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Nicola Abbagnano Philosopher Italian existentialist 15-Jul-1901 09-Sep-1990 DEAD
Stella Adler Actor Theater actress, Group Theater 10-Feb-1901 21-Dec-1992 DEAD
Mabel Albertson Actor Darrin's mother on Bewitched 24-Jul-1901 28-Sep-1982 DEAD
Princess Alice Royalty Late Duchess of Gloucester 25-Dec-1901 29-Oct-2004 DEAD
John Alton Cinematographer An American in Paris 05-Oct-1901 02-Jun-1996 DEAD
Regina M. Anderson Playwright Climbing Jacob's Ladder 21-May-1901 05-Feb-1993 DEAD
Louis Armstrong Jazz Musician Jazz trumpeter 04-Aug-1901 06-Jul-1971 DEAD
Claude Autant-Lara Film Director La traversée de Paris 05-Aug-1901 05-Feb-2000 DEAD
Fulgencio Batista Head of State Overthrown by Fidel Castro 16-Jan-1901 06-Aug-1973 DEAD
William S. Beardsley Politician Governor of Iowa, 1949-54 17-May-1901 21-Nov-1954 DEAD
Ed Begley, Sr. Actor Juror #10 in 12 Angry Men 25-Mar-1901 28-Apr-1970 DEAD
J. D. Bernal Physicist X-ray crystallography 10-May-1901 15-Sep-1971 DEAD
Ben Blue Actor The Big Broadcast of 1938 12-Sep-1901 07-Mar-1975 DEAD
Curt Bois Actor Pickpocket in Casablanca 05-Apr-1901 25-Dec-1991 DEAD
Chester Bowles Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1949-51 05-Apr-1901 25-May-1986 DEAD
Robert Bresson Film Director Une Femme Douce 25-Sep-1901 18-Dec-1999 DEAD
John Albert Carroll Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1957-63 30-Jul-1901 30-Aug-1983 DEAD
Barbara Cartland Author Wrote way too many romance novels 09-Jul-1901 21-May-2000 DEAD
Turner Catledge Journalist New York Times editor 17-Mar-1901 27-Apr-1983 DEAD
Whittaker Chambers Author Accuser of Alger Hiss 01-Apr-1901 09-Jul-1961 DEAD
Joseph Sill Clark Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1956-69 21-Oct-1901 21-Jan-1990 DEAD
Donald Cook Actor Viva Villa! 26-Sep-1901 01-Oct-1961 DEAD
Gary Cooper Actor High Noon 07-May-1901 14-May-1961 DEAD
John S. Cooper Politician US Senator from Kentucky 23-Aug-1901 21-Feb-1991 DEAD
Ruth Porter Crawford Musicologist Composer, musical ethnologist 03-Jul-1901 18-Nov-1953 DEAD
Lili Damita Actor The Bridge of San Luis Rey 19-Jul-1901 21-Mar-1994 DEAD
Bebe Daniels Actor 42nd Street 14-Jan-1901 16-Mar-1971 DEAD
Mildred Davis Actor Silent film actress 22-Feb-1901 18-Aug-1969 DEAD
Marlene Dietrich Actor The Blue Angel 27-Dec-1901 06-May-1992 DEAD
Walt Disney Business Founder of Disney empire 05-Dec-1901 15-Dec-1966 DEAD
Brian Donlevy Actor The Great McGinty 09-Feb-1901 05-Apr-1972 DEAD
Philip Dorn Actor Random Harvest 30-Sep-1901 09-May-1975 DEAD
Melvyn Douglas Actor Being There 05-Apr-1901 04-Aug-1981 DEAD
Truman B. Douglass Religion United Church of Christ 15-Jul-1901 27-May-1969 DEAD
Allen B. DuMont Inventor TV picture tube and TV network 29-Jan-1901 14-Nov-1965 DEAD
James Dunn Actor A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 02-Nov-1901 01-Sep-1967 DEAD
