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M. H. Abrams Author The Mirror and the Lamp 23-Jul-1912 21-Apr-2015 DEAD
Charles Addams Cartoonist The Addams Family 07-Jan-1912 29-Sep-1988 DEAD
Iris Adrian Actor Disney films 29-May-1912 17-Sep-1994 DEAD
James B. Allen Politician US Senator from Alabama, 1969-78 28-Dec-1912 01-Jun-1978 DEAD
Jorge Amado Novelist Dona Flor and her Two Husbands 10-Aug-1912 06-Aug-2001 DEAD
C. Elmer Anderson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1951-55 16-Mar-1912 12-Jan-1998 DEAD
Michelangelo Antonioni Film Director Professione: reporter 29-Sep-1912 30-Jul-2007 DEAD
Pedro Armendáriz Actor From Russia with Love 09-May-1912 18-Jun-1963 DEAD
Henry Armstrong Boxing Welter, Light, and Featherweight Champion 12-Dec-1912 22-Oct-1988 DEAD
Julius Axelrod Chemist Research of neurotransmitters 30-May-1912 29-Dec-2004 DEAD
Horace W. Babcock Astronomer Adaptive optics and the Babcock Model 13-Sep-1912 29-Aug-2003 DEAD
Wendy Barrie Actor The Private Life of Henry VIII 18-Apr-1912 02-Feb-1978 DEAD
Arthur Berger Composer Ideas of Order 15-May-1912 07-Oct-2003 DEAD
Toe Blake Hockey Montreal Canadiens, Hall of Famer 21-Aug-1912 17-May-1995 DEAD
Konrad Bloch Scientist Cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism 21-Jan-1912 15-Oct-2000 DEAD
Rudy Bond Actor A Streetcar Named Desire 01-Oct-1912 29-Mar-1982 DEAD
Pappy Boyington Military World War II flying ace 04-Dec-1912 11-Jan-1988 DEAD
E. R. Braithwaite Novelist To Sir, with Love 27-Jun-1912 12-Dec-2016 DEAD
Eva Braun First Lady Adolf Hitler's mistress, then wife 06-Feb-1912 30-Apr-1945 DEAD
Foster Brooks Comic Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts 11-May-1912 20-Dec-2001 DEAD
Richard Brooks Film Director In Cold Blood 18-May-1912 11-Mar-1992 DEAD
Herbert C. Brown Chemist Discovered organoboranes 22-May-1912 19-Dec-2004 DEAD
Les Brown Musician Les Brown and his Band of Renown 14-Mar-1912 04-Jan-2001 DEAD
W. Haydon Burns Politician Mayor of Jacksonville, 1949-65 17-Mar-1912 22-Nov-1987 DEAD
John Cage Composer Experimental composer 05-Sep-1912 12-Aug-1992 DEAD
William T. Cahill Politician Governor of New Jersey, 1970-74 25-Jun-1912 01-Jul-1996 DEAD
James Callaghan Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1976-79 27-Mar-1912 26-Mar-2005 DEAD
Marcel Camus Film Director Black Orpheus 21-Apr-1912 13-Jan-1982 DEAD
Howard W. Cannon Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1959-83 26-Jan-1912 05-Mar-2002 DEAD
Mary Carlisle Actor Dead Men Walk 03-Feb-1912 TBD ADD
Richard Carlson Actor The Creature from the Black Lagoon 29-Apr-1912 24-Nov-1977 DEAD
Sergiu Celibidache Conductor Director, Munich Philharmonic, 1979-96 11-Jul-1912 14-Aug-1996 DEAD
John Charnley Doctor Hip replacement surgery 29-Aug-1912 05-Aug-1982 DEAD
John Cheever Author The Enormous Radio 27-May-1912 18-Jun-1982 DEAD
Julia Child Chef Haute cuisine with a unique voice 15-Aug-1912 13-Aug-2004 DEAD
