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Sid Abel Hockey Detroit Red Wings, NHL Hall of Famer 22-Feb-1918 07-Feb-2000 DEAD
Spiro T. Agnew Politician US Vice President, 1969-73 09-Nov-1918 17-Sep-1996 DEAD
Robert Aldrich Film Director The Dirty Dozen 09-Aug-1918 05-Dec-1983 DEAD
James Aldridge Novelist The True Story of Lilli Stubeck 10-Jul-1918 23-Feb-2015 DEAD
George Allen Football The Future is Now 29-Apr-1918 31-Dec-1990 DEAD
Susan Mary Alsop Socialite Washington DC Socialite 19-Jun-1918 18-Aug-2004 DEAD
Louis Althusser Philosopher Marxist theorist, anti-humanist 16-Oct-1918 22-Oct-1990 DEAD
T. M. Aluko Novelist One Man, One Wife 14-Jun-1918 01-May-2010 DEAD
Dwayne Andreas Business Archer Daniels Midland CEO, 1970-97 04-Mar-1918 16-Nov-2016 DEAD
Patty Andrews Singer The Andrews Sisters 16-Feb-1918 30-Jan-2013 DEAD
Evelyn Ankers Actor Captive Wild Woman 17-Aug-1918 29-Aug-1985 DEAD
Leonore Annenberg Socialite Wife of Walter Annenberg 20-Feb-1918 12-Mar-2009 DEAD
Allan Arbus Actor Dr. Sidney on M*A*S*H 15-Feb-1918 19-Apr-2013 DEAD
Eddy Arnold Country Musician The Tennessee Plowboy 15-May-1918 08-May-2008 DEAD
Mary Kay Ash Business Cosmetics mogul 12-May-1918 22-Nov-2001 DEAD
Roy L. Ash Business Director of the OMB, 1973-75 20-Oct-1918 14-Dec-2011 DEAD
Barry Atwater Actor The Night Stalker 16-May-1918 24-May-1978 DEAD
Gabriel Axel Film Director Babette's Feast 18-Apr-1918 09-Feb-2014 DEAD
Ann Ayars Actor The Youngest Profession 23-Jul-1918 27-Feb-1995 DEAD
Pearl Bailey Singer Appointed by Nixon as Ambassador of Love 29-Mar-1918 17-Aug-1990 DEAD
Bill Ballance Radio Personality Shared naked pix of Dr. Laura 27-Oct-1918 23-Sep-2004 DEAD
Joan Banks Actor Radio actress, Gangbusters 30-Oct-1918 18-Jan-1998 DEAD
A. L. Barker Novelist Innocents 13-Apr-1918 21-Feb-2002 DEAD
R. H. Barlow Author Literary executor of H. P. Lovecraft 18-May-1918 02-Jan-1951 DEAD
Joseph W. Barr Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1968-69 17-Jan-1918 23-Feb-1996 DEAD
Dave Barry Comic Borscht Belt comic 26-Aug-1918 16-Aug-2001 DEAD
Derek Barton Chemist Conformational analysis 08-Sep-1918 16-Mar-1998 DEAD
Walter Jackson Bate Critic Samuel Johnson 23-May-1918 26-Jul-1999 DEAD
Lucius Battle Diplomat US Ambassador to Egypt, 1964-67 01-Jun-1918 13-May-2008 DEAD
Griffin Bell Government US Attorney General, 1977-79 31-Oct-1918 05-Jan-2009 DEAD
Ahmed Ben Bella Head of State President of Algeria, 1963-65 25-Dec-1918 11-Apr-2012 DEAD
Patty Berg Golf Winner of 15 major titles 13-Feb-1918 10-Sep-2006 DEAD
Ingmar Bergman Film Director Scenes from a Marriage 14-Jul-1918 30-Jul-2007 DEAD
Leonard Bernstein Conductor Conductor, New York Philharmonic 25-Aug-1918 14-Oct-1990 DEAD
John Birch Religion Missionary to China killed during WW2 28-May-1918 25-Aug-1945 DEAD
Joey Bishop Comic Rat Pack member 03-Feb-1918 17-Oct-2007 DEAD
William Bishop Actor The Killer That Stalked New York 16-Jul-1918 03-Oct-1959 DEAD
Bob Blackman Football Dartmouth Head Coach, 1955-70 07-Jul-1918 18-Mar-2000 DEAD
Fanny Blankers-Koen Track and Field Four gold medals in 1948 26-Apr-1918 25-Jan-2004 DEAD
