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Leo Abse Politician Labour MP for Torfaen, 1983-87 22-Apr-1917 19-Aug-2008 DEAD
Kay Aldridge Actor Perils of Nyoka 09-Jul-1917 12-Jan-1995 DEAD
June Allyson Actor Two Girls and a Sailor 07-Oct-1917 08-Jul-2006 DEAD
John Alvin Actor The Fighting Sullivans 24-Oct-1917 27-Feb-2009 DEAD
Cleveland Amory Author The Cat Who Came for Christmas 02-Sep-1917 14-Oct-1998 DEAD
Herbert Anderson Actor Henry Mitchell on Dennis the Menace 30-Mar-1917 11-Jun-1994 DEAD
John Anderson, Jr. Politician Governor of Kansas, 1961-65 08-May-1917 15-Sep-2014 DEAD
Robert O. Anderson Business CEO of ARCO, 1966-86 13-Apr-1917 02-Dec-2007 DEAD
Robert W. Anderson Playwright Tea and Sympathy 28-Apr-1917 09-Feb-2009 DEAD
R. G. Armstrong Actor Pruneface in Dick Tracy 07-Apr-1917 27-Jul-2012 DEAD
Desi Arnaz Actor Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy 02-Mar-1917 02-Dec-1986 DEAD
Louis Auchincloss Author Portrait in Brownstone 27-Sep-1917 26-Jan-2010 DEAD
Red Auerbach Basketball Boston Celtics coach 20-Sep-1917 28-Oct-2006 DEAD
Billy Benedict Actor Whitey in The Bowery Boys films 16-Apr-1917 25-Nov-1999 DEAD
John Berry Film Director The Bad News Bears Go to Japan 06-Sep-1917 29-Nov-1999 DEAD
Mario Biaggi Politician Congressman from New York, 1969-88 26-Oct-1917 24-Jun-2015 DEAD
David Bohm Physicist Particle physicist 20-Dec-1917 29-Oct-1992 DEAD
Heinrich Böll Novelist The Train Was On Time 21-Dec-1917 16-Jul-1985 DEAD
Robert Boochever Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1980-86 02-Oct-1917 09-Oct-2011 DEAD
Richard Boone Actor Have Gun, Will Travel 18-Jun-1917 10-Jan-1981 DEAD
Ernest Borgnine Actor Marty 24-Jan-1917 08-Jul-2012 DEAD
Lou Boudreau Baseball MLB Shortstop, Hall of Famer 17-Jul-1917 10-Aug-2001 DEAD
Bourvil Actor La Grande Vadrouille 27-Jul-1917 23-Sep-1970 DEAD
Jane Bowles Novelist Two Serious Ladies 22-Feb-1917 04-May-1973 DEAD
Tom Braden Columnist Crossfire, Eight Is Enough 22-Feb-1917 03-Apr-2009 DEAD
Tom Bradley Politician Mayor of Los Angeles, 1973-93 27-Dec-1917 29-Sep-1998 DEAD
Robert Bray Actor Corey Stuart on Lassie 13-Oct-1917 07-Mar-1983 DEAD
Lucille Bremer Dancer Yolanda and the Thief 21-Feb-1917 16-Apr-1996 DEAD
Paul Brinegar Actor Wishbone on Rawhide 19-Dec-1917 27-Mar-1995 DEAD
Bertrand R. Brinley Author The Mad Scientists' Club 19-Jun-1917 20-Oct-1994 DEAD
Gwendolyn Brooks Poet Annie Allen 07-Jun-1917 03-Dec-2000 DEAD
Randy Brooks Musician Big band leader/trumpet player, Tenderly 28-Mar-1917 21-Mar-1967 DEAD
Mary Ward Brown Author Tongues of Flame 18-Jun-1917 14-May-2013 DEAD
Pamela Brown Actor Lust for Life 08-Jul-1917 18-Sep-1975 DEAD
H. Monroe Browne Diplomat US Ambassador to New Zealand, 1981-85 09-May-1917 13-Jun-2006 DEAD
Stuart W. Bruchey Historian Enterprise: The Dynamic Economy of a Free People 06-Aug-1917 20-Dec-2010 DEAD
P. A. Brunt Historian Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic 23-Jun-1917 05-Nov-2005 DEAD
William Bundy Government Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ 24-Sep-1917 06-Oct-2000 DEAD
