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Player's Current Dead Pool Picks
1 Peter Agre Water channels of cell membranes 30-Jan-1949 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
2 Muhammad Ali Floated like butterfly, stung like bee 17-Jan-1942 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
3 Aldrich Ames CIA agent, divulged names to the Soviets 26-Mar-1941 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
4 Michael Anderson Logan's Run 30-Jan-1920 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
5 Vladimir Arutyunian Threw a grenade at George W. Bush 12-Mar-1978 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
6 Mitchell Baker Mozilla Foundation 1957 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
7 Ronald H. Coase Transactions costs and property rights 29-Dec-1910 25-Jun-2009 TBD ADD
8 Farrah Fawcett Original blonde on Charlie's Angels 02-Feb-1947 25-Jun-2009 25-Jun-2009 DEAD*
9 Miep Gies Sheltered the family of Anne Frank 15-Feb-1909 25-Jun-2009 11-Jan-2010 DEAD
10 Ed McMahon The Tonight Show 06-Mar-1923 23-Jun-2009 23-Jun-2009 DEAD**

Player name: iam1337master
Hometown: enfield
Registered: 23-Jun-2009
Current game ends: 23-Jun-2010
* Celebrity died before picked by player. See Rule III.
** Celebrity died before picked by player. See Rule III.

The Rotten Dead Pool is open to the public free of charge. You can start playing immediately. See the Rotten Dead Pool home page and game rules for more information.

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