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Muhal Richard Abrams Pianist Levels and Degrees of Light 19-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Chinua Achebe Novelist Things Fall Apart 16-Nov-1930 22-Mar-2013 DEAD
Dawn Addams Actor A King in New York 21-Sep-1930 07-May-1985 DEAD
Mario Adorf Actor The Tin Drum 08-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Moustapha Akkad Film/TV Producer Halloween producer 01-Jul-1930 10-Nov-2005 DEAD
Hafez al-Assad Head of State President of Syria, 1971-2000 06-Oct-1930 10-Jun-2000 DEAD
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Second man on the Moon 20-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Zhores I. Alferov Scientist Developed solar cells for the Sputnik program 15-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Néstor Almendros Cinematographer Mauvaise Conduite 30-Oct-1930 04-Mar-1992 DEAD
Kenneth Anger Film Director Pioneer avant-garde filmmaker 03-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
John Arden Playwright Serjeant Musgrave's Dance 26-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Neil Armstrong Astronaut First man on the Moon 05-Aug-1930 25-Aug-2012 DEAD
John Astin Actor Gomez on The Addams Family 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Doug Atkins Football NFL Hall of Famer 08-May-1930 30-Dec-2015 DEAD
Robert Atkins Doctor Atkins Diet doctor 17-Oct-1930 17-Apr-2003 DEAD
Robert J. Aumann Economist Game theorist 08-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
James Baker Government US Secretary of State, 1989-92 28-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
J. G. Ballard Author Empire of the Sun, Crash 18-Nov-1930 19-Apr-2009 DEAD
John Barron Journalist Soviet espionage expert 26-Jan-1930 24-Feb-2005 DEAD
John Barth Novelist Lost in the Funhouse 27-May-1930 TBD ADD
Baudouin I Royalty King of Belgium, 1951-93 07-Sep-1930 31-Jul-1993 DEAD
Gary S. Becker Economist Human Capital 02-Dec-1930 03-May-2014 DEAD
Polly Bergen Actor Cape Fear 14-Jul-1930 20-Sep-2014 DEAD
Roger S. Berlind Film/TV Producer Broadway producer 27-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Mark R. Bernstein Attorney Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein LP 07-Apr-1930 27-Apr-2015 DEAD
John Biffen Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1982-87 03-Nov-1930 14-Aug-2007 DEAD
Michael Bilirakis Politician Congressman from Florida, 1983-2007 16-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
John P. Birkelund Business Chairman of Dillon Read, 1986-98 23-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Colin Blakely Actor The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 23-Sep-1930 07-May-1987 DEAD
Bobby Bland Singer Turn on Your Lovelight 27-Jan-1930 23-Jun-2013 DEAD
Ray Blanton Politician Governor of Tennessee, 1975-79 10-Apr-1930 22-Nov-1996 DEAD
Allan Bloom Philosopher The Closing of the American Mind 14-Sep-1930 07-Oct-1992 DEAD
Harold Bloom Critic Literary critic, Yale professor 11-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Derek Bok Educator President of Harvard, 1971-91 22-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Sorrell Booke Actor Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazzard 04-Jan-1930 11-Feb-1994 DEAD
The Big Bopper Musician Chantilly Lace 24-Oct-1930 03-Feb-1959 DEAD
Rudy Boschwitz Business US Senator from Minnesota, 1978-91 07-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Philip Bosco Actor American character actor 26-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Pierre Bourdieu Anthropologist Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste 01-Aug-1930 23-Jan-2002 DEAD
Kenneth Bourne Historian Britain and the Balance of Power 17-Mar-1930 13-Dec-1992 DEAD
Julie Bovasso Actor Saturday Night Fever 01-Aug-1930 14-Sep-1991 DEAD
Aleksander Bovin Diplomat Russian Ambassador to Israel, 1991-7 09-Aug-1930 29-Apr-2004 DEAD
Marion Zimmer Bradley Author The Mists of Avalon 03-Jun-1930 25-Sep-1999 DEAD
Nicholas F. Brady Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1988-93 11-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
William Lee Brent Criminal Black Panther hijacker 10-Nov-1930 04-Nov-2006 DEAD