Audrey Christie Actor Broadway and TV actress 27-Jun-1912 19-Dec-1989 DEAD
Buddy Clark Singer How Are Things in Glocca Mora 26-Jul-1912 01-Oct-1949 DEAD
Dane Clark Actor Moonrise 26-Feb-1912 11-Sep-1998 DEAD
Ernest Clark Actor Sir Geoffrey Loftus 12-Feb-1912 11-Nov-1994 DEAD
June Clayworth Actor At Sword's Point 09-Jun-1912 01-Jan-1993 DEAD
Alec Clunes Actor Classical theatre actor, stage manager 17-May-1912 13-Mar-1970 DEAD
Nancy Coleman Actor Desperate Journey 30-Dec-1912 18-Jan-2000 DEAD
Perry Como Singer It's Impossible 18-May-1912 12-May-2001 DEAD
Norman Cousins Author Editor of The Saturday Review 24-Jun-1912 30-Nov-1990 DEAD
Archibald Cox Government Target of Watergate Saturday Night Massacre 17-May-1912 29-May-2004 DEAD
James Craig Actor Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 04-Feb-1912 28-Jun-1985 DEAD
Nick Cravat Actor The Crimson Pirate 11-Jan-1912 29-Jan-1994 DEAD
Joseph F. Cullman III Business CEO of Philip Morris, 1957-78 09-Apr-1912 30-Apr-2004 DEAD
Frank E. Curran Politician Mayor of San Diego, 1963-71 19-Dec-1912 18-Oct-1992 DEAD
Richard N. Current Historian The Lincoln Nobody Knows 05-Oct-1912 26-Oct-2012 DEAD
Mack David Songwriter La vie en rose 05-Jul-1912 30-Dec-1993 DEAD
André de Toth Film Director House of Wax 15-May-1912 27-Oct-2002 DEAD
Nigel Dennis Novelist Cards of Identity 16-Jan-1912 19-Jul-1989 DEAD
Frances Drake Actor WWII pinup girl, also actress 22-Oct-1912 18-Jan-2000 DEAD
Theodore Draper Historian The Roots of American Communism 11-Sep-1912 21-Feb-2006 DEAD
Orvil Dryfoos Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1961-63 08-Nov-1912 26-May-1963 DEAD
Doris Duke Philanthropist Heiress to Duke fortune 22-Nov-1912 28-Oct-1993 DEAD
Lawrence Durrell Novelist The Alexandria Quartet 27-Feb-1912 07-Nov-1990 DEAD
Ann Dvorak Actor Cesca in Scarface 02-Aug-1912 10-Dec-1979 DEAD
Oscar Dystel Publisher Bantam Books 31-Oct-1912 28-May-2014 DEAD
Dale Evans Country Musician Singer and leading lady to Roy Rogers 31-Oct-1912 07-Feb-2001 DEAD
Gil Evans Jazz Musician Jazz pianist and arranger 13-May-1912 20-Mar-1988 DEAD
Derek Farr Actor The Projected Man 07-Feb-1912 22-Mar-1986 DEAD
Frances Faye Singer Out, Lesbian nightclub singer 04-Nov-1912 08-Nov-1991 DEAD
Rudolf Firkusny Pianist Czech-American piano prodigy 11-Feb-1912 19-Jul-1994 DEAD
Virgil Fox Organist Organist at the Riverside Church 03-May-1912 25-Oct-1980 DEAD
Milton Friedman Economist Free market economic theorist 31-Jul-1912 16-Nov-2006 DEAD
Northrop Frye Author Fearful Symmetry 14-Jul-1912 23-Jan-1991 DEAD
Jerry Fujikawa Actor Salt water bad for glass 18-Feb-1912 30-Apr-1983 DEAD
Samuel Fuller Film Director Pickup on South Street 12-Aug-1912 30-Oct-1997 DEAD
Martin Gabel Actor The First Deadly Sin 19-Jun-1912 22-May-1986 DEAD
John W. Gardner Administrator Founder of Common Cause 08-Oct-1912 16-Feb-2002 DEAD
