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Margery Allingham Novelist Albert Campion detective novels 20-May-1904 30-Jun-1966 DEAD
Don Ameche Actor Trading Places 31-May-1904 06-Dec-1993 DEAD
Jack Z. Anderson Politician Congressman, committed suicide 22-Mar-1904 09-Feb-1981 DEAD
Sigurd Anderson Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1951-55 22-Jan-1904 21-Dec-1990 DEAD
Peter Arno Cartoonist The New Yorker 08-Jan-1904 22-Feb-1968 DEAD
Edward Ashley Actor British-American character actor 12-Aug-1904 05-May-2000 DEAD
Nnamdi Azikiwe Head of State First President of Nigeria, 1963-66 16-Nov-1904 11-May-1996 DEAD
Angela Baddeley Actor Upstairs, Downstairs 04-Jul-1904 22-Feb-1976 DEAD
Raymond Bailey Actor Milburn on Beverly Hillbillies 06-May-1904 15-Apr-1980 DEAD
Kenneth Bainbridge Physicist Director of the Trinity atomic test 27-Jul-1904 14-Jul-1996 DEAD
George Balanchine Dancer Choreographer co-founded NYC Ballet 22-Jan-1904 30-Apr-1983 DEAD
Bob Bartlett Politician US Senator from Alaska, 1959-68 20-Apr-1904 11-Dec-1968 DEAD
Count Basie Pianist Big band pianist 21-Aug-1904 26-Apr-1984 DEAD
Gregory Bateson Anthropologist Steps to an Ecology of Mind 09-May-1904 04-Jul-1980 DEAD
Alfonso Bedoya Actor Doesn't need no stinking badges 16-Apr-1904 15-Dec-1957 DEAD
Ralph Bellamy Actor Trading Places 17-Jun-1904 29-Nov-1991 DEAD
Constance Bennett Actor The Affairs of Cellini 22-Oct-1904 24-Jul-1965 DEAD
Benny Binion Business Founder, World Series of Poker 20-Nov-1904 25-Dec-1989 DEAD
Earle Birney Novelist Now Is Time 13-May-1904 03-Sep-1995 DEAD
Charles E. Bohlen Diplomat US Ambassador to USSR, 1953-57 30-Aug-1904 31-Dec-1974 DEAD
Ray Bolger Actor The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow 10-Jan-1904 15-Jan-1987 DEAD
W. A. Boyle Labor Leader UMW President, 1963-72 01-Dec-1904 31-May-1985 DEAD
Johnny Mack Brown Actor College All-American turned film star 01-Sep-1904 14-Nov-1974 DEAD
Wally Brown Actor Zombies on Broadway 09-Oct-1904 13-Nov-1961 DEAD
Herbert Brownell, Jr. Government US Attorney General, 1953-57 20-Feb-1904 01-May-1996 DEAD
George Buchanan Novelist Entanglement 09-Jan-1904 1989 DEAD
Ralph Bunche Diplomat UN Mediator in Palestine 1948 04-Aug-1904 09-Dec-1971 DEAD
Arthur F. Burns Economist Chairman of the Federal Reserve, 1970-78 27-Apr-1904 06-Jun-1987 DEAD
Bruce Cabot Actor Saved Fay Wray from King Kong 20-Apr-1904 03-May-1972 DEAD
Mary Calderone Activist Questions and Answers about Love and Sex 01-Jul-1904 24-Oct-1998 DEAD
Joseph Campbell Author The Power of Myth 26-Mar-1904 31-Oct-1987 DEAD
Henri Cartan Mathematician Leader of the math Bourbakistes 08-Jul-1904 13-Aug-2008 DEAD
Pavel A. Cherenkov Physicist Cherenkov radiation 15-Jul-1904 06-Jan-1990 DEAD
Bob Chester Musician Big band leader, Sunburst 20-Mar-1904 14-Jun-1977 DEAD
Christian-Jaque Film Director Fan-Fan the Tulip 04-Aug-1904 08-Jul-1994 DEAD