Jimmy Breslin Columnist The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight 17-Oct-1930 19-Mar-2017 DEAD
William E. Brock Politician US Secretary of Labor, 1985-87 23-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Harold Brodkey Novelist Stories in an Almost Classical Mode 25-Oct-1930 26-Jan-1996 DEAD
William Andreas Brown Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1988-92 07-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Warren Buffett Business Billionaire in Omaha 30-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Walter Dean Burnham Scholar Democracy in the Making 15-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Arnold I. Burns Attorney Deputy US Attorney General, 1986-88 14-Apr-1930 01-Oct-2013 DEAD
Samuel Byck Assassin Unsuccessful Nixon assassin 30-Jan-1930 22-Feb-1974 DEAD
Charles L. Caccia Politician Former Canadian MP, Davenport 29-Apr-1930 04-May-2008 DEAD
Don Callander Novelist Pyromancer 23-Mar-1930 26-Jul-2008 DEAD
John Calley Film/TV Producer CEO of Sony Pictures, 1996-2003 08-Jul-1930 13-Sep-2011 DEAD
Frank Carlucci Government US Secretary of Defense, 1987-89 18-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Gerald P. Carmen Government Carmen Group International 08-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Pete Carril Basketball Princeton Head Coach, 1967-96 10-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Peter Cartwright Business CEO of Calpine, 1984-2005 06-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Henry Catto Diplomat US Ambassador to the UK, 1989-91 06-Dec-1930 18-Dec-2011 DEAD
Claude Chabrol Film Director La Cérémonie 24-Jun-1930 12-Sep-2010 DEAD
Ray Charles Musician Georgia On My Mind 23-Sep-1930 10-Jun-2004 DEAD
Yves Chauvin Chemist Metathesis 10-Oct-1930 27-Jan-2015 DEAD
Lawton Chiles Politician Florida Governor and Senator 03-Apr-1930 12-Dec-1998 DEAD
Roman Cieslewicz Artist Polish poster artist 13-Jan-1930 21-Jan-1996 DEAD
William Clark, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to India, 1989-92 12-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
John P. Cole, Jr. Attorney Telecommunications attorney 12-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Ornette Coleman Jazz Musician Free Jazz innovator 19-Mar-1930 11-Jun-2015 DEAD
Michael Collins Astronaut Apollo 11 command module pilot 31-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Gene Conley Baseball NBA and MLB champion 10-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Sean Connery Actor James Bond 25-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Pete Conrad Astronaut Apollo 12 mission commander, 3rd on moon 02-Jun-1930 08-Jul-1999 DEAD
Leon N. Cooper Physicist BCS Theory of Superconductivity 28-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Glenn Corbett Actor Lincoln Case on Route 66 17-Aug-1930 16-Jan-1993 DEAD
Ronnie Corbett Comic The Two Ronnies 04-Dec-1930 31-Mar-2016 DEAD
Mara Corday Actor Playboy Playmate and bit actress 03-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Gregory Corso Poet Beat poet, Gasoline 26-Mar-1930 17-Jan-2001 DEAD
F. Albert Cotton Chemist Metal-metal bonds 09-Apr-1930 20-Feb-2007 DEAD
Joe Coulombe Business Cofounder of Trader Joe's Market 03-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Phil Crane Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1969-2005 03-Nov-1930 08-Nov-2014 DEAD
John Cullum Actor Holling Vincoeur on Northern Exposure 02-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Robert Culp Actor I Spy 16-Aug-1930 24-Mar-2010 DEAD
Chuck Daly Basketball Won 2 NBA Championships with the Pistons 20-Jul-1930 09-May-2009 DEAD
Cathryn Damon Actor Mary Campbell on Soap 11-Sep-1930 04-May-1987 DEAD
Justin Dart, Jr. Activist Father of the Americans with Disabilities Act 29-Aug-1930 22-Jun-2002 DEAD
Ron de Lugo Government Congressman, Virgin Islands 02-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Harry S. Dent, Sr. Government Devised Nixon's Southern Strategy 21-Feb-1930 28-Sep-2007 DEAD
Jacques Derrida Philosopher Deconstructionism, Intellectual Terrorist 15-Jul-1930 09-Oct-2004 DEAD
Edsger Dijkstra Computer Programmer Enemy of the goto statement 11-May-1930 06-Aug-2002 DEAD
Bradford Dillman Actor Sudden Impact 14-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Roy E. Disney Business Walt Disney's nephew 10-Jan-1930 16-Dec-2009 DEAD
