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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Prince Bernhard Prince of the Netherlands 29-Jun-1911 24-Sep-2004 01-Dec-2004 DEAD
2 Jerry Falwell Television evangelist 11-Aug-1933 24-Sep-2004 15-May-2007 DEAD
3 Saddam Hussein President of Iraq, 1979-2003 28-Apr-1937 24-Sep-2004 30-Dec-2006 DEAD*
4 Kim Jong Il Dictator of North Korea 16-Feb-1941 24-Sep-2004 TBD ADD
5 Rosemary Kennedy Kennedy sibling, institutionalized 13-Sep-1918 24-Sep-2004 07-Jan-2005 DEAD
6 Mike Love The Beach Boys 15-Mar-1941 24-Sep-2004 TBD ADD
7 Loretta Lynn Coal Miner's Daughter 14-Apr-1932 24-Sep-2004 TBD ADD
8 Rosa Parks Wouldn't sit in the back of the bus 04-Feb-1913 24-Sep-2004 24-Oct-2005 DEAD
9 Fred Phelps Convinced that God hates fags 13-Nov-1929 24-Sep-2004 TBD ADD
10 Terri Schiavo Human vegetable, 1990-2005 03-Dec-1963 24-Sep-2004 31-Mar-2005 DEAD

Player name: n_marshall88
Hometown: Tennessee
Registered: 24-Sep-2004
Game ended: 24-Sep-2005
* No score: Executed by the state. See Rule 2.

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