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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Don Adams Maxwell Smart on Get Smart 13-Apr-1926 30-Aug-2004 25-Sep-2005 DEAD
2 Red Buttons They Shoot Horses Don't They? 05-Feb-1919 30-Aug-2004 13-Jul-2006 DEAD
3 Stephen Hawking Wheelchair-bound physicist 08-Jan-1942 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
4 Courtney Love Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole 09-Jul-1964 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
5 Charlotte Rae Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life 22-Apr-1926 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
6 Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses 19-Jun-1947 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
7 Abe Vigoda Fish on Barney Miller (not dead yet) 24-Feb-1921 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
8 Christopher Walken The Dead Zone 31-Mar-1943 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
9 Gene Wilder Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 11-Jun-1933 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD
10 Ayman al-Zawahiri Founder, Islamic Jihad 19-Jun-1951 30-Aug-2004 TBD ADD

Player name: odd_rob
Hometown: springfield,mo
Registered: 30-Aug-2004
Game ended: 30-Aug-2005

The Rotten Dead Pool is open to the public free of charge. You can start playing immediately. See the Rotten Dead Pool home page and game rules for more information.

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