Peter Leo Gerety Religion Catholic Archbishop of Newark, 1974-86 19-Jul-1912 20-Sep-2016 DEAD
Ivan Getting Inventor Global Positioning System 18-Jan-1912 11-Oct-2003 DEAD
John Gilling Film Director The Plague of the Zombies 29-May-1912 22-Nov-1984 DEAD
Marius Goring Actor The Red Shoes 23-May-1912 30-Sep-1998 DEAD
Hugh Griffith Actor Sheik Ilderim in Ben-Hur 30-May-1912 14-May-1980 DEAD
Woody Guthrie Singer/Songwriter Folk legend 14-Jul-1912 03-Oct-1967 DEAD
Joan Hammond Singer Operatic soprano 24-May-1912 26-Nov-1996 DEAD
Clifford Hansen Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1967-78 16-Oct-1912 20-Oct-2009 DEAD
Heinrich Harrer Author Subject of biopic Seven Years in Tibet 06-Jul-1912 07-Jan-2006 DEAD
C. Lowell Harriss Economist Columbia University Economist 02-Aug-1912 14-Dec-2009 DEAD
June Havoc Actor Gentleman's Agreement 08-Nov-1912 28-Mar-2010 DEAD
Harry Hay Activist Gay activist, founder The Mattachine Society 07-Apr-1912 24-Oct-2002 DEAD
Dorothy Height Activist National Council of Negro Women 24-Mar-1912 20-Apr-2010 DEAD
Richard H. Heindel Educator The American Impact on Great Britain 24-Aug-1912 31-Jul-1979 DEAD
Sonja Henie Figure Skating Norwegian figure skater 08-Apr-1912 12-Oct-1969 DEAD
Christopher Hill Historian Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution 06-Feb-1912 23-Feb-2003 DEAD
Wendy Hiller Actor Separate Tables 15-Aug-1912 14-May-2003 DEAD
Syd Hoff Author Danny and the Dinosaur 04-Sep-1912 12-May-2004 DEAD
Ben Hogan Golf Won 63 golf tournaments 13-Aug-1912 25-Jul-1997 DEAD
Erich Honecker Head of State East German leader, 1971-89 25-Aug-1912 29-May-1994 DEAD
Lightnin' Hopkins Guitarist Mojo Hand 15-Mar-1912 30-Jan-1982 DEAD
Barbara Hutton Socialite The Poor Little Rich Girl 14-Nov-1912 11-May-1979 DEAD
Eugène Ionesco Playwright The Bald Soprano 26-Nov-1912 28-Mar-1994 DEAD
Edmond Jabès Poet The Book of Resemblances 06-Apr-1912 02-Jan-1991 DEAD
Henry "Scoop" Jackson Politician US Senator from Washington, 1953-83 31-May-1912 01-Sep-1983 DEAD
Pope John Paul I Religion Pope for 33 days, in summer 1978 17-Oct-1912 28-Sep-1978 DEAD
Lady Bird Johnson First Lady Wife of US President Lyndon Baines Johnson 22-Dec-1912 11-Jul-2007 DEAD
Chuck Jones Cartoonist Directed Bugs Bunny cartoons 21-Sep-1912 22-Feb-2002 DEAD
Henry Jones Actor The Bad Seed 01-Aug-1912 17-May-1999 DEAD
Brenda Joyce Actor Tarzan's Jane 25-Feb-1912 04-Jul-2009 DEAD
Arline Judge Actor B-Movie actress, collector of husbands 21-Feb-1912 07-Feb-1974 DEAD
Garson Kanin Screenwriter It Should Happen to You 24-Nov-1912 13-Mar-1999 DEAD
Leonid Vitalyevich Kantorovich Mathematician Linear programming 19-Jan-1912 07-Apr-1986 DEAD
Gene Kelly Actor Singin' in the Rain 23-Aug-1912 02-Feb-1996 DEAD
Irv Kupcinet Columnist Kup's Column 31-Jul-1912 10-Nov-2003 DEAD
Paul Landres Film Director B-Movie and television director 21-Aug-1912 26-Dec-2001 DEAD
