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Hometown: Cleveland
Registered: 04-Mar-2005

1 George H.W. Bush 41st US President, 1989-93 12-Jun-1924 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
2 George W. Bush 43rd US President, 2001- 06-Jul-1946 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
3 Jimmy Carter 39th US President, 1977-81 01-Oct-1924 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
4 Bill Clinton 42nd US President, 1993-2001 19-Aug-1946 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
5 George Clinton Funkadelic 22-Jul-1940 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
6 Gerald Ford Pardoned Nixon 14-Jul-1913 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
7 Charles Manson Helter Skelter 12-Nov-1934 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
8 Dennis Rader Suspected BTK serial killer 09-Mar-1945 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD
9 Christopher Walken The Dead Zone 31-Mar-1943 04-Mar-2005 TBD ADD

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