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Bella Abzug Politician Feminist and former Congresswoman 24-Jul-1920 31-Mar-1998 DEAD
Rodolfo Acosta Actor Bandido 29-Jul-1920 07-Nov-1974 DEAD
Kathryn Adams Actor Sky Raiders 15-Jul-1920 14-Oct-2016 DEAD
Richard Adams Novelist Watership Down 09-May-1920 24-Dec-2016 DEAD
Michael Aldridge Actor Seymour on Last of the Summer Wine 09-Sep-1920 10-Jan-1994 DEAD
Cris Alexander Photographer Portrait photographer, Broadway actor 14-Jan-1920 07-Mar-2012 DEAD
Louise Allbritton Actor Son of Dracula 03-Jul-1920 16-Feb-1979 DEAD
Rex Allen Actor The Arizona Cowboy 31-Dec-1920 17-Dec-1999 DEAD
Kenneth Allsop Critic London Evening News book critic 29-Jan-1920 23-May-1973 DEAD
Alicia Alonso Dancer Prima Ballerina Assoluta 21-Dec-1920 TBD ADD
Mary Anderson Actor Lifeboat 03-Apr-1920 06-Apr-2014 DEAD
Michael Anderson Film Director Logan's Run 30-Jan-1920 TBD ADD
Robert Anderson Business Chairman of Rockwell, 1979-88 02-Nov-1920 28-Oct-2006 DEAD
Keith Andes Actor Clash by Night 12-Jul-1920 11-Nov-2005 DEAD
Tige Andrews Actor Capt. Greer on The Mod Squad 19-Mar-1920 27-Jan-2007 DEAD
Jorge Pacheco Areco Head of State President of Uruguay, 1967-72 08-Nov-1920 29-Jul-1998 DEAD
Isaac Asimov Author Foundation 02-Jan-1920 06-Apr-1992 DEAD
Hy Averback Film Director I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 21-Oct-1920 14-Oct-1997 DEAD
Anthony Barber Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1970-74 04-Jul-1920 16-Dec-2005 DEAD
Albert W. Barney Judge Vermont Chief Justice, 1974-82 23-Oct-1920 10-May-2010 DEAD
Saul Bass Designer Master of title design 08-May-1920 25-Apr-1996 DEAD
Michael Bates Actor A Clockwork Orange 04-Dec-1920 11-Jan-1978 DEAD
Baruj Benacerraf Scientist Gene control of HLA antigens 29-Oct-1920 02-Aug-2011 DEAD
Dave Berg Cartoonist The Lighter Side of... 12-Jun-1920 17-May-2002 DEAD
Pierre Berton Author Canadian writer and TV personality 12-Jul-1920 30-Nov-2004 DEAD
Barend Biesheuvel Head of State Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 1971-73 05-Apr-1920 29-Apr-2001 DEAD
Nicolaas Bloembergen Physicist Nonlinear optics 11-Mar-1920 05-Sep-2017 DEAD
Nils Bohlin Engineer Three-point safety belt 17-Jul-1920 26-Sep-2002 DEAD
Julius Boros Golf Winner of 3 major titles 03-Mar-1920 28-May-1994 DEAD
Robert O. Bowen Novelist The Weight of the Cross 07-May-1920 09-Jun-2003 DEAD
Ray Bradbury Author Fahrenheit 451 22-Aug-1920 05-Jun-2012 DEAD
Neville Brand Actor Birdman of Alcatraz 13-Aug-1920 16-Apr-1992 DEAD
David Brinkley Journalist The Huntley-Brinkley Report 10-Jul-1920 11-Jun-2003 DEAD
Peter Brock Historian Pacifism in the United States 30-Jan-1920 29-May-2006 DEAD
George E. Brown, Jr. Politician Congressman from California, 1973-99 06-Mar-1920 15-Jul-1999 DEAD
L. Dean Brown Diplomat US Ambassador to Jordan, 1970-73 21-Aug-1920 02-May-2001 DEAD
Dave Brubeck Jazz Musician Take Five 06-Dec-1920 05-Dec-2012 DEAD
Boudleaux Bryant Songwriter Wake Up, Little Susie 13-Feb-1920 25-Jun-1987 DEAD
Yul Brynner Actor The King and I 11-Jul-1920 10-Oct-1985 DEAD
