Singer Rolling In The Deep 05-May-1988 TBD ADD
Ken Adelman Diplomat Deputy US Ambassador to the UN, 1981-83 09-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Rick Adelman Basketball Minnesota Timberwolves coach 16-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Jay Adelson Business CEO of Digg, 2004-10 07-Sep-1970 TBD ADD
Sheldon Adelson Business Las Vegas billionaire 01-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Jonathan S. Adelstein Government FCC Commissioner 1962 TBD ADD
Paul Adelstein Actor Prison Break 29-Apr-1969 TBD ADD
Konrad Adenauer Politician Chancellor of West Germany, 1949-61 05-Jan-1876 19-Apr-1967 DEAD
Robert Aderholt Politician Congressman, Alabama 4th 22-Jul-1965 TBD ADD
Ilesanmi Adesida Educator Dean, College of Engineering, UIUC 1949 TBD ADD
Patrick Adiarte Actor Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I 02-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Isabelle Adjani Actor Camille Claudel 27-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Richard C. Adkerson Business CEO of Freeport-McMoRan 1947 TBD ADD
Hasil Adkins Musician Rockabilly one man band 29-Apr-1937 26-Apr-2005 DEAD
Homer M. Adkins Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1941-45 15-Oct-1890 26-Feb-1964 DEAD
Rodney C. Adkins Business Senior VP at IBM 23-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Scott Adkins Actor Undisputed II and III 17-Jun-1976 TBD ADD
Trace Adkins Country Musician Ladies Love Country Boys 13-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Alfred Adler Psychologist Founder of Individual Psychology 07-Feb-1870 28-May-1937 DEAD
Allison Adler Relative Partner of Sara Gilbert 30-May-1967 TBD ADD
Charles Adler Actor Voice of Buster Bunny 02-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Dean S. Adler Business Lubert-Adler Management 1957 TBD ADD
Felix Adler Educator Ethical Culture 13-Aug-1851 24-Apr-1933 DEAD
Jay Adler Actor The Family Jewels 26-Sep-1896 23-Sep-1978 DEAD
John Adler Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 2009-11 23-Aug-1959 04-Apr-2011 DEAD
Larry Adler Musician Mouth organ virtuoso 10-Feb-1914 06-Aug-2001 DEAD
Lou Adler Business Dunhill and Ode Records 13-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Luther Adler Actor Broadway actor 04-May-1903 08-Dec-1984 DEAD
Max Adler Actor Dave Karofsky on Glee 17-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Mortimer J. Adler Philosopher How to Read a Book 28-Dec-1902 28-Jun-2001 DEAD
Renata Adler Journalist Gone: The Last Days of the New Yorker 19-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Richard Adler Songwriter Damn Yankees 03-Aug-1921 21-Jun-2012 DEAD
Robert Adler Physicist Invented wireless remote control 04-Dec-1913 15-Feb-2007 DEAD
Stella Adler Actor Theater actress, Group Theater 10-Feb-1901 21-Dec-1992 DEAD
Steven Adler Drummer Former Guns N' Roses drummer 22-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
Pamela Adlon Actor Marcy on Californication 09-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Percy Adlon Film Director Bagdad Café 01-Jun-1935 TBD ADD
Gerald S. Adolph Business Booz Allen Hamilton 1954 TBD ADD
Joe Adonis Criminal Mafia boss, eventually deported 22-Nov-1902 26-Nov-1971 DEAD
Renée Adorée Actor The Big Parade 30-Sep-1898 05-Oct-1933 DEAD
Mario Adorf Actor The Tin Drum 08-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Theodor Adorno Philosopher Dialectic of Enlightenment 11-Sep-1903 06-Aug-1969 DEAD
Ferrán Adrià Chef El Bulli 14-May-1962 TBD ADD
Adrian Fashion Designer Head of wardrobe for Cecil B. DeMille 03-Mar-1903 13-Sep-1959 DEAD
Pope Adrian I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 772-95 ? 25-Dec-795 AD DEAD
Pope Adrian II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 867-72 792 AD 14-Dec-872 AD DEAD
Pope Adrian IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1154-59 1100 01-Sep-1159 DEAD
Pope Adrian VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1522-23 02-Mar-1459 14-Sep-1523 DEAD
Edgar Adrian Scientist Electricity within nerve cells 30-Nov-1889 04-Aug-1977 DEAD
Iris Adrian Actor Disney films 29-May-1912 17-Sep-1994 DEAD
Scott Adsit Actor Pete Hornberger on 30 Rock 26-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Bhumibol Adulyadej Royalty King of Thailand, 1946-2016 05-Dec-1927 13-Oct-2016 DEAD
Aenesidemus Philosopher Third skeptical school fl. 1st c. BC fl. 1st c. BC DEAD
Aeschylus Playwright Oresteia c. 525 BC c. 456 BC DEAD
Aesop Author Purported author of Fables c. 620 BC c. 560 BC DEAD
Isaias Afewerki Head of State President of Eritrea 02-Feb-1946 TBD ADD
Ben Affleck Actor Good Will Hunting 15-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Casey Affleck Actor The Assassination of Jesse James 12-Aug-1975 TBD ADD
Scipio Africanus Military Defeated Hannibal 236 BC 183 BC DEAD
Afu-Ra Rapper Whirlwind Thru Cities 1973 TBD ADD
Harsha V. Agadi Business Chairman of Quiznos 1962 TBD ADD
Herbert Agar Journalist The People's Choice 29-Sep-1897 24-Nov-1980 DEAD
John Agar Actor Sands of Iwo Jima 31-Jan-1921 07-Apr-2002 DEAD
Alex Agase Football Head Coach at Northwestern, Purdue 27-Mar-1922 03-May-2007 DEAD
Andre Agassi Tennis Winner of 8 Grand Slam singles 29-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Shai Agassi Business Former executive, SAP 1968 TBD ADD
Louis Agassiz Paleontologist Ichthyologist at Harvard 28-May-1807 14-Dec-1873 DEAD
Robert M. Agate Business CFO of Colgate-Palmolive, 1987-96 1935 TBD ADD
St. Agatha Religion Patron saint of Catania ? 5-Feb-251 AD DEAD
Agathias Historian On the Reign of Justinian 536 AD 582 AD DEAD
Pope Agatho Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 678-81 c. 577 AD 10-Jan-681 AD DEAD
Agathocles Military Tyrant of Syracuse 361 BC 289 BC DEAD
Arthur Agatston Doctor The South Beach Diet 1947 TBD ADD
Mehmet Ali Agca Assassin In 1981, shot Pope John Paul II 09-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
G. Steven Agee Judge 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 12-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
James Agee Poet A Death in the Family 27-Nov-1909 16-May-1955 DEAD
Mary Cunningham Agee Activist The Nurturing Network 1951 TBD ADD
Philip Agee Spy Inside the Company: CIA Diary 19-Jul-1935 07-Jan-2008 DEAD
Steve Agee Actor The Sarah Silverman Program 26-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Keiko Agena Actor Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls 03-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Milton Ager Songwriter Ain't She Sweet 06-Oct-1893 06-May-1979 DEAD
O. Rudolph Aggrey Diplomat US Ambassador to Romania, 1977-81 24-Jul-1926 TBD ADD
Shohreh Aghdashloo Actor House of Sand and Fog 11-May-1952 TBD ADD
Gianni Agnelli Business President of Fiat, 1966-96 12-Mar-1921 24-Jan-2003 DEAD
Giovanni Agnelli Business Founder of Fiat 13-Aug-1866 16-Dec-1945 DEAD
Roger Agnelli Business CEO of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, 2001-11 03-May-1959 19-Mar-2016 DEAD
Umberto Agnelli Business Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04 01-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 DEAD
Maria Gaetana Agnesi Mathematician Instituzioni Analitiche 16-May-1718 09-Jan-1799 DEAD
Agnetha Fältskog Musician ABBA 05-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Spiro T. Agnew Politician US Vice President, 1969-73 09-Nov-1918 17-Sep-1996 DEAD
Shmuel Agnon Author 'Tmol Shilshom 17-Jul-1888 17-Feb-1970 DEAD
Art Agnos Politician Mayor of San Francisco, 1988-92 01-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Larry Agran Politician Twice Mayor of Irvine, California 02-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Peter Agre Biologist Water channels of cell membranes 30-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Georg Agricola Geologist Father of Minerology 24-Mar-1490 21-Nov-1555 DEAD
Cornelius Agrippa Magician Three Books of Occult Philosophy 14-Sep-1486 18-Feb-1535 DEAD
Dianna Agron Actor Quinn Fabray on Glee 30-Apr-1986 TBD ADD
Martin Agronsky Journalist Agronsky & Co. 12-Jan-1915 25-Jul-1999 DEAD
Christina Aguilera Singer Genie in a Bottle 18-Dec-1980 TBD ADD
Rick Aguilera Baseball Former MLB Pitcher, Minnesota Twins 31-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
Emilio Aguinaldo Head of State 1st President of the Philippines 22-Mar-1869 06-Feb-1964 DEAD
Eduardo Aguirre Diplomat US Ambassador to Spain 1946 TBD ADD
Fernando Aguirre Business President and CEO, Chiquita Brands 1958 TBD ADD
Jenny Agutter Actor Jessica 6 in Logan's Run 20-Dec-1952 TBD ADD
Liaquat Ahamed Economist Lords of Finance 14-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Bertie Ahern Head of State Prime Minister of Ireland, 1997-2008 12-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Brian Aherne Actor I Confess 02-May-1902 10-Feb-1986 DEAD
Allan Ahlberg Author Juvenile author, The Jolly Postman 1938 TBD ADD
Fred E. Ahlert Composer I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter 19-Sep-1892 20-Oct-1953 DEAD
Mahmoud Ahmad Spy Pakistani Intelligence chief gave Atta $100k ? TBD ADD
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Head of State President of Iran, 2005-13 28-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Howard Ahmanson, Jr. Philanthropist Reclusive fundamentalist-Christian philanthropist 03-Feb-1950 TBD ADD
Howard F. Ahmanson Business Home Savings and Loan 01-Jul-1906 17-Jun-1968 DEAD
Roberta Green Ahmanson Relative Wife of Howard Ahmanson 1949 TBD ADD
Iajuddin Ahmed Head of State President of Bangladesh. 2002-09 01-Feb-1931 10-Dec-2012 DEAD
Kamal Ahmed Comic Half of The Jerky Boys 07-May-1966 TBD ADD
Riz Ahmed Actor Four Lions 01-Dec-1982 TBD ADD
Philip Ahn Actor Early Korean-American actor 29-Mar-1905 28-Feb-1978 DEAD
Mariella Ahrens Actor Maren Wolf in Sabine (German) 02-Apr-1969 TBD ADD
Martti Ahtisaari Head of State President of Finland, 1994-2000 23-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Carlos Ahumada Business Construction magnate, snared in bribery scheme 1964 TBD ADD
Charles Aidman Actor Character actor 21-Jan-1925 07-Nov-1993 DEAD
Danny Aiello Actor The Last Don 20-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Clay Aiken Singer American Idol 30-Nov-1978 TBD ADD
Conrad Aiken Poet Earth Triumphant 05-Aug-1889 17-Aug-1973 DEAD
George Aiken Politician Governor and Senator from Vermont 20-Aug-1892 19-Nov-1984 DEAD
Howard Aiken Physicist Designer of early computers 08-Mar-1900 14-Mar-1973 DEAD
Liam Aiken Actor A Series of Unfortunate Events 07-Jan-1990 TBD ADD
Troy Aikman Football Cowboys all-time passing yards leader 21-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Roger Ailes Business CEO of Fox News, 1996-2016 15-May-1940 18-May-2017 DEAD
Alvin Ailey Dancer Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 05-Jan-1931 01-Dec-1989 DEAD
Anouk Aimée Actor La Dolce Vita 27-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Michael L. Ainslie Business CEO of Sotheby's, 1984-94 1944 TBD ADD
William Harrison Ainsworth Novelist The Tower of London 04-Feb-1805 03-Jan-1882 DEAD
James Aiona Politician Lt. Governor of Hawaii 08-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Air Force Amy Pornstar Moonlite Bunny Ranch 1965 TBD ADD
Andrew Airlie Actor Capt. Ballard on Breaker High 18-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
George Biddell Airy Astronomer British Astronomer Royal 27-Jul-1801 02-Jan-1892 DEAD
Spottiswoode Aitken Actor Silent film actor 16-Apr-1868 26-Feb-1933 DEAD
Fouad Ajami Author Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS 09-Sep-1945 22-Jun-2014 DEAD
Nancy Ajram Singer Lebanese pop singer 16-May-1983 TBD ADD
Daniel Akaka Politician US Senator from Hawaii 11-Sep-1924 TBD ADD
Askar Akayev Head of State President of Kyrgyzstan, 1990-2005 10-Nov-1944 TBD ADD
Mark Akenside Poet The Pleasures of the Imagination 09-Nov-1721 23-Jun-1770 DEAD
George A. Akerlof Economist Asymmetric markets 17-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
Malin Akerman Actor The Heartbreak Kid 12-May-1978 TBD ADD
John F. Akers Business CEO of IBM, 1986-93 28-Dec-1934 22-Aug-2014 DEAD
Karen Akers Actor Broadway actress, singer 13-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Daniel F. Akerson Business CEO of General Motors, 2010-14 21-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
George Akerson Government First White House Press Secretary 05-Sep-1889 21-Dec-1937 DEAD
Akhenaton Royalty Blasphemous Pharaoh c. 1380 BC c. 1334 BC DEAD
Anna Akhmatova Poet Poem Without a Hero 11-Jun-1889 05-Mar-1966 DEAD
Emperor Akihito Royalty Emperor of Japan 23-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Todd Akin Politician Congressman from Missouri, 2001-13 05-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Actor Adebisi in Oz 22-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Peter Akinola Religion Anglican Primate of Nigeria 1944 TBD ADD
Claude Akins Actor Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo 25-May-1926 27-Jan-1994 DEAD
James E. Akins Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1973-75 15-Oct-1926 15-Jul-2010 DEAD
Zoë Akins Playwright The Greeks Had a Word For It 30-Oct-1886 29-Oct-1958 DEAD
Prince Akishino Royalty Second son of Emperor Akihito 30-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Masami Akita Musician Merzbow, Destroyer of Worlds 19-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Moustapha Akkad Film/TV Producer Halloween producer 01-Jul-1930 10-Nov-2005 DEAD
Akon Singer Trouble 16-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Sami Al-Arian Criminal Professor convicted of funding terrorism 14-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Asma al-Assad First Lady First Lady of Syria 11-Aug-1975 TBD ADD
Hafez al-Assad Head of State President of Syria, 1971-2000 06-Oct-1930 10-Jun-2000 DEAD
Anwar al-Awlaki Religion Yemeni video cleric, AQAP 22-Apr-1971 30-Sep-2011 DEAD
Ibn Al-Baitar Botanist Muslim botanist and pharmacist 1197 1248 DEAD
Omar al-Bashir Politician President of Sudan 01-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Nouri al-Maliki Head of State Prime Minister of Iraq 1950 TBD ADD
Harun al-Rashid Royalty Abbasid caliph 763 AD 24-Mar-809 AD DEAD
al-Razi Doctor Persian alchemist c. 865 AD 27-Oct-925 AD DEAD
Jaber III al-Sabah Royalty Emir of Kuwait, 1977-2006 29-Jun-1926 15-Jan-2006 DEAD
Natasha Alam Actor Shadow Puppets 10-Mar-1983 TBD ADD
Tony Alamo Religion Tony Alamo Christian Ministries 20-Sep-1934 02-May-2017 DEAD
José Maria Alapont Business CEO of Federal-Mogul 1951 TBD ADD
Arthur L. Alarcon Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1979-92 14-Aug-1925 28-Jan-2015 DEAD
Ali Alatas Diplomat Indonesian Foreign Minister, 1988-99 04-Nov-1932 11-Dec-2008 DEAD
Carlos Alazraqui Actor Deputy Garcia on Reno 911! 20-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Jessica Alba Actor Dark Angel 28-Apr-1981 TBD ADD