Burton Lane Composer On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 02-Feb-1912 05-Jan-1997 DEAD
John Le Mesurier Actor Dad's Army 05-Apr-1912 15-Nov-1983 DEAD
Ginette Leclerc Actor Le Corbeau 09-Feb-1912 02-Jan-1992 DEAD
Erich Leinsdorf Conductor Music Director, Boston Symphony, 1962-69 04-Feb-1912 11-Sep-1993 DEAD
Richard W. Leopold Historian Robert Dale Owen: A Biography 06-Jan-1912 23-Nov-2006 DEAD
Art Linkletter TV Personality Kids Say the Darndest Things 17-Jul-1912 26-May-2010 DEAD
Morris Louis Painter Abstract expressionist 24-Nov-1912 07-Sep-1962 DEAD
Frank Lovejoy Actor The Hitch-Hiker 28-Mar-1912 02-Oct-1962 DEAD
Salvador Luria Biologist Natural selection in bacteria 13-Aug-1912 06-Feb-1991 DEAD
Alexander Mackendrick Film Director The Sweet Smell of Success 08-Sep-1912 22-Dec-1993 DEAD
Karl Malden Actor Streets of San Francisco 22-Mar-1912 01-Jul-2009 DEAD
Daniel Mann Film Director Come Back, Little Sheba 08-Aug-1912 21-Nov-1991 DEAD
Thomas C. Mann Diplomat US Ambassador to Mexico, 1961-63 11-Nov-1912 23-Jan-1999 DEAD
Irene Manning Actor Yankee Doodle Dandy 17-Jul-1912 28-May-2004 DEAD
Jack Marshall Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1972 05-Mar-1912 30-Aug-1988 DEAD
Mary McCarthy Author The Group 21-Jun-1912 25-Oct-1989 DEAD
Daniel T. McCarty Politician Governor of Florida, 1953 18-Jan-1912 28-Sep-1953 DEAD
Sid McMath Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1949-53 14-Jun-1912 04-Oct-2003 DEAD
Edwin L. Mechem Politician Three-time Governor of New Mexico 02-Jul-1912 27-Nov-2002 DEAD
Maria Montez Actor The Exile 06-Jun-1912 07-Sep-1951 DEAD
Thomas H. Moorer Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1970-74 09-Feb-1912 05-Feb-2004 DEAD
DeLesseps S. Morrison Politician Mayor of New Orleans, 1946-61 18-Jan-1912 22-May-1964 DEAD
Arne Naess Philosopher Ecological philosopher 27-Jan-1912 12-Jan-2009 DEAD
Conlon Nancarrow Composer Studies for Player Piano 27-Oct-1912 10-Aug-1997 DEAD
Byron Nelson Golf Winner of 5 Majors 04-Feb-1912 26-Sep-2006 DEAD
Richard L. Neuberger Politician US Senator from Oregon, 1955-60 26-Dec-1912 09-Mar-1960 DEAD
Pat Nixon First Lady Wife of US President Richard M. Nixon 16-Mar-1912 22-Jun-1993 DEAD
Andre Norton Author Witch World series 17-Feb-1912 17-Mar-2005 DEAD
Tip O'Neill Politician Speaker of the House, 1977-87 09-Dec-1912 05-Jan-1994 DEAD
Walter J. Ong Scholar Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word 30-Nov-1912 12-Aug-2003 DEAD
Frank Oppenheimer Physicist Founder of the Exploratorium 14-Aug-1912 03-Feb-1985 DEAD
David Packard Business Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard 07-Sep-1912 26-Mar-1996 DEAD
George E. Palade Scientist Microstructure of the cell 19-Nov-1912 07-Oct-2008 DEAD
Ace Parker Football NFL Hall of Fame Tailback 17-May-1912 06-Nov-2013 DEAD
Gordon Parks Film Director Shaft 30-Nov-1912 07-Mar-2006 DEAD
Lynn Patrick Hockey Bruins, St. Louis Blues GM 03-Feb-1912 26-Jan-1980 DEAD