Jimmy Blanton Jazz Musician Bassist, The Duke Ellington Orchestra 05-Oct-1918 30-Jul-1942 DEAD
Fred Bodsworth Novelist Last of the Curlews 11-Oct-1918 15-Sep-2012 DEAD
Tom Bolack Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1962-63 18-May-1918 20-May-1998 DEAD
Otis R. Bowen Politician Governor of Indiana, 1973-81 26-Feb-1918 04-May-2013 DEAD
Paul D. Boyer Chemist ATP process 31-Jul-1918 TBD ADD
William Reynolds Braisted Historian The United States Navy in the Pacific 14-Mar-1918 TBD ADD
Peter J. Brennan Government US Secretary of Labor, 1973-75 24-May-1918 02-Oct-1996 DEAD
Bertram N. Brockhouse Physicist Triple-axis crystal spectrometry 15-Jul-1918 13-Oct-2003 DEAD
Rand Brooks Actor Gone With the Wind 21-Sep-1918 01-Sep-2003 DEAD
George S. Brown Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1974-78 17-Aug-1918 05-Dec-1978 DEAD
James R. Browning Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1961-2000 01-Oct-1918 05-May-2012 DEAD
Walter Burkemo Golf Winner, 1953 PGA Championship 09-Oct-1918 08-Oct-1986 DEAD
Clarence "Du" Burns Politician First black mayor of Baltimore 13-Sep-1918 12-Jan-2002 DEAD
Richard G. Butler Activist Founder of the Aryan Nations 23-Feb-1918 08-Sep-2004 DEAD
Sebastian Cabot Actor The Family Jewels 06-Jul-1918 22-Aug-1977 DEAD
Art Carney Actor Ed Norton on The Honeymooners 04-Nov-1918 09-Nov-2003 DEAD
Nicolae Ceausescu Head of State Dictator of Romania 26-Jan-1918 25-Dec-1989 DEAD
Alfred Chandler Historian Business historian 15-Sep-1918 09-May-2007 DEAD
Jeff Chandler Actor Broken Arrow 15-Dec-1918 17-Jun-1961 DEAD
Marguerite Chapman Actor Coroner Creek 09-Mar-1918 31-Aug-1999 DEAD
Arthur Chung Head of State President of Guyana, 1970-80 10-Jan-1918 23-Jun-2008 DEAD
Harlan Cleveland Government Futurist, diplomat 19-Jan-1918 30-May-2008 DEAD
Howard Cosell Sports Journalist Straight-shooting, toupee-wearing commentator 25-Mar-1918 23-Apr-1995 DEAD
Kent H. Courtney Activist Ultraconservative activist 23-Oct-1918 12-Aug-1997 DEAD
Anthony Crosland Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1976-77 29-Aug-1918 19-Feb-1977 DEAD
Emilio Daddario Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1959-71 24-Sep-1918 06-Jul-2010 DEAD
John Dall Actor Rope 26-May-1918 15-Jan-1971 DEAD
James Daly Actor Dr. Paul Lochner on Medical Center 23-Oct-1918 03-Jul-1978 DEAD
Dennis Day Radio Personality On Jack Benny's radio show 21-May-1918 22-Jun-1988 DEAD
Steven B. Derounian Politician Congressman from New York, 1953-65 06-Apr-1918 17-Apr-2007 DEAD
Richard Derr Actor When Worlds Collide 15-Jun-1918 08-May-1992 DEAD
Anton Diffring Actor Where Eagles Dare 20-Oct-1918 20-May-1989 DEAD
Jeane Dixon Paranormal High profile astrologer 05-Jan-1918 25-Jan-1997 DEAD
Bobby Doerr Baseball Boston Red Sox Hall-of-Famer 07-Apr-1918 TBD ADD
King Donovan Actor Character actor husband of Imogene Coca 25-Jan-1918 30-Jun-1987 DEAD
Ellen Albertini Dow Actor Rapping Granny in The Wedding Singer 16-Nov-1918 04-May-2015 DEAD
Tom Drake Actor Meet Me In St. Louis 05-Aug-1918 11-Aug-1982 DEAD
