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M.I.A. Rapper Paper Planes 18-Jul-1975 TBD ADD
Jack Ma Business Founder of Alibaba 10-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Yo-Yo Ma Cellist Cellist, The Silk Road Ensemble 07-Oct-1955 TBD ADD
Peter Maas Author Serpico 27-Jun-1929 23-Aug-2001 DEAD
Clara Maass Activist Human experiments with yellow fever 28-Jun-1876 24-Aug-1901 DEAD
Wangari Maathai Activist Planted 12 million trees in Kenya 01-Apr-1940 25-Sep-2011 DEAD
Lorin Maazel Conductor Conductor, New York Philharmonic 06-Mar-1930 13-Jul-2014 DEAD
Eric Mabius Actor Tim Haspell on The L Word 22-Apr-1971 TBD ADD
Moms Mabley Comic Pioneering black comedienne 19-Mar-1894 23-May-1975 DEAD
Luke Mably Actor The Prince & Me 01-Mar-1976 TBD ADD
Vicki Mabrey Journalist 60 Minutes II 1956 TBD ADD
Ray Mabus Politician US Secretary of the Navy 11-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Jan Mabuse Painter Flemish Renaissance painter 1475 01-Oct-1532 DEAD
Bernie Mac Comic The Bernie Mac Show 05-Oct-1957 09-Aug-2008 DEAD
Diosdado Macapagal Head of State 9th President of the Philippines 28-Sep-1910 21-Apr-1997 DEAD
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Head of State President of the Philippines, 2001-10 05-Apr-1947 TBD ADD
Charles MacArthur Playwright The Front Page 05-Nov-1895 21-Apr-1956 DEAD
Douglas MacArthur Military General of the Army 26-Jan-1880 05-Apr-1964 DEAD
Douglas MacArthur II Diplomat Career US Ambassador 05-Jul-1909 15-Nov-1997 DEAD
James MacArthur Actor Dano from Hawaii 5-O 08-Dec-1937 28-Oct-2010 DEAD
John MacArthur Religion Grace Community Church 19-Jun-1939 TBD ADD
John D. MacArthur Philanthropist Philanthropist, MacArthur Foundation 06-Mar-1897 06-Jan-1978 DEAD
Bridget A. Macaskill Business CEO of Oppenheimer Funds, 1995-2001 1948 TBD ADD
Thomas Babington Macaulay Historian History of England 25-Oct-1800 28-Dec-1859 DEAD
Paul W. MacAvoy Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1975-76 21-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Macbeth Royalty King of Scotland, 1040-57 1005 15-Aug-1057 DEAD
Donald MacBride Actor High Sierra 23-Jun-1889 21-Jun-1957 DEAD
Seán MacBride Activist Irish revolutionary, Nobel Prize recipient 26-Jan-1904 15-Jan-1988 DEAD
Ralph Macchio Actor Karate Kid 04-Nov-1961 TBD ADD
Kirsty MacColl Singer/Songwriter Fairytale of New York 10-Oct-1959 18-Dec-2000 DEAD
Simon MacCorkindale Actor Harry Harper on Casualty 12-Feb-1952 14-Oct-2010 DEAD
George F. MacCormack Business Former Group VP at DuPont 1943 TBD ADD
Diarmaid MacCulloch Historian Reformation: Europe's House Divided 31-Oct-1951 TBD ADD
Alan G. MacDiarmid Chemist Metallic polymers 14-Apr-1927 07-Feb-2007 DEAD
Hugh MacDiarmid Poet A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle 11-Aug-1892 09-Sep-1978 DEAD
Heather Mac Donald Columnist Neoconservative bombthrower 1956 TBD ADD
Cynthia Macdonald Poet Amputations 02-Feb-1928 03-Aug-2015 DEAD
Donald C. MacDonald Politician Leader of Ontario CCF and NDP, 1953-70 07-Dec-1913 08-Mar-2008 DEAD
Dwight Macdonald Critic Against the American Grain 24-Mar-1906 19-Dec-1982 DEAD
George MacDonald Author At the Back of the North Wind 10-Dec-1824 18-Sep-1905 DEAD
Ian MacDonald Critic Revolution in the Head 03-Oct-1948 20-Aug-2003 DEAD
Ian MacDonald Actor High Noon 28-Jun-1914 11-Apr-1978 DEAD
J. Farrell MacDonald Actor My Darling Clementine 14-Apr-1875 02-Aug-1952 DEAD
Jeanette MacDonald Actor The Merry Widow 18-Jun-1903 14-Jan-1965 DEAD
John A. Macdonald Head of State Canadian Prime Minister, founding father 11-Jan-1815 06-Jun-1891 DEAD
John D. MacDonald Novelist Travis McGee mystery novels 24-Jul-1916 28-Dec-1986 DEAD
Kelly Macdonald Actor Trainspotting 23-Feb-1976 TBD ADD
Kevin Macdonald Film Director The Last King of Scotland 28-Oct-1967 TBD ADD
Norm MacDonald Comic Former Weekend Update host on SNL 17-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Ramsay MacDonald Head of State First Labour Prime Minister of UK 12-Oct-1866 09-Nov-1937 DEAD
Ross Macdonald Novelist Creator of P.I. Lew Archer 13-Dec-1915 11-Jul-1983 DEAD
Torbert H. Macdonald Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1955-76 06-Jun-1917 21-May-1976 DEAD
William E. MacDonald III Business Vice Chairman of National City, 2001-06 1946 TBD ADD
Robert I. MacDonnell Business Kohlberg Kravis Roberts 1937 TBD ADD
Gary E. MacDougal Business CEO of Mark Controls, 1969-87 1936 TBD ADD
John MacDougall Politician Labour MP for Glenrothes, 2005-08 08-Dec-1947 13-Aug-2008 DEAD
Michael G. MacDougall Business Texas Pacific Group 1970 TBD ADD
Ranald MacDougall Screenwriter We're No Angels 10-Mar-1915 12-Dec-1973 DEAD
Andie MacDowell Actor St. Elmo's Fire 21-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Edward MacDowell Composer American piano composer 18-Dec-1860 23-Jan-1908 DEAD
José Agostinho de Macedo Poet Os Burros 11-Sep-1761 02-Oct-1831 DEAD
Gwendolyn MacEwen Poet A Breakfast for Barbarians 01-Sep-1941 29-Nov-1987 DEAD
Angus Macfadyen Actor Braveheart 21-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Matthew Macfadyen Actor Tom Quinn on Spooks 17-Oct-1974 TBD ADD
Luke MacFarlane Actor Over There 19-Jan-1980 TBD ADD
Rachael MacFarlane Actor Hayley Smith on American Dad! 21-Mar-1976 TBD ADD
Seth MacFarlane Actor Creator of Family Guy 26-Oct-1973 TBD ADD
Harriet MacGibbon Actor Mrs. Drysdale on Beverly Hillbillies 05-Oct-1905 08-Feb-1987 DEAD
Niall MacGinnis Actor 49th Parallel 29-Mar-1913 06-Jan-1977 DEAD
Shane MacGowan Musician The Pogues 25-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Jack MacGowran Actor The Fearless Vampire Killers 13-Oct-1918 30-Jan-1973 DEAD
Ali MacGraw Actor Love Story 01-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
John MacGregor Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1990-92 14-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Katherine MacGregor Actor Little House on the Prairie 12-Jan-1925 TBD ADD
Mary MacGregor Singer Torn Between Two Lovers 06-May-1948 TBD ADD
Ernst Mach Physicist Optical and sensory perceptualist 18-Feb-1838 19-Feb-1916 DEAD
Machado de Assis Novelist Dom Casmurro 21-Jun-1839 29-Sep-1908 DEAD
Antonio Machado Poet Generation of '98 26-Jul-1875 22-Feb-1939 DEAD
China Machado Model First non-white American supermodel 25-Dec-1928 18-Dec-2016 DEAD
Samora Machel Head of State President of Mozambique, 1975-86 29-Sep-1933 19-Oct-1986 DEAD
Arthur Machen Author Welsh horror novelist, The Great God Pan 03-Mar-1863 30-Mar-1947 DEAD
J. Bernard Machen Educator President, University of Florida 26-Mar-1944 TBD ADD
Frank E. Macher Business Former CEO of Collins & Aikman, Federal Mogul 1940 TBD ADD
Niccolò Machiavelli Author The Prince 03-May-1469 22-Jun-1527 DEAD
Gabriel Macht Actor Behind Enemy Lines 22-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Stephen Macht Actor General Hospital 01-May-1942 TBD ADD
Ronald Machtley Politician President of Bryant University 13-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Colin MacInnes Novelist Absolute Beginners 20-Aug-1914 22-Apr-1976 DEAD
Al MacInnis Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 11-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Frank T. MacInnis Business CEO of EMCOR Group 1946 TBD ADD
Charles Macintosh Chemist Invented the raincoat 29-Dec-1766 25-Jul-1843 DEAD
George MacIntyre Football Vanderbilt Head Coach, 1979-85 30-Apr-1939 05-Jan-2016 DEAD
Martha MacIsaac Actor Emily of New Moon 11-Oct-1984 TBD ADD
George Maciunas Artist Founder of Fluxus 08-Nov-1931 09-May-1978 DEAD
Robert Morrison MacIver Sociologist The Web of Government 17-Apr-1882 15-Jun-1970 DEAD
Mack 10 Rapper Foe Life 09-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Allison Mack Actor Chloe Sullivan on Smallville 29-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Connie Mack Politician US Senator from Florida, 1989-2001 29-Oct-1940 TBD ADD
Connie Mack Baseball Manager of the Philadelphia Athletics 22-Dec-1862 08-Feb-1956 DEAD
Connie Mack IV Politician Congressman from Florida, 2005-13 12-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
David Lyle Mack Diplomat US Ambassador to the UAE, 1986-89 10-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
Earle I. Mack Business Real estate magnate ? TBD ADD
Helen Mack Actor The Son of Kong 13-Nov-1913 13-Aug-1986 DEAD
Jack Mack Business Founder of Mack Trucks 27-Oct-1864 14-Mar-1924 DEAD
John Mack Psychiatrist A Prince of Our Disorder 04-Oct-1929 27-Sep-2004 DEAD
John J. Mack Business CEO of Morgan Stanley 17-Nov-1944 TBD ADD
Mary Bono Mack Politician Congresswoman, California 45th 24-Oct-1961 TBD ADD
Ted Mack TV Personality Original Amateur Hour 12-Feb-1904 12-Jul-1976 DEAD
Tom Mack Football LA Rams, Hall of Famer 01-Nov-1943 TBD ADD
Denis Mackail Novelist Greenery Street 03-Jun-1892 1971 DEAD
Dorothy Mackaill Actor Love Affair 04-Mar-1903 12-Aug-1990 DEAD
A. D. David Mackay Business CEO of Kellogg 16-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Buddy MacKay Politician Governor of Florida, 1998-99 22-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Harold H. MacKay Attorney MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP 1940 TBD ADD
James Mackay Historian Plagiarising historian 21-Nov-1936 12-Aug-2007 DEAD
Jeff MacKay Actor French on Baa Baa Black Sheep 20-Oct-1948 22-Aug-2008 DEAD
Peter MacKay Government Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister 27-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Ian MacKaye Musician Punk rock icon 16-Apr-1962 TBD ADD
Percy MacKaye Playwright The Canterbury Pilgrims 16-Mar-1875 31-Aug-1956 DEAD
Steele MacKaye Playwright Founder of New York's Lyceum Theatre 06-Jun-1842 25-Feb-1894 DEAD
Walter Macken Novelist Rain on the Wind 03-May-1915 22-Apr-1967 DEAD
Alexander Mackendrick Film Director The Sweet Smell of Success 08-Sep-1912 22-Dec-1993 DEAD
Alexander Mackenzie Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1873-78 28-Jan-1822 17-Apr-1892 DEAD
Compton MacKenzie Novelist Carnival 17-Jan-1883 30-Nov-1972 DEAD
Douglas F. Mackenzie Business Partner, Kleiner Perkins 1959 TBD ADD
George MacKenzie Business CFO of Hercules, 1996-2000 1949 TBD ADD
John Mackenzie Film Director The Long Good Friday 16-Aug-1932 08-Jun-2011 DEAD
Kenneth Mackenzie Novelist Dead Men Rising 25-Sep-1913 19-Jan-1955 DEAD
Peter Mackenzie Actor Genius on Herman's Head 19-Jan-1961 TBD ADD
Connie Mackey Activist Family Research Council ? TBD ADD
John Mackey Football NFL Hall of Famer 24-Sep-1941 06-Jul-2011 DEAD
John P. Mackey Business CEO of Whole Foods Market 15-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Anthony Mackie Actor The Manchurian Candidate 23-Sep-1979 TBD ADD
Bert H. Mackie Business Security National Bank of Enid 1942 TBD ADD
Bob Mackie Fashion Designer The Sultan of Sequins 24-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
H. Carroll Mackin Business EVP at Assurant, 1980-97 1940 TBD ADD
Halford Mackinder Geographer Founder of Geopolitics 15-Feb-1861 06-Mar-1947 DEAD
Catharine MacKinnon Activist Anti-pornography activist 07-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
George E. MacKinnon Judge DC Appeals Court Judge, 1969-95 22-Apr-1906 01-May-1995 DEAD
Roderick MacKinnon Biologist Ion channels of cell membranes 19-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
Simmone Mackinnon Actor Stevie Hall Ryan on McLeod's Daughters 19-Mar-1973 TBD ADD
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architect Glasgow Style designer 07-Jun-1868 10-Dec-1928 DEAD
Macklemore Rapper Thrift Shop 19-Jun-1983 TBD ADD
John Mackovic Football NFL and NCAA football coach 01-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Andrea Mackris Victim Allegedly harassed by Bill O'Reilly 1971 TBD ADD
Kyle MacLachlan Actor Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks 22-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Shirley MacLaine Actor Terms of Endearment 24-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Barton MacLane Actor Gen. Peterson on I Dream of Jeannie 25-Dec-1902 01-Jan-1969 DEAD
Alistair MacLean Novelist The Guns of Navarone 28-Apr-1922 02-Feb-1987 DEAD
Donald Maclean Spy Spy for Moscow, Cambridge Five 25-May-1913 06-Mar-1983 DEAD
Fitzroy Maclean Politician Eastern Approaches 11-Mar-1911 15-Jun-1996 DEAD
Sorley Maclean Poet Scottish/Gaelic poet 26-Oct-1911 24-Nov-1996 DEAD
Archibald Macleish Poet Conquistador 07-May-1892 20-Apr-1982 DEAD
Hugh MacLennan Novelist Barometer Rising 20-Mar-1907 07-Nov-1990 DEAD
Charlotte MacLeod Novelist Mystery novelist, Peter Shandy Series 12-Nov-1922 14-Jan-2005 DEAD
Gavin MacLeod Actor Capt. Stubing on Love Boat 28-Feb-1931 TBD ADD
Iain Macleod Politician UK Colonial Secretary, 1959-61 11-Nov-1913 20-Jul-1970 DEAD
John Macleod Scientist Helped discover insulin 06-Sep-1876 16-Mar-1935 DEAD
Aline MacMahon Actor Dragon Seed 03-May-1899 12-Oct-1991 DEAD
Thomas P. Mac Mahon Business CEO of Laboratory Corporation, 1997-2006 1946 TBD ADD
Seumas MacManus Author A Lad of the O'Friels 1869 1960 DEAD
Albert S. Macmillan, Jr. Business Triaxia Partners 1944 TBD ADD
Harold Macmillan Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1957-63 10-Feb-1894 29-Dec-1986 DEAD
Stephen P. MacMillan Business CEO of Stryker 1964 TBD ADD
Fred MacMurray Actor The Absent-Minded Professor 30-Aug-1908 06-Nov-1991 DEAD
John A. MacNaughton Business Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 1945 TBD ADD
Patrick Macnee Actor Mr. Steed on The Avengers 06-Feb-1922 25-Jun-2015 DEAD
Louis MacNeice Poet Autumn Journal 12-Sep-1907 03-Sep-1963 DEAD
Cornell MacNeil Singer Operatic baritone, NY Metropolitan Opera 24-Sep-1922 15-Jul-2011 DEAD
Rita MacNeil Country Musician Flying On Your Own 28-May-1944 16-Apr-2013 DEAD
Robert MacNeil Journalist MacNeil/Lehrer Report 19-Jan-1931 TBD ADD
Peter MacNeill Actor Ken Fitzpatrick on Call Me Fitz ? TBD ADD
Tress MacNeille Actor Animaniacs, The Simpsons 20-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Jeff MacNelly Cartoonist Editorial cartoonist, Shoe 17-Sep-1948 08-Jun-2000 DEAD
Peter MacNicol Actor John Cage on Ally McBeal 10-Apr-1954 TBD ADD
John Macomber Business JDM Investment Group 13-Jan-1928 TBD ADD
Andy MacPhail Baseball CEO of the Chicago Cubs, 1994-2006 05-Apr-1953 TBD ADD
Lee MacPhail Baseball President of the American League, 1974-83 25-Oct-1917 08-Nov-2012 DEAD
C. B. Macpherson Scholar Political Theory of Possessive Individualism 18-Nov-1911 22-Jul-1987 DEAD
Dick MacPherson Football Syracuse Head Coach, 1981-90 04-Nov-1930 08-Aug-2017 DEAD
Elle Macpherson Model Tall supermodel 29-Mar-1963 TBD ADD
James Macpherson Hoaxer So-called translations of Ossian 27-Oct-1736 17-Feb-1796 DEAD
Jay Macpherson Poet O Earth Return 13-Jun-1931 TBD ADD
Duncan Macrae Actor The Little Kidnappers 20-Aug-1905 23-Mar-1967 DEAD
Gordon MacRae Actor Oklahoma 12-Mar-1921 24-Jan-1986 DEAD
Meredith MacRae Actor Host of Mid-Morning L.A. 30-May-1944 14-Jul-2000 DEAD
Sheila MacRae Actor Alice Kramden on The Jackie Gleason Show 24-Sep-1924 06-Mar-2014 DEAD
George Macready Actor Paths of Glory 29-Aug-1908 02-Jul-1973 DEAD
William Charles Macready Actor 19th c. English actor and manager 03-Mar-1793 27-Apr-1873 DEAD
Macrobius Philosopher Saturnalia fl. 400 AD fl. 400 AD DEAD
Emmanuel Macron Head of State President of France 21-Dec-1977 TBD ADD
Georgius Macropedius Playwright Neo-Latin playwright 1487 TBD DEAD
Charles MacVeagh Attorney US Ambassador to Japan, 1925-28 06-Jun-1860 04-Dec-1931 DEAD
Franklin MacVeagh Government US Treasury Secretary, 1909-13 22-Nov-1837 06-Jul-1934 DEAD
Lincoln MacVeagh Diplomat Roosevelt's Ambassador to Greece 01-Oct-1890 15-Jan-1972 DEAD
Wayne MacVeagh Government US Attorney General, 1881 19-Apr-1833 11-Jan-1917 DEAD
Bill Macy Actor Bea Arthur's husband on Maude 18-May-1922 TBD ADD
John Albert Macy Critic Socialism in America 10-Apr-1877 26-Aug-1932 DEAD
Rowland H. Macy Business Founder of Macy's department stores 30-Aug-1822 29-Mar-1877 DEAD
William H. Macy Actor Fargo 13-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
William P. Madar Business CEO of Nordson Corp., 1986-97 1939 TBD ADD
Salvador de Madariaga Author Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards 23-Jul-1886 14-Dec-1978 DEAD
Benji Madden Guitarist Good Charlotte 11-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
Dave Madden Actor Reuben Kincaid on The Partridge Family 17-Dec-1931 16-Jan-2014 DEAD
Joel Madden Musician Good Charlotte 11-Mar-1979 TBD ADD
John Madden Football Gregarious Sports Announcer 10-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
John Madden Film Director Shakespeare in Love 08-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Ray J. Madden Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1943-77 25-Feb-1892 28-Sep-1987 DEAD
Guy Maddin Film Director The Saddest Music in the World 28-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
Angus Maddison Economist Contours of the World Economy, 1-2030 AD 06-Dec-1926 24-Apr-2010 DEAD
Walter J. Maddock Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1928-29 13-Sep-1880 25-Jan-1951 DEAD
Joe Maddon Baseball Manager, Chicago Cubs 08-Feb-1954 TBD ADD
Rachel Maddow TV Personality The Rachel Maddow Show 01-Apr-1973 TBD ADD
Lester Maddox Politician Governor of Georgia, 1967-71 30-Sep-1915 25-Jun-2003 DEAD
Greg Maddux Baseball Won four consecutive Cy Young Awards 14-Apr-1966 TBD ADD
Jean Madeira Singer Operatic contralto, Carmen 14-Nov-1924 11-Jul-1972 DEAD
Bruno Maderna Composer Avant-garde composer 21-Apr-1920 13-Nov-1973 DEAD
Antonio Madero Bracho Business Founder, SANLUIS Corporación 1937 TBD ADD