John Payne Actor Kansas City Confidential 23-May-1912 06-Dec-1989 DEAD
Minnie Pearl Singer Her hat cost $1.98 25-Oct-1912 04-Mar-1996 DEAD
Carl D. Perkins Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1949-84 15-Oct-1912 03-Aug-1984 DEAD
Clara Petacci Relative Mussolini's mistress 28-Feb-1912 28-Apr-1945 DEAD
George O. Petrie Actor Harv Smithfield on Dallas 16-Nov-1912 16-Nov-1997 DEAD
Kim Philby Spy One of the Cambridge Five in MI6 01-Jan-1912 11-May-1988 DEAD
Jackson Pollock Painter Abstract expressionist 28-Jan-1912 11-Aug-1956 DEAD
David H. Popper Diplomat US Ambassador to Chile, 1974-77 03-Oct-1912 24-Jul-2008 DEAD
Don Porter Actor Prof. Lawrence on Gidget 24-Sep-1912 11-Feb-1997 DEAD
Eleanor Powell Dancer Lady Be Good 21-Nov-1912 11-Feb-1982 DEAD
Enoch Powell Politician British demagogue 16-Jun-1912 08-Feb-1998 DEAD
David F. Powers Curator Special Assistant at the JFK White House 25-Apr-1912 27-Mar-1998 DEAD
E. M. Purcell Physicist Nuclear magnetic resonance 30-Aug-1912 07-Mar-1997 DEAD
Bill Quinn Actor Mr. Van Ranseleer on Archie Bunker's Place 06-May-1912 29-Apr-1994 DEAD
Bebe Rebozo Business Nixon confidant 17-Nov-1912 08-May-1998 DEAD
Henry Regnery Publisher Regnery Publishing 05-Jan-1912 18-Jun-1996 DEAD
Ptolemy Reid Head of State Prime Minister of Guyana, 1980-84 08-May-1912 02-Sep-2003 DEAD
Henry S. Reuss Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1955-83 22-Feb-1912 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
Winthrop Rockefeller Business Governor of Arkansas, 1967-71 01-May-1912 22-Feb-1973 DEAD
Viviane Romance Actor Any Number Can Win 04-Jul-1912 25-Sep-1991 DEAD
May Sarton Poet Plant Dreaming Deep 03-May-1912 16-Jul-1995 DEAD
Francis Schaeffer Religion Founder, L'Abri Community 30-Jan-1912 15-May-1984 DEAD
Martin Schwarzschild Astronomer Structure and Evolution of the Stars 31-May-1912 10-Apr-1997 DEAD
Martha Scott Actor Our Town 22-Sep-1912 28-May-2003 DEAD
Glenn Seaborg Physicist Co-Discoverer of Plutonium 19-Apr-1912 25-Feb-1999 DEAD
Zohra Sehgal Actor The Jewel in the Crown 27-Apr-1912 10-Jul-2014 DEAD
Wilfrid Sellars Philosopher Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind 20-May-1912 02-Jul-1989 DEAD
Eric Sevareid Journalist CBS News journalist 26-Nov-1912 09-Jul-1992 DEAD
Milton J. Shapp Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1971-79 25-Jun-1912 24-Nov-1994 DEAD
Reta Shaw Actor The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 13-Sep-1912 08-Jan-1982 DEAD
Edward Short Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1974-76 17-Dec-1912 04-May-2012 DEAD
Don Siegel Film Director Dirty Harry 26-Oct-1912 20-Apr-1991 DEAD
Jay Silverheels Actor Tonto on The Lone Ranger 26-May-1912 05-Mar-1980 DEAD
H. Gordon Skilling Scholar Czechoslovakia's Interrupted Revolution 12-Feb-1912 02-Mar-2001 DEAD
Preston Smith Politician Governor of Texas, 1969-73 08-Mar-1912 18-Oct-2003 DEAD