Anthony Burgess Novelist A Clockwork Orange 25-Feb-1917 25-Nov-1993 DEAD
Raymond Burr Actor Perry Mason 21-May-1917 12-Sep-1993 DEAD
Daniel E. Button Politician Congressman from New York, 1967-71 01-Nov-1917 07-Mar-2009 DEAD
Robert Byrd Politician US Senator, former Klan member 20-Nov-1917 28-Jun-2010 DEAD
Leonora Carrington Painter Last surviving Surrealist 06-Apr-1917 25-May-2011 DEAD
Pete T. Cenarrusa Politician Idaho Secretary of State, 1967-2003 16-Dec-1917 29-Sep-2013 DEAD
Al Cervi Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 12-Feb-1917 09-Nov-2009 DEAD
Don Chaffey Film Director Jason and the Argonauts 05-Aug-1917 13-Nov-1990 DEAD
Jule Charney Scientist Quasi-gesotrophic theory 01-Jan-1917 16-Jun-1981 DEAD
Leonardo Cimino Actor Dune 04-Mar-1917 03-Mar-2012 DEAD
Arthur C. Clarke Novelist 2001: A Space Odyssey 16-Dec-1917 19-Mar-2008 DEAD
James M. Clarke Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1987-91 12-Jun-1917 13-Apr-1999 DEAD
Jan Clayton Actor Ellen Miller on Lassie 26-Aug-1917 28-Aug-1983 DEAD
Bill Clements Politician Twice Governor of Texas 17-Apr-1917 29-May-2011 DEAD
Steve Cochran Actor The Damned Don't Cry 25-May-1917 15-Jun-1965 DEAD
Nat King Cole Singer Unforgettable 17-Mar-1917 15-Feb-1965 DEAD
Barry Commoner Biologist Science and Survival 28-May-1917 30-Sep-2012 DEAD
John Connally Politician Governor of Texas, 1963-69 27-Feb-1917 15-Jun-1993 DEAD
Hans Conried Actor Character actor, 1930s to 1970s 15-Apr-1917 05-Jan-1982 DEAD
Joseph Coors, Sr. Business Ultraconservative beer baron 12-Nov-1917 15-Mar-2003 DEAD
John Cornforth Chemist Stereochemistry of enzyme-catalysts 07-Sep-1917 08-Dec-2013 DEAD
Cleveland Cram Spy History of the Counterintelligence Staff 21-Dec-1917 09-Jan-1999 DEAD
Lloyd Cutler Attorney White House Counsel for Carter, Clinton 10-Nov-1917 08-May-2005 DEAD
Helmut Dantine Actor Edge of Darkness 07-Oct-1917 02-May-1982 DEAD
Danielle Darrieux Actor 8 Femmes 01-May-1917 TBD ADD
Frankie Darro Actor The Phantom Empire 22-Dec-1917 25-Dec-1976 DEAD
Donald Davidson Philosopher Actions, Reasons And Causes 06-Mar-1917 30-Aug-2003 DEAD
Ossie Davis Actor Do The Right Thing 18-Dec-1917 04-Feb-2005 DEAD
Martin Deutsch Physicist Discovered positronium 29-Jun-1917 16-Aug-2002 DEAD
Brad Dexter Actor The Magnificent Seven 09-Apr-1917 12-Dec-2002 DEAD
Frank Graves Dickey Educator President, University of Kentucky, 1956-63 01-Dec-1917 07-Aug-2009 DEAD
Phyllis Diller Comic The original female stand-up comic 17-Jul-1917 20-Aug-2012 DEAD
James Donald Actor Third Man on the Mountain 18-May-1917 03-Aug-1993 DEAD
Charles Drake Actor You Never Can Tell 02-Oct-1917 10-Sep-1994 DEAD
Jane Dulo Actor Liz Murray on Hey, Jeannie! 13-Oct-1917 22-May-1994 DEAD
Christian de Duve Scientist Microstructure of the cell 02-Oct-1917 04-May-2013 DEAD
Meredith Edwards Actor Dunkirk 10-Jun-1917 08-Feb-1999 DEAD
André Eglevsky Dancer Preeminent ballet dancer 21-Dec-1917 04-Dec-1977 DEAD
