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Forrest J. Ackerman Author Mr. Science Fiction 24-Nov-1916 04-Dec-2008 DEAD
Joseph Alioto Politician Mayor of San Francisco, 1968-76 12-Feb-1916 29-Jan-1998 DEAD
Irwin Allen Film/TV Producer The Master of Disaster 12-Jun-1916 02-Nov-1991 DEAD
Maxene Andrews Singer The Andrews Sisters 03-Jan-1916 21-Oct-1995 DEAD
Christian Anfinsen Chemist Protein structure and folding 26-Mar-1916 14-May-1995 DEAD
Eddie Arcaro Jockey Two-time Triple Crown winner 19-Feb-1916 14-Nov-1997 DEAD
Jack Arnold Film Director Creature from the Black Lagoon 14-Oct-1916 17-Mar-1992 DEAD
Milton Babbitt Composer Music for Synthesizer 10-May-1916 29-Jan-2011 DEAD
Roy Ward Baker Film Director A Night to Remember 19-Dec-1916 05-Oct-2010 DEAD
Ian Ballantine Publisher Paperback magnate 15-Feb-1916 09-Mar-1995 DEAD
Sirimavo Bandaranaike Head of State Prime Minister of Sri Lanka 17-Apr-1916 10-Oct-2000 DEAD
Jerry Barber Golf Winner, 1961 PGA Championship 25-Apr-1916 23-Sep-1994 DEAD
David Bates Astronomer Atmospheric and interstellar physics 18-Nov-1916 05-Jan-1994 DEAD
Eric Bentley Critic The Life of the Drama 14-Sep-1916 TBD ADD
Sune K. Bergström Scientist Prostaglandins 10-Jan-1916 15-Aug-2004 DEAD
Irving Bernstein Historian Labor historian 15-Nov-1916 25-Sep-2001 DEAD
Edward Binns Actor 12 Angry Men 12-Sep-1916 04-Dec-1990 DEAD
Bernard Blier Actor The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe 11-Jan-1916 29-Mar-1989 DEAD
Budd Boetticher Film Director Seven Men From Now 29-Jul-1916 29-Nov-2001 DEAD
Lindy Boggs Politician Congresswoman from Louisiana, 1973-91 13-Mar-1916 27-Jul-2013 DEAD
Richard W. Bolling Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1949-83 17-May-1916 21-Apr-1991 DEAD
Tommy Bolt Golf Winner, 1958 US Open 31-Mar-1916 30-Aug-2008 DEAD
Karin Booth Actor My Foolish Heart 19-Jun-1916 27-Jul-2003 DEAD
P. W. Botha Head of State President of South Africa, 1984-89 12-Jan-1916 31-Oct-2006 DEAD
George Braziller Publisher Founder, George Braziller Inc. 12-Feb-1916 16-Mar-2017 DEAD
Rossano Brazzi Actor South Pacific 18-Sep-1916 24-Dec-1994 DEAD
Phil Brown Actor Uncle Owen in Star Wars 30-Apr-1916 09-Feb-2006 DEAD
R. Hanbury Brown Astronomer Optical intensity interferometer 31-Aug-1916 16-Jan-2002 DEAD
Philip W. Buchen Government White House Counsel, 1974-77 17-Feb-1916 21-May-2001 DEAD
Herb Caen Columnist Long running San Francisco columnist 03-Apr-1916 01-Feb-1997 DEAD
Jack M. Campbell Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1963-67 10-Sep-1916 14-Jun-1999 DEAD
Mortimer M. Caplin Business Caplin & Drysdale 11-Jul-1916 TBD ADD
LeRoy T. Carlson Business Founder of Telephone and Data Systems 15-May-1916 23-May-2016 DEAD
Robert Carr Politician UK Home Secretary, 1972-74 11-Nov-1916 17-Feb-2012 DEAD
Anthony Caruso Actor American character actor 07-Apr-1916 04-Apr-2003 DEAD
Raúl H. Castro Politician Governor of Arizona, 1975-77 12-Jun-1916 10-Apr-2015 DEAD
Camilo José Cela Author Spanish novelist and Nobel laureate 11-May-1916 17-Jan-2002 DEAD
Michel Chartrand Labor Leader Quebec nationalist labor activist 20-Dec-1916 12-Apr-2010 DEAD