Francisco Madero Head of State El loquito President of Mexico, 1911-13 30-Oct-1873 22-Feb-1913 DEAD
Haki R. Madhubuti Author Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? 23-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
William J. Madia Scientist Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 1948 TBD ADD
Amy Madigan Actor Places in the Heart 11-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
Edward R. Madigan Politician US Secretary of Agriculture, 1991-93 13-Jan-1936 07-Dec-1994 DEAD
John W. Madigan Business CEO of Tribune Co., 1995-2002 07-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Kathleen Madigan Comic Shallow Happy Thoughts for the Soul 30-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Bailee Madison Actor Bridge to Terabithia 15-Oct-1999 TBD ADD
Dolley Madison First Lady Wife of US President James Madison 20-May-1768 12-Jul-1849 DEAD
Guy Madison Actor Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 19-Jan-1922 06-Feb-1996 DEAD
Holly Madison TV Personality The Girls Next Door 23-Dec-1978 TBD ADD
James Madison Head of State 4th US President, 1809-17 16-Mar-1751 28-Jun-1836 DEAD
Noel Madison Actor American character actor 30-Apr-1897 06-Jan-1975 DEAD
Thomas F. Madison Business MLM Partners 1935 TBD ADD
Bill Madlock Baseball Mad Dog, MLB 3rd Baseman 02-Jan-1951 TBD ADD
Bernard L. Madoff Business Madoff Investment Securities LLC 29-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
Madonna Singer/Songwriter Like a Virgin 16-Aug-1958 TBD ADD
Jon C. Madonna Business CEO of KPMG, 1990-96 1943 TBD ADD
Miguel de la Madrid Head of State President of Mexico, 1982-88 12-Dec-1934 01-Apr-2012 DEAD
Al Madrigal Actor The Daily Show, All Things Comedy 04-Jul-1971 TBD ADD
Andrew H. Madsen Business COO of Darden Restaurants 1956 TBD ADD
Barbara A. Madsen Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court 1952 TBD ADD
Michael Madsen Actor Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Blonde 25-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Virginia Madsen Actor Dune to Sideways 11-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Nicolas Maduro Head of State President of Venezuela 23-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Mía Maestro Actor Nadia Santos on Alias 19-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Maurice Maeterlinck Playwright Pelléas et Mélisande 29-Aug-1862 06-May-1949 DEAD
Dan Maffei Politician Congressman from New York, 2009-11 04-Jul-1968 TBD ADD
Greg Maffei Business CEO of Liberty Media 24-May-1960 TBD ADD
Roma Maffia Actor Dr. Liz Cruz on Nip/Tuck 31-May-1958 TBD ADD
John Magaw Government BATF Director, 1993-99 1935 TBD ADD
Ira Magaziner Government Internet advisor under Bill Clinton 08-Nov-1947 TBD ADD
Mary Magdalene Religion Early follower of Jesus Christ fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD DEAD
Patrick Magee Actor Mr. Alexander in A Clockwork Orange 31-Mar-1922 14-Aug-1982 DEAD
Ferdinand Magellan Explorer Circumnavigated the globe 1480 27-Apr-1521 DEAD
Benoît Magimel Actor Life Is a Long Quiet River 11-May-1974 TBD ADD
Licia Maglietta Actor Bread and Tulips 16-Nov-1954 TBD ADD
Paul Magliocchetti Criminal Washington lobbyist, PMA Group 1946 TBD ADD
Joseph Magliocco Criminal Colombo Family Boss, 1962-63 29-Jun-1898 28-Dec-1963 DEAD
Ray Magliozzi Radio Personality "Don't drive like my brother" 30-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
Tom Magliozzi Radio Personality "Don't drive like my brother" 28-Jun-1937 03-Nov-2014 DEAD
Anna Magnani Actor The Rose Tattoo 07-Mar-1908 26-Sep-1973 DEAD
Michel Magne Musician Tropical Fantasy 20-Mar-1930 19-Dec-1984 DEAD
Marjorie Magner Business Former Citibank executive 1949 TBD ADD
Luka Magnotta Criminal Defendant Allegedly dismembered a Chinese student 24-Jul-1982 TBD ADD
Olaus Magnus Historian Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus 1490 1558 DEAD
Ann Magnuson Actor Film actress, Bongwater vocalist 04-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Warren G. Magnuson Politician US Senator from Washington 12-Apr-1905 20-May-1989 DEAD
Ricardo Flores Magón Anarchist Agitator behind Mexican revolution 16-Sep-1873 21-Nov-1922 DEAD
Magoo Rapper Rap partner with Timbaland 12-Jul-1973 TBD ADD
Peter A. Magowan Business President, San Francisco Giants 05-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
René Magritte Painter Ceci n'est pas une pipe 21-Nov-1898 15-Aug-1967 DEAD
Jeb Magruder Government Nixon's deputy campaign director 05-Nov-1934 11-May-2014 DEAD
Ramon Magsaysay Head of State 7th President of the Philippines 31-Aug-1907 17-Mar-1957 DEAD
Martie Maguire Musician Dixie Chick 12-Oct-1969 TBD ADD
Paul Maguire Football Linebacker, punter for Buffalo Bills 22-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Steve Maguire Computer Programmer Writing Solid Code ? TBD ADD
Tobey Maguire Actor Spider-Man 27-Jun-1975 TBD ADD
John Mahaffey Golf Winner, 1978 PGA Championship 09-May-1948 TBD ADD
John B. Mahaffey Business Mahaffey Enterprises ? TBD ADD
Alfred Thayer Mahan Author The Influence of Sea Power upon History 27-Sep-1840 01-Dec-1914 DEAD
George Maharis Actor Buzz Murdock on Route 66 01-Sep-1928 TBD ADD
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Religion Transcendental meditation guru 12-Jan-1917 05-Feb-2008 DEAD
Kishore Mahbubani Government The New Asian Hemisphere 1948 TBD ADD
Bill Maher Talk Show Host Politically Incorrect 20-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Joseph Maher Actor Chancellor Willoughby on Goode Behavior 29-Dec-1933 17-Jul-1998 DEAD
Matt Maher Musician Contemporary Christian singer 10-Nov-1974 TBD ADD
Sean Maher Actor Dr. Simon Tam on Firefly 16-Apr-1975 TBD ADD
Khalid bin Mahfouz Business Billionaire Saudi banker 26-Dec-1949 16-Aug-2009 DEAD
Naguib Mahfouz Author The Cairo Trilogy 11-Dec-1911 30-Aug-2006 DEAD
Mahir Meme Welcome to my home page!!!! I kiss you!!!!! 1963 TBD ADD
Bruce Mahler Actor Sgt. Fackler in Police Academy 12-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
Gustav Mahler Composer Das Lied von der Erde 07-Jul-1860 18-May-1911 DEAD
Adel A. Mahmoud Doctor Molecular Biology Professor at Princeton 1942 TBD ADD
Derek Mahon Poet Night-Crossing 23-Nov-1941 TBD ADD
George R. Mahoney, Jr. Attorney General Counsel of Family Dollar Stores, 1976-2005 1942 TBD ADD
David L. Mahoney Business McKesson HBOC 1954 TBD ADD
Jock Mahoney Actor Yancy Derringer 07-Feb-1919 14-Dec-1989 DEAD
John Mahoney Actor Martin Crane on Frasier 20-Jun-1940 TBD ADD
John J. Mahoney Business Vice Chairman and CFO of Staples 1951 TBD ADD
Michael J. Mahoney Business CEO of Commonwealth Telephone, 2000-07 1951 TBD ADD
Robert W. Mahoney Business CEO of Diebold, 1985-99 1936 TBD ADD
Tim Mahoney Government Congressman from Florida, 2007-09 16-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Roger Cardinal Mahony Religion Cardinal, Archbishop of Los Angeles 27-Feb-1936 TBD ADD
Frank Mahovlich Hockey NHL Hall of Famer, Canadian Senator 10-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
Phil Mahre Skier American Alpine skier 10-May-1957 TBD ADD
Adam Cardinal Maida Religion Catholic Archbishop of Detroit, 1990-2009 18-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Modesto A. Maidique Educator President, Florida International University 20-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Hermann Maier Skier Alpine skier, four-time medalist 07-Dec-1972 TBD ADD
Ousmane Issoufi Maïga Head of State Prime Minister of Mali 1945 TBD ADD
Norman Mailer Author Armies of the Night 31-Jan-1923 10-Nov-2007 DEAD
Norris Church Mailer Novelist Norman Mailer's painter/novelist wife 31-Jan-1949 21-Nov-2010 DEAD
Antonine Maillet Novelist Pélagie-la-Charette 10-May-1929 TBD ADD
Aristide Maillol Sculptor Sculptor of the female nude 08-Apr-1861 27-Sep-1944 DEAD
Theodore Maiman Physicist Built the first working laser 11-Jul-1927 05-May-2007 DEAD
Moses Maimonides Religion Codified Jewish law 30-Mar-1135 13-Dec-1204 DEAD
Marjorie Main Actor Ma and Pa Kettle 24-Feb-1890 10-Apr-1975 DEAD
Timothy L. Main Business CEO of Jabil Circuit 1957 TBD ADD
Douglas L. Maine Business CFO of IBM, 1998-2000 1949 TBD ADD
Natalie Maines Country Musician Dixie Chick 14-Oct-1974 TBD ADD
Rachel P. Maines Scholar The Technology of Orgasm 08-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
John F. Maisto Diplomat US Ambassador to the OAS, 2003-06 28-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
F. W. Maitland Historian The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I 28-May-1850 19-Dec-1906 DEAD
Rick Majerus Basketball NCAA Basketball Coach 17-Feb-1948 01-Dec-2012 DEAD
Denise Majette Politician Congresswoman from Georgia, 2003-05 18-May-1955 TBD ADD
Pandeli Majko Head of State Ex-Prime Minister of Albania 11-Sep-1967 TBD ADD
Charles Major Novelist When Knighthood Was in Flower 25-Jul-1856 13-Feb-1913 DEAD
John Major Politician UK Prime Minister, 1990-97 29-Mar-1943 TBD ADD
John E. Major Business CEO of Novatel Wireless, 2000-03 1945 TBD ADD
Deborah Platt Majoras Government FTC chairwoman 1963 TBD ADD
Tina Majorino Actor Deb in Napoleon Dynamite 07-Feb-1985 TBD ADD
Johnny Majors Football College football coach 21-May-1935 TBD ADD
Lee Majors Actor Six Million Dollar Man 23-Apr-1939 TBD ADD
Dayton S. Mak Government US Ambassador to Kuwait, 1962-63 10-Jul-1917 TBD ADD
Heike Makatsch Actor Love Actually 13-Aug-1971 TBD ADD
Chris Makepeace Actor My Bodyguard 22-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Minoru Makihara Business President of Mitsubishi, 1992-98 12-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
John Makinson Business Chairman & CEO, Penguin Group ? TBD ADD
Wendy Makkena Actor Charlotte on Oliver Beene 04-Oct-1958 TBD ADD
Mako Actor Akiro "The Wizard" in the Conan series 10-Dec-1933 21-Jul-2006 DEAD
Patrick Malahide Actor Alleyn Mysteries 24-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Sanjaya Malakar Singer American Idol 10-Sep-1989 TBD ADD
Daron Malakian Guitarist System of a Down 18-Jul-1975 TBD ADD
Bernard Malamud Author The Fixer 26-Apr-1914 18-Mar-1986 DEAD
Carl Malamud Activist Founder of Internet Multicasting Service 02-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Romany Malco Actor Conrad Shepard on Weeds 18-Nov-1968 TBD ADD
Malcolm X Activist Nation of Islam 19-May-1925 21-Feb-1965 DEAD
Andrew H. Malcolm Columnist Los Angeles Times editorial board 22-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Ellen Malcolm Activist Founder, EMILY's List 02-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Janet Malcolm Journalist The Journalist and the Murderer 1934 TBD ADD
Mark M. Malcolm Business CEO of Tower International, 2007-16 1954 TBD ADD
Steven J. Malcolm Business CEO of Williams Companies 1948 TBD ADD
Paula Malcomson Actor Trixie on Deadwood 1970 TBD ADD
Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Blogger Slashdot 10-May-1976 TBD ADD
Karl Malden Actor Streets of San Francisco 22-Mar-1912 01-Jul-2009 DEAD
Abel Maldonado Politician California Lieutenant Governor, 2010-11 21-Aug-1967 TBD ADD
Nicolas Malebranche Philosopher De la recherche de la vérité 06-Aug-1638 13-Oct-1715 DEAD
Fred Malek Business Thayer Capital Partners 22-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Rami Malek Actor Kenny on The War at Home 12-May-1981 TBD ADD
Arthur Malet Actor The Secret of NIMH 24-Sep-1927 18-May-2013 ADD
Kazimir Malevich Painter Founder of Suprematist school 23-Feb-1879 15-May-1935 DEAD
J. Patrick Maley III Business President and COO of Temple Inland 1962 TBD ADD
François de Malherbe Poet Larmes de Saint Pierre 1555 16-Oct-1628 DEAD
Terrence Malick Film Director Badlands 30-Nov-1943 TBD ADD
Wendie Malick Actor Judith on Dream On 13-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Art Malik Actor Dr. Zubin Khan on Holby City 13-Nov-1952 TBD ADD
Om Malik Journalist GigaOM 29-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Zayn Malik Singer One Direction 12-Jan-1993 TBD ADD
Shelley Malil Actor Actor, incarcerated for attempted murder 23-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Joshua Malina Actor Will Bailey on The West Wing 17-Jan-1966 TBD ADD
Judith Malina Actor Co-Founder, The Living Theatre 04-Jun-1926 10-Apr-2015 DEAD
Hema Malini Actor Baabul 16-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Bronislaw Malinowski Anthropologist Founder of social anthropology 07-Apr-1884 16-May-1942 DEAD
Michael E. Malinowski Diplomat US Ambassador to Nepal, 2001-04 1948 TBD ADD
Gian Francesco Malipiero Composer Rispetti e Strambotti 18-Mar-1882 01-Aug-1973 DEAD
Burton Malkiel Economist A Random Walk Down Wall Street 28-Aug-1932 TBD ADD
Michelle Malkin Columnist Syndicated conservative columnist 20-Oct-1970 TBD ADD
Stephen Malkmus Musician Pavement frontman 30-May-1966 TBD ADD
John Malkovich Actor Subject of Being John Malkovich 09-Dec-1953 TBD ADD
Stéphane Mallarmé Poet A Throw of the Dice 18-Mar-1842 09-Sep-1898 DEAD
Richard W. Mallary Politician Congressman from Vermont, 1972-75 21-Feb-1929 27-Sep-2011 DEAD
Louis Malle Film Director Atlantic City 30-Oct-1932 23-Nov-1995 DEAD
Conrad L. Mallett, Jr. Business Chief Justice of Michigan, 1997-99 12-Nov-1953 TBD ADD
Robert Malley Government Ex-National Security Council 1963 TBD ADD
Stephen Mallinder Electronic Musician Founding member of Cabaret Voltaire ? TBD ADD
George Mallory Explorer Frozen for 75 years on Mt. Everest 18-Jun-1886 08-Jun-1924 DEAD
Philip E. Mallott Business CFO of Intimate Brands, 1995-2000 1958 TBD ADD
Dan Malloy Politician Governor of Connecticut 21-Jul-1955 TBD ADD
Jan Malmsjö Actor Scenes from a Marriage 29-May-1932 TBD ADD
Yngwie Malmsteen Guitarist Heavy Metal guitar virtuoso 30-Jun-1963 TBD ADD
Dorothy Malone Actor Written on the Wind 30-Jan-1925 TBD ADD
Dumas Malone Historian Jefferson and His Time 10-Jan-1892 27-Dec-1986 DEAD
Edmond Malone Scholar Irish Shakespearian scholar 04-Oct-1741 25-Apr-1812 DEAD
George W. Malone Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1947-59 07-Aug-1890 19-May-1961 DEAD
James R. Malone Business Qorval LLC 1942 TBD ADD
Jena Malone Actor Saved! 21-Nov-1984 TBD ADD
Joe Malone Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 28-Feb-1890 15-May-1969 DEAD
John C. Malone Business Cable TV billionaire, Liberty Media 07-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Karl Malone Basketball Second-highest scorer in NBA history 24-Jul-1963 TBD ADD
Mary Alice Malone Business Campbell Soup scion 1950 TBD ADD
Michael J. Malone Business MTM Management 1944 TBD ADD
Moses Malone Basketball Philadelphia 76ers 23-Mar-1955 13-Sep-2015 DEAD
Nancy Malone Actor Libby Kingston on Naked City 19-Mar-1935 08-May-2014 DEAD
Brown McClatchy Maloney Publisher Olympic View Publishing 1955 TBD ADD
Carolyn Maloney Politician Congresswoman, New York 14th 19-Feb-1948 TBD ADD
Irvin W. Maloney Business Dataproducts Corporation 1930 TBD ADD
Michael Maloney Actor Notes on a Scandal 19-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
George J. Maloof, Jr. Business Las Vegas entrepreneur 02-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Gavin Maloof Business Las Vegas entrepreneur 09-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Joe Maloof Business Las Vegas entrepreneur 15-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Sir Thomas Malory Author Le Morte d'Arthur 1410 14-Mar-1471 DEAD
Marcello Malpighi Doctor Early microscopic anatomist 10-Mar-1628 30-Nov-1694 DEAD
André Malraux Novelist La Condition Humaine 03-Nov-1901 23-Nov-1976 DEAD
Serphin Maltese Politician New York State Senator, 1988-2008 07-Dec-1932 TBD ADD
Thomas Malthus Economist Essay on the Principle of Population 13-Feb-1766 29-Dec-1834 DEAD
Leonard Maltin Critic Film critic 18-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Albert Maltz Playwright One of the Hollywood Ten 28-Oct-1908 26-Apr-1985 DEAD
Étienne Louis Malus Physicist Polarization of light by reflection 23-Jun-1775 23-Feb-1812 DEAD
Julianne Malveaux Columnist Pundit 1953 TBD ADD
Lee Malvo Criminal One of the two Washington Snipers 18-Feb-1985 TBD ADD
Lil' Mama Rapper Lip Gloss 04-Oct-1989 TBD ADD
Tandja Mamadou Head of State President of Niger, 1999-2010 1938 TBD ADD
Mahmood Mamdani Author When Victims Become Killers ? TBD ADD
David Mamet Author Glengarry Glen Ross 30-Nov-1947 TBD ADD
Zosia Mamet Actor Shoshanna Shapiro on Girls 02-Feb-1988 TBD ADD
Rouben Mamoulian Film Director Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 08-Oct-1897 04-Dec-1987 DEAD
Beenie Man Rapper Prominent Jamaican dancehall rapper 22-Aug-1973 TBD ADD
Elephant Man Rapper Jamaican rapper, Pon di River, Pon di Bank 11-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
Method Man Rapper Wu-Tang Clan 01-Apr-1971 TBD ADD
Paul Manafort Lobbyist Trump Campaign Manager, Lobbyist 01-Apr-1949 TBD ADD
Milo Manara Cartoonist Erotic comic book artist 12-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Charles T. Manatt Attorney DNC Chairman, 1981-85 09-Jun-1936 22-Jul-2011 DEAD
Laure Manaudou Swimmer French freestyle swimmer 09-Oct-1986 TBD ADD
George William Manby Inventor Invented the fire extinguisher 28-Nov-1765 18-Nov-1854 DEAD
Melissa Manchester Singer/Songwriter Adult contemporary songwriter 15-Feb-1951 TBD ADD
William Manchester Author The Last Lion 01-Apr-1922 01-Jun-2004 DEAD
Joe Manchin Politician US Senator from West Virginia 24-Aug-1947 TBD ADD
Henry Mancini Composer Moon River 16-Apr-1924 14-Jun-1994 DEAD
Mancow Radio Personality Shock jock, shut down the SF Bay Bridge 21-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Michael J. Mancuso Business CFO of General Dynamics, 1994-2006 1943 TBD ADD