Richard Donner Film Director Superman 24-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Raymond J. Donovan Politician US Secretary of Labor, 1981-85 31-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Jim Dooley Football Chicago Bears Head Coach, 1968-71 08-Feb-1930 08-Jan-2008 DEAD
Gwyneth Dunwoody Politician British MP, Crewe and Nantwich 12-Dec-1930 17-Apr-2008 DEAD
Sunil Dutt Actor Mother India 06-Jun-1930 25-May-2005 DEAD
Lawrence Eagleburger Government US Secretary of State, 1992-93 01-Aug-1930 04-Jun-2011 DEAD
Clint Eastwood Actor The Man With No Name 31-May-1930 TBD ADD
LaVell Edwards Football BYU Head Football Coach, 1972-2000 11-Oct-1930 29-Dec-2016 DEAD
Stanley Elkin Novelist The Living End 11-May-1930 31-May-1995 DEAD
Klaus Eppler Attorney Retired Partner, Proskauer Rose 08-May-1930 TBD ADD
Jaime Escalante Educator Celebrated high school calculus teacher 31-Dec-1930 30-Mar-2010 DEAD
Robert Evans Film/TV Producer The Kid Stays In The Picture 29-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Hugh Everett Physicist Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics 11-Nov-1930 19-Jul-1982 DEAD
Joseph Jerome Farris Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1979-95 04-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Totie Fields Comic Weight-conscious comedienne 07-May-1930 02-Aug-1978 DEAD
Maureen Forrester Singer Contralto, interpreter of Mahler 25-Jul-1930 16-Jun-2010 DEAD
Murphy J. Foster, Jr. Politician Governor of Louisiana, 1996-2004 11-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Anne Francis Actor Forbidden Planet 16-Sep-1930 02-Jan-2011 DEAD
Robert Francis Actor The Caine Mutiny 26-Feb-1930 31-Jul-1955 DEAD
Jesus Franco Film Director Vampyros Lesbos 12-May-1930 02-Apr-2013 DEAD
Max Frankel Journalist The New York Times 03-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
John Frankenheimer Film Director Seven Days in May 19-Feb-1930 06-Jul-2002 DEAD
Malcolm Fraser Politician Prime Minister of Australia, 1975-83 21-May-1930 20-Mar-2015 DEAD
Albert Fried, Jr. Business Albert Fried & Company 19-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Henry Friedlander Historian The Origins of Nazi Genocide 24-Sep-1930 17-Oct-2012 DEAD
Jerome I. Friedman Physicist Verified existence of quarks 28-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Hank Garland Country Musician Country guitar virtuoso 11-Nov-1930 27-Dec-2004 DEAD
J. Joseph Garrahy Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1977-85 26-Nov-1930 24-Jan-2012 DEAD
Owen K. Garriott Astronaut Skylab, Spacelab astronaut 22-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Ben Gazzara Actor The Thomas Crown Affair 28-Aug-1930 03-Feb-2012 DEAD
George W. Gekas Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1983-2003 14-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Eugene D. Genovese Historian Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made 19-May-1930 26-Sep-2012 DEAD
Frank Gifford Football Monday Night Football 16-Aug-1930 09-Aug-2015 DEAD
Jean-Luc Godard Film Director Vivre sa Vie 03-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Alfred Gottschalk Educator President, Hebrew Union College, 1971-95 07-Mar-1930 12-Sep-2009 DEAD
Mike Gravel Politician US Senator from Alaska, 1969-81 13-May-1930 TBD ADD
Hanna Holborn Gray Educator President, University of Chicago, 1978-93 25-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Meg Greenfield Journalist The Washington Post 27-Dec-1930 13-May-1999 DEAD
Charles B. Griffith Screenwriter Little Shop of Horrors 23-Sep-1930 28-Sep-2007 DEAD
Zvi Griliches Economist Technology, Education, and Productivity 12-Sep-1930 04-Nov-1999 DEAD
Dick Groat Baseball Shortstop, 1960 National League MVP 04-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Bob Guccione Business Founder, Penthouse magazine 17-Dec-1930 20-Oct-2010 DEAD
Gene Hackman Actor The Conversation 30-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
David Hall Politician Governor of Oklahoma, 1971-75 20-Oct-1930 06-May-2016 DEAD