Allen Drury Novelist Advise and Consent 02-Sep-1918 02-Sep-1998 DEAD
James S. Duesenberry Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1966-68 18-Jul-1918 05-Oct-2009 DEAD
Avery Cardinal Dulles Religion Fordham Professor, Roman Catholic Cardinal 24-Aug-1918 12-Dec-2008 DEAD
June Duprez Actor The Thief of Bagdad 14-May-1918 30-Oct-1984 DEAD
Jack Elam Actor The Sundowners 13-Nov-1918 20-Oct-2003 DEAD
Gertrude B. Elion Scientist Developed medicines for leukemia, herpes, AIDS 23-Jan-1918 21-Feb-1999 DEAD
Richard Ellmann Critic James Joyce 15-Mar-1918 13-May-1987 DEAD
William Eythe Actor The House on 92nd Street 07-Apr-1918 26-Jan-1957 DEAD
Philip Jose Farmer Author Riverworld saga 26-Jan-1918 25-Feb-2009 DEAD
Renée Faure Actor The Little Thief 04-Nov-1918 02-May-2005 DEAD
Bob Feller Baseball Pitched three no-hitters for Cleveland 03-Nov-1918 15-Dec-2010 DEAD
Richard Feynman Physicist Surely he's joking 11-May-1918 15-Feb-1988 DEAD
Charlie Finley Baseball Owner of the Oakland A's 1960-80 22-Feb-1918 19-Feb-1996 DEAD
Ernst Otto Fischer Chemist Organometallic "sandwich" compounds 10-Nov-1918 23-Jul-2007 DEAD
Suzanne Flon Actor One Deadly Summer 28-Jan-1918 15-Jun-2005 DEAD
Kam Fong Actor Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii 5-O 27-May-1918 18-Oct-2002 DEAD
Betty Ford First Lady Former First Lady, founded Betty Ford Center 08-Apr-1918 08-Jul-2011 DEAD
John Forsythe Actor Blake Carrington on Dynasty 29-Jan-1918 01-Apr-2010 DEAD
Orville L. Freeman Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1955-61 09-May-1918 20-Feb-2003 DEAD
Kenichi Fukui Chemist Frontier orbitals 04-Oct-1918 09-Jan-1998 DEAD
W. H. Krome George Business Chairman and CEO of Alcoa, 1975-83 27-Mar-1918 06-Sep-2004 DEAD
Hutton Gibson Relative Father of Mel Gibson 26-Aug-1918 TBD ADD
Massimo Girotti Actor Facing Windows 18-May-1918 05-Jan-2003 DEAD
Bill Gordon Astronomer Designed Arecibo radio telescope 08-Jan-1918 16-Feb-2010 DEAD
Robert Gottschalk Inventor Wide-screen motion picture technology 12-Mar-1918 03-Jun-1982 DEAD
Lawrence Gowing Art Historian Biographer of Vermeer 21-Apr-1918 05-Feb-1991 DEAD
Billy Graham Religion Televangelist 07-Nov-1918 TBD ADD
George Grant Philosopher Propagator of Red Toryism 13-Nov-1918 27-Sep-1988 DEAD
Jimmy The Greek TV Personality Oddsmaker 09-Sep-1918 21-Apr-1996 DEAD
Richard Greene Actor The Adventures of Robin Hood 25-Aug-1918 01-Jun-1985 DEAD
Anne Gwynne Actor WWII pinup girl, also actress 10-Dec-1918 31-Mar-2003 DEAD
Jimmy Hanley Actor Jim's Inn 22-Oct-1918 13-Jan-1970 DEAD
Sidney Harman Business Founder of Harman International 05-Aug-1918 12-Apr-2011 DEAD
Paul Harvey Radio Personality The Paul Harvey Show 04-Sep-1918 28-Feb-2009 DEAD
Ernie Harwell Sports Journalist Voice of the Detroit Tigers 25-Jan-1918 04-May-2010 DEAD
Charles A. Hayes Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1983-93 17-Feb-1918 08-Apr-1997 DEAD
Susan Hayward Actor I Want to Live! 30-Jun-1918 14-Mar-1975 DEAD
Rita Hayworth Actor Gilda 17-Oct-1918 14-May-1987 DEAD
Skitch Henderson Conductor Original Tonight Show bandleader 27-Jan-1918 01-Nov-2005 DEAD