David P. Buckson Politician Governor of Delaware for 19 days 25-Jul-1920 18-Jan-2017 DEAD
Charles Bukowski Author Love is a Dog from Hell 16-Aug-1920 09-Mar-1994 DEAD
Frank W. Burke Politician Mayor of Louisville, 1969-1973 01-Jun-1920 29-Jun-2007 DEAD
Roberto Calvi Business Vatican banker who died mysteriously 13-Apr-1920 17-Jun-1982 DEAD
Ian Carmichael Actor Bertie Wooster 18-Jun-1920 05-Feb-2010 DEAD
Martine Carol Actor Lola Montès 16-May-1920 06-Feb-1967 DEAD
Sunset Carson Actor B-Movie cowboy 12-Nov-1920 01-May-1990 DEAD
Albert V. Casey Business CEO of American Airlines, 1974-85 28-Feb-1920 10-Jul-2004 DEAD
Andrew Cavendish Aristocrat 11th Duke of Devonshire 02-Jan-1920 03-May-2004 DEAD
Paul Celan Poet Todesfuge 23-Nov-1920 20-Apr-1970 DEAD
Owen Chamberlain Physicist Co-Discoverer of the antiproton 10-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2006 DEAD
Eileen Chang Author Lust, Caution 30-Sep-1920 08-Sep-1995 DEAD
Lonny Chapman Actor American character actor 01-Oct-1920 12-Oct-2007 DEAD
Virginia Christine Actor Folger Coffee's Mrs. Olson 05-Mar-1920 24-Jul-1996 DEAD
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Head of State President of Italy, 1999-2006 09-Dec-1920 16-Sep-2016 DEAD
Frank G. Clement Politician Twice Governor of Tennessee 02-Jun-1920 04-Nov-1969 DEAD
Montgomery Clift Actor From Here to Eternity 17-Oct-1920 23-Jul-1966 DEAD
Alexander H. Cohen Theatre Producer The Homecoming 24-Jul-1920 22-Apr-2000 DEAD
William Colby Spy CIA Director, 1973-75 04-Jan-1920 27-Apr-1996 DEAD
William T. Coleman, Jr. Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1975-77 07-Jul-1920 31-Mar-2017 DEAD
Alex Comfort Doctor The Joy of Sex 10-Feb-1920 26-Mar-2000 DEAD
William Conrad Actor Jake and the Fatman 27-Sep-1920 11-Feb-1994 DEAD
Denton Cooley Doctor Pioneering heart surgeon 22-Aug-1920 18-Nov-2016 DEAD
Holly Coors Activist Ultraconservative beer baroness 25-Aug-1920 18-Jan-2009 DEAD
Henry Corden Actor Hanna-Barbara voice actor 06-Jan-1920 19-May-2005 DEAD
George A. Cowan Physicist Founder, Santa Fe Institute 15-Feb-1920 20-Apr-2012 DEAD
Odile Crick Artist Sketched the double helix 11-Aug-1920 05-Jul-2007 DEAD
Richard Cromwell Actor The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 08-Jan-1920 11-Oct-1960 DEAD
Javier Pérez de Cuellar Government UN Secretary General, 1982-91 19-Jan-1920 TBD ADD
Bill Cullen Game Show Host Host of The Price is Right 18-Feb-1920 07-Jul-1990 DEAD
Bob Davies Basketball Rochester Royals, Hall of Famer 15-Jan-1920 22-Apr-1990 DEAD
Laraine Day Actor Foreign Correspondent 13-Oct-1920 10-Nov-2007 DEAD
Alexander DeConde Historian Entangling Alliance 13-Nov-1920 28-May-2016 DEAD
Miguel Delibes Novelist Five Hours With Mario 17-Oct-1920 12-Mar-2010 DEAD
John Demjanjuk Criminal Retired auto worker convicted for Nazi past 03-Apr-1920 17-Mar-2012 DEAD
Selma Diamond Actor Selma Hacker on Night Court 05-Aug-1920 13-May-1985 DEAD
Douglas Dick Actor Carl Herrick on Waterfront 20-Nov-1920 19-Dec-2015 DEAD
Little Jimmy Dickens Country Musician May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose 19-Dec-1920 02-Jan-2015 DEAD
