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1 Walter Cronkite America's most trusted newscaster 04-Nov-1916 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
2 Mike D Beastie Boys 20-Nov-1965 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
3 Kirk Douglas Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
4 Queen Elizabeth II Queen of England, 1952- 21-Apr-1926 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
5 Dennis Hopper Apocalypse Now 17-May-1936 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
6 Jerry Lewis The French can have him 16-Mar-1926 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
7 Walter Salles The Motorcycle Diaries 12-Apr-1956 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
8 Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra 27-Feb-1932 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD
9 Ayman al-Zawahiri Founder, Islamic Jihad 19-Jun-1951 03-Apr-2005 TBD ADD

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