Ed Herschler Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1975-87 27-Oct-1918 05-Feb-1990 DEAD
Chaim Herzog Head of State President of Israel, 1983-93 17-Sep-1918 17-Apr-1997 DEAD
Roger W. Heyns Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1965-71 27-Jan-1918 11-Sep-1995 DEAD
F. H. Hinsley Historian Cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park 26-Nov-1918 16-Feb-1998 DEAD
William Holden Actor Stalag 17 17-Apr-1918 16-Nov-1981 DEAD
Tim Holt Actor The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 05-Feb-1918 15-Feb-1973 DEAD
John Hospers Politician First Libertarian presidential candidate 09-Jun-1918 12-Jun-2011 DEAD
Ronald Howard Actor Sherlock Holmes 07-Apr-1918 19-Dec-1996 DEAD
John R. Hubbard Educator President of USC, 1970-80 03-Dec-1918 21-Aug-2011 DEAD
E. Howard Hunt Criminal Coordinated Watergate break-in 09-Oct-1918 23-Jan-2007 DEAD
Punch Imlach Hockey NHL Coach, Hall of Famer 15-Mar-1918 01-Dec-1987 DEAD
Harry V. Jaffa Historian Crisis of the House Divided 07-Oct-1918 10-Jan-2015 DEAD
Cheddi Jagan Head of State President of Guyana, 1992-97 22-Mar-1918 06-Mar-1997 DEAD
Betty James Business Slinky entrepreneur 13-Feb-1918 20-Nov-2008 DEAD
Walter W. Jenkins Government LBJ assistant, outed in gay sex scandal 23-Mar-1918 23-Nov-1985 DEAD
Ben Johnson Actor The Last Picture Show 13-Jun-1918 08-Apr-1996 DEAD
Frank M. Johnson Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1981-99 30-Oct-1918 23-Jul-1999 DEAD
Hank Jones Jazz Musician Jazz Piano Luminary 31-Jul-1918 16-May-2010 DEAD
Keith Joseph Politician Conservative UK Minister, Thatcher influence 17-Jan-1918 10-Dec-1994 DEAD
Jerome Karle Chemist X-Ray diffraction studies 18-Jun-1918 06-Jun-2013 DEAD
Stubby Kaye Actor Guys and Dolls 11-Nov-1918 14-Dec-1997 DEAD
Lila Kedrova Actor Zorba the Greek 09-Oct-1918 16-Feb-2000 DEAD
Rosemary Kennedy Relative Kennedy sibling, institutionalized 13-Sep-1918 07-Jan-2005 DEAD
John W. King Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1963-69 10-Oct-1918 09-Aug-1996 DEAD
Nile Kinnick Football Winner, 1939 Heisman Trophy 09-Jul-1918 02-Jun-1943 DEAD
Russell Kirk Author The Conservative Mind 19-Oct-1918 29-Apr-1994 DEAD
Herbert G. Klein Journalist White House Communications Director, 1969-73 01-Apr-1918 02-Jul-2009 DEAD
Arthur Kornberg Scientist Synthesized DNA 03-Mar-1918 26-Oct-2007 DEAD
Edwin G. Krebs Scientist Protein phosphorylation 06-Jun-1918 21-Dec-2009 DEAD
Madeleine L'Engle Author A Wrinkle In Time 29-Nov-1918 06-Sep-2007 DEAD
Duncan Lamont Actor The Golden Coach 17-Jun-1918 19-Dec-1978 DEAD
Ann Landers Columnist Syndicated advice columnist 04-Jul-1918 22-Jun-2002 DEAD
Arthur Laurents Playwright West Side Story 14-Jul-1918 05-May-2011 DEAD
George M. Leader Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1955-59 17-Jan-1918 09-May-2013 DEAD
Alan Jay Lerner Playwright An American in Paris 31-Aug-1918 14-Jun-1986 DEAD
Edward B. Lewis Scientist Drosophila researcher, Nobel laureate 20-May-1918 21-Jul-2004 DEAD
Audra Lindley Actor Helen Roper on Three's Company 24-Sep-1918 16-Oct-1997 DEAD