Will Eisner Cartoonist Turned comic book authors into Sequential Artists 06-Mar-1917 03-Jan-2005 DEAD
Ross Elliott Actor Sheriff Abbott on The Virginian 18-Jun-1917 12-Aug-1999 DEAD
Faye Emerson Actor Namesake of the Emmy award 08-Jul-1917 09-Mar-1983 DEAD
Dante Fascell Politician Congressman from Florida, 1955-93 09-Mar-1917 28-Nov-1998 DEAD
John B. Fenn Chemist Electrospray ionization 15-Jun-1917 10-Dec-2010 DEAD
Mel Ferrer Actor War and Peace 25-Aug-1917 02-Jun-2008 DEAD
Leslie A. Fiedler Critic Love and Death in the American Novel 08-Mar-1917 29-Jan-2003 DEAD
Virginia Field Actor Waterloo Bridge 04-Nov-1917 02-Jan-1992 DEAD
Ella Fitzgerald Singer The First Lady of Jazz 25-Apr-1917 15-Jun-1996 DEAD
Joan Fontaine Actor Suspicion 22-Oct-1917 15-Dec-2013 DEAD
June Foray Actor Voice of Rocky the Squirrel 18-Sep-1917 26-Jul-2017 DEAD
Henry Ford II Business Former President, CEO of Ford 04-Sep-1917 29-Sep-1987 DEAD
Helen Forrest Singer I Had the Craziest Dream 12-Apr-1917 11-Jul-1999 DEAD
Wenche Foss Actor Pinchcliffe Grand Prix 05-Dec-1917 28-Mar-2011 DEAD
Anne Francine Actor Stage actress, Vera Charles in MAME 08-Aug-1917 03-Dec-1999 DEAD
Freddie Francis Film Director Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 22-Dec-1917 17-Mar-2007 DEAD
Ed Furgol Golf Winner, 1954 US Open 22-Mar-1917 06-Mar-1997 DEAD
Zsa Zsa Gabor Actor Cop-slapping Gabor sister 06-Feb-1917 18-Dec-2016 DEAD
Indira Gandhi Head of State First Female Prime Minister of India 19-Nov-1917 31-Oct-1984 DEAD
George Gaynes Actor Henry Warnimont on Punky Brewster 16-May-1917 15-Feb-2016 DEAD
Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Musician Be-bop jazz trumpeter 21-Oct-1917 07-Jan-1993 DEAD
Marshall Goldberg Football Chicago Cardinals RB 25-Oct-1917 03-Apr-2006 DEAD
Leo Gorcey Actor Bowery Boy 03-Jun-1917 02-Jun-1969 DEAD
Michael Gough Actor Alfred in Batman films 23-Nov-1917 17-Mar-2011 DEAD
Katharine Graham Publisher Washington Post publisher, 1966-79 16-Jun-1917 17-Jul-2001 DEAD
Sebastian de Grazia Author Machiavelli in Hell 11-Aug-1917 31-Dec-2000 DEAD
Dabbs Greer Actor Rev. Alden on Little House 02-Apr-1917 28-Apr-2007 DEAD
Hugh Gregg Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1953-55 22-Nov-1917 24-Sep-2003 DEAD
Virginia Grey Actor Hullabaloo 22-Mar-1917 31-Jul-2004 DEAD
Fannie Lou Hamer Activist Organizer, Mississippi Freedom Summer 06-Oct-1917 14-Mar-1977 DEAD
John P. Harbin Business CEO of Halliburton, 1972-83 17-Jul-1917 27-Jul-2014 DEAD
Frank Hardy Novelist Power Without Glory 21-Mar-1917 28-Mar-1994 DEAD
Lou Harrison Composer Musical wayfarer 14-May-1917 02-Feb-2003 DEAD
John Hart Actor Replaced Clayton Moore as TV's Lone Ranger 13-Dec-1917 20-Sep-2009 DEAD
Hurd Hatfield Actor The Picture of Dorian Gray 07-Dec-1917 26-Dec-1998 DEAD
Herbert A. Hauptman Mathematician X-ray diffraction studies 14-Feb-1917 23-Oct-2011 DEAD
Denis Healey Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1974-79 30-Aug-1917 03-Oct-2015 DEAD
Alexander Heard Educator Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, 1963-82 14-Mar-1917 24-Jul-2009 DEAD