Nick Mancuso Actor Ticket to Heaven 29-May-1948 TBD ADD
Robert Mandan Actor Chester Tate on Soap 02-Feb-1932 TBD ADD
Anthony L. Mandekic Business Treasurer of Tracinda Corporation 1941 TBD ADD
Howie Mandel Comic Host of Deal Or No Deal 29-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Josh Mandel Politician Treasurer of Ohio 27-Sep-1977 TBD ADD
Marvin Mandel Politician Governor of Maryland, 1969-79 19-Apr-1920 30-Aug-2015 DEAD
Stephen Mandel Politician Mayor of Edmonton 18-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Nelson Mandela Head of State President of South Africa, 1994-99 18-Jul-1918 05-Dec-2013 DEAD
Winnie Mandela Relative Former wife of Nelson Mandela 26-Sep-1936 TBD ADD
Michael Mandelbaum Author The Global Rivals 23-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Szolem Mandelbrojt Mathematician French Mathematician 1899 1983 DEAD
Benoit Mandelbrot Mathematician Fractal mathematician 20-Nov-1924 14-Oct-2010 DEAD
Osip Mandelshtam Poet Acmeist Russian poet 1891 27-Dec-1938 DEAD
Peter Mandelson Politician EU Commissioner for Trade 21-Oct-1953 TBD ADD
Miles Mander Actor The Three Musketeers 14-May-1888 08-Feb-1946 DEAD
Bernard de Mandeville Author The Fable of the Bees ? 21-Jan-1733 DEAD
Alex J. Mandl Business President and COO of AT&T, 1994-96 14-Dec-1943 TBD ADD
Barbara Mandrell Country Musician Midnight Oil 25-Dec-1948 TBD ADD
Irlene Mandrell Country Musician The Mandrell Sisters 29-Jan-1957 TBD ADD
Louise Mandrell Country Musician The Mandrell Sisters 13-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
Aasif Mandvi Actor Daily Show correspondent 05-Mar-1966 TBD ADD
Costas Mandylor Actor Triumph of the Spirit 03-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Louis Mandylor Actor My Big Fat Greek Wedding 13-Sep-1966 TBD ADD
Gucci Mane Rapper Lemonade 02-Feb-1980 TBD ADD
Tyler Mane Wrestling Michael Myers in Halloween remake 23-Oct-1966 TBD ADD
Edouard Manet Painter French Realist/Impressionist painter 23-Jan-1832 30-Apr-1883 DEAD
Manetho Historian Chronology of Egyptian dynasties fl. 3rd c. BC fl 3rd c. BC DEAD
Larry Manetti Actor Rick on Magnum, P.I. 23-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Rob Manfred Baseball Commissioner of Baseball 28-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Nino Manfredi Actor Bread and Chocolate 22-Mar-1921 28-May-2004 DEAD
James Clarence Mangan Poet O'Hussey's Ode to the Maguire 01-May-1803 20-Jun-1849 DEAD
Timothy M. Manganello Business CEO of BorgWarner 1950 TBD ADD
Joe Manganiello Actor Alcide Herveaux on True Blood 28-Dec-1976 TBD ADD
Silvana Mangano Actor Bitter Rice and Anna 23-Apr-1930 16-Dec-1989 DEAD
Eric Mangini Football Head Coach, Cleveland Browns 19-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Mark Mangino Football Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach 26-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Chuck Mangione Musician Flugelhorn player on King of the Hill 29-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
James Mangold Film Director Walk the Line 16-Dec-1963 TBD ADD
Klaus J. Mangold Business Executive Advisor to Diamler Chrysler 06-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Camryn Manheim Actor Ellenor Frutt on The Practice 08-Mar-1961 TBD ADD
Omarosa Manigault TV Personality The Apprentice 05-Feb-1974 TBD ADD
Manilius Poet Astronomica fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD DEAD
Barry Manilow Singer/Songwriter I Write The Songs 17-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
Pat Manion Radio Personality Manion Forum 1896 1979 DEAD
Ben Mankiewicz TV Personality TCM Host, Young Turk 25-Mar-1967 TBD ADD
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Film Director The Barefoot Contessa 11-Feb-1909 05-Feb-1993 DEAD
Greg Mankiw Economist George W Bush economist 03-Feb-1958 TBD ADD
Blu Mankuma Actor Capt. Joe Reese on Forever Knight 05-Jul-1948 TBD ADD
Dexter Manley Football Redskins "Secretary of Defense" 02-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
John Manley Politician Canadian Deputy PM, 2002-03 05-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
Abby Mann Screenwriter Judgment at Nuremberg 01-Dec-1927 25-Mar-2008 DEAD
Aimee Mann Musician 'Til Tuesday 08-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Anthony Mann Film Director El Cid 30-Jun-1906 29-Apr-1967 DEAD
Barry Mann Songwriter Put the bomp in the bomp sha-bomp 09-Feb-1939 TBD ADD
Charles C. Mann Author 1491: New Revelations 1955 TBD ADD
Daniel Mann Film Director Come Back, Little Sheba 08-Aug-1912 21-Nov-1991 DEAD
Delbert Mann Film Director That Touch of Mink 30-Jan-1920 11-Nov-2007 DEAD
Erika Mann Journalist Daughter of Thomas Mann 09-Nov-1905 27-Aug-1969 DEAD
Gabriel Mann Actor Dying to Live 14-May-1972 TBD ADD
Herbie Mann Jazz Musician Jazz flautist 16-Apr-1930 01-Jul-2003 DEAD
Horace Mann Educator Massachusetts education reformer 04-May-1796 02-Aug-1859 DEAD
James Mann Author Rise of the Vulcans 18-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
James L. Mann Business CEO of SunGard, 1986-2002 1934 TBD ADD
James R. Mann Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1897-1922 20-Oct-1856 30-Nov-1922 DEAD
James R. Mann Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1969-79 27-Apr-1920 20-Dec-2010 DEAD
Leslie Mann Actor George of the Jungle 26-Mar-1972 TBD ADD
Manfred Mann Musician Manfred Mann's Earth Band 21-Oct-1940 TBD ADD
Marvin L. Mann Business CEO of Lexmark, 1991-98 1932 TBD ADD
Michael Mann Film Director Manhunter 05-Feb-1943 TBD ADD
Michael E. Mann Physicist Climate change scientist 28-Dec-1965 TBD ADD
Robert W. Mann Inventor Prosthetic devices 1924 16-Jun-2006 DEAD
Simon Mann Military Executive Outcomes 26-Jun-1952 TBD ADD
Steve Mann Inventor Wearable computing guru 1962 TBD ADD
Tamela Mann Actor Cora Simmons on Meet the Browns 09-Jun-1966 TBD ADD
Terrence Mann Actor Broadway and film actor 01-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Thomas Mann Novelist Buddenbrooks 06-Jun-1875 12-Aug-1955 DEAD
Thomas C. Mann Diplomat US Ambassador to Mexico, 1961-63 11-Nov-1912 23-Jan-1999 DEAD
Thomas E. Mann Government Brookings Institution 10-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
William H. Mann Politician Governor of Virginia, 1910-14 30-Jul-1843 12-Dec-1927 DEAD
Shelly Manne Drummer West Coast jazz drummer 11-Jun-1920 26-Sep-1984 DEAD
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim Politician President of Finland, 1944-46 04-Jun-1867 28-Jan-1951 DEAD
David Manners Aristocrat 11th Duke of Rutland 08-May-1959 TBD ADD
David Manners Actor Dracula 30-Apr-1901 23-Dec-1998 DEAD
Karl Mannheim Sociologist Ideology and Utopia 27-Mar-1893 09-Jan-1947 DEAD
Ethel Mannin Novelist Confessions 06-Oct-1900 1984 DEAD
Archie Manning Football New Orleans Saints QB, 1971-82 19-May-1949 TBD ADD
Chelsea Manning Military Convicted of releasing classified documents 17-Dec-1987 TBD ADD
Daniel Manning Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1885-87 16-May-1831 24-Dec-1887 DEAD
Dennis J. Manning Business CEO of Guardian Life ? TBD ADD
Eli Manning Football New York Giants QB 03-Jan-1981 TBD ADD
Frederic Manning Poet The Middle Parts of Fortune 1887 22-Feb-1935 DEAD
Irene Manning Actor Yankee Doodle Dandy 17-Jul-1912 28-May-2004 DEAD
John P. Manning Business Boston Capital REIT 1949 TBD ADD
Kenneth P. Manning Business CEO of Sensient Technologies 1941 TBD ADD
Nick Manning Pornstar Droppin' loads! 28-May-1967 TBD ADD
Olivia Manning Novelist Fortunes of War 02-Mar-1908 23-Jul-1980 DEAD
Peter J. Manning Business Fleet Boston 1939 TBD ADD
Peyton Manning Football Four-time MVP quarterback 24-Mar-1976 TBD ADD
Preston Manning Politician Founder, Reform Party of Canada 10-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Taryn Manning Actor Crossroads 06-Nov-1978 TBD ADD
Timothy Cardinal Manning Religion Archbishop of Los Angeles, 1970-85 15-Nov-1909 23-Jun-1989 DEAD
Robert Mannyng Poet Handlyng Synne 1264 1340 DEAD
Dinah Manoff Actor Ordinary People 25-Jan-1958 TBD ADD
Richard A. Manoogian Business CEO of Masco, 1985-2007 1936 TBD ADD
François Mansart Architect 17th c. French Baroque architect ? TBD DEAD
Clint Mansell Composer Frontman, Pop Will Eat Itself 07-Jan-1963 TBD ADD
Henry J. Mansell Religion Catholic Archbishop of Hartford, 2003-13 10-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Kevin Mansell Business President of Kohl's 1952 TBD ADD
Jayne Mansfield Actor The Girl Can't Help It 19-Apr-1933 29-Jun-1967 DEAD
Katherine Mansfield Author Bliss 14-Oct-1888 09-Jan-1923 DEAD
Mike Mansfield Politician US Senator from Montana, 1953-77 16-Mar-1903 05-Oct-2001 DEAD
Peter Mansfield Physicist Magnetic resonance imaging 09-Oct-1933 08-Feb-2017 DEAD
Charles Manson Criminal Helter Skelter 12-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Marilyn Manson Singer Goth shock rocker 05-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Shirley Manson Musician Frontwoman for Garbage 26-Aug-1966 TBD ADD
Ned Mansour Business President of Mattel, 1999-2000 1948 TBD ADD
Andrea Mantegna Painter Camera degli Sposi 1431 13-Sep-1506 DEAD
Joe Mantegna Actor David Rossi on Criminal Minds 13-Nov-1947 TBD ADD
Gideon Mantell Geologist English paleontologist and geologist 03-Feb-1790 10-Nov-1852 DEAD
Joe Mantell Actor Angie in Marty 21-Dec-1915 29-Sep-2010 DEAD
Burns Mantle Critic New York Daily News drama critic 23-Dec-1873 09-Feb-1948 DEAD
Larry Mantle Radio Personality Host of LA radio talk show AirTalk 1957 TBD ADD
Mickey Mantle Baseball Twelve times in the World Series 20-Oct-1931 13-Aug-1995 DEAD
Karen Mantler Composer Composer, musician and champion of Arnold 1966 TBD ADD
Michael Mantler Musician Trumpeter and bandleader 10-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Manton Politician Congressman from New York, 1985-99 03-Nov-1932 22-Jul-2006 DEAD
Randolph Mantooth Actor Emergency! 19-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Mantovani Conductor Popular light orchestral conductor 15-Nov-1905 29-Mar-1980 DEAD
Jason Mantzoukas Actor Rafi on The League 1972 TBD ADD
Manuel I Comnenus Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 1143-80 28-Nov-1118 24-Sep-1180 DEAD
Manuel II Palaeologus Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 1391-1425 27-Jul-1350 21-Jul-1425 DEAD
Charlie Manuel Baseball Manager, Philadelphia Phillies 04-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Jay Manuel TV Personality Judge, America's Next Top Model 14-Aug-1972 TBD ADD
Richard Manuel Musician The Band 03-Apr-1943 04-Mar-1986 DEAD
Martin Manulis Film/TV Producer Creator of Playhouse 90 30-May-1915 28-Sep-2007 DEAD
Heinie Manush Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 20-Jul-1901 12-May-1971 DEAD
Aldus Manutius Publisher Founder of Aldine Press 1449 06-Feb-1515 DEAD
Roots Manuva Rapper Brand New Second Hand 09-Sep-1972 TBD ADD
Ray Manzarek Musician Keyboardist for The Doors 12-Feb-1939 20-May-2013 DEAD
Jim P. Manzi Business CEO of Lotus Development, 1986-95 1951 TBD ADD
Alessandro Manzoni Poet I Promessi Sposi 07-Mar-1785 22-May-1873 DEAD
Donald Manzullo Politician Former Congressman from Illinois 24-Mar-1944 TBD ADD
Mao Head of State Great Leap Forward! 26-Dec-1893 09-Sep-1976 DEAD
Robert Mao Business CEO of 3Com 1944 TBD ADD
Marla Maples Relative One of Donald Trump's ex-wives 27-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Michael J. Maples Business Co-President of Microsoft, 1992-95 1942 TBD ADD
William Mapother Actor The Grudge 17-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Robert Mapplethorpe Photographer Erotic photographer 04-Nov-1946 09-Mar-1989 DEAD
Adele Mara Actor Angel in Exile 28-Apr-1923 07-May-2010 DEAD
Kate Mara Actor House of Cards 27-Feb-1983 TBD ADD
Rooney Mara Actor The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 17-Apr-1985 TBD ADD
Tim Mara Football Founder, Owner of NY Giants, 1925-59 29-Jul-1887 16-Feb-1959 DEAD
Wellington Mara Football Owns the New York Giants 14-Aug-1916 25-Oct-2005 DEAD
Manning Marable Educator Beyond Black and White 13-May-1950 01-Apr-2011 DEAD
Diego Maradona Soccer Led Argentina to 1986 World Cup Final 30-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jean Marais Actor Beauty and the Beast 11-Dec-1913 08-Nov-1998 DEAD
Josie Maran Model Fashion model, sometime actress 08-May-1978 TBD ADD
David Maraniss Journalist First in His Class 06-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Vanessa Marano Actor April Nardini on Gilmore Girls 31-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Salvatore Maranzano Criminal Capo di tutti capi 1868 10-Sep-1931 DEAD
Jean-Paul Marat Activist French revolutionary 24-May-1743 13-Jul-1793 DEAD
Pete Maravich Basketball New Orleans Jazz shooter 22-Jun-1947 05-Jan-1988 DEAD
Carl B. Marbach Business Internetwork Publishing 1942 TBD ADD
Sarah Marbeck Model Whore who slept with David Beckham 1975 TBD ADD
Patrick Marber Playwright Closer 19-Sep-1964 TBD ADD
Alice Marble Tennis Winner of 18 Grand Slam titles 28-Sep-1913 13-Dec-1990 DEAD
Stephon Marbury Basketball NBA Point Guard 20-Feb-1977 TBD ADD
Bob Marbut Business Co-Founder of Argyle Television 1936 TBD ADD
Marcantonio Engraver Italian Renaissance engraver 1480 1534 DEAD
Vito Marcantonio Politician American Labor Party 10-Dec-1902 09-Aug-1954 DEAD
Michael Marcavage Religion Founder of Repent America 1979 TBD ADD
Marcel Marceau Performance Artist Mime, created Bip the clown 22-Mar-1923 22-Sep-2007 DEAD
Sophie Marceau Actor The World Is Not Enough 17-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Gabriel Marcel Philosopher French existential philosopher 07-Dec-1889 08-Oct-1973 DEAD
Joseph Marcell Actor Geoffrey on Fresh Prince 18-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Pope Marcellinus Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 296-304 ? 304 AD DEAD
Ammianus Marcellinus Historian Last important Roman historian c. 325 AD 395 AD DEAD
Pope Marcellus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 309 ? 16-Jan-309 AD DEAD
Pope Marcellus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1555 06-May-1501 30-Apr-1555 DEAD
Fredric March Actor The Best Years of Our Lives 31-Aug-1897 14-Apr-1975 DEAD
Jane March Actor Color of Night 20-Mar-1973 TBD ADD
Peggy March Singer I Will Follow Him 08-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Stephanie March Actor Law & Order: SVU 23-Jul-1974 TBD ADD
C. Roland Marchand Historian Advertising the American Dream 21-Oct-1933 14-Nov-1997 DEAD
Nancy Marchand Actor Mrs. Pynchon on Lou Grant 19-Jun-1928 18-Jun-2000 DEAD
Kenny Marchant Politician Congressman, Texas 24th 23-Feb-1951 TBD ADD
Damien Marchessault Politician Los Angeles mayor, committed suicide 01-Apr-1818 20-Jan-1868 DEAD
Gino Marchetti Football NFL Hall of Famer 02-Jan-1927 TBD ADD
Ted Marchibroda Football Retired NFL head coach 15-Mar-1931 16-Jan-2016 DEAD
Marcian Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 450-57 c. 390 AD 457 AD DEAD
Rocky Marciano Boxing Undefeated heavyweight 01-Sep-1924 31-Aug-1969 DEAD
Vanessa Marcil Actor Gina Kinkaid on Beverly Hills 90210 15-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
Guglielmo Marconi Scientist Inventor of radio 25-Apr-1874 20-Jul-1937 DEAD
Ferdinand Marcos Head of State Disgraced Philippine dictator 11-Sep-1917 28-Sep-1989 DEAD
Imelda Marcos First Lady Former First Lady of the Philippines 02-Jul-1929 TBD ADD
Subcomandante Marcos Activist Spokesman for Zapatista Army ? TBD ADD
Andrea Marcovicci Actor Love is a Many Splendored Thing 18-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
James A. Marcum Business Vice Chairman of Circuit City 1960 TBD ADD
Mr. Marcus Pornstar Anal Cannibals 04-Sep-1970 TBD ADD
Bernie Marcus Business Co-Founder of Home Depot 12-May-1929 TBD ADD
Daniel Marcus Attorney Wilmer Cutler & Pickering 05-Jan-1941 TBD ADD
Jeffrey A. Marcus Business Cable TV magnate 13-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Rudolph A. Marcus Chemist Electron-transfer reactions 21-Jul-1923 TBD ADD
Ruth A. Marcus Columnist The Washington Post 15-May-1958 TBD ADD
Stanley Marcus Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 27-Mar-1946 TBD ADD
Stanley Marcus Business CEO of Neiman-Marcus, 1950-72 20-Apr-1905 22-Jan-2002 DEAD
Herbert Marcuse Philosopher One-Dimensional Man 19-Jul-1898 29-Jul-1979 DEAD
Geoffrey W. Marcy Astronomer Discoverer of exoplanets 29-Sep-1954 TBD ADD
William L. Marcy Politician US Secretary of State, 1853-57 12-Dec-1786 04-Jul-1857 DEAD
Khaled Mardam-Bey Computer Programmer Creator of mIRC 16-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
Brice Marden Painter Minimalist painter, scribbler 15-Oct-1938 TBD ADD
Armen Der Marderosian Business GTE Government Systems Corp. 1938 TBD ADD
Joseph A. Marengi Business Senior VP at Dell, 1997-2007 1953 TBD ADD
St. Margaret Royalty Queen of Scotland 1045 17-Nov-1093 DEAD
Margaret Royalty The Maid of Norway 1283 1290 DEAD
Margaret of Angoulême Royalty Consort of Henry II of Navarre 11-Apr-1492 21-Dec-1549 DEAD
Margaret of Anjou Royalty Consort of English King Henry VI 23-Mar-1430 25-Aug-1482 DEAD
Margaret of Austria Royalty Duchess of Savoy, Dutch Regent 10-Jan-1480 01-Dec-1530 DEAD
Margaret of Parma Royalty Regent of the Netherlands, 1559-67 28-Dec-1522 18-Jan-1586 DEAD
Margaret of Valois Royalty Consort of Henry of Navarre 14-May-1553 27-Mar-1615 DEAD
Princess Margaret Royalty QEII's sister, the Countess of Snowdon 21-Aug-1930 09-Feb-2002 DEAD