David Herbert Donald Historian Lincoln's Herndon 01-Oct-1920 17-May-2009 DEAD
James Doohan Actor Scotty on Star Trek 03-Mar-1920 20-Jul-2005 DEAD
Kenneth Dover Scholar Greek Homosexuality 11-Mar-1920 07-Mar-2010 DEAD
Robert Drinan Politician Jesuit priest, Massachusetts Congressman 15-Nov-1920 28-Jan-2007 DEAD
Adolph Dubs Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 1978-79 04-Aug-1920 14-Feb-1979 DEAD
Stanley H. Durwood Business Father of the multi-screen movie theater 05-Aug-1920 15-Jul-1999 DEAD
Larry Elikann Film Director One Against the Wind 04-Jul-1920 04-Feb-2004 DEAD
Michael Evans Actor The Young and the Restless 27-Jul-1920 04-Sep-2007 DEAD
Nanette Fabray Actor Caesar's Hour 27-Oct-1920 TBD ADD
James Farmer Activist Co-Founder, CORE 12-Jan-1920 09-Jul-1999 DEAD
Richard Farnsworth Actor Comes a Horseman 01-Sep-1920 06-Oct-2000 DEAD
Eileen Farrell Singer Operatic soprano 13-Feb-1920 23-Mar-2002 DEAD
Federico Fellini Film Director La Dolce Vita 20-Jan-1920 30-Oct-1993 DEAD
Edmond H. Fischer Scientist Protein phosphorylation 06-Apr-1920 TBD ADD
Frank Fontaine Actor Crazy Guggenheim 19-Apr-1920 04-Aug-1978 DEAD
Dick Francis Novelist Dead Cert 31-Oct-1920 14-Feb-2010 DEAD
Rosalind Franklin Chemist Photographed DNA's structure 25-Jul-1920 16-Apr-1958 DEAD
Arthur Franz Actor The Sniper 29-Feb-1920 17-Jun-2006 DEAD
Paul Frees Actor The Man of a Thousand Voices 22-Jun-1920 02-Nov-1986 DEAD
William C. Friday Educator President of UNC, 1956-86 13-Jul-1920 12-Oct-2012 DEAD
Genevieve Singer Singer on Jack Paar Show 17-Apr-1920 14-Mar-2004 DEAD
Sam M. Gibbons Politician Congressman from Florida, 1963-97 20-Jan-1920 09-Oct-2012 DEAD
Jacob H. Gilbert Politician Congressman from New York, 1960-71 17-Jun-1920 27-Feb-1981 DEAD
Lewis Gilbert Film Director The Spy Who Loved Me 06-Mar-1920 TBD ADD
Thomas Gold Scientist Certain that oil is not a fossil fuel 22-May-1920 22-Jun-2004 DEAD
Gordon Gould Physicist Invented the laser, arguably 17-Jul-1920 16-Sep-2005 DEAD
John Howard Griffin Author Black Like Me 16-Jul-1920 09-Sep-1980 DEAD
Philip C. Habib Diplomat US Ambassador to South Korea, 1971-74 25-Feb-1920 24-May-1992 DEAD
Albert Hague Composer Redhead 13-Oct-1920 12-Nov-2001 DEAD
Arthur Hailey Novelist Hotel and Airport 05-Apr-1920 24-Nov-2004 DEAD
Billy Halop Actor Dead End Kid 11-Feb-1920 09-Nov-1976 DEAD
Gail Halvorsen Military Berlin Airlift candy bomber 10-Oct-1920 TBD ADD
Setsuko Hara Actor Noriko Trilogy 17-Jun-1920 05-Sep-2015 DEAD
William Henry Harbaugh Historian Power and Responsibility 16-Jan-1920 28-Apr-2005 DEAD
Pamela Harriman Diplomat Socialite and Ambassador to France, 1993-97 20-Mar-1920 05-Feb-1997 DEAD
Ray Harryhausen Artist Stop-motion genius 29-Jun-1920 07-May-2013 DEAD
John C. Harsanyi Economist Game theory 29-May-1920 09-Aug-2000 DEAD
Chushiro Hayashi Astronomer Big Bang astrophysicist 25-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2010 DEAD
Henry Heimlich Doctor Heimlich maneuver 03-Feb-1920 17-Dec-2016 DEAD
Leona Helmsley Business Queen of Mean 04-Jul-1920 20-Aug-2007 DEAD
Frank Herbert Author Dune 08-Oct-1920 11-Feb-1986 DEAD