Joshua Alba Actor Actor, brother of Jessica Alba 08-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Licia Albanese Singer Operatic soprano, La Bohème 22-Jul-1913 15-Aug-2014 DEAD
Captain Lou Albano Wrestling Pro wrestling manager 29-Jul-1933 14-Oct-2009 DEAD
Damon Albarn Musician Blur, Gorillaz 23-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
James F. Albaugh Business EVP at Boeing 31-May-1950 TBD ADD
Edward Albee Playwright Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 12-Mar-1928 16-Sep-2016 DEAD
Isaac Albéniz Composer Iberia 29-May-1860 18-May-1909 DEAD
Tom A. Alberg Business Madrona Venture Group 1940 TBD ADD
Anna Maria Alberghetti Actor Carnival! 15-May-1936 TBD ADD
Luis Alberni Actor Spanish-American character actor 04-Oct-1886 23-Dec-1962 DEAD
Giulio Alberoni Religion Powerful Italo-Spanish cardinal 21-May-1664 16-Jun-1752 DEAD
Josef Albers Artist Homage to the Square 19-Mar-1888 25-Mar-1976 DEAD
Albert I Royalty King of Belgium, 1909-34 08-Apr-1875 17-Feb-1934 DEAD
Prince Albert II Royalty Sovereign Prince of Monaco 14-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
Albert II Royalty King of Belgium, 1993-2013 06-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Carl B. Albert Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 1946-76 10-May-1908 04-Feb-2000 DEAD
Eddie Albert Actor Oliver on Green Acres 22-Apr-1906 26-May-2005 DEAD
Edward Albert Actor Butterflies Are Free 20-Feb-1951 22-Sep-2006 DEAD
Laura Albert Novelist The infamous JT LeRoy 02-Nov-1965 TBD ADD
Marv Albert Sports Figure Yessssssss! 12-Jun-1941 TBD ADD
Morris Albert Singer/Songwriter Feelings 07-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Prince Albert Royalty Royal Consort of Queen Victoria 26-Aug-1819 14-Dec-1861 DEAD
Stew Albert Activist Founding Yippie 04-Dec-1939 30-Jan-2006 DEAD
Leon Battista Alberti Architect Ten Books on Architecture 14-Feb-1404 25-Apr-1472 DEAD
William O. Albertini Business CFO of Bell Atlantic, 1991-97 29-Jun-1943 28-Jun-2008 DEAD
Frank Albertson Actor American character actor 02-Feb-1909 29-Feb-1964 DEAD
Jack Albertson Actor The Man on Chico and the Man 16-Jun-1907 25-Nov-1981 DEAD
Joe Albertson Business Founder of Albertson's 17-Oct-1906 20-Jan-1993 DEAD
Mabel Albertson Actor Darrin's mother on Bewitched 24-Jul-1901 28-Sep-1982 DEAD
Erasmus Alberus Religion German humanist, supporter of Luther 1500 1553 DEAD
Barry T. Albin Judge Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court 07-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
David R. Albin Business Natural Gas Partners 1960 TBD ADD
Steve Albini Music Producer Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac 22-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Tomaso Albinoni Composer Adagio in G minor 08-Jun-1671 17-Jan-1751 DEAD
Mitch Albom Novelist Tuesdays with Morrie 23-May-1958 TBD ADD
Chris Albrecht Business Former HBO Chairman and CEO 1951 TBD ADD
Gerd Albrecht Conductor Yomiuri Nippon Symphony, 1998-2007 19-Jun-1935 02-Feb-2014 DEAD
Karl Albrecht Business Founded Aldi, personal worth $23B 28-Mar-1922 16-Jul-2014 DEAD
Theo Albrecht Business World's 20th richest man, 2005 28-Mar-1922 24-Jul-2010 DEAD
W. Steve Albrecht Educator Accounting Professor at BYU 1949 TBD ADD
Hardie Albright Actor Angel on My Shoulder 16-Dec-1903 07-Dec-1975 DEAD
Joseph P. Albright Judge WV Supreme Court Justice, 2001-09 08-Nov-1938 20-Mar-2009 DEAD
Lola Albright Actor Lord Love a Duck 20-Jul-1925 23-Mar-2017 DEAD
Madeleine Albright Diplomat Bill Clinton's Secretary of State 15-May-1937 TBD ADD
Tenley Albright Figure Skating Olympic figure skater, Gold Medal in 1956 18-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
William Foxwell Albright Archaeologist Biblical archaeologist at Johns Hopkins 24-May-1891 19-Sep-1971 DEAD
Chris Alcaide Actor Gunslinger 22-Oct-1922 30-Jun-2004 DEAD
Rodney Alcala Criminal The Dating Game killer 23-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Niceto Alcalá-Zamora Government 1st President of the Second Spanish Republic 06-Jul-1877 18-Feb-1949 DEAD
Birdman of Alcatraz Criminal Subject of Burt Lancaster movie 28-Jan-1890 22-Nov-1963 DEAD
John R. Alchin Business CFO of Comcast, 2002-07 1948 TBD ADD
Yamiche Alcindor Journalist The New York Times 01-Nov-1986 TBD ADD
George A. Alcorn Business Alcorn Exploration 1933 TBD ADD
Amy Alcott Golf Winner of 5 Majors 22-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
Bronson Alcott Educator Founder of Boston's Temple School 29-Nov-1799 04-Mar-1888 DEAD
Louisa May Alcott Author Little Women 29-Nov-1832 06-Mar-1888 DEAD
Alan Alda Actor Capt. Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H 28-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Frances Alda Singer Operatic soprano, NY Metropolitan Opera 31-May-1879 18-Sep-1952 DEAD
Robert Alda Actor Cloak and Dagger 26-Nov-1914 03-May-1986 DEAD
Jason Aldean Country Musician Big Green Tractor 28-Feb-1977 TBD ADD
Christopher J. Alden Business CEO of Six Apart 1970 TBD ADD
Edward Alden Journalist The Closing of the American Border 17-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Norman Alden Actor Character actor 13-Sep-1924 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Kurt Alder Chemist Diels-Alder Reaction 10-Jul-1902 20-Jun-1958 DEAD
Charles Alderton Inventor Invented Dr Pepper 21-Jun-1857 29-May-1941 DEAD
William F. Aldinger Business CEO of Household International, 1994-2003 1947 TBD ADD
Richard Aldington Poet Death of a Hero 08-Jul-1892 27-Jul-1962 DEAD
Ruggero J. Aldisert Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, 1968-86 10-Nov-1919 28-Dec-2014 DEAD
Brian Aldiss Author Supertoys Last All Summer Long 18-Aug-1925 19-Aug-2017 DEAD
Tom Aldredge Actor Into The Woods 28-Feb-1928 22-Jul-2011 DEAD
Charles H. Aldrich Attorney US Solicitor General, 1892-93 28-Aug-1850 13-Apr-1929 DEAD
Gary Aldrich Activist Clinton antagonist 22-May-1945 TBD ADD
Nelson W. Aldrich Politician US Senator from Rhode Island, 1881-1911 06-Nov-1841 16-Apr-1915 DEAD
Robert Aldrich Film Director The Dirty Dozen 09-Aug-1918 05-Dec-1983 DEAD
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poet The Story of a Bad Boy 11-Nov-1836 19-Mar-1907 DEAD
Winthrop W. Aldrich Business Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1934-53 02-Nov-1885 25-Feb-1974 DEAD
James Aldridge Novelist The True Story of Lilli Stubeck 10-Jul-1918 23-Feb-2015 DEAD
Kay Aldridge Actor Perils of Nyoka 09-Jul-1917 12-Jan-1995 DEAD
Michael Aldridge Actor Seymour on Last of the Summer Wine 09-Sep-1920 10-Jan-1994 DEAD
Pete Aldridge Business Under Secretary of Defense, 2001-03 18-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Second man on the Moon 20-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Ulisse Aldrovandi Naturalist Pioneering entomologist and naturalist 11-Sep-1522 10-Mar-1605 DEAD
Norma Aleandro Actor The Official Story 02-May-1936 TBD ADD
Sholem Aleichem Author Fiddler on the Roof 02-Mar-1859 13-May-1916 DEAD
Vicente Aleixandre Poet Spanish surrealist poet 26-Apr-1898 14-Dec-1984 DEAD
Kevin Alejandro Actor Jesus Velasquez on True Blood 07-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Raquel Alessi Actor Lia Mathers on Standoff ? TBD ADD
Betty C. Alewine Business COMSAT Corporation 1948 TBD ADD
Alexander Royalty King of Greece, 1917-20 01-Aug-1893 25-Oct-1920 DEAD
Tsar Alexander I Royalty Tsar of Russia, 1801-25 23-Dec-1777 01-Dec-1825 DEAD
Tsar Alexander II Royalty Tsar of Russia, 1855-81 17-Apr-1818 13-Mar-1881 DEAD
Pope Alexander II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1061-73 ? 21-Apr-1075 DEAD
Pope Alexander III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1159-81 1105 30-Aug-1181 DEAD
Alexander the Great Royalty World conqueror Jul-356 BC 10-Jun-323 BC DEAD
Pope Alexander V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1409-10 1339 04-May-1410 DEAD
Pope Alexander VI Religion Divided the New World for Portugal, Spain 01-Jan-1431 18-Aug-1503 DEAD
Pope Alexander VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1655-67 13-Feb-1599 22-May-1667 DEAD
Pope Alexander VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1689-91 22-Apr-1610 01-Feb-1691 DEAD
Anthony J. Alexander Business CEO of FirstEnergy 1951 TBD ADD
Arthur Alexander Singer Influential soul singer 10-May-1940 09-Jun-1993 DEAD
Barbara T. Alexander Business Former UBS manager 1948 TBD ADD
Bill Alexander Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1969-93 16-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Christopher Alexander Architect A Pattern Language, The Nature of Order 04-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Cris Alexander Photographer Portrait photographer, Broadway actor 14-Jan-1920 07-Mar-2012 DEAD
Dave Alexander Bassist Original bassist for the Stooges 03-Jun-1947 10-Feb-1975 DEAD
Douglas Alexander Politician British MP, Paisley and Renfrewshire South 26-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Doyle Alexander Baseball Former MLB pitcher 04-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
Erika Alexander Actor Living Single 19-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Flex Alexander Actor One on One 15-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Gerry L. Alexander Judge Washington Chief Justice 1936 TBD ADD
Grover Cleveland Alexander Baseball Pitcher, 373 career wins 26-Feb-1887 04-Nov-1950 DEAD
J. Alexander Model America's Next Top Model ? TBD ADD
Jaimie Alexander Actor Jane Doe on Blindspot 12-Mar-1984 TBD ADD
Jane Alexander Actor The Ring 28-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
Jason Alexander Actor George Costanza on Seinfeld 23-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Joshua W. Alexander Politician US Commerce Secretary, 1919-21 22-Jan-1852 27-Feb-1936 DEAD
Keith B. Alexander Military Former Director of U.S. National Security Agency 1952 TBD ADD
Khandi Alexander Actor NewsRadio, CSI: Miami 04-Sep-1957 TBD ADD
Lamar Alexander Politician US Senator from Tennessee 03-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Lloyd Alexander Novelist The Chronicles of Prydain 30-Jan-1924 17-May-2007 DEAD
Rodney Alexander Politician Congressman, Louisiana 5th 05-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Ross Alexander Actor Captain Blood 27-Jul-1907 02-Jan-1937 DEAD
Samuel Alexander Philosopher Space, Time, and Deity 06-Jan-1859 13-Sep-1938 DEAD
Sasha Alexander Actor Caitlin Todd on Navy NCIS 17-May-1975 TBD ADD
Severus Alexander Royalty Roman emperor, 222-35 AD 208 AD 235 AD DEAD
Shana Alexander Journalist Nutcracker: Money, Madness and Murder 06-Oct-1925 23-Jun-2005 DEAD
Shaun Alexander Football Seattle Seahawks RB 30-Aug-1977 TBD ADD
Terence Alexander Actor Charlie Hungerford in Bergerac 11-Mar-1923 28-May-2009 DEAD
Tsar Alexander III Royalty Tsar of Russia, 1881-94 10-Mar-1845 01-Nov-1894 DEAD
Ernst F. W. Alexanderson Inventor Developed radio and television at GE and RCA 25-Jan-1878 14-May-1975 DEAD
Alexandra of Denmark Royalty Queen Alexandra, Consort of Edward VII 01-Dec-1844 20-Nov-1925 DEAD
Princess Alexandra Royalty Granddaughter of King George V 25-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Brandy Alexandre Pornstar Twin Peeks, Whore of the Roses 17-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Sherman Alexie Novelist The Business of Fancydancing 07-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Jacques-Édouard Alexis Head of State Prime Minister of Haiti 21-Sep-1947 TBD ADD
Kim Alexis Model Top 1980s model 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Tsar Alexis Royalty Tsar of Russia, 1645-76 19-Mar-1629 08-Feb-1676 DEAD
Zhores I. Alferov Scientist Developed solar cells for the Sputnik program 15-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Sal H. Alfiero Business Founder, Mark IV Industries 1938 TBD ADD
Raúl Alfonsín Head of State President of Argentina, 1983-89 13-Mar-1927 31-Mar-2009 DEAD
Alfonso XII Royalty King of Spain, 1874-85 28-Nov-1857 25-Nov-1885 DEAD
Alfonso XIII Royalty King of Spain, 1902-31 17-May-1886 28-Feb-1941 DEAD
Kristian Alfonso Actor Days of Our Lives 05-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Mimi Alford Author Once Upon a Secret 07-May-1943 TBD ADD
Steve Alford Basketball Head Coach, UCLA 23-Nov-1964 TBD ADD
King Alfred the Great Royalty King of England, 871-99 AD c. 849 AD 26-Oct-899 AD DEAD
Hannes Alfvén Physicist Renegade Swedish astrophysicist 30-May-1908 02-Apr-1995 DEAD
Horatio Alger Author Ragged Dick 13-Jan-1832 18-Jul-1899 DEAD
Russell A. Alger Government McKinley's Secretary of War, 1897-99 27-Feb-1836 24-Jan-1907 DEAD
Nelson Algren Author The Man with the Golden Arm 28-Mar-1909 09-May-1981 DEAD
Saif Ali Khan Actor Dil Chahta Hai 16-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Ahmed Ali Novelist Twilight in Delhi 01-Jul-1910 14-Jan-1994 DEAD
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Activist Submission 13-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
Laila Ali Boxing Daughter of Muhammad Ali 30-Dec-1977 TBD ADD
Mahershala Ali Actor Remy Danton on House of Cards 16-Feb-1974 TBD ADD
Muhammad Ali Boxing Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 03-Jun-2016 DEAD
Noble Drew Ali Religion Moorish Science Temple of America 08-Jan-1886 20-Jul-1929 DEAD
Tatyana Ali Actor The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 24-Jan-1979 TBD ADD
Kenneth Alibek Biologist Biological weapons designer 1951 TBD ADD
Mary Alice Actor The Matrix Revolutions 03-Dec-1941 TBD ADD
Princess Alice Royalty Late Duchess of Gloucester 25-Dec-1901 29-Oct-2004 DEAD
Ana Alicia Actor Melissa Gioberti on Falcon Crest 12-Dec-1956 TBD ADD
Saul Alinsky Activist Rules for Radicals 30-Jan-1909 12-Jun-1972 DEAD
Angela Alioto Politician San Francisco politician and pundit 20-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Joseph Alioto Politician Mayor of San Francisco, 1968-76 12-Feb-1916 29-Jan-1998 DEAD
Dorothy Alison Actor See No Evil 04-Apr-1925 17-Jan-1992 DEAD
Samuel Alito Judge US Supreme Court Justice 01-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Ilham Aliyev Head of State President of Azerbaijan 24-Dec-1961 TBD ADD
William Allain Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1984-88 14-Feb-1928 02-Dec-2013 DEAD
Paul Allaire Business Twice CEO of Xerox 21-Jul-1938 TBD ADD
Maurice Allais Economist Monopoly pricing and the Allais effect 31-May-1911 09-Oct-2010 DEAD
Roger Allam Actor Privates on Parade 26-Oct-1953 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Allan Actor A Tale of Two Cities 09-Apr-1908 27-Jul-1990 DEAD
Gary Allan Country Musician Smoke Rings in the Dark 05-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Harris Allan Actor Hunter on Queer as Folk 11-Feb-1985 TBD ADD
Wayne Allard Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1997-2009 02-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Iyad Allawi Head of State Iraqi Prime Minister, 2004-05 31-May-1944 TBD ADD