Bam Margera Skateboarder Skateboarder, appears on Jackass 28-Sep-1979 TBD ADD
Phil Margera Relative Bam Margera's father 13-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Vincent Margera Relative Don Vito, Bam Margera's uncle 03-Jul-1956 15-Nov-2015 DEAD
Margo Actor Lost Horizon 10-May-1917 17-Jul-1985 DEAD
Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky Journalist Congresswoman from Pennsylvania, 1993-95 21-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Janet Margolin Actor Take the Money and Run 25-Jul-1943 17-Dec-1993 DEAD
Stuart Margolin Actor Angel Martin on The Rockford Files 31-Jan-1940 TBD ADD
Cindy Margolis Model Playmate/Queen of the Internet 01-Oct-1965 TBD ADD
Mark Margolis Actor The Fountain 26-Nov-1939 TBD ADD
Matt Margolis Blogger Blogs for Bush 23-Mar-1980 TBD ADD
Miriam Margolyes Actor The Age of Innocence 18-May-1941 TBD ADD
Margrethe I Royalty Queen of Denmark, Norway, Sweden 1353 28-Oct-1412 DEAD
Margrethe II Royalty Queen of Denmark 16-Apr-1940 TBD ADD
David Margulies Actor Ghostbusters 19-Feb-1937 11-Jan-2016 DEAD
Julianna Margulies Actor Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife 08-Jun-1967 TBD ADD
Lynn Margulis Biologist Origin of eukaryotic organelles 05-Mar-1935 22-Nov-2011 DEAD
Maria Theresa Royalty Archduchess of Austria 13-May-1717 28-Nov-1780 DEAD
Robert A. Mariano Business Roundy's Supermarkets 1951 TBD ADD
Juan Marichal Baseball Nine-time All-Star SF Giants pitcher 20-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Marie Antoinette Royalty Cake proponent 02-Nov-1755 16-Oct-1793 DEAD
Marie de France Poet Lais 1175 1190 DEAD
Marie Thérèse Royalty Queen Consort of Louis XIV 10-Sep-1638 30-Jul-1683 DEAD
Constance Marie Actor Nikki Alvarez on Santa Barbara 09-Sep-1965 TBD ADD
Rose Marie Actor Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show 15-Aug-1923 TBD ADD
Teena Marie Singer/Songwriter White soul singer/songwriter 05-Mar-1956 26-Dec-2010 DEAD
Jean-Pierre Marielle Actor Tous les matins du monde 12-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Cheech Marin Actor The stoned half of Cheech and Chong 13-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Edwin L. Marin Film Director Tall in the Saddle 21-Feb-1899 02-May-1951 DEAD
Jacques Marin Actor Charade 09-Sep-1919 10-Jan-2001 DEAD
Ed Marinaro Actor Hill Street Blues 31-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Anamaria Marinca Actor 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 01-Apr-1978 TBD ADD
Michael W. Marine Diplomat US Ambassador to Vietnam 1947 TBD ADD
Philip A. Marineau Business CEO of Levi Strauss, 1999-2006 1946 TBD ADD
Rod Marinelli Football Head Coach, Detroit Lions, 2006-08 13-Jul-1949 TBD ADD
Marino Marini Musician Innovative pop music bandleader 11-May-1924 20-Mar-1997 DEAD
Thomas P. Marinis Attorney Vinson & Elkins 31-May-1943 TBD ADD
Dan Marino Football Miami Dolphins QB 15-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Ken Marino Actor The State 19-Dec-1968 TBD ADD
Tom Marino Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 10th 15-Aug-1952 TBD ADD
William J. Marino Business Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield 1944 TBD ADD
Pope Marinus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 882-84 ? 15-May-884 AD DEAD
Pope Marinus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 942-46 ? 946 AD DEAD
Ernest Mario Business CEO of Alza Corporation, 1993-2001 12-Jun-1938 TBD ADD
Francis Marion Military The Swamp Fox 1732 26-Feb-1795 DEAD
Jean-Luc Marion Philosopher Phenomenologist, God Without Being 03-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Howard Marion-Crawford Actor Dr. Watson on Sherlock Holmes 17-Jan-1914 24-Nov-1969 DEAD
Edme Mariotte Scientist Discovered eye's blind spot 1620 12-May-1684 DEAD
Mona Maris Actor Kiss and Make-Up 07-Nov-1903 23-Mar-1991 DEAD
Roger Maris Baseball Broke Babe Ruth's home run record 10-Sep-1934 14-Dec-1985 DEAD
Jacques Maritain Philosopher Interpreter of St. Thomas 18-Nov-1882 28-Apr-1973 DEAD
Philip F. Maritz Business Maritz, Wolff & Co. 1960 TBD ADD
Steve Mariucci Football Former Head Coach, 49ers, Lions 04-Nov-1955 TBD ADD
Gaius Marius Military Roman General and consul 155 BC 13-Jan-86 BC DEAD
Pierre Marivaux Novelist Marianne 04-Feb-1688 12-Feb-1763 DEAD
St. Mark Religion Author of the second Gospel fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD DEAD
Hans Mark Physicist US Air Force Secretary, 1979-81 17-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Reuben Mark Business CEO of Colgate-Palmolive, 1984-2007 21-Jan-1939 TBD ADD
Jack A. Markell Politician Governor of Delaware 26-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Chris Marker Film Director La jetée 29-Jul-1921 29-Jul-2012 DEAD
Betsy Markey Politician Congresswoman from Colorado, 2009-11 27-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Ed Markey Politician US Senator from Massachusetts 11-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Beryl Markham Aviator West with the Night 26-Oct-1902 03-Aug-1986 DEAD
Edwin Markham Poet The Man With the Hoe 23-Apr-1852 07-Mar-1940 DEAD
Monte Markham Actor The Second Hundred Years 21-Jun-1935 TBD ADD
Biz Markie Musician Nobody Beats The Biz 08-Apr-1964 TBD ADD
Peter Markle Film Director Flight 93 24-Sep-1952 TBD ADD
Stephen J. Markman Judge Justice, Michigan Supreme Court 04-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
Merrill Markoe Comic Late Night with David Letterman 1951 TBD ADD
John Markoff Journalist New York Times computer guy 24-Oct-1949 TBD ADD
Georgi Markov Victim Killed with a ricin-tipped umbrella 01-Mar-1929 11-Sep-1978 DEAD
Harry M. Markowitz Economist Portfolio theory 24-Aug-1927 TBD ADD
Edward B. Marks Songwriter My Mother Was a Lady 28-Nov-1865 17-Dec-1945 DEAD
Frederick W. Marks III Historian Independence on Trial 13-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
Guy Marks Comic Nightclub comic 31-Oct-1922 28-Nov-1987 DEAD
Jeannette Marks Poet The Merry Merry Cuckoo 16-Aug-1875 1964 DEAD
Leonard H. Marks Diplomat Washington lawyer, diplomat 05-Mar-1916 11-Aug-2006 DEAD
Michael E. Marks Business CEO of Flextronics, 1994-2006 31-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Percy Marks Novelist The Plastic Age 09-Sep-1891 27-Dec-1956 DEAD
E. W. Marland Politician Governor of Oklahoma, 1935-39 08-May-1874 03-Oct-1941 DEAD
William C. Marland Politician Governor of West Virginia, 1953-57 26-Mar-1918 26-Nov-1965 DEAD
Diane Marleau Politician Canadian MP, Sudbury 21-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
James S. Marlen Business CEO, Ameron International Corp. 1943 TBD ADD
Ron Marlenee Politician Congressman from Montana, 1977-93 08-Aug-1935 TBD ADD
Bob Marley Singer/Songwriter No Woman No Cry 06-Feb-1945 11-May-1981 DEAD
Damian Marley Singer Reggae singer, son of Bob Marley 21-Jul-1978 TBD ADD
James E. Marley Business President of AMP, Inc., 1986-92 1935 TBD ADD
John Marley Actor Godfather horsehead recipient 17-Oct-1907 22-May-1984 DEAD
Rita Marley Singer/Songwriter Reggae vocalist, Bob Marley's widow 25-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
Ziggy Marley Musician Reggae musician 17-Oct-1968 TBD ADD
Sterling Marlin Auto Racing Two-time Daytona 500 winner 30-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Christopher Marlowe Playwright Doctor Faustus 06-Feb-1564 30-May-1593 DEAD
Hugh Marlowe Actor Jim Matthews on Another World 30-Jan-1911 02-May-1982 DEAD
Guillermo G. Marmol Business Former Partner, McKinsey & Company 1955 TBD ADD
William D. Marohn Business President and COO of Whirlpool, 1992-97 1936 TBD ADD
Marc Maron Comic What the F*ck? 27-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Michael E. Maroone Business President and COO of AutoNation 1953 TBD ADD
Joe Maross Actor Run Silent, Run Deep 07-Feb-1923 07-Nov-2009 DEAD
Jerry Marotta Drummer Peter Gabriel's drummer, active session musician 06-Feb-1956 TBD ADD
John P. Marquand Novelist The Late George Apley 10-Nov-1893 16-Jul-1960 DEAD
Richard Marquand Film Director Return of the Jedi 17-Apr-1938 04-Sep-1987 DEAD
Bridget Marquardt TV Personality The Girls Next Door 25-Sep-1973 TBD ADD
David F. Marquardt Business Venture capital investor 1951 TBD ADD
R. Niels Marquardt Diplomat Consul General, Sydney, Australia 1953 TBD ADD
René Marqués Playwright La Carreta 04-Oct-1919 22-Mar-1979 DEAD
Chris Marquette Actor Adam Rove on Joan of Arcadia 03-Oct-1984 TBD ADD
Don Marquis Journalist archy and mehitabel 29-Jul-1878 29-Dec-1937 DEAD
Andrew Marr Journalist BBC Political Editor, 2000-05 31-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Dave Marr Golf Winner, 1965 PGA Championship 27-Dec-1933 05-Oct-1997 DEAD
Johnny Marr Guitarist The Smiths 31-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Thomas M. Marra Business President and COO of Hartford Financial 1959 TBD ADD
Ellen R. Marram Business CEO of Tropicana, 1997-98 1947 TBD ADD
John W. Marren Business Partner, Texas Pacific Group 1963 TBD ADD
Neville Marriner Conductor Academy of St. Martin in the Fields 15-Apr-1924 02-Oct-2016 DEAD
Charles Marriott Novelist Art critic, Modern Art 1869 13-Jul-1957 DEAD
J. W. Marriott, Jr. Business Billionaire, CEO of Marriott 25-Mar-1932 TBD ADD
J. Willard Marriott Business Founded the Marriott hotel chain 17-Sep-1900 13-Aug-1985 DEAD
John W. Marriott III Business Vice Chairman of Marriott 1961 TBD ADD
Richard E. Marriott Business Billionaire, Chairman of Host Hotels 1939 TBD ADD
Steve Marriott Guitarist The Small Faces, Humble Pie 30-Jan-1947 20-Apr-1991 DEAD
Donald Marron Business PaineWebber CEO 21-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Lon D. Marrs Politician Mayor of Amarillo, 1908-10, 1917-22 1867 31-May-1943 DEAD
Bruno Mars Singer/Songwriter Just The Way You Are 08-Oct-1985 TBD ADD
Forrest Mars Business Invented M&Ms 21-Mar-1904 01-Jul-1999 DEAD
Frank Mars Business Invented Milky Way and Snickers bars 24-Sep-1883 08-Apr-1934 DEAD
Kenneth Mars Actor The Producers 14-Apr-1936 12-Feb-2011 DEAD
Mick Mars Guitarist Guitarist for Motley Crue 03-Apr-1956 TBD ADD
Branford Marsalis Jazz Musician Saxophonist 26-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Wynton Marsalis Jazz Musician Trumpeter 18-Oct-1961 TBD ADD
Eddie Marsan Actor Lestrade in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes 23-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
George M. Marsden Historian Jonathan Edwards: A Life 25-Feb-1939 TBD ADD
James Marsden Actor Cyclops in X-Men and X2 18-Sep-1973 TBD ADD
Jason Marsden Actor Eerie, Indiana 03-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Lorna R. Marsden Educator President of York University, 1997-2007 06-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Rachel Marsden Pundit Conservative pundit 02-Dec-1974 TBD ADD
George Perkins Marsh Author Ecologist and camel enthusiast 15-Mar-1801 23-Jul-1882 DEAD
Jean Marsh Actor Co-Creator, Upstairs, Downstairs 01-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Joan Marsh Actor You're Telling Me! 10-Jul-1913 10-Aug-2000 DEAD
Mae Marsh Actor The Birth of a Nation 09-Nov-1895 13-Feb-1968 DEAD
Marian Marsh Actor Svengali 17-Oct-1913 09-Nov-2006 DEAD
Miles L. Marsh Business CEO of Fort James Corporation, 1997-2000 1948 TBD ADD
Ngaio Marsh Novelist New Zealand detective novelist 23-Apr-1895 18-Feb-1982 DEAD
Reginald Marsh Artist Why Not Use the L? 14-Mar-1898 03-Jul-1954 DEAD
Alan Marshal Actor Night Must Fall 29-Jan-1909 13-Jul-1961 DEAD
Alfred Marshall Economist Principles of Economics 26-Jul-1842 13-Jul-1924 DEAD
Barry J. Marshall Doctor H. pylori bacteria causes ulcers 30-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
Brenda Marshall Actor Footsteps in the Dark 29-Sep-1915 30-Jul-1992 DEAD
Bruce Marshall Novelist The White Rabbit 24-Jun-1899 18-Jun-1987 DEAD
Catherine Marshall Author Christy 27-Sep-1914 18-Mar-1983 DEAD
Chan Marshall Singer/Songwriter Cat Power 21-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Connie Marshall Actor Dragonwyck 28-Apr-1933 22-May-2001 DEAD
E. G. Marshall Actor Juror #4, 12 Angry Men 18-Jun-1910 24-Aug-1998 DEAD
Frank Marshall Film/TV Producer Co-Founder of Amblin Entertainment 13-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
Frank J. Marshall Business Former Cisco VP 1947 TBD ADD
Garry Marshall Film Director Happy Days 13-Nov-1934 19-Jul-2016 DEAD
George C. Marshall Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1939-45 31-Dec-1880 16-Oct-1959 DEAD
George E. Marshall Film Director Destry Rides Again 29-Dec-1891 17-Feb-1975 DEAD
George Preston Marshall Football Redskins owner, halftime show pioneer 11-Oct-1896 09-Aug-1969 DEAD
Herbert Marshall Actor Foreign Correspondent 23-May-1890 22-Jan-1966 DEAD
J. Howard Marshall II Business Oilman, married Anna Nicole Smith 24-Jan-1905 04-Aug-1995 DEAD
Jack Marshall Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1972 05-Mar-1912 30-Aug-1988 DEAD
James Marshall Actor A Few Good Men 02-Jan-1967 TBD ADD
James Marshall Explorer Discovered gold at Sutter's Mill 08-Oct-1810 10-Aug-1885 DEAD
Jim Marshall Politician Congressman from Georgia, 2003-11 31-Mar-1948 TBD ADD
Jim Marshall Football Minnesota Vikings 30-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Joan Marshall Actor Homicidal 09-Jun-1931 28-Jun-1992 DEAD
John Marshall Judge US Chief Justice, 1801-35 24-Sep-1755 06-Jul-1835 DEAD
Joshua Micah Marshall Pundit Talking Points Memo 15-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Kerry James Marshall Painter A Portrait of the Artist as a Shadow of His Former Self 17-Oct-1955 TBD ADD
Kris Marshall Actor The Most Fertile Man in Ireland 1973 TBD ADD
Lydia M. Marshall Business CEO of Versura, Inc., 1999-2004 1949 TBD ADD
Margaret H. Marshall Judge Massachusetts Chief Justice 01-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Paula Marshall Actor Allison on Gary Unmarried 12-Jun-1964 TBD ADD
Paula Marshall Business CEO of The Bama Companies 1953 TBD ADD
Paule Marshall Novelist Brown Girl, Brownstones 09-Apr-1929 TBD ADD
Penny Marshall Actor Laverne on Laverne and Shirley 15-Oct-1942 TBD ADD
Peter Marshall Game Show Host The Hollywood Squares 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Ray Marshall Government US Secretary of Labor 1977-81 22-Aug-1928 TBD ADD
Ruth Ann Marshall Business President, Mastercard Americas, 1999-2006 1954 TBD ADD
Sherrie P. Marshall Attorney FCC Commissioner, 1989-93 1952 TBD ADD
Siri S. Marshall Business General Counsel for General Mills, 1994-2008 1948 TBD ADD
Thomas R. Marshall Politician Vice President under Wilson 14-Mar-1854 01-Jun-1925 DEAD
Thurgood Marshall Judge First black US Supreme Court justice 02-Jul-1908 24-Jan-1993 DEAD
Thurgood Marshall, Jr. Attorney Partner, Bingham McCutchen 12-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Trudy Marshall Actor The Sullivans 14-Feb-1922 23-May-2004 DEAD
Tully Marshall Actor The Covered Wagon 13-Apr-1864 10-Mar-1943 DEAD
William Marshall Actor State Fair 02-Oct-1917 08-Jun-1994 DEAD
James Marsters Actor Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20-Aug-1962 TBD ADD
John Marston Playwright The Malcontent 07-Oct-1576 25-Jun-1634 DEAD
Nathaniel Marston Actor One Life to Live 09-Jul-1975 11-Nov-2015 DEAD
William Moulton Marston Inventor Invented polygraph, Wonder Woman 09-May-1893 02-May-1947 DEAD
Lynne Marta Actor Character actress 31-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Charles Martel Royalty Stopped the 732 AD Moorish advance 23-Aug-686 AD 22-Oct-741 AD DEAD
Vincent Martella Actor Phineas on Phineas and Ferb 15-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Phil Martelli Basketball Head Coach, Saint Joseph's 31-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
Wilfried Martens Head of State Prime Minister of Belgium, 1981-92 19-Apr-1936 09-Oct-2013 DEAD
Robert L. Martensen Doctor The Brain Takes Shape: An Early History 01-Jan-1947 26-Sep-2013 DEAD
José Martí Activist Cuban hero 28-Jan-1853 19-May-1895 DEAD
Martial Poet Roman epigrammatist 41 AD 104 AD DEAD
Andrea Martin Comic SCTV cast member, 1976-81 15-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Archer J. P. Martin Chemist Partition chromatography 01-Mar-1910 28-Jul-2002 DEAD
Barney Martin Actor Played Jerry's dad Morty on Seinfeld 03-Mar-1923 21-Mar-2005 DEAD
Billy Martin Musician Guitar, Keyboards for Good Charlotte 15-Jun-1981 TBD ADD
Billy Martin Baseball NY Yankees manager, fired 5 times 16-May-1928 25-Dec-1989 DEAD
Bob L. Martin Business CEO of Wal-Mart International, 1993-99 ? TBD ADD
Boyce F. Martin, Jr. Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 23-Oct-1935 TBD ADD
Charles H. Martin Politician Governor of Oregon, 1935-39 01-Oct-1863 22-Sep-1946 DEAD
Chris Martin Musician Lead vocals, Coldplay 02-Mar-1977 TBD ADD
Chris Martin Actor Tom Stone 17-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Chris-Pin Martin Actor The Ox-Bow Incident 19-Nov-1893 27-Jun-1953 DEAD
Christopher Martin Rapper Play of Kid n' Play 10-Jul-1962 TBD ADD
Clarence D. Martin Politician Governor of Washington, 1933-41 29-Jun-1886 11-Aug-1955 DEAD
Craig L. Martin Business CEO of Jacobs Engineering Group 1949 TBD ADD
David C. Martin Journalist CBS News national security correspondent 28-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
David H. Martin Activist Founder, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund ? TBD ADD
Dean Martin Singer Member of Rat Pack 07-Jun-1917 25-Dec-1995 DEAD
Dean-Paul Martin Relative Son of Dean Martin 17-Nov-1951 21-Mar-1987 DEAD
Demetri Martin Comic Daily Show trend spotter 25-May-1973 TBD ADD
Dewey Martin Actor The Big Sky 08-Dec-1923 TBD ADD
