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Alex Agase Football Head Coach at Northwestern, Purdue 27-Mar-1922 03-May-2007 DEAD
Karl Albrecht Business Founded Aldi, personal worth $23B 28-Mar-1922 16-Jul-2014 DEAD
Theo Albrecht Business World's 20th richest man, 2005 28-Mar-1922 24-Jul-2010 DEAD
Chris Alcaide Actor Gunslinger 22-Oct-1922 30-Jun-2004 DEAD
Marty Allen Comic Goofy-looking comedian 23-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Gene Amdahl Engineer Parallel computing pioneer 16-Nov-1922 10-Nov-2015 DEAD
Kingsley Amis Novelist Lucky Jim 16-Apr-1922 22-Oct-1995 DEAD
Jack Anderson Columnist Uncovered CIA plot to kill Fidel Castro 19-Oct-1922 17-Dec-2005 DEAD
John Anderson Politician Independent candidate for President, 1980 15-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
John Anderson Actor Harry Jackson on MacGyver 20-Oct-1922 07-Aug-1992 DEAD
Robert Anderson Diplomat US Ambassador to Morocco, 1976-78 06-Jan-1922 05-Apr-1996 DEAD
Michael Ansara Actor Cochise on Broken Arrow 15-Apr-1922 31-Jul-2013 DEAD
Barbara Cox Anthony Business Cox Enterprises billionaire 08-Dec-1922 28-May-2007 DEAD
Ray Anthony Musician Young Man With a Horn 20-Jan-1922 TBD ADD
Army Archerd Columnist Variety's gossip columnist 13-Jan-1922 08-Sep-2009 DEAD
Bea Arthur Actor Maude and The Golden Girls 13-May-1922 25-Apr-2009 DEAD
Humphrey Atkins Politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1979-81 12-Aug-1922 04-Oct-1996 DEAD
Phyllis Avery Actor Peggy McNulty on Meet Mr. McNulty 14-Nov-1922 19-May-2011 DEAD
George Axelrod Screenwriter The Seven Year Itch 09-Jun-1922 21-Jun-2003 DEAD
Ralph Baer Inventor Inventor of the home video game console 08-Mar-1922 06-Dec-2014 DEAD
Bernard Bailyn Historian The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution 09-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Elliott Baker Novelist A Fine Madness 15-Dec-1922 09-Feb-2007 DEAD
Malcolm Baldrige Politician US Secretary of Commerce 1981-87 04-Oct-1922 25-Jul-1987 DEAD
Carl Ballantine Actor Lester Gruber on McHale's Navy 27-Sep-1922 03-Nov-2009 DEAD
Juan Antonio Bardem Film Director Death of a Cyclist 02-Jun-1922 30-Oct-2002 DEAD
Christiaan Barnard Doctor Performed the first heart transplant 08-Nov-1922 02-Sep-2001 DEAD
Doug Barnard, Jr. Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1977-93 20-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
James E. Barrett Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1971-87 08-Apr-1922 07-Nov-2011 DEAD
Alex Barris TV Personality Canadian TV star from the '50s and '60s 16-Sep-1922 15-Jan-2004 DEAD
Robert H. Barrow Military 27th USMC Commandant, 1979-83 05-Feb-1922 30-Oct-2008 DEAD
Clive Barry Novelist The Spear Grinner 02-Sep-1922 25-Aug-2003 DEAD
Richard Bartlett Film Director Joe Dakota 08-Nov-1922 11-Jun-1994 DEAD
Leonard Baskin Sculptor Sculptor and printmaker 15-Aug-1922 03-Jun-2000 DEAD
Nikolay G. Basov Physicist Invention of the maser and laser 14-Dec-1922 01-Jul-2001 DEAD
Les Baxter Musician The Mel-Tones 14-Mar-1922 15-Jan-1996 DEAD
Barbara Bel Geddes Actor Miss Ellie on Dallas 31-Oct-1922 08-Aug-2005 DEAD
Elmer Bernstein Composer Scored The Magnificent Seven 04-Apr-1922 18-Aug-2004 DEAD
Liliane Bettencourt Relative World's 16th richest person, 2005 21-Oct-1922 TBD ADD
Turhan Bey Actor Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 30-Mar-1922 30-Sep-2012 DEAD