Charlie Christian Guitarist The original guitar hero 29-Jul-1916 02-Mar-1942 DEAD
John Ciardi Poet How Does a Poem Mean? 24-Jun-1916 30-Mar-1986 DEAD
Beverly Cleary Author Children's author, Ramona Quimby series 12-Apr-1916 TBD ADD
Paolo E. Coletta Historian William Jennings Bryan 03-Feb-1916 22-May-2007 DEAD
James M. Collins Politician Congressman from Texas, 1968-83 29-Apr-1916 21-Jul-1989 DEAD
Shirl Conway Actor Liz Thorpe on The Nurses 13-Jun-1916 07-May-2007 DEAD
Laird Cregar Actor The Lodger 28-Jul-1916 09-Dec-1944 DEAD
Francis Crick Scientist Co-Discoverer of the structure of DNA 08-Jun-1916 28-Jul-2004 DEAD
Mary Jane Croft Actor Mary Jane on The Lucy Show 15-Feb-1916 24-Aug-1999 DEAD
Walter Cronkite Journalist America's most trusted newscaster 04-Nov-1916 17-Jul-2009 DEAD
Walter J. Cummings Judge 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1966-99 29-Sep-1916 24-Apr-1999 DEAD
Ken Curtis Actor Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke 02-Jul-1916 29-Apr-1991 DEAD
Roald Dahl Author James and the Giant Peach 13-Sep-1916 23-Nov-1990 DEAD
Jean Dausset Scientist Recognition of HLA antigens 19-Oct-1916 06-Jun-2009 DEAD
Rupert Davies Actor Inspector Maigret 22-May-1916 22-Nov-1976 DEAD
Olivia de Havilland Actor Gone With the Wind 01-Jul-1916 TBD ADD
Robert H. Dicke Physicist Dicke radiometer 06-May-1916 04-Mar-1997 DEAD
Gloria Dickson Actor They Won't Forget 13-Aug-1916 10-Apr-1945 DEAD
Warde Donovan Actor Phyllis Diller's 2nd Husband 25-Feb-1916 16-Apr-1988 DEAD
William J. B. Dorn Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1947-74 14-Apr-1916 13-Aug-2005 DEAD
Kirk Douglas Actor Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 TBD ADD
Jean Drapeau Politician Mayor of Montreal, 1954-57 and 1960-86 18-Feb-1916 12-Aug-1999 DEAD
Richard Eastham Actor Not with My Wife, You Don't! 22-Jun-1916 10-Jul-2005 DEAD
Patricia Ellis Actor Picture Snatcher 20-May-1916 26-Mar-1970 DEAD
Hans Eysenck Psychologist Intelligence and personality 04-Mar-1916 04-Sep-1997 DEAD
Max Faulkner Golf Winner, 1951 British Open 29-Jul-1916 26-Feb-2005 DEAD
Marshall Field IV Business Owner of the Chicago Sun-Times, 1956-65 15-Jun-1916 18-Sep-1965 DEAD
Peter Finch Actor Network 28-Sep-1916 14-Jan-1977 DEAD
Penelope Fitzgerald Novelist The Blue Flower 17-Dec-1916 28-Apr-2000 DEAD
Richard Fleischer Film Director Soylent Green 08-Dec-1916 24-Mar-2006 DEAD
Robben W. Fleming Educator President, University of Michigan, 1968-78 18-Dec-1916 10-Jan-2010 DEAD
Benson Fong Actor Flower Drum Song 10-Oct-1916 01-Aug-1987 DEAD
Horton Foote Playwright To Kill a Mockingbird 14-Mar-1916 04-Mar-2009 DEAD
Shelby Foote Author Shiloh 17-Nov-1916 27-Jun-2005 DEAD
Glenn Ford Actor Gilda, Blackboard Jungle 01-May-1916 30-Aug-2006 DEAD
Dan Fortmann Football NFL Hall of Fame Guard 11-Apr-1916 23-May-1995 DEAD
Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1953-75 17-Jan-1916 23-May-2011 DEAD
Robert F. Furchgott Scientist Nitric oxide as a cardiovascular signal 04-Jun-1916 19-May-2009 DEAD
Betty Furness Actor You can be sure if it's a Westinghouse 03-Jan-1916 02-Apr-1994 DEAD