Peter Hall Theater Director Work Is a 4-Letter Word 22-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Lynn Hamilton Actor Donna Harris on Sanford and Son 25-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Lorraine Hansberry Playwright A Raisin in the Sun 19-May-1930 12-Jan-1965 DEAD
George V. Hansen Politician Congressman from Idaho 14-Sep-1930 14-Aug-2014 DEAD
Ty Hardin Actor Bronco 01-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Fred R. Harris Politician US Senator from Oklahoma, 1964-73 13-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Richard Harris Actor English Bob in Unforgiven 01-Oct-1930 25-Oct-2002 DEAD
Rolf Harris Musician Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Hart Author The American Dissent 22-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Don Haskins Basketball UTEP Head Basketball Coach, 1961-99 14-Mar-1930 07-Sep-2008 DEAD
Jim Haslam Business Pilot Corporation 13-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Allison Hayes Actor Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 06-Mar-1930 27-Feb-1977 DEAD
Jack Hedley Actor Lt. Col. John Preston on Colditz 28-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Tippi Hedren Actor The Birds 19-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
W. G. Hefner Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1975-99 11-Apr-1930 02-Sep-2009 DEAD
Buck Henry Comic Frequent SNL host 09-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Gordon Hessler Film Director The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 12-Dec-1930 19-Jan-2014 DEAD
Ira Michael Heyman Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1980-90 30-May-1930 19-Nov-2011 DEAD
Don Ho Singer Hawaiian crooner, Tiny Bubbles 13-Aug-1930 14-Apr-2007 DEAD
Skip Homeier Actor Halls of Montezuma 05-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Sally Ann Howes Actor Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 20-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
David Huddleston Actor The Big Lebowski 17-Sep-1930 02-Aug-2016 DEAD
Ted Hughes Poet Crow 16-Aug-1930 28-Oct-1998 DEAD
Douglas Hurd Politician Former UK Home, Foreign Secretary 08-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
William R. Hutchison Historian The Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism 21-May-1930 16-Dec-2005 DEAD
Ion Iliescu Head of State Twice President of Romania 03-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Andy Ireland Politician Congressman from Florida, 1977-93 23-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Clifford Irving Hoaxer Howard Hughes autobiography hoax 05-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
James Irwin Astronaut 8th to walk on the Moon 17-Mar-1930 08-Aug-1991 DEAD
Katherine Jackson Relative Matriarch of the Jackson family 04-May-1930 TBD ADD
Joni James Singer Why Don't You Believe Me? 22-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Vic Janowicz Football Winner, 1950 Heisman Trophy 26-Jan-1930 27-Feb-1996 DEAD
Graham Jarvis Actor Canadian-American character actor 25-Aug-1930 16-Apr-2003 DEAD
Sue Johanson Talk Show Host Talk Sex With Sue Johanson 29-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Jasper Johns Painter Neo-Dadaist painter of US Flag 15-May-1930 TBD ADD
Sam Johnson Politician Congressman, Texas 3rd 11-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Burton Joseph Attorney First Amendment lawyer 23-May-1930 31-Mar-2010 DEAD
Anerood Jugnauth Head of State President of Mauritius 29-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Claude Jutra Film Director Mon Oncle Antoine 11-Mar-1930 05-Nov-1986 DEAD
Marvin Kalb Journalist CBS and NBC news correspondent 09-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Martin Karplus Chemist Karplus Equation 15-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Dick Kazmaier Football Winner, 1951 Heisman Trophy 23-Nov-1930 01-Aug-2013 DEAD
David T. Kearns Business CEO of Xerox, 1985-91 11-Aug-1930 25-Feb-2011 DEAD
Nan Kempner Socialite New York City socialite 24-Jul-1930 03-Jul-2005 DEAD
D. James Kennedy Religion Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church 03-Nov-1930 05-Sep-2007 DEAD
Martha Elizabeth Keys Politician Congresswoman from Kansas, 1975-79 10-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Roger Kirk Diplomat US Ambassador to Romania, 1985 02-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Catherine Baker Knoll Politician Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, 2003-08 03-Sep-1930 12-Nov-2008 DEAD
