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Peter Abrahams Novelist Mine Boy 03-Mar-1919 18-Jan-2017 DEAD
Mason Adams Actor Charlie Hume on Lou Grant 26-Feb-1919 26-Apr-2005 DEAD
Ruggero J. Aldisert Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, 1968-86 10-Nov-1919 28-Dec-2014 DEAD
Dayton Allen Actor Voice actor 24-Sep-1919 11-Nov-2004 DEAD
Phil Alvarado Boxing Greatest amateur boxer ever 18-Jan-1919 25-Dec-2003 DEAD
Giulio Andreotti Head of State Six-time Prime Minister of Italy 14-Jan-1919 06-May-2013 DEAD
Tim Babcock Politician Governor of Montana, 1962-69 27-Oct-1919 07-Apr-2015 DEAD
Ross Bagdasarian Musician Progenitor of Alvin and the Chipmunks 27-Jan-1919 16-Jun-1972 DEAD
Martin Balsam Actor A Thousand Clowns 04-Nov-1919 13-Feb-1996 DEAD
Lex Barker Actor The tenth to play Tarzan 08-May-1919 11-May-1973 DEAD
Gene Barry Actor The War of the Worlds 14-Jun-1919 09-Dec-2009 DEAD
Dewey F. Bartlett Politician Governor and Senator from Oklahoma 28-Mar-1919 01-Mar-1979 DEAD
Frances Bay Actor Happy Gilmore 23-Jan-1919 15-Sep-2011 DEAD
David Beaty Novelist Cone of Silence 28-Mar-1919 04-Dec-1999 DEAD
Daniel Bell Sociologist The End of Ideology 10-May-1919 25-Jan-2011 DEAD
Matthew A. Berdon Business Senior Partner, F. B. & Co. 31-Jul-1919 27-Mar-2010 DEAD
Elizabeth Berridge Novelist Across the Common 03-Dec-1919 02-Dec-2009 DEAD
David H. Blackwell Mathematician Bayesian statistics 24-Apr-1919 08-Jul-2010 DEAD
Art Blakey Drummer Principal bebop instigator and drummer 11-Oct-1919 16-Oct-1990 DEAD
Paul Bogart Film Director Prolific TV and film director 13-Nov-1919 15-Apr-2012 DEAD
Derek Bond Actor The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 26-Jan-1919 15-Oct-2006 DEAD
Albert H. Bowker Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1971-80 08-Sep-1919 20-Jan-2008 DEAD
George E. P. Box Mathematician Statistician at University of Wisconsin 18-Oct-1919 28-Mar-2013 DEAD
Kingman Brewster, Jr. Educator President of Yale, 1963-77 17-Jun-1919 08-Nov-1988 DEAD
Myron H. Bright Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1968-85 05-Mar-1919 12-Dec-2016 DEAD
Barbara Britton Actor Mr. and Mrs. North 26-Sep-1919 17-Jan-1980 DEAD
Steve Brodie Actor The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 21-Nov-1919 09-Jan-1992 DEAD
Edward Brooke Politician US Senator from Massachusetts, 1967-79 26-Oct-1919 03-Jan-2015 DEAD
Carol Bruce Singer Singer with seven decade career 15-Nov-1919 09-Oct-2007 DEAD
James M. Buchanan Economist Public Choice Theory 02-Oct-1919 09-Jan-2013 DEAD
Mac Bundy Government National Security Advisor, 1961-66 30-Mar-1919 16-Sep-1996 DEAD
E. Margaret Burbidge Astronomer Synthesis of the elements in stars 12-Aug-1919 TBD ADD
Red Buttons Actor They Shoot Horses Don't They? 05-Feb-1919 13-Jul-2006 DEAD
Tommy Byrne Baseball MLB pitcher, Mayor of Wake Forest 31-Dec-1919 20-Dec-2007 DEAD
Frank Campanella Actor Character actor 12-Mar-1919 30-Dec-2006 DEAD
Tony Canadeo Football The Gray Ghost of Gonzaga 05-May-1919 29-Nov-2003 DEAD
Hugh L. Carey Politician Governor of New York, 1975-83 11-Apr-1919 07-Aug-2011 DEAD