Slim Gaillard Jazz Musician Cee-ment mixer, put-ti put-ti 04-Jan-1916 26-Feb-1991 DEAD
Richard I. Galland Attorney CEO of American Petrofina, 1969-83 13-Oct-1916 27-Nov-2008 DEAD
Max Geldray Jazz Musician Conks of The Goon Show 12-Feb-1916 02-Oct-2004 DEAD
Natalia Ginzburg Novelist La strada che va in cittą 14-Jul-1916 07-Oct-1991 DEAD
Vitaly L. Ginzburg Physicist Type-II superconductors 04-Oct-1916 08-Nov-2009 DEAD
Jackie Gleason Actor Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners 26-Feb-1916 24-Jun-1987 DEAD
Eric F. Goldman Historian The Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson 17-Jun-1916 19-Feb-1989 DEAD
Henry B. Gonzalez Politician Congressman from Texas, 1961-99 03-May-1916 28-Nov-2000 DEAD
Nathan Green Gordon Politician Lt. Governor of Arkansas, 1947-67 04-Sep-1916 08-Sep-2008 DEAD
Betty Grable Actor The Girl With the Million Dollar Legs 18-Dec-1916 02-Jul-1973 DEAD
L. Patrick Gray Government Acting FBI Director, 1972-73 18-Jul-1916 06-Jul-2005 DEAD
Willoughby Gray Actor Sir John Stevens on Howards' Way 05-Nov-1916 13-Feb-1993 DEAD
Virginia Gregg Actor Radio actress 06-Mar-1916 15-Sep-1986 DEAD
Jorge Guinle Socialite Brazilian playboy 05-Feb-1916 05-Mar-2004 DEAD
Greta Gynt Actor The Dark Eyes of London 15-Nov-1916 02-Apr-2000 DEAD
Brion Gysin Artist Inventor of the Dreamachine 19-Jan-1916 13-Jul-1986 DEAD
E. R. Haggar Business President/CEO of Haggar Clothing Co. 18-Sep-1916 29-Sep-2004 DEAD
Fred Hall Politician Governor of Kansas, 1955-57 24-Jul-1916 18-Mar-1970 DEAD
Bob Hamilton Golf Winner, 1944 PGA Championship 10-Jan-1916 06-Dec-1990 DEAD
Helene Hanff Author 84, Charing Cross Road 15-Apr-1916 09-Apr-1997 DEAD
Elizabeth Hardwick Critic Seduction and Betrayal 27-Jul-1916 02-Dec-2007 DEAD
Claude Harmon Golf Winner, 1948 Masters Tournament 14-Jul-1916 23-Jul-1989 DEAD
João Havelange Soccer President of FIFA, 1974-98 08-May-1916 16-Aug-2016 DEAD
Sterling Hayden Actor Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove 26-Mar-1916 23-May-1986 DEAD
Margaret Hayes Actor Blackboard Jungle 05-Dec-1916 26-Jan-1977 DEAD
Dick Haymes Singer State Fair 13-Sep-1916 28-Mar-1980 DEAD
Chick Hearn Sports Journalist Legendary basketball announcer 27-Nov-1916 05-Aug-2002 DEAD
Edward Heath Head of State British Prime Minister, 1970-74 09-Jul-1916 17-Jul-2005 DEAD
James Herriot Novelist All Creatures Great and Small 03-Oct-1916 23-Feb-1995 DEAD
Richard Hofstadter Historian Anti-Intellectualism in American Life 06-Aug-1916 24-Oct-1970 DEAD
Rochelle Hudson Actor Rebel Without a Cause 06-Mar-1916 17-Jan-1972 DEAD
David R. Hunter Administrator Progressive fund advisor 17-May-1916 25-Nov-2000 DEAD
Shirley Jackson Novelist The Lottery 14-Dec-1916 08-Aug-1965 DEAD
Jane Jacobs Author The Death and Life of Great American Cities 04-May-1916 25-Apr-2006 DEAD
Harry James Musician Big Band-era bandleader 15-Mar-1916 05-Jul-1983 DEAD
Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1964-68 23-Jan-1916 14-Oct-1985 DEAD
Van Johnson Actor The Caine Mutiny 25-Aug-1916 12-Dec-2008 DEAD
Ephraim Katzir Head of State President of Israel, 1973-78 16-May-1916 30-May-2009 DEAD