Mr. Blackwell Critic Issued an annual "Worst-Dressed List" 29-Aug-1922 19-Oct-2008 DEAD
Bill Blass Fashion Designer Bill Blass, Ltd. 22-Jun-1922 12-Jun-2002 DEAD
Henry Bloch Business Co-Founder of H&R Bloch 30-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
Aage N. Bohr Physicist Determined shapes of nuclei 19-Jun-1922 08-Sep-2009 DEAD
John G. Bolton Astronomer First Director of Parkes Observatory 05-Jun-1922 06-Jul-1993 DEAD
Tadeusz Borowski Author This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen 12-Nov-1922 01-Jul-1951 DEAD
Vance Bourjaily Novelist The End of My Life 17-Sep-1922 31-Aug-2010 DEAD
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Government Secretary General of the UN, 1992-96 14-Nov-1922 16-Feb-2016 DEAD
Alan S. Boyd Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1967-69 20-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
John Braine Novelist Room at the Top 13-Apr-1922 28-Oct-1986 DEAD
John Bromfield Actor U.S. Marshal 11-Jun-1922 18-Sep-2005 DEAD
Jack Brooks Politician Congressman from Texas, 1953-95 18-Dec-1922 04-Dec-2012 DEAD
William S. Broomfield Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1957-93 28-Apr-1922 TBD ADD
Chandler Brossard Novelist The Bold Saboteurs 18-Jul-1922 29-Aug-1993 DEAD
Charles Brown Musician Merry Christmas Baby 13-Sep-1922 21-Jan-1999 DEAD
Helen Gurley Brown Author Editor of Cosmopolitan, 1965-97 18-Feb-1922 13-Aug-2012 DEAD
Jocelyn Burdick Politician US Senator from North Dakota, 1992 06-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. Relative Brother of George H.W. Bush 10-Aug-1922 23-Jun-2010 DEAD
Michael Cacoyannis Film Director Zorba the Greek 11-Jun-1922 25-Jul-2011 DEAD
Sid Caesar Comic Your Show of Shows 08-Sep-1922 12-Feb-2014 DEAD
Rory Calhoun Actor Auto thief turned actor 08-Aug-1922 28-Apr-1999 DEAD
Beatrice Campbell Actor Last Holiday 31-Jul-1922 10-May-1979 DEAD
Pierre Cardin Fashion Designer Inventor of the "bubble dress" 06-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
María Casares Actor Orpheus 21-Nov-1922 22-Nov-1996 DEAD
Joan Caulfield Actor Dear Ruth 01-Jun-1922 18-Jun-1991 DEAD
Adolfo Celi Actor And Then There Were None 27-Jul-1922 19-Feb-1986 DEAD
John H. Chafee Politician US Senator from Rhode Island, 1976-99 22-Oct-1922 24-Oct-1999 DEAD
Cyd Charisse Dancer Vamp dancer in Singin' in the Rain 08-Mar-1922 17-Jun-2008 DEAD
Joan M. Clark Diplomat US Ambassador to Malta, 1979-81 27-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Hal Clement Novelist Mission of Gravity 20-May-1922 29-Oct-2003 DEAD
William K. Coblentz Attorney Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass 28-Jul-1922 13-Sep-2010 DEAD
William Cochran Physicist Crystallography 30-Jul-1922 28-Aug-2003 DEAD
Stanley Cohen Scientist Nerve and skin cell growth factors 17-Nov-1922 TBD ADD
Barber Conable Politician World Bank President, Congressman 02-Nov-1922 30-Nov-2003 DEAD
Jackie Cooper Actor Jackie in Our Gang 15-Sep-1922 03-May-2011 DEAD
Judith Crist Critic Ascerbic film critic 22-May-1922 07-Aug-2012 DEAD
Walter J. P. Curley Business US Ambassador to France, 1989-93 17-Sep-1922 02-Jun-2016 DEAD
Philip D. Curtin Historian The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census 22-May-1922 04-Jun-2009 DEAD
Dorothy Dandridge Actor Carmen Jones 09-Nov-1922 08-Sep-1965 DEAD
Royal Dano Actor The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 16-Nov-1922 15-May-1994 DEAD
