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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Tammy Faye Bakker Wife of Jim Bakker 07-Mar-1942 22-May-2007 20-Jul-2007 DEAD
2 Raymond Barre Prime Minister of France, 1976-81 12-Apr-1924 22-May-2007 23-Aug-2007 DEAD
3 Estelle Getty The Golden Girls 25-Jul-1923 22-May-2007 22-Jul-2008 DEAD
4 Augustus F. Hawkins Congressman from California, 1963-91 31-Aug-1907 22-May-2007 10-Nov-2007 DEAD
5 Lee Hazlewood Cowboy in Sweden 09-Jul-1929 22-May-2007 04-Aug-2007 DEAD
6 Johannes Heesters Dutch/German film actor 05-Dec-1903 22-May-2007 TBD ADD
7 Charlton Heston The Ten Commandments 04-Oct-1923 22-May-2007 05-Apr-2008 DEAD
8 Fred Saberhagen Berserker series 18-May-1930 22-May-2007 29-Jun-2007 DEAD
9 Chuck Strahl Canadian Minister of Agriculture 25-Feb-1957 18-Jun-2007 TBD ADD
10 Kurt Waldheim UN Secretary General, 1972-82 21-Dec-1918 29-May-2007 14-Jun-2007 DEAD

Player name: Canadian_Paul
Hometown: Canada
Registered: 22-May-2007
Game ended: 21-May-2008

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