Peter Carington Government UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82 06-Jun-1919 TBD ADD
G. Harrold Carswell Judge Failed US Supreme Court nominee 22-Dec-1919 31-Jul-1992 DEAD
R. V. Cassill Novelist Dr. Cobb's Game 17-May-1919 25-Mar-2002 DEAD
Anne Cox Chambers Business Billionaire, former US Ambassador to Belgium 01-Dec-1919 TBD ADD
Marge Champion Dancer Show Boat 02-Sep-1919 TBD ADD
Frank M. Coffin Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, 1965-89 11-Jul-1919 07-Dec-2009 DEAD
Lois Collier Actor Mary Wesley on Boston Blackie 21-Mar-1919 27-Oct-1999 DEAD
John F. Collins Politician Mayor of Boston, 1960-68 20-Jul-1919 23-Nov-1995 DEAD
Harry Coover Chemist Invented Super Glue 06-Mar-1919 19-Mar-2011 DEAD
Don Cornell Singer Big band singer, It Isn't Fair 21-Apr-1919 23-Feb-2004 DEAD
Robert J. Cornell Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1975-79 16-Dec-1919 10-May-2009 DEAD
Alan Cottrell Scientist Metallurgist at Cambridge 17-Jul-1919 15-Feb-2012 DEAD
Clyde Cowan Physicist Co-Discover of the neutrino 06-Dec-1919 24-May-1974 DEAD
Donald J. Cram Chemist Synthesis of molecules 22-Apr-1919 17-Jun-2001 DEAD
John H. Crimmins Diplomat US Ambassador to Brazil, 1973-78 26-Nov-1919 12-Dec-2007 DEAD
Merce Cunningham Dancer Merce Cunningham Dance Company 16-Apr-1919 26-Jul-2009 DEAD
Dino De Laurentiis Film/TV Producer Prodigious film producer 08-Aug-1919 11-Nov-2010 DEAD
Gabriel Dell Actor Dead End Kid 08-Oct-1919 03-Jul-1988 DEAD
Ovid Demaris Author The Last Mafioso 06-Sep-1919 12-Mar-1998 DEAD
Joop den Uyl Head of State Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 1973-77 09-Aug-1919 24-Dec-1987 DEAD
Michel Déon Novelist Un Taxi Mauve 04-Aug-1919 28-Dec-2016 DEAD
Anatoly Dobrynin Diplomat Soviet Ambassador to the US, 1962-86 19-Nov-1919 06-Apr-2010 DEAD
Joel Dorius Educator Professor fired for gay porn arrest 04-Jan-1919 14-Feb-2006 DEAD
Ervin Drake Songwriter It Was a Very Good Year 03-Apr-1919 15-Jan-2015 DEAD
Dixie Dunbar Actor 1930s actress 19-Jan-1919 29-Aug-1991 DEAD
Robert Duncan Poet Bending the Bow 07-Jan-1919 03-Feb-1988 DEAD
Margaret Early Actor Strike Up the Band 25-Dec-1919 29-Nov-2000 DEAD
John Presper Eckert Computer Programmer ENIAC, BINAC, and UNIVAC I computers 09-Apr-1919 03-Jun-1995 DEAD
Arthur English Actor Mr. Harman on Are You Being Served? 09-May-1919 16-Apr-1995 DEAD
Norman A. Erbe Politician Governor of Iowa, 1961-63 25-Oct-1919 08-Jun-2000 DEAD
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poet A Coney Island of the Mind 24-Mar-1919 TBD ADD
Myron Floren Musician Accordionist for Lawrence Welk 05-Nov-1919 23-Jul-2005 DEAD
Margot Fonteyn Dancer Exceptional British ballerina 18-May-1919 21-Feb-1991 DEAD
Malcolm Forbes Business Forbes publisher, Faberge collector 19-Aug-1919 24-Feb-1990 DEAD
Tennessee Ernie Ford Country Musician Sixteen Tons 13-Feb-1919 17-Oct-1991 DEAD
Milton Frank Diplomat US Ambassador to Nepal, 1988-89 18-Nov-1919 13-Jan-1993 DEAD
Bert Freed Actor Rufe Ryker on Shane 03-Nov-1919 02-Aug-1994 DEAD
Kathleen Freeman Actor Gen. Burkhalter's sister 17-Feb-1919 23-Aug-2001 DEAD
