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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Buzz Aldrin Second man on the Moon 20-Jan-1930 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
2 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 12-Dec-1923 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
3 Yogi Berra New York Yankee malapropist 12-May-1925 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
4 Ernest Borgnine Marty 24-Jan-1917 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
5 Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles 22-Aug-1920 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
6 Fidel Castro Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
7 Dick Cheney Dubya's VP, ex-CEO of Halliburton 30-Jan-1941 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
8 Jeff Conaway Zack Allen on Babylon 5 05-Oct-1950 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
9 George Martin Beatles producer 03-Jan-1926 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD
10 Amy Winehouse Rehab 14-Sep-1983 27-Nov-2007 TBD ADD

Player name: iamabadpersonnow
Hometown: Georgia
Registered: 27-Nov-2007
Game ended: 26-Nov-2008

The Rotten Dead Pool is open to the public free of charge. You can start playing immediately. See the Rotten Dead Pool home page and game rules for more information.

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