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Harold Adamson Songwriter Time on My Hands 10-Dec-1906 17-Aug-1980 DEAD
Howard F. Ahmanson Business Home Savings and Loan 01-Jul-1906 17-Jun-1968 DEAD
Eddie Albert Actor Oliver on Green Acres 22-Apr-1906 26-May-2005 DEAD
Joe Albertson Business Founder of Albertson's 17-Oct-1906 20-Jan-1993 DEAD
Barbara Jo Allen Radio Personality Vera Vague 02-Sep-1906 14-Sep-1974 DEAD
Dillon Anderson Government National Security Advisor, 1955-56 14-Jul-1906 1974 DEAD
Hannah Arendt Philosopher Origins of Totalitarianism 14-Oct-1906 04-Dec-1975 DEAD
Richard Armour Author It All Started with Columbus 15-Jul-1906 28-Feb-1989 DEAD
Edward F. Arn Politician Governor of Kansas, 1951-55 19-May-1906 22-Jan-1998 DEAD
Charles Arnt Actor Remember the Night 20-Aug-1906 06-Aug-1990 DEAD
Hans Asperger Doctor Asperger's Syndrome 18-Feb-1906 21-Oct-1980 DEAD
Mary Astor Actor The Maltese Falcon 03-May-1906 25-Sep-1987 DEAD
Hermione Baddeley Actor Brighton Rock 13-Nov-1906 19-Aug-1986 DEAD
Josephine Baker Dancer Sensual dancer turned WWII spy 03-Jun-1906 12-Apr-1975 DEAD
Hassan al-Banna Activist Founder of The Muslim Brotherhood 14-Oct-1906 12-Feb-1949 DEAD
Joseph M. Barr Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1959-70 28-May-1906 26-Aug-1982 DEAD
Abraham D. Beame Politician Mayor of New York City, 1974-77 20-Mar-1906 10-Feb-2001 DEAD
Jacques Becker Film Director Le Trou 15-Sep-1906 21-Feb-1960 DEAD
Samuel Beckett Playwright Waiting for Godot 13-May-1906 22-Dec-1989 DEAD
Bea Benaderet Actor Voice of Betty Rubble 04-Apr-1906 13-Oct-1968 DEAD
William Bendix Actor The Life of Riley 14-Jan-1906 14-Dec-1964 DEAD
Bruce Bennett Actor Played Tarzan in 1930s movie serials 19-May-1906 24-Feb-2007 DEAD
Gustav Bergmann Philosopher Ontologist 04-May-1906 21-Apr-1987 DEAD
Hans Bethe Physicist Atomic scientist 02-Jul-1906 06-Mar-2005 DEAD
John Betjeman Poet Summoned By Bells 28-Aug-1906 19-May-1984 DEAD
Bhabani Bhattacharya Novelist So Many Hungers! 10-Nov-1906 1988 DEAD
E. Power Biggs Organist Anglo-American organist 29-Mar-1906 10-Mar-1977 DEAD
Eugene Carson Blake Religion General Secretary, World Council of Churches, 1966-74 07-Nov-1906 31-Jul-1985 DEAD
Joan Blondell Actor A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 30-Aug-1906 25-Dec-1979 DEAD
Bart Jan Bok Astronomer Bok globules 28-Apr-1906 05-Aug-1983 DEAD
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Religion Lutheran theologian, opponent of Hitler 04-Feb-1906 09-Apr-1945 DEAD
Olive Borden Actor The Joy Girl 14-Jul-1906 01-Oct-1947 DEAD
William J. Brennan Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1956-90 25-Apr-1906 24-Jul-1997 DEAD
Leonid Brezhnev Head of State Leader of the Soviet Union, 1964-82 19-Dec-1906 10-Nov-1982 DEAD
Cleanth Brooks Critic The Well Wrought Urn 16-Oct-1906 10-May-1994 DEAD
Louise Brooks Actor Pandora's Box 14-Nov-1906 08-Aug-1985 DEAD
Berkeley L. Bunker Politician Senator and Congressman from Nevada 12-Aug-1906 21-Jan-1999 DEAD
Harry P. Cain Politician US Senator from Washington, 1946-53 10-Jan-1906 03-Mar-1979 DEAD