Dick Martin Comic Laugh-In 30-Jan-1922 24-May-2008 DEAD
Don Martin Artist Mad Magazine artist 18-May-1931 06-Jan-2000 DEAD
Duane Martin Actor All of Us 01-Jan-1970 TBD ADD
Edward Martin Politician Governor and Senator from Pennsylvania 18-Sep-1879 19-Mar-1967 DEAD
Edwin M. Martin Government US Ambassador to Argentina, 1964-68 21-May-1908 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
George Martin Music Producer Beatles producer 03-Jan-1926 08-Mar-2016 DEAD
George R. R. Martin Novelist Song of Ice and Fire series 20-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Glenn L. Martin Engineer Martin Aircraft Co. 17-Jan-1886 05-Dec-1955 DEAD
Graham Patrick Martin Actor Rusty Beck on Major Crimes 14-Nov-1991 TBD ADD
Helen Martin Actor Pearl Shay on 227 23-Jul-1909 25-Mar-2000 DEAD
J. Landis Martin Business CEO of Titanium Metals, 1995-2005 1945 TBD ADD
James G. Martin Politician Governor of North Carolina, 1985-93 11-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
Jared Martin Actor Steven Farlow on Dallas 21-Dec-1941 24-May-2017 DEAD
Jerry L. Martin Educator American Council of Trustees & Alumni ? TBD ADD
Jesse L. Martin Actor Det. Green on Law & Order 18-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
John W. Martin Politician Governor of Florida, 1925-29 21-Jun-1884 22-Feb-1958 DEAD
Joseph B. Martin Doctor Dean, Harvard Medical School, 1997-2007 1938 TBD ADD
Joseph W. Martin, Jr. Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1925-67 03-Nov-1884 06-Mar-1968 DEAD
Judith Martin Columnist Miss Manners 13-Sep-1938 TBD ADD
Justin Martin Author Greenspan: The Man Behind Money 12-Nov-1964 TBD ADD
Kellie Martin Actor Life Goes On 16-Oct-1975 TBD ADD
Kevin J. Martin Government FCC Chairman, 2005-09 14-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Kiel Martin Actor J. D. LaRue on Hill Street Blues 26-Jul-1944 28-Dec-1990 DEAD
Lauralee E. Martin Business COO of Jones Lang LaSalle 1951 TBD ADD
Lori Martin Actor Cape Fear 18-Apr-1947 04-Apr-2010 DEAD
Lynn Martin Politician US Secretary of Labor, 1991-93 26-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Marion Martin Actor Boom Town 07-Jun-1908 13-Aug-1985 DEAD
Mark Martin Judge Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court 29-Apr-1963 TBD ADD
Mary Martin Actor Peter Pan 01-Dec-1913 03-Nov-1990 DEAD
Max Martin Music Producer Swedish hitmaker 26-Feb-1971 TBD ADD
Michael Martin Politician Speaker of the House of Commons, 2000-09 03-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Michael E. Martin Business Brooklyn NY Holdings LLC 1955 TBD ADD
Murray D. Martin Business CEO of Pitney Bowes 1947 TBD ADD
Nan Martin Actor The Drew Carey Show 15-Jul-1927 04-Mar-2010 DEAD
Pamela Sue Martin Actor Fallon Carrington on Dynasty 05-Jan-1953 TBD ADD
Patrick J. Martin Business Storage Technology Corporation 1941 TBD ADD
Paul Martin Head of State 21st Prime Minister of Canada 28-Aug-1938 TBD ADD
Pepper Martin Baseball St. Louis Cardinals 29-Feb-1904 05-Mar-1965 DEAD
Quinn Martin Business Quinn Martin Productions 22-May-1922 06-Sep-1987 DEAD
R. Eden Martin Attorney Former Partner, Sidley Austin 1940 TBD ADD
Ralph G. Martin Author Jennie: The Life of Lady Randolph Churchill 04-Mar-1920 09-Jan-2013 DEAD
Ricky Martin Singer Livin' La Vida Loca 24-Dec-1971 TBD ADD
Roland Martin TV Personality Fishing with Roland Martin 14-Mar-1940 TBD ADD
Ross Martin Actor Artemus Gordon on Wild Wild West 22-Mar-1920 03-Jul-1981 DEAD
Slater Martin Basketball NBA Hall of Famer, coach 22-Oct-1925 18-Oct-2012 DEAD
Steve Martin Comic The Jerk 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Strother Martin Actor Cool Hand Luke 26-Mar-1919 01-Aug-1980 DEAD
Theodore E. Martin Business CEO of the Barnes Group 1939 TBD ADD
Thomas E. Martin Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1955-61 18-Jan-1893 27-Jun-1971 DEAD
Tony Martin Singer There's No Tomorrow 25-Dec-1913 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Trayvon Martin Victim Shot and killed by George Zimmerman 05-Feb-1995 26-Feb-2012 DEAD
William Martin Novelist Back Bay 1950 TBD ADD
William McChesney Martin Economist Federal Reserve Chairman, 1951-70 17-Dec-1906 29-Jul-1998 DEAD
Margo Martindale Actor Rita Perkins-Hall on A Gifted Man 18-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Wink Martindale Game Show Host Tic-Tac-Dough 04-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Anne Clark Martindell Politician US Ambassador to New Zealand, 1979-81 18-Jul-1914 11-Jun-2008 DEAD
Harriet Martineau Author Maid of All Work 12-Jun-1802 27-Jun-1876 DEAD
Elsa Martinelli Actor Hatari! 13-Jan-1935 08-Jul-2017 DEAD
Ricardo Martinelli Head of State President of Panama 11-Mar-1952 TBD ADD
Alessandra Martines Actor Fantaghirò 19-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Lauro Martines Historian The Social World of the Florentine Humanists 22-Nov-1927 TBD ADD
José Martínez Ruiz Author Generation of '98 08-Jun-1873 04-Mar-1967 DEAD
A Martinez Actor Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara 27-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Alex J. Martinez Judge Justice, Colorado Supreme Court 19-Apr-1951 TBD ADD
Angie Martinez Radio Personality The Voice of New York 09-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Arthur C. Martinez Business CEO of Sears Roebuck, 1995-2000 1939 TBD ADD
Benito Martinez Actor Capt. Aceveda on The Shield 28-Jun-1971 TBD ADD
Bob Martinez Politician Governor of Florida, 1987-91 25-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Carmen M. Martinez Diplomat US Ambassador to Zambia ? TBD ADD
Cliff Martinez Composer Composer for Steven Soderbergh films 05-Feb-1954 TBD ADD
Matthew G. Martinez Politician Congressman from California, 1982-2001 14-Feb-1929 15-Oct-2011 DEAD
Mel Martinez Government US Senator from Florida, 2005-09 23-Oct-1946 TBD ADD
Olivier Martinez Actor Before Night Falls 12-Jan-1966 TBD ADD
Pedro Martinez Baseball Retired Red Sox pitcher 25-Oct-1971 TBD ADD
Roman Martinez IV Business Former Partner, Lehman Brothers 1948 TBD ADD
Susana Martinez Politician Governor of New Mexico 14-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Tino Martinez Baseball Former Yankees first baseman 07-Dec-1967 TBD ADD
Tony Martinez Actor Pepino on The Real McCoy's 27-Jan-1920 16-Sep-2002 DEAD
Vilma S. Martinez Attorney US Ambassador to Argentina 17-Oct-1943 TBD ADD
Max Martini Actor Mack Gerhardt on The Unit 11-Dec-1969 TBD ADD
Simone Martini Painter Sienese school painter 1284 1344 DEAD
William Martini Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1995-97 10-Jan-1947 TBD ADD
Aloysius Martinich Philosopher The Two Gods of Leviathan 28-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Al Martino Singer Here in My Heart 07-Oct-1927 13-Oct-2009 DEAD
Jean Martinon Conductor Music Director, Chicago Symphony, 1963-68 10-Jan-1910 01-Mar-1976 DEAD
Harry Martinson Poet Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space 06-May-1904 11-Feb-1978 DEAD
Leslie H. Martinson Film Director Batman: The Movie 16-Jan-1915 03-Sep-2016 DEAD
Frank R. Martire Business CEO of Metavante Technologies 1948 TBD ADD
Jackie Martling Comic Writer for Howard Stern 14-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
Andrew Marton Film Director Directed chariot race in Ben-Hur 26-Jan-1904 07-Jan-1992 DEAD
Judy Martz Politician Governor of Montana, 2001-05 28-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
Suehiro Maruo Artist Planet of the Jap 28-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Andrew Marvell Poet English poet and member of Parliament 31-Mar-1621 18-Aug-1678 DEAD
Francis Sydney Marvin Educator The Living Past 06-Aug-1863 1943 DEAD
Lee Marvin Actor The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 19-Feb-1924 29-Aug-1987 DEAD
Susan I. Marvin Business Marvin Windows and Doors 1955 TBD ADD
Arthur Marwick Historian The Deluge 29-Feb-1936 17-Sep-2006 DEAD
Anthony W. Marx Educator President, Amherst College 28-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
Chico Marx Actor An Italian con-man of a Marx Brother 22-Mar-1887 11-Oct-1961 DEAD
Gary A. Marx Activist Judicial Confirmation Network ? TBD ADD
Groucho Marx Comic You Bet Your Life 02-Oct-1890 19-Aug-1977 DEAD
Gummo Marx Actor Left the Marx Brothers troupe early 23-Oct-1892 21-Apr-1977 DEAD
Harpo Marx Actor Silent harp-playing Marx Brother 23-Nov-1888 28-Sep-1964 DEAD
Karl Marx Economist Das Kapital, Communist Manifesto 05-May-1818 14-Mar-1883 DEAD
Richard Marx Singer/Songwriter Songwriter, former mulleteer 16-Sep-1963 TBD ADD
Wilhelm Marx Head of State German Chancellor 1923-25, 1926-28 15-Jan-1863 05-Aug-1946 DEAD
William B. Marx, Jr. Business Former AT&T/Lucent EVP 1939 TBD ADD
Zeppo Marx Actor Straight man of the Marx Brothers 25-Feb-1901 30-Nov-1979 DEAD
Virgin Mary Religion Virgin mother of Jesus Christ c. 20 BC c. 45 AD DEAD
Queen Mary I Royalty Queen of England, 1553-58 18-Feb-1516 17-Nov-1558 DEAD
Mary I of Scotland Royalty Mary, Queen of Scots 08-Dec-1542 08-Feb-1587 DEAD
Queen Mary II Head of State Queen of England 1689-94 30-Apr-1662 28-Dec-1694 DEAD
Mary of Teck Royalty Queen Mary, Consort of George V 26-May-1867 24-Mar-1953 DEAD
Typhoid Mary Chef Notorious typhoid carrier 22-Sep-1869 11-Nov-1938 DEAD
Moussa Marzook Activist Head of the Hamas politburo 1951 TBD ADD
Masaccio Painter Frescoes of the Brancacci Chapel 21-Dec-1401 1428 DEAD
Jamie Masada Business Laugh Factory owner 1963 TBD ADD
Ron Masak Actor Sheriff Metzger on Murder She Wrote 01-Jul-1936 TBD ADD
Jan Masaryk Government Czech Foreign Minister 14-Sep-1886 10-Mar-1948 DEAD
Tomas Masaryk Head of State Czech President, 1920-35 07-Mar-1850 14-Sep-1937 DEAD
Pietro Mascagni Composer Cavalleria Rusticana 07-Dec-1863 02-Aug-1945 DEAD
Frank R. Mascara Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1995-2003 19-Jan-1930 10-Jul-2011 DEAD
Robert Maschio Actor Dr. Todd Quinlan on Scrubs 25-Aug-1966 TBD ADD
J Mascis Musician Frontman for Dinosaur Jr. 10-Dec-1965 TBD ADD
John P. Mascotte Business CEO of The Continental Corporation, 1983-95 1940 TBD ADD
Mase Rapper Rapper-turned-pastor 27-Aug-1974 TBD ADD
John Masefield Poet Poet Laureate of England, 1930-67 01-Jun-1878 12-May-1967 DEAD
Alfieri Maserati Business Founder of Maserati S.p.A 23-Sep-1887 03-Mar-1932 DEAD
Khaled Mashaal Activist Hamas bureau chief in Damascus 1956 TBD ADD
Karim Masimov Head of State Prime Minister of Kazakhstan 1965 TBD ADD
Giulietta Masina Actor La Strada 22-Feb-1921 23-Mar-1994 DEAD
Toshihide Maskawa Physicist Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix 07-Feb-1940 TBD ADD
Eric Maskin Economist Mechanism design theory 12-Dec-1950 TBD ADD
Tatiana Maslany Actor Orphan Black 22-Sep-1985 TBD ADD
Janet Maslin Critic New York Times film critic 1948 TBD ADD
Sophie Masloff Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1988-94 23-Dec-1917 17-Aug-2014 DEAD
Abraham Maslow Psychologist Hierarchy of Needs 01-Apr-1908 08-Jun-1970 DEAD
James Maslow Actor James Diamond on Big Time Rush 16-Jul-1990 TBD ADD
A. E. W. Mason Novelist The Four Feathers 07-May-1865 22-Nov-1948 DEAD
Andrew Mason Business Groupon 1980 TBD ADD
Armistead Thomson Mason Politician US Senator from Virginia, 1816-17 04-Aug-1787 06-Feb-1819 DEAD
Bobbie Ann Mason Novelist In Country 01-May-1940 TBD ADD
Charles Mason Astronomer Mason-Dixon Line ? 25-Oct-1786 DEAD
David M. Mason Government Chairman, Federal Election Commission 1957 TBD ADD
George Mason Politician Drafted Virginia's Bill of Rights 11-Dec-1725 07-Oct-1792 DEAD
Herbert Molloy Mason, Jr. Author To Kill the Devil 24-Oct-1927 16-Jan-2013 DEAD
Jackie Mason Comic The World According to Me! 09-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
James Mason Actor North by Northwest 15-May-1909 27-Jul-1984 DEAD
John L. Mason Inventor Invented the screw-neck jar 1832 26-Feb-1902 DEAD
Julie Mason Journalist Houston Chronicle 1965 TBD ADD
Kathleen Mason Business Cherry & Webb 1950 TBD ADD
Marlyn Mason Actor The Trouble with Girls 07-Aug-1940 TBD ADD
Marsha Mason Actor The Goodbye Girl 03-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Nick Mason Drummer Drummer for Pink Floyd 27-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Raymond A. Mason Business CEO of Legg Mason, 1981-2008 1937 TBD ADD
Reginald Mason Actor Stage actor 27-Jun-1875 10-Jul-1962 DEAD
Roy Mason Politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1976-79 18-Apr-1924 19-Apr-2015 DEAD
Sally Mason Educator President, University of Iowa 1950 TBD ADD
Abu Hamza al-Masri Religion Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque 15-Apr-1958 TBD ADD
Eric Massa Politician Congressman from New York, 2009-10 16-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Felipe Massa Auto Racing Formula-1 racer 25-Apr-1981 TBD ADD
Anthony A. Massaro Business CEO of Lincoln Electric Holdings, 1996-2004 1945 TBD ADD
Ashley Massaro Wrestling WWE wrestler 26-May-1979 TBD ADD
Michael Massee Actor Momentum 01-Sep-1952 20-Oct-2016 DEAD
André Masséna Military Napoleon's greatest marshal 06-May-1758 04-Apr-1817 DEAD
Jules Massenet Composer Manon 12-May-1842 13-Aug-1912 DEAD
Matthew E. Massengill Business CEO of Western Digital, 2000-05 12-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Joe Masseria Criminal NY mobster, killed by Luciano 1879 15-Apr-1931 DEAD
Anna Massey Actor Peeping Tom 11-Aug-1937 03-Jul-2011 DEAD
Christopher Massey Actor Michael Barret on Zoey 101 26-Jan-1990 TBD ADD
Daniel Massey Actor Star! 10-Oct-1933 25-Mar-1998 DEAD
Harrie Massey Astronomer British National Committee for Space Research 16-May-1908 27-Nov-1983 DEAD
Ilona Massey Actor Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 16-Jun-1910 20-Aug-1974 DEAD
Kyle Massey Actor Cory on That's So Raven 28-Aug-1991 TBD ADD
Raymond Massey Actor Things to Come 30-Aug-1896 29-Jul-1983 DEAD
Richard N. Massey Business General Counsel of ALLTEL 1955 TBD ADD
Vincent Massey Government Governor-General of Canada, 1952-59 20-Feb-1887 30-Dec-1967 DEAD
Walter Massey Actor Canadian voice and character actor 19-Aug-1928 04-Aug-2014 DEAD
Walter E. Massey Business Morehouse College president, physicist 05-Apr-1938 TBD ADD
William Massey Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1912-25 26-Mar-1856 10-May-1925 DEAD
Thomas Massie Politician Congressman, Kentucky 4th 13-Jan-1971 TBD ADD
Philip Massinger Playwright The Virgin Martyr 1583 1639 DEAD
H. W. Massingham Journalist Radical English journalist 25-May-1860 27-Aug-1924 DEAD
Joey Massino Criminal Bonanno Family Boss, 1991-2004 10-Jan-1943 TBD ADD
Pat Mastelotto Drummer Drummer for Mr. Mister and King Crimson 10-Sep-1955 TBD ADD
Master P Actor Rapper, CEO of No Limit Records 29-Apr-1967 TBD ADD
Ben Masters Actor Julian Crane on Passions 06-May-1947 TBD ADD
Edgar Lee Masters Poet Spoon River Anthology 23-Aug-1869 05-Mar-1950 DEAD
Jeff Masters Blogger Meteorologist, Weather Underground 1960 TBD ADD
William Masters Scientist Human Sexual Response 27-Dec-1915 16-Feb-2001 DEAD
Bat Masterson Government Frontier peace officer 26-Nov-1853 25-Oct-1921 DEAD
Chase Masterson Actor Leeta on Star Trek: DS9 26-Feb-1963 TBD ADD
Chris Masterson Actor Francis on Malcolm in the Middle 22-Jan-1980 TBD ADD
Danny Masterson Actor Hyde on That 70's Show 13-Mar-1976 TBD ADD
Mary Stuart Masterson Actor Dogtown 28-Jun-1966 TBD ADD
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Actor The Abyss 17-Nov-1958 TBD ADD
Armand Mastroianni Film Director He Knows You're Alone 01-Aug-1948 TBD ADD
Chiara Mastroianni Actor Diary of a Seducer 28-May-1972 TBD ADD
Marcello Mastroianni Actor The Pizza Triangle 28-Sep-1924 19-Dec-1996 DEAD
Yasuzo Masumura Film Director Blind Beast 25-Aug-1924 23-Nov-1986 DEAD
Kurt Masur Conductor Conductor, NY Philharmonic, 1991-2002 18-Jul-1927 19-Dec-2015 DEAD
Richard Masur Actor Who'll Stop the Rain 20-Nov-1948 TBD ADD
Eduardo Mata Conductor Music Director, Dallas Symphony, 1977-93 05-Sep-1942 04-Jan-1995 DEAD
Mary Matalin Political Strategist Political creature 19-Aug-1953 TBD ADD
Heather Matarazzo Actor Welcome to the Dollhouse 10-Nov-1982 TBD ADD
Kari Matchett Actor Kate Armstrong on Heartland 25-Mar-1970 TBD ADD
Rudolph Maté Cinematographer When Worlds Collide 21-Jan-1898 27-Oct-1964 DEAD
Omar Mateen Terrorist Killed 49 at an Orlando gay nightclub 16-Nov-1986 12-Jun-2016 DEAD
Adolfo López Mateos Head of State President of Mexico, 1958-64 26-May-1910 22-Sep-1969 DEAD
Theodore A. Mathas Business President of New York Life 1967 TBD ADD
Ann Mather Business CFO of Pixar, 1999-2004 1960 TBD ADD
Cotton Mather Religion Pastor at Boston North Church 12-Feb-1663 13-Feb-1728 DEAD
Increase Mather Religion Massachusetts Puritan leader 21-Jun-1639 23-Aug-1723 DEAD
John C. Mather Physicist Big Bang 07-Aug-1946 TBD ADD
Jerry Mathers Actor Beaver in Leave it to Beaver 02-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Kim Mathers Relative Eminem's two-time ex-wife 09-Jan-1975 TBD ADD
Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers Magician Founder of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 08-Jan-1854 20-Nov-1918 DEAD
Jim Matheson Politician Congressman, Utah 2nd 21-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Richard Matheson Author I Am Legend 20-Feb-1926 23-Jun-2013 DEAD
Scott M. Matheson Politician Governor of Utah, 1977-85 08-Jan-1929 07-Oct-1990 DEAD
Tim Matheson Actor Otter in Animal House 31-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Sara Mathew Business CFO of Dun & Bradstreet 1956 TBD ADD
Eddie Mathews Baseball Hit 512 home runs 13-Oct-1931 18-Feb-2001 DEAD