Park Chung Hee Head of State President of South Korea, 1961-79 30-Sep-1917 26-Oct-1979 DEAD
Walter Hendl Conductor Music Director, Dallas Symphony, 1949-58 12-Jan-1917 10-Apr-2007 DEAD
Don Herbert TV Personality Mr. Wizard 10-Jul-1917 12-Jun-2007 DEAD
Theodore Hesburgh Educator President, University of Notre Dame, 1952-87 25-May-1917 26-Feb-2015 DEAD
Robert C. Hill Diplomat US Ambassador to Argentina, 1974-77 30-Sep-1917 28-Nov-1978 DEAD
Eric Hobsbawm Historian The Age of Revolution 09-Jun-1917 01-Oct-2012 DEAD
Valerie Hobson Actor Kind Hearts and Coronets 14-Apr-1917 13-Nov-1998 DEAD
Celeste Holm Actor Gentleman's Agreement 29-Apr-1917 15-Jul-2012 DEAD
John Lee Hooker Musician Prominent blues musician 22-Aug-1917 21-Jun-2001 DEAD
Lena Horne Singer Stormy Weather 30-Jun-1917 09-May-2010 DEAD
Frankie Howerd Actor Up Pompeii 06-Mar-1917 19-Apr-1992 DEAD
Roy M. Huffington Business Texas Oilman 04-Oct-1917 11-Jul-2008 DEAD
Marsha Hunt Actor Johnny Got His Gun 17-Oct-1917 TBD ADD
Leonid Hurwicz Economist Mechanism design theory 21-Aug-1917 24-Jun-2008 DEAD
Andrew F. Huxley Scientist Electrical impulses in nerves 22-Nov-1917 30-May-2012 DEAD
Pedro Infante Actor Idolo de Guamúchil 18-Nov-1917 15-Apr-1957 DEAD
Dennis James Game Show Host Early TV game show pioneer 24-Aug-1917 03-Jun-1997 DEAD
Megs Jenkins Actor The History of Mr. Polly 21-Apr-1917 05-Oct-1998 DEAD
Adele Jergens Actor Ladies of the Chorus 26-Nov-1917 22-Nov-2002 DEAD
Kamal Jumblatt Politician Former Leader of the Druze 06-Dec-1917 16-Mar-1977 DEAD
John Justin Actor The Thief of Bagdad 24-Nov-1917 29-Nov-2002 DEAD
Carl Karcher Business Founder of Carl's Jr. 16-Jan-1917 11-Jan-2008 DEAD
John C. Kendrew Chemist Determined structure of myoglobin 24-Mar-1917 23-Aug-1997 DEAD
John F. Kennedy Head of State 35th US President, 1961-63 29-May-1917 22-Nov-1963 DEAD
Kirk Kerkorian Business Las Vegas baron 06-Jun-1917 15-Jun-2015 DEAD
Yahya Khan Head of State President of Pakistan, ordered Bengali genocide 04-Apr-1917 10-Aug-1980 DEAD
E. Robert Kinney Business CEO of General Mills, 1977-82 09-Apr-1917 02-May-2013 DEAD
Jack Kirby Cartoonist Captain America 28-Aug-1917 06-Feb-1994 DEAD
William S. Knowles Chemist Chiral catalysts 01-Jun-1917 13-Jun-2012 DEAD
Elyse Knox Actor The Mummy's Tomb 14-Dec-1917 16-Feb-2012 DEAD
Jim Konstanty Baseball National League 1950 MVP 02-Mar-1917 11-Jun-1976 DEAD
June Lang Actor Bonnie Scotland 05-May-1917 16-May-2005 DEAD
Glenn Langan Actor The Amazing Colossal Man 08-Jul-1917 19-Jan-1991 DEAD
Lash La Rue Actor B-Western star 15-Jun-1917 21-May-1996 DEAD
Philip Leacock Film Director The Spanish Gardener 08-Oct-1917 14-Jul-1990 DEAD
Bobby Locke Golf Won the British Open four times 20-Nov-1917 09-Mar-1987 DEAD
Herbert Lom Actor Chief Inspector Dreyfus 11-Sep-1917 27-Sep-2012 DEAD
Edward Lorenz Scientist Chaos theory 23-May-1917 16-Apr-2008 DEAD
Robert Lowell Poet Lord Weary's Castle 01-Mar-1917 12-Sep-1977 DEAD
Allen Ludden Game Show Host Host of Password 05-Oct-1917 09-Jun-1981 DEAD