Chester Carlson Inventor Invented Xerography 08-Feb-1906 19-Sep-1968 DEAD
John Carradine Actor In over 200 B movies 05-Feb-1906 27-Nov-1988 DEAD
John Carroll Actor Flying Tigers 17-Jul-1906 24-Apr-1979 DEAD
Madeleine Carroll Actor The 39 Steps 26-Feb-1906 02-Oct-1987 DEAD
Tom Carvel Business Fudgie The Whale, Cookie Puss 14-Jul-1906 21-Oct-1990 DEAD
Ernst B. Chain Scientist Isolated penicillin 19-Jun-1906 12-Aug-1979 DEAD
Lon Chaney, Jr. Actor The Wolf Man 10-Feb-1906 12-Jul-1973 DEAD
James Hadley Chase Novelist No Orchids for Miss Blandish 24-Dec-1906 06-Feb-1985 DEAD
Dutch Clark Football NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Tailback 11-Oct-1906 05-Aug-1978 DEAD
Clark Clifford Government US Secretary of Defense, 1968-69 25-Dec-1906 10-Oct-1998 DEAD
Jackie Cochran Aviator First woman to break the sound barrier 11-May-1906 09-Aug-1980 DEAD
June Collyer Actor The Stu Erwin Show 19-Aug-1906 16-Mar-1968 DEAD
Peggy Conklin Actor Broadway actress, The Petrified Forest 02-Nov-1906 18-Mar-2003 DEAD
Bob Considine Journalist Ghostwriter, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 04-Nov-1906 25-Sep-1975 DEAD
Nugget Coombs Economist Banker, proponent of aboriginal rights 24-Feb-1906 29-Oct-1997 DEAD
E. J. H. Corner Botanist Durian theory 12-Jan-1906 14-Sep-1996 DEAD
Lou Costello Actor Half of Abbott and Costello 06-Mar-1906 03-Mar-1959 DEAD
Thomas George Cowling Mathematician Cowling model 17-Jun-1906 16-Jun-1990 DEAD
Joe Cronin Baseball Shortstop on 7 All-Star teams 12-Oct-1906 07-Sep-1984 DEAD
Max Delbrück Scientist Molecular structure of viral genes (phages) 04-Sep-1906 10-Mar-1981 DEAD
Antal Doráti Conductor Conductor, Minneapolis Symphony, 1949-60 09-Apr-1906 13-Nov-1988 DEAD
Everett F. Drumright Diplomat US Ambassador to Taiwan, 1958-62 15-Sep-1906 24-Apr-1993 DEAD
Lane Dwinell Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1955-59 14-Nov-1906 27-Mar-1997 DEAD
Leslie Dwyer Actor Mr Partridge in Hi-de-Hi! 28-Aug-1906 29-Dec-1986 DEAD
Adolf Eichmann Criminal Nazi war criminal 19-Mar-1906 31-May-1962 DEAD
William Empson Critic Seven Types of Ambiguity 27-Sep-1906 15-Apr-1984 DEAD
Rip Engle Football Head Coach, Brown and Penn State 26-Mar-1906 07-Mar-1983 DEAD
Philo Farnsworth Inventor Inventor of electronic television 19-Aug-1906 11-Mar-1971 DEAD
Frank Fenton Actor Isle of Forgotten Sins 09-Apr-1906 24-Jul-1957 DEAD
Bruno de Finetti Mathematician Subjective probability 13-Jun-1906 20-Jul-1985 DEAD
Hiram Fong Politician US Senator from Hawaii, 1959-77 15-Oct-1906 18-Aug-2004 DEAD
Pierre Fournier Cellist French cello virtuoso 24-Jun-1906 08-Jan-1986 DEAD
Pauline Frederick Journalist ABC and NBC reporter 13-Feb-1906 09-May-1990 DEAD
Friz Freleng Cartoonist The Pink Panther 21-Aug-1906 26-May-1995 DEAD
Hugh Gaitskell Politician Leader of the Labour Party, 1955-63 09-Apr-1906 18-Jan-1963 DEAD
Thomas S. Gates Government US Secretary of Defense, 1959-61 10-Apr-1906 25-Mar-1983 DEAD
Janet Gaynor Actor A Star Is Born 06-Oct-1906 14-Sep-1984 DEAD
Ed Gein Criminal Serial killer and cannibal 27-Aug-1906 26-Jul-1984 DEAD