Joe Allbaugh Government FEMA Director, 2001-03 27-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Joe L. Allbritton Business Well-connected Washington billionaire 29-Dec-1924 12-Dec-2012 DEAD
Louise Allbritton Actor Son of Dracula 03-Jul-1920 16-Feb-1979 DEAD
Marc Allégret Film Director Entrée des Artistes 22-Dec-1900 04-Nov-1973 DEAD
Yves Allégret Film Director The Proud and the Beautiful 13-Oct-1907 31-Jan-1987 DEAD
Arnold A. Allemang Business EVP of Dow Chemical, 2000-04 1943 TBD ADD
Barbara Jo Allen Radio Personality Vera Vague 02-Sep-1906 14-Sep-1974 DEAD
Barry K. Allen Business EVP at Qwest, 2004-07 1949 TBD ADD
Bernadette M. Allen Diplomat US Ambassador to Niger 1955 TBD ADD
Bill J. Allen Business Founder, VECO Corporation 1937 TBD ADD
Bob Allen Politician Florida State Representative, 2000-08 30-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Byron Allen TV Personality Real People, The Byron Allen Show 22-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Chad Allen Actor Matthew Cooper on Dr. Quinn 05-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Charlotte Allen Journalist Conservative writer ? TBD ADD
Christa B. Allen Actor Charlotte Grayson on Revenge 11-Nov-1991 TBD ADD
Claude Allen Government Former White House domestic policy advisor 11-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Daevid Allen Musician Demented musical gnome 13-Jan-1938 13-Mar-2015 DEAD
Darryl F. Allen Business CEO of Aeroquip-Vickers, 1986-99 1942 TBD ADD
Dave Allen Comic Dave Allen at Large 06-Jul-1936 10-Mar-2005 DEAD
David Allen Business Group Chief of Staff, BP, 2000-08 1955 TBD ADD
David Allen Author Getting Things Done 28-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Dayton Allen Actor Voice actor 24-Sep-1919 11-Nov-2004 DEAD
Debbie Allen Dancer All About You 16-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Deborah Allen Country Musician Baby I Lied 30-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Dede Allen Editor Prominent Hollywood film editor 03-Dec-1925 17-Apr-2010 DEAD
Dennis Allen Football Oakland Raiders Head Coach 22-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
Dick Allen Baseball Outspoken MLB slugger 08-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Allen Actor The Jackie Gleason Show 25-Jan-1929 19-Sep-2006 DEAD
Ethan Allen Military Fighter with the Green Mountain Boys 10-Jan-1739 12-Feb-1789 DEAD
Fred Allen Comic Town Hall Tonight 31-May-1894 17-Mar-1956 DEAD
Frederick Lewis Allen Journalist Editor of Harpers, 1941-53 05-Jul-1890 13-Feb-1954 DEAD
George Allen Politician US Senator from Virginia, 2001-07 08-Mar-1952 TBD ADD
George Allen Football The Future is Now 29-Apr-1918 31-Dec-1990 DEAD
George V. Allen Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1946-48 03-Nov-1903 11-Jul-1970 DEAD
Geri Allen Pianist Jazz pianist 12-Jun-1957 27-Jun-2017 DEAD
Gracie Allen Actor Say goodnight Gracie 26-Jul-1895 27-Aug-1964 DEAD
Henry Justin Allen Politician Governor of Kansas, 1919-23 11-Sep-1868 17-Jan-1950 DEAD
Herbert A. Allen, Sr. Business Allen & Company, Inc. 13-Feb-1908 18-Jan-1997 DEAD
Herbert A. Allen, Jr. Business Allen & Company, Inc. 1940 TBD ADD
Hervey Allen Poet Ballads of the Border 08-Dec-1889 28-Dec-1949 DEAD
Ira Allen Military Founder of the University of Vermont 21-Apr-1751 04-Jan-1814 DEAD
Irwin Allen Film/TV Producer The Master of Disaster 12-Jun-1916 02-Nov-1991 DEAD
James B. Allen Politician US Senator from Alabama, 1969-78 28-Dec-1912 01-Jun-1978 DEAD
Jay Allen Business Senior VP at Wal-Mart, 1995-2005 ? TBD ADD
Jeffry R. Allen Business Former VP at Network Appliance 1952 TBD ADD
Joan Allen Actor Mother in Pleasantville 20-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Jonelle Allen Actor Grace on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 18-Jul-1944 TBD ADD
Karen Allen Actor Raiders of the Lost Ark 05-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Keith Allen Actor Keith Allen Will Burn In Hell 02-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Krista Allen Actor Jenna on Baywatch 05-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Laura Allen Actor Hannah Britten on Awake 21-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Lew Allen, Jr. Military Director of the NSA, 1973-77 30-Sep-1925 04-Jan-2010 DEAD
Lewis Allen Film Director The Uninvited 25-Dec-1905 03-May-2000 DEAD
Lily Allen Singer Smile 02-May-1985 TBD ADD
Marcus Allen Football Super Bowl MVP, 1984 26-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Marty Allen Comic Goofy-looking comedian 23-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Maryon Allen Politician US Senator from Alabama, 1978 30-Nov-1925 TBD ADD
Mel Allen Sports Journalist Sportscaster, Voice of the Yankees 13-Feb-1913 16-Jun-1996 DEAD
Mike Allen Journalist Politico 21-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Nancy Allen Actor RoboCop 24-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Paul Allen Business Co-Founder of Microsoft 21-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Peter Allen Singer/Songwriter I Go To Rio 10-Feb-1944 18-Jun-1992 DEAD
Phog Allen Basketball KU Head Coach, 1919-56 18-Nov-1885 16-Sep-1974 DEAD
Ray Allen Basketball Miami Heat shooting guard 20-Jul-1975 TBD ADD
Red Allen Jazz Musician Jazz trumpeter 07-Jan-1908 17-Apr-1967 DEAD
Rex Allen Actor The Arizona Cowboy 31-Dec-1920 17-Dec-1999 DEAD
Richard Allen Religion Founder, African Episcopal Methodist Church 14-Feb-1760 26-Mar-1831 DEAD
Richard V. Allen Government Reagan National Security Advisor 01-Jan-1936 TBD ADD
Rick Allen Drummer Def Leppard's one-armed drummer 01-Nov-1963 TBD ADD
Robert E. Allen Business CEO of AT&T, 1988-97 25-Jan-1935 10-Sep-2016 DEAD
Ronald W. Allen Business CEO of Delta Airlines, 1987-97 1942 TBD ADD
Samuel R. Allen Business CEO of John Deere 1954 TBD ADD
Steve Allen Talk Show Host The Tonight Show 26-Dec-1921 30-Oct-2000 DEAD
Ted Allen TV Personality Food & Wine Queer Eye guy 20-May-1965 TBD ADD
Thad Allen Military Commandant, US Coast Guard 16-Jan-1949 TBD ADD
Tim Allen Actor Home Improvement 13-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Tom Allen Politician Congressman from Maine, 1997-2009 16-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Walter Allen Novelist All in a Lifetime 23-Feb-1911 28-Feb-1995 DEAD
Woody Allen Film Director Annie Hall 01-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Edmund Allenby Military Defeated the Turks in WWI 23-Apr-1861 14-May-1936 DEAD
Isabel Allende Novelist The House of Spirits 02-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
Salvador Allende Head of State Chilean President, deposed by Pinochet 26-Jul-1908 11-Sep-1973 DEAD
Kirstie Alley Actor Rebecca from Cheers 12-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Peter F. Allgeier Diplomat US Ambassador to the WTO ? TBD ADD
Sara Allgood Actor How Green Was My Valley 31-Oct-1879 13-Sep-1950 DEAD
G. G. Allin Musician Hated 29-Aug-1956 28-Jun-1993 DEAD
Roger Allin Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1895-97 18-Dec-1848 01-Jan-1936 DEAD
Margery Allingham Novelist Albert Campion detective novels 20-May-1904 30-Jun-1966 DEAD
William Allingham Poet Day and Night Songs 19-Mar-1824 18-Nov-1889 DEAD
Bobby Allison Auto Racing Three-time winner of the Daytona 500 03-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Fran Allison Actor Kukla, Fran and Ollie 20-Nov-1907 13-Jun-1989 DEAD
Gene Allison Singer You Can Make It If You Try 29-Apr-1934 28-Feb-2004 DEAD
Graham T. Allison Scholar Kennedy School of Government 23-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Herbert M. Allison Business CEO of TIAA-CREF, 2002-08 24-Aug-1943 14-Jul-2013 DEAD
John A. Allison Business CEO of BB&T 14-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
John M. Allison Diplomat US Ambassador to Japan, 1953-57 07-Apr-1905 28-Oct-1978 DEAD
Kevin Allison Actor The State 16-Feb-1970 TBD ADD
Luther Allison Musician Electric blues player 17-Aug-1939 12-Aug-1997 DEAD
Mose Allison Singer Southern bluesman, Jazz pianist 11-Nov-1927 15-Nov-2016 DEAD
Robert J. Allison, Jr. Business CEO of Anadarko Petroleum, 1979-2002 29-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
William Boyd Allison Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1873-1908 02-Mar-1829 04-Aug-1908 DEAD
Claud Allister Actor The Reluctant Dragon 03-Oct-1888 26-Jul-1970 DEAD
Patrick Allitt Historian Religion in America Since 1945 26-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Duane Allman Guitarist Guitarist, The Allman Brothers 20-Nov-1946 29-Oct-1971 DEAD
Gregg Allman Musician The Allman Brothers 08-Dec-1947 27-May-2017 DEAD
Marshall Allman Actor LJ Burrows on Prison Break 05-Apr-1984 TBD ADD
Quinn Allman Guitarist Guitarist for The Used 18-Jan-1982 TBD ADD
Gordon W. Allport Psychologist Personality: A Psychological Interpretation 11-Nov-1897 09-Oct-1967 DEAD
Corbin Allred Actor Saints and Soldiers 25-May-1979 TBD ADD
Gloria Allred Attorney Feminist lawyer 03-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
James V. Allred Politician Governor of Texas, 1935-39 29-Mar-1899 24-Sep-1959 DEAD
Kenneth Allsop Critic London Evening News book critic 29-Jan-1920 23-May-1973 DEAD
Robert Allston Agriculturalist Rice planter, Governor 21-Apr-1801 07-Apr-1864 DEAD
Washington Allston Painter The Dead Man Revived 05-Nov-1779 09-Jul-1843 DEAD
Mike Allsup Guitarist Guitarist for Three Dog Night 08-Mar-1947 TBD ADD
Astrid Allwyn Actor Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 27-Nov-1905 31-Mar-1978 DEAD
June Allyson Actor Two Girls and a Sailor 07-Oct-1917 08-Jul-2006 DEAD
John R. Alm Business CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises 1945 TBD ADD
Lawrence Alma-Tadema Painter Classicist painter 08-Jan-1836 25-Jun-1912 DEAD
Joaquim de Almeida Actor Clear and Present Danger 15-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
Richard J. Almeida Business Heller Financial 1943 TBD ADD
Néstor Almendros Cinematographer Mauvaise Conduite 30-Oct-1930 04-Mar-1992 DEAD
Michael Almereyda Film Director Hamlet 07-Apr-1959 TBD ADD
Pedro Almodóvar Film Director Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 25-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. Politician Governor of Virginia, 1958-62 15-Jun-1898 15-Apr-1986 DEAD
Lincoln C. Almond Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1995-2003 16-Jun-1936 TBD ADD
Marc Almond Singer/Songwriter Contemporary cabaret vocalist, Soft Cell 09-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Joaquin Almunia Politician EU Economic Affairs Commissioner 17-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Carlos Alomar Guitarist Longtime Bowie guitarist 07-May-1951 TBD ADD
Roberto Alomar Baseball Hall of Fame second baseman 05-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
Alicia Alonso Dancer Prima Ballerina Assoluta 21-Dec-1920 TBD ADD
Fernando Alonso Auto Racing Spanish Formula 1 racer 29-Jul-1981 TBD ADD
Laz Alonso Actor Charlie Duchamp on Breakout Kings 25-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Maria Conchita Alonso Actor Colors 29-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Barry J. Alperin Business Former Vice Chairman of Hasbro 1941 TBD ADD
Robert J. Alpern Doctor Dean, Yale School of Medicine 1950 TBD ADD
Herb Alpert Musician Tijuana Brass, Co-Founder, A&M Records 31-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Rolando Alphonso Musician Horn player, Ska/Reggae pioneer 12-Jan-1931 20-Nov-1998 DEAD
Prospero Alpini Botanist De Plantis Aegypti liber 23-Nov-1553 23-Nov-1616 DEAD
Joseph Alsop Columnist Matter of Fact 11-Oct-1910 28-Aug-1989 DEAD
Susan Mary Alsop Socialite Washington DC Socialite 19-Jun-1918 18-Aug-2004 DEAD
Robert W. Alspaugh Business CEO of KPMG, 2002-05 1947 TBD ADD
Walter Alston Baseball Longtime Manager, Brooklyn/LA Dodgers 01-Dec-1911 01-Oct-1984 DEAD
Carol Alt Model Supermodels in the Rainforest 01-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Albrecht Altdorfer Painter Giorgione of the North 1480 12-Feb-1538 DEAD
David Alter Inventor Almost discovered spectroscopy 03-Dec-1807 18-Sep-1881 DEAD
Jonathan Alter Columnist Newsweek Senior Editor 06-Oct-1957 TBD ADD
Eric Alterman Columnist The Nation columnist 14-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
John Peter Altgeld Politician Governor of Illinois, 1893-97 30-Dec-1847 12-Mar-1902 DEAD
Ann Althouse Blogger Political blogger, legal scholar 12-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Paul Althouse Singer Operatic tenor 02-Dec-1889 06-Feb-1954 DEAD
Louis Althusser Philosopher Marxist theorist, anti-humanist 16-Oct-1918 22-Oct-1990 DEAD
Emily Altman Business Morgan Stanley 1955 TBD ADD
Jeff Altman Comic Pink Lady and Jeff 13-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Robert Altman Film Director M*A*S*H 20-Feb-1925 20-Nov-2006 DEAD
Roger C. Altman Business CEO of Evercore Partners 1945 TBD ADD
Sidney Altman Chemist Proved enzyme role of RNA 07-May-1939 TBD ADD
Jason Altmire Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 4th 07-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
John Alton Cinematographer An American in Paris 05-Oct-1901 02-Jun-1996 DEAD
T. M. Aluko Novelist One Man, One Wife 14-Jun-1918 01-May-2010 DEAD
Joseph A. Alutto Educator Provost of Ohio State University 1940 TBD ADD
Donna M. Alvarado Business Aguila International 08-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Linda G. Alvarado Business Alvarado Construction, Inc. 1952 TBD ADD
Pedro de Alvarado Military Spanish conqueror of Americas 1495 04-Jul-1541 DEAD
Phil Alvarado Boxing Greatest amateur boxer ever 18-Jan-1919 25-Dec-2003 DEAD
Trini Alvarado Actor Little Women 10-Jan-1967 TBD ADD
Aida M. Alvarez Business SBA Administrator, 1997-2001 1950 TBD ADD
José Alvarez Sculptor Court sculptor to Ferdinand VII 1768 1827 DEAD
Luis W. Alvarez Physicist Particle accelerator, extinction of dinosaurs 13-Jun-1911 01-Sep-1988 DEAD
Ralph Alvarez Business President and COO of McDonald's 1955 TBD ADD
Moniza Alvi Poet The Country at My Shoulder 02-Feb-1954 TBD ADD
John Alvin Actor The Fighting Sullivans 24-Oct-1917 27-Feb-2009 DEAD
Rafid Ahmed Alwan Hoaxer "Curveball" 1968 TBD ADD
Lance Alworth Football NFL Hall of Famer, "Bambi" 03-Aug-1940 TBD ADD
Kirk Alyn Actor Superman 08-Oct-1910 14-Mar-1999 DEAD
Lyle Alzado Football Steroid-using defensive lineman 03-Apr-1949 14-May-1992 DEAD
Alois Alzheimer Doctor Alzheimer's Disease 14-Jun-1864 19-Dec-1915 DEAD
Maryanne Amacher Composer Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear) 25-Feb-1943 22-Oct-2009 DEAD
Jorge Amado Novelist Dona Flor and her Two Husbands 10-Aug-1912 06-Aug-2001 DEAD
Luís Amado Politician Portuguese Foreign Minister 17-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
John Amaechi Basketball Only openly gay ex-NBA player 26-Nov-1970 TBD ADD
Mathieu Amalric Actor Late August, Early September 25-Oct-1965 TBD ADD