Jack Lynch Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Ireland 15-Aug-1917 20-Oct-1999 DEAD
Vera Lynn Singer We'll Meet Again 20-Mar-1917 TBD ADD
Torbert H. Macdonald Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1955-76 06-Jun-1917 21-May-1976 DEAD
Lee MacPhail Baseball President of the American League, 1974-83 25-Oct-1917 08-Nov-2012 DEAD
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Religion Transcendental meditation guru 12-Jan-1917 05-Feb-2008 DEAD
Dayton S. Mak Government US Ambassador to Kuwait, 1962-63 10-Jul-1917 TBD ADD
Ferdinand Marcos Head of State Disgraced Philippine dictator 11-Sep-1917 28-Sep-1989 DEAD
Margo Actor Lost Horizon 10-May-1917 17-Jul-1985 DEAD
William Marshall Actor State Fair 02-Oct-1917 08-Jun-1994 DEAD
Dean Martin Singer Member of Rat Pack 07-Jun-1917 25-Dec-1995 DEAD
Sophie Masloff Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1988-94 23-Dec-1917 17-Aug-2014 DEAD
Reginald Maudling Politician UK Home Secretary, 1970-72 07-Mar-1917 14-Feb-1979 DEAD
Wiley Mayne Politician Congressman from Iowa, 1967-75 19-Jan-1917 27-May-2007 DEAD
James McAuley Poet Australian poet, Ern Malley hoaxer 12-Oct-1917 15-Oct-1976 DEAD
Carson McCullers Author The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 19-Feb-1917 29-Sep-1967 DEAD
William D. McElroy Biologist Bioluminescence 22-Jan-1917 17-Feb-1999 DEAD
Alice McGrath Activist Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee 05-Apr-1917 27-Nov-2009 DEAD
John J. McLaughry Football Head Coach at Brown, 1959-66 08-Apr-1917 28-Nov-2007 DEAD
William H. McNeill Historian The Rise of the West 31-Oct-1917 08-Jul-2016 DEAD
Francis E. Meloy, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Lebanon, assassinated 28-Mar-1917 16-Jun-1976 DEAD
John Merivale Actor The List of Adrian Messenger 01-Dec-1917 06-Feb-1990 DEAD
Robert Merrill Singer Operatic baritone, NY Metropolitan Opera 04-Jun-1917 23-Oct-2004 DEAD
Howard Metzenbaum Politician US Senator from Ohio, 1977-95 04-Jun-1917 12-Mar-2008 DEAD
Clarence E. Miller Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1967-93 01-Nov-1917 02-Aug-2011 DEAD
Marvin Miller Labor Leader MLB Player Association, 1966-82 14-Apr-1917 27-Nov-2012 DEAD
Jan Miner Actor Soaking in Palmolive dishwashing liquid 15-Oct-1917 15-Feb-2004 DEAD
Robert Mitchum Actor Cape Fear 06-Aug-1917 01-Jul-1997 DEAD
Jessica Mitford Journalist The American Way of Death 11-Sep-1917 23-Jul-1996 DEAD
Thelonious Monk Jazz Musician Influential Bebop pianist and composer 10-Oct-1917 17-Feb-1982 DEAD
Conor Cruise O'Brien Author Irish Parliamentarian and Scholar 03-Nov-1917 18-Dec-2008 DEAD
George M. O'Brien Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1973-86 17-Jun-1917 18-Jul-1986 DEAD
Lawrence F. O'Brien Politician Target of Watergate break-in 07-Jul-1917 28-Sep-1990 DEAD
Robert D. Orr Politician Governor of Indiana, 1989-92 17-Nov-1917 10-Mar-2004 DEAD
Humphry Osmond Doctor LSD proponent, turned on Aldous Huxley 01-Jul-1917 06-Feb-2004 DEAD