Lowell Gilmore Actor King Solomon's Mines 20-Dec-1906 31-Jan-1960 DEAD
Kurt Gödel Mathematician Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems 28-Apr-1906 14-Jan-1978 DEAD
Maria Goeppert-Mayer Physicist Shell nuclear model 28-Jun-1906 20-Feb-1972 DEAD
Nelson Goodman Philosopher Fact, Fiction, and Forecast 07-Aug-1906 25-Nov-1998 DEAD
Gale Gordon Actor The Lucy Show 20-Feb-1906 30-Jun-1995 DEAD
Edmond T. Gréville Film Director Beat Girl 20-Jun-1906 26-May-1966 DEAD
Virginia Hall Spy American spy 06-Apr-1906 14-Jul-1982 DEAD
Theresa Harris Actor Baby Face 31-Dec-1906 08-Oct-1985 DEAD
Lord Haw-Haw Radio Personality WWII propagandist hanged in England 24-Apr-1906 03-Jan-1946 DEAD
S. I. Hayakawa Politician Semanticist and US Senator 19-Jul-1906 27-Feb-1992 DEAD
Jesse Hibbs Film Director To Hell and Back 11-Jan-1906 04-Feb-1985 DEAD
Joan Hickson Actor Miss Marple 05-Aug-1906 17-Oct-1998 DEAD
J. C. Higginbotham Jazz Musician Jazz trombonist 11-May-1906 26-May-1973 DEAD
Rose Hobart Actor East of Borneo 01-May-1906 29-Aug-2000 DEAD
Nicholas J. Hoff Engineer Aluminum in aircraft design 03-Jan-1906 04-Aug-1997 DEAD
Albert Hofmann Chemist Discovered LSD 11-Jan-1906 29-Apr-2008 DEAD
Soichiro Honda Business Founder of Honda Motor Company 17-Nov-1906 05-Aug-1991 DEAD
Grace Murray Hopper Computer Programmer Computer programming pioneer 09-Dec-1906 01-Jan-1992 DEAD
Robert E. Howard Author Original Conan series 24-Jan-1906 11-Jun-1936 DEAD
William R. Hull, Jr. Government Congressman from Missouri, 1955-73 17-Apr-1906 15-Aug-1977 DEAD
John Huston Film Director The Maltese Falcon 05-Aug-1906 28-Aug-1987 DEAD
Alec Issigonis Engineer Designer of the Mini Cooper 18-Nov-1906 02-Oct-1988 DEAD
Andrew Jacobs, Sr. Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1949-51 22-Feb-1906 17-Dec-1992 DEAD
Ursula Jeans Actor The Dam Busters 05-May-1906 21-Apr-1973 DEAD
Philip Johnson Architect The Glass House 08-Jul-1906 25-Jan-2005 DEAD
Robert A. Kann Historian The Multinational Empire 11-Feb-1906 30-Aug-1981 DEAD
Esmond Knight Actor The River 04-May-1906 23-Feb-1987 DEAD
Lola Lane Actor Marked Woman 21-May-1906 22-Jun-1981 DEAD
Richmond Lattimore Poet Translator of Iliad and Odyssey 06-May-1906 26-Feb-1984 DEAD
Frank Launder Film Director The Belles of St. Trinian's 28-Jan-1906 23-Feb-1997 DEAD
Lewis Leary Educator That Rascal Freneau 18-Apr-1906 01-May-1990 DEAD
Walter Legge Music Producer Classical music producer at EMI 01-Jun-1906 22-Mar-1979 DEAD
Luis Leloir Chemist Conversion of carbohydrates 06-Sep-1906 02-Dec-1987 DEAD
Curtis LeMay Military USAF General 15-Nov-1906 01-Oct-1990 DEAD
Wassily Leontief Economist Structure of the American Economy 05-Aug-1906 05-Feb-1999 DEAD
Oscar Levant Pianist Panelist, Information Please 27-Dec-1906 14-Aug-1972 DEAD
Emmanuel Levinas Philosopher Totality and Infinity 12-Jan-1906 25-Dec-1995 DEAD
Willy Ley Author The Conquest of Space 02-Oct-1906 24-May-1969 DEAD
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Aviator Wife of Charles Lindbergh 22-Jun-1906 07-Feb-2001 DEAD
Roger Livesey Actor The League of Gentlemen 25-Jun-1906 04-Feb-1976 DEAD