F. David Mathews Government HEW Secretary under Ford 06-Dec-1935 TBD ADD
George Mathews Actor Pat and Mike 10-Oct-1911 07-Nov-1984 DEAD
Harlan Mathews Politician US Senator from Tennessee, 1993-94 17-Jan-1927 09-May-2014 DEAD
Harry Mathews Author My Life in CIA 14-Feb-1930 25-Jan-2017 DEAD
Jessica Tuchman Mathews Government Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 1946 TBD ADD
Kerwin Mathews Actor The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 08-Jan-1926 05-Jul-2007 DEAD
Larry Mathews Actor Ritchie Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show 15-Aug-1955 TBD ADD
Robert Mathews Criminal White supremacist died in shootout with FBI 16-Jan-1953 08-Dec-1984 DEAD
Ross Mathews Actor Ross the Intern 24-Sep-1979 TBD ADD
Sylvia M. Mathews Administrator Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 1965 TBD ADD
Christy Mathewson Baseball Pitched 37 winning games in 1908 12-Aug-1880 07-Oct-1925 DEAD
Bob Mathias Sports Figure Decathlon athlete turned Congressman 17-Nov-1930 02-Sep-2006 DEAD
Charles Mathias Politician US Senator from Maryland, 1969-87 24-Jul-1922 25-Jan-2010 DEAD
Mireille Mathieu Singer Internationally renown French chanteuse 22-Jul-1946 TBD ADD
David B. Mathis Business Kemper Insurance Companies 1938 TBD ADD
Johnny Mathis Singer He's as helpless as a kitten up a tree 30-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
Karen J. Mathis Attorney President of the ABA, 2006-07 1950 TBD ADD
Samantha Mathis Actor Jack and Sarah 12-May-1970 TBD ADD
Cameron Mathison Actor All My Children 25-Aug-1969 TBD ADD
Melissa Mathison Screenwriter E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 03-Jun-1950 04-Nov-2015 DEAD
Arjun K. Mathrani Business CFO of Chase Manhattan, 1994-96 1944 TBD ADD
Irene Mathyssen Politician Canadian MP, London--Fanshawe 16-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Henri Matisse Painter Free, expressive French painter 31-Dec-1869 03-Nov-1954 DEAD
Matisyahu Rapper Hasidic toaster 30-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
Marlee Matlin Actor Deaf actress on The West Wing 24-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Glen Matlock Bassist Original bassist for The Sex Pistols 27-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Jack Matlock Diplomat US Ambassador to the USSR, 1987-91 01-Oct-1929 TBD ADD
Susan W. Matlock Business CEO of Innovation Depot 1946 TBD ADD
Pat Matrisciana Activist Produced The Clinton Chronicles ? TBD ADD
Robert W. Matschullat Business CFO of Seagram, 1995-2000 1947 TBD ADD
April Matson Actor Lori Trager on Kyle XY 20-Jun-1985 TBD ADD
Ollie Matson Football NFL Hall of Famer 01-May-1930 19-Feb-2011 DEAD
Doris O. Matsui Politician Congresswoman, California 5th 25-Sep-1944 TBD ADD
Hideki Matsui Baseball New York Yankees 12-Jun-1974 TBD ADD
Robert Matsui Politician Congressman from California, 1993-2005 17-Sep-1941 01-Jan-2005 DEAD
Yukihiro Matsumoto Computer Programmer Creator of Ruby programming language 14-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Spark Matsunaga Politician US Senator from Hawaii, 1977-90 08-Oct-1916 15-Apr-1990 DEAD
Konosuke Matsushita Business Founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. 27-Nov-1894 27-Apr-1989 DEAD
Thad Matta Basketball OSU Head Coach 11-Jul-1967 TBD ADD
Drea de Matteo Actor Adriana on The Sopranos 19-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Niall Matter Actor Zane Donovan on Eureka 20-Oct-1980 TBD ADD
Walter Matthau Actor Messy half of the Odd Couple 01-Oct-1920 01-Jul-2000 DEAD
Lothar Matthäus Soccer Led Germany to 1990 World Cup 21-Mar-1961 TBD ADD
Roland Matthes Swimmer East German swimmer 17-Nov-1950 TBD ADD
Johann Mattheson Composer German baroque composer, theorist 28-Sep-1681 17-Apr-1764 DEAD
St. Matthew Religion Author of the first Gospel fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st. c. AD DEAD
Matthew Paris Historian Chronica Majora 1200 1259 DEAD
Brander Matthews Critic The Study of American Literature 21-Feb-1852 31-Mar-1929 DEAD
Caroline S. Matthews Business Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia 1960 TBD ADD
Charles W. Matthews, Jr. Attorney General Counsel of Exxon Mobil 1945 TBD ADD
Chris Matthews Talk Show Host Hardball with Chris Matthews 17-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Craig G. Matthews Business COO of KeySpan, 1999-2002 1943 TBD ADD
Dakin Matthews Actor Character actor 07-Nov-1940 TBD ADD
Dave Matthews Musician The Dave Matthews Band 09-Jan-1967 TBD ADD
Drummond Matthews Geologist Plate tectonics 05-Feb-1931 20-Jul-1997 DEAD
H. Freeman Matthews Diplomat Career US Ambassador 26-May-1899 19-Oct-1986 DEAD
Jessie Matthews Actor English stage and radio actress 11-Mar-1907 19-Aug-1981 DEAD
L. White Matthews III Business CFO of Union Pacific, 1989-98 1946 TBD ADD
Lester Matthews Actor The Raven 06-Jun-1900 06-Jun-1975 DEAD
Norman S. Matthews Business President and COO of Federated, 1987-88 1933 TBD ADD
Phillip D. Matthews Business Former Dart Industries executive 1938 TBD ADD
Stanley Matthews Soccer Stoke City, Blackpool forward 01-Feb-1915 23-Feb-2000 DEAD
Stanley Matthews Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1881-89 21-Jul-1824 22-Mar-1889 DEAD
Steve A. Matthews Attorney Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd 1956 TBD ADD
Thomas K. Matthews II Business Financial consultant 07-Jan-1926 21-Oct-2013 DEAD
Warren W. Matthews Judge Justice, Alaska Supreme Court 05-Apr-1939 TBD ADD
Matthias Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1612-19 24-Feb-1557 20-Mar-1619 DEAD
Matthias Corvinus Royalty King of Hungary, 1458-90 24-Feb-1443 06-Apr-1490 DEAD
F. O. Matthiessen Critic American Renaissance 19-Feb-1902 01-Apr-1950 DEAD
Peter Matthiessen Novelist At Play in the Fields of the Lord 22-May-1927 05-Apr-2014 DEAD
Don Mattingly Baseball Manager, Miami Marlins 20-Apr-1961 TBD ADD
Garrett Mattingly Historian Renaissance Diplomacy 06-May-1900 18-Dec-1962 DEAD
Mack Mattingly Politician US Senator from Georgia, 1981-87 07-Jan-1931 TBD ADD
James Mattis Military Commander-in-Chief, CENTCOM, 2010-13 08-Sep-1950 TBD ADD
Eric L. Mattson Business CFO of Baker Hughes, 1993-99 1951 TBD ADD
Kevin Mattson Historian Intellectuals in Action 25-Dec-1966 TBD ADD
Walter E. Mattson Business President of the New York Times, 1979-92 06-Jun-1932 30-Dec-2016 DEAD
Victor Mature Actor Samson and Delilah 29-Jan-1913 04-Aug-1999 DEAD
John Matuszak Football Oakland Raider turned actor 25-Oct-1950 17-Jun-1989 DEAD
Gene Mauch Baseball MLB Manager 18-Nov-1925 08-Aug-2005 DEAD
John William Mauchly Physicist ENIAC, BINAC, and UNIVAC I computers 30-Aug-1907 08-Jan-1980 DEAD
Aylmer Maude Translator Translator of Tolstoy 28-Mar-1858 25-Aug-1938 DEAD
Reginald Maudling Politician UK Home Secretary, 1970-72 07-Mar-1917 14-Feb-1979 DEAD
Joe Mauer Baseball Minnesota Twins catcher 19-Apr-1983 TBD ADD
W. Somerset Maugham Novelist Of Human Bondage 25-Jan-1874 16-Dec-1965 DEAD
Deryck Maughan Business CEO of Citigroup International, 1998-2002 1947 TBD ADD
Bill Mauldin Cartoonist WWII cartoonist, Willie and Joe 29-Oct-1921 22-Jan-2003 DEAD
John Mauldin Author Bull's Eye Investing 1950 TBD ADD
Guy de Maupassant Author French short story writer 05-Aug-1850 06-Jul-1893 DEAD
Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis Astronomer Sur la figure de la terre 28-Sep-1698 27-Jul-1759 DEAD
Armistead Maupin Author Tales of the City series 13-May-1944 TBD ADD
John E. Maupin, Jr. Doctor President, Morehouse School of Medicine 1946 TBD ADD
Carmen Maura Actor Volver 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Amelie Mauresmo Tennis Franco-lesbian tennis player 05-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
François Mauriac Novelist Le Noeud de Vipères 11-Oct-1885 01-Sep-1970 DEAD
Maurice of Nassau Royalty Prince of Orange 13-Nov-1567 23-Apr-1625 DEAD
Maurice of Saxony Royalty Elector of Saxony, 1547-53 21-Mar-1521 09-Jul-1553 DEAD
Maurice, comte de Saxe Military Marshal Saxe 28-Oct-1696 30-Nov-1750 DEAD
Frederick Denison Maurice Religion 19th c. Anglican theologian 29-Aug-1805 01-Apr-1872 DEAD
George du Maurier Artist British caricaturist, Punch 06-Mar-1834 06-Oct-1896 DEAD
Tony Mauro Journalist Legal Times reporter 1949 TBD ADD
André Maurois Author French biographer 26-Jul-1885 09-Oct-1967 DEAD
Pierre Mauroy Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1981-84 05-Jul-1928 07-Jun-2013 DEAD
Antonia Maury Astronomer Stellar classification 21-Mar-1866 08-Jan-1952 DEAD
Matthew Fontaine Maury Military Father of modern oceanography 14-Jan-1806 01-Feb-1873 DEAD
Marcel Mauss Sociologist The Gift 10-May-1872 10-Feb-1950 DEAD
David Edward Maust Criminal Serial killer of boys 05-Apr-1954 20-Jan-2006 DEAD
Nicholas Mavroules Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1979-93 01-Nov-1929 25-Dec-2003 DEAD
Herbert B. Maw Politician Governor of Utah, 1941-49 11-Mar-1893 17-Nov-1990 DEAD
Masuimi Max Model Fetish model 12-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
Peter Max Artist Psychedelic art has featured Statues of Liberty 19-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Maxentius Royalty Roman Emperor, 306-12 c. 283 AD 312 AD DEAD
Sir Hiram Maxim Inventor Maxim machine gun 05-Feb-1840 24-Nov-1916 DEAD
Maximian Royalty Roman Emperor, 286-305 AD c. 250 AD 310 AD DEAD
Maximilian Royalty Emperor of Mexico, 1864-67 06-Jul-1832 19-Jun-1867 DEAD
Maximilian I Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1493-1519 22-Mar-1459 12-Jan-1519 DEAD
Maximilian II Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1564-76 31-Jul-1527 12-Oct-1576 DEAD
Maximinus Royalty Roman Emperor, 235-38 c. 170 AD 238 AD DEAD
David Maxwell Fyfe Politician UK Home Secretary, 1951-54 29-May-1900 27-Jan-1967 DEAD
Brian Maxwell Inventor Inventor of the PowerBar 14-Mar-1953 19-Mar-2004 DEAD
Brini Maxwell TV Personality The Brini Maxwell Show 23-Jul-1969 TBD ADD
Charles T. Maxwell Business Energy Analyst, Weeden & Co. 1931 TBD ADD
Frank Maxwell Actor Dan Rooney on General Hospital 17-Nov-1916 04-Aug-2004 DEAD
Hamish Maxwell Business CEO of Philip Morris, 1984-91 24-Aug-1926 19-Apr-2014 DEAD
James Clerk Maxwell Physicist Maxwell's equations 13-Jun-1831 05-Nov-1879 DEAD
Judith Maxwell Business Canadian Policy Research Networks 1942 TBD ADD
Lawrence Maxwell, Jr. Attorney US Solicitor General, 1893-95 04-May-1853 18-Feb-1927 DEAD
Lois Maxwell Actor Miss Moneypenny 14-Feb-1927 29-Sep-2007 DEAD
Marilyn Maxwell Actor Stand by for Action 03-Aug-1921 20-Mar-1972 DEAD
Robert Maxwell Publisher Mirror Group tycoon 10-Jun-1923 05-Nov-1991 DEAD
W. B. Maxwell Novelist The Ragged Messenger 1866 04-Aug-1938 DEAD
William Maxwell Novelist The Folded Leaf 16-Aug-1908 31-Jul-2000 DEAD
Brian May Guitarist Guitarist for Queen 19-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
Clifford D. May Activist Foundation for the Defense of Democracies 1951 TBD ADD
Elaine May Comic Wrote and directed Ishtar 21-Apr-1932 TBD ADD
Ernest R. May Historian The World War and American Isolation 1914-17 19-Nov-1928 01-Jun-2009 DEAD
James May TV Personality Top Gear 16-Jan-1963 TBD ADD
Jodhi May Actor Sister My Sister 01-May-1975 TBD ADD
Joe May Film Director The Invisible Man Returns 07-Nov-1880 29-Apr-1954 DEAD
Julian May Novelist Galactic Milieu Trilogy 10-Jul-1931 TBD ADD
Karl May Author Bestselling German novelist 25-May-1842 30-Mar-1912 DEAD
Kenneth A. May Business CEO of FedEx Kinko's, 2004-07 1960 TBD ADD
Mathilda May Actor La Teta i la lluna 08-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Ralphie May Comic Obese comic 17-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Robert E. May Historian The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire 06-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
Robert P. May Business CEO of Calpine, 2005-08 05-May-1949 02-Apr-2011 DEAD
Rollo May Psychologist Love and Will 21-Apr-1909 22-Oct-1994 DEAD
Theresa May Head of State UK Prime Minister 01-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
Thomas May Poet The History of the Long Parliament 1595 13-Nov-1650 DEAD
Thomas J. May Business CEO of NSTAR 1947 TBD ADD
Misty May-Treanor Sports Figure Top beach volleyball player 30-Jul-1977 TBD ADD
John Mayall Musician Bluesbreaker 29-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Rik Mayall Actor Rick on The Young Ones 07-Mar-1958 09-Jun-2014 DEAD
Wilhelm Maybach Engineer Designed the Mercedes 09-Feb-1846 29-Dec-1929 DEAD
William E. Mayberry Business Former President, Mayo Foundation 22-Aug-1929 TBD ADD
Arno J. Mayer Historian Marxist Jew, quasi-revisionist 19-Jun-1926 TBD ADD
Dick Mayer Golf Winner, 1957 US Open 28-Aug-1924 02-Jun-1989 DEAD
Haldane Robert Mayer Judge US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 21-Feb-1941 TBD ADD
Johann Tobias Mayer Astronomer Kosmographische Nachrichten 17-Feb-1723 20-Feb-1762 DEAD
John Mayer Musician Your Body Is a Wonderland 16-Oct-1977 TBD ADD
Julius Robert Mayer Physicist Studied thermodynamics 25-Nov-1814 20-Mar-1878 DEAD
Louis B. Mayer Film/TV Producer The final M in MGM 04-Jul-1885 29-Oct-1957 DEAD
Marissa Mayer Business CEO of Yahoo! 30-May-1975 TBD ADD
Oscar Mayer Business Oscar Mayer Meats, Inc. 29-Mar-1859 11-Mar-1955 DEAD
William E. Mayer Business Former CEO of First Boston 1940 TBD ADD
Curtis Mayfield Musician Superfly soundtrack 03-Jun-1942 26-Dec-1999 DEAD
Earle B. Mayfield Politician US Senator from Texas, 1923-29 12-Apr-1881 23-Jun-1964 DEAD
Les Mayfield Film Director Encino Man 1960 TBD ADD
Henry Mayhew Journalist Punch 1812 25-Jul-1887 DEAD
Jonathan Mayhew Religion Congregationalist minister, anti-Royalist 08-Oct-1720 09-Jul-1766 DEAD
Patrick Mayhew Politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1992-97 11-Sep-1929 25-Jun-2016 DEAD
Peter Mayhew Actor Chewbacca in Star Wars 19-May-1944 TBD ADD
John Maynard Smith Biologist Applied game theory to evolutionary biology 06-Jan-1920 19-Apr-2004 DEAD
Don Maynard Football NFL Hall of Famer 25-Jan-1935 TBD ADD
Elliott E. Maynard Judge West Virginia Chief Justice 1942 TBD ADD
Ken Maynard Actor Flashy cowboy idol 21-Jul-1895 23-Mar-1973 DEAD
Richard Mayne Author The Community of Europe 02-Apr-1926 29-Nov-2009 DEAD
Thom Mayne Architect Architect, 2005 Pritzker Prize winner 1943 TBD ADD
Wiley Mayne Politician Congressman from Iowa, 1967-75 19-Jan-1917 27-May-2007 DEAD
Dorothy Maynor Singer Soprano, founder of Harlem School of the Arts 03-Sep-1910 19-Feb-1996 DEAD
Archie Mayo Film Director The Adventures of Marco Polo 29-Jan-1891 04-Dec-1968 DEAD
Charles Horace Mayo Doctor Co-Founder of the Mayo Clinic 19-Jul-1865 26-May-1939 DEAD
Elton Mayo Psychologist Student of Industrial Civilization 26-Dec-1880 07-Sep-1949 DEAD
Virginia Mayo Actor South Sea Woman 30-Nov-1920 17-Jan-2005 DEAD
Whitman Mayo Actor Grady on Sanford and Son 15-Nov-1930 22-May-2001 DEAD
William James Mayo Doctor Co-Founder of the Mayo Clinic 29-Jun-1861 28-Jul-1939 DEAD
Adrienne Mayor Historian The Amazons 22-Apr-1946 TBD ADD
John F. Maypole Business Peach State Real Estate Holding Co. 1940 TBD ADD
Ernst Mayr Biologist Evolutionary biologist 05-Jul-1904 03-Feb-2005 DEAD
Richard Mayr Singer Operatic bass 18-Nov-1877 01-Dec-1935 DEAD
Melanie Mayron Actor thirtysomething 20-Oct-1952 TBD ADD
Billy Mays TV Personality Bearded infomercial pitchman 20-Jul-1958 28-Jun-2009 DEAD
Jayma Mays Actor Emma Pillsbury on Glee 16-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
L. Lowry Mays Business CEO of Clear Channel, 1972-2004 24-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Mark P. Mays Business CEO of Clear Channel 1963 TBD ADD
Randall T. Mays Business President of Clear Channel 1965 TBD ADD
William G. Mays Business Mays Chemical 04-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Willie Mays Baseball Baseball Hall of Famer 06-May-1931 TBD ADD
Albert Maysles Film Director Documentary filmmaker 26-Nov-1926 05-Mar-2015 DEAD
David Maysles Film Director Documentary filmmaker 10-Jan-1932 03-Jan-1987 DEAD
Frederick L. Maytag Business Founder of Maytag Corporation 14-Jul-1857 26-Mar-1937 DEAD
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Boxing WBC Welterweight boxing champion 24-Feb-1977 TBD ADD
George L. Mazanec Business Vice Chairman of PanEnergy, 1989-96 1937 TBD ADD
Donald F. Mazankowski Politician Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, 1986-93 27-Jul-1935 TBD ADD
Debi Mazar Actor Meet Wally Sparks 15-Aug-1964 TBD ADD
Jules Mazarin Religion French Cardinal and Statesman 14-Jul-1602 09-Mar-1661 DEAD
Abu Mazen Head of State Prime Minister, Palestinian Authority 26-Mar-1935 TBD ADD
Bill Mazeroski Baseball Maz 05-Sep-1936 TBD ADD
David Mazouz Actor Bruce Wayne on Gotham 19-Feb-2001 TBD ADD
Monet Mazur Actor Blow 17-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Mike Mazurki Actor Murder, My Sweet 25-Dec-1907 09-Dec-1990 DEAD
Paul Mazursky Film Director Down and Out in Beverly Hills 25-Apr-1930 30-Jun-2014 DEAD
Valeria Mazza Model Argentine supermodel 17-Feb-1972 TBD ADD
Giulio Mazzalupi Business CEO of Atlas Copco AB, 1997-2002 27-Sep-1940 TBD ADD
Joseph Mazzello Actor Jurassic Park 21-Sep-1983 TBD ADD
Giuseppe Mazzini Activist Italian patriot, agitator 22-Jun-1805 10-Mar-1872 DEAD
James V. Mazzo Business CEO of Advanced Medical Optics, 2002-06 1958 TBD ADD
Romano L. Mazzoli Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1971-95 02-Nov-1932 TBD ADD
Thabo Mbeki Head of State President of South Africa, 1999-2008 18-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
MC 900 Ft. Jesus Musician Hell With the Lid Off ? TBD ADD
