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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Dick Cheney Dubya's VP, ex-CEO of Halliburton 30-Jan-1941 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
2 Michael J. Fox Back to the Future 09-Jun-1961 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
3 Queen Latifah Rapper, Actress 18-Mar-1970 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
4 Geddy Lee Bassist for Rush 29-Jul-1953 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
5 Lemmy Bassist for Motorhead 24-Dec-1945 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
6 Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 23-Apr-1954 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
7 Paul Newman Salad dressing magnate 26-Jan-1925 11-Jun-2006 26-Sep-2008 DEAD
8 Debbie Reynolds Dancer, actress 01-Apr-1932 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
9 Varg Vikernes Norwegian black metallurgist 11-Feb-1973 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD
10 Moon Unit Zappa Daughter of Frank Zappa 28-Sep-1967 11-Jun-2006 TBD ADD

Player name: zamion
Hometown: carson
Registered: 11-Jun-2006
Game ended: 11-Jun-2007

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