Cruz Lizárraga Musician El Muchacho Alegre 01-Jul-1918 17-Jun-1995 DEAD
Russell Long Politician US Senator from Louisiana, 1948-87 03-Nov-1918 09-May-2003 DEAD
Marjorie Lord Actor Make Room for Daddy 26-Jul-1918 28-Nov-2015 DEAD
Patrick J. Lucey Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 1971-77 21-Mar-1918 10-May-2014 DEAD
Ida Lupino Actor The Man I Love 04-Feb-1918 03-Aug-1995 DEAD
Richard E. Lyng Business US Secretary of Agriculture, 1986-89 29-Jun-1918 01-Feb-2003 DEAD
Jack MacGowran Actor The Fearless Vampire Killers 13-Oct-1918 30-Jan-1973 DEAD
Nelson Mandela Head of State President of South Africa, 1994-99 18-Jul-1918 05-Dec-2013 DEAD
William C. Marland Politician Governor of West Virginia, 1953-57 26-Mar-1918 26-Nov-1965 DEAD
George McAfee Football Chicago Bears HB, Hall of Famer 13-Mar-1918 04-Mar-2009 DEAD
Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Business Chairman of McGraw-Hill, 1968-88 10-Jan-1918 24-Mar-2010 DEAD
Mary McGrory Journalist Pulitzer Prize-winning Liberal Icon 22-Aug-1918 21-Apr-2004 DEAD
John J. McKeithen Politician Governor of Louisiana, 1964-72 28-May-1918 04-Jun-1999 DEAD
Marian McPartland Jazz Musician Piano Jazz 20-Mar-1918 20-Aug-2013 DEAD
Spike Milligan Comic The Goon Show 16-Apr-1918 27-Feb-2002 DEAD
Leon Mirsky Mathematician Transversal Theory 19-Dec-1918 01-Dec-1983 DEAD
Cameron Mitchell Actor The High Chaparral 04-Nov-1918 06-Jul-1994 DEAD
Franco Modigliani Economist Life-cycle theory 18-Jun-1918 25-Sep-2003 DEAD
James M. Moran Business JM Family Enterprises 08-Aug-1918 24-Apr-2007 DEAD
Peggy Moran Actor The Mummy's Hand 23-Oct-1918 24-Oct-2002 DEAD
Col. Robert Morgan Military Pilot of The Memphis Belle 31-Jul-1918 15-May-2004 DEAD
Barry Morse Actor Lt. Gerard on The Fugitive 10-Jun-1918 02-Feb-2008 DEAD
Frederick Mulley Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1976-79 03-Jul-1918 15-Mar-1995 DEAD
Yasuhiro Nakasone Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1982-87 27-May-1918 TBD ADD
Gamal Abdel-Nasser Head of State President of Egypt, 1956-70 15-Jan-1918 28-Sep-1970 DEAD
Robert D. Nesen Diplomat US Ambassador to Australia, 1981-85 22-Jan-1918 14-Nov-2005 DEAD
Arnold Newman Photographer Environmental portraitist 03-Mar-1918 06-Jun-2006 DEAD
David D. Newsom Diplomat US Ambassador to Philippines, 1977-78 06-Jan-1918 30-Mar-2008 DEAD
William F. Nichols Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1967-88 16-Oct-1918 13-Dec-1988 DEAD
Birgit Nilsson Singer Swedish operatic, Wagnerian soprano 17-May-1918 25-Dec-2005 DEAD
Cleo A. Noel, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Sudan, 1972-73 06-Aug-1918 02-Mar-1973 DEAD
Edwin O'Connor Novelist The Last Hurrah 29-Jul-1918 23-Mar-1968 DEAD
David Opatoshu Actor Raid on Entebbe 30-Jan-1918 30-Apr-1996 DEAD
Bibi Osterwald Actor Bridget Loves Bernie 03-Feb-1918 02-Jan-2002 DEAD
Jack Paar Talk Show Host Second host of the Tonight Show 01-May-1918 27-Jan-2004 DEAD
Don Pardo TV Personality Voice announcer 22-Feb-1918 17-Aug-2014 DEAD