Claud Cockburn Journalist Radical British journalist 12-Apr-1904 15-Dec-1981 DEAD
Iron Eyes Cody Actor Keep America Beautiful 03-Apr-1904 04-Jan-1999 DEAD
Lester Cole Screenwriter Born Free 19-Jun-1904 15-Aug-1985 DEAD
Jerry Colonna Radio Personality Sidekick of Bob Hope 17-Sep-1904 21-Nov-1986 DEAD
Tom Conway Actor I Walked with a Zombie 15-Sep-1904 22-Apr-1967 DEAD
Fifi D'Orsay Actor French bombshell, not actually French 16-Apr-1904 02-Dec-1983 DEAD
Salvador Dali Painter Surrealist painter 11-May-1904 23-Jan-1989 DEAD
Luigi Dallapiccola Composer Canti di Prigionia 03-Feb-1904 19-Feb-1975 DEAD
George Dangerfield Historian The Strange Death of Liberal England 28-Oct-1904 26-Dec-1986 DEAD
Jean Dasté Actor L'Atalante 18-Aug-1904 15-Oct-1994 DEAD
Delmer Daves Film Director Destination Tokyo 24-Jul-1904 17-Aug-1977 DEAD
Cecil Day-Lewis Poet UK Poet Laureate, 1968-72 27-Apr-1904 22-May-1972 DEAD
Willem de Kooning Painter Abstract expressionist 24-Apr-1904 19-Mar-1997 DEAD
George Docking Politician Governor of Kansas, 1957-61 23-Feb-1904 20-Jan-1964 DEAD
Jimmy Dorsey Musician Popular bandleader and swing musician 29-Feb-1904 12-Jun-1957 DEAD
Charles Drew Doctor First to separate blood plasma 03-Jun-1904 01-Apr-1950 DEAD
Henry Dreyfuss Inventor Product designer, human factors engineer 02-Mar-1904 05-Oct-1972 DEAD
James O. Eastland Politician US Senator from Mississippi, 1943-78 28-Nov-1904 19-Feb-1986 DEAD
Richard Eberhart Poet Collected Poems 05-Apr-1904 09-Jun-2005 DEAD
Clifton Fadiman Editor Information, Please! 15-May-1904 20-Jun-1999 DEAD
Glenda Farrell Actor Torchy Blane 30-Jun-1904 01-May-1971 DEAD
James T. Farrell Novelist Studs Lonigan trilogy 27-Feb-1904 22-Aug-1979 DEAD
John Farrow Screenwriter Around the World in Eighty Days 10-Feb-1904 28-Jan-1963 DEAD
Terence Fisher Film Director Dracula, Prince of Darkness 23-Feb-1904 18-Jun-1980 DEAD
Pretty Boy Floyd Criminal Bank robber 03-Feb-1904 22-Oct-1934 DEAD
George Formby Actor Lancashire ukulelist 26-May-1904 06-Mar-1961 DEAD
Werner Forssmann Doctor Cardiac catheterization 29-Aug-1904 02-Jun-1979 DEAD
Otto Robert Frisch Physicist Described fission 01-Oct-1904 22-Sep-1979 DEAD
Jean Gabin Actor The Lower Depths 17-May-1904 15-Nov-1976 DEAD
Richard Gaines Actor Double Indemnity 23-Jul-1904 20-Jul-1975 DEAD
George Gamow Physicist Proponent of Big Bang Theory 04-Mar-1904 19-Aug-1968 DEAD
Greer Garson Actor Mrs. Miniver 29-Sep-1904 06-Apr-1996 DEAD
John Gielgud Actor Prospero's Books 14-Apr-1904 21-May-2000 DEAD
Mack Gordon Composer Chattanooga Choo Choo 21-Jun-1904 28-Feb-1959 DEAD
Arshile Gorky Painter Abstract expressionist 15-Apr-1904 21-Jul-1948 DEAD
Sheilah Graham Columnist Beloved Infidel 15-Sep-1904 17-Nov-1988 DEAD
Cary Grant Actor North by Northwest 18-Jan-1904 29-Nov-1986 DEAD
Graham Greene Novelist The Third Man 02-Oct-1904 03-Apr-1991 DEAD
Erwin Griswold Attorney US Solicitor General, 1967-73 14-Jul-1904 19-Nov-1994 DEAD