Alvin Dark Baseball MLB Shortstop and Manager 07-Jan-1922 13-Nov-2014 DEAD
Doris Day Actor The Man Who Knew Too Much 03-Apr-1922 TBD ADD
Yvonne De Carlo Actor Lily on The Munsters 01-Sep-1922 08-Jan-2007 DEAD
Hans G. Dehmelt Physicist Co-Inventor of the ion trap 09-Sep-1922 07-Mar-2017 DEAD
Frederick B. Dent Government US Commerce Secretary, 1973-75 17-Aug-1922 TBD ADD
Ivan Desny Actor Pan-European character actor 28-Dec-1922 13-Apr-2002 DEAD
Charles Diggs, Jr. Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1955-80 02-Dec-1922 24-Aug-1998 DEAD
Herbert D. Doan Business CEO of Dow Chemical, 1962-71 05-Sep-1922 16-May-2006 DEAD
Joanne Dru Actor She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 31-Jan-1922 10-Sep-1996 DEAD
Luis Echeverría Head of State President of Mexico, 1970-76 17-Jan-1922 TBD ADD
Blake Edwards Film Director The Pink Panther 26-Jul-1922 15-Dec-2010 DEAD
Hermann Eilts Diplomat US Ambassador to Egypt, 1973-79 23-Mar-1922 12-Oct-2006 DEAD
Denholm Elliott Actor A Room with a View 31-May-1922 06-Oct-1992 DEAD
March Fong Eu Politician California Secretary of State, 1975-93 29-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Gene Evans Actor Behemoth, the Sea Monster 11-Jul-1922 01-Apr-1998 DEAD
Charles Evers Activist Brother of Medgar Evers 11-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Jason Evers Actor The Brain That Wouldn't Die 02-Jan-1922 13-Mar-2005 DEAD
Tom Fears Football NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver 03-Dec-1922 04-Jan-2000 DEAD
Tom Finney Soccer Forward, Preston North End 05-Apr-1922 14-Feb-2014 DEAD
Michael Flanders Actor Flanders and Swann 01-Mar-1922 14-Apr-1975 DEAD
Doug Ford Golf Winner of 2 Majors 08-Jun-1922 TBD ADD
Eileen Ford Business Co-Founder, Ford Modeling Agency 25-Mar-1922 09-Jul-2014 DEAD
Lukas Foss Conductor Director, Buffalo Philharmonic, 1963-71 15-Aug-1922 01-Feb-2009 DEAD
Redd Foxx Comic Foul-mouthed comedian, Sanford and Son 09-Dec-1922 11-Oct-1991 DEAD
Frank Kelly Freas Artist Illustrator of science fiction and fantasy 22-Aug-1922 02-Jan-2005 DEAD
Alan Freed Disc Jockey Legendary rock-and-roll DJ 15-Dec-1922 20-Jan-1965 DEAD
William Gaddis Novelist A Frolic of His Own 29-Dec-1922 16-Dec-1998 DEAD
William M. Gaines Publisher Mad Magazine publisher 01-Mar-1922 03-Jun-1992 DEAD
Michel Galabru Actor The Judge and the Assassin 27-Oct-1922 04-Jan-2016 DEAD
Erle Chennault Galbraith Relative Widow of Al Jolson 01-Dec-1922 11-Jan-2004 DEAD
Mavis Gallant Author Prolific Canadian short story author 11-Aug-1922 18-Feb-2014 DEAD
Robert W. Galvin Business CEO of Motorola, 1959-90 09-Oct-1922 11-Oct-2011 DEAD
Vincent Gardenia Actor Cher's father in Moonstruck 07-Jan-1922 09-Dec-1992 DEAD
Ava Gardner Actor The Barefoot Contessa 24-Dec-1922 25-Jan-1990 DEAD
Judy Garland Singer Dorothy in Wizard of Oz 10-Jun-1922 22-Jun-1969 DEAD
Vittorio Gassman Actor The Great War 01-Sep-1922 29-Jun-2000 DEAD
Thomas Gill Politician Lt. Governor of Hawaii, 1966-70 21-Apr-1922 03-Jun-2009 DEAD
Benjamin A. Gilman Politician Congressman from New York, 1973-2003 06-Dec-1922 17-Dec-2016 DEAD
Erving Goffman Sociologist The Presentation of Self 11-Jun-1922 19-Nov-1982 DEAD
Joe Gold Business Founder of Gold's Gym 10-Mar-1922 12-Jul-2004 DEAD
Bert I. Gordon Film Director Empire of the Ants 24-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Leo Gordon Actor Riot in Cell Block 11 02-Dec-1922 26-Dec-2000 DEAD