Percy Herbert Actor The Bridge on the River Kwai 31-Jul-1920 06-Dec-1992 DEAD
George Herbig Astronomer Herbig-Haro objects 02-Jan-1920 12-Oct-2013 DEAD
Robert Hersant Publisher Le Papivore 30-Jan-1920 21-Apr-1996 DEAD
Jennifer Holt Actor Stage to Mesa City 10-Nov-1920 21-Sep-1997 DEAD
Red Holzman Basketball NY Knicks Head Coach, 1957-82 10-Aug-1920 13-Nov-1998 DEAD
Donald F. Hornig Educator President of Brown University, 1970-76 17-Mar-1920 21-Jan-2013 DEAD
Irving Howe Critic Editor of Dissent 11-Jun-1920 05-May-1993 DEAD
Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to China, 1981-85 01-Jun-1920 06-Feb-2001 DEAD
Ross Hunter Film/TV Producer Imitation of Life 06-May-1920 10-Mar-1996 DEAD
Robert Hutton Actor Hollywood Canteen 11-Jun-1920 07-Aug-1994 DEAD
Josefa Iloilo Head of State President of Fiji, 2000-09 29-Dec-1920 06-Feb-2011 DEAD
François Jacob Scientist Operon theory of genetic control 17-Jun-1920 19-Apr-2013 DEAD
Janet Jagan Head of State President of Guyana, 1997-99 20-Oct-1920 28-Mar-2009 DEAD
P. D. James Novelist Adam Dalgliesh series, etc. 03-Aug-1920 27-Nov-2014 DEAD
Roy Jenkins Politician Twice UK Home Secretary 11-Nov-1920 05-Jan-2003 DEAD
Pope John Paul II Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1978-2005 18-May-1920 02-Apr-2005 DEAD
Jack Kamen Cartoonist EC Comics artist 29-May-1920 05-Aug-2008 DEAD
Max Kampelman Diplomat US Ambassador to the CSCE 07-Nov-1920 25-Jan-2013 DEAD
DeForest Kelley Actor Dr. McCoy on Star Trek 20-Jan-1920 11-Jun-1999 DEAD
Kathleen Kennedy Relative Sister of John F. Kennedy 20-Feb-1920 13-May-1948 DEAD
Hank Ketcham Cartoonist Dennis the Menace 14-Mar-1920 01-Jun-2001 DEAD
James J. Kilpatrick Columnist Conservative columnist, Point-Counterpoint 01-Nov-1920 15-Aug-2010 DEAD
Jack A. Kinzler Engineer NASA engineer, saved Skylab 09-Jan-1920 04-Mar-2014 DEAD
Alf Kjellin Actor Torment 28-Feb-1920 05-Apr-1988 DEAD
Lawrence R. Klein Economist Macroeconometric modeling 14-Sep-1920 20-Oct-2013 DEAD
Werner Klemperer Actor Col. Klink on Hogan's Heroes 22-Mar-1920 06-Dec-2000 DEAD
Irving Kristol Columnist Influential neocon 22-Jan-1920 18-Sep-2009 DEAD
Alice Kundert Politician North Dakota Secretary of State, 1979-86 23-Jul-1920 10-Jun-2013 DEAD
Henrietta Lacks Oddity Immortal human cells 01-Aug-1920 04-Oct-1951 DEAD
Jack Lambert Actor Riverboat 13-Apr-1920 18-Feb-2002 DEAD
George W. Landau Diplomat US Ambassador to Venezuela, 1982 04-Mar-1920 TBD ADD
Melvin J. Lasky Journalist Editor of journal Encounter 15-Jan-1920 19-May-2004 DEAD
Delbert L. Latta Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1959-89 05-Mar-1920 12-May-2016 DEAD
Timothy Leary Activist Tune in, turn on, drop out 22-Oct-1920 31-May-1996 DEAD
Peggy Lee Singer Is That All There Is? 26-May-1920 21-Jan-2002 DEAD
Sammy Lee Diver Olympic diver 01-Aug-1920 02-Dec-2016 DEAD
Bob Lemon Baseball Cleveland Indians Pitcher, MLB Manager 22-Sep-1920 11-Jan-2000 DEAD
James F. Leonard Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN, 1977-79 30-May-1920 TBD ADD
Gerda Lerner Historian The Woman in American History 30-Apr-1920 02-Jan-2013 DEAD