Stanley Kauffmann Critic Film critic for The New Republic 24-Apr-1916 09-Oct-2013 DEAD
Geoffrey Keen Actor Sir Fredrick Gray in Bond films 21-Aug-1916 03-Nov-2005 DEAD
Dorothea Kent Actor It Happened on Fifth Avenue 06-Jun-1916 10-Dec-1990 DEAD
Evelyn Keyes Actor Gone with the Wind 20-Nov-1916 04-Jul-2008 DEAD
Martin S. Kimmel Business Founder of Kimco Realty 09-Apr-1916 15-Apr-2008 DEAD
Leon Klinghoffer Victim Shot and thrown overboard by terrorists 24-Sep-1916 07-Oct-1985 DEAD
Howard W. Koch Film/TV Producer The Manchurian Candidate 11-Apr-1916 16-Feb-2001 DEAD
C. Everett Koop Government US Surgeon General, 1982-89 14-Oct-1916 25-Feb-2013 DEAD
Kurt Kreuger Actor The Enemy Below 23-Jul-1916 12-Jul-2006 DEAD
John Kundla Basketball Minneapolis Lakers Head Coach, 1948-59 03-Jul-1916 23-Jul-2017 DEAD
Ferruccio Lamborghini Business Lamborghini tractors and sports cars 28-Apr-1916 20-Feb-1993 DEAD
Blair Lee III Politician Governor of Maryland, 1977-79 19-May-1916 25-Oct-1985 DEAD
Bernard Lewis Scholar Middle East scholar 31-May-1916 TBD ADD
Frank Licht Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1969-73 13-Mar-1916 30-May-1987 DEAD
Margaret Lockwood Actor Cast a Dark Shadow 15-Sep-1916 15-Jul-1990 DEAD
John A. Love Politician Governor of Colorado, 1963-73 29-Nov-1916 21-Jan-2002 DEAD
Sid Luckman Football Chicago Bears QB, Hall of Famer 21-Nov-1916 05-Jul-1998 DEAD
Hank Luisetti Basketball Invented one-handed shot 16-Jun-1916 17-Dec-2002 DEAD
John D. MacDonald Novelist Travis McGee mystery novels 24-Jul-1916 28-Dec-1986 DEAD
Wellington Mara Football Owns the New York Giants 14-Aug-1916 25-Oct-2005 DEAD
Leonard H. Marks Diplomat Washington lawyer, diplomat 05-Mar-1916 11-Aug-2006 DEAD
Spark Matsunaga Politician US Senator from Hawaii, 1977-90 08-Oct-1916 15-Apr-1990 DEAD
Frank Maxwell Actor Dan Rooney on General Hospital 17-Nov-1916 04-Aug-2004 DEAD
Mercedes McCambridge Actor All the King's Men 17-Mar-1916 02-Mar-2004 DEAD
Eugene McCarthy Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 1959-71 29-Mar-1916 10-Dec-2005 DEAD
Dorothy McGuire Actor A Summer Place 14-Jun-1916 13-Sep-2001 DEAD
Robert McNamara Government US Secretary of Defense, 1961-68 09-Jun-1916 06-Jul-2009 DEAD
Robert H. McWilliams Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1970-84 27-Apr-1916 10-Apr-2013 DEAD
Charles Meade Religion Meade Ministries, Inc. 24-Dec-1916 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Bill Melendez Cartoonist A Charlie Brown Christmas 15-Nov-1916 02-Sep-2008 DEAD
Yehudi Menuhin Violinist Child prodigy violinist, conductor 22-Apr-1916 12-Mar-1999 DEAD
Pierre Messmer Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1972-74 20-Mar-1916 29-Aug-2007 DEAD
Jack R. Miller Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1961-73 06-Jun-1916 29-Aug-1994 DEAD
C. Wright Mills Sociologist The Power Elite 28-Aug-1916 20-Mar-1962 DEAD
Joseph G. Minish Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1963-85 01-Sep-1916 24-Nov-2007 DEAD
François Mitterrand Head of State President of France, 1981-95 26-Oct-1916 08-Jan-1996 DEAD
Vic Mizzy Composer Addams Family theme 09-Jan-1916 17-Oct-2009 DEAD