Mildred Dunnock Actor Death of a Salesman 25-Jan-1901 05-Jul-1991 DEAD
Olin Dutra Golf Winner of 2 Majors 17-Jan-1901 05-May-1983 DEAD
Nelson Eddy Singer Phantom of the Opera 29-Jun-1901 06-Mar-1967 DEAD
Tage Erlander Head of State Prime Minister of Sweden, 1946-69 13-Jun-1901 21-Jun-1985 DEAD
Maurice Evans Actor Dr. Zaius in Planet of the Apes 03-Jun-1901 12-Mar-1989 DEAD
Oliver La Farge Author Laughing Boy 19-Dec-1901 02-Aug-1963 DEAD
Charles Farrell Actor Seventh Heaven 09-Aug-1901 06-May-1990 DEAD
Enrico Fermi Physicist First controlled nuclear chain reaction 29-Sep-1901 29-Nov-1954 DEAD
Sir Raymond Firth Anthropologist Economic Anthropology 25-Mar-1901 22-Feb-2002 DEAD
Paul Fix Actor Marshal Torrance on The Rifleman 13-Mar-1901 14-Oct-1983 DEAD
Paul Ford Actor The Phil Silvers Show 02-Nov-1901 12-Apr-1976 DEAD
Hugo Friedhofer Composer The Best Years of Our Lives 03-May-1901 17-May-1981 DEAD
Clark Gable Actor Gone With the Wind 01-Feb-1901 16-Nov-1960 DEAD
George Gallup Business Founder, The Gallup Organization 18-Nov-1901 26-Jul-1984 DEAD
Alberto Giacometti Sculptor Head of a Man on a Rod 10-Oct-1901 11-Jan-1966 DEAD
Magda Goebbels Relative Wife of Joseph Goebbels 11-Nov-1901 01-May-1945 DEAD
Gilda Gray Dancer The Shimmy Queen 24-Oct-1901 22-Dec-1959 DEAD
John Gunther Journalist Inside Europe 30-Aug-1901 29-May-1970 DEAD
A. B. Guthrie Novelist The Way West 13-Jan-1901 26-Apr-1991 DEAD
Hugo Haas Actor King Solomon's Mines 18-Feb-1901 01-Dec-1968 DEAD
Manly P. Hall Paranormal The Secret Teachings of All Ages 18-Mar-1901 29-Aug-1990 DEAD
Irene Handl Actor Matronly British character actor 27-Dec-1901 29-Nov-1987 DEAD
Ann Harding Actor Holiday 07-Aug-1901 01-Sep-1981 DEAD
Raymond A. Hare Diplomat US Mideast Ambassador 03-Apr-1901 09-Feb-1994 DEAD
Arvid Harnack Spy Hanged by the Nazis for espionage 24-May-1901 22-Dec-1942 DEAD
F. Edward Hebert Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1941-77 12-Oct-1901 29-Dec-1979 DEAD
Otto Heckmann Astronomer Investigated cosmic expansion 23-Jun-1901 13-May-1983 DEAD
Jascha Heifetz Violinist Violin virtuoso 02-Feb-1901 10-Dec-1987 DEAD
Werner Heisenberg Physicist Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 05-Dec-1901 01-Feb-1976 DEAD
Granville Hicks Critic Marxist critic, The Great Tradition 09-Sep-1901 18-Jun-1982 DEAD
Emperor Hirohito Royalty Emperor of Japan 1926-89 29-Apr-1901 07-Jan-1989 DEAD
Johannes Holtfreter Zoologist Chemotaxis 09-Jan-1901 13-Nov-1992 DEAD
Charles B. Huggins Scientist Hormonal treatment of prostate and breast cancers 22-Sep-1901 12-Jan-1997 DEAD
H. Bruce Humberstone Film Director Directed several Charlie Chan films 18-Nov-1901 11-Oct-1984 DEAD
Frieda Inescort Actor A Place in the Sun 29-Jun-1901 26-Feb-1976 DEAD
Ub Iwerks Cartoonist First to animate Mickey Mouse 24-Mar-1901 07-Jul-1971 DEAD