Tom Amandes Actor Dr. Harold Abbott on Everwood 09-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Christiane Amanpour Journalist Host of ABC's This Week 12-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Lucine Amara Singer Operatic soprano, NY Metropolitan Opera 01-Mar-1924 TBD ADD
Justin Amash Politician Congressman, Michigan 3rd 18-Apr-1980 TBD ADD
Pasquale Amato Singer Operatic baritone, NY Metropolitan Opera 21-Mar-1878 13-Aug-1942 DEAD
Mukesh Ambani Business India's richest man 19-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Marc Ambinder Journalist Contributing Editor, National Journal 1978 TBD ADD
Eric Ambler Novelist Topkapi 28-Jun-1909 22-Oct-1998 DEAD
Georges d'Amboise Religion Prime Minister under Louis XII 1460 25-May-1510 DEAD
Jacques d'Amboise Dancer Founder of the National Dance Institute 28-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Kenneth C. Ambrecht Business RBC Capital Markets 1945 TBD ADD
Thomas L. Ambro Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 27-Dec-1949 TBD ADD
St. Ambrose Religion Church Father, fought Arianism c. 340 AD 4-Apr-397 AD DEAD
Lauren Ambrose Actor Six Feet Under 20-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Rona Ambrose Politician Canadian MP, Edmonton--Spruce Grove 15-Mar-1969 TBD ADD
Stephen E. Ambrose Author Band of Brothers 10-Jan-1936 13-Oct-2002 DEAD
Alessandra Ambrosio Model Brazilian supermodel 11-Apr-1981 TBD ADD
Gene Amdahl Engineer Parallel computing pioneer 16-Nov-1922 10-Nov-2015 DEAD
Alan Ameche Football Winner, 1954 Heisman Trophy 01-Mar-1933 08-Aug-1988 DEAD
Don Ameche Actor Trading Places 31-May-1904 06-Dec-1993 DEAD
Gil Amelio Business CEO of Apple, 1996-97 01-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
Stephen Amell Actor Oliver Queen on Arrow 08-May-1981 TBD ADD
Alejandro Amenábar Film Director The Sea Inside 31-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Claudio Amendola Actor La Scorta 12-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Amenhotep III Royalty Pharaoh, built Colossi of Memnon c. 1411 BC c. 1353 BC DEAD
Jeff Ament Bassist Pearl Jam 10-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
Amerie Singer Why Don't We Fall in Love 12-Jan-1980 TBD ADD
A. Gary Ames Business CEO of MediaOne, 1990-2000 1946 TBD ADD
Adrienne Ames Actor You're Telling Me! 03-Aug-1907 31-May-1947 DEAD
Aldrich Ames Spy CIA agent, divulged names to the Soviets 26-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Christopher C. Ames Military US Navy Rear Admiral 16-Mar-1954 TBD ADD
Ed Ames Singer Try to Remember 09-Jul-1927 TBD ADD
Leon Ames Actor Character actor, a SAG founder 20-Jan-1902 12-Oct-1993 DEAD
Oakes Ames Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1863-73 10-Jan-1804 08-May-1873 DEAD
Nicholas Amhurst Author The Craftsman 16-Oct-1697 12-Apr-1742 DEAD
Giovanni Battista Amici Astronomer Italian astronomer, microscopist 25-Mar-1786 10-Apr-1863 DEAD
Bill L. Amick Business Amick Farms 1943 TBD ADD
Mädchen Amick Actor Shelley the waitress from Twin Peaks 12-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Barbara Amiel Journalist Director of The Spectator 04-Dec-1940 TBD ADD
Henri Frédéric Amiel Critic Journal Intime 27-Sep-1821 11-May-1881 DEAD
Jon Amiel Film Director Entrapment 20-May-1948 TBD ADD
Hardy Amies Fashion Designer Dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II 17-Jul-1909 05-Mar-2003 DEAD
Hafizullah Amin Head of State President of Afghanistan, 1979 01-Aug-1929 27-Dec-1979 DEAD
Idi Amin Head of State Former dictator of Uganda 17-May-1928 16-Aug-2003 DEAD
Yigal Amir Assassin Assassin of Yitzhak Rabin 23-May-1970 TBD ADD
Kingsley Amis Novelist Lucky Jim 16-Apr-1922 22-Oct-1995 DEAD
Martin Amis Author The Rachel Papers 25-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Suzy Amis Actor The Ballad of Little Jo 05-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Jost Amman Engraver Prolific Swiss engraver 13-Jun-1539 17-Mar-1591 DEAD
Bartolommeo Ammannati Architect Designed the Pitti Palace 18-Jun-1511 22-Apr-1592 DEAD
Douglas K. Ammerman Business Former Partner, KPMG 1952 TBD ADD
Ammonius Hermiae Philosopher Commentaries on Aristotle fl. 5th c. AD fl. 5th c. AD DEAD
A. R. Ammons Poet Sphere 18-Feb-1926 25-Feb-2001 DEAD
Anton Wilhelm Amo Philosopher First European-educated African philosopher 1703 1784 DEAD
Mark Amodei Politician Congressman, Nevada 2nd 12-Jun-1958 TBD ADD
Guillaume Amontons Physicist Thermometrist 31-Aug-1663 11-Oct-1705 DEAD
Cleveland Amory Author The Cat Who Came for Christmas 02-Sep-1917 14-Oct-1998 DEAD
John Shelby Amos II Business Alabama Sales Coordinator, Aflac 1953 TBD ADD
Paul S. Amos II Business President of Aflac 1978 TBD ADD
Daniel P. Amos Business CEO of Aflac 1951 TBD ADD
Deborah Amos Journalist NPR foreign correspondent ? TBD ADD
James F. Amos Military Commandant, US Marine Corps 12-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
John Amos Actor James Evans on Good Times 27-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Tori Amos Singer Little Earthquakes 22-Aug-1963 TBD ADD
Wally Amos Business Famous Amos 01-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
André-Marie Ampère Physicist Explored electromagnetism 22-Jan-1775 10-Jun-1836 DEAD
Nikolaus von Amsdorf Religion German Protestant reformer 03-Dec-1483 14-May-1565 DEAD
Morey Amsterdam Actor The Dick Van Dyke Show 14-Dec-1908 27-Oct-1996 DEAD
Roald Amundsen Explorer First to reach South Pole 16-Jul-1872 18-Jun-1928 DEAD
Eva Amurri Actor Actress/daughter of Susan Sarandon 15-Mar-1985 TBD ADD
Anacreon Poet Greek lyric poet c. 560 BC c. 485 BC DEAD
Anahí Singer/Songwriter RBD 14-May-1983 TBD ADD
Mulk Raj Anand Novelist Untouchable 22-Dec-1905 28-Sep-2004 DEAD
Anastacia Singer Not That Kind 17-Sep-1968 TBD ADD
Albert Anastasia Criminal Gambino crime boss 26-Feb-1902 25-Oct-1957 DEAD
Trey Anastasio Musician Lead singer and guitarist for Phish 30-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Anaxagoras Philosopher Matter composed of infinite elements c. 500 BC c. 428 BC DEAD
Anaximander Philosopher First to develop a cosmology c. 609 BC c. 546 BC DEAD
Anaximenes of Miletus Philosopher Aer as the source of all things c. 585 BC c. 525 BC DEAD
Elena Anaya Actor In the Land of Women 17-Jul-1975 TBD ADD
Rudolfo Anaya Author Bless Me, Ultima 30-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Toney Anaya Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1983-87 29-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
David R. Andelman Business Director of Viacom, CBS 1940 TBD ADD
Allison Anders Film Director Grace of My Heart 16-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Andrea Anders Actor Alex Garrett on Joey 10-May-1975 TBD ADD
David Anders Actor Julian Sark on Alias 11-Mar-1981 TBD ADD
Glenn Anders Actor The Lady from Shanghai 01-Sep-1889 26-Oct-1981 DEAD
Luana Anders Actor The Pit and the Pendulum 12-May-1938 21-Jul-1996 DEAD
Merry Anders Actor Young Fury 22-May-1932 28-Oct-2012 DEAD
Christopher Andersen Author Editor of People, 1974-86 26-May-1949 TBD ADD
Elmer L. Andersen Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1961-63 17-Jun-1909 15-Nov-2004 DEAD
Eric Andersen Musician Folk singer and songwriter 14-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
G. Chris Andersen Business G. C. Andersen Partners 1938 TBD ADD
Hans Christian Andersen Author Danish master of the fairy tale 02-Apr-1805 04-Aug-1875 DEAD
J. William Andersen Business Administrator, UW-Oshkosh 1937 TBD ADD
Joachim Andersen Musician Danish flautist and composer for flute 29-Apr-1847 07-May-1909 DEAD
Joseph B. Anderson, Jr. Business TAG Holdings LLC 1943 TBD ADD
Anthony Anderson Actor Kangaroo Jack, Barbershop 15-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Barbara Anderson Actor Eve Whitfield on Ironside 27-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Basil L. Anderson Business Vice Chairman of Staples, 2001-06 1945 TBD ADD
Benjamin M. Anderson Economist Social Value 01-May-1886 19-Jan-1949 DEAD
Bill Anderson Country Musician Po' Folks 01-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Brad Anderson Cartoonist Marmaduke 24-May-1924 30-Aug-2015 DEAD
Bradbury H. Anderson Business CEO of Best Buy, 2002-09 1949 TBD ADD
Bradley S. Anderson Business Senior VP at CB Richard Ellis 1961 TBD ADD
Brady Anderson Baseball Ex-Baltimore Orioles hitter 18-Jan-1964 TBD ADD
Brett Anderson Singer/Songwriter Former Suede vocalist 29-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
Brian P. Anderson Business CFO of OfficeMax, 2004-05 1951 TBD ADD
C. Elmer Anderson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1951-55 16-Mar-1912 12-Jan-1998 DEAD
Carl Anderson Singer Jesus Christ, Superstar 27-Feb-1945 23-Feb-2004 DEAD
Carl David Anderson Physicist Discovered the positron, mu-meson 03-Sep-1905 11-Jan-1991 DEAD
Carol A. Anderson Business New Century Investors 1947 TBD ADD
Clinton P. Anderson Politician US Senator from New Mexico, 1949-73 23-Oct-1895 11-Nov-1975 DEAD
D. Kent Anderson Business Beacon Management Corporation 1940 TBD ADD
David Anderson Diplomat US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1981-85 03-Jan-1937 04-Jul-1997 DEAD
David C. Anderson Business President of Heidrick & Struggles, 2001-03 1942 TBD ADD
David L. Anderson Historian Trapped by Success 1946 TBD ADD
David R. Anderson Business CEO of American Family Insurance ? TBD ADD
Dennis Anderson Auto Racing Grave Digger monster truck 24-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Dillon Anderson Government National Security Advisor, 1955-56 14-Jul-1906 1974 DEAD
Eddie Anderson Actor Rochester on The Jack Benny Show 18-Sep-1905 28-Feb-1977 DEAD
Emma Anderson Musician Lush guitarist and vocalist 10-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Eugenie Anderson Diplomat Second female US Ambassador 26-May-1909 31-Mar-1997 DEAD
Forrest H. Anderson Politician Montana governor, committed suicide 30-Jan-1913 20-Jul-1989 DEAD
Fred Anderson Historian Crucible of War 11-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Fred D. Anderson Business CFO of Apple, 1996-2004 1945 TBD ADD
G. Barry Anderson Judge Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court 1954 TBD ADD
Gary Anderson Football NFL placekicker 16-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Gary E. Anderson Business CEO of Dow Corning, 1999-2004 1945 TBD ADD
George Anderson Paranormal Contact: Talking to the Dead ? TBD ADD
Gilbert M. Anderson Actor Broncho Billy 21-Mar-1880 20-Jan-1971 DEAD
Gillian Anderson Actor Scully on The X-Files 09-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Glenn M. Anderson Politician Congressman from California, 1969-93 21-Feb-1913 13-Dec-1994 DEAD
Harry Anderson Actor Judge Harry Stone on Night Court 14-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Herbert Anderson Actor Henry Mitchell on Dennis the Menace 30-Mar-1917 11-Jun-1994 DEAD
Ian Anderson Musician Frontman for Jethro Tull 10-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
Jack Anderson Columnist Uncovered CIA plot to kill Fidel Castro 19-Oct-1922 17-Dec-2005 DEAD
Jack Z. Anderson Politician Congressman, committed suicide 22-Mar-1904 09-Feb-1981 DEAD
James Anderson Actor To Kill a Mockingbird 13-Jul-1921 14-Sep-1969 DEAD
Jeff Anderson Actor Clerks 21-Apr-1970 TBD ADD
Joe Anderson Actor Across the Universe 26-Mar-1982 TBD ADD
John Anderson Politician Independent candidate for President, 1980 15-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
John Anderson Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1943-45 08-Jul-1882 04-Jan-1958 DEAD
John Anderson, Jr. Politician Governor of Kansas, 1961-65 08-May-1917 15-Sep-2014 DEAD
John Anderson Actor Harry Jackson on MacGyver 20-Oct-1922 07-Aug-1992 DEAD
John Anderson Country Musician Country music traditionalist 13-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
Jon Anderson Singer Singer for Yes 25-Oct-1944 TBD ADD
Judith Anderson Actor Rebecca 10-Feb-1897 03-Jan-1992 DEAD
Juliet Anderson Pornstar Queen of the MILFs 23-Jul-1938 11-Jan-2010 DEAD
Ken Anderson Football Former Cincinnati Bengals QB 15-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Kevin Anderson Actor Sleeping with the Enemy 13-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Kevin J. Anderson Novelist Dune Prequels 27-Mar-1962 TBD ADD
Laurie Anderson Performance Artist Tape bow violinist and performance artist 05-Jun-1947 TBD ADD
Leona Anderson Actor House on Haunted Hill 03-Apr-1885 25-Dec-1973 DEAD
Leroy Anderson Composer The Syncopated Clock 29-Jun-1908 18-May-1975 DEAD
Lindsay Anderson Film Director If... 17-Apr-1923 30-Aug-1994 DEAD
Lloyd Anderson Business Founder of REI 04-Aug-1902 13-Sep-2000 DEAD
Loni Anderson Actor Blonde on WKRP in Cincinnati 05-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Louie Anderson Comic Host of Family Feud, 1999-2002 24-Mar-1953 TBD ADD
Lynn Anderson Singer Rose Garden 26-Sep-1947 30-Jul-2015 DEAD
Margaret Anderson Author Founder of the Little Review 24-Nov-1886 18-Oct-1973 DEAD
Marian Anderson Singer Operatic contralto 27-Feb-1897 08-Apr-1993 DEAD
Martin Anderson Economist Revolution: The Reagan Legacy 05-Aug-1936 03-Jan-2015 DEAD
Mary Anderson Actor Lifeboat 03-Apr-1920 06-Apr-2014 DEAD
Mary Anderson Inventor Inventor of the windshield wiper 19-Feb-1866 27-Jun-1953 DEAD
Maxwell Anderson Playwright What Price Glory? 15-Dec-1888 28-Feb-1959 DEAD
Melissa Sue Anderson Actor Little House on the Prairie 26-Sep-1962 TBD ADD
Michael Anderson Film Director Logan's Run 30-Jan-1920 TBD ADD
Michael J. Anderson Business CEO of The Andersons, Inc. 1951 TBD ADD
Ottis Anderson Football Runningback, 1991 Superbowl MVP 19-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Pamela Anderson Actor Baywatch 01-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Paul H. Anderson Judge Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court 14-May-1943 TBD ADD
Paul M. Anderson Business CEO of Duke Energy, 2003-07 1945 TBD ADD
Paul Thomas Anderson Film Director Boogie Nights 26-Jun-1970 TBD ADD
Paul W.S. Anderson Film Director Alien vs. Predator 04-Mar-1965 TBD ADD
Perry Anderson Editor Editor, New Left Review 11-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Philip W. Anderson Physicist Solid state physics 13-Dec-1923 TBD ADD
Poul Anderson Author Tau Zero 25-Nov-1926 31-Jul-2001 DEAD
Rasmus B. Anderson Scholar America Not Discovered by Columbus 12-Jan-1846 02-Mar-1936 DEAD
Regina M. Anderson Playwright Climbing Jacob's Ladder 21-May-1901 05-Feb-1993 DEAD
Reuben V. Anderson Attorney Partner, Phelps Dunbar 16-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Richard Anderson Actor Oscar Goldman on The 6 Million Dollar Man 08-Aug-1926 31-Aug-2017 DEAD
Richard Dean Anderson Actor MacGyver 23-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Richard H. Anderson Business CEO of Delta Airlines 1956 TBD ADD
Robert Anderson Diplomat US Ambassador to Morocco, 1976-78 06-Jan-1922 05-Apr-1996 DEAD
Robert Anderson Business Chairman of Rockwell, 1979-88 02-Nov-1920 28-Oct-2006 DEAD