George Montgomery Actor Coney Island 29-Aug-1916 12-Dec-2000 DEAD
Edmund S. Morgan Historian The Puritan Dilemma 17-Jan-1916 08-Jul-2013 DEAD
Aldo Moro Head of State Kidnapped and murdered PM of Italy 23-Sep-1916 09-May-1978 DEAD
Peggy Mount Actor George and the Dragon 02-May-1916 13-Nov-2001 DEAD
Albert L. Murray Author Stomping the Blues 12-May-1916 18-Aug-2013 DEAD
Jan Murray Comic Borscht belt comedian, host of Treasure Hunt 04-Oct-1916 02-Jul-2006 DEAD
Ann Nelson Actor Mrs. Gertrude Berg on Fame 27-May-1916 02-Jun-1992 DEAD
Gaylord Nelson Politician Founded Earth Day in 1970 04-Jun-1916 03-Jul-2005 DEAD
Ralph Nelson Film Director Father Goose 12-Aug-1916 21-Dec-1987 DEAD
Robert G. Neumann Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 1969-73 02-Jan-1916 18-Jun-1999 DEAD
Richard Ney Actor Mrs. Miniver 12-Nov-1916 18-Jul-2004 DEAD
Alex Nicol Actor The Man from Laramie 20-Jan-1916 29-Jul-2001 DEAD
C. William O'Neill Politician Governor of Ohio, 1957-59 14-Feb-1916 20-Aug-1978 DEAD
Barney Oliver Astronomer SETI researcher 27-May-1916 23-Nov-1995 DEAD
Victor Oristano Business Alda Limited Partners 10-Sep-1916 TBD ADD
Robert Parrish Film Director Casino Royale 04-Jan-1916 04-Dec-1995 DEAD
Gregory Peck Actor To Kill A Mockingbird 05-Apr-1916 12-Jun-2003 DEAD
Walker Percy Author The Moviegoer 28-May-1916 10-May-1990 DEAD
Russell W. Peterson Politician Governor of Delaware, 1969-73 03-Oct-1916 21-Feb-2011 DEAD
Edward J. Piszek Business Co-founder of Mrs. Paul's frozen foods 24-Oct-1916 27-Mar-2004 DEAD
Edward Platt Actor Chief on Get Smart 14-Feb-1916 19-Mar-1974 DEAD
Perez Prado Musician Mambo king ("Dilo!") 11-Dec-1916 14-Sep-1989 DEAD
Aleksandr M. Prokhorov Physicist Invention of the maser and laser 11-Jul-1916 08-Jan-2002 DEAD
James H. Quillen Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1963-97 11-Jan-1916 02-Nov-2003 DEAD
Martha Raye Actor Monsieur Verdoux 27-Aug-1916 19-Oct-1994 DEAD
Nicola Rescigno Conductor Conductor, Dallas Opera, 1957-90 28-May-1916 04-Aug-2008 DEAD
John J. Rhodes Politician Congressman from Arizona, 1953-83 18-Sep-1916 24-Aug-2003 DEAD
Julius B. Richmond Government US Surgeon General, 1977-81 26-Sep-1916 27-Jul-2008 DEAD
George Rieveschl Chemist Discovered Benadryl 09-Jan-1916 27-Sep-2007 DEAD
Dino Risi Film Director The Easy Life 23-Dec-1916 07-Jun-2008 DEAD
Phil Rizzuto Baseball American League MVP, 1950 25-Sep-1916 14-Aug-2007 DEAD
Frederick C. Robbins Scientist Cultured the polio virus 25-Aug-1916 04-Aug-2003 DEAD
Harold Robbins Novelist The Carpetbaggers 21-May-1916 14-Oct-1997 DEAD
Jean Rogers Actor Dale Arden in Flash Gordon serials 25-Mar-1916 24-Feb-1991 DEAD
Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. Government 1953 Iran coup 16-Feb-1916 08-Jun-2000 DEAD
William Rosenberg Business Founder of Dunkin' Donuts 10-Jun-1916 20-Sep-2002 DEAD
Walt Rostow Government National Security Advisor, 1966-69 07-Oct-1916 13-Feb-2003 DEAD
Edmund de Rothschild Business British banker 02-Jan-1916 17-Jan-2009 DEAD
Edward R. Roybal Politician Congressman from California, 1963-93 10-Feb-1916 24-Oct-2005 DEAD