Richard Llewellyn Novelist How Green Was My Valley 08-Dec-1906 30-Nov-1983 DEAD
Elizabeth Longford Historian Victoria R. I. 30-Aug-1906 23-Oct-2002 DEAD
Dwight Macdonald Critic Against the American Grain 24-Mar-1906 19-Dec-1982 DEAD
George E. MacKinnon Judge DC Appeals Court Judge, 1969-95 22-Apr-1906 01-May-1995 DEAD
Anthony Mann Film Director El Cid 30-Jun-1906 29-Apr-1967 DEAD
William McChesney Martin Economist Federal Reserve Chairman, 1951-70 17-Dec-1906 29-Jul-1998 DEAD
John McCuish Politician Governor of Kansas, 1957 22-Jun-1906 12-Mar-1962 DEAD
Hugh McDermott Actor The Seventh Veil 20-Mar-1906 29-Jan-1972 DEAD
Carl McIntire Religion Radio Free America 17-May-1906 19-Mar-2002 DEAD
Horace McMahon Actor Lt. Parker on Naked City 17-May-1906 17-Aug-1971 DEAD
Kurt Mendelssohn Mathematician Cryogenics and pyramids 07-Jan-1906 18-Sep-1980 DEAD
Dale Messick Cartoonist Comic strip Brenda Starr 11-Apr-1906 05-Apr-2005 DEAD
Raymond D. Mindlin Engineer Mindlin's problem 17-Sep-1906 22-Nov-1987 DEAD
Dan K. Moore Politician Governor of North Carolina, 1965-69 02-Apr-1906 07-Sep-1986 DEAD
William W. Morgan Astronomer Spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy 03-Jan-1906 21-Jun-1994 DEAD
R. K. Narayan Author Swami and Friends 10-Oct-1906 13-May-2001 DEAD
Ozzie Nelson Actor The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 20-Mar-1906 03-Jun-1975 DEAD
Richard Nugent Author Harlem Renaissance writer 02-Jul-1906 27-May-1987 DEAD
Michael O'Shea Actor It's a Great Life 17-Mar-1906 04-Dec-1973 DEAD
Clifford Odets Playwright Sweet Smell of Success 18-Jul-1906 14-Aug-1963 DEAD
Aristotle Onassis Business Greek shipping tycoon 15-Jan-1906 15-Mar-1975 DEAD
Satchel Paige Baseball Negro Leagues, Cleveland Indians pitcher 07-Jul-1906 08-Jun-1982 DEAD
Alicia Patterson Business Founder of Newsday 15-Oct-1906 02-Jul-1963 DEAD
Henry Picard Golf Winner of 2 Majors 28-Nov-1906 30-Apr-1997 DEAD
Vladimir Prelog Chemist Stereochemistry of enzyme-catalysts 23-Jul-1906 07-Jan-1998 DEAD
Otto Preminger Film Director Anatomy of a Murder 05-Dec-1906 23-Apr-1986 DEAD
Sayyid Qutb Philosopher Muslim Brotherhood philosopher 09-Oct-1906 29-Aug-1966 DEAD
Donald Randolph Actor The Deadly Mantis 05-Jan-1906 16-Mar-1993 DEAD
Carol Reed Film Director Oliver! 30-Dec-1906 25-Apr-1976 DEAD
Irving Reis Film Director The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer 07-May-1906 03-Jul-1953 DEAD
Abe Reles Criminal Hitman for Murder, Inc. 10-May-1906 12-Nov-1941 DEAD
Erik Rhodes Actor Top Hat 10-Feb-1906 17-Feb-1990 DEAD
Kane Richmond Actor American character actor 23-Dec-1906 22-Mar-1973 DEAD
Lyda Roberti Actor Million Dollar Legs 20-May-1906 12-Mar-1938 DEAD
John D. Rockefeller III Philanthropist Lincoln Center for Performing Arts 21-Mar-1906 10-Jul-1978 DEAD
Roberto Rossellini Film Director Stromboli 08-May-1906 03-Jun-1977 DEAD
Henry Roth Author Call It Sleep 08-Feb-1906 13-Oct-1995 DEAD
Ernst Ruska Physicist Inventor of the electron microscope 25-Dec-1906 27-May-1988 DEAD
Donald S. Russell Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1967-71 22-Feb-1906 22-Feb-1998 DEAD