Ray Goulding Comic Half of Bob & Ray 20-Mar-1922 24-Mar-1990 DEAD
Coleen Gray Actor Nightmare Alley 23-Oct-1922 03-Aug-2015 DEAD
Kathryn Grayson Actor Show Boat 09-Feb-1922 17-Feb-2010 DEAD
David Greenglass Spy Gave atomic secrets to Julius Rosenberg 02-Mar-1922 01-Jul-2014 DEAD
Tom Gries Film Director Breakheart Pass 20-Dec-1922 03-Jan-1977 DEAD
Henry A. Grunwald Journalist Managing Editor of Time, 1968-79 03-Dec-1922 26-Feb-2005 DEAD
Barbara Hale Actor Della Street on Perry Mason 18-Apr-1922 26-Jan-2017 DEAD
Grayson Hall Actor The Night of the Iguana 18-Sep-1922 07-Aug-1985 DEAD
Guy Hamilton Film Director Goldfinger 16-Sep-1922 21-Apr-2016 DEAD
John Paul Hammerschmidt Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1967-93 04-May-1922 01-Apr-2015 DEAD
Jay Hammond Politician Governor of Alaska, 1974-82 21-Jul-1922 02-Aug-2005 DEAD
Curtis Harrington Film Director Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 17-Dec-1922 06-May-2007 DEAD
Mark Harris Novelist Bang the Drum Slowly 19-Nov-1922 30-May-2007 DEAD
Mark Hatfield Politician US Senator from Oregon, 1967-97 12-Jul-1922 07-Aug-2011 DEAD
Morrell Heald Historian Transatlantic Vistas 16-Jul-1922 03-Jan-2014 DEAD
Christopher Hewett Actor Mr. Belvedere 05-Apr-1922 03-Aug-2001 DEAD
Don Hewitt Film/TV Producer 60 Minutes creator 14-Dec-1922 19-Aug-2009 DEAD
Arthur Hill Actor Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 01-Aug-1922 26-Oct-2006 DEAD
Barney Hill Hoaxer Self-proclaimed UFO abductee 20-Jul-1922 25-Feb-1969 DEAD
Steven Hill Actor Adam Schiff on Law & Order 24-Feb-1922 23-Aug-2016 DEAD
Gertrude Himmelfarb Historian Victorian Minds 08-Aug-1922 TBD ADD
Al Hirt Jazz Musician Dixieland trumpet player 07-Nov-1922 27-Apr-1999 DEAD
Christopher Van Hollen Diplomat US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, 1972-76 23-Sep-1922 30-Jan-2012 DEAD
Robert W. Holley Scientist RNA's role in protein synthesis 28-Jan-1922 11-Feb-1993 DEAD
Fritz Hollings Politician US Senator from South Carolina, 1967-2005 01-Jan-1922 TBD ADD
James L. Holloway III Military Chief of Naval Operations, 1974-78 23-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
Harold Hughes Politician Governor and Senator from Iowa 10-Feb-1922 23-Oct-1996 DEAD
Ken Hughes Film Director Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 19-Jan-1922 28-Apr-2001 DEAD
William L. Hungate Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1964-77 14-Dec-1922 22-Jun-2007 DEAD
Kim Hunter Actor Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire 12-Nov-1922 11-Sep-2002 DEAD
Reed Irvine Activist Founder, Accuracy in Media 29-Sep-1922 16-Nov-2004 DEAD
Hattie Jacques Actor Carry on... 07-Feb-1922 06-Oct-1980 DEAD
Illinois Jacquet Musician Squealing saxophone legend 31-Oct-1922 22-Jul-2004 DEAD
Lamont Johnson Film Director Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 30-Sep-1922 24-Oct-2010 DEAD
Anker Jørgensen Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Denmark 13-Jul-1922 20-Mar-2016 DEAD
Herman Kahn Scholar Hudson Institute founder 15-Feb-1922 07-Jul-1983 DEAD
Bernard Kalb Journalist CBS and NBC news correspondent 04-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
Nicholas Katzenbach Government US Attorney General, 1965-66 17-Jan-1922 08-May-2012 DEAD
Bil Keane Cartoonist Family Circus 05-Oct-1922 08-Nov-2011 DEAD
George Kell Baseball 3rd Baseman, MLB Hall of Famer 23-Aug-1922 24-Mar-2009 DEAD