Allyn Joslyn Actor Only Angels Have Wings 21-Jul-1901 21-Jan-1981 DEAD
Louis Kahn Architect Prominent architect 20-Feb-1901 17-Mar-1974 DEAD
Fuzzy Knight Actor American character actor 09-May-1901 23-Feb-1976 DEAD
Max Kohl Business Kohl's Department Stores 12-May-1901 14-Dec-1981 DEAD
André Kostelanetz Conductor André Kostelanetz Presents 22-Dec-1901 13-Jan-1980 DEAD
Simon Kuznets Economist National Income and Its Composition 30-Apr-1901 08-Jul-1985 DEAD
Jacques Lacan Psychiatrist The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I 13-Apr-1901 09-Sep-1981 DEAD
Lew Landers Film Director The Raven 02-Jan-1901 16-Dec-1962 DEAD
Ernest Lawrence Physicist Inventor of the cyclotron 08-Aug-1901 27-Aug-1958 DEAD
Lila Lee Actor Male and Female 25-Jul-1901 13-Nov-1973 DEAD
Michel Leiris Author Surrealist, ethnographer, autobiographer 20-Apr-1901 30-Sep-1990 DEAD
Leopold III Royalty Abdicated King of Belgium 03-Nov-1901 25-Sep-1983 DEAD
Frederick Loewe Composer My Fair Lady 10-Jun-1901 14-Feb-1988 DEAD
André Malraux Novelist La Condition Humaine 03-Nov-1901 23-Nov-1976 DEAD
David Manners Actor Dracula 30-Apr-1901 23-Dec-1998 DEAD
Heinie Manush Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 20-Jul-1901 12-May-1971 DEAD
Zeppo Marx Actor Straight man of the Marx Brothers 25-Feb-1901 30-Nov-1979 DEAD
Margaret Mead Anthropologist Coming of Age in Samoa 16-Dec-1901 15-Nov-1978 DEAD
Jo Mielziner Designer Broadway stage designer 19-Mar-1901 15-Mar-1976 DEAD
Chester Morris Actor Boston Blackie 16-Feb-1901 11-Sep-1970 DEAD
Francis J. Myers Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1945-51 18-Dec-1901 05-Jul-1956 DEAD
Anastasia Nikolaevna Royalty Youngest Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II 18-Jun-1901 17-Jul-1918 DEAD
Michael Oakeshott Philosopher Rationalism in Politics 11-Dec-1901 19-Dec-1990 DEAD
Mark Oliphant Physicist Deuterium reactions 08-Oct-1901 14-Jul-2000 DEAD
William S. Paley Business Chairman of CBS, 1946-83 28-Sep-1901 26-Oct-1990 DEAD
Harry Partch Composer Hobo composer, built his own instruments 24-Jun-1901 03-Sep-1974 DEAD
Joe Pasternak Film/TV Producer Destry Rides Again 19-Sep-1901 13-Sep-1991 DEAD
Lee Patrick Actor Henrietta Topper on Topper 22-Nov-1901 21-Nov-1982 DEAD
Paul Royalty King of Greece, 1947-64 14-Dec-1901 06-Mar-1964 DEAD
Linus Pauling Chemist Scientist and peacenik 28-Feb-1901 19-Aug-1994 DEAD
Irna Phillips Film/TV Producer Queen of soap operas 01-Jul-1901 23-Dec-1973 DEAD
Eric Portman Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 13-Jul-1901 07-Dec-1969 DEAD
Salvatore Quasimodo Poet Acque e terre 20-Aug-1901 14-Jun-1968 DEAD
Ralph Rainger Composer Thanks For The Memory 07-Oct-1901 23-Oct-1942 DEAD
Laura Riding Poet A Survey of Modernist Poetry 16-Jan-1901 02-Sep-1991 DEAD
Art Rooney Football Pittsburgh Steelers owner 27-Jan-1901 25-Aug-1988 DEAD