Helmut Kohl Head of State Chancellor of Germany 1982-98 03-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Michael Kojaian Business Kojaian Management Corporation 25-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
James L. Koley Attorney Koley Jessen LP 26-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Tommy Kono Sports Figure Weightlifter 27-Jun-1930 24-Apr-2016 DEAD
Ryszard Kuklinski Spy Polish Cold War era spy who worked with CIA 13-Jun-1930 10-Feb-2004 DEAD
Burt Kwouk Actor Cato in Pink Panther films 18-Jul-1930 24-May-2016 DEAD
Edward J. Landau Attorney Lowenthal, Landau, Fischer & Bring 17-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Moon Landrieu Politician Mayor of New Orleans, 1970-78 23-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Anton LaVey Religion Founder, Church of Satan 11-Apr-1930 29-Oct-1997 DEAD
Barbara Lawrence Actor A Letter to Three Wives 24-Feb-1930 13-Nov-2013 DEAD
Howard Leach Diplomat US Ambassador to France, 2001-05 19-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Paul E. Lego Business CEO of Westinghouse, 1990-93 16-May-1930 TBD ADD
Burton Levin Diplomat US Ambassador to Burma, 1987-90 28-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Elliott H. Levitas Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1975-85 26-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Samuel W. Lewis Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1977-85 01-Oct-1930 10-Mar-2014 DEAD
G. Gordon Liddy Government Watergate criminal, talk-show-host 30-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Charles Lindbergh, Jr. Victim The Lindbergh Baby 22-Jun-1930 TBD DEAD
Gene Littler Golf Winner, 1961 US Open 21-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Robert Loggia Actor The Jagged Edge 03-Jan-1930 04-Dec-2015 DEAD
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada Head of State Twice President of Bolivia 01-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Lee Lozano Painter Misogyny as art form 05-Nov-1930 02-Oct-1999 DEAD
Donald L. Lucas Business Venture Capitalist 18-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Frank Lucas Criminal Harlem heroin kingpin 09-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Lorin Maazel Conductor Conductor, New York Philharmonic 06-Mar-1930 13-Jul-2014 DEAD
Dick MacPherson Football Syracuse Head Coach, 1981-90 04-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Michel Magne Musician Tropical Fantasy 20-Mar-1930 19-Dec-1984 DEAD
Adam Cardinal Maida Religion Catholic Archbishop of Detroit, 1990-2009 18-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Minoru Makihara Business President of Mitsubishi, 1992-98 12-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Silvana Mangano Actor Bitter Rice and Anna 23-Apr-1930 16-Dec-1989 DEAD
Herbie Mann Jazz Musician Jazz flautist 16-Apr-1930 01-Jul-2003 DEAD
Princess Margaret Royalty QEII's sister, the Countess of Snowdon 21-Aug-1930 09-Feb-2002 DEAD
Peter Marshall Game Show Host The Hollywood Squares 30-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Frank R. Mascara Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1995-2003 19-Jan-1930 10-Jul-2011 DEAD
Harry Mathews Author My Life in CIA 14-Feb-1930 25-Jan-2017 DEAD
Bob Mathias Sports Figure Decathlon athlete turned Congressman 17-Nov-1930 02-Sep-2006 DEAD
Ollie Matson Football NFL Hall of Famer 01-May-1930 19-Feb-2011 DEAD
Whitman Mayo Actor Grady on Sanford and Son 15-Nov-1930 22-May-2001 DEAD
Paul Mazursky Film Director Down and Out in Beverly Hills 25-Apr-1930 30-Jun-2014 DEAD
Theodore Cardinal McCarrick Religion Archbishop of Washington, 2000-06 07-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Peggy McCay Actor Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives 03-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Mike McCormack Football NFL Hall of Famer, coach 21-Jun-1930 15-Nov-2013 DEAD
Frank McCourt Author Angela's Ashes 19-Aug-1930 19-Jul-2009 DEAD