Patrick Hamilton Playwright Gaslight 17-Mar-1904 23-Sep-1962 DEAD
Phil Harris Musician That's What I Like About the South 24-Jun-1904 11-Aug-1995 DEAD
Robert Harrison Publisher Publisher of tabloid Confidential 14-Apr-1904 17-Feb-1978 DEAD
Moss Hart Playwright You Can't Take It With You 24-Oct-1904 20-Dec-1961 DEAD
Paul Hartman Actor Emmett Clark on Mayberry R.F.D. 01-Mar-1904 02-Oct-1973 DEAD
Coleman Hawkins Jazz Musician Jazz tenor saxophonist 21-Nov-1904 19-May-1969 DEAD
Tom Helmore Actor Vertigo 04-Jan-1904 12-Sep-1995 DEAD
Gerhard Herzberg Physicist Molecular spectroscopy 25-Dec-1904 03-Mar-1999 DEAD
Reinhard Heydrich Military Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 07-Mar-1904 04-Jun-1942 DEAD
John R. Hicks Economist Value and Capital 08-Apr-1904 20-May-1989 DEAD
Alger Hiss Government Accused spy for the Soviet Union 11-Nov-1904 15-Nov-1996 DEAD
Keith Holyoake Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1960-72 11-Feb-1904 08-Dec-1983 DEAD
Roman Hruska Politician US Senator from Nebraska, 1954-76 16-Aug-1904 25-Apr-1999 DEAD
Raymond Huntley Actor Passport to Pimlico 23-Apr-1904 19-Oct-1990 DEAD
Hank Iba Basketball Oklahoma A&M Head Coach, 1934-70 06-Aug-1904 15-Jan-1993 DEAD
Christopher Isherwood Author The Berlin Stories 26-Aug-1904 04-Jan-1986 DEAD
Leigh Jason Film Director The Mad Miss Manton 26-Jul-1904 19-Feb-1979 DEAD
Jacob K. Javits Politician US Senator from New York, 1957-81 18-Mar-1904 07-Mar-1986 DEAD
Kay Johnson Actor Of Human Bondage 29-Nov-1904 17-Nov-1975 DEAD
Joseph M. Juran Scientist The Pareto Principle 24-Dec-1904 28-Feb-2008 DEAD
Om Kalsoum Singer Star of the East 04-Apr-1904 03-Feb-1975 DEAD
MacKinlay Kantor Author Andersonville 04-Feb-1904 11-Oct-1977 DEAD
George F. Kennan Diplomat Architect of US policy of Soviet containment 16-Feb-1904 17-Mar-2005 DEAD
Ancel Keys Scientist Nutritionist, created the K ration 26-Jan-1904 20-Nov-2004 DEAD
Kurt Georg Kiesinger Head of State German Chancellor, 1966-69 06-Apr-1904 09-Mar-1988 DEAD
Walter J. Kohler, Jr. Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 1951-57 04-Apr-1904 21-Mar-1976 DEAD
Martin Kosleck Actor German-American character actor 24-Mar-1904 15-Jan-1994 DEAD
Alexei Kosygin Head of State Premier of the Soviet Union, 1964-80 20-Feb-1904 18-Dec-1980 DEAD
Elissa Landi Actor The Count of Monte Cristo 06-Dec-1904 21-Oct-1948 DEAD
Frank Lawton Actor A Night to Remember 30-Sep-1904 10-Jun-1969 DEAD
A. J. Liebling Journalist The New Yorker 18-Oct-1904 28-Dec-1963 DEAD
Robert Livingston Actor The Lone Ranger Rides Again 09-Dec-1904 07-Mar-1988 DEAD
Selwyn Lloyd Politician Speaker, House of Commons, 1971-76 28-Jul-1904 18-May-1978 DEAD
Peter Lorre Actor The Maltese Falcon 26-Jun-1904 23-Mar-1964 DEAD
Keye Luke Actor Charlie Chan's No. 1 Son, Lee 18-Jun-1904 12-Jan-1991 DEAD
Seán MacBride Activist Irish revolutionary, Nobel Prize recipient 26-Jan-1904 15-Jan-1988 DEAD