Burt Kennedy Film Director Support Your Local Sheriff 03-Sep-1922 15-Feb-2001 DEAD
Jack Kerouac Novelist On The Road 12-Mar-1922 21-Oct-1969 DEAD
Jean Kerr Author Please Don't Eat the Daisies 10-Jul-1922 05-Jan-2003 DEAD
Warwick Kerr Scientist Introduced african bees to South America 09-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
H. Gobind Khorana Scientist RNA's role in protein synthesis 09-Jan-1922 09-Nov-2011 DEAD
Vo Van Kiet Head of State Prime Minister of Vietnam, 1991-97 23-Nov-1922 11-Jun-2008 DEAD
Richard Kiley Actor Man of La Mancha 31-Mar-1922 05-Mar-1999 DEAD
Ralph Kiner Baseball Hit 54 home runs in 1947 27-Oct-1922 06-Feb-2014 DEAD
Lane Kirkland Labor Leader AFL-CIO President, 1979-95 12-Mar-1922 14-Aug-1999 DEAD
Jack Klugman Actor The Odd Couple 27-Apr-1922 24-Dec-2012 DEAD
Jack Kruschen Actor The Apartment 20-Mar-1922 02-Apr-2002 DEAD
Thomas Kuhn Author Structure of Scientific Revolutions 18-Jul-1922 17-Jun-1996 DEAD
Buzz Kulik Film Director Brian's Song 23-Jul-1922 13-Jan-1999 DEAD
Dilip Kumar Actor Shakti 11-Dec-1922 TBD ADD
Bruce Laingen Diplomat US Ambassador to Malta, 1977-79 06-Aug-1922 TBD ADD
Melvin Laird Politician US Secretary of Defense, 1969-73 01-Sep-1922 16-Nov-2016 DEAD
Imre Lakatos Philosopher Philosopher of Science and Mathematics 09-Nov-1922 02-Feb-1974 DEAD
Veronica Lake Actor Sullivan's Travels 14-Nov-1922 07-Jul-1973 DEAD
Freddie Laker Business Founder of Laker Airlines 06-Aug-1922 09-Feb-2006 DEAD
Philip Larkin Poet The Whitsun Weddings 09-Aug-1922 02-Dec-1985 DEAD
Lyndon LaRouche Economist Eccentric economist politician 08-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Louise Latham Actor Marnie 23-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Paul Laxalt Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1974-87 02-Aug-1922 TBD ADD
Norman Lear Film/TV Producer Creator of All in the Family 27-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
Leon M. Lederman Physicist Researcher of neutrinos 15-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
Christopher Lee Actor The Face of Fu Manchu 27-May-1922 07-Jun-2015 DEAD
Stan Lee Cartoonist Created Spider-Man and The Hulk 28-Dec-1922 TBD ADD
Margaret Leighton Actor The Go-Between 26-Feb-1922 13-Jan-1976 DEAD
Len Lesser Actor Uncle Leo on Seinfeld 03-Dec-1922 16-Feb-2011 DEAD
William E. Leuchtenburg Historian FDR scholar 28-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
René Lévesque Politician Premier of Quebec, 1976-85 24-Aug-1922 01-Nov-1987 DEAD
Irving R. Levine Journalist NBC Correspondent, 1950-95 26-Aug-1922 27-Mar-2009 DEAD
Seymour M. Lipset Sociologist American Exceptionalism 18-Mar-1922 31-Dec-2006 DEAD
Audrey Long Actor Born to Kill 14-Apr-1922 19-Sep-2014 DEAD
James Lord Author Giacometti: A Biography 27-Nov-1922 23-Aug-2009 DEAD
Alistair MacLean Novelist The Guns of Navarone 28-Apr-1922 02-Feb-1987 DEAD
Charlotte MacLeod Novelist Mystery novelist, Peter Shandy Series 12-Nov-1922 14-Jan-2005 DEAD
Patrick Macnee Actor Mr. Steed on The Avengers 06-Feb-1922 25-Jun-2015 DEAD
Cornell MacNeil Singer Operatic baritone, NY Metropolitan Opera 24-Sep-1922 15-Jul-2011 DEAD
Bill Macy Actor Bea Arthur's husband on Maude 18-May-1922 TBD ADD
Guy Madison Actor Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 19-Jan-1922 06-Feb-1996 DEAD
Patrick Magee Actor Mr. Alexander in A Clockwork Orange 31-Mar-1922 14-Aug-1982 DEAD
William Manchester Author The Last Lion 01-Apr-1922 01-Jun-2004 DEAD