Joseph McElroy Novelist Lookout Cartridge 21-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Jack McKeon Baseball Former Manager, Florida Marlins 23-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Mary Ann G. McMorrow Judge Illinois Chief Justice, 2002-06 16-Jan-1930 23-Feb-2013 DEAD
Steve McQueen Actor The Great Escape 24-Mar-1930 07-Nov-1980 DEAD
Ned McWherter Politician Governor of Tennessee, 1987-95 15-Oct-1930 04-Apr-2011 DEAD
Raphael Mechoulam Chemist Discovered THC 05-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
James R. Mellor Business CEO of General Dynamics, 1994-97 03-May-1930 TBD ADD
Carlos Menem Head of State President of Argentina, 1989-99 02-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Harvey Milk Politician Openly gay SF city supervisor 22-May-1930 27-Nov-1978 DEAD
Stanley Miller Chemist Miller-Urey Experiment 07-Mar-1930 20-May-2007 DEAD
Edgar Mitchell Astronaut 6th to walk on the Moon 17-Sep-1930 04-Feb-2016 DEAD
Scoey Mitchell Actor Barefoot in the Park 12-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Donald Moffat Actor British-American character actor 26-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Matt Monro Singer Born Free 01-Dec-1930 07-Feb-1985 DEAD
Sara Jane Moore Assassin Tried to kill President Ford 15-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Thomas Gale Moore Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1985-89 06-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Armin Mueller-Stahl Actor Shine 17-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Fakir Musafar Performance Artist Coined the term modern primitives 10-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Jim Nabors Actor Gomer Pyle USMC 12-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Derek Nimmo Actor All Gas and Gaiters 19-Sep-1930 24-Feb-1999 DEAD
Marni Nixon Singer The Voice of Hollywood 22-Feb-1930 24-Jul-2016 DEAD
Philippe Noiret Actor Cinema Paradiso 01-Oct-1930 23-Nov-2006 DEAD
Keith Foote Nyborg Business US Ambassador to Finland, 1981-86 04-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Frank O'Bannon Politician Governor of Indiana, 1997-2003 30-Jan-1930 13-Sep-2003 DEAD
Edna O'Brien Novelist The Country Girls 15-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
John J. O'Connor III Relative Sandra Day O'Connor's husband 10-Jan-1930 11-Nov-2009 DEAD
Sandra Day O'Connor Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1981-2006 26-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
William A. O'Neill Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1980-91 11-Aug-1930 24-Nov-2007 DEAD
Odetta Singer Queen of American Folk Music 31-Dec-1930 02-Dec-2008 DEAD
Herbert S. Okun Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN, 1985-89 27-Nov-1930 08-Nov-2011 DEAD
James Olson Actor Rachel, Rachel 08-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Bo Hi Pak Business Sun Myung Moon's right-hand man 18-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Larry Peerce Film Director Goodbye, Columbus 19-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Jerry Perenchio Business Univision billionaire 20-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
H. Ross Perot Business Eccentric presidential candidate 27-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Frank Perry Film Director Mommie Dearest 21-Aug-1930 29-Aug-1995 DEAD
Roberta Peters Singer Coloratura soprano, NY Metropolitan Opera 04-May-1930 18-Jan-2017 DEAD
Owen B. Pickett Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1987-2001 31-Aug-1930 27-Oct-2010 DEAD
Lynden Oscar Pindling Politician Father of The Bahamas 22-Mar-1930 25-Aug-2000 DEAD
Gordon Pinsent Actor Fraser, Sr. on Due South 12-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Harold Pinter Playwright The Birthday Party 10-Oct-1930 24-Dec-2008 DEAD
Norman Podhoretz Author Prominent neocon author 16-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Robert M. Price Business CEO of Control Data Corporation, 1986-89 26-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Marcel Pronovost Hockey Detroit's Flying Frenchman 15-Jun-1930 26-Apr-2015 DEAD
Robert Prosky Actor Pat Chase on Veronica's Closet 13-Dec-1930 08-Dec-2008 DEAD