John S. Palmore Judge Chief Justice, Kentucky Supreme Court, 1977-82 06-Aug-1917 04-Jul-2017 DEAD
Alice Pearce Actor Gladys Kravitz in Bewitched 16-Oct-1917 03-Mar-1966 DEAD
I. M. Pei Architect Designed Louvre's glass pyramid 26-Apr-1917 TBD ADD
Irving Penn Photographer Fashion photographer, Vogue 16-Jun-1917 07-Oct-2009 DEAD
Rodney R. Porter Scientist Chemical structure of antibodies 08-Oct-1917 06-Sep-1985 DEAD
Ilya Prigogine Chemist Theory of dissipative structures 25-Jan-1917 28-May-2003 DEAD
Fletcher Prouty Military USAF Intelligence Officer 24-Jan-1917 05-Jun-2001 DEAD
Howard H. Quint Historian The Forging of American Socialism 03-Jan-1917 23-Jun-1981 DEAD
James Rainwater Physicist Determined shapes of nuclei 09-Dec-1917 31-May-1986 DEAD
John Raitt Actor Broadway actor 29-Jan-1917 20-Feb-2005 DEAD
Gene Rayburn Game Show Host Host of Match Game 22-Dec-1917 29-Nov-1999 DEAD
Marshall Reed Actor Insp. Fred Asher on The Lineup 28-May-1917 15-Apr-1980 DEAD
George E. Reedy Government LBJ's press secretary 05-Aug-1917 21-Mar-1999 DEAD
Stanley R. Resor Government Secretary of the Army, 1965-71 05-Dec-1917 17-Apr-2012 DEAD
Fernando Rey Actor The French Connection 20-Sep-1917 09-Mar-1994 DEAD
Marjorie Reynolds Actor Holiday Inn 12-Aug-1917 01-Feb-1997 DEAD
Buddy Rich Drummer Legendary drummer 30-Sep-1917 02-Apr-1987 DEAD
Ann Richards Actor Sorry, Wrong Number 20-Dec-1917 24-Aug-2006 DEAD
Irv Robbins Business Co-Founder of Baskin-Robbins 06-Dec-1917 05-May-2008 DEAD
Paul Rogers Actor British stage actor 22-Mar-1917 08-Oct-2013 DEAD
Clinton Rossiter Historian Constitutional Dictatorship 18-Sep-1917 11-Jul-1970 DEAD
William M. Rountree Diplomat US Ambassador to Brazil, 1970-73 28-Mar-1917 03-Nov-1995 DEAD
Ann Rutherford Actor Andy Hardy's girlfriend Polly 02-Nov-1917 11-Jun-2012 DEAD
Boris Sagal Film Director The Omega Man 18-Oct-1917 22-May-1981 DEAD
Isabel Sanford Actor Louise Jefferson on The Jeffersons 29-Aug-1917 09-Jul-2004 DEAD
Terry Sanford Politician Governor and Senator from North Carolina 20-Aug-1917 18-Apr-1998 DEAD
Santo Wrestling The Silver-Masked Man 23-Sep-1917 05-Feb-1984 DEAD
Herschel Schacter Religion Orthodox rabbi, attended to Buchenwald 10-Oct-1917 21-Mar-2013 DEAD
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Historian The Age of Roosevelt 15-Oct-1917 28-Feb-2007 DEAD
William W. Scranton Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1963-67 19-Jul-1917 28-Jul-2013 DEAD
Raymond P. Shafer Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1967-71 05-Mar-1917 12-Dec-2006 DEAD
Melville Shavelson Film Director Yours, Mine and Ours 01-Apr-1917 08-Aug-2007 DEAD
Sidney Sheldon Author Annie Get Your Gun 11-Feb-1917 30-Jan-2007 DEAD
Max Showalter Actor Niagara 02-Jun-1917 30-Jul-2000 DEAD
Buffalo Bob Smith TV Personality Howdy Doody 27-Nov-1917 30-Jul-1998 DEAD
William French Smith Government US Attorney General, 1981-85 26-Aug-1917 29-Oct-1990 DEAD
Morton Sobell Spy Rosenbergs' co-conspirator 11-Apr-1917 TBD ADD
Jo Stafford Singer You Belong to Me 12-Nov-1917 16-Jul-2008 DEAD