Yegor Ligachev Politician Former Politburo hardliner 29-Nov-1920 TBD ADD
Viveca Lindfors Actor Night Unto Night 29-Dec-1920 25-Oct-1995 DEAD
Arthur S. Link Historian Wilson 08-Aug-1920 26-Mar-1998 DEAD
Jack Lord Actor McGarrett on Hawaii 5-O 30-Dec-1920 21-Jan-1998 DEAD
Bruno Maderna Composer Avant-garde composer 21-Apr-1920 13-Nov-1973 DEAD
Marvin Mandel Politician Governor of Maryland, 1969-79 19-Apr-1920 30-Aug-2015 DEAD
Delbert Mann Film Director That Touch of Mink 30-Jan-1920 11-Nov-2007 DEAD
James R. Mann Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1969-79 27-Apr-1920 20-Dec-2010 DEAD
Shelly Manne Drummer West Coast jazz drummer 11-Jun-1920 26-Sep-1984 DEAD
Ralph G. Martin Author Jennie: The Life of Lady Randolph Churchill 04-Mar-1920 09-Jan-2013 DEAD
Ross Martin Actor Artemus Gordon on Wild Wild West 22-Mar-1920 03-Jul-1981 DEAD
Tony Martinez Actor Pepino on The Real McCoy's 27-Jan-1920 16-Sep-2002 DEAD
Walter Matthau Actor Messy half of the Odd Couple 01-Oct-1920 01-Jul-2000 DEAD
John Maynard Smith Biologist Applied game theory to evolutionary biology 06-Jan-1920 19-Apr-2004 DEAD
Virginia Mayo Actor South Sea Woman 30-Nov-1920 17-Jan-2005 DEAD
James McClatchy Publisher Former Chairman, McClatchy Newspapers 17-Dec-1920 26-May-2006 DEAD
Wade H. McCree Judge US Solicitor General, 1977-81 03-Jul-1920 30-Aug-1987 DEAD
Leo McKern Actor Travelling North, Rumpole of the Bailey 16-Mar-1920 23-Jul-2002 DEAD
Andrew V. McLaglen Film Director Gunsmoke 28-Jul-1920 30-Aug-2014 DEAD
Jayne Meadows Actor City Slickers 27-Sep-1920 26-Apr-2015 DEAD
Patricia Medina Actor Botany Bay 19-Jul-1920 28-Apr-2012 DEAD
Ralph Meeker Actor Kiss Me Deadly 21-Nov-1920 05-Aug-1988 DEAD
Sid Melton Actor Alf Monroe on Green Acres 23-May-1920 02-Nov-2011 DEAD
Melina Mercouri Actor Topkapi 18-Oct-1920 06-Mar-1994 DEAD
Thomas M. Messer Curator Director of the Guggenheim, 1961-88 09-Feb-1920 15-May-2013 DEAD
Cord Meyer Spy Facing Reality: From World Federalism to the CIA 10-Nov-1920 13-Mar-2001 DEAD
Toshirô Mifune Actor Yojimbo 01-Apr-1920 24-Dec-1997 DEAD
James Mitchell Actor All My Children 29-Feb-1920 22-Jan-2010 DEAD
Peter Mitchell Chemist ADP to ATP conversion in mitochondria 29-Sep-1920 10-Apr-1992 DEAD
Ricardo Montalban Actor Roarke on Fantasy Island 25-Nov-1920 14-Jan-2009 DEAD
Sonny Montgomery Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 1967-97 05-Aug-1920 12-May-2006 DEAD
Sun Myung Moon Religion Head Moonie 06-Jan-1920 03-Sep-2012 DEAD
Constance Moore Actor Show Business 18-Jan-1920 16-Sep-2005 DEAD
Michèle Morgan Actor La Symphonie pastorale 29-Feb-1920 20-Dec-2016 DEAD
Fred Morrison Business Invented the frisbee 23-Jan-1920 09-Feb-2010 DEAD
Marion Motley Football Fullback, NFL Hall of Famer 05-Jun-1920 27-Jun-1999 DEAD
Stan Musial Baseball St. Louis Cardinals 21-Nov-1920 19-Jan-2013 DEAD
Kel Nagle Golf Winner, 1960 British Open 21-Dec-1920 29-Jan-2015 DEAD
Noel Neill Actor Adventures of Superman 25-Nov-1920 03-Jul-2016 DEAD
Barry Nelson Actor Yank on the Burma Road 16-Apr-1920 07-Apr-2007 DEAD
Gene Nelson Actor Oklahoma! 24-Mar-1920 16-Sep-1996 DEAD