Leo R. Futia Business Former Chairman of Guardian Life 27-Aug-1919 TBD ADD
Eva Gabor Actor Green Acres 11-Feb-1919 04-Jul-1995 DEAD
Betty Garrett Actor Irene Lorenzo on All in the Family 23-May-1919 12-Feb-2011 DEAD
Rosemary Gatenby Novelist The Season of Danger 08-Oct-1919 03-Jan-2007 DEAD
Peter Gennaro Dancer Broadway choreographer 23-Nov-1919 28-Sep-2000 DEAD
Robert Giaimo Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1959-81 15-Oct-1919 24-May-2006 DEAD
Frances Gifford Actor Jungle Girl 07-Dec-1919 15-Jan-1994 DEAD
George Gobel Comic Hollywood Square 20-May-1919 24-Feb-1991 DEAD
Sam Goddard Politician Governor of Arizona, 1965-67 08-Aug-1919 01-Feb-2006 DEAD
Robert F. Goheen Educator President of Princeton University, 1957-72 15-Aug-1919 31-Mar-2008 DEAD
Curt Gowdy Sports Journalist Voice of the Red Sox 31-Jul-1919 20-Feb-2006 DEAD
Ella T. Grasso Politician First woman elected governor of Connecticut 10-May-1919 05-Feb-1981 DEAD
Harry J. Gray Business CEO of United Technologies, 1972-86 18-Nov-1919 08-Jul-2009 DEAD
Rocky Graziano Boxing Middleweight boxing champ 01-Jan-1919 22-May-1990 DEAD
Wilson Greatbatch Inventor Implantable pacemaker 06-Sep-1919 27-Sep-2011 DEAD
John Gregson Actor Genevieve 15-Mar-1919 08-Jan-1975 DEAD
Inder Kumar Gujral Head of State Prime Minister of India, 1997-98 04-Dec-1919 30-Nov-2012 DEAD
Ed Guthman Journalist Nixon enemy, Pulitzer Prize winner 11-Aug-1919 31-Aug-2008 DEAD
William L. Guy Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1961-73 30-Sep-1919 26-Apr-2013 DEAD
Uta Hagen Actor Renowned thespian and acting teacher 12-Jun-1919 14-Jan-2004 DEAD
H. Tracy Hall Chemist Synthetic diamonds 20-Oct-1919 25-Jul-2008 DEAD
Huntz Hall Actor Dead End Kids 15-Aug-1919 30-Jan-1999 DEAD
R. M. Hare Philosopher Moral Thinking 21-Mar-1919 29-Jan-2002 DEAD
Buck Harless Business Coal baron, philanthropist 14-Oct-1919 01-Jan-2014 DEAD
Tom Harmon Football Winner, 1940 Heisman Trophy 28-Sep-1919 15-Mar-1990 DEAD
Eileen Heckart Actor Butterflies Are Free 29-Mar-1919 31-Dec-2001 DEAD
Robert L. Heilbroner Economist The Worldly Philosophers 24-Mar-1919 04-Jan-2005 DEAD
Christian Herter, Jr. Government First Chairman, New York Urban Coalition 29-Jan-1919 16-Sep-2007 DEAD
Walter J. Hickel Politician Twice Governor of Alaska 18-Aug-1919 07-May-2010 DEAD
Betty Hill Hoaxer Self-proclaimed UFO abductee 28-Jun-1919 17-Oct-2004 DEAD
James Hill Film Director Born Free 01-Aug-1919 07-Oct-1994 DEAD
Edmund Hillary Explorer First to summit Mt. Everest 20-Jul-1919 11-Jan-2008 DEAD
Mike Holovak Football NFL Head Coach, General Manager 19-Sep-1919 27-Jan-2008 DEAD
Frank J. Horton Politician Congressman from New York, 1963-93 12-Dec-1919 30-Aug-2004 DEAD
Charles W. Hostler Diplomat US Ambassador to Bahrain, 1989-93 12-Dec-1919 28-Sep-2014 DEAD
Ralph Houk Baseball Former NY Yankees Manager 09-Aug-1919 21-Jul-2010 DEAD
Godfrey N. Hounsfield Engineer Computerized axial tomography (CAT scans) 28-Aug-1919 12-Aug-2004 DEAD
Mary Beth Hughes Actor The Ox-Bow Incident 13-Nov-1919 27-Aug-1995 DEAD
Rex Humbard Religion Televangelist 13-Aug-1919 21-Sep-2007 DEAD