mc chris Rapper Hesh, MC Pee Pants 02-Sep-1975 TBD ADD
MCA Rapper Beastie Boys 05-Aug-1967 04-May-2012 DEAD
John Loudon McAdam Inventor Macadam method of roads 21-Sep-1756 26-Nov-1836 DEAD
Rachel McAdams Actor The Notebook 17-Nov-1978 TBD ADD
Bob McAdoo Basketball NBA 1975 Most Valuable Player 25-Sep-1951 TBD ADD
William G. McAdoo Politician US Secretary of the Treasury, 1913-18 31-Oct-1863 01-Feb-1941 DEAD
George McAfee Football Chicago Bears HB, Hall of Famer 13-Mar-1918 04-Mar-2009 DEAD
John McAfee Business Antivirus entepreneur and yoga wannabe 18-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Mary McAleese Head of State President of Ireland 27-Jun-1951 TBD ADD
Albert D. McAlister Attorney McAlister & McAlister PA 1951 TBD ADD
Robert McAlmon Author Village: As It Happened 09-Mar-1896 02-Feb-1956 DEAD
Megan McArdle Blogger Atlantic Monthly blogger 29-Jan-1973 TBD ADD
Alex McArthur Actor Suspended Animation 06-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
John H. McArthur Educator Dean of Harvard Business School, 1980-95 1934 TBD ADD
Alphonso McAuley Actor Cash Sparks on Breaking In 21-Apr-1984 TBD ADD
James McAuley Poet Australian poet, Ern Malley hoaxer 12-Oct-1917 15-Oct-1976 DEAD
Christa McAuliffe Astronaut First teacher in space 02-Sep-1948 28-Jan-1986 DEAD
Terry McAuliffe Politician Governor of Virginia 09-Feb-1957 TBD ADD
James McAvoy Actor Chronicles of Narnia 21-Apr-1979 TBD ADD
Diane McBain Actor The Mini-Skirt Mob 18-May-1941 TBD ADD
Jack McBrayer Actor 30 Rock 27-May-1973 TBD ADD
Chi McBride Actor Steven Harper on Boston Public 23-Sep-1961 TBD ADD
Danny R. McBride Actor Eastbound & Down 29-Dec-1976 TBD ADD
Darl McBride Business President and CEO of SCO 1960 TBD ADD
Jim McBride Film Director The Big Easy 16-Sep-1941 TBD ADD
Lea Anne McBride Government Cheney spokewoman ? TBD ADD
Martina McBride Country Musician My Baby Loves Me 29-Jul-1966 TBD ADD
Mary Margaret McBride Radio Personality Daytime radio talk show host 16-Nov-1899 07-Apr-1976 DEAD
Melissa McBride Actor Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead 23-May-1965 TBD ADD
Megan McCafferty Novelist Juvenile novelist, Sloppy Firsts 03-Feb-1973 TBD ADD
Michael G. McCaffery Business Makena Capital Management 1953 TBD ADD
Seamus P. McCaffery Judge Justice, Pennsylvania Supreme Court 03-Jun-1950 TBD ADD
Anne McCaffrey Author Pern series 01-Apr-1926 21-Nov-2011 DEAD
Barry McCaffrey Government White House Drug Czar, 1996-2001 17-Nov-1942 TBD ADD
James McCaffrey Actor Jimmy Keefe on Rescue Me 1959 TBD ADD
Cindy Hensley McCain Relative Wife of John McCain 20-May-1954 TBD ADD
Edwin McCain Singer/Songwriter I'll Be 20-Jan-1970 TBD ADD
Harrison McCain Business Frozen french fry billionaire 03-Nov-1927 18-Mar-2004 DEAD
John McCain Politician US Senator from Arizona 29-Aug-1936 TBD ADD
John S. McCain, Jr. Military Admiral, Father of John McCain 17-Jan-1911 22-Mar-1981 DEAD
Meghan McCain Blogger John McCain's daughter 23-Oct-1984 TBD ADD
Robert Stacy McCain Blogger Conservative pundit 1959 TBD ADD
James F. McCall Military US Army Comptroller, 1988-91 1934 TBD ADD
Mitzi McCall Actor Laugh-In 09-Sep-1932 TBD ADD
Tom McCall Politician Governor of Oregon, 1967-75 22-Mar-1913 08-Jan-1983 DEAD
Michael B. McCallister Business CEO of Humana 27-May-1952 TBD ADD
David McCallum Actor Illya on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 19-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Gordon D. McCallum Business Virgin Management, Ltd. 1960 TBD ADD
John McCallum Politician Canadian MP, Markham--Unionville 09-Apr-1950 TBD ADD
Robert D. McCallum, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Australia 1946 TBD ADD
Scott McCallum Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 2001-03 02-May-1950 TBD ADD
Gerry McCambridge Magician The Mentalist ? TBD ADD
Mercedes McCambridge Actor All the King's Men 17-Mar-1916 02-Mar-2004 DEAD
David N. McCammon Business VP and Treasurer of Ford, 1987-97 1935 TBD ADD
Tom McCamus Actor I Love a Man in Uniform 25-Jul-1955 TBD ADD
Al McCandless Politician Congressman from California, 1983-95 23-Jul-1927 09-Aug-2017 DEAD
Christopher McCandless Victim Subject of Into the Wild 12-Feb-1968 18-Aug-1992 DEAD
Tim McCanlies Screenwriter Secondhand Lions 1953 TBD ADD
Colum McCann Novelist Let the Great World Spin 28-Feb-1965 TBD ADD
Sean McCann Actor Lt. Jim Hogan on Night Heat 24-Sep-1935 TBD ADD
John McCardell Educator Vice Chancellor, University of the South 17-Jun-1949 TBD ADD
Leo McCarey Film Director The Awful Truth 03-Oct-1898 05-Jul-1969 DEAD
Pat McCarran Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1933-54 08-Aug-1876 28-Sep-1954 DEAD
Theodore Cardinal McCarrick Religion Archbishop of Washington, 2000-06 07-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
John W. McCarter, Jr. Business CEO of the Field Museum 1938 TBD ADD
Andrew McCarthy Actor St. Elmo's Fire 29-Nov-1962 TBD ADD
Andrew C. McCarthy Pundit National Review Online ? TBD ADD
Carolyn McCarthy Politician Congresswoman, New York 4th 05-Jan-1944 TBD ADD
Cormac McCarthy Novelist All the Pretty Horses 20-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Dawn McCarthy Musician Faun Fables 30-Oct-1971 TBD ADD
Eugene McCarthy Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 1959-71 29-Mar-1916 10-Dec-2005 DEAD
James J. McCarthy Scientist President of AAAS ? TBD ADD
Jenny McCarthy Model Early-nineties Playboy model, Singled Out 01-Nov-1972 TBD ADD
Joe McCarthy Baseball Yankees manager for 15 years 21-Apr-1887 13-Jan-1978 DEAD
John McCarthy Computer Programmer Created LISP programming language 04-Sep-1927 24-Oct-2011 DEAD
Big John McCarthy Martial Arts UFC referee 17-Dec-1962 TBD ADD
John T. McCarthy Diplomat US Ambassador to Tunisia, 1991-94 27-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Joseph McCarthy Politician US Senator from Wisconsin, 1947-57 14-Nov-1908 02-May-1957 DEAD
Karen McCarthy Politician Congresswoman from Missouri, 1995-2005 18-Mar-1947 05-Oct-2010 DEAD
Kevin McCarthy Actor Invasion of the Body Snatchers 15-Feb-1914 11-Sep-2010 DEAD
Kevin McCarthy Politician Congressman, California 22nd 26-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
Mary McCarthy Author The Group 21-Jun-1912 25-Oct-1989 DEAD
Melissa McCarthy Actor Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls 26-Aug-1970 TBD ADD
Michael R. McCarthy Business The McCarthy Group 27-Aug-1951 TBD ADD
Mike McCarthy Football Head Coach, Green Bay Packers 10-Nov-1963 TBD ADD
Sheila McCarthy Actor Sarah Cunningham on Little Mosque 27-Jan-1956 TBD ADD
Thomas McCarthy Actor The Station Agent 30-Jan-1966 TBD ADD
Bill McCartney Football Colorado Coach, Promise Keeper 22-Aug-1940 TBD ADD
Ian McCartney Politician British MP, Makerfield 25-Apr-1951 TBD ADD
Jesse McCartney Singer Bradin Westerly on Summerland 09-Apr-1987 TBD ADD
Linda McCartney Musician Beatle wife and photographer 24-Sep-1941 17-Apr-1998 DEAD
Paul McCartney Musician Beatle 18-Jun-1942 TBD ADD
Stella McCartney Fashion Designer Fashion designer, daughter of Beatle 13-Sep-1971 TBD ADD
Daniel T. McCarty Politician Governor of Florida, 1953 18-Jan-1912 28-Sep-1953 DEAD
Claire McCaskill Politician US Senator from Missouri 24-Jul-1953 TBD ADD
Betsy McCaughey Politician Lt. Governor of New York, 1995-98 20-Oct-1948 TBD ADD
Gerald T. McCaughey Business CEO of CIBC 1956 TBD ADD
Michael McCaul Politician Congressman, Texas 10th 14-Jan-1962 TBD ADD
Peter McCausland Business CEO of Airgas 1949 TBD ADD
Craig McCaw Business Billionaire, Nextel 11-Aug-1949 TBD ADD
Susan McCaw Diplomat US Ambassador to Austria, 2005-07 1962 TBD ADD
Wendy McCaw Philanthropist Billionaire 1951 TBD ADD
Peggy McCay Actor Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives 03-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Robert W. McChesney Author Rich Media, Poor Democracy 1955 TBD ADD
Stanley McChrystal Military Cmdr., US Forces Afghanistan, 2009-10 14-Aug-1954 TBD ADD
China Anne McClain Actor Chyna Parks on A.N.T. Farm 25-Aug-1998 TBD ADD
David M. McClanahan Business CEO of CenterPoint Energy 1949 TBD ADD
Rue McClanahan Actor Blanche on The Golden Girls 21-Feb-1934 03-Jun-2010 DEAD
Joseph W. McClanathan Business President of Energizer Battery Div. 1953 TBD ADD
James McClatchy Publisher Former Chairman, McClatchy Newspapers 17-Dec-1920 26-May-2006 DEAD
Kevin S. McClatchy Baseball CEO of the Pittsburgh Pirates, 1996-2007 13-Jan-1963 TBD ADD
William B. McClatchy Business Index Investing LLC 1962 TBD ADD
Ferrell P. McClean Business JP Morgan Global Energy Group 1947 TBD ADD
Murray R. McClean Business CEO of Commercial Metals 1949 TBD ADD
George B. McClellan, Jr. Politician Mayor of New York City, 1904-09 23-Nov-1865 30-Nov-1940 DEAD
George B. McClellan Military Union Army General 03-Dec-1826 29-Oct-1885 DEAD
John L. McClellan Politician US Senator from Arkansas, 1943-77 25-Feb-1896 28-Nov-1977 DEAD
Mark McClellan Government Medicare Chief 26-Jun-1963 TBD ADD
Scott McClellan Government White House Press Secretary, 2003-06 14-Feb-1968 TBD ADD
George D. McClelland Business United Asset Management Corporation 1946 TBD ADD
W. Craig McClelland Business CEO of Union Camp, 1994-99 21-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Aubrey K. McClendon Business CEO of Chesapeake Energy, 1989-2013 14-Jul-1959 02-Mar-2016 DEAD
Charles McClendon Football LSU Head Coach, 1962-79 17-Oct-1923 06-Dec-2001 DEAD
Sarah McClendon Journalist White House Reporter FDR to GWB 08-Jul-1910 08-Jan-2003 DEAD
John Alexander McClernand Military Union General and Congressman 30-May-1812 20-Sep-1900 DEAD
Barbara McClintock Scientist Discovered transposable genes 16-Jun-1902 02-Sep-1992 DEAD
Robert McClintock Diplomat US Ambassador to Venezuela, 1970-75 30-Aug-1909 1976 DEAD
Tom McClintock Politician Congressman, California 4th 10-Jul-1956 TBD ADD
Robert McClory Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1963-83 31-Jan-1908 24-Jul-1988 DEAD
Sean McClory Actor The Quiet Man 08-Mar-1924 10-Dec-2003 DEAD
Frank McCloskey Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1983-95 12-Jun-1939 02-Nov-2003 DEAD
Leigh McCloskey Actor Mitch Cooper on Dallas 21-Jun-1955 TBD ADD
Pete McCloskey Politician Congressman from California, 1967-83 29-Sep-1927 TBD ADD
Robert J. McCloskey Diplomat US Ambassador to Greece, 1978-81 25-Nov-1922 1996 DEAD
Scott McCloud Cartoonist Understanding Comics 10-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Sean McCloud Educator Making the American Religious Fringe 1978 TBD ADD
John J. McCloy Military World Bank, Warren Commission 31-Mar-1895 11-Mar-1989 DEAD
James A. McClung Business Former VP at FMC 1938 TBD ADD
Bryton McClure Actor The Young and the Restless 17-Aug-1986 TBD ADD
Charles G. McClure Business CEO of ArvinMeritor 1953 TBD ADD
Dave McClure Business Prominent angel investor, 500 Startups 1966 TBD ADD
Doug McClure Actor Trampas in The Virginian 11-May-1935 05-Feb-1995 DEAD
James McClure Novelist British mystery novelist 09-Oct-1939 TBD ADD
James A. McClure Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1973-91 27-Dec-1924 26-Feb-2011 DEAD
Jessica McClure Victim Baby Jessica, rescued from well 26-Mar-1986 TBD ADD
Marc McClure Actor Superman: The Movie 31-Mar-1957 TBD ADD
Michael McClure Poet The Blossom; or Billy the Kid 20-Oct-1932 TBD ADD
Tane McClure Actor Actress/Daughter of Doug McClure 08-Jun-1959 TBD ADD
E. Vane McClurg Attorney Former Partner, Hahn McClurg 1942 TBD ADD
Edie McClurg Actor Ferris Bueller's Day Off 23-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Donnie McClurkin Singer Gospel singer, former homosexual 09-Nov-1959 TBD ADD
John Y. McCollister Politician Congressman from Nebraska, 1971-77 10-Jun-1921 01-Nov-2013 DEAD
W. Alan McCollough Business CEO of Circuit City, 2000-06 1950 TBD ADD
Betty McCollum Politician Congresswoman, Minnesota 4th 12-Jul-1954 TBD ADD
Bill McCollum Politician Attorney General of Florida, 2007-11 12-Jul-1944 TBD ADD
Heather McComb Actor Stay Tuned 02-Mar-1977 TBD ADD
William L. McComb Business CEO of Liz Claiborne 1963 TBD ADD
Red McCombs Business Car dealer, Co-Founder of Clear Channel 19-Oct-1927 TBD ADD
Matthew McConaughey Actor Contact 04-Nov-1969 TBD ADD
James L. McConaughy Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1947-48 21-Oct-1887 07-Mar-1948 DEAD
Walter P. McConaughy Diplomat US Ambassador to Taiwan, 1966-74 11-Sep-1908 10-Nov-2000 DEAD
John McCone Government CIA Director, 1961-65 04-Jan-1902 14-Feb-1991 DEAD
John M. McConnell Government Director of National Intelligence, 2007-09 26-Jul-1943 TBD ADD
John P. McConnell Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1965-69 07-Feb-1908 21-Nov-1986 DEAD
Michael W. McConnell Business Managing Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman 1942 TBD ADD
Michael W. McConnell Attorney Stanford Constitutional Law Center 18-May-1955 TBD ADD
Mitch McConnell Politician US Senator from Kentucky 20-Feb-1942 TBD ADD
Page McConnell Musician Keyboardist for Phish 17-May-1963 TBD ADD
Steve McConnell Computer Programmer Author of Code Complete 1963 TBD ADD
John McCook Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 20-Jun-1944 TBD ADD
Tommy McCook Musician Sax player for The Skatalites 03-Mar-1927 05-May-1998 DEAD
Robert J. McCool Business Former EVP at Mobil 1939 TBD ADD
AnnaLynne McCord Actor Naomi Clark on 90210 16-Jul-1987 TBD ADD
James W. McCord, Jr. Government Led the Watergate burglary 26-Jan-1924 TBD ADD
Jim Nance McCord Politician Governor of Tennessee, 1945-49 17-Mar-1879 02-Sep-1968 DEAD
Kent McCord Actor Officer Jim Reed on Adam 12 26-Sep-1942 TBD ADD
Douglas H. McCorkindale Business CEO of Gannett, 2000-05 1939 TBD ADD
Catherine McCormack Actor A Sound of Thunder 01-Jan-1972 TBD ADD
Eric McCormack Actor Will Truman on Will & Grace 18-Apr-1963 TBD ADD
John McCormack Singer Operatic tenor, Irish balladeer 14-Jun-1884 16-Sep-1945 DEAD
John W. McCormack Politician Speaker of the House, 1962-70 21-Dec-1891 22-Nov-1980 DEAD
Mary McCormack Actor Kate Harper on The West Wing 08-Feb-1969 TBD ADD
Mike McCormack Football NFL Hall of Famer, coach 21-Jun-1930 15-Nov-2013 DEAD
Patty McCormack Actor The Bad Seed 21-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Richard T. McCormack Diplomat US Ambassador to the OAS, 1985-89 06-Mar-1941 TBD ADD
Robert C. McCormack Business Former Partner, Trident Capital, Inc. 1942 TBD ADD
Sean McCormack Government State Department Spokesman, 2005-09 1964 TBD ADD
Cyrus McCormick Inventor Invented grain harvester 15-Feb-1809 13-May-1884 DEAD
Maureen McCormick Actor Marcia on The Brady Bunch 05-Aug-1956 TBD ADD
Pat McCormick Comic Smokey and the Bandit 30-Jun-1927 29-Jul-2005 DEAD
Richard D. McCormick Business CEO of US West, 1992-98 04-Jul-1940 TBD ADD
Richard L. McCormick Educator President, Rutgers University 26-Dec-1947 TBD ADD
Robert McCormick Business Xenophobe in the Tribune Tower 30-Jul-1880 01-Apr-1955 DEAD
Sierra McCormick Actor Olive Doyle on A.N.T. Farm 28-Oct-1997 TBD ADD
William P. McCormick Diplomat US Ambassador to New Zealand 18-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
William T. McCormick, Jr. Business CEO of CMS Energy, 1985-2002 1944 TBD ADD
Norma McCorvey Activist Jane Roe, of Roe v. Wade 22-Sep-1947 18-Feb-2017 DEAD
Thaddeus McCotter Politician Congressman from Michigan, 2003-12 22-Aug-1965 TBD ADD
Frank McCourt Author Angela's Ashes 19-Aug-1930 19-Jul-2009 DEAD
Malachy McCourt Actor Father Meehan on Oz 20-Sep-1931 TBD ADD
Willie McCovey Baseball 521 homers, 18 grand slams 10-Jan-1938 TBD ADD
Alec McCowen Actor English Shakespearean actor 26-May-1925 06-Feb-2017 DEAD
Dan McCoy Comic Daily Show writer, Flop House podcast 19-Jun-1978 TBD ADD
Deborah L. McCoy Business Former Continental Airlines executive ? TBD ADD
Drew R. McCoy Historian The Elusive Republic 1949 TBD ADD
Dustan E. McCoy Business CEO of Brunswick 1950 TBD ADD
John B. McCoy Business CEO of Bank One, 1987-99 11-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
John G. McCoy Business CEO of Bank One, 1958-84 30-Jan-1913 04-Apr-2010 DEAD
Matt McCoy Actor The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 20-May-1958 TBD ADD
Robert S. McCoy, Jr. Business Former Wachovia Vice Chairman 1939 TBD ADD
Sandra McCoy Actor Cry Wolf 14-Aug-1979 TBD ADD
Sylvester McCoy Actor 7th Doctor on Doctor Who 20-Aug-1943 TBD ADD
Tim McCoy Actor Aces and Eights 10-Apr-1891 29-Jan-1978 DEAD
Travie McCoy Singer Lead singer, Gym Class Heroes 05-Aug-1981 TBD ADD
Van McCoy Musician The Hustle 06-Jan-1940 06-Jul-1979 DEAD
Bert McCracken Singer Frontman of The Used 25-Feb-1982 TBD ADD
Craig McCracken Film/TV Producer Creator, The Powerpuff Girls 1971 TBD ADD
Edward R. McCracken Business CEO of Silicon Graphics, 1984-98 1944 TBD ADD
James McCracken Singer Operatic tenor, Otello 16-Dec-1926 30-Apr-1988 DEAD
Paul W. McCracken Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1969-71 29-Dec-1915 03-Aug-2012 DEAD
Steven R. McCracken Business CEO of Owens-Illinois, 2004-06 1953 07-Feb-2008 DEAD
Paul McCrane Actor Dr. Robert Romano on ER 19-Jan-1961 TBD ADD
Charles D. McCrary Business CEO of Alabama Power Company 1951 TBD ADD
Darius McCrary Actor Eddie Winslow on Family Matters 01-May-1976 TBD ADD
Warren T. McCray Politician Governor of Indiana, 1921-24 04-Feb-1865 19-Dec-1938 DEAD
Joel McCrea Actor Ride the High Country 05-Nov-1905 20-Oct-1990 DEAD
Connie McCready Politician Mayor of Portland Oregon, 1979-81 21-Aug-1921 22-Dec-2000 DEAD
Mike McCready Musician Pearl Jam 05-Apr-1965 TBD ADD
Mindy McCready Country Music Singer Troubled country music singer 30-Nov-1975 17-Feb-2013 DEAD