Sam Snead Golf Winner of 82 PGA tournaments 27-May-1912 23-May-2002 DEAD
Georg Solti Conductor Chicago Symphony Orchestra 21-Oct-1912 05-Sep-1997 DEAD
Kenneth M. Stampp Historian The Peculiar Institution 20-Jul-1912 10-Jul-2009 DEAD
Chauncey Starr Physicist Electric Power Research Institute 14-Apr-1912 17-Apr-2007 DEAD
Joseph Stein Playwright Fiddler on the Roof librettist 30-May-1912 24-Oct-2010 DEAD
Margot Stevenson Actor Margo Lane on The Shadow 08-Feb-1912 02-Jan-2011 DEAD
Alfredo Stroessner Head of State Dictator of Paraguay, 1954-89 03-Nov-1912 16-Aug-2006 DEAD
Barry Sullivan Actor The Bad and the Beautiful 29-Aug-1912 06-Jun-1994 DEAD
Kim Il Sung Head of State North Korea's official deity 15-Apr-1912 08-Jul-1994 DEAD
Robert Lewis Taylor Novelist The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 24-Sep-1912 30-Sep-1998 DEAD
John Tebbel Journalist A History of Book Publishing in the United States 16-Nov-1912 09-Oct-2004 DEAD
John Templeton Philanthropist Billionaire fund manager 29-Nov-1912 08-Jul-2008 DEAD
Studs Terkel Author Working 16-May-1912 31-Oct-2008 DEAD
Meldrim Thomson, Jr. Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1973-79 08-Mar-1912 19-Apr-2001 DEAD
George Bell Timmerman, Jr. Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1955-59 11-Aug-1912 29-Nov-1994 DEAD
John Toland Historian The Rising Sun 29-Jun-1912 04-Jan-2004 DEAD
Mary Anne Trump Relative Mother of Donald Trump 10-May-1912 07-Aug-2000 DEAD
Barbara Tuchman Historian A Distant Mirror 30-Jan-1912 06-Feb-1989 DEAD
Alan Turing Mathematician Computing pioneer 23-Jun-1912 07-Jun-1954 DEAD
Jim Turnesa Golf Winner, 1952 PGA Championship 09-Dec-1912 27-Aug-1971 DEAD
A. E. van Vogt Novelist Science fiction writer 26-Apr-1912 26-Jan-2000 DEAD
Wernher von Braun Scientist German-American rocket scientist 23-Mar-1912 16-Jun-1977 DEAD
Walter Walker Military C-in-C, Allied Forces Northern Europe, 1969-72 11-Nov-1912 12-Aug-2001 DEAD
Raoul Wallenberg Activist Worked to save Hungarian Jews 04-Aug-1912 17-Jul-1947 DEAD
Lawrence E. Walsh Government Independent Prosecutor for Iran-Contra 08-Jan-1912 19-Mar-2014 DEAD
Murray Warmath Football Minnesota Head Coach, 1954-71 16-Oct-1912 16-Mar-2011 DEAD
Richard Wattis Actor English comic actor 25-Feb-1912 01-Feb-1975 DEAD
Matthew E. Welsh Politician Governor of Indiana, 1961-65 15-Sep-1912 28-May-1995 DEAD
Lawrence K. White Spy Executive Comptroller for DCI's 10-Jun-1912 05-Apr-2006 DEAD
Patrick White Novelist Riders in the Chariot 28-May-1912 30-Sep-1990 DEAD
Michael Wilding Actor Torch Song 23-Jul-1912 08-Jul-1979 DEAD
Willard Wirtz Government US Secretary of Labor, 1962-69 14-Mar-1912 24-Apr-2010 DEAD
Louis Wolfson Business Business criminal, horse breeder 28-Jan-1912 30-Dec-2007 DEAD
Molly Yard Activist President of NOW, 1987-91 06-Jul-1912 21-Sep-2005 DEAD
Jeff York Actor Reno McKee on The Alaskans 23-Mar-1912 11-Oct-1995 DEAD