Monte Irvin Baseball Negro Leagues player, MLB Hall of Famer 25-Feb-1919 11-Jan-2016 DEAD
Caldwell Johnson Engineer Designer, early NASA space program 16-Oct-1919 26-May-2013 DEAD
Jennifer Jones Actor The Song of Bernadette 02-Mar-1919 17-Dec-2009 DEAD
Louis Jourdan Actor Kamal in Octopussy 19-Jun-1919 14-Feb-2015 DEAD
Ryszard Kaczorowski Head of State President-in-exile of Poland, 1989-90 26-Nov-1919 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov Inventor Inventor of Kalashnikov rifle 10-Nov-1919 23-Dec-2013 DEAD
Stanley H. Kaplan Business Developed SAT study aids 24-May-1919 23-Aug-2009 DEAD
Howard Keel Actor Clayton Farlow on Dallas 13-Apr-1919 07-Nov-2004 DEAD
Dick Kelty Inventor Invented the modern backpack 13-Sep-1919 12-Jan-2004 DEAD
Richard T. Kennedy Diplomat US Ambassador for Nuclear Energy Policy 24-Dec-1919 11-Jan-1998 DEAD
Frank Kermode Critic The Sense of an Ending 29-Nov-1919 17-Aug-2010 DEAD
Andrea King Actor Hotel Berlin 01-Feb-1919 22-Apr-2003 DEAD
Leon Kirchner Composer Quartet No. 3 24-Jan-1919 17-Sep-2009 DEAD
Thomas S. Kleppe Politician US Secretary of the Interior, 1975-77 01-Jul-1919 02-Mar-2007 DEAD
Fred Korematsu Activist Opposed internment camps 30-Jan-1919 30-Mar-2005 DEAD
David Kossoff Actor The Mouse That Roared 24-Nov-1919 23-Mar-2005 DEAD
Ernie Kovacs Comic Nairobi Trio 23-Jan-1919 13-Jan-1962 DEAD
William Kunstler Attorney Civil rights attorney 07-Jul-1919 04-Sep-1995 DEAD
Lawrence Lader Activist Father of abortion rights activism 06-Aug-1919 07-May-2006 DEAD
Carole Landis Actor A Scandal in Paris 01-Jan-1919 05-Jul-1948 DEAD
Laurence W. Lane, Jr. Publisher US Ambassador to Australia, 1986-89 07-Nov-1919 31-Jul-2010 DEAD
Robert B. Leighton Astronomer Leighton dishes 10-Sep-1919 09-Mar-1997 DEAD
Doris Lessing Novelist Children of Violence series 22-Oct-1919 17-Nov-2013 DEAD
Primo Levi Author Survival in Auschwitz 31-Jul-1919 11-Apr-1987 DEAD
Diana Lewis Actor Go West 18-Sep-1919 18-Jan-1997 DEAD
Liberace Pianist Rhinestoned pianist 16-May-1919 04-Feb-1987 DEAD
Carl H. Lindner Business Cincinnati billionaire 22-Apr-1919 17-Oct-2011 DEAD
William Lipscomb Chemist Chemical bonding 09-Dec-1919 14-Apr-2011 DEAD
James Lovelock Scientist The Gaia Theory 26-Jul-1919 TBD ADD
Jock Mahoney Actor Yancy Derringer 07-Feb-1919 14-Dec-1989 DEAD
Jacques Marin Actor Charade 09-Sep-1919 10-Jan-2001 DEAD
René Marqués Playwright La Carreta 04-Oct-1919 22-Mar-1979 DEAD
Strother Martin Actor Cool Hand Luke 26-Mar-1919 01-Aug-1980 DEAD
William Meredith Poet Partial Accounts 09-Jan-1919 30-May-2007 DEAD
Mary Midgley Philosopher Beast and Man 13-Sep-1919 TBD ADD
Eddie Miller Country Musician Release Me 10-Dec-1919 11-Apr-1977 DEAD
Hyman Minsky Economist Inherently unstable markets 23-Sep-1919 25-Oct-1996 DEAD
Kiichi Miyazawa Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1991-93 08-Oct-1919 28-Jun-2007 DEAD
Al Molinaro Actor Alfred on Happy Days 24-Jun-1919 30-Oct-2015 DEAD
Howard Morris Actor Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show 04-Sep-1919 21-May-2005 DEAD
Iris Murdoch Novelist The Sea, the Sea 15-Jul-1919 08-Feb-1999 DEAD