Ted Mack TV Personality Original Amateur Hour 12-Feb-1904 12-Jul-1976 DEAD
Forrest Mars Business Invented M&Ms 21-Mar-1904 01-Jul-1999 DEAD
Pepper Martin Baseball St. Louis Cardinals 29-Feb-1904 05-Mar-1965 DEAD
Harry Martinson Poet Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space 06-May-1904 11-Feb-1978 DEAD
Andrew Marton Film Director Directed chariot race in Ben-Hur 26-Jan-1904 07-Jan-1992 DEAD
Ernst Mayr Biologist Evolutionary biologist 05-Jul-1904 03-Feb-2005 DEAD
Neil H. McElroy Government US Secretary of Defense, 1957-59 30-Oct-1904 30-Nov-1972 DEAD
Clarence W. Meadows Politician Governor of West Virginia, 1945-49 11-Feb-1904 12-Sep-1961 DEAD
George Meeker Actor History Is Made at Night 05-Mar-1904 19-Aug-1984 DEAD
Aparicio Méndez Head of State President of Uruguay, 1976-81 24-Aug-1904 26-Jun-1988 DEAD
Glenn Miller Musician Popular bandleader and trombonist 01-Mar-1904 15-Dec-1944 DEAD
Nathan Milstein Violinist Virtuoso violinist, interpreter of Bach 13-Jan-1904 21-Dec-1992 DEAD
Nancy Mitford Novelist The Pursuit of Love 28-Nov-1904 30-Jan-1973 DEAD
Robert Montgomery Actor Mr. and Mrs. Smith 21-May-1904 27-Sep-1981 DEAD
Russ Morgan Musician Bandleader, arranger and trombonist 29-Apr-1904 08-Aug-1969 DEAD
Richard B. Morris Historian The Peacemakers 24-Jul-1904 03-Mar-1989 DEAD
Clive Morton Actor Kind Hearts and Coronets 16-Mar-1904 24-Sep-1975 DEAD
Alfred P. Murrah Judge Oklahoma City Federal Building namesake 27-Oct-1904 30-Oct-1975 DEAD
Anna Neagle Singer Victoria the Great 20-Oct-1904 03-Jun-1986 DEAD
Louis Néel Physicist Magnetic properties of solids 22-Nov-1904 17-Nov-2000 DEAD
Pablo Neruda Poet Residencia en la Tierra 12-Jul-1904 23-Sep-1973 DEAD
Theodore Newton Actor The Working Man 04-Aug-1904 28-Feb-1963 DEAD
Marian Nixon Actor The Sweetest Girl In Hollywood 20-Oct-1904 13-Feb-1983 DEAD
Jay Novello Actor The Lost World 22-Aug-1904 02-Sep-1982 DEAD
J. Pat O'Malley Actor Harry Burns on My Favorite Martian 15-Mar-1904 27-Feb-1985 DEAD
Robert Oppenheimer Physicist Physicist, headed the Manhattan Project 22-Apr-1904 18-Feb-1967 DEAD
David Owen Government UNDP Administrator, 1966-69 26-Nov-1904 29-Jun-1970 DEAD
Doris Packer Actor The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 30-May-1904 31-Mar-1979 DEAD
Charles J. Pedersen Chemist Synthesis of crown ethers 03-Oct-1904 26-Oct-1989 DEAD
Jan Peerce Singer Operatic tenor, NY Metropolitan Opera 03-Jun-1904 15-Dec-1984 DEAD
Joe Penner Radio Personality Wanna buy a duck? 11-Nov-1904 10-Jan-1941 DEAD
S. J. Perelman Author New Yorker humorist 01-Feb-1904 17-Oct-1979 DEAD
Laura La Plante Actor The Cat and the Canary 01-Nov-1904 14-Oct-1996 DEAD
H. C. Potter Film Director Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 13-Nov-1904 31-Aug-1977 DEAD
Dick Powell Actor The Bad and the Beautiful 14-Nov-1904 02-Jan-1963 DEAD