Howard Nemerov Poet US Poet Laureate, 1987-88 01-Mar-1920 05-Jul-1991 DEAD
Helmut Newton Photographer Celebrity photographer 31-Oct-1920 23-Jan-2004 DEAD
Julian M. Niemczyk Military US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, 1986-89 26-Aug-1920 16-Sep-2009 DEAD
Ken Nordine Radio Personality Word Jazz 19-Jan-1920 TBD ADD
Douglass C. North Economist Cliometrics 05-Nov-1920 23-Nov-2015 DEAD
Helen O'Connell Singer Big Band singer, Green Eyes 23-May-1920 09-Sep-1993 DEAD
John Cardinal O'Connor Religion Archbishop of New York, 1984-2000 15-Jan-1920 03-May-2000 DEAD
Maureen O'Hara Actor Miracle on 34th Street 17-Aug-1920 24-Oct-2015 DEAD
James R. Olin Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1983-93 28-Feb-1920 29-Jul-2006 DEAD
Henry D. Owen Diplomat US Ambassador at Large, 1977-81 26-Aug-1920 05-Nov-2011 DEAD
LaWanda Page Actor Aunt Esther on Sanford and Son 19-Oct-1920 14-Sep-2002 DEAD
Charlie Parker Jazz Musician Be-bop jazz musician 29-Aug-1920 12-Mar-1955 DEAD
Michael Pate Actor Hondo 26-Feb-1920 01-Sep-2008 DEAD
Neva Patterson Actor An Affair to Remember 10-Feb-1920 14-Dec-2010 DEAD
Endicott Peabody Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1963-65 15-Feb-1920 01-Dec-1997 DEAD
James B. Pearson Politician US Senator from Kansas, 1962-78 07-May-1920 13-Jan-2009 DEAD
Alfred Peet Business Founder of Peet's Coffee & Tea 10-Mar-1920 27-Aug-2007 DEAD
Frank Perdue Business A Tough Man for a Tender Chicken 09-May-1920 31-Mar-2005 DEAD
Daniel Petrie Film Director A Raisin in the Sun 26-Nov-1920 22-Aug-2004 DEAD
Kaysone Phomvihane Head of State Prime Minister of Laos, 1975-91 13-Dec-1920 21-Nov-1992 DEAD
Sacha Pitoëff Actor Last Year at Marienbad 11-Mar-1920 21-Jul-1990 DEAD
David M. Pletcher Historian The Diplomacy of Involvement 14-Jun-1920 22-Feb-2004 DEAD
George Porter Chemist Rapid chemical and biological processes 06-Dec-1920 31-Aug-2002 DEAD
José López Portillo Head of State President of Mexico, 1976-82 16-Jun-1920 17-Feb-2004 DEAD
Pierre Poujade Activist French anti-tax crusader 01-Dec-1920 27-Aug-2003 DEAD
June Preisser Actor Strike Up the Band 26-Jun-1920 19-Sep-1984 DEAD
Peter Putnam Historian Keep Your Head Up, Mr. Putnam! 11-Jun-1920 23-Sep-1998 DEAD
Mario Puzo Novelist The Godfather 15-Oct-1920 02-Jul-1999 DEAD
Denver Pyle Actor Jesse Duke on Dukes of Hazzard 11-May-1920 25-Dec-1997 DEAD
Richard Quine Film Director Bell Book and Candle 12-Nov-1920 10-Jun-1989 DEAD
Mujibur Rahman Head of State President, Prime Minister of Bangladesh 17-Mar-1920 15-Aug-1975 DEAD
Ella Raines Actor Hail the Conquering Hero 06-Aug-1920 30-May-1988 DEAD
Tony Randall Actor Felix Unger in The Odd Couple 26-Feb-1920 18-May-2004 DEAD
Merlyn Rees Politician UK Home Secretary, 1976-79 18-Dec-1920 05-Jan-2006 DEAD
Elliott Reid Actor Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 16-Jan-1920 21-Jun-2013 DEAD
John Reinhardt Diplomat US Ambassador to Nigeria, 1971-75 08-Mar-1920 18-Feb-2016 DEAD
David Lowell Rich Film Director The Concorde: Airport '79 31-Aug-1920 21-Oct-2001 DEAD
Beah Richards Actor Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 12-Jul-1920 14-Sep-2000 DEAD