Guy Marks Comic Nightclub comic 31-Oct-1922 28-Nov-1987 DEAD
Trudy Marshall Actor The Sullivans 14-Feb-1922 23-May-2004 DEAD
Dick Martin Comic Laugh-In 30-Jan-1922 24-May-2008 DEAD
Quinn Martin Business Quinn Martin Productions 22-May-1922 06-Sep-1987 DEAD
Charles Mathias Politician US Senator from Maryland, 1969-87 24-Jul-1922 25-Jan-2010 DEAD
Robert J. McCloskey Diplomat US Ambassador to Greece, 1978-81 25-Nov-1922 1996 DEAD
Darren McGavin Actor A Christmas Story 07-May-1922 25-Feb-2006 DEAD
George McGovern Politician US Senator from South Dakota, 1963-81 19-Jul-1922 21-Oct-2012 DEAD
William G. McLoughlin Historian New England Dissent 11-Jun-1922 28-Dec-1992 DEAD
Carmen McRae Singer Jazz vocalist 08-Apr-1922 10-Nov-1994 DEAD
Russ Meyer Film Director Beyond the Valley of the Dolls 21-Mar-1922 18-Sep-2004 DEAD
William G. Milliken Politician Governor of Michigan, 1969-83 26-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Paul Milstein Business Manhattan real estate developer 12-May-1922 09-Aug-2010 DEAD
Charles Mingus Jazz Musician Jazz bassist and legendary composer 22-Apr-1922 05-Jan-1979 DEAD
Minnie Minoso Baseball The Cuban Comet 29-Nov-1922 01-Mar-2015 DEAD
Parren J. Mitchell Politician Congressman from Maryland, 1971-87 29-Apr-1922 28-May-2007 DEAD
Wayne Mixson Politician Governor of Florida, 1987 16-Jun-1922 TBD ADD
Rose Mofford Politician Governor of Arizona, 1988-91 10-Jun-1922 15-Sep-2016 DEAD
Robert B. Monier Politician Acting Governor of New Hampshire, 1982 05-Mar-1922 08-Sep-1986 DEAD
Juanita Moore Actor Imitation of Life 19-Oct-1922 31-Dec-2013 DEAD
Carlos J. Moorhead Politician Congressman from California, 1973-97 06-May-1922 23-Nov-2011 DEAD
Howard Moss Poet Finding Them Lost 22-Jan-1922 16-Sep-1987 DEAD
George B. Munroe Business CEO of Phelps Dodge, 1969-87 05-Jan-1922 19-Aug-2014 DEAD
Jack Narz Game Show Host Concentration 13-Nov-1922 15-Oct-2008 DEAD
James Noble Actor Gov. Gatling on Benson 05-Mar-1922 28-Mar-2016 DEAD
Tommy Noonan Actor A Star is Born 29-Apr-1922 24-Apr-1968 DEAD
Martha O'Driscoll Actor Li'l Abner 04-Mar-1922 03-Nov-1998 DEAD
Fred Olivi Military Co-pilot of Nagasaki bombing 16-Jan-1922 08-Apr-2004 DEAD
Janis Paige Actor Please Don't Eat the Daisies 16-Sep-1922 TBD ADD
Grace Paley Author The Little Disturbances of Man 11-Dec-1922 22-Aug-2007 DEAD
Eleanor Parker Actor Interrupted Melody 26-Jun-1922 09-Dec-2013 DEAD
Pier Paolo Pasolini Film Director Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom 05-Mar-1922 02-Nov-1975 DEAD
Arthur Penn Film Director Bonnie and Clyde 27-Sep-1922 28-Sep-2010 DEAD
Carlos Andres Perez Head of State Twice President of Venezuela, impeached 27-Oct-1922 25-Dec-2010 DEAD
Walter R. Peterson Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1969-73 19-Sep-1922 01-Jun-2011 DEAD
Joseph Carlton Petrone Diplomat US Ambassador to UN in Europe, 1987-89 30-Nov-1922 24-Mar-2016 DEAD
Oscar Pettiford Jazz Musician Jazz double bassist 30-Sep-1922 08-Sep-1960 DEAD
Paul Picerni Actor Lee Hobson on The Untouchables 01-Dec-1922 12-Jan-2011 DEAD
Samuel R. Pierce Politician US Secretary of HUD, 1981-89 08-Sep-1922 31-Oct-2000 DEAD
Thomas H. Pigford Engineer Nuclear chemical engineer 21-Apr-1922 27-Feb-2010 DEAD
Raymond Plank Business Founder of Apache Corporation 29-May-1922 TBD ADD
Gilbert Plass Physicist Climate change scientist 22-Mar-1922 01-Mar-2004 DEAD