Pee Wee Russell Jazz Musician Jazz clarinet virtuoso 27-Mar-1906 15-Feb-1969 DEAD
Albert Sabin Biologist Developed oral polio vaccine 26-Aug-1906 03-Mar-1993 DEAD
Paul Sacher Conductor Founder, Basler Kammerorchester 28-Apr-1906 26-May-1999 DEAD
Walter Sande Actor Character actor 09-Jul-1906 22-Feb-1972 DEAD
George Sanders Actor The Saint Strikes Back 03-Jul-1906 25-Apr-1972 DEAD
Joe Sawyer Actor Character actor 1930s to 1950s 29-Aug-1906 21-Apr-1982 DEAD
Léopold Senghor Head of State President of Senegal, 1960-80 09-Oct-1906 20-Dec-2001 DEAD
Anya Seton Author Dragonwyck 23-Jan-1906 08-Nov-1990 DEAD
Vincent Sherman Film Director The Young Philadelphians 16-Jul-1906 18-Jun-2006 DEAD
Dmitri Shostakovich Composer Symphony No. 7 25-Sep-1906 09-Aug-1975 DEAD
Bugsy Siegel Criminal Brought the mob to Las Vegas 28-Feb-1906 20-Jun-1947 DEAD
Robert L. F. Sikes Politician Congressman from Florida, 1945-79 03-Jun-1906 28-Sep-1994 DEAD
Muggsy Spanier Jazz Musician Muggsy Spanier and His Ragtime Band 09-Nov-1906 12-Feb-1967 DEAD
Philip D. Sprouse Diplomat US Ambassador to Cambodia, 1962-64 27-Sep-1906 28-Apr-1977 DEAD
Francis Steegmuller Author Cocteau: A Biography 03-Jul-1906 20-Oct-1994 DEAD
Michael Stewart Politician Former UK Foreign Secretary 06-Nov-1906 13-Mar-1990 DEAD
Grady Sutton Actor The Bank Dick 05-Apr-1906 17-Sep-1995 DEAD
A. J. P. Taylor Historian The Origins of the Second World War 25-Mar-1906 07-Sep-1990 DEAD
Brother Theodore Comic Stand-up Tragedist 11-Nov-1906 05-Apr-2001 DEAD
Jim Thompson Novelist Heed the Thunder 27-Sep-1906 07-Apr-1977 DEAD
Clyde W. Tombaugh Astronomer Discovered Pluto 04-Feb-1906 17-Jan-1997 DEAD
Sin-Itiro Tomonaga Physicist Quantum electrodynamics 31-Mar-1906 08-Jul-1979 DEAD
Dorothy Tree Actor City of Darkness 21-May-1906 13-Feb-1992 DEAD
William Tunner Military Organized the Berlin Airlift 14-Jul-1906 06-Apr-1983 DEAD
Laurens van der Post Author The Lost World of the Kalahari 13-Dec-1906 15-Dec-1996 DEAD
A. Devitt Vanech Attorney Deputy US Attorney General, 1951-52 26-Mar-1906 10-Sep-1967 DEAD
Luchino Visconti Film Director La Terra Trema 02-Nov-1906 17-Mar-1976 DEAD
George Wald Biologist Physiology of the retina 18-Nov-1906 12-Apr-1997 DEAD
Franz Waxman Composer Sunset Blvd. 24-Dec-1906 24-Feb-1967 DEAD
Edgar Wayburn Activist Conservationist, Sierra Club president 17-Sep-1906 05-Mar-2010 DEAD
Alan Webb Actor English character actor 02-Jul-1906 22-Jun-1982 DEAD
Herman Welker Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1951-57 11-Dec-1906 30-Oct-1957 DEAD
Fred Whipple Astronomer Comet Guy 05-Nov-1906 30-Aug-2004 DEAD
T. H. White Author The Once and Future King 29-May-1906 17-Jan-1964 DEAD
Billy Wilder Film Director Sunset Blvd. 22-Jun-1906 27-Mar-2002 DEAD
Donald Woods Actor The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms 02-Dec-1906 05-Mar-1998 DEAD
Diana Wynyard Actor Gaslight 16-Jan-1906 13-May-1964 DEAD
Henny Youngman Comic Take my wife, please 16-Mar-1906 24-Feb-1998 DEAD
Harry von Zell Actor You're in the Navy Now 11-Jul-1906 21-Nov-1981 DEAD
Max Zorn Mathematician Zorn's Lemma 06-Jun-1906 09-Mar-1993 DEAD