Adolph Rupp Basketball Kentucky Head Coach, 1930-72 02-Sep-1901 10-Dec-1977 DEAD
Jimmy Rushing Singer Mr. Five By Five 26-Aug-1901 08-Jun-1972 DEAD
Eisaku Sato Politician Japanese Prime Minister 1964-72 27-Mar-1901 03-Jun-1975 DEAD
William J. Sebald Diplomat Chief US FSO in Japan, 1947-52 05-Nov-1901 TBD DEAD
Jaroslav Seifert Poet The Nightingale Sings Out of Tune 23-Sep-1901 10-Jan-1986 DEAD
Sam Spiegel Film/TV Producer Lawrence of Arabia 11-Nov-1901 31-Dec-1985 DEAD
John C. Stennis Politician US Senator from Mississippi, 1947-89 03-Aug-1901 23-Apr-1995 DEAD
Lee Strasberg Theater Director Theater director and acting coach 17-Nov-1901 17-Feb-1982 DEAD
Sukarno Head of State President of Indonesia, 1945-67 06-Jun-1901 21-Jun-1970 DEAD
Willie Sutton Criminal Because that's where the money is 30-Jun-1901 02-Nov-1980 DEAD
Stuart Symington Politician US Senator from Missouri, 1953-76 26-Jun-1901 14-Dec-1988 DEAD
Chuck Taylor Business Chuck Taylor All-Stars Sneaker 24-Jun-1901 23-Jun-1969 DEAD
E. P. Taylor Business Brewer, Thoroughbred horse breeder 29-Jan-1901 14-May-1989 DEAD
Maxwell D. Taylor Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1962-64 26-Aug-1901 19-Apr-1987 DEAD
George Tobias Actor Abner Kravitz on Bewitched 14-Jul-1901 27-Feb-1980 DEAD
Maurice J. Tobin Politician US Secretary of Labor, 1948-53 22-May-1901 19-Jul-1953 DEAD
Merle Tuve Physicist Proximity fuse 27-Jun-1901 20-May-1982 DEAD
Rudy Vallee Actor Singer, actor, bandleader 28-Jul-1901 03-Jul-1986 DEAD
Robert J. Van de Graaff Inventor Van de Graaff generator 20-Dec-1901 16-Jan-1967 DEAD
William H. Vanderbilt Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1939-41 24-Nov-1901 14-Apr-1981 DEAD
Vincent du Vigneaud Chemist Synthesized vasopressin and oxytocin 18-May-1901 11-Dec-1978 DEAD
Joseph Vitale Actor A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 06-Sep-1901 05-Jun-1994 DEAD
Eric Voegelin Philosopher Order and History 03-Jan-1901 19-Jan-1985 DEAD
John War Eagle Actor The Man from Laramie 08-Jun-1901 07-Feb-1991 DEAD
Ned Washington Songwriter When You Wish Upon a Star 15-Aug-1901 20-Dec-1976 DEAD
Naunton Wayne Actor Obsession 22-Jun-1901 17-Nov-1970 DEAD
Glenway Wescott Novelist The Pilgrim Hawk 11-Apr-1901 22-Feb-1987 DEAD
Thomas D. White Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1957-61 06-Aug-1901 22-Dec-1965 DEAD
Charles E. Whittaker Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1957-62 22-Feb-1901 26-Nov-1973 DEAD
Craig Wood Golf Winner, 1941 Masters and US Open 18-Nov-1901 07-May-1968 DEAD
Hank Worden Actor The Searchers 23-Jul-1901 06-Dec-1992 DEAD
Chic Young Cartoonist Creator of Blondie 09-Jan-1901 14-Mar-1973 DEAD
Morton Dauwen Zabel Educator Craft and Character 10-Aug-1901 28-Apr-1964 DEAD
Marion A. Zioncheck Politician Congressman, committed suicide 05-Dec-1901 07-Aug-1936 DEAD