Karl Rahner Religion Leading Roman Catholic theologian 05-Mar-1904 30-Mar-1984 DEAD
Duncan Renaldo Actor The Cisco Kid 23-Apr-1904 03-Sep-1980 DEAD
Dorothy Revier Actor The Dance of Life 18-Apr-1904 19-Nov-1993 DEAD
James W. Riddleberger Diplomat Chief of Central European Affairs, 1944-47 21-Sep-1904 17-Oct-1982 DEAD
Buddy Rogers Actor With Mary Pickford in My Best Girl 13-Aug-1904 21-Apr-1999 DEAD
Selena Royle Actor The Fighting Sullivans 06-Nov-1904 23-Apr-1983 DEAD
Victor H. Schiro Politician Mayor of New Orleans, 1961-70 06-May-1904 29-Aug-1992 DEAD
Dr. Seuss Author The Cat in the Hat 02-Mar-1904 24-Sep-1991 DEAD
William L. Shirer Historian Rise and Fall of the Third Reich 23-Feb-1904 28-Dec-1993 DEAD
Joseph H. Short Government Harry S. Truman's press secretary 11-Feb-1904 18-Sep-1952 DEAD
Denny Shute Golf Winner of 3 Majors 25-Oct-1904 13-May-1974 DEAD
Clifford D. Simak Novelist City and The Visitors 03-Aug-1904 25-Apr-1988 DEAD
Isaac Bashevis Singer Author Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy 14-Jul-1904 24-Jul-1991 DEAD
John Sirica Judge Watergate judge 19-Mar-1904 14-Aug-1992 DEAD
B. F. Skinner Psychologist Radical Behaviorism 20-Mar-1904 18-Aug-1990 DEAD
Pinetop Smith Pianist Inventor of Boogie-Woogie 11-Jun-1904 15-Mar-1929 DEAD
R. G. Springsteen Film Director Taggart 08-Sep-1904 09-Dec-1989 DEAD
Wendell M. Stanley Chemist First to crystallize a virus 16-Aug-1904 15-Jun-1971 DEAD
George Stevens Film Director A Place in the Sun 18-Dec-1904 08-Mar-1975 DEAD
Clyfford Still Painter Abstract expressionist 30-Nov-1904 23-Jun-1980 DEAD
Milburn Stone Actor Doc Adams on Gunsmoke 05-Jul-1904 12-Jun-1980 DEAD
Verree Teasdale Actor A Midsummer Night's Dream 15-Mar-1904 17-Feb-1987 DEAD
Llewellyn E. Thompson Diplomat Twice US Ambassador to USSR 24-Aug-1904 06-Feb-1972 DEAD
Jacques Tourneur Film Director Original 1942 Cat People 12-Nov-1904 19-Dec-1977 DEAD
Edgar G. Ulmer Film Director Detour 17-Sep-1904 30-Sep-1972 DEAD
Umberto II Royalty King of Italy, 1946 15-Sep-1904 18-Mar-1983 DEAD
Fats Waller Jazz Musician Influential jazz pianist 21-May-1904 15-Dec-1943 DEAD
Johnny Weissmuller Actor Gold Medalist became Tarzan 02-Jun-1904 20-Jan-1984 DEAD
Alice White Actor The Widow from Chicago 25-Aug-1904 19-Feb-1983 DEAD
John Hay Whitney Business New York Herald Tribune 17-Aug-1904 08-Feb-1982 DEAD
Hugh Williams Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 06-Mar-1904 07-Dec-1969 DEAD
John J. Williams Politician US Senator from Delaware, 1947-70 17-May-1904 11-Jan-1988 DEAD
Arthur Winstead Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 1943-65 06-Jan-1904 14-Mar-1995 DEAD
Roland Winters Actor Charlie Chan 22-Nov-1904 22-Oct-1989 DEAD
Grant Withers Actor American character actor 17-Jan-1904 27-Mar-1959 DEAD
Deng Xiaoping Politician Communist Chinese leader 22-Aug-1904 19-Feb-1997 DEAD
Louis Zukofsky Poet Co-Founded Objectivist poetry movement 23-Jan-1904 12-May-1978 DEAD