Thomas G. Pownall Business CEO of Martin-Marietta, 1982-88 20-Jan-1922 24-Jun-2005 DEAD
Jay Pritzker Business Founder of Hyatt Hotels 26-Aug-1922 23-Jan-1999 DEAD
Francis Pym Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1982-83 13-Feb-1922 06-Mar-2008 DEAD
Yitzhak Rabin Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Israel 01-Mar-1922 04-Nov-1995 DEAD
Frances Rafferty Actor Ruth Henshaw in December Bride 16-Jun-1922 18-Apr-2004 DEAD
Serge Reggiani Musician French singer, actor, painter 02-May-1922 22-Jul-2004 DEAD
Carl Reiner Actor Your Show of Shows 20-Mar-1922 TBD ADD
Alain Resnais Film Director Hiroshima mon amour 03-Jun-1922 01-Mar-2014 DEAD
Jason Robards Actor All The President's Men 26-Jul-1922 26-Dec-2000 DEAD
Alain Robbe-Grillet Novelist Proponent of the nouveau roman 18-Aug-1922 18-Feb-2008 DEAD
Ruth Roman Actor Champion 22-Dec-1922 09-Sep-1999 DEAD
Abe Rosenthal Journalist NY Times Executive Editor, 1977-86 02-May-1922 10-May-2006 DEAD
Barney Rosset Publisher Grove Press 28-May-1922 21-Feb-2012 DEAD
Dan Rowan Comic Laugh-In 22-Jul-1922 22-Sep-1987 DEAD
Kathleen Ryan Actor The Sound of Fury 08-Dec-1922 11-Nov-1985 DEAD
Ferrol Sams Novelist Run with the Horsemen 26-Sep-1922 29-Jan-2013 DEAD
Mongo Santamaria Drummer Influential latin percussionist 07-Apr-1922 01-Feb-2003 DEAD
José Saramago Author Brilliant Portuguese novelist 16-Nov-1922 18-Jun-2010 DEAD
Telly Savalas Actor Kojak 22-Jan-1922 22-Jan-1994 DEAD
William Schallert Actor Martin Lane on The Patty Duke Show 06-Jul-1922 08-May-2016 DEAD
Karl M. Schmitt Historian Mexico and the United States, 1821-1973 22-Jul-1922 TBD ADD
Robert V. Schnabel Educator President of Valparaiso University, 1978-88 28-Sep-1922 01-Sep-2009 DEAD
Charles Schulz Cartoonist Cartoonist created Peanuts 26-Nov-1922 12-Feb-2000 DEAD
Paul Scofield Actor A Man For All Seaons 21-Jan-1922 19-Mar-2008 DEAD
Lizabeth Scott Actor Dead Reckoning 29-Sep-1922 31-Jan-2015 DEAD
Talcott W. Seelye Diplomat US Ambassador to Syria, 1979-81 06-Mar-1922 08-Jun-2006 DEAD
Walter Seifert Criminal Cologne flamethrower massacre 11-Jun-1922 12-Jun-1964 DEAD
Thomas P. Shoesmith Diplomat US Ambassador to Malaysia, 1983-87 25-Jan-1922 26-Apr-2007 DEAD
Norodom Sihanouk Royalty King of Cambodia 31-Oct-1922 15-Oct-2012 DEAD
Johnny Smith Jazz Musician Eclectic guitarist, Walk, Don't Run 25-Jun-1922 11-Jun-2013 DEAD
Troy N. Smith Business Founder of Sonic Drive-In 26-May-1922 26-Oct-2009 DEAD
Charles W. Socarides Activist Deprogrammer of homosexuals 24-Jan-1922 25-Dec-2005 DEAD
Homer E. Socolofsky Historian The Presidency of Benjamin Harrison 20-May-1922 06-Sep-2005 DEAD
Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-Hwan Religion Catholic Archbishop of Seoul, 1968-98 08-May-1922 16-Feb-2009 DEAD
Graham Stark Actor The Return of the Pink Panther 20-Jan-1922 29-Oct-2013 DEAD
Kay Starr Singer Hillbilly jazz singer 21-Jul-1922 04-Nov-2016 DEAD
Louis Stettner Photographer Photographed streets of New York and Paris 07-Nov-1922 13-Oct-2016 DEAD
Martha Stewart Actor In a Lonely Place 07-Oct-1922 25-Feb-2012 DEAD
Gale Storm Actor The Gale Storm Show 05-Apr-1922 27-Jun-2009 DEAD
Gil Stratton Actor Character actor, sportscaster 02-Jun-1922 11-Oct-2008 DEAD
Mollie Sugden Actor Mrs. Slocombe on Are You Being Served? 21-Jul-1922 01-Jul-2009 DEAD
William H. Sullivan Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1977-79 12-Oct-1922 11-Oct-2013 DEAD
Emory C. Swank Diplomat US Ambassador to Cambodia, 1970-73 29-Jan-1922 03-Jun-2010 DEAD