Robert B. Anderson Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1957-61 04-Jun-1910 14-Aug-1989 DEAD
Robert O. Anderson Business CEO of ARCO, 1966-86 13-Apr-1917 02-Dec-2007 DEAD
Robert W. Anderson Playwright Tea and Sympathy 28-Apr-1917 09-Feb-2009 DEAD
Rocky Anderson Politician Mayor of Salt Lake City, 2000-08 09-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Ross Anderson Scholar Why Cryptosystems Fail 15-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
Russell A. Anderson Judge Minnesota Chief Justice 28-May-1942 TBD ADD
Sherwood Anderson Author The Triumph of the Egg 13-Sep-1876 08-Mar-1941 DEAD
Sigurd Anderson Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1951-55 22-Jan-1904 21-Dec-1990 DEAD
Sparky Anderson Baseball Reds and Tigers manager 22-Feb-1934 04-Nov-2010 DEAD
Stephen H. Anderson Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985-2001 12-Jan-1932 TBD ADD
Steven E. Anderson Business Retired Partner, KPMG 1943 TBD ADD
Tom Anderson Business Co-Founder of MySpace 13-Oct-1975 TBD ADD
Victor E. Anderson Politician Governor of Nebraska, 1955-59 30-Mar-1902 15-Aug-1962 DEAD
Walt Anderson Business Co-Founder of White Castle 26-Nov-1880 13-Dec-1963 DEAD
Warner Anderson Actor Matthew Swain on Peyton Place 10-Mar-1911 26-Aug-1976 DEAD
Wendell R. Anderson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1971-76 01-Feb-1933 17-Jul-2016 DEAD
Wes Anderson Film Director Rushmore 01-May-1969 TBD ADD
William Robert Anderson Military Commander, USS Nautilus 17-Jun-1921 25-Feb-2007 DEAD
Benny Andersson Musician ABBA 16-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Bibi Andersson Actor Persona 11-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
Harriet Andersson Actor Dogville 14-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Keith Andes Actor Clash by Night 12-Jul-1920 11-Nov-2005 DEAD
Momofuku Ando Business Inventor of instant noodle soup 05-Mar-1910 05-Jan-2007 DEAD
André 3000 Musician The skinny half of OutKast 27-May-1975 TBD ADD
André the Giant Wrestling Professional wrestler with Giantism 19-May-1946 27-Jan-1993 DEAD
Carl Andre Sculptor Minimalist sculptor, Bricks Controversy 16-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
Peter André Singer British/Cypriot singer 27-Feb-1973 TBD ADD
Dwayne Andreas Business Archer Daniels Midland CEO, 1970-97 04-Mar-1918 16-Nov-2016 DEAD
G. Allen Andreas Business CEO of Archer Daniels Midland, 1999-2006 22-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Marc Andreessen Computer Programmer Co-Founder of Netscape 26-Apr-1971 TBD ADD
Giulio Andreotti Head of State Six-time Prime Minister of Italy 14-Jan-1919 06-May-2013 DEAD
Ursula Andress Actor Dr. No 19-Mar-1936 TBD ADD
Mario Andretti Auto Racing Indy car racer 28-Feb-1940 TBD ADD
Michael Andretti Auto Racing Indy car racer 05-Oct-1962 TBD ADD
Prince Andrew Royalty The Duke of York 19-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Anthony Andrews Actor Brideshead Revisited 12-Jan-1948 TBD ADD
Arthur Glenn Andrews Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1965-67 15-Jan-1909 25-Sep-2008 DEAD
Barry Andrews Musician Former XTC keyboardist, Shriekback co-founder 12-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
C. E. Andrews Business CEO of Sallie Mae, 2007-08 1953 TBD ADD
Charles McLean Andrews Historian The Colonial Period of American History 22-Feb-1863 09-Sep-1943 DEAD
Dana Andrews Actor The Best Years of Our Lives 01-Jan-1909 17-Dec-1992 DEAD
David Andrews Actor Mann & Machine 1952 TBD ADD
David R. Andrews Business General Counsel at Pepsi, 2002-04 1942 TBD ADD
Edward Andrews Actor Sixteen Candles 09-Oct-1914 08-Mar-1985 DEAD
Giuseppe Andrews Actor Detroit Rock City 25-Apr-1979 TBD ADD
Harry Andrews Actor The Agony and the Ecstasy 10-Nov-1911 06-Mar-1989 DEAD
Julie Andrews Singer Mary Poppins 01-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Kenneth R. Andrews Historian Elizabethan Privateering 26-Aug-1921 06-Jan-2012 DEAD
LaVerne Andrews Singer The Andrews Sisters 06-Jul-1911 08-May-1967 DEAD
Lori B. Andrews Attorney Genetics and biotechnology law 1953 TBD ADD
Mark Andrews Politician US Senator from North Dakota, 1981-87 19-May-1926 TBD ADD
Maxene Andrews Singer The Andrews Sisters 03-Jan-1916 21-Oct-1995 DEAD
Michael A. Andrews Politician Congressman from Texas, 1983-95 07-Feb-1944 TBD ADD
Naveen Andrews Actor Sayid on Lost 17-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Patty Andrews Singer The Andrews Sisters 16-Feb-1918 30-Jan-2013 DEAD
Robert E. Andrews Politician Congressman, New Jersey 1st 04-Aug-1957 TBD ADD
Stanley Andrews Actor Death Valley Days 28-Aug-1891 23-Jun-1969 DEAD
Tige Andrews Actor Capt. Greer on The Mod Squad 19-Mar-1920 27-Jan-2007 DEAD
V. C. Andrews Author Flowers in the Attic 06-Jun-1923 19-Dec-1986 DEAD
William Andrews Football Former Atlanta Falcons RB 25-Dec-1955 TBD ADD
Ivo Andric Author The Bridge on the Drina 09-Oct-1892 13-Mar-1975 DEAD
Yuri Andropov Head of State Soviet General Secretary, 1982-84 14-Jun-1914 09-Feb-1984 DEAD
Edmund Andros Government American colonial governor 06-Dec-1637 24-Feb-1714 DEAD
Cecil D. Andrus Politician Twice Governor of Idaho 25-Aug-1931 23-Aug-2017 DEAD
Christian Anfinsen Chemist Protein structure and folding 26-Mar-1916 14-May-1995 DEAD
Michael Angarano Actor Lords of Dogtown 03-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Ashley Parker Angel Singer O-Town 01-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Criss Angel Magician Mindfreak 19-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Heather Angel Actor Lifeboat 09-Feb-1909 13-Dec-1986 DEAD
Stephen F. Angel Business CEO of Praxair 1956 TBD ADD
Vanessa Angel Actor Weird Science 10-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Pier Angeli Actor Tomorrow Is Too Late 19-Jun-1932 10-Sep-1971 DEAD
Mother Angelica Religion Roman Catholic evangelical nun 20-Apr-1923 27-Mar-2016 DEAD
Robert E. Angelica Business CEO of AT&T Investment Mgmt., 1999-2006 1949 TBD ADD
Fra Angelico Painter Dominican friar and Florentine painter 1395 18-Feb-1455 DEAD
Phil Angelides Politician Chair, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission 12-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
René Angélil Business Husband and manager of Celine Dion 16-Jan-1942 14-Jan-2016 DEAD
Eva Angelina Pornstar Bespectacled porn actress 14-Mar-1985 TBD ADD
Norman Angell Economist The Great Illusion 26-Dec-1872 07-Oct-1967 DEAD
Scott Angelle Politician Lt. Governor of Louisiana 20-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Theo Angelopoulos Film Director Ulysses' Gaze 17-Apr-1935 24-Jan-2012 DEAD
Maya Angelou Poet I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 04-Apr-1928 28-May-2014 DEAD
Angelyne Model Hollywood billboard bimbo 02-Oct-1950 TBD ADD
Kenneth Anger Film Director Pioneer avant-garde filmmaker 03-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Natalie Angier Journalist Science reporter 16-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Kurt Angle Wrestling Olympic medalist, WWE wrestler 09-Dec-1968 TBD ADD
Anders Jonas Ångström Physicist Founder of spectroscopy 13-Aug-1814 21-Jun-1874 DEAD
Jennifer Aniston Actor Rachel on Friends 11-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
John Aniston Actor Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives 24-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Paul Anka Singer/Songwriter Put Your Head on My Shoulder 30-Jul-1941 TBD ADD
John Ankerberg Religion The John Ankerberg Show ? TBD ADD
Evelyn Ankers Actor Captive Wild Woman 17-Aug-1918 29-Aug-1985 DEAD
Morris Ankrum Actor Invaders from Mars 27-Aug-1896 02-Sep-1964 DEAD
Keren Ann Singer/Songwriter Paris-based songwriter and chanteuse 10-Mar-1974 TBD ADD
Lisa Ann Pornstar Who's Nailin' Paylin? 09-May-1972 TBD ADD
Ann-Margret Actor Carnal Knowledge 28-Apr-1941 TBD ADD
Anna Royalty Tsarina of Russia, 1730-40 28-Jan-1693 17-Oct-1740 DEAD
Annabella Actor Hôtel du Nord 14-Jul-1909 18-Sep-1996 DEAD
Dave Annable Actor Justin Walker on Brothers & Sisters 15-Sep-1979 TBD ADD
Ken Annakin Film Director Battle of the Bulge 10-Aug-1914 22-Apr-2009 DEAD
Kofi Annan Government Secretary General of the UN, 1997-2006 08-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
Jean-Jacques Annaud Film Director The Name of the Rose 01-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Queen Anne Royalty Queen of England, 1702-14 06-Feb-1665 01-Aug-1714 DEAD
Princess Anne Royalty The Horsey Princess Royal 15-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Leonore Annenberg Socialite Wife of Walter Annenberg 20-Feb-1918 12-Mar-2009 DEAD
Walter Annenberg Business Media mogul, created TV Guide 13-Mar-1908 01-Oct-2002 DEAD
Mary Anning Paleontologist Self-taught paleontologist 21-May-1799 09-Mar-1847 DEAD
Francesca Annis Actor Wives and Daughters 14-May-1944 TBD ADD
Frank Annunzio Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1965-93 12-Jan-1915 08-Apr-2001 DEAD
Jean Anouilh Playwright Le Voyageur sans Bagage 23-Jun-1910 03-Oct-1987 DEAD
Michael Ansara Actor Cochise on Broken Arrow 15-Apr-1922 31-Jul-2013 DEAD
Anousheh Ansari Business Telecom executive, space tourist 12-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Aziz Ansari Comic Parks and Recreation 23-Feb-1983 TBD ADD
Philip Anschutz Business Qwest billionaire 28-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Phil Anselmo Musician Former vocalist for Pantera 30-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Ernest Ansermet Conductor Founder, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande 11-Nov-1883 20-Feb-1969 DEAD
Andrus Ansip Head of State Prime Minister of Estonia 01-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Cap Anson Baseball Early MLB superstar, Hall of Famer 17-Apr-1852 14-Apr-1922 DEAD
Susan Anspach Actor Five Easy Pieces 23-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
David Anspaugh Film Director Rudy 24-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Harry Lee Anstead Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 04-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Decker Anstrom Business COO of Landmark Communications 02-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Adam Ant Musician Goody Two Shoes 03-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Eddie Antar Business Crazy Eddie 18-Dec-1947 10-Sep-2016 DEAD
George Antheil Composer Le Ballet mécanique 08-Jul-1900 12-Feb-1959 DEAD
Anthony Radio Personality The Opie & Anthony Show 26-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Barbara Cox Anthony Business Cox Enterprises billionaire 08-Dec-1922 28-May-2007 DEAD
Beryl Anthony Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1979-93 21-Feb-1938 TBD ADD
Carmelo Anthony Basketball New York Knicks forward 29-May-1984 TBD ADD
Casey Anthony Criminal Mother of Caylee Anthony 19-Mar-1986 TBD ADD
Earl Anthony Bowling Professional bowler 27-Apr-1938 14-Aug-2001 DEAD
Katharine Anthony Author Biographer, The Lambs 27-Nov-1877 20-Nov-1965 DEAD
Lysette Anthony Actor Husbands and Wives 26-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Marc Anthony Singer Leading salsa star 16-Sep-1969 TBD ADD
Michael Anthony Novelist The Games Were Coming 10-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Michael Anthony Bassist Bassist for Van Halen 20-Jun-1954 TBD ADD
Piers Anthony Novelist Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality 06-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Ray Anthony Musician Young Man With a Horn 20-Jan-1922 TBD ADD
Susan B. Anthony Activist Women's rights advocate 15-Feb-1820 13-Mar-1906 DEAD
David Antin Artist Improv artist, talk poet 01-Feb-1932 11-Oct-2016 DEAD
Mary Antin Author The Promised Land 1881 15-May-1949 DEAD
Robin Antin Dancer Founder, The Pussycat Dolls 06-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
Steve Antin Actor Without You I'm Nothing 19-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Herod Antipas Royalty Put John the Baptist to death 20 BC 39 AD DEAD
Arthur F. Anton Business CEO of Swagelok Company 1957 TBD ADD
Susan Anton Singer Played 5000 times at Radio City Music Hall 12-Oct-1950 TBD ADD
Laura Antonelli Actor The Divine Nymph 28-Nov-1941 22-Jun-2015 DEAD
Ion Antonescu Head of State Pro-Nazi dictator of Romania 15-Jun-1882 01-Jun-1946 DEAD
Marion H. Antonini Business Principal, Kohlberg & Company 1933 TBD ADD
Michelangelo Antonioni Film Director Professione: reporter 29-Sep-1912 30-Jul-2007 DEAD
Michael Antonovich Politician LA County Board of Supervisors 12-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Mark Antony Military Julius Caesar's protege c. 83 BC 30 BC DEAD
Harry Antrim Actor Vaudevillian, Hollywood character actor 27-Aug-1884 18-Jan-1967 DEAD
Gabrielle Anwar Actor Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken 04-Feb-1970 TBD ADD
Devon Aoki Model Sin City 10-Aug-1982 TBD ADD
Rocky Aoki Business Benihana founder 09-Oct-1938 10-Jul-2008 DEAD
Teruaki Aoki Business Senior EVP at Sony, 2000-05 1941 TBD ADD
Yoshiro Aoki Business Mizuho Bank 1936 TBD ADD
Luis Aparicio Baseball Shortstop, MLB Hall of Famer 29-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Judd Apatow Film Director Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin 06-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
William Apess Author A Son of the Forest 31-Jan-1798 TBD DEAD
Virginia Apgar Doctor Anesthesiologist, Apgar Score 07-Jun-1909 07-Aug-1974 DEAD
Jerry Apodaca Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1975-79 03-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Guillaume Apollinaire Poet Alcools, Calligrammes 26-Aug-1880 09-Nov-1918 DEAD
Apollonia Singer Former Prince protégé 02-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Leo Apotheker Business CEO of Hewlett-Packard, 2010-11 18-Sep-1953 TBD ADD
Brent R. Appel Judge Justice, Iowa Supreme Court 1951 TBD ADD
Aharon Appelfeld Author In the Wilderness 16-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Kofi Appenteng Attorney Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP 14-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Nicolas Appert Inventor Food preservation 17-Nov-1749 03-Jun-1841 DEAD
Kwame Anthony Appiah Philosopher The Ethics of Identity 08-May-1954 TBD ADD
Carmine Appice Drummer Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart drummer 15-Dec-1946 TBD ADD
Vinny Appice Drummer Former Sabbath and Dio drummer 13-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Fiona Apple Musician Tidal 13-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Max Apple Author I Love Gootie 22-Oct-1941 TBD ADD
Anne Applebaum Author Gulag: A History 25-Jul-1964 TBD ADD
Michael Applebaum Politician Mayor of Montreal, 2012-13 10-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Joyce Appleby Historian Capitalism and a New Social Order 09-Apr-1929 TBD ADD
Shiri Appleby Actor Liz on Roswell 07-Dec-1978 TBD ADD