Elliot Richardson Government Refused to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor 20-Jul-1920 31-Dec-1999 DEAD
Richard O. Ristine Politician Lt. Governor of Indiana, 1961-65 19-Jan-1920 20-Jun-2009 DEAD
Frank Rizzo Politician Mayor of Philadelphia, 1972-80 23-Oct-1920 16-Jul-1991 DEAD
Yves Robert Film Director My Father's Glory 21-Jun-1920 10-May-2002 DEAD
Ralph J. Roberts Business Co-Founder of Comcast 13-Mar-1920 19-Jun-2015 DEAD
Éric Rohmer Film Director Ma Nuit chez Maud 04-Apr-1920 11-Jan-2010 DEAD
Esther Rolle Actor Florida Evans on Good Times 08-Nov-1920 17-Nov-1998 DEAD
Mickey Rooney Actor Actor in Andy Hardy comedies, musicals 23-Sep-1920 06-Apr-2014 DEAD
Eldon Dean Rudd Politician Congressman from Arizona, 1977-87 15-Jul-1920 08-Feb-2002 DEAD
Juan Antonio Samaranch Sports Figure Former Olympic Committee President 17-Jul-1920 21-Apr-2010 DEAD
George Schaefer Film Director The Bunker 16-Dec-1920 10-Sep-1997 DEAD
Franklin J. Schaffner Film Director Patton and Planet of the Apes 30-May-1920 02-Jul-1989 DEAD
James H. Scheuer Politician Congressman from New York, 1965-93 06-Feb-1920 30-Aug-2005 DEAD
Tex Schramm Football General manager of Dallas Cowboys 02-Jun-1920 15-Jul-2003 DEAD
Thomas N. Schroth Journalist Editor of Congressional Quarterly, 1955-69 21-Dec-1920 23-Jul-2009 DEAD
Bill Scott Actor Voice of Bullwinkle Moose, Dudley Do-Right 02-Aug-1920 29-Nov-1985 DEAD
Paul Scott Novelist The Jewel in the Crown 25-Mar-1920 01-Mar-1978 DEAD
Simon Scott Actor Arnold Slocum on Trapper John, M.D. 21-Sep-1920 11-Dec-1991 DEAD
Charles E. Scripps Business E. W. Scripps scion 27-Jan-1920 03-Feb-2007 DEAD
Ronald Searle Cartoonist St. Trinian's 03-Mar-1920 30-Dec-2011 DEAD
Ravi Shankar Musician World-renowned composer, performer 07-Apr-1920 11-Dec-2012 DEAD
Mickey Shaughnessy Actor Jailhouse Rock 05-Aug-1920 23-Jul-1985 DEAD
Stanley K. Sheinbaum Activist Publisher, New Perspectives Quarterly 12-Jun-1920 12-Sep-2016 DEAD
Dinah Sheridan Actor Genevieve 17-Sep-1920 25-Nov-2012 DEAD
George Shultz Government US Secretary of State, 1982-89 13-Dec-1920 TBD ADD
Frank Sinkwich Football Winner, 1942 Heisman Trophy 10-Oct-1920 22-Oct-1990 DEAD
Eddie Slovik Military US soldier executed for desertion 18-Feb-1920 31-Jan-1945 DEAD
Neal Smith Politician Congressman from Iowa, 1959-95 23-Mar-1920 TBD ADD
Joseph T. Sneed Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1973-87 21-Jul-1920 09-Feb-2008 DEAD
Esther Snyder Business Co-Founder of In-N-Out Burger 07-Jan-1920 04-Aug-2006 DEAD
Ezra Solomon Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1971-73 20-Mar-1920 09-Dec-2002 DEAD
Alberto Sordi Actor I Vitelloni 15-Jun-1920 25-Feb-2003 DEAD
G. D. Spradlin Actor Canadian Bacon 31-Aug-1920 24-Jul-2011 DEAD
Anthony Steel Actor Where No Vultures Fly 21-May-1920 21-Mar-2001 DEAD
Isaac Stern Violinist Violin virtuoso 21-Jul-1920 22-Sep-2001 DEAD
John Paul Stevens Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1975-2010 20-Apr-1920 TBD ADD
Walter Stoessel Diplomat Ambassador to the USSR, Germany, Poland 24-Jan-1920 09-Dec-1986 DEAD