Deborah Szekely Activist Co-Founder, Golden Door Spa 03-May-1922 TBD ADD
Jerald F. ter Horst Government Gerald Ford's short-term press secretary 11-Jul-1922 31-Mar-2010 DEAD
Toots Thielemans Jazz Musician Blues harmonica player 29-Apr-1922 22-Aug-2016 DEAD
Brian Tierney Scholar Origins of Papal Infallibility 01-May-1922 TBD ADD
Leo Tindemans Head of State Prime Minister of Belgium, 1974-78 16-Apr-1922 26-Dec-2014 DEAD
Ugo Tognazzi Actor La cage aux folles 23-Mar-1922 27-Oct-1990 DEAD
Bill Travers Actor Born Free 03-Jan-1922 29-Mar-1994 DEAD
Sherman W. Tribbitt Politician Governor of Delaware, 1973-77 09-Nov-1922 14-Aug-2010 DEAD
Charley Trippi Football NFL Hall of Fame QB/HB, Chicago Cardinals 14-Dec-1922 TBD ADD
Franjo Tudjman Head of State First President of Croatia 14-May-1922 11-Dec-1999 DEAD
Emlen Tunnell Football NFL Hall of Famer 29-Mar-1922 22-Jul-1975 DEAD
Harold R. Tyler, Jr. Attorney Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler 14-May-1922 25-May-2005 DEAD
Mo Udall Politician Congressman from Arizona, 1961-91 15-Jun-1922 12-Dec-1998 DEAD
Cecil H. Underwood Politician Twice Governor of West Virginia 05-Nov-1922 24-Nov-2008 DEAD
Jesse Unruh Politician Speaker of California State Assembly 30-Sep-1922 04-Aug-1987 DEAD
Michael Vale TV Personality Time to make the donuts 28-Jun-1922 24-Dec-2005 DEAD
John D. Vanderhoof Politician Governor of Colorado, 1973-75 27-May-1922 19-Sep-2013 DEAD
John Vessey Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 1982-85 29-Jun-1922 18-Aug-2016 DEAD
Kurt Vonnegut Novelist Slaughterhouse Five 11-Nov-1922 11-Apr-2007 DEAD
Daniel Walker Politician Governor of Illinois, 1973-77 06-Aug-1922 29-Apr-2015 DEAD
Nancy Walker Actor Rhoda's mother 10-May-1922 25-Mar-1992 DEAD
Richard L. Walker Scholar US Ambassador to South Korea, 1981-86 13-Apr-1922 22-Jul-2003 DEAD
Harold Washington Politician First black Mayor of Chicago 15-Apr-1922 25-Nov-1987 DEAD
Don Weis Film Director The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini 13-May-1922 25-Jul-2000 DEAD
Paul Wendkos Film Director Gidget 20-Sep-1922 12-Nov-2009 DEAD
Oskar Werner Actor Jules et Jim 13-Nov-1922 23-Oct-1984 DEAD
Dick Wesson Actor Destination Moon 19-Nov-1922 25-Apr-1996 DEAD
John C. West Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1971-75 27-Aug-1922 21-Mar-2004 DEAD
Haskell Wexler Cinematographer Medium Cool 06-Feb-1922 27-Dec-2015 DEAD
Betty White Actor TV sitcom and game show mainstay 17-Jan-1922 TBD ADD
Jacqueline White Actor The Narrow Margin 23-Nov-1922 TBD ADD
John C. Whitehead Business US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89 02-Apr-1922 07-Feb-2015 DEAD
Paul Winchell Actor Ventriloquist and inventor 21-Dec-1922 24-Jun-2005 DEAD
Tex Winter Basketball KSU Head Coach, 1953-68 25-Feb-1922 TBD ADD
Sheldon S. Wolin Philosopher Politics and Vision 04-Aug-1922 21-Oct-2015 DEAD
Douglas Woolf Novelist Fade Out 23-Mar-1922 18-Jan-1992 DEAD
Jim Wright Politician Congressman from Texas, 1955-89 22-Dec-1922 06-May-2015 DEAD
Iannis Xenakis Composer Avant-garde composer 09-May-1922 04-Feb-2001 DEAD
Chen Ning Yang Physicist Particle physicist 01-Oct-1922 TBD ADD
Father Yod Religion Founder and Deity of The Source Family 04-Jul-1922 25-Aug-1975 DEAD
Howard Zinn Historian A People's History of the United States 24-Aug-1922 27-Jan-2010 DEAD
China Zorrilla Actor Elsa & Fred 14-Mar-1922 17-Sep-2014 DEAD