Wade H. McCree Judge US Solicitor General, 1977-81 03-Jul-1920 30-Aug-1987 DEAD
Scotty McCreery Singer Winner, 10th Season American Idol 09-Oct-1993 TBD ADD
Charlie McCreevy Politician EU Commissioner, Internal Market and Services 30-Sep-1948 TBD ADD
Jim McCrery Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1989-2009 18-Sep-1949 TBD ADD
Helen McCrory Actor The Queen 17-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Patrick McCrory Politician Governor of North Carolina 17-Oct-1956 TBD ADD
John McCuish Politician Governor of Kansas, 1957 22-Jun-1906 12-Mar-1962 DEAD
Declan McCullagh Journalist CNET Senior Editor 1971 TBD ADD
Carson McCullers Author The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 19-Feb-1917 29-Sep-1967 DEAD
Bruce McCulloch Actor The Kids in the Hall 12-May-1961 TBD ADD
Hugh McCulloch Government Twice US Treasury Secretary 07-Dec-1808 24-May-1895 DEAD
Ian McCulloch Singer/Songwriter Echo and the Bunnymen 05-May-1959 TBD ADD
Colleen McCullough Novelist The Thorn Birds 01-Jun-1937 29-Jan-2015 DEAD
David McCullough Historian The American Experience 07-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Gary E. McCullough Business CEO of Career Education 1958 TBD ADD
Henry McCullough Guitarist Guitarist for Joe Cocker and Wings 21-Jul-1943 14-Jun-2016 DEAD
Julie McCullough Actor Playboy centerfold, actress 30-Jan-1965 TBD ADD
Kimberly McCullough Actor Robin Scorpio on General Hospital 05-Mar-1978 TBD ADD
R. Michael McCullough Business CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton, 1984-92 ? TBD ADD
Dave McCurdy Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 1981-95 30-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
Jennette McCurdy Actor Sam on iCarly 26-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Larry W. McCurdy Business CEO of Moog Automotive, 1985-94 1935 TBD ADD
Mike McCurry Government White House Press Secretary, 1994-98 21-Dec-1954 TBD ADD
John J. McCusker Historian The Economy of British America, 1607-1789 12-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
George Barr McCutcheon Novelist Brewster's Millions 26-Jul-1866 23-Oct-1928 DEAD
Dustin McDaniel Attorney Attorney General of Arkansas 29-Apr-1972 TBD ADD
Hattie McDaniel Actor Mammy in Gone with the Wind 10-Jun-1893 26-Oct-1952 DEAD
James McDaniel Actor Lt. Arthur Fancy on NYPD Blue 25-Mar-1958 TBD ADD
John P. McDaniel Business MedStar Health 1942 TBD ADD
Myra McDaniel Attorney Texas Secretary of State, 1984-87 13-Dec-1932 25-Feb-2010 DEAD
Josh McDaniels Football Denver Broncos coach, 2009-10 22-Apr-1976 TBD ADD
Dean McDermott Actor Constable Turnbull on Due South 16-Nov-1966 TBD ADD
Dylan McDermott Actor Bobby Donnell on The Practice 26-Oct-1961 TBD ADD
Hugh McDermott Actor The Seventh Veil 20-Mar-1906 29-Jan-1972 DEAD
James McDermott Politician Congressman, Washington 7th 28-Dec-1936 TBD ADD
Michael McDermott Criminal Mucko killed seven coworkers 04-Sep-1958 TBD ADD
Thomas C. McDermott Business COO of Bausch and Lomb, 1986-93 1936 TBD ADD
Jack McDevitt Novelist Academy Universe 14-Apr-1935 TBD ADD
Ruth McDevitt Actor Pistols 'n' Petticoats 13-Sep-1895 27-May-1976 DEAD
Ian McDiarmid Actor Emperor Palpatine 11-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
James A. McDivitt Astronaut Commander, Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 10-Jun-1929 TBD ADD
Audra McDonald Actor A Raisin in the Sun 03-Jul-1970 TBD ADD
Bruce McDonald Film Director The Tracey Fragments 28-May-1959 TBD ADD
Christopher McDonald Actor Happy Gilmore 15-Feb-1955 TBD ADD
Country Joe McDonald Musician Country Joe and the Fish 01-Jan-1942 TBD ADD
Dick McDonald Business Co-Founder of McDonald's 16-Feb-1909 14-Jul-1998 DEAD
Forrest McDonald Historian We The People: The Economic Origins of the Constitution 07-Jan-1927 19-Jan-2016 DEAD
Frank McDonald Film Director One Body Too Many 09-Nov-1899 08-Mar-1980 DEAD
Gabrielle K. McDonald Judge US District Court Judge, Texas, 1979-88 12-Apr-1942 TBD ADD
Ian McDonald Musician King Crimson 25-Jun-1946 TBD ADD
Jack H. McDonald Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1967-73 28-Jun-1932 TBD ADD
James F. McDonald Business CEO of Scientific-Atlanta, 1993-2006 1940 TBD ADD
James S. McDonald Business CEO of Rockefeller & Co. 26-Jan-1953 12-Sep-2009 DEAD
Kevin McDonald Actor The Kids in the Hall 16-May-1961 TBD ADD
Larry McDonald Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1975-83 01-Apr-1935 01-Sep-1983 DEAD
Mackey J. McDonald Business CEO of VF Corporation, 1996-2008 01-Nov-1946 TBD ADD
Maurice McDonald Business Co-Founder of McDonald's 26-Nov-1902 11-Dec-1971 DEAD
Michael McDonald Comic MADtv 31-Dec-1964 TBD ADD
Michael McDonald Musician White pop/soul vocalist 12-Feb-1952 TBD ADD
Miriam McDonald Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 26-Jul-1987 TBD ADD
Robert A. McDonald Business US Secretary of Veterans Affairs 20-Jun-1953 TBD ADD
Tommy McDonald Football NFL Hall of Famer 26-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Wesley L. McDonald Military Led 1983 invasion of Grenada 06-Jul-1924 08-Feb-2008 DEAD
William J. McDonald Attorney Chief Lawyer at Union Pacific, 1969-89 1928 19-Feb-1990 DEAD
William J. McDonald Business EVP at Capital One 1956 TBD ADD
Bob McDonnell Politician Governor of Virginia, 2010-14 15-Jun-1954 TBD ADD
James S. McDonnell Business Founder of McDonnell Aircraft Co. 09-Apr-1899 22-Aug-1980 DEAD
John F. McDonnell Business CEO of McDonnell-Douglas, 1988-94 18-Mar-1938 TBD ADD
Mary McDonnell Actor Stands With A Fist 28-Apr-1952 TBD ADD
Alexa McDonough Politician Leader of Canada's NDP, 1995-2003 11-Aug-1944 TBD ADD
Denis McDonough Government White House Chief of Staff, 2013-17 02-Dec-1969 TBD ADD
Frank McDonough Historian Appeasement and the British Road to War 17-Apr-1957 TBD ADD
James D. McDonough Attorney General Counsel, Sun-Times Media Group 1959 TBD ADD
Mary Beth McDonough Actor Erin Walton on The Waltons 04-May-1961 TBD ADD
Neal McDonough Actor Medical Investigation, Boomtown 13-Feb-1966 TBD ADD
William McDonough Architect Environmentalist Architect 20-Feb-1951 TBD ADD
William J. McDonough Business President of New York Fed, 1993-2003 1934 TBD ADD
Jake McDorman Actor Evan on Greek 08-Jul-1986 TBD ADD
Frances McDormand Actor Fargo and Wonder Boys 23-Jun-1957 TBD ADD
Susan McDougal Criminal Whitewater scandal 1955 TBD ADD
Ronald A. McDougall Business Brinker International, 1983-2004 12-Aug-1942 TBD ADD
William McDougall Psychologist An Introduction to Social Psychology 22-Jun-1871 28-Nov-1938 DEAD
Roddy McDowall Actor Planet of the Apes 17-Sep-1928 03-Oct-1998 DEAD
Ephraim McDowell Doctor Performed the first ovariotomy 11-Nov-1771 25-Jun-1830 DEAD
Graeme McDowell Golf Winner, 2010 US Open 30-Jul-1979 TBD ADD
Irvin McDowell Military Defeated at First Battle of Bull Run 15-Oct-1818 04-May-1885 DEAD
John McDowell Philosopher Mind and World 07-Mar-1942 TBD ADD
Josh McDowell Religion Evidence That Demands A Verdict 17-Aug-1939 TBD ADD
Malcolm McDowell Actor A Clockwork Orange 13-Jun-1943 TBD ADD
George McDuffie Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1834-36 1788 11-Mar-1851 DEAD
Nancy E. McEldowney Diplomat US Ambassador to Bulgaria 1959 TBD ADD
Douglas L. McElhaney Diplomat US Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2004-07 ? TBD ADD
Hugh McElhenny Football NFL Hall of Fame Running Back 31-Dec-1928 TBD ADD
Natascha McElhone Actor The Truman Show 14-Dec-1971 TBD ADD
Joseph McElroy Novelist Lookout Cartridge 21-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Neil H. McElroy Government US Secretary of Defense, 1957-59 30-Oct-1904 30-Nov-1972 DEAD
Terry L. McElroy Business McLane Grocery Distribution 1949 TBD ADD
William D. McElroy Biologist Bioluminescence 22-Jan-1917 17-Feb-1999 DEAD
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Business Chairman, American Red Cross ? TBD ADD
Ross McElwee Film Director Idiosyncratic documentary filmmaker 21-Jul-1947 TBD ADD
John McEnery Actor Romeo and Juliet 01-Nov-1943 TBD ADD
Tom McEnery Politician Mayor of San Jose, 1983-90 1949 TBD ADD
John McEnroe Tennis Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles 16-Feb-1959 TBD ADD
John McEntire Drummer Tortoise 1970 TBD ADD
Reba McEntire Country Musician The Queen of Country Music 28-Mar-1955 TBD ADD
Vincent McEveety Film Director Herbie Goes Bananas 10-Aug-1929 TBD ADD
Geraldine McEwan Actor Mapp & Lucia 09-May-1932 30-Jan-2015 DEAD
Ian McEwan Novelist Amsterdam 21-Jun-1948 TBD ADD
Bob McEwen Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1981-93 12-Jan-1950 TBD ADD
John McEwen Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1967-68 29-Mar-1900 20-Nov-1980 DEAD
Cynthia McFadden Journalist Primetime Live 27-May-1956 TBD ADD
Daniel L. McFadden Economist Statistical analysis of individual and household behavior 29-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Gates McFadden Actor Dr. Crusher on Star Trek: TNG 02-Mar-1949 TBD ADD
F. Warren McFarlan Educator Baker Foundation Professor 1937 TBD ADD
Duncan M. McFarland Business Wellington Management Company 1939 TBD ADD
Ernest W. McFarland Politician Governor of Arizona, 1955-59 09-Oct-1894 08-Jun-1984 DEAD
K. T. McFarland Government Deputy National Security Advisor 22-Jul-1951 TBD ADD
Kay McFarland Judge Kansas Chief Justice, 1995-2009 20-Jul-1935 18-Aug-2015 DEAD
Michael C. McFarland Educator President, College of the Holy Cross 1948 TBD ADD
Spanky McFarland Actor The Little Rascals 02-Oct-1928 30-Jun-1993 DEAD
Bud McFarlane Government Iran-Contra figure 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
John S. McFarlane Business Former Sun Microsystems executive 1948 TBD ADD
Todd McFarlane Cartoonist Spawn 16-Mar-1961 TBD ADD
Michael McFaul Diplomat US Ambassador to Russia, 2012-14 01-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Bobby McFerrin Singer/Songwriter Don't Worry, Be Happy 11-Mar-1950 TBD ADD
McG Film Director Charlie's Angels 09-Aug-1968 TBD ADD
Edward McGaffigan Government NRC Commissioner, 1996-2007 08-Dec-1948 02-Sep-2007 DEAD
John McGahern Novelist Amongst Women 12-Nov-1934 30-Mar-2006 DEAD
Donald F. McGahn Attorney Trump White House Counsel 16-Jun-1968 TBD ADD
Paul McGann Actor 8th Doctor on Doctor Who 14-Nov-1959 TBD ADD
Blythe J. McGarvie Business CFO of Bic, 1999-2002 1957 TBD ADD
Darren McGavin Actor A Christmas Story 07-May-1922 25-Feb-2006 DEAD
Roderick C. McGeary Business Chairman of BearingPoint 1950 TBD ADD
Gale W. McGee Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1959-77 17-Mar-1915 09-Apr-1992 DEAD
Harold McGee Author On Food and Cooking 1951 TBD ADD
Henry McGee Business President of HBO Video 1954 TBD ADD
Jack McGee Actor Chief Jerry Reilly on Rescue Me 02-Feb-1949 TBD ADD
James D. McGee Diplomat US Ambassador to Zimbabwe 1949 TBD ADD
Max McGee Football Former WR, Green Bay Packers 16-Jul-1932 20-Oct-2007 DEAD
Vonetta McGee Actor Blacula 14-Jan-1940 09-Jul-2010 DEAD
Robert B. McGehee Business CEO of Progress Energy, 2004-07 1943 09-Oct-2007 DEAD
John McGeoch Musician Siouxsie and the Banshees guitarist 28-May-1955 04-Mar-2004 DEAD
Don W. McGeorge Business President and COO of Kroger 1955 TBD ADD
George C. McGhee Diplomat US Ambassador to Germany, 1963-68 1912 04-Jul-2005 DEAD
Heather C. McGhee Activist President of Demos 1979 TBD ADD
Carola McGiffert Government Center for Strategic & International Studies ? TBD ADD
Bruce McGill Actor Character actor, Animal House 11-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Everett McGill Actor Big Ed from Twin Peaks 21-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Terrance L. McGill Business President of Enbridge Energy Partners 1955 TBD ADD
Paul McGillion Actor Dr. Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis 05-Jan-1969 TBD ADD
Kelly McGillis Actor Love interest in Top Gun 09-Jul-1957 TBD ADD
Caleb McGillvary Criminal Defendant Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker 03-Sep-1988 TBD ADD
John C. McGinley Actor Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs 03-Aug-1959 TBD ADD
Phyllis McGinley Poet A Pocketful of Wry 21-Mar-1905 22-Feb-1978 DEAD
Ted McGinley Actor Married with Children 30-May-1958 TBD ADD
Bernard McGinn Theologian The Presence of God 19-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Michael McGinn Politician Mayor of Seattle, 2010-13 17-Dec-1959 TBD ADD
Richard A. McGinn Business CEO of Lucent, 1996-2000 1947 TBD ADD
John McGiver Actor Midnight Cowboy 05-Nov-1913 09-Sep-1975 DEAD
Arthur A. McGiverin Judge Iowa Chief Justice, 1987-2000 10-Nov-1928 TBD ADD
John E. McGlade Business CEO of Air Products 1955 TBD ADD
Margaret G. McGlynn Business President, Vaccine Division, Merck 16-Sep-1959 TBD ADD
Richard B. McGlynn Attorney LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae 1938 TBD ADD
William McGonagall Poet The Tay Bridge Disaster 1825 29-Sep-1902 DEAD
Patrick McGoohan Actor Number Six on The Prisoner 19-Mar-1928 13-Jan-2009 DEAD
Matt McGorry Actor Asher Millstone on How to Get Away with Murder 12-Apr-1986 TBD ADD
Elizabeth McGovern Actor Cora on Downton Abbey 18-Jul-1961 TBD ADD
Gail J. McGovern Business Professor of Marketing, HBS 1952 TBD ADD
George McGovern Politician US Senator from South Dakota, 1963-81 19-Jul-1922 21-Oct-2012 DEAD
James McGovern Politician Congressman, Massachusetts 3rd 20-Nov-1959 TBD ADD
James F. McGovern Business Parsons Corp. ? TBD ADD
Maureen McGovern Singer The Morning After 27-Jul-1949 TBD ADD
Gerald S. McGowan Attorney US Ambassador to Portugal, 1998-2001 03-Sep-1946 TBD ADD
J. P. McGowan Actor Somewhere in Sonora 24-Feb-1880 26-Mar-1952 DEAD
Rose McGowan Actor Paige Matthews on Charmed 05-Sep-1973 TBD ADD
Tom McGowan Actor Kenny Daly on Frasier 26-Jul-1959 TBD ADD
Michael McGrady Actor Det. Salinger on Southland 30-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Tracy McGrady Basketball All-Star NBA forward 24-May-1979 TBD ADD
James P. McGranery Government US Attorney General, 1952-53 08-Jul-1895 23-Dec-1962 DEAD
Alice McGrath Activist Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee 05-Apr-1917 27-Nov-2009 DEAD
Eugene R. McGrath Business CEO of Consolidated Edison, 1997-2005 1942 TBD ADD
Frank McGrath Actor Charlie Wooster on Wagon Train 02-Feb-1903 13-May-1967 DEAD
J. Howard McGrath Government US Attorney General, 1949-52 28-Nov-1903 02-Sep-1966 DEAD
Joseph W. McGrath Business CEO of Unisys 1952 TBD ADD
Mark McGrath Musician Frontman for Sugar Ray 15-Mar-1968 TBD ADD
Roland McGrath Computer Programmer Founder, GNU C Library 1972 TBD ADD
Charles McGraw Actor Armored Car Robbery 10-May-1914 30-Jul-1980 DEAD
Harold McGraw III Business CEO of McGraw-Hill 1948 TBD ADD
Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Business Chairman of McGraw-Hill, 1968-88 10-Jan-1918 24-Mar-2010 DEAD
James H. McGraw Publisher Co-Founder of the McGraw-Hill Companies 17-Dec-1860 21-Feb-1948 DEAD
John McGraw Baseball NY Giants manager for 30 years 07-Apr-1873 25-Feb-1934 DEAD
Melinda McGraw Actor Cyd Madison on The Commish 25-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Robert P. McGraw Business Former EVP, McGraw-Hill 1955 TBD ADD
Tim McGraw Country Musician Not a Moment Too Soon 01-May-1967 TBD ADD
Tug McGraw Baseball Pitcher for Mets, Phillies 30-Aug-1944 05-Jan-2004 DEAD
James McGreevey Politician Governor of New Jersey, 2002-04 06-Aug-1957 TBD ADD
Conor McGregor Martial Arts UFC Lightweight Champion 14-Jul-1988 TBD ADD
Ewan McGregor Actor Trainspotting 31-Mar-1971 TBD ADD
Ruth V. McGregor Judge Arizona Chief Justice 1943 TBD ADD
Scott A. McGregor Business CEO of Broadcom 1957 TBD ADD
Mary McGrory Journalist Pulitzer Prize-winning Liberal Icon 22-Aug-1918 21-Apr-2004 DEAD
Matthew McGrory Actor Big Fish 17-May-1973 09-Aug-2005 DEAD
Aaron McGruder Cartoonist Boondocks comic strip 29-May-1974 TBD ADD
Thomas McGuane Novelist The Sporting Club 11-Dec-1939 TBD ADD
Martin G. McGuinn Business CEO of Mellon Financial, 1999-2006 1942 TBD ADD
Roger McGuinn Musician Singer/guitarist for The Byrds 13-Jul-1942 TBD ADD
Martin McGuinness Politician Politician, former IRA gunman 23-May-1950 21-Mar-2017 DEAD
Dalton McGuinty Politician Premier of Ontario 19-Jul-1955 TBD ADD
David McGuinty Politician Canadian MP, Ottawa South 25-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Biff McGuire Actor Serpico 25-Oct-1926 TBD ADD
Dick McGuire Basketball NBA Hall-of-Famer, New York Knicks 26-Jan-1926 03-Feb-2010 DEAD
Dorothy McGuire Actor A Summer Place 14-Jun-1916 13-Sep-2001 DEAD
Frank McGuire Basketball NCAA Basketball Coach 08-Nov-1914 11-Nov-1994 DEAD
Raymond J. McGuire Business Citigroup M&A executive 1957 TBD ADD
Robert J. McGuire Law Enforcement NYC Police Commissioner, 1978-83 1937 TBD ADD
William W. McGuire Business CEO of UnitedHealth, 1992-2006 1948 TBD ADD
Terry McGuirk Business TBS Vice Chair, Atlanta Braves President 1951 TBD ADD
William McGurn Government Chief speechwriter for Bush, 2005-08 04-Dec-1958 TBD ADD
Mark McGwire Baseball 583 home runs 01-Oct-1963 TBD ADD
Joel McHale TV Personality The Soup 20-Nov-1971 TBD ADD
Judith A. McHale Business President of Discovery Channel, 1995-2006 1946 TBD ADD
Kevin McHale Basketball Boston Celtic, Hall of Famer 19-Dec-1957 TBD ADD
Kevin McHale Actor Artie Abrams on Glee 14-Jun-1988 TBD ADD
Paul F. McHale Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1993-99 26-Jul-1950 TBD ADD
Stephen McHattie Actor Cold Squad 03-Feb-1947 TBD ADD
Donald F. McHenry Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN, 1979-81 13-Oct-1936 TBD ADD
Keith McHenry Activist Food Not Bombs 1957 TBD ADD
Patrick McHenry Politician Con