Paul V. Applegarth Business CEO, Millenium Challenge Corporation, 2004-05 1946 TBD ADD
Christina Applegate Actor Married with Children 25-Nov-1971 TBD ADD
Douglas Applegate Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1977-95 28-Mar-1928 TBD ADD
Johnny Appleseed Religion Itinerant preacher, apple tree distributor 26-Sep-1774 18-Mar-1845 DEAD
Edward Victor Appleton Physicist Ionosphere, shortwave radio 06-Sep-1892 21-Apr-1965 DEAD
Natalie Appleton Musician All Saints 14-May-1973 TBD ADD
Nicole Appleton Musician All Saints 07-Dec-1974 TBD ADD
Rachel Appleton Actor Played young Lara Croft 19-May-1992 TBD ADD
Steven R. Appleton Business CEO of Micron Technology 11-Mar-1960 03-Feb-2012 DEAD
Marshall Applewhite Religion Led the Heaven's Gate cult to suicide 17-May-1931 26-Mar-1997 DEAD
Luke Appling Baseball Chicago White Sox, Hall of Famer 02-Apr-1907 03-Jan-1991 DEAD
John Aprea Actor Nick Katsopolis on Full House 04-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Michael Apted Film Director Gorillas in the Mist 10-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Apuleius Author The Golden Ass c. 124 AD c. 180 AD DEAD
Aqualung Singer/Songwriter Brighter Than Sunshine 17-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Samuel J. Aquila Religion Archbishop of Denver 24-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
St. Thomas Aquinas Religion Catholicism's leading theologian 1225 07-Mar-1274 DEAD
Benigno Aquino Politician Philippine opposition leader 27-Nov-1932 21-Aug-1983 DEAD
Benigno Aquino III Head of State President of the Philippines 08-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Corazon Aquino Head of State President of the Philippines, 1986-92 25-Jan-1933 01-Aug-2009 DEAD
Yasser Arafat Politician Palestinian leader, former terrorist 24-Aug-1929 10-Nov-2004 DEAD
François Arago Physicist Investigated earth magnetics 26-Feb-1786 02-Oct-1853 DEAD
Louis Aragon Poet Communistic French poet 03-Oct-1897 24-Dec-1982 DEAD
Sergio Aragones Cartoonist Mad Magazine marginalia 06-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Gregg Araki Film Director Mysterious Skin 17-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Nobuyoshi Araki Photographer Tokyo Lucky Hole 25-May-1940 TBD ADD
María Asunción Aramburuzabala Business Grupo Modelo billionaire 02-May-1963 TBD ADD
Thomas Aranda, Jr. Attorney US Ambassador to Uruguay, 1981-85 09-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Daniel arap Moi Head of State President of Kenya, 1978-2002 02-Sep-1924 TBD ADD
Alí Rodríguez Araque Government Secretary General of OPEC, 2001-02 09-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Rand V. Araskog Business CEO of ITT, 1979-98 30-Oct-1931 TBD ADD
Tom Araya Singer Slayer lead singer, bassist 06-Jun-1961 TBD ADD
Jacobo Arbenz Head of State President of Guatemala, 1951-54 14-Sep-1913 27-Jan-1971 DEAD
Werner Arber Scientist Restriction enzymes (DNA cleavage) 03-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Al Arbour Hockey Longtime NY Islanders Coach 01-Nov-1932 28-Aug-2015 DEAD
Fatty Arbuckle Actor Keystone Cop 24-Mar-1887 29-Jun-1933 DEAD
Allan Arbus Actor Dr. Sidney on M*A*S*H 15-Feb-1918 19-Apr-2013 DEAD
Diane Arbus Photographer Influential photographer 14-Mar-1923 26-Jul-1971 DEAD
John Arbuthnot Doctor Scriblerus Club 1667 27-Feb-1735 DEAD
Denys Arcand Film Director The Barbarian Invasions 25-Jun-1941 TBD ADD
Eddie Arcaro Jockey Two-time Triple Crown winner 19-Feb-1916 14-Nov-1997 DEAD
George Archainbaud Film Director Thirteen Women 07-May-1890 20-Feb-1959 DEAD
Anne Archer Actor Fatal Attraction 24-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
Beverly Archer Actor Iola on Mama's Family 19-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Bill Archer Politician Congressman from Texas, 1971-2001 22-Mar-1928 TBD ADD
Dennis Archer Politician Mayor of Detroit, 1994-2001 01-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
George Archer Golf Winner, 1969 Masters Tournament 01-Oct-1939 25-Sep-2005 DEAD
Jeffrey Archer Novelist First Among Equals 15-Apr-1940 TBD ADD
John Archer Actor Destination Moon 08-May-1915 03-Dec-1999 DEAD
Army Archerd Columnist Variety's gossip columnist 13-Jan-1922 08-Sep-2009 DEAD
Nate Archibald Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 02-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Nolan D. Archibald Business CEO of Black & Decker 1942 TBD ADD
Archimedes Mathematician Greatest of the ancient mathematicians c. 290 BC 211 BC DEAD
David Archuleta Singer American Idol 28-Dec-1990 TBD ADD
Leila Arcieri Model Wild Things 2 18-Dec-1973 TBD ADD
Giuseppe Arcimboldo Painter Painter of metamorphic imagery 1527 11-Jul-1593 DEAD
Cresencio S. Arcos Diplomat US Ambassador to Honduras, 1990-93 10-Nov-1943 TBD ADD
David Arculus Business Chairman of Severn Trent, 1998-2004 1946 TBD ADD
Michael Arcuri Politician Congressman from New York, 2007-11 11-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
John Ardagh Journalist The New French Revolution 28-May-1928 26-Jan-2008 DEAD
Fanny Ardant Actor Confidentially Yours 22-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Maximilian Ardelt Business ConDigit Consult GmbH 1939 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Arden Business Founder, Elizabeth Arden Co. 31-Dec-1878 18-Oct-1966 DEAD
Eve Arden Actor The Eve Arden Show 30-Apr-1908 12-Nov-1990 DEAD
John Arden Playwright Serjeant Musgrave's Dance 26-Oct-1930 28-Mar-2012 DEAD
Pierre Arditi Actor Mélo 01-Dec-1944 TBD ADD
Emile Ardolino Film Director Dirty Dancing 09-May-1943 20-Nov-1993 DEAD
Jorge Pacheco Areco Head of State President of Uruguay, 1967-72 08-Nov-1920 29-Jul-1998 DEAD
Gustavo Arellano Journalist ¡Ask a Mexican! 03-Feb-1979 TBD ADD
Gilbert Arenas Basketball All-Star NBA guard 06-Jan-1982 TBD ADD
Reinaldo Arenas Novelist El Mundo Alucinante 16-Jul-1943 07-Dec-1990 DEAD
Geoffrey Arend Actor Ethan Gross on Body of Proof 28-Feb-1978 TBD ADD
Hannah Arendt Philosopher Origins of Totalitarianism 14-Oct-1906 04-Dec-1975 DEAD
Moshe Arens Politician Likud Minister 27-Dec-1925 TBD ADD
Pietro Aretino Author Sonetti lussuriosi 20-Apr-1492 21-Oct-1556 DEAD
Emile Argand Geologist Theory of embryotectonics 06-Jan-1879 14-Sep-1940 DEAD
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander Astronomer Durchmusterung 22-Mar-1799 17-Feb-1875 DEAD
Rod Argent Musician The Zombies and Argent 14-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Carlos Argentino Singer Muy famoso cantante de temas tropicales 23-Jun-1929 20-Jun-1991 DEAD
Asia Argento Actor xXx 20-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
Dario Argento Film Director Deep Red 07-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Carmen Argenziano Actor Selmak on Stargate: SG-1 27-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Victor Argo Actor Taxi Driver and Mean Streets 05-Nov-1934 06-Apr-2004 DEAD
George Argyros Business Billionaire 04-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Moises Arias Actor Rico on Hannah Montana 12-Apr-1994 TBD ADD
Dan Ariely Economist The Upside of Irrationality 29-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Michael R. Arietti Diplomat US Ambassador to Rwanda ? TBD ADD
Francis Arinze Religion Congregation of Divine Worship 01-Nov-1932 TBD ADD
Ludovico Ariosto Poet Orlando Furioso 08-Sep-1474 06-Jul-1533 DEAD
Ted Arison Business Founder of Carnival Cruise Line 1924 01-Oct-1999 DEAD
Aristarchus of Samos Astronomer First heliocentrist c. 310 BC c. 230 BC DEAD
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Head of State Twice overthrown president of Haiti 15-Jul-1953 TBD ADD
Aristides Military Athenian general, fought Persia 530 BC 468 BC DEAD
Aelius Aristides Scholar Greco-Roman rhetorician, sophist 117 AD 189 AD DEAD
Aristippus Philosopher Founder of the Cyrenaic School c. 435 BC 356 BC DEAD
Aristophanes Playwright Lysistrata, The Frogs c. 450 BC c. 388 BC DEAD
Aristotle Philosopher Politics 384 BC 322 BC DEAD
Arius Religion Founder of the Christian doctrine of Arianism 256 AD 336 AD DEAD
George Ariyoshi Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1974-86 12-Mar-1926 TBD ADD
Paul Arizin Basketball Philadelphia Warriors 09-Mar-1928 12-Dec-2006 DEAD
Adam Arkin Actor Dr. Aaron Shutt on Chicago Hope 19-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Alan Arkin Actor Catch 22 26-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Peter Arkley Business CEO of Aon Construction Services 1955 TBD ADD
Allan Arkush Film Director Rock 'n' Roll High School 30-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Roone Arledge Sports Figure Created Wide World of Sports 08-Jul-1931 05-Dec-2002 DEAD
Harold Arlen Songwriter Wrote score to Wizard of Oz 15-Feb-1905 23-Apr-1986 DEAD
Richard Arlen Actor Island of Lost Souls 01-Sep-1898 28-Mar-1976 DEAD
Arletty Actor Les Enfants du paradis 15-May-1898 23-Jul-1992 DEAD
George Arliss Actor Disraeli 10-Apr-1868 05-Feb-1946 DEAD
Michael Armacost Diplomat US Ambassador to Japan, 1989-93 15-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Samuel Armacost Business Chairman of SRI International ? TBD ADD
Ayi Kwei Armah Novelist The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born 28-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
Giorgio Armani Fashion Designer Perfected the '80s power suit 11-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Jose Armario Business President, McDonalds Canada & Latin America 1959 TBD ADD
Tony Armas Baseball Venezuelan MLB hitter 02-Jul-1953 TBD ADD
Joan Armatrading Singer/Songwriter Eclectic folk performer 09-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Pedro Armendáriz Actor From Russia with Love 09-May-1912 18-Jun-1963 DEAD
Henry Armetta Actor A Bell For Adano 04-Jul-1888 21-Oct-1945 DEAD
Dick Armey Politician US House Majority Leader, 1995-2003 07-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Fred Armisen Actor Saturday Night Live 04-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
David Armitage Historian The Ideological Origins of the British Empire 1965 TBD ADD
George Armitage Film Director Grosse Pointe Blank 1942 TBD ADD
Richard Armitage Government US Deputy Secretary of State, 2001-05 26-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Philip Danforth Armour Business Founder of Armour & Co. 16-May-1832 06-Jan-1901 DEAD
Richard Armour Author It All Started with Columbus 15-Jul-1906 28-Feb-1989 DEAD
Tommy Armour Golf Winner of 3 Majors 24-Sep-1894 12-Sep-1968 DEAD
Alan S. Armstrong Business CEO of Williams Companies 1964 TBD ADD
Alun Armstrong Actor Brian Lane on New Tricks 17-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Anne L. Armstrong Government US Ambassador to the UK, 1976-77 27-Dec-1927 30-Jul-2008 DEAD
Bess Armstrong Actor Dr. Klompus in Pecker 11-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Billie Joe Armstrong Musician Frontman for Green Day 17-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
C. Michael Armstrong Business CEO of Comcast, 2002-04 18-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Craig Armstrong Composer Classical and film composer 1959 TBD ADD
Curtis Armstrong Actor Revenge of the Nerds 27-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Dean Armstrong Actor Blake on Queer as Folk 24-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Edwin H. Armstrong Inventor Inventor of FM radio 18-Dec-1890 31-Jan-1954 DEAD
Gillian Armstrong Film Director Oscar and Lucinda 18-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Greg L. Armstrong Business CEO, Plains All-American Pipeline 1959 TBD ADD
Henry Armstrong Boxing Welter, Light, and Featherweight Champion 12-Dec-1912 22-Oct-1988 DEAD
John Armstrong Politician US Secretary of War, 1813-14 25-Nov-1758 01-Apr-1843 DEAD
Karen Armstrong Author A History of God 14-Nov-1944 TBD ADD
Katharine Armstrong Government Texas lobbyist ? TBD ADD
Lance Armstrong Cyclist 7-time Tour De France winner, disqualified 18-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Louis Armstrong Jazz Musician Jazz trumpeter 04-Aug-1901 06-Jul-1971 DEAD
Neil Armstrong Astronaut First man on the Moon 05-Aug-1930 25-Aug-2012 DEAD
R. G. Armstrong Actor Pruneface in Dick Tracy 07-Apr-1917 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Robert Armstrong Actor King Kong 20-Nov-1890 20-Apr-1973 DEAD
Samaire Armstrong Actor The O.C. and Entourage 31-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Tim Armstrong Musician Rancid frontman 25-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
William L. Armstrong Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1979-91 16-Mar-1937 05-Jul-2016 DEAD
Edward F. Arn Politician Governor of Kansas, 1951-55 19-May-1906 22-Jan-1998 DEAD
Ellis Arnall Politician Governor of Georgia, 1943-47 20-Mar-1907 13-Dec-1992 DEAD
Roland Arnall Business Ameriquest billionaire 29-Mar-1939 17-Mar-2008 DEAD
Bernard Arnault Business World's 17th richest man, 2005 05-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Desi Arnaz, Jr. Actor Son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball 19-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Desi Arnaz Actor Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy 02-Mar-1917 02-Dec-1986 DEAD
Lucie Arnaz Actor Daughter of Lucy and Desi 17-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
H. Jesse Arnelle Attorney Partner, Arnelle & Hastie 30-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
James Arness Actor Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke 26-May-1923 03-Jun-2011 DEAD
Peter Arnett Journalist Reporter during the Persian Gulf War 13-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Will Arnett Actor George Bluth on Arrested Development 05-May-1970 TBD ADD
Jeannetta Arnette Actor Bernadette Meara on Head of the Class 29-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
Alison Arngrim Actor Nellie on Little House on the Prairie 18-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Peter Arno Cartoonist The New Yorker 08-Jan-1904 22-Feb-1968 DEAD
Sig Arno Actor The Palm Beach Story 27-Dec-1895 17-Aug-1975 DEAD
Benedict Arnold Military Betrayed colonists to British 14-Jan-1741 14-Jun-1801 DEAD
Colleen F. Arnold Business IBM executive 1957 TBD ADD
Eddy Arnold Country Musician The Tennessee Plowboy 15-May-1918 08-May-2008 DEAD
Edward Arnold Actor You Can't Take It With You 18-Feb-1890 26-Apr-1956 DEAD
Gary P. Arnold Business CEO of Analogy, Inc., 1993-2000 1942 TBD ADD
Hap Arnold Military Commander, US Army Air Corps, WWII 25-Jun-1886 15-Jan-1950 DEAD
Jack Arnold Film Director Creature from the Black Lagoon 14-Oct-1916 17-Mar-1992 DEAD
Malcolm Arnold Composer The Bridge on the River Kwai 21-Oct-1921 23-Sep-2006 DEAD
Matthew Arnold Poet Culture and Anarchy 24-Dec-1822 15-Apr-1888 DEAD
P. P. Arnold Singer Soul singer 03-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Susan E. Arnold Business Global Business President, Proctor & Gamble 1954 TBD ADD
Thurman Arnold Attorney Trust-busting attorney 02-Jun-1891 07-Nov-1969 DEAD