R. J. Rushdoony Religion Institutes of Biblical Law 25-Apr-1916 08-Feb-2001 DEAD
William B. Saxbe Politician US Attorney General, 1974-75 24-Jun-1916 24-Aug-2010 DEAD
Daniel Schorr Journalist Veteran journalist, Nixon enemy 31-Aug-1916 23-Jul-2010 DEAD
Sherwood Schwartz Film/TV Producer Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch 14-Nov-1916 12-Jul-2011 DEAD
John W. Seybold Business Computerized typesetting pioneer 08-Mar-1916 14-Mar-2004 DEAD
Claude Shannon Scientist Pioneer in information theory 30-Apr-1916 24-Feb-2001 DEAD
Iosif S. Shklovskii Astronomer Synchrotron radiation of the Crab Nebula 01-Jul-1916 03-Mar-1985 DEAD
Leonard Shoen Business Founder of U-Haul 29-Feb-1916 04-Oct-1999 DEAD
Dinah Shore Singer See the U-S-A in a Chev-ro-let 29-Feb-1916 24-Feb-1994 DEAD
George Sidney Film Director Bye Bye Birdie 04-Oct-1916 05-May-2002 DEAD
Herbert A. Simon Economist Administrative Behavior 15-Jun-1916 09-Feb-2001 DEAD
Benjamin A. Smith II Politician US Senator from Massachusetts, 1960-62 16-Mar-1916 06-Sep-1991 DEAD
Hal Smith Actor Prolific voice actor 24-Aug-1916 28-Jan-1994 DEAD
Jack Soo Actor Det. Yemana on Barney Miller 28-Oct-1916 11-Jan-1979 DEAD
Herbert Stein Economist Economic adviser for Nixon 27-Aug-1916 08-Sep-1999 DEAD
Mark Stevens Actor The Snake Pit 13-Dec-1916 15-Sep-1994 DEAD
H. Guyford Stever Educator President of CMU, 1965-72 24-Oct-1916 09-Apr-2010 DEAD
Samuel S. Stratton Politician Congressman from New York 27-Sep-1916 13-Sep-1990 DEAD
Sydney Tafler Actor The Lavender Hill Mob 31-Jul-1916 08-Nov-1979 DEAD
Bill Todman Film/TV Producer Goodson-Todman Productions 31-Jul-1916 29-Jul-1976 DEAD
Iva Toguri Radio Personality Never actually was Tokyo Rose 04-Jul-1916 26-Sep-2006 DEAD
Malcolm Toon Diplomat US Ambassador to the USSR, 1976-79 04-Jul-1916 12-Feb-2009 DEAD
José Joaquín Trejos Head of State President of Costa Rica, 1966-70 18-Apr-1916 10-Feb-2010 DEAD
Raf Vallone Actor The Greek Tycoon 17-Feb-1916 31-Oct-2002 DEAD
Jack Vance Novelist The Dying Earth 28-Aug-1916 26-May-2013 DEAD
Reg Varney Actor On the Buses 11-Jul-1916 16-Nov-2008 DEAD
Peter Viereck Poet Terror and Decorum 05-Aug-1916 13-May-2006 DEAD
Irving Wallace Author The Book of Lists 19-Mar-1916 29-Jun-1990 DEAD
Frederick C. Weyand Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1974-76 15-Sep-1916 10-Feb-2010 DEAD
David White Actor Larry Tate on Bewitched 04-Apr-1916 27-Nov-1990 DEAD
Gough Whitlam Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1972-75 11-Jul-1916 21-Oct-2014 DEAD
Maurice Wilkins Biologist Took X-ray pictures of DNA 15-Dec-1916 05-Oct-2004 DEAD
Bud Wilkinson Football Sooners Head Coach, 1947-63 23-Apr-1916 09-Feb-1994 DEAD
Dick Wilson Actor Mr. Whipple 30-Jul-1916 19-Nov-2007 DEAD
Harold Wilson Head of State Two-time Prime Minister of Britain 11-Mar-1916 24-May-1995 DEAD
Marie Wilson Actor My Friend Irma 19-Aug-1916 23-Nov-1972 DEAD
Irene Worth Actor Lost in Yonkers 23-Jun-1916 10-Mar-2002 DEAD
Peter Wright Spy Spycatcher 09-Aug-1916 27-Apr-1995 DEAD
Keenan Wynn Actor Col. Bat Guano in Dr. Strangelove 27-Jul-1916 14-Oct-1986 DEAD
Frank Yerby Novelist The Dahomean 05-Sep-1916 29-Nov-1991 DEAD