Joseph E. Murray Doctor Kidney transplants 01-Apr-1919 26-Nov-2012 DEAD
R. G. Neale Historian Great Britain and U.S. Expansion 07-Mar-1919 01-May-2004 DEAD
Edwin Newman Journalist Journalist and commentator for NBC News 25-Jan-1919 13-Aug-2010 DEAD
Virginia O'Brien Actor The Big Store 18-Apr-1919 16-Jan-2001 DEAD
Anita O'Day Singer/Songwriter Feminine master of scat 18-Oct-1919 23-Nov-2006 DEAD
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Religion Atheist spokeswoman 13-Apr-1919 TBD DEAD
Dan O'Herlihy Actor The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 01-May-1919 17-Feb-2005 DEAD
Gerd Oswald Film Director A Kiss Before Dying 09-Jun-1919 22-May-1989 DEAD
Jack Palance Actor Performed one-handed push-ups 18-Feb-1919 10-Nov-2006 DEAD
Pief Panofsky Physicist Stanford Linear Accelerator 24-Apr-1919 24-Sep-2007 DEAD
Georgios Papadopoulos Head of State Dictator of Greece, 1967-73 05-May-1919 27-Jun-1999 DEAD
Andreas Papandreou Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Greece 05-Feb-1919 23-Jun-1996 DEAD
Charles H. Percy Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1967-85 27-Sep-1919 17-Sep-2011 DEAD
François Périer Actor Nights of Cabiria 10-Nov-1919 29-Jun-2002 DEAD
Evita Peron First Lady Don't cry for her 07-May-1919 26-Jul-1952 DEAD
Nehemiah Persoff Actor The Harder They Fall 02-Aug-1919 TBD ADD
Jon Pertwee Actor 3rd Doctor on Doctor Who 07-Jul-1919 20-May-1996 DEAD
Johnny Pesky Baseball Boston Red Sox 27-Sep-1919 13-Aug-2012 DEAD
Laurence J. Peter Scientist The Peter Principle 16-Sep-1919 12-Jan-1990 DEAD
Slim Pickens Actor Tough cowboy actor 29-Jun-1919 08-Dec-1983 DEAD
Donald Pleasence Actor The Great Escape 05-Oct-1919 02-Feb-1995 DEAD
Frederik Pohl Author Futurian science fiction writer 26-Nov-1919 02-Sep-2013 DEAD
Charles O. Porter Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1957-61 04-Apr-1919 01-Jan-2006 DEAD
Graham Purcell Politician Congressman from Texas, 1962-73 05-May-1919 11-Jun-2011 DEAD
William F. Quinn Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1957-62 13-Jul-1919 28-Aug-2006 DEAD
Emmett J. Rice Economist Federal Reserve Governor, 1979-86 21-Dec-1919 10-Mar-2011 DEAD
Lynne Roberts Actor American character actress 22-Nov-1919 01-Apr-1978 DEAD
Charles W. Robinson Business Deputy Secretary of State, 1976-77 07-Sep-1919 20-May-2014 DEAD
Eddie Robinson Football Grambling Head Coach, 1941-97 13-Feb-1919 03-Apr-2007 DEAD
Jackie Robinson Baseball First negro in the major leagues 31-Jan-1919 24-Oct-1972 DEAD
Lina Romay Actor Adventure 16-Jan-1919 17-Dec-2010 DEAD
Andy Rooney Journalist 60 Minutes' resident crank 14-Jan-1919 04-Nov-2011 DEAD
Albert J. Rosenthal Legal Scholar Dean of Columbia Law School, 1979-84 05-Mar-1919 17-Mar-2010 DEAD
J. D. Salinger Novelist The Catcher in the Rye 01-Jan-1919 27-Jan-2010 DEAD
Robert A. Scalapino Scholar Longtime Asia scholar at Berkeley 19-Oct-1919 31-Oct-2011 DEAD
Richard Scarry Author Delightful children's book author and artist 05-Jun-1919 30-Apr-1994 DEAD
Walter Scheel Politician President of Germany, 1974-79 08-Jul-1919 24-Aug-2016 DEAD