Tichina Arnold Actor Pam on Martin 28-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Tom Arnold Actor Ex-Husband of Roseanne Barr 06-Mar-1959 TBD ADD
Katie Arnoldi Novelist Chemical Pink 24-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Klas Pontus Arnoldson Journalist Helped to cleave Norway and Sweden 27-Oct-1844 20-Feb-1916 DEAD
Daniel I. Arnon Biologist Photophosphorylation 14-Nov-1910 20-Dec-1994 DEAD
Bill Arnsparger Football Former Dolphins, Giants Coach 16-Dec-1926 17-Jul-2015 DEAD
Charles Arnt Actor Remember the Night 20-Aug-1906 06-Aug-1990 DEAD
Morten Arntzen Business CEO of Overseas Shipholding Group 1955 TBD ADD
Adam M. Aron Business CEO of Vail Resorts, 1996-2006 1954 TBD ADD
Raymond Aron Philosopher Political philosopher, social theorist 14-Mar-1905 17-Oct-1983 DEAD
Jeffrey S. Aronin Business CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals 1967 TBD ADD
Darren Aronofsky Film Director Requiem for a Dream 12-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Arnold H. Aronson Business CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue, 1979-83 1934 TBD ADD
Bernard W. Aronson Business ACON Investments LLC 16-May-1946 TBD ADD
J. Hugo Aronson Politician Governor of Montana, 1953-61 01-Sep-1891 25-Feb-1978 DEAD
Bill Arp Columnist Columnist for Atlanta Constitution 15-Jun-1826 24-Aug-1903 DEAD
Jean Arp Sculptor Avant-garde sculptor, Dadaist 16-Sep-1887 07-Jun-1966 DEAD
Joe Arpaio Law Enforcement Former Sheriff of Maricopa Co., AZ 14-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
Gerard Arpey Business CEO of American Airlines 26-Jul-1958 TBD ADD
Alexis Arquette Actor Last Exit to Brooklyn 28-Jul-1969 11-Sep-2016 DEAD
Cliff Arquette Actor Charlie Weaver 28-Dec-1905 23-Sep-1974 DEAD
David Arquette Actor Muppets From Space 08-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Lewis Arquette Actor Arquette patriarch 14-Dec-1935 10-Feb-2001 DEAD
Patricia Arquette Actor Allison Dubois on Medium 08-Apr-1968 TBD ADD
Rosanna Arquette Actor Desperately Seeking Susan 10-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Fernando Arrabal Playwright Viva la muerte 11-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Claudio Arrau Pianist Chilean virtuoso pianist 06-Feb-1903 09-Jun-1991 DEAD
Svante Arrhenius Chemist Explored electrolytic conductivity 19-Feb-1859 02-Oct-1927 DEAD
John Arrillaga Business Silicon Valley real estate developer 1938 TBD ADD
Michael Arrington Business TechCrunch 13-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Arrow Musician Soca performer 16-Nov-1949 15-Sep-2010 DEAD
Kenneth J. Arrow Economist Social Choice and Individual Values 23-Aug-1921 21-Feb-2017 DEAD
Martina Arroyo Singer Operatic soprano 02-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Antonin Artaud Playwright Theater of Cruelty 04-Sep-1896 04-Mar-1948 DEAD
Edward Artemiev Composer Electroacoustic composer, scored Solaris 30-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Gemma Arterton Actor Quantum of Solace 12-Jan-1986 TBD ADD
Ron Artest Basketball Basketball player who charged into the stands 13-Nov-1979 TBD ADD
Miguel Arteta Film Director Chuck & Buck 1965 TBD ADD
Bea Arthur Actor Maude and The Golden Girls 13-May-1922 25-Apr-2009 DEAD
Chester A. Arthur Head of State 21st US President, 1881-85 05-Oct-1829 18-Nov-1886 DEAD
Ellen Arthur First Lady Wife of US President Chester A. Arthur 30-Aug-1837 12-Jan-1880 DEAD
Jean Arthur Actor Only Angels Have Wings 17-Oct-1900 19-Jun-1991 DEAD
Maureen Arthur Actor How to Succeed in Business 15-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Owen Arthur Head of State Prime Minister of Barbados 17-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Robert Arthur Actor Ace in the Hole 18-Jun-1925 01-Oct-2008 DEAD
Frederick B. Artz Historian Reaction and Revolution, 1814-1832 19-Oct-1894 20-Jul-1983 DEAD
Thomas Arundel Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1396-1414 1353 19-Feb-1414 DEAD
Ove Arup Engineer Danish civil engineer 16-Apr-1895 05-Feb-1988 DEAD
Vladimir Arutyunian Assassin Threw a grenade at George W. Bush 12-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
Gavin Arvizo Victim Michael Jackson's special friend ? TBD ADD
Dorothy Arzner Film Director Craig's Wife 03-Jan-1897 01-Oct-1979 DEAD
Shoko Asahara Religion Leader, Aum Shinrikyo cult 02-Mar-1955 TBD ADD
Juana de Asbaje Poet America's first feminist poet 12-Nov-1651 17-Apr-1695 DEAD
Francis Asbury Religion Father of American Methodism 20-Aug-1745 31-Mar-1816 DEAD
Nelson Ascencio Comic MADtv 30-Aug-1964 TBD ADD
Sholem Asch Author Yiddish novelist 01-Nov-1880 01-Aug-1957 DEAD
Roger Ascham Scholar The Scholemaster 1515 30-Dec-1568 DEAD
Kate Ascher Author The Works: Anatomy of a City 1958 TBD ADD
Asclepiades Doctor Corpuscular theory of medicine 124 BC c. 40 BC DEAD
Katie Aselton Actor Jenny on The League 01-Oct-1978 TBD ADD
Diego Asencio Diplomat US Ambassador to Brazil, 1983-86 15-Jul-1931 TBD ADD
Halldór Ásgrímsson Head of State Prime Minister of Iceland, 2004-06 08-Sep-1947 18-May-2015 DEAD
Mary Kay Ash Business Cosmetics mogul 12-May-1918 22-Nov-2001 DEAD
Roy L. Ash Business Director of the OMB, 1973-75 20-Oct-1918 14-Dec-2011 DEAD
Ashanti Singer Foolish 13-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
John Ashbery Poet Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror 28-Jul-1927 03-Sep-2017 DEAD
Dana Ashbrook Actor Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks 22-May-1967 TBD ADD
Jean Ashbrook Politician Congresswoman from Ohio, 1982-83 21-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
John M. Ashbrook Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1961-82 21-Sep-1928 24-Apr-1982 DEAD
Richie Ashburn Baseball MLB Hall of Fame Whiz Kid 19-Mar-1927 09-Sep-1997 DEAD
Alan Ashby Baseball Former catcher, Houston Astros 08-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Hal Ashby Film Director Harold and Maude 02-Sep-1929 27-Dec-1988 DEAD
Linden Ashby Actor Dr. Brett Cooper on Melrose Place 23-May-1960 TBD ADD
John Ashcroft Politician US Attorney General, 2001-05 09-May-1942 TBD ADD
Peggy Ashcroft Actor A Passage to India 22-Dec-1907 14-Jun-1991 DEAD
Richard Ashcroft Singer The Verve 11-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Paddy Ashdown Politician Leader of Liberal Democrats, 1988-99 27-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Arthur Ashe Tennis First black man to win Wimbledon 10-Jul-1943 06-Feb-1993 DEAD
Danni Ashe Pornstar World's most-downloaded breasts 16-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Victor Ashe Diplomat US Ambassador to Poland 01-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Jane Asher Actor Deep End 05-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
Neal Asher Novelist Gridlinked 1961 TBD ADD
Peter Asher Musician Peter of Peter and Gordon 22-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
William Asher Film Director Beach Blanket Bingo 08-Aug-1921 16-Jul-2012 DEAD
Renée Asherson Actor Malta Story 19-May-1915 30-Oct-2014 DEAD
Ron Asheton Guitarist Guitarist for the Stooges 17-Jul-1948 01-Jan-2009 DEAD
Scott Asheton Drummer Drummer for the Stooges 16-Aug-1949 15-Mar-2014 DEAD
Kate Ashfield Actor Shaun of the Dead 1972 TBD ADD
Daisy Ashford Novelist The Young Visiters 07-Apr-1881 15-Jan-1972 DEAD
Emmett Ashford Baseball Baseball's first black umpire 23-Nov-1914 01-Mar-1980 DEAD
Evelyn Ashford Track and Field Olympic sprinter, 4 Gold Medals 15-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Nickolas Ashford Songwriter Half of Ashford and Simpson 04-May-1942 22-Aug-2011 DEAD
Ian G. H. Ashken Business Vice Chairman of Jarden 1961 TBD ADD
Vladimir Ashkenazy Conductor Director, NHK Symphony Orchestra 06-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Edward Ashley Actor British-American character actor 12-Aug-1904 05-May-2000 DEAD
Elizabeth Ashley Actor Take Her, She's Mine 30-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
John Ashley Actor Beach Blanket Bingo 25-Dec-1934 03-Oct-1997 DEAD
Laura Ashley Fashion Designer Welsh designer 07-Sep-1925 17-Sep-1985 DEAD
Stephen B. Ashley Business CEO of The Ashley Group 1940 TBD ADD
Thomas W. Ludlow Ashley Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1955-81 11-Jan-1923 15-Jun-2010 DEAD
William Henry Ashley Business Fur trader turned Congressman 1778 26-Mar-1838 DEAD
Howard Ashman Songwriter Beauty and the Beast 17-May-1950 14-Mar-1991 DEAD
Aaron Ashmore Actor Jimmy Olsen on Smallville 07-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Shawn Ashmore Actor Iceman in X-Men and X2 07-Oct-1979 TBD ADD
Ashoka Royalty Emperor of India, 273-32 BC c. 304 BC 232 BC DEAD
John Ashton Actor Beverly Hills Cop 22-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Joseph J. Ashton Labor Leader VP of United Auto Workers, 2010-14 1950 TBD ADD
Juli Ashton Pornstar Butt Detective 05-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Novelist Incense to Idols 17-Dec-1908 28-Apr-1984 DEAD
Henry F. Ashurst Politician US Senator from Arizona, 1912-41 13-Sep-1874 31-May-1962 DEAD
Isaac Asimov Author Foundation 02-Jan-1920 06-Apr-1992 DEAD
Asin Actor Ghajini 26-Oct-1985 TBD ADD
Luke Askew Actor Easy Rider 26-Mar-1932 29-Mar-2012 DEAD
Reubin Askew Politician Governor of Florida, 1971-79 11-Sep-1928 13-Mar-2014 DEAD
Arthur Askey Comic Horn-rimmed British comic 06-Jun-1900 16-Nov-1982 DEAD
Leon Askin Actor General Burkhalter on Hogan's Heroes 18-Sep-1907 03-Jun-2005 DEAD
Jari Askins Politician Lt. Governor of Oklahoma 27-Apr-1953 TBD ADD
Robin Askwith Actor Confessions of a Window Cleaner 12-Oct-1950 TBD ADD
Malcolm M. Aslin Business CEO of Gold Banc Corporation, 2003-06 1948 TBD ADD
David Asman Journalist Fox Business Network anchor 1954 TBD ADD
Ed Asner Actor Lou Grant 15-Nov-1929 TBD ADD
Taro Aso Politician Prime Minister of Japan, 2008-09 20-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Pedro Aspe Economist Mexican Minister of Finance, 1988-94 07-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Michael Aspel TV Personality Antiques Roadshow host 12-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Izzy Asper Business Founder, CanWest Global 11-Aug-1932 07-Oct-2003 DEAD
Hans Asperger Doctor Asperger's Syndrome 18-Feb-1906 21-Oct-1980 DEAD
Les Aspin Politician US Secretary of Defense, 1993-94 21-Jul-1938 21-May-1995 DEAD
Robert Asprin Author Thieves World 28-Jun-1946 22-May-2008 DEAD
Anthony Asquith Film Director Pygmalion 09-Nov-1902 20-Feb-1968 DEAD
Herbert Henry Asquith Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1908-16 12-Sep-1852 15-Feb-1928 DEAD
Margot Asquith Socialite Wife of Herbert Henry Asquith 02-Feb-1864 28-Jul-1945 DEAD
Bashar al-Assad Head of State President of Syria 11-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Julian Assange Hacker Founder of Wikileaks 03-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
Armand Assante Actor Judge Dredd 04-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Olivier Assayas Film Director Clean 25-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Tobias Asser Activist Hague Court of Arbitration 28-Apr-1838 29-Jul-1913 DEAD
Assurbanipal Royalty Assyrian king 669-27 BC c. 692 BC c. 627 BC DEAD
Adele Astaire Dancer Dance partner of Fred Astaire 10-Sep-1896 25-Jan-1981 DEAD
Fred Astaire Dancer Broadway ballroom dancer 10-May-1899 22-Jun-1987 DEAD
Nils Asther Actor The Single Standard 17-Jan-1897 13-Oct-1981 DEAD
John Astin Actor Gomez on The Addams Family 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Mackenzie Astin Actor The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human 12-May-1973 TBD ADD
Sean Astin Actor The Goonies' Mikey and the hobbit Sam 25-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Rick Astley Singer Never Gonna Give You Up 06-Feb-1966 TBD ADD
Thea Astley Novelist Girl with a Monkey 25-Aug-1925 17-Aug-2004 DEAD
Francis W. Aston Chemist Invented the mass spectograph 01-Sep-1877 20-Nov-1945 DEAD
Brooke Astor Philanthropist Heiress, philanthropist 30-Mar-1902 13-Aug-2007 DEAD
Gertrude Astor Actor The Cat and the Canary 09-Nov-1887 09-Nov-1977 DEAD
John Jacob Astor Philanthropist Died aboard the Titanic 13-Jul-1864 15-Apr-1912 DEAD
John Jacob Astor Business Wealthiest man in America 17-Jul-1763 29-Mar-1848 DEAD
Mary Astor Actor The Maltese Falcon 03-May-1906 25-Sep-1987 DEAD
Nancy Astor Politician First woman in the House of Commons 19-May-1879 02-May-1964 DEAD
William Waldorf Astor Publisher The Observer 31-Mar-1848 18-Oct-1919 DEAD
Alexandre Astruc Film Director Les mauvaises rencontres 13-Jul-1923 19-May-2016 DEAD
Michael J. Astrue Government Social Security Commissioner 1956 TBD ADD
Miguel Ángel Asturias Author Guatemalan protest writer 19-Oct-1899 09-Jun-1974 DEAD
Atahualpa Royalty Incan king ransomed, killed by Pizarro 1502 29-Aug-1533 DEAD
Almazbek Atambayev Head of State Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan 17-Sep-1956 TBD ADD
John Atanasoff Inventor Atanasoff-Berry Computer 04-Oct-1903 15-Jun-1995 DEAD
Kemal Ataturk Head of State President of Turkey, 1923-38 12-Mar-1881 10-Nov-1938 DEAD
David Rice Atchison Politician US Senator from Missouri, 1843-55 11-Aug-1807 26-Jan-1886 DEAD
J. D. Roy Atchison Government Assistant US Attorney 28-Aug-1954 05-Oct-2007 DEAD
Roscoe Ates Actor The Champ 20-Jan-1895 01-Mar-1962 DEAD
St. Athanasius Religion Patriarch of Alexandria, 328-373 AD 298 AD 2-May-373 AD DEAD
King Athelstan Royalty King of England, 924-39 AD c. 895 AD 27-Oct-939 AD DEAD
Alfred L. Atherton Diplomat US Ambassador to Egypt, 1979-83 22-Nov-1921 30-Oct-2002 DEAD
Gertrude Franklin Atherton Author Black Oxen 30-Oct-1857 14-Jun-1948 DEAD
Ray Atherton Diplomat US Ambassador to Canada, 1943-48 1883 1960 DEAD
William Atherton Actor Ghostbusters 30-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Michael Atiyah Mathematician Atiyah-Singer index theorem 22-Apr-1929 TBD ADD
Victor G. Atiyeh Politician Governor of Oregon, 1979-87 20-Feb-1923 20-Jul-2014 DEAD
Harvey Atkin Actor Sgt. Coleman on Cagney and Lacey 18-Dec-1942 17-Jul-2017 DEAD
Betsy S. Atkins Business Venture capitalist 1955 TBD ADD
Chester G. Atkins Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1985-93 14-Apr-1948 TBD ADD
Chet Atkins Guitarist Prominent country picker 20-Jun-1924 30-Jun-2001 DEAD
Christopher Atkins Actor The Blue Lagoon 21-Feb-1961 TBD ADD
Doug Atkins Football NFL Hall of Famer 08-May-1930 30-Dec-2015 DEAD
Eileen Atkins Actor Co-Creator of Upstairs, Downstairs 16-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Essence Atkins Actor Yvette Henderson on Smart Guy 07-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Howard I. Atkins Business CFO of Wells Fargo, 2001-11 1950 TBD ADD
Humphrey Atkins Politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1979-81 12-Aug-1922 04-Oct-1996 DEAD
Paul S. Atkins Government Securities and Exchange Commission 1958 TBD ADD
Robert Atkins Doctor Atkins Diet doctor 17-Oct-1930 17-Apr-2003 DEAD