Charles Rangel Politician Congressman, New York 15th 11-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Marge Redmond Actor Sister Jacqueline on The Flying Nun 14-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Kate Reid Actor The Andromeda Strain 04-Nov-1930 27-Mar-1993 DEAD
Clive Revill Actor Avanti! 18-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Alejandro Rey Actor Carlos Ramirez on The Flying Nun 08-Feb-1930 21-May-1987 DEAD
Dick Riordan Politician Mayor of Los Angeles, 1993-2001 01-May-1930 TBD ADD
Michael Robbins Actor Arthur Rudge on On the Buses 14-Nov-1930 11-Dec-1992 DEAD
Pat Robertson Religion The 700 Club 22-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Jay Robinson Actor Caligula in The Robe 14-Apr-1930 27-Sep-2013 DEAD
Paul H. Robinson Business US Ambassador to Canada, 1981-85 22-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Jean Rochefort Actor The Clockmaker of St. Paul 29-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Sonny Rollins Jazz Musician Tenor sax master 07-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
John Romita Cartoonist Comic book artist 24-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Gena Rowlands Actor A Woman Under The Influence 19-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Warren Rudman Politician US Senator from New Hampshire, 1980-93 18-May-1930 19-Nov-2012 DEAD
Renato Ruggiero Politician Director-General of the WTO, 1995-99 09-Apr-1930 04-Aug-2013 DEAD
Fred Saberhagen Novelist Berserker series 18-May-1930 29-Jun-2007 DEAD
Andrew Sachs Actor Manuel on Fawlty Towers 07-Apr-1930 23-Nov-2016 DEAD
Patricia Saiki Politician Congresswoman from Hawaii, 1987-91 28-May-1930 TBD ADD
Marion O. Sandler Philanthropist Golden West Financial 17-Oct-1930 01-Jun-2012 DEAD
Richard C. Sarafian Film Director Vanishing Point 28-Apr-1930 18-Sep-2013 DEAD
Dick Sargent Actor Darrin #2 on Bewitched 19-Apr-1930 08-Jul-1994 DEAD
José Sarney Head of State President of Brazil, 1985-90 24-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Hal Saunders Diplomat Asst. Secy. of State for the Near East, 1978-81 27-Dec-1930 06-Mar-2016 DEAD
Maximilian Schell Actor Judgment at Nuremberg 08-Dec-1930 01-Feb-2014 DEAD
Thomas Schippers Conductor Music Director, Cinncinati Symphony, 1970-77 09-Mar-1930 16-Dec-1977 DEAD
Ruth A. Schmidt Educator President of Agnes Scott College, 1982-94 16-Sep-1930 24-May-2010 DEAD
John G. Schmitz Politician Congressman from California, 1970-73 12-Aug-1930 10-Jan-2001 DEAD
Dieter Schnebel Composer Avant-garde composer 14-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
Mobutu Sese Seko Head of State Dictator, bled Zaire dry 14-Oct-1930 07-Sep-1997 DEAD
Reinhard Selten Economist Game theory 05-Oct-1930 23-Aug-2016 DEAD
Mel Sembler Diplomat US Ambassador to Italy, 2001-05 10-May-1930 TBD ADD
William Sessions Government Director of FBI, 1987-93 27-May-1930 TBD ADD
Wilfrid Sheed Author Office Politics 27-Dec-1930 19-Jan-2011 DEAD
John H. Shenefield Attorney Morgan Lewis 23-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Zalman Shoval Diplomat Twice Israeli Ambassador to the US 28-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Alan Shugart Inventor SCSI interface 27-Sep-1930 12-Dec-2006 DEAD
Don Shula Football Miami Dolphins coach 04-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Shel Silverstein Poet Where the Sidewalk Ends 25-Sep-1930 10-May-1999 DEAD
Joan Sims Actor Carry On... 09-May-1930 28-Jun-2001 DEAD
George E. Smith Scientist Digital photography 10-May-1930 TBD ADD
Lois Smith Actor Five Easy Pieces 03-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Gary Snyder Poet Turtle Island 08-May-1930 TBD ADD
Gerald B. H. Solomon Politician Congressman from New York, 1979-99 14-Aug-1930 26-Oct-2001 DEAD
Stephen Sondheim Composer West Side Story 22-Mar-1930 TBD ADD
George Soros Business Financial speculator 12-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Robert Sorrells Actor Gunsmoke and Bonanza 29-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Thomas Sowell Economist Conservative economist, Hoover fellow 30-Jul-1930 TBD ADD
Arlen Specter Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1981-2011 12-Feb-1930 14-Oct-2012 DEAD
Raymond St. Jacques Actor Cotton Comes to Harlem 01-Mar-1930 27-Aug-1990 DEAD