Robert W. Straub Politician Governor of Oregon, 1975-79 06-May-1920 27-Nov-2002 DEAD
Bruce Sundlun Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1991-95 19-Jan-1920 21-Jul-2011 DEAD
David Susskind Talk Show Host The David Susskind Show 19-Dec-1920 22-Feb-1987 DEAD
Dolph Sweet Actor Chief Carl Kanisky on Gimme a Break! 18-Jul-1920 08-May-1985 DEAD
Thomas Szasz Psychiatrist Libertarian psychiatrist 15-Apr-1920 08-Sep-2012 DEAD
Ruth Terry Actor An Angel from Texas 21-Oct-1920 11-Mar-2016 DEAD
Wayne Thiebaud Artist California pop artist 15-Nov-1920 TBD ADD
E. Donnall Thomas Scientist Bone marrow transplants 15-Mar-1920 20-Oct-2012 DEAD
Gerald Thomas Film Director Carry On... 10-Dec-1920 09-Nov-1993 DEAD
Helen Thomas Journalist White House reporter, 1961-2010 04-Aug-1920 20-Jul-2013 DEAD
Gene Tierney Actor Laura 19-Nov-1920 06-Nov-1991 DEAD
Tom of Finland Artist Beefcake fetish artist 08-May-1920 07-Nov-1991 DEAD
Patrick Troughton Actor 2nd Doctor on Doctor Who 25-Mar-1920 28-Mar-1987 DEAD
Lana Turner Actor The Postman Always Rings Twice 08-Feb-1920 29-Jun-1995 DEAD
Victor W. Turner Anthropologist The Drums of Affliction 28-May-1920 18-Dec-1983 DEAD
Stewart Udall Politician US Secretary of the Interior, 1961-69 31-Jan-1920 20-Mar-2010 DEAD
Steve Van Buren Football Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Hall-of-Famer 28-Sep-1920 23-Aug-2012 DEAD
Henri Verneuil Playwright I as in Icarus 15-Oct-1920 11-Jan-2002 DEAD
Boris Vian Novelist L'Écume des jours 10-Mar-1920 23-Jun-1959 DEAD
Peter Viertel Novelist White Hunter, Black Heart 16-Nov-1920 04-Nov-2007 DEAD
José Luis de Villalonga Actor Breakfast at Tiffany's 29-Jan-1920 30-Aug-2007 DEAD
Helen Walker Actor Call Northside 777 17-Jul-1920 10-Mar-1968 DEAD
Jack Warden Actor 12 Angry Men 18-Sep-1920 19-Jul-2006 DEAD
William Warfield Singer Porgy and Bess 22-Jan-1920 25-Aug-2002 DEAD
Bernard Weatherill Politician Speaker of the House of Commons, 1983-92 25-Nov-1920 06-May-2007 DEAD
Jack Webb Actor Joe Friday in Dragnet 02-Apr-1920 23-Dec-1982 DEAD
Richard von Weizsäcker Head of State President of Germany, 1984-94 15-Apr-1920 31-Jan-2015 DEAD
Charles W. Whalen, Jr. Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1967-79 31-Jul-1920 27-Jun-2011 DEAD
Max Wilk Author Don't Raise the Bridge: Lower the River 03-Jul-1920 19-Feb-2011 DEAD
Edward Bennett Williams Attorney Washington Superlawyer 31-May-1920 13-Aug-1988 DEAD
Douglas Wilmer Actor Sherlock Holmes 08-Jan-1920 31-Mar-2016 DEAD
Louis H. Wilson, Jr. Military 26th USMC Commandant, 1975-79 11-Feb-1920 21-Jun-2005 DEAD
Shelley Winters Actor Method actress and camp queen 18-Aug-1920 14-Jan-2006 DEAD
Cal Worthington Business Ate bugs to make deals 27-Nov-1920 08-Sep-2013 DEAD
Chalmers P. Wylie Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1967-93 23-Nov-1920 14-Aug-1998 DEAD
Patrick Wymark Actor Where Eagles Dare 11-Jul-1920 20-Oct-1970 DEAD
Early Wynn Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 06-Jan-1920 04-Apr-1999 DEAD
Elmo R. Zumwalt Military US Chief of Naval Operations, 1970-74 29-Nov-1920 02-Jan-2000 DEAD