Susan Atkins Criminal Manson Family 07-May-1948 24-Sep-2009 DEAD
Tom Atkins Actor Sgt. Frank Cole on Harry O 13-Nov-1935 TBD ADD
Bill Atkinson Computer Programmer Creator of HyperCard, QuickDraw, MacPaint 1951 TBD ADD
Brooks Atkinson Critic New York Times drama critic 28-Nov-1894 14-Jan-1984 DEAD
Gemma Atkinson Model Hollyoaks 16-Nov-1984 TBD ADD
Jayne Atkinson Actor Erin Strauss on Criminal Minds 18-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Kenny Atkinson Basketball Head Coach, Brooklyn Nets 02-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Paul Atkinson Guitarist Guitarist for The Zombies 19-Mar-1946 02-Apr-2004 DEAD
Peter Y. Atkinson Business Ex-VP of Hollinger International 1947 TBD ADD
Ron Atkinson Soccer Former soccer manager, sportscaster 18-Mar-1939 TBD ADD
Rowan Atkinson Actor Mr. Bean 06-Jan-1955 TBD ADD
Charles Atlas Fitness Guru Former 97-pound weakling 30-Oct-1892 23-Dec-1972 DEAD
Frank V. AtLee III Business Chairman of Monsanto, 2000-03 1940 TBD ADD
Mohammed Atta Terrorist Mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks 01-Sep-1968 11-Sep-2001 DEAD
Dave Attell Comic Insomniac 18-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
David Attenborough Naturalist Life on Earth 08-May-1926 TBD ADD
Richard Attenborough Film Director Gandhi 29-Aug-1923 24-Aug-2014 DEAD
Malcolm Atterbury Actor Vaudevillian, character actor 20-Feb-1907 16-Aug-1992 DEAD
Attila the Hun Royalty Scourge of God c. 406 AD 453 AD DEAD
Clement Attlee Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1945-51 03-Jan-1883 08-Oct-1967 DEAD
Alvin Attles Basketball Warriors Head Coach, 1970-83 07-Nov-1936 TBD ADD
Crispus Attucks Activist First man killed in the American Revolution 1723 05-Mar-1770 DEAD
Barry Atwater Actor The Night Stalker 16-May-1918 24-May-1978 DEAD
Lee Atwater Politician RNC Chairman, 1988-90 27-Feb-1951 29-Mar-1991 DEAD
Hayley Atwell Actor The Duchess 05-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Lionel Atwill Actor The Ghost of Frankenstein 01-Mar-1885 22-Apr-1946 DEAD
Colleen Atwood Fashion Designer Mars Attacks costume designer 1948 TBD ADD
J. Brian Atwood Government USAID Administrator, 1993-99 25-Jul-1942 TBD ADD
Jensen Atwood Actor Wade on Noah's Arc 25-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Margaret Atwood Author The Handmaid's Tale 18-Nov-1939 TBD ADD
Daniel-François-Esprit Auber Composer La Muette de Portici 29-Jan-1782 12-May-1871 DEAD
René Auberjonois Actor Changeling on Star Trek: DS9 01-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
James Aubrey Actor Lord of the Flies 28-Aug-1947 06-Apr-2010 DEAD
John Aubrey Historian English antiquary 12-Mar-1626 07-Jun-1697 DEAD
Gabriel Aubry Model Canadian model, ex-BF of Halle Berry 30-Aug-1976 TBD ADD
Louis Auchincloss Author Portrait in Brownstone 27-Sep-1917 26-Jan-2010 DEAD
Claude Auchinleck Military C-in-C of the Indian Army, 1943-47 21-Jun-1884 23-Mar-1981 DEAD
Richard H. Auchinleck Business CEO of Gulf Canada Resources, 1998-2001 1952 TBD ADD
Les AuCoin Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1975-93 21-Oct-1942 TBD ADD
Eric Audé Actor Dude Where's My Car? 05-Apr-1980 TBD ADD
W. H. Auden Poet The Age of Anxiety 21-Feb-1907 29-Sep-1973 DEAD
Jacques Audiard Film Director A Prophet 30-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Eleanor Audley Actor Wicked stepmother in Cinderella 19-Nov-1905 25-Nov-1991 DEAD
Stéphane Audran Actor Les Biches 02-Nov-1932 TBD ADD
John James Audubon Naturalist Illustrated Birds of America 26-Apr-1785 27-Jan-1851 DEAD
Hartmann von Aue Poet Der arme Heinrich 1170 1210 DEAD
Jean M. Auel Novelist The Clan of the Cave Bear 18-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Leopold Auer Violinist Hungarian violinist, teacher 07-Jun-1845 15-Jul-1930 DEAD
Mischa Auer Actor My Man Godfrey 17-Nov-1905 05-Mar-1967 DEAD
Artie Auerbach Actor Mr. Kitzel on The Jack Benny Program 17-May-1903 03-Oct-1957 DEAD
Red Auerbach Basketball Boston Celtics coach 20-Sep-1917 28-Oct-2006 DEAD
Melissa Auf der Maur Bassist Bass player for Smashing Pumpkins, Hole 17-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Pierre Auger Physicist Auger effect 14-May-1899 25-Dec-1993 DEAD
Bille August Film Director Pelle the Conqueror 09-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Prince Ernst August of Hanover Royalty Husband of Princess Caroline 26-Feb-1954 TBD ADD
Pernilla August Actor The Best Intentions 13-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Alexander T. Augusta Doctor First black battlefield surgeon 08-Mar-1825 21-Dec-1890 DEAD
St. Augustine Religion Confessions 13-Nov-354 AD 28-Aug-430 AD DEAD
St. Augustine of Canterbury Religion First Archbishop of Canterbury ? 26-May-604 AD DEAD
Norman Augustine Business CEO of Martin Marietta, 1987-97 27-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Augustus I Royalty Elector of Saxony, 1553-86 31-Jul-1526 21-Jan-1586 DEAD
Augustus II Royalty King of Poland, Elector of Saxony 12-May-1670 01-Feb-1733 DEAD
Augustus III Royalty Elector of Saxony, King of Poland 17-Oct-1696 05-Oct-1763 DEAD
Caesar Augustus Royalty Roman Emperor, 23 BC to 14 AD 23-Sep-63 BC 19-Aug-14 AD DEAD
Mike Aulby Bowling Professional bowler, retired 25-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Ken Auletta Columnist Media Columnist 23-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Lee A. Ault III Business Telecredit 1937 TBD ADD
Chris Ault Football Head Coach, Nevada Wolf Pack 08-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
Robert J. Aumann Economist Game theorist 08-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Jean-Pierre Aumont Actor La Machine Infernale 05-Jan-1911 30-Jan-2001 DEAD
Aurangzeb Royalty Mogul Emperor 03-Nov-1618 03-Mar-1707 DEAD
Aurelian Royalty Roman Emperor, 270-75 AD c. 214 AD 275 AD DEAD
Marcus Aurelius Royalty Roman Emperor, 161-180 AD 26-Apr-121 AD 17-Mar-180 AD DEAD
Georges Auric Composer Theme for Moulin Rouge 15-Feb-1899 24-Jul-1983 DEAD
Vincent Auriol Head of State President of France, 1947-54 27-Aug-1884 01-Jan-1966 DEAD
Dennis A. Ausiello Doctor Massachusetts General Hospital 1945 TBD ADD
Ausonius Poet Roman poet and rhetorician c. 310 AD c. 395 AD DEAD
Jane Austen Author Pride and Prejudice 16-Dec-1775 18-Jul-1817 DEAD
Paul Auster Novelist New York Trilogy 03-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Alana Austin Actor Abby Logan on Ink 06-Apr-1982 TBD ADD
Alfred Austin Poet Poet Laureate of England, 1892-1913 30-May-1835 02-Jun-1913 DEAD
Alfred S. Austin Business Tampa real estate developer 18-Jan-1929 22-May-2014 DEAD
Dallas Austin Music Producer R&B Producer 29-Dec-1970 TBD ADD
Edward H. Austin, Jr. Business Austin, Calvert & Flavin, Inc. 1941 TBD ADD
Gene Austin Singer/Songwriter Vaudeviller crooner and songwriter 24-Jun-1900 24-Jan-1972 DEAD
Jake T. Austin Actor Wizards of Waverly Place 03-Dec-1994 TBD ADD
John H. Austin Doctor Arcadian Management Services 1944 29-May-2009 DEAD
Lloyd J. Austin Military Commander-in-Chief, CENTCOM 08-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Mary Austin Author Land of Little Rain 09-Sep-1868 13-Aug-1934 DEAD
Nicole Austin Socialite Wife of Ice-T 18-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
Patti Austin Singer Baby Come to Me 10-Aug-1950 TBD ADD
Roxanne S. Austin Business President and COO of DirecTV, 2001-03 1960 TBD ADD
Roy L. Austin Diplomat US Ambassador to Trinidad 13-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Sherman Austin Activist RaiseTheFist.com, now jailed 10-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
Stephen Fuller Austin Politician Texan secessionist 03-Nov-1793 27-Dec-1836 DEAD
Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestling Pro wrestler 18-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Teri Austin Actor Jill Bennett on Knots Landing 17-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
Tracy Austin Tennis Winner, 1979 and 1981 US Open 12-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
Warren R. Austin Politician US Senator from Vermont, 1931-46 12-Nov-1877 25-Dec-1962 DEAD
Steve Austria Politician Congressman, Ohio 7th 12-Oct-1958 TBD ADD
Neil R. Austrian Business President of NFL, 1991-98 1940 TBD ADD
Claude Autant-Lara Film Director La traversée de Paris 05-Aug-1901 05-Feb-2000 DEAD
Daniel Auteuil Actor Jean de Florette 24-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Alan Autry Actor In The Heat of the Night 31-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Gene Autry Country Musician Singing cowboy 29-Sep-1907 02-Oct-1998 DEAD
Aram Avakian Film Director End of the Road 23-Apr-1926 17-Jan-1987 DEAD
Frankie Avalon Singer Bikini Beach 18-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Roger Avary Screenwriter Co-Author, Pulp Fiction 23-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Richard Avedon Photographer Photographer of the human predicament 13-May-1923 01-Oct-2004 DEAD
Aventinus Historian Annals of Bavaria 04-Jul-1477 09-Jan-1534 DEAD
Avenzoar Doctor Prominent Arab physician 1090 1162 DEAD
Hy Averback Film Director I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 21-Oct-1920 14-Oct-1997 DEAD
Ed Averett Computer Programmer Prolific Odyssey 2 game programmer ? TBD ADD
Sergei Averintsev Author Myth of the Peoples of the World 10-Dec-1937 21-Feb-2004 DEAD
Averroës Philosopher Islamic commentator on the classics 1126 1198 DEAD
Eric Avery Bassist Original bassist for Jane's Addiction 25-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
James Avery Actor Philip Banks on Fresh Prince 27-Nov-1948 31-Dec-2013 DEAD
Margaret Avery Actor The Color Purple 20-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Nathan M. Avery Business Galveston-Houston Company 1934 TBD ADD
Oswald Avery Biologist Antibodies and DNA 21-Oct-1877 20-Feb-1955 DEAD
Paul E. Avery Business President, Outback Steakhouse 1960 TBD ADD
Phyllis Avery Actor Peggy McNulty on Meet Mr. McNulty 14-Nov-1922 19-May-2011 DEAD
Tex Avery Cartoonist Creator of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck 26-Feb-1908 26-Aug-1980 DEAD
Val Avery Actor The Anderson Tapes 14-Jul-1924 12-Dec-2009 DEAD
William H. Avery Politician Governor of Kansas, 1965-67 11-Aug-1911 04-Nov-2009 DEAD
William J. Avery Business CEO of Crown Cork & Seal, 1990-2001 1941 TBD ADD
Avicenna Doctor Canon of Medicine 980 AD 1037 DEAD
Avicii Disc Jockey Swedish House DJ 08-Sep-1989 TBD ADD
John G. Avildsen Film Director Rocky 21-Dec-1935 16-Jun-2017 DEAD
Pedro Menéndez de Avilés Military Founder of St. Augustine, Florida 15-Feb-1519 17-Sep-1574 DEAD
Rick Aviles Comic Ghost 14-Oct-1952 17-Mar-1995 DEAD
Warren Avis Business Founder of Avis Rent A Car 04-Aug-1915 24-Apr-2007 DEAD
Mili Avital Actor Stargate 30-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Jon Avnet Film/TV Producer Fried Green Tomatoes 17-Nov-1949 TBD ADD
Amedeo Avogadro Physicist Avogadro's number 09-Aug-1776 09-Jul-1856 DEAD
Mick Avory Drummer Former drummer, The Kinks 15-Feb-1944 TBD ADD
Kofi Awoonor Poet Rediscovery 13-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Gabriel Axel Film Director Babette's Feast 18-Apr-1918 09-Feb-2014 DEAD
Richard Axel Scientist Odorant receptors and olfactory organization 02-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
David Axelrod Government NBC talking head 22-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
George Axelrod Screenwriter The Seven Year Itch 09-Jun-1922 21-Jun-2003 DEAD
Julius Axelrod Chemist Research of neurotransmitters 30-May-1912 29-Dec-2004 DEAD
Stephen M. Axinn Attorney Antitrust attorney 1938 TBD ADD
Artur Axmann Government Hitler Youth leader 18-Feb-1913 24-Oct-1996 DEAD
Hoyt Axton Country Musician Folk singer, songwriter, composer 25-Mar-1938 26-Oct-1999 DEAD
Anna Ayala Criminal Wendy's chili-finger woman 22-Dec-1965 TBD ADD
Charlotte Ayanna Actor Stealing Time 25-Sep-1976 TBD ADD
Ann Ayars Actor The Youngest Profession 23-Jul-1918 27-Feb-1995 DEAD
Nicki Aycox Actor Jaimie Allen on Dark Blue 26-Mar-1975 TBD ADD
A. J. Ayer Philosopher Language, Truth and Logic 29-Oct-1910 27-Jun-1989 DEAD
David Ayer Film Director Fury 18-Jan-1968 TBD ADD
Donald B. Ayer Attorney Partner, Jones Day 30-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Ramani Ayer Business CEO of The Hartford, 1997-2009 27-May-1947 TBD ADD
Bill Ayers Activist Weather Underground 26-Dec-1944 TBD ADD
Kevin Ayers Musician Eccentric British guitarist/songwriter 16-Aug-1944 18-Feb-2013 DEAD
Randy Ayers Basketball OSU Head Coach, 1989-97 16-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Richard H. Ayers Business CEO of Stanley Works, 1989-96 1943 TBD ADD
Dan Aykroyd Actor Saturday Night Live, Dr. Detroit 01-Jul-1952 TBD ADD
Albert Ayler Jazz Musician Far-out sax blower 13-Jul-1936 05-Nov-1970 DEAD
Reiko Aylesworth Actor Michelle Dessler on 24 09-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Felix Aylmer Actor Henry V 21-Feb-1889 02-Sep-1979 DEAD
Gerald Aylmer Historian The King's Servants 30-Apr-1926 17-Dec-2000 DEAD
Richard Ayoade Actor Dean Learner on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace 12-Jun-1977 TBD ADD
Kelly Ayotte Politician US Senator from New Hampshire 27-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Jean-Marc Ayrault Head of State Prime Minister of France, 2012-14 25-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Benjamin Ayres Actor Dr. Zachary Miller on Saving Hope 19-Jan-1977 TBD ADD
Lew Ayres Actor All Quiet on the Western Front 28-Dec-1908 30-Dec-1996 DEAD
Merribel S. Ayres Business Lighthouse Consulting Group 1951 TBD ADD
Whit Ayres Government North Star Opinion Research 1949 TBD ADD
Hertha Ayrton Physicist Electric arc 28-Apr-1854 26-Aug-1923 DEAD
Rochelle Aytes Actor White Chicks 17-May-1976 TBD ADD
Iggy Azalea Rapper Fancy 07-Jun-1990 TBD ADD
Victoria Azarenka Tennis Winner, 2012 and 2013 Australian Open 31-Jul-1989 TBD ADD
Hank Azaria Actor Moe and Apu on The Simpsons 25-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Sabine Azéma Actor Same Old Song 20-Sep-1949 TBD ADD
Nnamdi Azikiwe Head of State First President of Nigeria, 1963-66 16-Nov-1904 11-May-1996 DEAD
Paul Azinger Golf Winner, 1993 PGA Championship 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Government Saudi Arabia Defense Minister 05-Jan-1928 TBD ADD
Shaukat Aziz Head of State Prime Minister of Pakistan 06-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Tariq Aziz Government Ex-Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister 28-Apr-1936 05-Jun-2015 DEAD
Jose Maria Aznar Head of State Prime Minister of Spain, 1996-2004 25-Feb-1953 TBD ADD
Charles Aznavour Singer Shoot the Piano Player 22-May-1924 TBD ADD
Irving Azoff Business Rock music mogul and Live Nation CEO 12-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
René-Pierre Azria Business Former Managing Director, Rothschild, Inc. 1957 TBD ADD
Abdullah Azzam Educator Gatekeeper of the Jihad 1941 24-Nov-1989 DEAD