Thomas P. Stafford Astronaut Gemini 6 & 9, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz 17-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Arlan Stangeland Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1977-91 08-Feb-1930 02-Jul-2013 DEAD
George Steinbrenner Baseball Owner, New York Yankees 04-Jul-1930 13-Jul-2010 DEAD
Frances Sternhagen Actor Misery 13-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Adlai E. Stevenson III Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1970-81 10-Oct-1930 TBD ADD
Elaine Stewart Actor Brigadoon 31-May-1930 27-Jun-2011 DEAD
Barbara Stuart Actor Bunny on Gomer Pyle, USMC 03-Jan-1930 15-May-2011 DEAD
Pat Summerall Sports Journalist Sportscaster 10-May-1930 16-Apr-2013 DEAD
Akira Suzuki Chemist Palladium-catalyzed cross couplings 12-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Toru Takemitsu Composer A Way A Lone 08-Oct-1930 20-Feb-1996 DEAD
Nita Talbot Actor Rose on Starting from Scratch 08-Aug-1930 TBD ADD
Myles Tanenbaum Business Real Estate developer 28-Jun-1930 31-Aug-2012 DEAD
Jerry Tarkanian Basketball Longtime UNLV basketball coach 08-Aug-1930 11-Feb-2015 DEAD
Vic Tayback Actor Character actor, Papillon, etc 06-Jan-1930 25-May-1990 DEAD
Rod Taylor Actor The Time Machine 11-Jan-1930 07-Jan-2015 DEAD
James D. Theberge Diplomat US Ambassador to Chile, 1982-85 28-Dec-1930 20-Jan-1988 DEAD
David R. Thompson Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985-2011 26-Dec-1930 19-Feb-2011 DEAD
William E. Timmons, Sr. Government Washington lobbyist 27-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Esteban Torres Politician Congressman from California, 1983-99 27-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Jean-Louis Trintignant Actor Un homme et une femme 11-Dec-1930 TBD ADD
Carlisle Trost Military Chief of Naval Operations, 1986-90 24-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Dorothy Tutin Actor Savage Messiah 08-Apr-1930 06-Aug-2001 DEAD
Don Tyson Business Tyson Foods 21-Apr-1930 06-Jan-2011 DEAD
Barry Unsworth Novelist Sacred Hunger 10-Aug-1930 05-Jun-2012 DEAD
William vanden Heuvel Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN Europe, 1977-79 14-Apr-1930 TBD ADD
Odile Versois Actor Le Crabe-Tambour 14-Jun-1930 23-Jun-1980 DEAD
Richard N. Viets Diplomat US Ambassador to Jordan, 1981-84 10-Nov-1930 TBD ADD
Robert Wagner Actor Jonathan Hart on Hart to Hart 10-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Derek Walcott Poet In a Green Night 23-Jan-1930 17-Mar-2017 DEAD
Olene Walker Politician Governor of Utah, 2003-05 15-Nov-1930 28-Nov-2015 DEAD
Immanuel Wallerstein Sociologist The Modern World System 28-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
William D. Walsh Business Sequoia Associates 04-Aug-1930 16-Nov-2013 DEAD
Dennis Weatherstone Business CEO of JP Morgan, 1990-94 29-Nov-1930 13-Jun-2008 DEAD
Earl Weaver Baseball Cantankerous Orioles Manager 14-Aug-1930 19-Jan-2013 DEAD
Howard B. Wentz, Jr. Business CEO of Amstar Company, 1983-89 10-Jan-1930 19-Sep-2014 DEAD
Ed White Astronaut First American to walk in space 14-Nov-1930 27-Jan-1967 DEAD
Grace Lee Whitney Actor Yeoman Rand on Star Trek 01-Apr-1930 01-May-2015 DEAD
Grant Williams Actor The Incredible Shrinking Man 18-Aug-1930 28-Jul-1985 DEAD
David Wise Author The Invisible Government 10-May-1930 TBD ADD
Frederick Wiseman Film Director Titicut Follies 01-Jan-1930 TBD ADD
Werner F. Wolfen Attorney Former Partner, Irell & Manella 15-May-1930 TBD ADD
John Wood Actor Dr. Falken in WarGames 05-Jul-1930 06-Aug-2011 DEAD
Edward Woodward Actor The Equalizer 01-Jun-1930 16-Nov-2009 DEAD
Joanne Woodward Actor The Three Faces of Eve 27-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Ahmed Zaki Yamani Government Former Saudi Minister of Oil 30-Jun-1930 TBD ADD
Glenn Yarbrough Singer Lead singer, The Limeliters 12-Jan-1930 11-Aug-2016 DEAD
Clayton K. Yeutter Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1989-91 10-Dec-1930 04-Mar-2017 DEAD
Bill Young Politician Congressman from Florida, 1971-2013 16-Dec-1930 18-Oct-2013 DEAD
John Young Astronaut 9th to walk on the Moon 24-Sep-1930 TBD ADD
Alfred M. Zeien Business CEO of Gillette, 1991-99 25-Feb-1930 TBD ADD
Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematographer Close Encounters of the Third Kind 16-Jun-1930 01-Jan-2016 DEAD