Claiborne Pell Politician US Senator from Rhode Island, 1961-97 22-Nov-1918 01-Jan-2009 DEAD
Hank Penny Musician Western swing bandleader 18-Sep-1918 17-Apr-1992 DEAD
Peg Phillips Actor Ruth-Anne Miller on Northern Exposure 20-Sep-1918 07-Nov-2002 DEAD
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. Business CEO of Goodyear, 1974-83 20-Oct-1918 18-Apr-2016 DEAD
Ted Post Film Director Hang 'Em High 31-Mar-1918 20-Aug-2013 DEAD
Robert Preston Actor The Music Man 08-Jun-1918 21-Mar-1987 DEAD
Ron Randell Actor Most Dangerous Man Alive 08-Oct-1918 11-Jun-2005 DEAD
Pee Wee Reese Baseball Ten-time Dodgers All-Star 23-Jul-1918 15-Aug-1999 DEAD
Donald Regan Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1981-85 21-Dec-1918 10-Jun-2003 DEAD
Frederick Reines Physicist Co-Discover of the neutrino 16-Mar-1918 26-Aug-1998 DEAD
Bobby Riggs Tennis Winner of 1939 Wimbledon 25-Feb-1918 25-Oct-1995 DEAD
Jerome Robbins Choreographer West Side Story 11-Oct-1918 29-Jul-1998 DEAD
Oral Roberts Religion Televangelist, faith healer 24-Jan-1918 15-Dec-2009 DEAD
George Rockwell Activist Founded American Nazi Party 09-Mar-1918 25-Aug-1967 DEAD
Percy Rodriguez Actor Afro-Canadian actor 13-Jun-1918 06-Sep-2007 DEAD
Leonard Rose Cellist Virtuoso cellist 28-Jul-1918 16-Nov-1984 DEAD
Julius Rosenberg Spy Leaked atomic bomb secrets to USSR 12-May-1918 19-Jun-1953 DEAD
Paul Rudolph Architect Brutalist architect 23-Oct-1918 08-Aug-1997 DEAD
Martin Ryle Astronomer Radio astronomer 27-Sep-1918 14-Oct-1984 DEAD
Anwar Sadat Head of State President of Egypt, 1970-81 25-Dec-1918 06-Oct-1981 DEAD
Charles A. Salatka Religion Archbishop of Oklahoma City, 1977-93 26-Feb-1918 17-Mar-2003 DEAD
Frederick Sanger Chemist Two-time Nobel laureate in chemistry 13-Aug-1918 19-Nov-2013 DEAD
Grant Sawyer Politician Governor of Nevada, 1959-67 14-Dec-1918 19-Feb-1996 DEAD
Helmut Schmidt Head of State Chancellor of Germany, 1974-82 23-Dec-1918 10-Nov-2015 DEAD
Milt Schmidt Hockey Boston Bruin, NHL Hall-of-Famer 05-Mar-1918 04-Jan-2017 DEAD
Julian Schwinger Physicist Quantum electrodynamics 12-Feb-1918 16-Jul-1994 DEAD
Vito Scotti Actor Character actor, 1950s to 1990s 26-Jan-1918 05-Jun-1996 DEAD
Francis J. Sehn Business The Fran Sehn Company 10-Apr-1918 TBD ADD
John F. Seiberling Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1971-87 08-Sep-1918 02-Aug-2008 DEAD
Mary Lee Settle Novelist Beulah Land 29-Jul-1918 27-Sep-2005 DEAD
Anne Shirley Actor Stella Dallas 17-Apr-1918 04-Jul-1993 DEAD
Herb Shriner Actor Two for the Money 29-May-1918 23-Apr-1970 DEAD
Kai M. Siegbahn Physicist Electron spectroscopy 20-Apr-1918 20-Jul-2007 DEAD
Jens C. Skou Scientist ATPase researcher 08-Oct-1918 TBD ADD
Iceberg Slim Criminal Pimp-turned-author 04-Aug-1918 28-Apr-1992 DEAD
Hulett C. Smith Politician Governor of West Virginia, 1965-69 21-Oct-1918 15-Jan-2012 DEAD
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Author The Gulag Archipelago 11-Dec-1918 03-Aug-2008 DEAD
Red Sovine Country Musician The Old Syrup Sopper 17-Jul-1918 04-Apr-1980 DEAD
Muriel Spark Novelist The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 01-Feb-1918 13-Apr-2006 DEAD