Robert Sterling Actor George Kerby on Topper 13-Nov-1917 30-May-2006 DEAD
Oliver Tambo Government ANC President, 1969-91 27-Oct-1917 24-Apr-1993 DEAD
Clarice Taylor Actor Anna Huxtable on The Cosby Show 20-Sep-1917 30-May-2011 DEAD
June Taylor Dancer June Taylor Dancers choreographer 14-Dec-1917 17-May-2004 DEAD
Peter Taylor Author A Summons to Memphis 08-Jan-1917 02-Nov-1994 DEAD
Ross Thatcher Politician Premier of Saskatchewan, 1964-71 24-May-1917 22-Jul-1971 DEAD
Burr Tillstrom Performance Artist Puppeteer, Kukla, Fran and Ollie 13-Oct-1917 06-Dec-1985 DEAD
Kenneth Tobey Actor Chuck Martin on Whirlybirds 23-Mar-1917 22-Dec-2002 DEAD
David Tomlinson Actor Mary Poppins 07-May-1917 24-Jun-2000 DEAD
William Tracy Actor Terry and the Pirates 01-Sep-1917 18-Jun-1967 DEAD
Merle Travis Country Musician Influential fingerpicking country guitarist 29-Nov-1917 20-Oct-1983 DEAD
Albert Ueltschi Aviator Founder, FlightSafety International 15-May-1917 18-Oct-2012 DEAD
Leonard S. Unger Diplomat US Ambassador to Taiwan, 1974-79 17-Dec-1917 03-Jun-2010 DEAD
Cyrus Vance Government US Secretary of State, 1977-80 27-Mar-1917 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
Sheldon B. Vance Diplomat US Ambassador to Congo, 1969-74 18-Jan-1917 12-Nov-1995 DEAD
C. William Verity Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1987-89 26-Jan-1917 03-Jan-2007 DEAD
Marvin Wachman Educator Temple University President, 1973-83 24-Mar-1917 22-Dec-2007 DEAD
Vernon Walters Government US Ambassador to the UN, 1985-89 03-Jan-1917 10-Feb-2002 DEAD
Y. C. Wang Business Taiwanese plastics billionaire 18-Jan-1917 15-Oct-2008 DEAD
Caspar Weinberger Government Iran-Contra figure pardoned by Bush 18-Aug-1917 28-Mar-2006 DEAD
Edgar Whitcomb Politician Governor of Indiana, 1969-73 06-Nov-1917 04-Feb-2016 DEAD
Byron White Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1962-93 08-Jun-1917 15-Apr-2002 DEAD
Jesse White Actor The Maytag Repairman, 1967-88 03-Jan-1917 09-Jan-1997 DEAD
Charles Z. Wick Government Director of the USIA, 1981-89 12-Oct-1917 20-Jul-2008 DEAD
Daniel Wildenstein Business Wildenstein & Company 11-Sep-1917 23-Oct-2001 DEAD
Googie Withers Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 12-Mar-1917 15-Jul-2011 DEAD
Rose Mary Woods Government Blamed for 18.5 minute Watergate tape erasure 26-Dec-1917 22-Jan-2005 DEAD
Robert B. Woodward Chemist Synthesized cholesterol, Vitamin B12, etc. 10-Apr-1917 08-Jul-1979 DEAD
Wendell Wyatt Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1964-75 15-Jun-1917 28-Jan-2009 DEAD
Andrew Wyeth Painter American painter, Christina's World 12-Jul-1917 16-Jan-2009 DEAD
Meg Wyllie Actor The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 15-Feb-1917 01-Jan-2002 DEAD
Jane Wyman Actor Falcon Crest 05-Jan-1917 10-Sep-2007 DEAD
Louis C. Wyman Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1963-74 16-Mar-1917 05-May-2002 DEAD
Isuzu Yamada Actor Yojimbo 05-Feb-1917 09-Jul-2012 DEAD
Francis Parker Yockey Author Imperium 18-Sep-1917 16-Jun-1960 DEAD