Herbert I. Schiller Author Mass Communications and American Empire 05-Nov-1919 29-Jan-2000 DEAD
Pete Seeger Singer/Songwriter We Shall Overcome 03-May-1919 27-Jan-2014 DEAD
Shah of Iran Royalty Last Shah of Iran 26-Oct-1919 27-Jul-1980 DEAD
George Shearing Jazz Musician George Shearing Quintet 13-Aug-1919 14-Feb-2011 DEAD
Doris Singleton Actor Caroline Appleby on I Love Lucy 28-Sep-1919 26-Jun-2012 DEAD
Joseph J. Sisco Diplomat Kissinger's Mideast Deputy 31-Oct-1919 23-Nov-2004 DEAD
Otto R. Skopil, Jr. Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1979-86 03-Jun-1919 18-Oct-2012 DEAD
Ian Smith Head of State Rhodesian Prime Minister, 1965-79 08-Apr-1919 20-Nov-2007 DEAD
Robert Stack Actor The Untouchables 13-Jan-1919 14-May-2003 DEAD
Warren Stevens Actor Forbidden Planet 02-Nov-1919 27-Mar-2012 DEAD
Nigel Stock Actor Dr. Watson in BBC's Sherlock Holmes 21-Sep-1919 22-Jun-1986 DEAD
Lawrence Stone Historian The Crisis of the Aristocracy 04-Dec-1919 16-Jun-1999 DEAD
P. F. Strawson Philosopher Individuals 23-Nov-1919 13-Feb-2006 DEAD
Lawrence Tierney Actor Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs 15-Mar-1919 26-Feb-2002 DEAD
Richard Todd Actor The Dam Busters 11-Jun-1919 03-Dec-2009 DEAD
Norman Tokar Film Director The Apple Dumpling Gang 25-Nov-1919 06-Apr-1979 DEAD
Pierre Trudeau Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Canada 18-Oct-1919 28-Sep-2000 DEAD
Moise Tshombe Head of State Katanga secessionist 10-Nov-1919 29-Jun-1969 DEAD
Forrest Tucker Actor Sgt. O'Rourke on F Troop 12-Feb-1919 25-Oct-1986 DEAD
Chavela Vargas Singer Ranchera singer 17-Apr-1919 05-Aug-2012 DEAD
Lino Ventura Actor The Threepenny Opera 14-Jul-1919 22-Oct-1987 DEAD
Eddie Waitkus Baseball Prototype of The Natural 04-Sep-1919 16-Sep-1972 DEAD
George Wallace Politician Governor of Alabama, crippled by assassin 25-Aug-1919 13-Sep-1998 DEAD
Helen Robson Walton Relative World's 13th richest person, 2005 03-Dec-1919 19-Apr-2007 DEAD
Sam Wanamaker Actor Rebuilt Globe Theatre 14-Jun-1919 19-Dec-1993 DEAD
Judge Wapner TV Personality The People's Court 15-Nov-1919 26-Feb-2017 DEAD
Arthur K. Watson Business Past President of IBM World Corp. 23-Apr-1919 26-Jul-1974 DEAD
George Weidenfeld Publisher Co-Founder, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 13-Sep-1919 20-Jan-2016 DEAD
George Weissman Business CEO of Philip Morris, 1978-84 12-Jul-1919 24-Jul-2009 DEAD
Kitty Wells Country Musician First Queen of Country Music 30-Aug-1919 16-Jul-2012 DEAD
Reed Whittemore Poet Heroes & Heroines 11-Sep-1919 06-Apr-2012 DEAD
Pete Williams Politician US Senator snagged in ABSCAM 10-Dec-1919 17-Nov-2001 DEAD
Margaret Bush Wilson Activist NAACP Chairman, 1975-83 30-Jan-1919 11-Aug-2009 DEAD
Marie Windsor Actor The Killing 11-Dec-1919 10-Dec-2000 DEAD
Leona Woods Physicist Physicist at University of Chicago 09-Aug-1919 10-Nov-1986 DEAD
Walter B. Wriston Business CEO of Citibank, 1967-84 03-Aug-1919 19-Jan-2005 DEAD
Alan Young Actor Wilbur Post on Mister Ed 19-Nov-1919 19-May-2016 DEAD
Zhao Ziyang Politician 6th Chinese Premier sought reforms 17-Oct-1919 16-Jan-2005 DEAD