Mickey Spillane Author Mike Hammer novels 09-Mar-1918 17-Jul-2006 DEAD
Arnold Stang Actor Bespectacled character actor 28-Sep-1918 20-Dec-2009 DEAD
Craig Stevens Actor Peter Gunn 08-Jul-1918 10-May-2000 DEAD
June Storey Actor In Old Chicago 20-Apr-1918 18-Dec-1991 DEAD
Robert S. Strauss Diplomat US Ambassador to Russia, 1991-92 19-Oct-1918 19-Mar-2014 DEAD
Herbert L. Strock Film Director The Crawling Hand 13-Jan-1918 30-Nov-2005 DEAD
Maxine Stuart Actor Amanda Earp on The Rousters 28-Jun-1918 06-Jun-2013 DEAD
Theodore Sturgeon Author More Than Human 26-Feb-1918 08-May-1985 DEAD
Jacqueline Susann Novelist Valley of the Dolls 20-Aug-1918 21-Sep-1974 DEAD
Glendon Swarthout Novelist Bless the Beasts and Children 08-Apr-1918 23-Sep-1992 DEAD
Charles Tandy Business Radio Shack 15-May-1918 04-Nov-1978 DEAD
James Tobin Economist Investment behaviorist 05-Mar-1918 11-Mar-2002 DEAD
Audrey Totter Actor The Unsuspected 20-Dec-1918 12-Dec-2013 DEAD
Bobby Troup Songwriter (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 18-Oct-1918 07-Feb-1999 DEAD
Tupou IV Royalty King of Tonga, 1965-2006 04-Jul-1918 10-Sep-2006 DEAD
Jørn Utzon Architect Sydney Opera House 09-Apr-1918 29-Nov-2008 DEAD
Abigail Van Buren Columnist Dear Abby emeritus 04-Jul-1918 16-Jan-2013 DEAD
Ernest Vandiver Politician Governor of Georgia, 1959-63 03-Jul-1918 21-Feb-2005 DEAD
Astrid Varnay Singer Wagnerian soprano 25-Apr-1918 04-Sep-2006 DEAD
George S. Vest Diplomat US Ambassador to the EC, 1981-85 25-Dec-1918 TBD ADD
Bill Vukovich Auto Racing Winner, 1953 and 1954 Indianapolis 500 13-Dec-1918 30-May-1955 DEAD
Robert Wadlow Oddity Tallest documented individual 22-Feb-1918 15-Jul-1940 DEAD
Kurt Waldheim Government UN Secretary General, 1972-82 21-Dec-1918 14-Jun-2007 DEAD
Robert Walker Actor Strangers on a Train 13-Oct-1918 28-Aug-1951 DEAD
Mike Wallace Journalist Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent 09-May-1918 07-Apr-2012 DEAD
Sam Walton Business America's richest man, founded Wal-Mart 29-Mar-1918 05-Apr-1992 DEAD
Louie Welch Politician Mayor of Houston, 1964-73 09-Dec-1918 27-Jan-2008 DEAD
William Whitelaw Politician UK Deputy Prime Minister, 1979-88 28-Jun-1918 01-Jul-1999 DEAD
Malcolm R. Wilkey Judge US Ambassador to Uruguay, 1985-90 06-Dec-1918 15-Aug-2009 DEAD
Joe Williams Singer Baritone jazz vocalist 12-Dec-1918 29-Mar-1999 DEAD
John Bell Williams Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1968-72 04-Dec-1918 25-Mar-1983 DEAD
Ted Williams Baseball Cryonically preserved .400 hitter 30-Aug-1918 05-Jul-2002 DEAD
Ralph Wilson, Jr. Football Founding Owner, Buffalo Bills 17-Oct-1918 25-Mar-2014 DEAD
Kathryn Tucker Windham Author Alabama: One Big Front Porch 02-Jun-1918 12-Jun-2011 DEAD
Joseph Wiseman Actor Dr. No 15-May-1918 19-Oct-2009 DEAD
Teresa Wright Actor Shadow of a Doubt 27-Oct-1918 06-Mar-2005 DEAD
Coleman Young Politician Mayor of Detroit, 1974-93 24-May-1918 30-Nov-1997 DEAD
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Actor The F.B.I. 30-Nov-1918 02-May-2014 DEAD